John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019 Movie) New Trailer - Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry

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John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum - In theaters May 17, 2019. Starring Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry, Laurence Fishburne, Mark Dacascos, Asia Kate Dillon, Lance Reddick, Saïd Taghmaoui, Jerome Flynn, Jason Mantzoukas, Tobias Segal, Boban Marjanovic, with Anjelica Huston, and Ian McShane.
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In this third installment of the adrenaline-fueled action franchise, super-assassin John Wick (Keanu Reeves) returns with a $14 million price tag on his head and an army of bounty-hunting killers on his trail. After killing a member of the shadowy international assassin’s guild, the High Table, John Wick is excommunicado, but the world’s most ruthless hit men and women await his every turn.
Summit Entertainment presents, a Thunder Road Films production, in association with 87Eleven Productions.

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21-Mar, 2019



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Anderson Costa
Anderson Costa Soat oldin
Esse cara tem meu respeito, muito foda em tudo !!!!
ded me
ded me Soat oldin
Every nine year old: is he from fortnite
American Paisa
American Paisa Soat oldin
Death is only the beginning.
Mr Mediocre
Mr Mediocre Soat oldin
As a gun guy my body is so ready!
Weird Hand
Weird Hand Soat oldin
I am so freakin woke right now
フランク Soat oldin
Hahaha the guy from fortnite
GL Studios
GL Studios Soat oldin
*it was NOT just a puppy*
Freefire 907
Freefire 907 Soat oldin
I didnt hear Keanu Reeves logic.
GravityGames Soat oldin
The Matrix reference gave me goosebumps. The Matrix is literally my favorite movie of all time.
MoFlusH Soat oldin
It’s good to see a movie that continues to gives the audience what it wants.....
Molusen Jamir
Molusen Jamir Soat oldin
It's Keanu, what'd you expect!!!!
Anthony Jordan
Anthony Jordan Soat oldin
My body is ready.
Bee Kiddo
Bee Kiddo Soat oldin
I'm in!
Ra!sel- -Boy
Ra!sel- -Boy Soat oldin
1:09 i though it was megalovania for a second
ZeKeR BaNaaG
ZeKeR BaNaaG Soat oldin
Oh Winston knows the repercussions, alright. the Sword of Damocles on the heads of the High Table, and he has first row seats.
Wha t
Wha t Soat oldin
I swear I’ve seen him in a video game before
Paulo Ricardo
Paulo Ricardo Soat oldin
BIG SMOKE Soat oldin
Yooo they made a movie from the guy in fortnite
Dog dog
Dog dog Soat oldin
911 Operator: “Hello 911 whats your emergency?” -“yeah there is a guy in a horse shooting people. I heard someone said his name was John...” 911 Operator: *Hands up and takes rest of the day off*
Arif Setiawan
Arif Setiawan Soat oldin
Indonesian in 1:57
marlon buemia
marlon buemia Soat oldin
Is this a prequel before the matrix ? Lol 😂
Werewolf Therewolf
*Fortnite intensifies*
Communist General Billy Mays
Can I get a feelsbadman for Shane Dawson's cat?
Tanooki12331 Soat oldin
Lord Colin
Lord Colin Soat oldin
Hey lionsgate, how about letting your movies work with Movies Anywhere? You advertise a digital copy, I buy the 4K Blu-ray, then can’t watch said digital copy? Thanks....
Dinesh Rock
Dinesh Rock Soat oldin
Waiting Indian fans ❤
William Masterson
From Fortnite?
highsierra05 Soat oldin
"Guns, lots of guns". And, plenty of ammunition.
FlyingTurtleBoy Soat oldin
They made the guy from fortnite a real thing lmao
jagmeet singh
jagmeet singh Soat oldin
Hermes The Great
Hermes The Great Soat oldin
I once saw him kill a man with a book; a fucking book!
Victor Chirinos Jr
Guns .... lots of guns
McSireson Soat oldin
Omg i saw Mad Dog from The Raid in there! 1:56
Sapo Gaming
Sapo Gaming Soat oldin
ChocoTaco the new john wick
Nyonyokepret Soat oldin
Almost forgot that this movie happens because of a puppy...
Rubber Band 007
Rubber Band 007 Soat oldin
All of this for what ? Becoze of a puppy .. JW: It wasn't just a puppy.. Tarasov: IT WAS JOHN WICK'S PUPPY !!
eva silva
eva silva Soat oldin
Sigam essa princesa instagram.com/p/BvSmJctHRdE/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=mvkqiybswznv
Ethereal Scorpio
Ethereal Scorpio Soat oldin
Ted Theodore Logan looks different here
Skynet Channel
Skynet Channel Soat oldin
Bakalan rame nih, ada john wick vs Mad dog... Yg indonesia mana suaranya?
Ariel Jones
Ariel Jones Soat oldin
1:46 yeah grabbed my nuts on that part. Lol
neon 1128
neon 1128 Soat oldin
John Wick is neo trapped in Matrix
T - 800
T - 800 Soat oldin
1:19 nice little nod to The Matrix
Prince Dahiya
Prince Dahiya Soat oldin
Teri...bebe k chutr paad diye
FaTe_FreakZ- Soat oldin
This movie is going to be crazy!!!
moses unic
moses unic Soat oldin
Silas Nunes
Silas Nunes Soat oldin
Team Dad
Team Dad Soat oldin
If that dog dies, I'm gonna be upset
Ron Mosely
Ron Mosely Soat oldin
After Matrix.... Reeves has turned into a cyborg on the screen and thats why all of his movies since then except for Wick and Wick 2 have been complete flops ! Maybe he really is a machine!
Arty Animate
Arty Animate Soat oldin
me: cool another John wick movie kids: OMG THEY MADE A MOVIE ABOUT JOHN WICK FORTNITE (infinite emojis)
Erick Laser
Erick Laser Soat oldin
Avengers got the wrong hero...they need John Fuckin' Wick, not Mar-Vel.
ZanFear Soat oldin
First film was epic. Second film was alright... here's hoping this one is awesome.
Papajimboh Soat oldin
Dell Wilson
Dell Wilson Soat oldin
avengers endgame looks great
Hannz Soat oldin
John wick vs hitman agent 47 vs jason bourne...pls
P-Ball That Mofo from South-East Asia
Getting a lot of Matrix vibes in this trailer man, the lots of guns thing, 'Morpheus', hell even that entrance looks a BIT like the iconic shootout there's even green lighting on em! I swear if they brought in the other main cast of the Matrix series it'd be even more awesome
FaTe_FreakZ- Soat oldin
0:52 John just threw 5 Knives to kill this dude!!! How the hell is the guy still alive?
steal_wolf1 Soat oldin
Fortnite John wick?
Naufal Harahap
Naufal Harahap Soat oldin
1:56 itu mad dog sama the asasin dari the raid-berandal kah ? 😍😍
Dino Assasin553
Dino Assasin553 Soat oldin
"All of this for a puppy?" John: Yes
Daniel Olver
Daniel Olver Soat oldin
So John starts killing his way through the High Table?
The Crow
The Crow Soat oldin
John wick took the wrong pill now he is coming for the kill!!
Albert Draper
Albert Draper Soat oldin
Looks Gorgeous
Fatih Sanverdi
Fatih Sanverdi Soat oldin
I really wanted travis Scott to say ITS LIT at the end
m yusuf
m yusuf Soat oldin
I see Mad Dog (yayan ruhiyan) there , i've so excited to see john wick against mad dog 😍
Nate Wheels
Nate Wheels Soat oldin
The Punisher would dummy John Wick
B B Soat oldin
Waiting 😊
evilma66ot Soat oldin
It wasn't just a puppy
Alex ALex
Alex ALex Soat oldin
This only ends one way. John Wick 4. In Space.
Márcio Soat oldin
1:19 I understood the reference
Kaleu Gamer
Kaleu Gamer Soat oldin
this film :O
Reyn the Insane
Reyn the Insane Soat oldin
Attention, all epic gamers...
blake burnett
blake burnett Soat oldin
Wow they made a movie about the fortnite character
Alejandro Delgado
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Ron Mosely
Ron Mosely Soat oldin
People laughed hysterically in the theater, during that shoot out on the airport escalator, between Cassian and Wick, as if no one would notice , their guns drawn, the security cams not see, and no one hear the silencers! Yeah real silencers are not silent .... , in Wick2! Wonder if this movie is going to have the same kind of absolute bullshyt!
LupitaSin21 Soat oldin
How in the world does this trailer nit have more views by now? It's fucking John motherfucking Wick for God's sake!!
Bolid Jag
Bolid Jag Soat oldin
WoW wow no coment
matheus merllo
matheus merllo Soat oldin
to de pau duro jah...
Digitonic1 Soat oldin
Never mess with a man's dog
Jarom Strong
Jarom Strong Soat oldin
I am extremely excited to watch that knife collection fight scene. And that motorcycle sword fight scene. And... well, just all of it.
Mai Big Butt
Mai Big Butt Soat oldin
End Game then this?! God Bless 2019
NISARGD Soat oldin
They are here
b24harman Soat oldin
Oh fuck...Halle Berry...really? I was hoping they wouldn't get some old used up broad.
Basavaraj Patil
Basavaraj Patil Soat oldin
Now thats more like JOHN WICKK
YTTV_ Enzo 4505
YTTV_ Enzo 4505 Soat oldin
Kids: that’s the reaper Parents: no it’s John wick
Ney Wick
Ney Wick Soat oldin
Que loucura, filmao é colocarão os cachorros para pegar ...... Muito top
*Houdini *
*Houdini * Soat oldin
When you ask you’re girl if she wants to eat 1:35
Andy Gerard Marino
1:23 i laugh so hard than i should.
RICKEYDD Soat oldin
to think all this shtt happened all because of a dog
Ris Yuwono
Ris Yuwono Soat oldin
Is that Mad Dog from The Raid ? Damn boi
Mersey Beats
Mersey Beats Soat oldin
John wick and the unlimited NPCs. Coming May 17
ethanarc Soat oldin
Loving Mark Dacascos!
stephanie anglebrandt
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Nick Nescot
Nick Nescot Soat oldin
Oh my gosh I didn't know they made a fortnite movie !!!
Hammie Li
Hammie Li Soat oldin
Alright shareholders How do we make John Wick cooler? Ehhhh put him on a fucking horse! That’ll do it!
Henry Rahardja
Henry Rahardja Soat oldin
so...this is what Taylor do with her new venture after leaving Bobby Axelrod, pretty awesome
Ouux Soat oldin
I bet this was funded by Fortnite 😂😂😂😂
A Carton Of Orange Juice
*_insert fortnite joke here_*
Princessa - COME TO MY :*
I don’t know why some people can’t seem to fall asleep It’s so easy I can do it with my eyes closed
Cường Soat oldin
John Wick: I need pencils, lots of pencils ✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏✏
Cube ice
Cube ice Soat oldin
Epiic ✌🏻
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