Joji ft. Clams Casino - CAN'T GET OVER YOU

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Listen to CAN'T GET OVER YOU (feat. Clams Casino): 88rising.lnk.to/CGOYID
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Produced by Clams Casino, Thundercat, & Roget
BALLADS 1 coming October 26th. #BALLADS1
Music video directed by SAINT and George Miller
Edited by Miles Trahan
See Joji at the 88 Degrees & Rising North America tour this Fall with Rich Brian, Keith Ape, Higher Brothers, NIKI, AUGUST 08, & more.
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Dec 09 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg Oude Zaal (Late Show)
Dec 10 - Berlin, Germany - Festsaal Kreuzberg
Dec 12 - London, United Kingdom - Heaven
Clams Casino
88 is double happiness




2-Okt, 2018

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fahad mehdi
fahad mehdi Kun oldin
Davud O
Davud O 3 kun oldin
Same issue. :(
NatDie Akhinest
NatDie Akhinest 3 kun oldin
Bgp Channel
Bgp Channel 4 kun oldin
^<^) wkwk joji BOTAK
諾諾艾諾亞德 5 kun oldin
My favorite other like a song
Ho Chi Mints
Ho Chi Mints 51 daqiqa oldin
Electro 58 daqiqa oldin
this music video has people holding a diamond pickaxe, a zelda sword, a energy sword, and the fucking keyblade. good lord joji you spoil us video game fans
Raya Fernandez
Raya Fernandez Soat oldin
2:28 gaHHHH that was so fucken PRECIOUS
Ŕɛıŋɛ Λl¡-Λ
After haircut: makes it into a cake
Gabe Newell
Gabe Newell Soat oldin
this collab with filthyfrank and joji sure is sick!
quethmaco 2 soat oldin
Nafiz Ahmed
Nafiz Ahmed 4 soat oldin
I can see Papa Franku in those eyes. *sigh* You will be missed Bo$$... :(
Kyra LYELAK 4 soat oldin
Filthy frank vibes
Chasis Mildwinds
Chasis Mildwinds 4 soat oldin
Next Gen Comedy.
zLmOfL 4 soat oldin
1:13 the kids says wtf lol
noobbow 4 soat oldin
Wait... why is a keyblade in here
Yugen Films
Yugen Films 4 soat oldin
this sounds rad
Miguel Lirazan
Miguel Lirazan 4 soat oldin
Fucking franku feelings at the start
contact project44
contact project44 5 soat oldin
Deeps 6 soat oldin
Im glad to see that Joji is having fun with these videos and is smiling while he does it,im really happy he can get around all of the FilthyFrank stuff and still be funny but not in a dark way,thank you for making the right choice for doing what you love and not what hurt you physically. P.S ive been listening since i first heard you suck charlie and thought it was great and it was my favorite song,but then ive listened to this and it took that spot,now my favorite song,keep up the good work Joji and remember to have fun and nothing to difficult for you to work with.
Petras Vidugiris
Petras Vidugiris 6 soat oldin
good stuff joj
Skyblade22 6 soat oldin
Always a memelord
No Filter Rohan
No Filter Rohan 7 soat oldin
This is my favourite song !!!
Leap Mengly
Leap Mengly 8 soat oldin
Joji please suck my toe ☺️💕😭
Bush Leaguer Lad
Bush Leaguer Lad Soat oldin
oh no lmfaoooo
Leap Mengly
Leap Mengly 8 soat oldin
Suck my toe
Jens Luxsa Schumacher
Beginning part looked like a shit post
Kangurul nemuritor
Kangurul nemuritor 8 soat oldin
He should totally rap a ltl bit in his songs cuz he got mad flow we all know it.
ZoeMancic 0
ZoeMancic 0 10 soat oldin
I think... I love u
D4r7yVad3r 10 soat oldin
Leader Da Nang Boys, makes nice clip
Erwin Mones
Erwin Mones 10 soat oldin
the video to be honest feels weird
cafine coffee
cafine coffee 10 soat oldin
Ghad he's still cute 💖
retrace 11 soat oldin
They just take the kid along with them
Ridhoka Mathlubi Noor
Ridhoka Mathlubi Noor 11 soat oldin
in between Joji and his Past persona
Ragingwertyupa 11 soat oldin
Beat sound ripped from a minecraft jukebox
Cedric Bautista
Cedric Bautista 11 soat oldin
2:26 that smile is EVERYTHING
Cedric Bautista
Cedric Bautista 11 soat oldin
Double Dawn
Double Dawn 12 soat oldin
I lowkey thought mark zuckerberg join 88 in he thumbnail
Elrougue1847 Bruh
Elrougue1847 Bruh 12 soat oldin
We’ve met filthy frank, pink guy and chin chin, now we have Mafia Guy
I don’t like Vanilla
This is like another filthy frank video
Grubbin Pokegamer
Grubbin Pokegamer 13 soat oldin
please papa
Negan wants to know your location
1:47 if you see, you could tell i liked the video and subbed and turned on notifications. (Negan Robbie Rotten’s bat is there)
Next Enline Comedy
Next Enline Comedy 13 soat oldin
His music is a symphony of honest views
Chaveiro Cardinho Ferraidz
I read casino -cant get over you
Stella Hanscom
Stella Hanscom 14 soat oldin
If I can’t have you no one can
Xx Slick_Boop xX
Xx Slick_Boop xX 14 soat oldin
1:18 What kind of shoes is this kid wearing?
Glitchy XCode
Glitchy XCode 15 soat oldin
This reminds me of the old Joji that I love but I still love the new one.
NaJea and Friends
NaJea and Friends 15 soat oldin
Macross 15 soat oldin
Clams! Oh my god... I'll love this album
jaxy cocoa
jaxy cocoa 15 soat oldin
0:35 Hair Cake flashbacks
Datboi._. Bean
Datboi._. Bean 16 soat oldin
I miss his hair😭
BigJazzyBill 16 soat oldin
Bruh who hurt you
Sailor Kookie
Sailor Kookie 16 soat oldin
Gud music
Gg Gg
Gg Gg 16 soat oldin
I don't really get the song is he just singer or is he producing the music to
RebzAnimations Animations
This song is dope 👌🏻
Robert Ramey
Robert Ramey 16 soat oldin
the part where he smacks the ice cream out that kid's hand and the bit in the end is the closest we've gotten to filthy frank since he quit doing that character.
Taranis 17 soat oldin
he and filthy frank are the same person WARNING: this contains spoilers, do not read if u haven't watched the show
Nigward Fagpants
Nigward Fagpants 17 soat oldin
Mmmmmmm bake me some cake with that hair.
Cleni Limones
Cleni Limones 17 soat oldin
Zenn 17 soat oldin
The minecraft pickaxe is killing me
Alyssa Saeng
Alyssa Saeng 18 soat oldin
Yeah, let’s stop using guns and start using keyblades and weapons from video games 😂
SL3SH3R 18 soat oldin
Smells like home huh?
Marty Prang
Marty Prang 18 soat oldin
Joji’s hairline be going back to the disasta music days
Tommy Pilgrim
Tommy Pilgrim 18 soat oldin
I really like this song because it's like the old joji.
ZzTarazZ 19 soat oldin
Here we see a young joji trying to be part of the supreme squad
Joshua Stanchfield
Joshua Stanchfield 19 soat oldin
can't stop watching weels 🎵🎶🎵🎶
wempaii_ 19 soat oldin
0:56 yknow that guy is killing people with hypebeast status, it's a fucking off-white uzi
Angel Moises
Angel Moises 19 soat oldin
Ira pues dijo el ded
X-M-V 19 soat oldin
*_my mans got a off-white MAC 10 at _**_0:57_*
SpotlessMLG 20 soat oldin
My guy in the background be holding the keyblade like a chief.
BORNtaPLAY 20 soat oldin
This feels so rex orange county
Andrew Tambio
Andrew Tambio 20 soat oldin
0:09 that dog was worried about him falling
sofija duda
sofija duda 20 soat oldin
*Give me back my keys I can't get into my house*
Brody Hilgenfeld
Brody Hilgenfeld 20 soat oldin
who else had a league of legends add before the vid?
zekiel white
zekiel white 21 soat oldin
filthy frank is still there, deep down inside.
Lafayette Duarte
Lafayette Duarte 21 soat oldin
Joji 😣 what a babe too bad he's famous
Jeremiah Jae
Jeremiah Jae 21 soat oldin
бля ох и дебильная же тату на лице...
Ванката БГ
Ванката БГ 21 soat oldin
not bad. :C
MonkaSDude 01
MonkaSDude 01 21 soat oldin
I've seen Pink guy smile, but joji smiling, this pleases me.
Xelix Bruh
Xelix Bruh 21 soat oldin
Best song
super mega gamer
super mega gamer 22 soat oldin
the first part is basically joji but a filthy frank music vid
NoWorriesMate Soat oldin
*hes trying to escape the dream, restart the simulation*
Не Скажу
Не Скажу 22 soat oldin
Filthy days?
CinnamonGlue22 22 soat oldin
kooky spook
kooky spook 22 soat oldin
Can’t wait to see you live, man! 💖
Vincent Chen
Vincent Chen 22 soat oldin
Lyrics - I can't get over you Can't get over you And before I die I pray that I could be the one That I could be the one But I won't be no fun If I can't have you no one can Balance in the limelight Can you show me To the day life Baby, I like more curves like But I want you, and alright (you're alright) Tell me more, I got a box cutter with your name on it Tell me more, I can't stay this long on the same topic Don't know you, why would I fall in love with you? I don't have no social cues I'm all for you Ay (ha, ha, ha) I can't get over you (yeah, ooo) Can't get over you (yeah, ooo) And before I die I pray that I could be the one That I could be the one But I won't be no fun If I can't have you no one can
Viper 23 soat oldin
The part where he started laughing in the background brought back so much nostalgia.
Aika K.
Aika K. 23 soat oldin
I hope they made a cake with that hair.. it would be a waste if they didn't lol
Van Halpert
Van Halpert 23 soat oldin
When Joji was Filthy Frank, I thought he was adorable. But right now, I have a massive crush on Joji! He is just so beautiful
LiamDG 23 soat oldin
I can't get over this song. (Pun Intended)
Precious A
Precious A 23 soat oldin
I wish I could inject this song into my bloodstream
GreatLakes Kun oldin
is that an offwhite uzi?
Jaywari do
Jaywari do Kun oldin
What kind of voice is that and what it is
Elite Otaku
Elite Otaku Kun oldin
he joins yakuza and the weapons they have are keyblade from kingdom hearts the master sword from Zelda and the halo Blade
A gang of delinquents armed with a Keyblade, an Energy Sword, a Bat wrapped with barbed wire, a Diamond Pickaxe, a Micro Uzi, and a Trident lead by a man with shaved hair. Warn the public.
Stepanium Kun oldin
So playful and nerdy and light, this song is like a strawberry popsicle. Fucking cool.
İclal Kun oldin
BAN4ENA3S S Kun oldin
2:27 is it just me or is that he kinda looks like charlie puth
LilJim Kun oldin
🌾 🌾 😏😏😏😏😏 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 😏🕓🕓😏🕓🕓😏 😏🕓🎱😏🕓🎱😏 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 😏😏😏✔😏😏😏 🌀😏😏😏😏😏🌀 😏🌀😏😏😏🌀😏👍 👉🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀 🌀🌀🕐🌀🌀🌀🌀 🌀🌀🕐🕐🕐🌀🌀 🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀 🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀 👟 👟
Lol just noticed the Keyblade
João Victor Schiavo
The problem with this song is that it is short.
Tom Newton
Tom Newton Kun oldin
Am simple man, i see energy sword, i click
Alhatizh 2003
Alhatizh 2003 Kun oldin
Itu ngomong apa sih
Melik Baran
Melik Baran Kun oldin
i want to shave my head because of this vid
Kate Timken
Kate Timken Kun oldin
The gang member with the keyblade 😆😆😆
Knight Hunt
Knight Hunt Kun oldin
Jojo there but franks and pink act
a joji mix
6 oy oldin
Will He
11 oy oldin
joji - thom
2 yil oldin