Joji ft. Clams Casino - CAN'T GET OVER YOU

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Produced by Clams Casino, Thundercat, & Roget
Music video directed by SAINT and George Miller
Edited by Miles Trahan
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Clams Casino
88 is double happiness




2-Okt, 2018

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88rising Oy oldin
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Brody Hilgenfeld
Brody Hilgenfeld 16 kun oldin
The Majestic Goat
The Majestic Goat 18 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice Negans bat?
I FD 18 kun oldin
wtf menas 88 88rising? I was mad about that number
I FD 18 kun oldin
This song is making my **** smaller, but its ok
ΞΣΥΤΗΘ Oy oldin
You are "FilthyfrankTV"?
just a meme
just a meme 4 soat oldin
Best fucking song ever cant stop listening I love your music joji!!
Le. Farquad
Le. Farquad 5 soat oldin
all those fucking nerds haha.
Lucy Diamond
Lucy Diamond 7 soat oldin
wish Joji would awkwardly roller blade up to me in a suit with a bunch of flowers
Auntie Dot
Auntie Dot 7 soat oldin
Energy sword sunday anyone?
xman08a 8 soat oldin
thought it was switch up to a hard ass banger, still chill tho
Emmy V
Emmy V 8 soat oldin
Anyone else see the key blade...?
breezie millz
breezie millz 9 soat oldin
Ryan M Prower
Ryan M Prower 9 soat oldin
the fact that you got clams casino into this is fucking beautiful and poetic to me especially since i found joji and clams casino at the same time
Trenton Waterfields
Trenton Waterfields 10 soat oldin
1:25 the wheelchair guy from pimp my wheelchair? wheelz?
Renan Mestre do passinho
Wait a sec Is That a KeyBlade? *OMG*
Bread Bro
Bread Bro 13 soat oldin
I swear in everyone of these videos joji’s hairline just gets abused.
TheMcintosh 16 soat oldin
Top 10 anime haircuts
TJ2886 18 soat oldin
1:25 My guy is full on raving with a keyblade
Kendra Griffin
Kendra Griffin 18 soat oldin
This song makes me feel happy and gives me a sense of hope
Lesper LSP
Lesper LSP 18 soat oldin
I was born in the right generation , when filthy frank was still alive
igor Gabriel
igor Gabriel 18 soat oldin
I can not forget you 💔
beezy quent
beezy quent Kun oldin
Remember filthy Frank
dead inside
dead inside Kun oldin
someone had a minecraft pickaxe
Linksu Kun oldin
[insert filthy frank reference here.] and now we wait.
Rizka Putri
Rizka Putri Kun oldin
1:12 The kid said 'wtf' is literally me in every situation..
Dave Kun oldin
1:37 dIaMoNd PiCkAxE
Erbek Kun oldin
clams is dead
Bgp Channel
Bgp Channel Kun oldin
[Chorus] I can't get over you Can’t get over you And before I die I pray that I could be the one That I could be the one But I won't be no fun If I can't have you, no one can [Verse] Highlights, in the limelight Can you show me, to the nightlife Baby I like, all colors like But I want you, and I don’t know right (Don't know right) Tell me more, I got a box cutter with your name on it Tell me more, I can't stay this long on the same topic I don't know you, but would I fall in love with you? I don't have no social cues I'm out for you [Chorus] I can't get over you Can't get over you And before I die I pray that I could be the one That I could be the one But I won’t be no fun If I can’t have you, no one can
Rx Shadow.
Rx Shadow. 2 kun oldin
0:22 pink guy.....
Luzlmanster 2 kun oldin
0:33 Haircake Ep 4?
PandaUtopia 2 kun oldin
I love when he just sits at that table xD
Henry 2 kun oldin
This was filmed in May
Anarchy 2 kun oldin
Frank is a fuckin' god at making himself look 40-50
shreyansh pandey
shreyansh pandey 2 kun oldin
Hair cake 😢
uh jade
uh jade 2 kun oldin
1:04 "Wakandas life"
Audio Faggot
Audio Faggot 2 kun oldin
Thought it was a other guy but its frank
Jeremiah Budiantoro
That hairline boi
Angry Armenian
Angry Armenian 2 kun oldin
enough with the hair cake.. FILTHY FRANK IS DEAD! GET OVER IT PEOPLE. *crying as I say it*
Angry Armenian
Angry Armenian 2 kun oldin
why are his friends retarded.
Mystic Monty
Mystic Monty 3 kun oldin
*So when while he's getting his hair cut I can't hear anything else but "Slow Dancing in the Dark". Is that just me??*
LiØn 3 kun oldin
We just gotta make it through 2018, don't die George.
GlacierFace Animation
Can I get featured in a joji video? I will literally pay you $100 after buying the cd
WonderLoaf 3 kun oldin
Why a nigga flexing the plasma sword?
dyl n
dyl n 3 kun oldin
1:07 best part
The Bak3d
The Bak3d 3 kun oldin
This is so fukin guud
Handenaz Başaran
Handenaz Başaran 3 kun oldin
i still can’t believe that filthy frank actually made very good music
she don't care if i die
i like his longer hair, he looks like mega mind with short hair :/
Seck s
Seck s 3 kun oldin
1:36 You know why they have a diamond pickaxe? Because they don't wanna deal with a hoe
uncle gaben
uncle gaben 15 soat oldin
take my godamn like
Dante Segovia
Dante Segovia 3 kun oldin
I like this guy , he seems filthy
roflankaa 3 kun oldin
1:25 *X-BLADE*
Swantuzi 3 kun oldin
When I saw that energy sword and key blade I died
Chloe Tilley
Chloe Tilley 3 kun oldin
luv u sm
Chloe Tilley
Chloe Tilley 3 kun oldin
Chloe Tilley
Chloe Tilley 3 kun oldin
i mean the song
0R1G4M1 3 kun oldin
0:28 0:56
Citavalo 3 kun oldin
Is that an energy sword?
sgutz2002悲しい 3 kun oldin
wtf bro, fucking gangster with box braids and cutted joji's hair?
Deveyne Creations
Deveyne Creations 4 kun oldin
Okay mob boss joji, I see you👀
Erick Rodríguez
Erick Rodríguez 4 kun oldin
This has to be my favorite song from BALLADS 1. I love both Joji and Clams Casino.
Zavi 4 kun oldin
joji what have u become
yuuki ;
yuuki ; 4 kun oldin
what a bop
Evan Gillespie
Evan Gillespie 4 kun oldin
1:00 dude has a off white uzi
Jakers 4 kun oldin
My boi got that fresh cut,hide your girl
Jzo_ 11
Jzo_ 11 4 kun oldin
Clams casino is my 4th grade teacher's son
naymyo zaw
naymyo zaw 4 kun oldin
Filthy Frank V I B E S
Kire 4 kun oldin
1:35 that diamond pickaxe LOOOOOOOOOOL
Koyangi Young
Koyangi Young 4 kun oldin
William Plain
William Plain 4 kun oldin
It is crazy how much I want to hate Joji's music because of the autotune, but brother your sound [most of the time, aka 75% of the time] is smooth.
Bami G
Bami G 4 kun oldin
1:05 that ice cream looks so muck like chicken
JHallDaBoss 4 kun oldin
this is art.
Mr.Raman 4 kun oldin
Plot twist, this is rich brain
chicken nuggee
chicken nuggee 4 kun oldin
i love joji
Mathew Abraham
Mathew Abraham 4 kun oldin
that smile. that damned smile
Kirana Chandra
Kirana Chandra 4 kun oldin
i was born in right generation :v
the playlists
the playlists 4 kun oldin
the ice cream Mafia
J͟u͟n͟g͟l͟e͟j͟i͟m͟4322a͟t͟ Y͟a͟h͟o͟o͟.c͟o͟m͟
Looks like someone misses making videos
김기현 5 kun oldin
toxictaterz 5 kun oldin
The beginning reminded me of a filthy Frank vid
Flame Jakkai
Flame Jakkai 5 kun oldin
Do this all over again except you stab the guy who took your girlfriend, stab him with a diamond pickaxe then execute a default dance on top of his dead body and kill the girl cause she's a thot. Thanks fam
Spooky Boi
Spooky Boi 5 kun oldin
I know one of you motherfuckers knows what youtuber that kid is, because i cant remember his god damn name
Name 5 kun oldin
2:27 I want to see more of these.
Junbin Kim
Junbin Kim 5 kun oldin
Thought bout liking this one
SqiffyMarlin 5 kun oldin
figureLP09 5 kun oldin
I wouldn't mess with a gang that has both Lucille and a f@cking Keyblade wielder on the team.
Alain Zv
Alain Zv 5 kun oldin
Today i was at work (H&M in Mexico, Nuevo Leon), and i heard this song, i felt really happy for hearing Joji at my work, and im so glad that his songs reached to here
Ghostcat11 ¿?
Ghostcat11 ¿? 5 kun oldin
if i got my ice cream cone slaped by gorge miller i'ed yell WOW FRANKU нет
DataStream 5 kun oldin
My guys! Is that lil' Idubbbz @ 1:05?
STARKNIGHT 5 kun oldin
WENDRIL M. NOG. 5 kun oldin
0:56 Predella (Costa Gold)
Fre DeHeerser
Fre DeHeerser 5 kun oldin
we had to give up filthy frank for this...
t3mple 5 kun oldin
1:12 did that kid say what the fuck lmao
king of nothing
king of nothing 5 kun oldin
I was dissapointed at first with this cuz I expected a feat from clams to be like chill. But goddamn I love this so much now.
Reborn Fleur
Reborn Fleur 5 kun oldin
How to be a gentleman 101 is finally useful. Lul
Reborn Fleur
Reborn Fleur 5 kun oldin
He wasted his hair. 😂
ELECTRO NEON 5 kun oldin
sounds like daniel caesar
ELECTRO NEON 5 kun oldin
what is the first part song?
LightDelus 5 kun oldin
I can still feel the filthiness inside Joji
Spinia 5 kun oldin
I can't get over the fact that papa Franku is gone
Diecast Cars
Diecast Cars 5 kun oldin
Although he is no more Filthy Frank... His songs are better than despacito
Bachin Bigney
Bachin Bigney 6 kun oldin
joji looks like a duck
z e r o t w o
z e r o t w o 6 kun oldin
the beat is fye...
Yaboiaxe martinez
Yaboiaxe martinez 6 kun oldin
Am sad have a great day bast songs in my life
Moose 6 kun oldin
Oh I get it! He’s going to use that hair for another hair cake!
Joe Cockerline
Joe Cockerline 6 kun oldin
It is impossible to overstate how excellent this is on every level.