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Stream "SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK": 88rising.lnk.to/SDITD
BALLADS 1 is out now: 88rising.lnk.to/BALLADS1
BALLADS 1 vinyl, CDs & merch available at BALLADS1.com
Produced by Patrick Wimberly & George Miller
Music video directed by Jared Hogan
Edited by Miles Trahan
Tickets: 88rising.com/joji
Oct 26 - Vancouver, BC - Pacific Coliseum
Oct 27 - Seattle, WA - Showare Center
Oct 31 - San Francisco, CA - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
Dec 06 - London, United Kingdom - Heaven
Dec 08 - Paris, France - Le Trabendo
Dec 09 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg Oude Zaal (Early Show)
Dec 09 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Melkweg Oude Zaal (Late Show)
Dec 10 - Berlin, Germany - Festsaal Kreuzberg
Dec 12 - London, United Kingdom - Heaven
88 is double happiness




12-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 80 220
Iskandarsyah Fam
Iskandarsyah Fam Soat oldin
blind person: Joji: _CAN'T YOU SEE?_
The Komodo Collective
Is he supposed to be a Rakshasa in this video?
Kinq Lucid
Kinq Lucid 2 soat oldin
I like the song but wtf is this video??
lego marvel films
lego marvel films 2 soat oldin
Ikr xD
The Spy E c l i p s e
i cook a mean cup of ramen in the dark
Candi Erin
Candi Erin 2 soat oldin
subject 89
subject 89 3 soat oldin
I'll never forget the filthy frank days
Tfueisgay4278 3 soat oldin
this is [rettu ep[ic
lego marvel films
lego marvel films 2 soat oldin
The comment on top of me is gay
xV StÆr Crußt Vx
xV StÆr Crußt Vx 3 soat oldin
host a meme review.
GalaxyFox77 Flame
GalaxyFox77 Flame 3 soat oldin
It’s so surprising how this man went from being one of the best creators on UZvid but recognized that was going to be the death of him. How he saw his opportunity for this and was able to commit to his dream. R.I.P. Filthy Frank, Pink Guy. But now we have Joji
Erick Navas
Erick Navas 3 soat oldin
I left you And now your not coming back Because deep down i knew you wanted to leave... you honistly deserved better my love was a poise and me leaving was the cure and since i left i saw you smile and i know you so good that I know its a real one Sorry for my shitty gramer and spelling
Void Alpha
Void Alpha 3 soat oldin
Guys he wants to forget about FiithyFrank, he died all we have is Joji he's a musician he makes music, he's a song producer not a meme we get it some people miss his videos but he wants to do music so leave it alone.
Kamilla Ludvigsen
Kamilla Ludvigsen 3 soat oldin
Looks like Penguin
Flamingo/Albertstuff VEVO
How did I get from eating bean soup asmr from this I like it
Teutonic-knight13 04
The pink suit is still in the closet
Core Foxy
Core Foxy 4 soat oldin
so he went from a dank memelord who had cancer *to a depressed stoner*
Yized 4 soat oldin
*100m on Spotify, still rising.*
teroris yutub Pencari subcreber
He attack He protect But most importantly he's slow dancing in the dark now
the dude
the dude 4 soat oldin
ti t'nsaw eht tsrif emit
Mẫn Nguyễn
Mẫn Nguyễn 4 soat oldin
Is he Pink guy:v he looks just the same
Michael Jameson
Michael Jameson 4 soat oldin
If yall aren't listening in 0.75 speed all you hear is the autotune
Michael Jameson
Michael Jameson 4 soat oldin
Sora.wav made a pretty damn good cover not gonna lie
Michael Jameson
Michael Jameson 4 soat oldin
Did yall even realize hes half goat?
Primio Rodríguez
Primio Rodríguez 4 soat oldin
Kill me please
Savage_ Uchiha
Savage_ Uchiha 4 soat oldin
Wait, what? excuse me? 1 million likes? don't think i've seen that before...
GoOd ViBeS
GoOd ViBeS 4 soat oldin
This song describes my life
Payton Willis
Payton Willis 4 soat oldin
Vote for Joji for I heart radio social star www.iheart.com/music-awards/
Jairo Franco
Jairo Franco 5 soat oldin
and to think this guy ate pewdiepie ass hair
Alucard Tiverton
Alucard Tiverton 5 soat oldin
He died an antihero to become a real hero
34234 5 soat oldin
Meth bender end
PpG_TayZedusa 5 soat oldin
*U know she ain’t loving u if she ain’t checkin on u*
David Washington
David Washington 6 soat oldin
3 second Reviews
3 second Reviews 6 soat oldin
Pink season 2 needed
Trei Gonzalez
Trei Gonzalez 6 soat oldin
ChrisAllGod 6 soat oldin
Pshhhhh i dont look at the dark/sad parts of life
William Logan
William Logan 6 soat oldin
Just a reminder: this guy ate pubes piss toenails and vomit
Next-Gen Outdoors
Next-Gen Outdoors 6 soat oldin
To everyone who is here because of that special someone..... Get over it!!! Roll a blunt or something, jeez......
Thatclimbingguy 6 soat oldin
3:02 the feels drop like a world trade centre employee
Kaitlin Lessard
Kaitlin Lessard 6 soat oldin
Have you heard the cover by Chloe. Its super good
Gwyneth Orr
Gwyneth Orr 6 soat oldin
dunno why y’all are like “THIS GUY DID RETARDED SHIT??” as if this video isn’t just commercialized retarded shit
Audrey McCain
Audrey McCain 6 soat oldin
Anyone else still depressed 😕
Completely Electronic
Me and my girlfriend broke up today and this comes down my feed , thank you algorithm.
Marissa 7 soat oldin
Wow filthy frank got gay
AE Conn
AE Conn 7 soat oldin
Goodbye Filthy
In loving memory of Bert The Newt
Anyone remember human cake?
Big Oof
Big Oof 7 soat oldin
1:13 Im sorry but I saw the pink guy under bite
Pedro Sato
Pedro Sato 7 soat oldin
When I listen to this song, I think about my dad (I don't have a good relationship with him), my suicidal thoughs and how I feel lonely.
Kade Miller
Kade Miller 7 soat oldin
I wanna meet someone who makes me feel this song the way you're supposed to. Even if it makes me terribly sad.
lu 1203
lu 1203 7 soat oldin
je suis triste juste parce que j’ai écouté cette musique 😭
Sweet_Misery 8 soat oldin
*Is the arrow.. Cupids?*
IcYlime 8 soat oldin
This is wierd why does the beggining give me nostalgia?
Diana  Delgado Herrera
Someone else discover Joji before Flithy Frank?
Asylum Rain
Asylum Rain 8 soat oldin
I didn’t noticed he had hooves until it showed him laying on the ground around the middle of the video and I immediately felt creeped out
luna *
luna * 8 soat oldin
Ha- da
Ha- da 8 soat oldin
let's start mind about a impossible relationship
ReadyTxBeTxxic 8 soat oldin
This song is so beautiful but also depressing❤😢
Junior Evreser
Junior Evreser 8 soat oldin
Andami ng nag suicide dahil sa kantang to carefull to those emo
Thomas Livingston
Thomas Livingston 9 soat oldin
He’s such a shit singer
Bobs Vagene
Bobs Vagene 9 soat oldin
When you hear your best friend talking shit about you behind your back
s1renz prod
s1renz prod 9 soat oldin
off the molly
Bobs Vagene
Bobs Vagene 9 soat oldin
When you drop your croissant
Infinity Games
Infinity Games 9 soat oldin
im so proud of what hes become. Been here since day 1, will be here till day 1000000
BXB Gold
BXB Gold 9 soat oldin
*sad hours.*
pedro velasco
pedro velasco 9 soat oldin
Franku would be proud
TEK2_2012 9 soat oldin
when the girl you like likes your best friend 😶
Hunter KillerDrone
Hunter KillerDrone 9 soat oldin
god damn, this song is beautiful...
Rouge Shadow244
Rouge Shadow244 9 soat oldin
The filthiest of the filth...
Sunflower• Eau
Sunflower• Eau 9 soat oldin
Jakub Golecki
Jakub Golecki 9 soat oldin
Sscece Bloom
Sscece Bloom 10 soat oldin
Wth happened to filthy frank😭 wHat happened to pink guy
Rhys 10 soat oldin
best song out there
Heartiful Annmene
Heartiful Annmene 10 soat oldin
he’s cute to me💔💞
Tornado34991 10 soat oldin
This Is Too Relatable.
Wornoutshoelace 10 soat oldin
papu doing his thang.
marshall parrish
marshall parrish 10 soat oldin
give us flithy frank back ;-(
EDUARDO MEDINA 10 soat oldin
Joji it's time to stop ! :(
Posticious 10 soat oldin
김이삭 11 soat oldin
Love it
Kosay Ezi
Kosay Ezi 11 soat oldin
Me toooo
WondalustGaming 11 soat oldin
Mario Diaz
Mario Diaz 11 soat oldin
He looks like the GOAT Scarface 😤
steelmotion de
steelmotion de 11 soat oldin
Hi boss
Anthony Britt
Anthony Britt 11 soat oldin
This make a pussy wet
Anthony Britt
Anthony Britt 11 soat oldin
This make a pussy wet
Darragh Clarke
Darragh Clarke 12 soat oldin
This is really well shot
Meme Rena
Meme Rena 12 soat oldin
Filthy Frank ?...is that you buddy? 😮
CoreyGames 12 soat oldin
FangLion /TheLataleGaming
When you get Friendzoned by a person you love. And then listen to this song that we realize that were all a loner
Matie660 12 soat oldin
I love this song George is so talented not only in comedy he is just all around creative
Allif Abdillah Gibran
Allif Abdillah Gibran 12 soat oldin
shit i come to this fuckin song everyday fuck you pink guy!
Paula Hernández Cabrera
im the only one who sings excited: IN THE DAAAAARK!!! because it`s amazing
humano inutil
humano inutil 12 soat oldin
One ravioli gonna repair all the pain :)
Jakub Golecki
Jakub Golecki 9 soat oldin
M. Roble
M. Roble 12 soat oldin
The most talented mafagar on youtube, Period.
kent rio
kent rio 12 soat oldin
When you’re the main love interest in an anime but another girl gets introduced
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 12 soat oldin
He should act in a Japanese war film as a general in the imperial army
Jakub Golecki
Jakub Golecki 9 soat oldin
Oh hi Mark.
FiReLoRd GaMiNg
FiReLoRd GaMiNg 12 soat oldin
wtf LOL
Game Souls Fan
Game Souls Fan 13 soat oldin
This man went from eating vomit to slow dancing in the dark as half a leotard
Noob Þ
Noob Þ 13 soat oldin
That one guy who ate ravioli from his pocket. To the other guy who has changed into a music fanatic.
ĸae 13 soat oldin
ayye guys I just dropped my first track🖤 im just a 15y/o producer/rapper who wants to touch other people w his music🖤💔 Would hella appreciate it if yall could give it a chance 💔🤧
alienated ?
alienated ? 13 soat oldin
"you just got pranked FUCK U"
Alana Agnew
Alana Agnew 13 soat oldin
i fucked with that pink guy shit but this..... Big Depression
BuzaniGaming 13 soat oldin
Holy shit😮
Xxdoctor Dudexx
Xxdoctor Dudexx 13 soat oldin
When you get leg cramp
Jupperavo 14 soat oldin
I covered this song in Fortnite Creative Music Blocks... please check it out here: uzvid.com/video/video-rSV-hDHr2bI.html Thank you!
Jakub Golecki
Jakub Golecki 9 soat oldin
Maybe not
X’ gonna give it to ya’
Jupperavo no
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