JoJo and Jordan’s Relationship Ups and Downs | Engaged

Engaged with JoJo & Jordan
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Real life vs. reality TV... they don't always match up! Wondering what happened when the cameras turned off? We've got all the deets!
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First comes reality TV, then comes engagement, then comes… real life! Jojo and Jordan fell in love in front of millions of viewers and now they’re letting you in on their day-to-day struggles, solutions, and fun along the way. They are navigating life on their own terms- together and engaged! New episodes every Tuesday at 10AM PST. #JoJordanEngaged
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9-Okt, 2018

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Engaged with JoJo & Jordan
What are some of your tips for maintaining a happy and healthy relationship?
Mia H
Mia H 23 kun oldin
When past thoughts comes and bothers me, I always thing what time of the month is...lol 98% is emotions fault. And always dont assum he or she said something negative, unless it is clear as day...
Meagan Pesce
Meagan Pesce Oy oldin
Communication is number one. But listening is a close second. Because if you’re not truly hearing the communication and making a real effort to improve whatever the issue is, then the communication itself is useless.
Christie Lynn
Christie Lynn Oy oldin
Nozie MM you’re welcome! The first 4 years are the hardest, I remember being told that when we got married. Just try to remember that even in a “fight” you both actually want the same thing! A happy life with each other. So try to keep reminding yourself that it’s not a fight against each other, rather it should be a fight WITH each other against the issue you’re facing. You are leaps and bounds ahead if you have already started learning these things, so keep the faith! Marriage is such a labor of love but is so worth the work. I’m genuinely sending you lots of positive thoughts and prayers for strength for the both of you! 💜💜💜
Bailey Shaw
Bailey Shaw Oy oldin
Have you guys ever had to do long distance? If so, what helped you get through it?
Courtney Richwine
Nozie MM I am so glad to hear that!! It took me a few years honestly. I would want to run away or hop in a car because I felt I would burst if I stayed, which he didn’t like either. So I told him if you want me to be calm in the disagreement give me some space to get there...that seemed to help, and he’s much better about giving it to me. Just remember if he does, it’s because you asked lol. We all develop habits in relationships...mine was run and he chase, but can’t ask him not to chase and then expect him to 😂. So it was a transition that eventually became a new/healthier habit!
Marjorie Coke
Marjorie Coke 3 kun oldin
Excellent talk. I'm a therapist and concur with what you've both shared. Thank you for your honesty xx
Sarah Morley
Sarah Morley 7 kun oldin
You are such a great couple. You seem so genuinely in love. The way that Jordan looks at you Jojo, that's true love. I'm really enjoying these videos. Sending love from London 🇬🇧 xxx
Marissa Autry
Marissa Autry 15 kun oldin
You two are such great role models 💜 Very level headed and sincere. You’d be surprised how many young adults don’t know what to look for in a partner. Thank you for being a wonderful couple. So much love and support for JoJo and Jordan! You guys are amazing, please keep making videos 😊
christine finnigan
christine finnigan 16 kun oldin
Omg..you two are so sweet. You def made the right choice jo jo.. when he looks at you , you can feel the love. Congrats from canada !
Kathy Bates
Kathy Bates 18 kun oldin
Thank you for sharing! I’m glad you worked through these issues
Amal hussein
Amal hussein 18 kun oldin
Oh you made me cry too” I am lonely and I need you” what an amazing and sweet word I am glad you both went through those day because I do love both of you! The problem is a lot of people think relationship is just like honeymoon face but the strongest relationship is the one that has ups and downs.
Maria Stechschulte
Maria Stechschulte 18 kun oldin
Wonderful couple, you seems very genuine and I enjoy watching your videos. You can really see the love between the two of you come off the screen!!
Lindsay W.
Lindsay W. 22 kun oldin
Thank you for letting all of us know you’ve had issues, fights, hard times where you’ve thought “maybe this isn’t the right relationship for me”. You two are REAL and that is wonderful to see.
Mia H
Mia H 23 kun oldin
I was smiling all time watching this video. My serotonin level went up 😁
Courtney Wiley
Courtney Wiley 25 kun oldin
I’ve been a fan of your relationship since day one! I’m currently in a relationship. I live with my boyfriend. We have our ups and downs also. He’s also going through a divorce so that’s a lot of stress for him and our relationship. He also has a child so that’s another factor in our relationship. We also are moving too so there’s a lot of stress going on. We had a huge fight the other night and said some things that we regret. He’s not a very affectionate kind of person. He doesn’t know how to show me he loves me if that makes sense. I am a huge fan of words of affirmation. Physical touch is something that’s big for me in a relationship. He doesn’t know how to express his love for me and tell me that I matter or that I’m beautiful. I have a rare case of anxiety and I also have depression. I’ve been through a lot. I was raped a few years ago and that ruined my thoughts on any type of relationship. I’m trying to be open minded you know? It’s just hard to be open minded and open and ready for change and ready for someone to love me again. So that’s my personal struggle. We work at our relationship every chance we get but it’s not all sunshine and roses. Every relationship isn’t perfect. Hell if every relationship was perfect, then we wouldn’t be having any of these problems. But I guess my question is, is how do we talk to each other without him saying anything that’s a trigger point for me? It’s like he’s always walking on pins and needles with me. He doesn’t want to say the wrong thing and he doesn’t know what the right thing to say is either. How do we communicate in our crazy rollercoaster of a relationship? We have highs and lows just like you guys.
Courtney Christle
Courtney Christle 26 kun oldin
How do you know when you’re really in love again after you thought you were once and got heartbroken? How do you know and can be confident enough that this significant other is your one for life?
Rose1087 26 kun oldin
Umm WTF I am crying!
Caroline Donnell
Caroline Donnell 28 kun oldin
This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!
Tayler Parsons
Tayler Parsons 29 kun oldin
I'm so impressed with how you both carry yourselves and your willingness to communicate the struggles you faced. And Jojo I loved how you touched on the different between struggles in a relationship and a toxic relationship. So important to recognize the differences between the two.
Robyn Wonnell
Robyn Wonnell Oy oldin
I always had high hopes for you two because I could see how equally yoked, if you will, that you were, and are. Seeing a therapist can be a wonderful 3rd party to bat ideas and thoughts off of. It's safe and enlightening, with a good one. You don't have to agree on everything. I love sushi, my husband and daughter don't. They eat teriyaki chicken when I want my sushi fix. They don't like cheese in most things, while I love it. Oh well, I'm the cook. I don't put it on theirs. They hate most vegetables. Oh well, I fix them anyway and they eat a few of them. Find the things you both enjoy and do them as much as you can. Do the things you like as individuals as often as you like too. When you come back together, your time is richer and more appreciated. You two are a perfect match. Be respectful and listen to each other. JoJo, like so many of us girls, we come across as wining when we feel emotional which is most of the time. Try to hear yourself. Jordan, be a good listener and most of that will go away. Keep on keepin on as they used to say. You two are the best!!! When you get to that point, I see a pro athlete in your future children. Not just because of you Jordan, but JoJo will be the best sports mom you've ever seen. I'm sure!!!! Good Luck you two. You don't need it anymore though. You're making your own:-)
Danyelle B
Danyelle B Oy oldin
I'm just catching up on all your videos. Thank you for REAL! You guys need to be consultants to the new bachelors and bachelorettes!
Misa Yoshida
Misa Yoshida Oy oldin
I admire you both and your relationship. Thank you for telling how it is that every relationship has its ups and downs and that fights and misunderstandings happen. We're all human and no matter how alike we are to someone or how much we love them, sometimes things get rough. But how a couple reacts to these hard patches, whether to decide there's just too much to be able to push through or to accept that shit gets hard but you're still going to fight for the person you love and the relationship every day, no matter that day holds. Jojo, I sincerely admire you and your strength and I was so damn happy to see you and Jordan rocking out this healthy, loving relationship even though bumps happen some time. You guys give me hope and your story and your advice has really helped me want to be a better me in my relationship and i've been working at it. Thank you for the inspiration!
Viktoria Lagos
You guys are such an inspiration! I’ve been keeping up with you guys since your season & I love how you started this UZvid to show how real you both really are. Always stay genuine and personal! I feel like I can relate to you guys even if you guys are celebrities which is so nice! I’ve been with my husband for 4 years and we’ve gone through the exact same things especially in the beginning and it never is easy! So thank you for being so relatable! Love your channel & this video thank you for that ❤️
Puja Sangoi
Puja Sangoi Oy oldin
This is amazing. Thanks for keeping it real. Favorite bach couple.
ABS Oy oldin
Thank you for being actually real and honest. It seriously means a lot and I know bachelor fans must appreciate it too.
Melissa DeSoto
The way you look at each other is so sweet! 😍😍😍 Tips? Laugh a lot. Be silly. Take the trip!!!!!!
google e
google e Oy oldin
wow you two are boring.
Liz Porter
Liz Porter Oy oldin
Thank you JoJo so nice to know we are not alone through the ups and downs please keep doing these videos!.. Nice knowing that all relationships go through Rough patches but come out on the other side! And become stronger!.. Fighting for the one you Love!
Guys don't get your own show. I haven't seen a relationship that has survived that yet. This is perfect, on your own time and simple. Great job and thx for keeping it real.
Georgie Wolbert
Love you guys!!!
Emma Major
Emma Major Oy oldin
A wedge! Get it? Ha!
Ashley Castro
Ashley Castro Oy oldin
This episode really spoke to me as I’m going through similar things in my relationship with communication and such and my boyfriend is working on his anxiety with a therapist and that took a lot of strength for him to do so now I’m just trying to find my strength to always be there for him through his hard times while having a lot of my own insecurities and worries. Thanks for sharing your story!
Pratima Patel
Pratima Patel Oy oldin
Jordan what type of therapy did you have, life coaching? couples counseling? how many sessions did it take to start to see change? What were the most important exercises you did to produce results in permanent change? for example, not walking away.
Positive Chick
It takes two mature people to communicate, work towards a strong relationship and not give up unless there's abuse in the dynamic.
Positive Chick
Great relationships takes a lot of work - it involves a ton of patience, constant open communication, forgiveness, laughter, and a genuine desire to commit to becoming the best version of yourselves. Every couple has their own dynamic and creating healthy boundaries is key as well. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.
Maria Erbes
Maria Erbes Oy oldin
I love this so much and the insight on how you two communicated with one another and the learning experience. I've been married for two years now and we are always learning how to communicate the different emotions we go through. We're constantly reminded that the most important thing is just to continue learning how to love and help one another through these bumps in the road, because at the end of the day you chose to be team.
Cassidy Quinn
Cassidy Quinn Oy oldin
I LOVE that Jordan talked about seeing a therapist, and that it wasn't even because of a HUGE problem, he just went to do it and talk through things. It's so important for guys to see that's ok, and GOOD!
Meagan Pesce
Meagan Pesce Oy oldin
Do you guys know what your love languages are? Most people do. If so, in my experience, they are usually not the same. In my case, my husband and I have different love languages. If it’s the same for you, how have you dealt with instances where one or both of you aren’t filling each other’s love tanks because you’re both trying to love the other in the wrong love language? I’m not sure if that makes sense. But that is something that my husband and I have struggled with and so far haven’t found a good way to go about correcting it. Any tips?
Holland Filippini
you Both are so brave to put this out to the world and i commend you so much for being real! thank you! so happy you are together!
Ralph Mendez
Ralph Mendez Oy oldin
the fantasy is for people watching the show, to think that this is a perfect way to meet somebody and that even if you fall in love on the show, that you're going to be able to perfectly communicate and do everything whatever real life hello
Kyla N Stoops
Kyla N Stoops Oy oldin
Jordan is such a better guy than I thought like wow I have horrible judgment apparently. I’m so happy you guys are together. Jojo was the best bachelorette as far as her heart and personality and beauty. I’m so happy for you guys.
Madeline Ferrufino
I love this series so much!
Loma Luv
Loma Luv Oy oldin
I love you two together. You guys are my favorite couple of all the Bachelor / Bachelorette seasons and I've watched from the beginning. I follow you guys on IG. Thank you guys for being vulnerable and discussing TRUE LIFE relationship issues that will go on even when you are married. I loved the part where Jordan talks about going to see a therapist. There's such a stigma to seeing a therapist especially for men, but a 3rd non-biased party can do a world of good. It's important to find self reflection and work towards interpersonal struggles. Good job to both of you for not letting the media, reality TV, society dictate who you guys need to be to each other. Marriage is not something to step into lightly. I have faith in you guys will be able to make your relationship work for the long haul.
Racine Jackson
Thanks guys! This show is really helping me understand my relationship with my fiance.. we been thru so much and being together for 10 years.. lately we just been disagreeing and arguing lately...
Audrey Boissonneault
wow, I like how candid you guys are. Thank you for sharing these moments with the world!
Karaujo2012 Oy oldin
Thank y’all for this. WOW, it beyond hits home and is very helpful.
Amanda Bendersky
What about when your trying to push your other half to be better and they take that as you think they aren’t trying their best?
Nozie MM
Nozie MM Oy oldin
JoJo & Jordan u guys are an amazing couple! And I can see you two lasting a lifetime because u guys are genuine! I wish u two the very best, keep striving for the best in your relationship and thank u so much for sharing your love story with us. Xxx
Erica Munoz
Erica Munoz Oy oldin
I love this! I love you guys! This was a really good episode! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Katelyn Allen
Katelyn Allen Oy oldin
What are some good communication tips or habits you two have? Or any books or podcasts you listen to? My husband and I are the worst at communicating. I feel like we want to hear ourselves instead of hearing the other person and getting defensive in those hard conversations.
Jojo and Jordan, my two favourite people, thanks for this show, its really so amazing, real, fun, educating and has maturity! Love you two everyday
tegan jones
tegan jones Oy oldin
So lovely to hear you guys talk about that time...which I know is so hard. Especially when I know how that feels! And its nice to see not only your own relationship goes through this. Im glad mine recovered. And yours too! Glad you guys are happy. 😍
R&R Oy oldin
Verbally or emotionally *
Jenna Young
Jenna Young Oy oldin
I’m so glad you did this video and being so honest and raw about your relationship. You are helping so many people! Thank you so much for sharing this ❤️
rach Oy oldin
thank you so much for being so real and honest
aly00 Oy oldin
I really appreciate you guys for creating this show and being vulnerable with us. Its nice to know that every relationship has its kinks in them; especially a couple who has been on TV. My boyfriend and I have gone through the ups and downs like you guys have at the beginning of our relationship and we strive to work together to keep building upon our relationship till this day. Best 6 years of our life! Wouldn’t want to change anything that got us to where we are now in life together.
Madison Fuller
I love this series! It’s amazing to see how you really are and how your life really is! I’m so glad both of you found true love and persevered through the hard times ❤️
Carmen Penzera
Please start vlogging! 💗
Christie Duffer
I love this honesty so much.
Sheri Loyd
Sheri Loyd Oy oldin
Absolutely LOVE your honesty and transparency. I do have a question/need advice on something that maybe you guys have faced in your relationship. My fiance' and I are engaged and have been for just over a year now. We met on the infamous... dun dun dun... TINDER! lol. A bit of our background: He was a commercial diver for the first few years of the relationship so we spent a great deal of time apart (he would travel on the road for a month at a time). Long distance was rough & definitely had its own challenges, but luckily we now live in southern California together and both work at a local hospital. One of our consistent "problems" is that we do not have the same love languages. I am a words of affirmation and touch person... while my partner is acts of service and quality time. I love the mushy cards and even the simple things like holding hands and he is not a "words" type of guy. While this may not sound like a huge "problem", it has been for us. I often feel like our love is fading or that my "love bucket" is not filled. When I express this to him... he says things like, but Babe... I cleaned your car today, brought you lunch... etc. While these things are incredibly sweet and thoughtful, I still would prefer a love note or a kiss. I don't want to sound like the needy one here... lol but I'm wondering if there is a way to improve this? How do we adjust to each others love languages/needs? Do you and Jordan have the same love languages? and if not, how do you adjust? Thanks for your time!!! -Sheri Loyd
Moonie Shin
Moonie Shin Oy oldin
Can we get a house tour please?
sayitoutloud watson
When do these episodes air?? like weekly??
Breanna Northrup
the fact that they were able to stick together through so much and he was able to work through his pride and she was able to open herself to being hurt really says so much about their love and who they are individually.
Victoria Henderson
What is your advice for working out a long distance relationship?
Ashley Martorella
Are you guys similar in the hobbies you like to do & events you like to attend, etc? How do you guys decide what new things you should take on together and find things you both like? Also love watching this show!! 😍
LuAnn Englehart
I have been married for 24 years, but I still can relate to this. I think you are going to help so many couples. Good for you. Just do not be one of those couples who gives up. Relationships are not perfect; they are messy! Keep up the talking and never give up.
Amanda Guevara
My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 months now and we are deeply into each other. But the one thing that bothers him is texting my guy friend that I have been friends with for 2 years. He’s the only friend I tell everything about but my bf thinks it’s gonna be the other way around. My friend has a girlfriend and there’s 0% chance we’ll hook up anytime soon. We have fought so many times about it and I’m over it. I’m just wanting your advice if my boyfriend trusts me enough? Also he has this girl friend that he’s been friends with since high school.. (he’s 24 now) and what makes me kinda not feel right is they usually hang out just them two. He tells me they’re not gonna get together at all because she’s not his type. But what bothers me the most is they both share their locations with one another. I’m really having a hard time coping with that and I just don’t know what to tell him 😪
Olivia Porte
Olivia Porte Oy oldin
My question for you two is how do you manage your schedules when Jordan is working on the weekends? Do you feel like he misses out on a lot of things? Or do y’all just plan dates and “together time” during the week?
Joey McDonough
What are some tips on becoming more open with new people? When you feel you are very guarded and have trouble letting people in? Thoughts? Also thank you so much for doing these videos. I'm a huge fan and so happy for you two. All the best :)
Queen Namaste
Queen Namaste Oy oldin
loved the authenticity! thank you so much for sharing your story! more couples should follow suit! If it is rainbows and butterflies all the time... something is wrong :P
MrxRiderX Oy oldin
my thing is when a argument occurs, use a pencil. give the pencil to the person who is talking so that they have time to get out their feelings and not be interuppeted. Then pass the pencil and give the other person a chance to talk about their feelings. No-one can speak unless they have the pencil. This gives a chance to get everything off of your chest, be understood and work it out.
For someone who just broke up with someone she really loved. How do you move on knowing that there is someone better out there for you? And how do you go about getting out there to meet people after being in a relationship for a long time?
Diane C
Diane C Oy oldin
My husband and I broke up twice (for very short time) before we married. Here we are 43 yrs later. We didn't live together, but after marriage, the first year was the toughest. Then it just gets better and better, because it is hard and takes time, but worth it.
jenny osorio
jenny osorio Oy oldin
I love u guys. Beautiful couple.❤️
Front Kick
Front Kick Oy oldin
Marriage is death by a thousand cuts! She will become a narcissistic nightmare!
xrcrx ftfghjg
xrcrx ftfghjg Oy oldin
her voice😫
Randy Oy oldin
Who cares?
Trisha Anderson
I love this series! You two are the best! So on the first episode of the bachelorette when I seen Jordan I thought he was perfect for you! I love how open you two are being with your relationship:) it’s nice to know that it’s possible to get through the struggles of a new relationship without giving up! You guys are the best ❤️
Rick Sanchez Jr.
Do you guys think he ever came in her mouth before?
Kahless Oy oldin
Extremely lovely lesbian couple! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 #NewFan
Jillian Dilbeck
Way to show the real side of relationships! Thank you
jbond5150 Oy oldin
She should do porn.
Admiral Autism
Marilyn Loy
Marilyn Loy Oy oldin
I owe the fans of JoJo and Jordan an apology. I love hearing their honesty but when they talked about a reality show I was worried it wasn’t real but staged but I now know their sharing is real and they are doing a great job of helping others. I love their honesty!❤️
Rupert Murdoch
I bet she does A+ throat work
Super Viral Sick Vids
They’re still together? Uhhh someone needs to tell them it was a reality show.
Nem Khan
Nem Khan Oy oldin
why is he watching like that? just watching or scanning 😍
sabaya Shylla
sabaya Shylla Oy oldin
He way he look at her😍 they re just perfect for each other❤️
Lexy s
Lexy s Oy oldin
Love this so much !
Rachael Diffrient
love you guys
beans Oy oldin
What’s your stand JoJo?
Alyse Rothenberg
I'd like to know Jojo if you have dealt with feeling Jordan was ever emotionally not supportive and what you did? like how you talked about it?
Impressions of Japan
"I hate seeing you cry."
Taco Irvin
Taco Irvin Oy oldin
Jeez the sure did a good one of part 5
KristinaV Oy oldin
I loved this so much. I think it shows how you went through struggles and came out stronger as a couple and as individuals. Loved how honest and raw you guys we’re ! Wish you guys the best xx
T Florpin
T Florpin Oy oldin
Witch joestar is this
Sean Zilligen
Sean Zilligen Oy oldin
Who are these people and why should I care about their relationship? One thing’s for sure, if they’re both attention-craving, conceited assholes like these videos imply, then I’m sure they’ll make it.
Devon H
Devon H Oy oldin
Who f-ing are these whiney ass millennials. This guy has to be in the closet. Lol
Skrillex Oy oldin
Copycat the lizy and dalas
Emily Oy oldin
What in the heck is Kin?
EW NIKO Oy oldin
That guy is straight?
Patrick Oy oldin
If you see this, I love you and I want to be us again. Please like this so my wife will see this message higher up in the comments.
Marc3lina 1969
I liked it when Kristen Wiig impersonated you 😭
Tressa Renee
Tressa Renee Oy oldin
thanks for sharing guys. I watched clips from your season many times as I love the energy between you two. it was really amazing and I hope to have a relationship like that someday. And thanks for saying don't fight for an abusive relationship. I did that for many years with a narcissist and I finally learned that narcissist cannot return love or give love and so I ended the relationship but I wasted a lot of years. However I always believe that it's never too late