Jojo Siwa Killing Her Hair For Almost Three Minutes

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imKel x
imKel x 2 oy oldin
You do too much with the sounds we need to chill with that get some ice honey if you hate ok but you don't have to make so much sounds just chill like get a chill pill too😊😊😊honey boo I bet you has loud has that too if you post a vid then don't put too much sound but you can do whatever you want that your life but when very body be haten than don't say anything😊😊😂😂you trash💩💩
Yanna’s lifestyle
English please
AlphaAnimations 8 kun oldin
U ugly lol
Tea_with_Rachael B
Tea_with_Rachael B 12 kun oldin
You can’t even comment without speaking English. You need some ICE HONEY.
MxXnLxGhT 24 kun oldin
what the hell did you just say 💀
Retroqxeen .a
Retroqxeen .a 24 kun oldin
this doesn’t even relate to the video
You can hear the hair strands dying every second
doggo Soat oldin
*aight that's 2k in the bank*
Ohkiiwii 2 soat oldin
*What does the add two card mean in uno*
Potato Love
Potato Love 2 soat oldin
0:57 I thought it was my actual screen, and I thought it glitched but after 1000 hours, I figured it out :3
Zxriyah 2 soat oldin
*Rest In Peace* JoJo's hair 2017-2019
millie 2 soat oldin
“what does the add two card mean in uno”
Fercha Valdez
Fercha Valdez 2 soat oldin
This is just hilarious 😂😂
ST.Chantel Simbi
ST.Chantel Simbi 2 soat oldin
*Hairline has left the chat* *Balding has joined the chat* Forehead is typing...
11super obsessed11
11super obsessed11 2 soat oldin
*Donald trump’s daughter??*
Lol I'm Squidward HAAH
Who else was like wtf???? @ 0:54
weird life101
weird life101 4 soat oldin
Why the fuck does she sound like that
hi_my_name_is_ur_mom I_like-waffle
0:23 all her hair is gone because she's been using the hair spray to much
Obvious Nuggies
Obvious Nuggies 4 soat oldin
TheYukiGacha Twins
TheYukiGacha Twins 4 soat oldin
I loved that this was in my recommendation
Julianna Jimenez
Julianna Jimenez 6 soat oldin
What's with her with her McDonalds hairline......
Anime Nerd
Anime Nerd 6 soat oldin
Poor hair...
weadle leadle
weadle leadle 7 soat oldin
What does the add two card mean in uno
Maddie Says Moo
Maddie Says Moo 7 soat oldin
Calliou gender swap...
YanderePotato 7 soat oldin
I think she killed her hairline.
DopeMaster 7 soat oldin
Her parents are crying and shaking rn 😂
Willow The pillow
Willow The pillow 8 soat oldin
She uses a lot of ponytail..
The Little Skittle Named 6ix9ine
U looked up no for the jojo siwa can talk which is probably right anyways but I just wanted to point that out for some reason
Hatsune Mikiea
Hatsune Mikiea 9 soat oldin
Funny FaceChannel
Funny FaceChannel 9 soat oldin
One thing to describe this video : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vilija Nesvarbu
Vilija Nesvarbu 9 soat oldin
I'm crying 😂😂😂😂
wiktorioq XD
wiktorioq XD 10 soat oldin
Zakola w takim wieku 😂👌
Miraluna 10 soat oldin
im deaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad
Dayana Santamaria
Dayana Santamaria 11 soat oldin
Hairdressers are in the grave.... Hairline just left chat Sister is shook
Ashleigh Bennett
Ashleigh Bennett 12 soat oldin
•Tx shy•
•Tx shy• 13 soat oldin
My fav part is 2:42
Nova :3
Nova :3 16 soat oldin
I love it so much. I will send this to every Jojo Siwa fan ever
Kaitlyn_Gachavideos :3
*_Hairline has left the chat._*
Fudge Potatoes
Fudge Potatoes 23 soat oldin
The sounds had me dying 😂👌
10,000 Subs with no videos
Come her elderly years, she gonna be lookin like a walker from the walking dead with the way she’s destroying her hair
Rosario Merino
Rosario Merino Kun oldin
Katelyn Kennedy
Katelyn Kennedy Kun oldin
Every time she brushed her hair with the sound effects🤣🤣🤣🤣
Goldie Can Draw
Goldie Can Draw Kun oldin
The Crafty Shaft
Why did this make me laugh so much
Lone Wanderer
Lone Wanderer Kun oldin
Hotel? Trivago.
Wolfiewraps 06
Wolfiewraps 06 Kun oldin
Even though it was ages ago but where is the hair line
Lucas DeGenna
Lucas DeGenna Kun oldin
Who else could dead ass smell the hair spray through the screen
Underated Youtuber
When you paused I thought my phone was lagging
You almost gave me a heart attack when you paused the video 😂💀
Mr. Spaghetti
Mr. Spaghetti Kun oldin
The alien has learned English!
Smiley Fries
Smiley Fries Kun oldin
The sound effects tho I'm dead
Id3k 3dits
Id3k 3dits Kun oldin
RIP hairline
Maria Torres
Maria Torres Kun oldin
The fuck did I watch tell me people like WHAT?!?!??!?BOI!!!!! BUT IT IS REALLY GOOD
ÏT’ś kãwãîí- Çhàñ płäÿž!
*eyebrows has left the chat*
I Killed Laura Palmer
fucking dead ponytail