Jon Meacham On NYT Bombshell: This Is What The Founders Worried About | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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Reacting to The New York Times bombshell report that the FBI investigated whether Trump was secretly working for Russia, presidential historian Jon Meacham says this is the kind of thing the Founders worried about.
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Jon Meacham On NYT Bombshell: This Is What The Founders Worried About | The 11th Hour | MSNBC



12-Yan, 2019



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Po Po
Po Po 2 oy oldin
now you know how the tax payers feel. Lay them off.
Minyaw 2 oy oldin
Oh the B-Word again, another one for the next compilation videos.
Matt Polzkill
Matt Polzkill Oy oldin
hahahaha Did you see Joy Behar so honest about why they all are so desperate?
westley 209 west
westley 209 west 2 oy oldin
Trump and Republicans are trying to weaken America for gain we the people should unite and get rid of all these traitors
Steven Malham
Steven Malham 2 oy oldin
Networks and cable streamers NEED TO SCREEN FRANK CAPRA'S "MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON" and ask the nation to watch this 1939 masterpiece of treason, American patriotism and statesmanship...Jimmy Stewart stars, the "Tom Hanks" of the 1930s and 1940s.
Mys Led
Mys Led 2 oy oldin
Question: If Trump (any president, really) was to resign, especially around this time in ones term in office. Than during the rest of the VP's time as president be considered and treated as a lame duck session? The same way McConnell has done in the past when leading the Republicans in obstructing the gov't. from doing their job?
catalinacurio 2 oy oldin
Could listen to Jon all day.
N.G.H. Calmarena
N.G.H. Calmarena 2 oy oldin
Jon Meacham: Well said, Sir!
Pia Rossi
Pia Rossi 2 oy oldin
He isn't smart enough to be a Russia agent he just borrowed a all lot of money and favers to stay spoiled he give puten his soul
James Carter
James Carter 2 oy oldin
What nonsense. If you believe this you have little more than a garbage can for a brain good for nothing more than being filled with garbage.
Charla Factor
Charla Factor 2 oy oldin
I don’t think it’s any secret that Trump and his family work for and with Russia. It’s pretty obvious. I’m not sure they understand the ramifications for them and their families. I do think they are involved in a conspiracy to topple the American Government. I don’t think they realize what Putin and other tryant Government leaders do with their “Chore Boys” once their done with them. I suppose they believe they’ll become the United States ruling family. They don’t understand their just pawns in a very dangerous game. Trump does not have the kind of money or wealth that would earn Putin’s respect. Trumps very poor business history probably alerted Putin to someone who can be easily “used.” Dangle some money under his nose tell him what a brilliant man he is and he’ll bite on the bait. He did.
Paul Page
Paul Page 2 oy oldin
David Cay Johnston said it many times. Donald Trump is not a loyal American who will sell his country out in a heartbeat for all that Russian organized crime money.
Paul Page
Paul Page 2 oy oldin
Trump’s republican enablers in the senate are also complicit in the Trump/ Russia criminal conspiracy.
Paul Page
Paul Page 2 oy oldin
Trump is still criminally conspiring with Putin and the Kremlin as he remains in the Oval Office compromising and jeopardizing the national security and safety of the United States of America.
David Gaines
David Gaines 2 oy oldin
Nut jobs you left loons are insane. We just cleared out a Muslim anti American out of the White House after 8 disastrous years and you people are trying to tell me trump is a Russian lmfao.
Tycondaroga100 2 oy oldin
Why is this news? I was saying this WAY before he was elected! I'm not that smart, so this should have been OLD news to the media two years ago! WTF?
zoo judy
zoo judy 2 oy oldin
We can NOT normalize Trump's behavior. This is corruption of our democracy.
Altrunchen 2 oy oldin
Trump the Traitor
Lynette Danley
Lynette Danley 2 oy oldin
“Tomato-tomahto, potato-potahto...” #45 Worked for...Worked with... Worked under the direction of...🇷🇺 Mueller’s NOT calling the whole thing off. Nor should he or we.🗣🇺🇸
Sandy Ozuna
Sandy Ozuna 2 oy oldin
We thought all along trump was working with putin. Didnt we? I did
Joan Hampshire
Joan Hampshire 2 oy oldin
Though the US should have the "best" people to sort out the current mess...the 9/11 WTC controlled demolition and 9/11 Commission cover up ..proved nothing has changed..the Founding Fathers did not envisage these levels of government corruption possible.. The power of the president will need trimming drastically..and toss-out of Electoral College as overrider of popular vote...in fact change to a Parliamentary system..and so Trump IS the last President
orlandotj1 2 oy oldin
Didnt Hillary warn us before the election that Trump is Putin's puppet?
Seeking the Trinity
WHY is the question NOT WORTHY of a response? The FBI was doing a investigation on WHAT AT LEAST 60% of AMERICANS WERE WONDERING OURSELVES!!! For the FBI NOT to investigate would be NEGLECT OF DUTY. ANYONE with half a brain watching his behavior WOULD BE SUSPICIOUS SOMETHING is amiss! The fact JUST THE FACT reasonable people can disagree MEANS HE IS COMPROMISED AS PRESIDENT EVEN IF HE IS NOT GUILTY!!!!! Then ask yourself, WHY all the LIES from Trump?
Pamela Johnson
Pamela Johnson 2 oy oldin
Pamela Johnson
Pamela Johnson 2 oy oldin
trump is a
Big DWP 2 oy oldin
Your stupidity will destroy your country. Trump should have been removed 18 months ago. Your GOP has been out of control for 30 years. Half of your citizens are below average intelligents. You have no healthcare for your citizens. Only 10% of your population has a future. Your nation is completely corrupt. You need to bring back the death penalty for corruption, and treason from your politicians. Everyone that runs for office has no interest in working for the people, just themselves. Your leaders use to hold Russia to account, now you pat them on the back for their crimes.
Ronnie Dell
Ronnie Dell 2 oy oldin
Paul von Hartmann
#RemoveTrumpNOW If our system of governance is not capable of reacting to obvious political espionage in a timely, meaningful self-defense, then Putin will succeed in using T.rump as a wrecking ball.
Rhaspun 2 oy oldin
At least Nixon understood it was better for him and the country for him to quick. I don't see that concern about the country from Trump. He may well go down in flames with collateral damage to the country.
Frank Maitland
Frank Maitland 2 oy oldin
This will never be unraveled
Nelle Simmons
Nelle Simmons 2 oy oldin
GOP.... wth.....
Len Ovo
Len Ovo 2 oy oldin
Distraction story to divert attention away from Democrats failing when it comes to public sentiment for border wall funding !!! Seems like the Dems have been paid off by Mexican drug cartels to block the border wall funding 100% !!
Donovan 2 oy oldin
After WWI, Benito Mussolini of Italy said he wanted to make Italy great again, like it was during the Roman Empire. Italy; switch sides, abandoned its allies and aligned itself with Nazi Germany, blamed minorities for problems, embraced Fascism & Nationalism and burned news papers. Donald J Trump said he wants to MAGA. Under Trump; the United States has abandoned our allies, aligned ourselves with Vladimir Putin of Russia, blames minorities for all the problems, embraced Fascism & Nationalism and calls news station Fake News. What could possibly go wrong.
Logic Works
Logic Works 2 oy oldin
I actually don’t think the Supreme Court is relevant. Any decision for political protection of the GOP isn’t tolerable and will lead to higher conflict. They have only one choice or we start to break apart. But red states aren’t really red. Elections in TN are no more real than a Russian one.
Logic Works
Logic Works 2 oy oldin
Trump cannot be given in to. Period. It’s war. Trump bows down or extraordinary actions need to be taken.
bellamoon 2 oy oldin
The Carpathia won't answer our distress calls, and at this point in history, the Carpathia is the GOP. Our founders expected governance to shore up our Constitution as new times demanded. Since Nixon, the GOP have done nothing but tear and claw at our institutions and our justice system. They continue to do so today, led by Mitch McConnell and the indictable Paul Ryan, and now Kevin McCarthy.
Supxhier 2 oy oldin
How small of a man can one be. (Trump) is what the founders worried about. Mueller and Judge Roberts the two most important people to our democracy. Jon Meachum...solid.
Éamonn Síoċáin
There is nothing complicated about Faker 45: He is a bully who has been compromised by a sworn enemy. Over analyzing it is counterproductive.
Shawn Corbin
Shawn Corbin 2 oy oldin
Utter BS, you people are the most gullible and stupid people this world has to offer if you believe this crap. I feel sorry for all of you victims of the Mockingbird media. WWG1WGA PANIC IN DC Trust the PLAN
All these loony videos from the same channel (and its foreigner subscribers) that blasted Michael Avenatti in our faces for weeks. Whatever happened to your crown prince, Michael Avenatti? Kicked out of his legal office. Forced to pay a former employee $5 million. Forced to pay Trump's legal fees. Then arrested for felony domestic violence. Things are going badly for your crown prince.
SKINNYPIMP1973 2 oy oldin
Are you kidding me, what a joke this is. Trump does not answer to Russia. This is James Comeys BS for sure. That’s why he was fired. Give me a break lib- tards.
Lord Humongus
Lord Humongus 2 oy oldin
I have followed this story intensely from the time I first suspected the resistance was up to something. I have an archive of hundreds of related articles and transcripts plus a couple of books that I've read. These commentators are either ignorant of the facts or lying, possibly both. As an engineer who had industry wide recognition for problem solving, I followed the facts. The facts here point to a conspiracy against the Trump by certain individuals in the FBI and DOJ.
Mikhael37 2 oy oldin
If he was going to be impeached, he would have been already. The higher ups are sitting in the background hoping he'll just lose 2020 and all will be back to normal, but we are not in normal times. He will win again unless the democratic candidate says these words: "we are tired of this country being governed by the rich, and we will take it back for the people"
Sean John
Sean John 2 oy oldin
So... almost 900 Likes.. Hillary told us that Trump is Putin's Puppet during the dabtes and now her words seem prophetic.. hows that mueller report going that bomb shell mueller report hahaha
mp3lwgm 2 oy oldin
Hillary Clinton won the democratic vote, so from a democratic point of view Trump is illegitimate.
W Whyte
W Whyte 2 oy oldin
Russian asset
Flip Flop & Fly
Flip Flop & Fly 2 oy oldin
Trump will never big as a man can be like his tiny bit won't grow either as well as his tiny brain, he's a deprave mental case and he belongs in a straight jacket in a mental facility and afterward, peoples don't forget to throw away the key.
NessOnett8 2 oy oldin
The fact that John Roberts is cited here is telling. There isn't even a QUESTION that 4 of the judged on the supreme court will do anything and everything, no matter how illegal, including condoning treason and working with a foreign government, to protect the Republican party. That's not a justice system. That's a partisan tool. And all 4 of those people should be forced off the bench immediately once we have a sane president again.
p m v
p m v 2 oy oldin
You all realize russia is no longer a communist country..arnt you?
Dirty Sock
Dirty Sock 2 oy oldin
MSNPC is fake news.
Talk Now
Talk Now 2 oy oldin
The GOP see Trump as one who breathed life into it, yet I say that Trump will take the life out of it before he leaves!!!
Talk Now
Talk Now 2 oy oldin
So much for big-time deal-making!
suzy q
suzy q 2 oy oldin
*"It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled."* Once we get Mueller's report, will we be willing to accept the facts, even if they don't support our initial opinion, or will we all just run right back to our "team's" corner, as ready as ever to duke it out?
MsFair 2 oy oldin
Conspiracy, collusion, obstruction, let's call it what it is, TREASON.
Rocky Colavito
Rocky Colavito 2 oy oldin
I thought it couldn’t get any crazier. Liberals and the msm have totally lost it. What morons. Hahahahaha
Rich Pasquin
Rich Pasquin 2 oy oldin
MSNBC and CNN paid by deep state to destroy the country. Fraud,corruption, election rigging, uranium exports, Soros, deep state collusion and misleading the public ... plunder, degrade and cheat at will, screwed Bernie ; we MUST be talking about the Democrat Party! “Business as usual ” or the fast descent into party implosion? NOW Proof look at dangerous Ocasio-Cortez complete fraud and liar. the media and the Democrat Party are indistinguishable. CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC continue on their anti-Trump smear campaign. They refuse to mention the positive ,the hard word etc.
Lord Humongus
Lord Humongus 2 oy oldin
This is the most serious threat to our democracy: Obama administration officials spying on Trump's campaign, then launching a counterintelligence investigation against Trump associates based on no "official intelligence". Corrupt DOG and FBI officials need to spend 20 years in prison for sedition. Anyone who closely follows the reporting of the House and Senate committees, John Solomon, Sara Carter and others know the truth. The Mainstream Media is part of the anti- Trump conspiracy and hopefully will go out of business soon.
Lord Humongus
Lord Humongus 2 oy oldin
+Demo Gog I love the U.S., but people like the corrupt FBI and DOJ tried to destroy it. It's unfortunate that the general public is unaware of what happened. They believe the left's propaganda and don't understand their tactics. One excellent summary is: www.theepochtimes.com/spygate-the-true-story-of-collusion_2684629.html
Demo Gog
Demo Gog 2 oy oldin
Sad that you think that way. Some day you will get it. You are more paranoid than people who are paranoid you just cannot comprehend that you hate America
Deirdre Schoen
Deirdre Schoen 2 oy oldin
And still the GOP won’t step up - if they won’t do their job, fire them by voting them out
K C 2 oy oldin
all these wild crazy desperate anxious rantings and ravings and accusations the democrats have officially let Trump get to them and lost thier minds this time. .. you can't trust desperate out of control people and you can't trust desperate out of control democrats ...
Theophilos Mantzanas
WHY DOES TRUMP HAVE A BASE AND WHY HAVE THERE BEEN NO DEFECTIONS? I have met many, are under-educated, uninformed, and have a very narrow window on the world (e.g., Fox News, National Enquirer, Star Magazine, Ann Coulter, Limbaugh, etc.). As soon I go into any detail on an issue to discuss with his Base I get this look that resembles deer in a headlight. I call his his base, The Cult of Lost, Desperate Souls). The Base was attracted to Trump because they are desperate and he promised them everything they wanted (Willy Loman would brag in Death of a Salesman, "let her open the door and I can sell her anything"). So, why has the Base defected after Trump has contradicted himself so many times? Well, because the Base forgets what happened days, weeks or months before and their desperation to hold on as a drowning swimmer holds on the person who tries to save him.
Tim Bly
Tim Bly 2 oy oldin
Our Dictator continues to lie, cheat and deceive the American people. He's unAmerican on every level. While I was hoping he would shake up our government in a good way he ended up doing the opposite on every level. What's scary is the people who support Trump's support of Hate, Racism, Violence and Corruption. That's another threat in America all in itself we'll be dealing with for many years to come. Last but not least, Alaska is so beautiful and Trump wants to destroy like everything else with his greed and the oil companies WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE on ANY LEVEL. They've proven that with there corrupt history.
Kaptain Kmann
Kaptain Kmann 2 oy oldin
Hillary is every bit as bad impeach trump and make sure Hillary is shut out of 2020 and any election there after.
gzcwnk 2 oy oldin
Ivette A
Ivette A 2 oy oldin
Look trump up , he’s a treasonous b--d and Mitch O’Connell is complicit & will hopefully also get investigated!
David Buck
David Buck 2 oy oldin
It is incredibly unlikely that Trump is in any way being controlled by Russia, just as it was incredibly unlikely that Obama was trying to do the things he was accused of. This is hysteria. The concerning thing is that educated people are swept up in these conspiracy theories.
K C 2 oy oldin
Democrats are lying spoilt rebellious children who want to misbehave and act up amd should be dealt with in the same manner you deal with out of control children ..
K C 2 oy oldin
MSNBC is perpetuating a hoax on the citizens of the United States. .
Robert Muckle
Robert Muckle 2 oy oldin
America IS the titanic, it's just sinking more slowly...but it is sinking!
Richard Smart
Richard Smart 2 oy oldin
On the bright side, once Drumpf goes down, Pence goes down with him - which means President Pelosi. And I can't WAIT...
steve ducell
steve ducell 2 oy oldin
LOL this is what unregulated / unfettered capitalism is all about................Trump is the embodiment of self interest and greed.............WHY IS ANYONE SURPRISED??
L W 2 oy oldin
The walls are tumbling down. DOJ & FBI have timed this well. After Cohen's testimony , the Mueller report will be released. Even the stupidest Trump supporter will be able to see his connection to Russia. And nothing will save McConnell from the consequences of the giant Rethuglican cover-up.
Patricia Eisert
Patricia Eisert 2 oy oldin
Wow my fellow Americans....after reading a lot of your comments it is plain to see you are very upset and passionate about what is happening to our country, but please listen up/wake up. We have been had and if we don’t pay attention it could be our downfall. It appears to me that we have been very naive and complacent over the years and it is time we see this as a VERY IMPORTANT TEACHABLE MOMENT. We must all start paying very close attention to our government from here on out. I get it, we are just regular people , working hard to take care of ourselves, our families, but we must stick together and be true Americans first and stand up and together for our values which are represented by our Statue of Liberty. Many of our brave young men and women died defending these values. We can no longer sit back and say “it’s okay I don’t have to worry about what’s going on, somebody else will take care of it”. No, not anymore! We must all start paying attention. We must be wary of any one who talks like Hitler. They are out there. We can’t let party politics tear us apart. We must STOP being so hateful to each other or we are doomed. Please don’t be misled by politicians on either side. There are bad politicians on both sides. Pay close attention and do your own fact checking. We must make the effort if we are going to save our beloved country. We are at a crossroads people and we must be strong and stand up for what we believe and be willing to do our best and do our part. God bless America. Thank you for your time.
EO Rhino
EO Rhino 2 oy oldin
We may have to ask Putin to reopen the government.
DianeD08 2 oy oldin
The must scarring thinks is doing all treasons in front of the peoples.
Katelyn Morgan
Katelyn Morgan 2 oy oldin
The GOP really got a great President to show who they really are. Cowards, traitors, in the pocket of big corporations & banks and of course the NRA!
Katelyn Morgan
Katelyn Morgan 2 oy oldin
This is old news really, as I and many Americans already felt that Trump was conspiring with Russia
Jim Kilpatrick
Jim Kilpatrick 2 oy oldin
I think I understand rioters now.
Chris Giblin
Chris Giblin 2 oy oldin
And...oh...what a small man he is...
buck ewer
buck ewer 2 oy oldin
The house needs to subpoena the translator at the Putin meetings and get Trump's treason on record, before he is "dissappeared".
Tom H.
Tom H. 2 oy oldin
It's possible Trump was recruited as a Russian mole around the time of Miss Universe in Moscow. Perhaps the Russians only expected him to influence the GOP but never in their wildest dreams expected him to get elected president.
michael corona
michael corona 2 oy oldin
But Hillary’s emails!
Anthony 2 oy oldin
Trump put 5.7 million people out of work over a border wall, doesn't that mean Donald Trump personally and purposely forced the unemployment rate of 3.4% to 10-15%.
Gloria Clayton
Gloria Clayton 2 oy oldin
Trump is doing what Putin tells him.
Gloria Clayton
Gloria Clayton 2 oy oldin
Trump is a national security for this Country and his stupid supporters need to move to Russia because thats were trump going to hide from our Government to keep him out of jail.
Paul Simmons
Paul Simmons 2 oy oldin
The Reagan-era Republicans are no more, welcome to the Trump-era GOP! The Southern Border Wall/Federal shutdown is nothing more than a cloak used to deflect the news from the Russian Investigation. Trump understands the value of a smoke screen! If Trump needs to inflict pain on the US public to buy time, he's okay with that. The public needs to stay focused on the Russian Investigation; that's the real play that's unfolding.
Brad Gies
Brad Gies 2 oy oldin
Jon Meacham fumbled his analogy a bit.... The Trump-Russia thing is the Titanic AFTER they hit the iceberg, but the passengers and crew still thought the Titanic was unsinkable, except for the engineer who knew it was only ALMOST unsinkable, and also knew there were not enough lifeboats.
Swamp Slayer
Swamp Slayer 2 oy oldin
Nothing Burger
Will 2 oy oldin
Let Trump pay for the wall himself! Afterall he is a billionaire! Lol lol
Will 2 oy oldin
Trump is a moron elected by morons and supported by morons
gigicats6 2 oy oldin
We heard this much 2 yrs ago, that the FBI investigated Trump/Russia, why is this such a big deal now?
Tonino 8
Tonino 8 2 oy oldin
worst case scenario ,is true, Donald sold our country, then what? What can the US ,Allies and the rest of the world do to consequent Putin, not the Russians , freeze his wealth?
libsrtraitors 2 oy oldin
So unbelievably laughable. No, GUN GRABBING liberals is what they worried about
sthh hffbb
sthh hffbb 2 oy oldin
yup, dnt forget about melanie tramp. she is real russa agent
Mark Merithew
Mark Merithew 2 oy oldin
Question....why is Cheeto-n-Chief still sitting in office and not Guantanamo or
PecanPie 2 oy oldin
Putin's lap dog.
PecanPie 2 oy oldin
After waiting patiently for the outcome of the Mueller Investigation, my only hope is that his report will be made public and without redactions. I have a sick feeling that Trump will claim executive privilege and the courts will back him up. Much regarding the investigation will be challenged by the president. Don't count on impeachment. The Senate Republicans will be steadfast regarding their protection of him. In the end, it is they who need investigated for not keeping their oaths.
Manchurian candidate is real.
the real Reginald Smith
We the people have been saying he was an Russian agent. He's been dealing with Russia since the cold war.
DivineHeresy 2 oy oldin
Media colluding with crooked cops and the courts, trying to take down a duly elected president. Worst political scandal in American history, and no surprise msnbc is on the wrong side of history.
MatchstalkMan 2 oy oldin
trump is The Muscovite Candidate.
Lemon: Steve King has 'out Trumped' Trump
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