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Jordan or LeBron: Ice Cube weighs in on the GOAT conversation | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Ice Cube joins Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor on Undisputed to discuss whether LeBron James or Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player of All-Time. Do you agree with Ice Cube?
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Jordan or LeBron: Ice Cube weighs in on the GOAT conversation | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED




5-Iyn, 2018

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Would a 6th Finals loss eliminate LeBron from the GOAT conversation?
David Gaddis
David Gaddis Oy oldin
Jordan os the goat. Lebron has not achieved what has achieved in the time frame of which Jordan has. Jordans era was physical. Lebron could not stand to all the physicality. Jordan took down giants of the nba and presented dominance with a league that was physical and not easy to over take. The only person closest to mike is kobe. Kobe mirrored Mike. Lebron wont be a goat. Kobe doesnt get enough credit. Kobe is better than lebron. Mike has an assasin mentality lebron is a softee. To be the goat u have to be an assasin
bill watson
bill watson Oy oldin
he never was in the conversation
BIG Trey
BIG Trey Oy oldin
No because you don’t have to have a ring to be the greatest.
Adrian Moore
Adrian Moore 19 soat oldin
Jordan Kobe
Samuel Moreno
Samuel Moreno Kun oldin
Ice Cube spittin FAX
emmapeel38 Kun oldin
Magic was 2nd in MVP voting in ‘91.
Tyson Lee
Tyson Lee Kun oldin
Lebron shouldn't be in the goat conversation
Kenneth Erickson
Jordan only played Celtics twice..so shut up Shannon..you can't beat a team if you don't face them again...and they got better to beat Pistons..they weren't old
angelbedolla24 2 kun oldin
Don't know the girl but she a dime
joseph sincel
joseph sincel 2 kun oldin
I dont understand why having a killer instinct makes you better
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 2 kun oldin
I'm sorry fans but LeBron is a GOAT and I'm a sheep
Sliktronik Pimpflex
Bill Russell GOAT, but my guy is Hakeem 'The Dream' Olajuwon
Geejay Abilar
Geejay Abilar 3 kun oldin
this is why MJ is the GOAT!!! they all compare "the greatest player of today and everybody" to MJ...
james jenkins
james jenkins 3 kun oldin
Cube knows nothing about sports keep rapping
Mitch mitch
Mitch mitch 5 kun oldin
Kareem n Kobe
espiritu bautista
espiritu bautista 6 kun oldin
I prefer the one with college ring and that's Michael Jordan
Biboy Pogi
Biboy Pogi 6 kun oldin
,stop it men,give bron pippen and for sure they will dominate that Jordan era,but if you give Jordan Wade bosh or love and Irving,,cmon men Jordan never won without pippen,not even won WCF,LeBron drag bunch of corpse to finals..against GSW..
Shenyae T
Shenyae T 6 kun oldin
Even legendary rappers compare their selves to number 23: Ice cube, Tupac, biggie, jay z, Kanye West, 2 chainz And Eazy E
Addy12 7 kun oldin
Cube is so chill
Maxmillian200HP 8 kun oldin
Shannon Sharpe seems more like he'd be a character in one of Ice Cube's movies. Like his OTHER Uncle in Friday that Willie and Elroy can't stand...someone should make this happen.
Kimberley Davidson
Kimberley Davidson 9 kun oldin
Hi Ice Cube🥰
Redeemed Farmer
Redeemed Farmer 11 kun oldin
Other the Americans nobody knew lobron,,,, I never heard of him...... Michael Jordan was known by the world,,,,,, even if u didn't like NBA you still knew Michael Jordan....
James Bellflower
James Bellflower 12 kun oldin
And thank u cube for the east argument. I been saying that forever. Lebron plays in the cupcake east. Jordan had to go through a murderer's row of opponents. Sharpe is the worst pro lebron arguer I have ever seen. His arguments are so easy to punch holes in. He says the same 2 or 3 things over again. Gtfoh shannon. Stick to the nfl.
James Bellflower
James Bellflower 12 kun oldin
Shannon always acting like the 91 Lakers were old. They were collectively younger then the celtics that lebron beat. You wanna know who else was pretty old when they beat lebron. The Mavericks and the spurs. So this 91 Lakers were old trash that shannon spits can get to stepping. Sharpe shows his bias every time they have this debate. And he should know better since he's old enough to have watched Jordan. Another sports media shill pushing the lebron propaganda.
James Bellflower
James Bellflower 12 kun oldin
Did mj run over Shannon's kid or something. He cant be this dumb.
meex Amillion
meex Amillion 12 kun oldin
Curry has a better chance to be the goat not james
Jalen Smith
Jalen Smith 13 kun oldin
I'm gonna take Lebron any day regardless not just because he's good. Because he is a better all around player. Ya Jordan is a better defender. But LeBron is a better facilitator. Gets everyone involved. Rebounds the ball and scores. I've never seen a team need to put together 4 all stars to beat 1 player. I've never seen 1 player carry such trash teams (excluded the heat and kyrie era cavs) to the finals. 2007 even though he was swept. He carried that team. 17-18 cavs. Carried that team. Plus LeBron has never lost in the first round. Ever. He's gonna carry these lakers deep into the playoffs. Not the finals. But WCF no doubt.
Midnight Rambler
Midnight Rambler 13 kun oldin
massive jugs
Macey Murrell
Macey Murrell 14 kun oldin
Jimmy Ralte
Jimmy Ralte 14 kun oldin
Who is this loudmouth MF??? Someone pop him already.
Moun33 14 kun oldin
"It has nothing to do with the shoes " Does Ice Cube look like a 15 year old kid to Shannon ???
Damien Lee
Damien Lee 15 kun oldin
The only conversation Shannon won was being louder and cutting off people
Alex Zander
Alex Zander 15 kun oldin
What was that comment? Sharpe said he was being "blasphemous about him". Then said something about putting on a goat or goal or gold. Then cube says "Well if he puts on that goat, goal,or gold... I'ma love him like a brother." Wtf does that mean?
Nba Goat Highlights
Nba Goat Highlights 15 kun oldin
Kobe should be in this convo I'll speak some facts LeBron the best player on paper Kobe the best on the court
Lee Whisnant
Lee Whisnant 15 kun oldin
"Bahahaha" at 5:34 Why does Cube look Like he wants to take Shannon by to Compton! Say it with me Shannon -JORDAN THE G.O.A.T.
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 16 kun oldin
One of the only times I've been able to agree with Skip
Nelow Flow
Nelow Flow 17 kun oldin
The lebron guy is so loud and the jordan guys are just chilling cause we already know who is the goat stop it he ain’t even near jordan
Money 17 kun oldin
Does Shannon not realize Jordan was injured for his second season, and it took Lebron just as long to win the finals, with a stacked team?
Lorenzo Bontorin
Lorenzo Bontorin 18 kun oldin
Jordan team was the favorite because there was Jordan, easily
M Express
M Express 19 kun oldin
I wish icu cube just punch that black dude o his left. that MF is annoying af.
Random Guy
Random Guy 21 kun oldin
I'd tell sharp to stick to his sport and only talk football. He clearly don't know Jack about basketball
adob1992 22 kun oldin
slap his pussylipsed mouth :(
Adolph Dooley
Adolph Dooley 22 kun oldin
“Michael Jordon” was all hype , and no substance! In fact if you want a true characterization of Michael Jordon’s career in one short sentence it would be: “MIKE is NIKES greatest HYPE, to sell shoes; But HYPE is CONFUSION, that becomes DELUSION, and makes the HYPE seem REAL!” That is what Michael Jordon was, all HYPED UP, to sell shoes, and the HYPE became a UNIVERSAL DELUSION of “REALITY”. TRUTH is a big hard pill to swallow, but swallow it you will!
flawless39 22 kun oldin
Shannon killed ice cube lol. Let's be honest!
Kendall Sentimore
Kendall Sentimore 23 kun oldin
joy and them things. OMG!!!!!
Jacques Bonny
Jacques Bonny 25 kun oldin
Draymond Green is a hall of famer, because Shannon's argument depends on it.
Lil Boy
Lil Boy 25 kun oldin
Clipp024 25 kun oldin
The logic that leads to Le'Bron being the best is the same logic that would lead you to think transformers movies were the greatest of all time. Jordan is the best ever and Le'Bron isn't even that close....just go back and watch the games and see for yourself
Lyricist One
Lyricist One 26 kun oldin
Canaan Bruce
Canaan Bruce 28 kun oldin
Shannon does realize LeBron and the Heat were the favorite to win all four of the titles while he was there and they won one. I think the first matchup with Golden State was fairly even until Love and Kyries injuries.
Alejandro Cuadra Toruño
that girl is so hot¡¡¡¡ anyone knows her name?
Mark Nairn
Mark Nairn Oy oldin
MJ all day
djdmen181 Oy oldin
whata fool thinkin that mj is not GOAT s*cker with glasses
Dorian Grey
Dorian Grey Oy oldin
If you want to build a good team, Jordan or Lebron will do.But if you want to build Economies,you go with Jordan,period.MJ transcended the sport,and is at the level of Historical Icons:Muhammed Ali, Michael Jackson, Elvis, MLK, Einstein.Jordan influenced not just Basketball but the Sneaker World, the Hip Hop world,Black culture,Athlete Endorsements and Salaries, Sports TV revenues etc.He has transcended Race.No other athlete,let alone a Black man, is as worshipped as Mike was at the height of his career, in Asia, Europe, Africa and all the Americas.People, who had no clue about the difference between a rebound and a free throw,tuned in to watch this Being float in the air.Lebron is nowhere near this.Jordan is not just the GOAT of Basketball but American sports culture.
killsmore21 Oy oldin
But can he stop Jason Terry lmao
Nicholas Ruiz
Nicholas Ruiz Oy oldin
Shannon definitely on fumes.
Nicholas Ruiz
Nicholas Ruiz Oy oldin
The GOAT up to now Ice Cube, up to now! MJ.
Ricky Wong
Ricky Wong Oy oldin
Cube wants to pop that guy
chris collins
chris collins Oy oldin
Nobody - NOBODY - ran through the wall harder and faster and more committed than Jordan. End. Of. Discussion.
Berlie Cabrido
Im sad with this black man shanon trying hard to put bron in goat status lol
DG Vevo
DG Vevo Oy oldin
Simple chicago draft Jordan and win 6 championship and Cavs draft lebron and got 1 championship
jp Connor
jp Connor Oy oldin
Why does Shannon sharpe have a job? This guy is ignorant af. Cube is a bright deep thinker and sees da bigger picture.
jp Connor
jp Connor Oy oldin
The answer is easy....u want a killer or sheep on yer team? MJ was a heartless assassin who left nothing in his path...LeBron has had so much help. How is bron from Ohio and gets drafted by cavs so he can feel at home? Pretty sure that happened. Mike miller, Shane battier and Ray Allen rained 3’s in the finals to help brim win. Pretty sure that happened. And now he has ripped the hearts out of cavs fans again and he is supposed to be the goat.pretty sure all that happened...# cmonman
Felizia Oy oldin
I got one question. Which park, are y'all playin' basketball?
kevincogley Oy oldin
Cavs in 7 lol
Matt Wilhoit
Matt Wilhoit Oy oldin
To me this is unbelievable to even debate this it's not even close you can debate other goat conversations in other sports but in basketball its michael Jeffery Jordan and it's not close Jordan may be the goat of all time in any sport combined I like you shannon but come on man
Draymond & Klay are definite hall of famers? Word?
Isaiah Whitaker
Man....I’m so tired of him and other people saying JR Smith ruined it. JR was out there balling amongst the trees. He was a little guy out there in the paint and he got the rebound. The smartest thing was for him to take the ball back out for a higher percentage shot and once he had room pass the ball. Their loss is on Lebron and I want someone else to admit that. Go look at the tape. Look at every person and what they were doing those final moments. Lebron was the only person not doing anything. And JR had two defenders chasing him out of the paint. Lebron didn’t say pass the ball to him even though he was wide open. Lebron pointes for JR to take the shot even though there was enough time for him to catch, gather and shoot a wide open, high percentage shot. Kyrie can and has been able to do that. Without kyrie there; bron should’ve been out there doing something. JR listened to their leader who told him 👈🏾 instead of 👐🏾
David Gaddis
David Gaddis Oy oldin
Shannon is blind. Lebron wouldnt make it in mjs time. Lebron is not the goat. Jordan is clutch can play defense jordan has scoring titles. Jordan is the true assasin of basketball
Jesse Olson
Jesse Olson Oy oldin
Why is Shannon so high on LeBron!? Should he be considered among the greatest to ever play the game, of course. But to actually consider him being better than Michael is ridiculous. Michael had that killer instinct, LeBron doesn’t. He’s never had it. Is he a freak of nature, bigger, stronger, faster than Michael... yes. Y’all forgetting that Michael had won 3 chips in a row... twice. That second 3-peat was after he had left the game for a couple years too. The question shouldn’t be about who is the GOAT, but how many championships the bulls would have won in a row had Michael never left. I would think at least 5... maybe 6. Michael would probably have 7-8 rings.
Maxim Lekov
Maxim Lekov Oy oldin
'he refused to lose'...except in first round playoffs etc.....
Cool Hat Luke
Cool Hat Luke Oy oldin
Literally the only time I side with skip
hershel pogue
hershel pogue Oy oldin
For once in your understanding of players and their place in history and the game, your right. Skips points about holding LeBron to the same standards as we have held Michael Jordan to is correct, and should be the standard for all involved. No matter if you were told are chosen.
Eddie James
Eddie James Oy oldin
This guy just being hypothetic mj is the g.o.a .t
daJe313 Oy oldin
People rather have Jordan on there team so he can do all the work...he he barely passed
Ball Smack
Ball Smack Oy oldin
Hey Shannon Sharp, I know this is an old video, but make sure you read this comment! When it's all said and done and LeBron has the NBA Assist Title, and Games Played Title, and Rebounding Titles, and Minutes Played Titles, and Breaks the Record for most seasons played we know guys like you and that other wanna be analyst that sits across from Chris Carter are going to be sure an give LeBron a big Ol' Datta Boy for doing so. There's Only One Problem Since He's Your Pronounced G O.A.T. CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS!!!!!! CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS!!!!! CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS!!!!!! You see, the whole nature of Sports in general is to do what? Win what? Achieve What? ---- RINGS----!!!! Ultimate Greatness is achieved by Winning Chips Sharp, or is that something you don't understand! So let's say, yeah, go ahead and give LeBron all those accolades! Wow, all those achievements. Certainly not minimizing all these wonderful accomplishments over his projected 20 plus years in the league, but if he doesn't win another Chip, what the heck does that tell you as far as who's the actual G O.A.T. in this discussion! Who had to go to 3 or 4 different teams to play with other stars or potential soon to be stars to WIN RINGS? "NOT MJ"!!! You and Cube briefly talked about eras. You played football and I might add, did very well, but are you going to tell me LeBron's route, winning his 3 Chips were more difficult than MJ's road to Six Titles as physical and intense as the league was back in the 80's and 90's? If it wasn't for Ray Allen's corner jumper, LeBron would only have two championships! Miami had to get Ray in order to get that done! In order for LeBron to win championships, he has to have other elite players around him. That's the only way he can get it done! I'm not hating! LeBron is one of a kind, but He's not KOBE BRYANT, and he definitely isn't MICHAEL JORDAN! A Fairer comparison would be KB and MJ! Overall, Michael Jordan is the G.O.A.T !!!!!! NO QUESTION! Superbowls, Stanley Cup Trophies, World Series Rings and NBA Titles; That's why we play Sports, that's why we watch Sports, that part of our American Fabric! I can't speak for everyone else, but I don't watch all these wonderful events to see who has the most overall stats, ( wether they're padded or not, --Another Subject Entirely ). It's all about the end game! Bottom line, the Chips are what matter when it's all said and done..... Mr. Sharp, I hope you read this! Would like to here your reply...
Shannon Sharpe is a liberal... likes to spin things and distort facts. Pistons, Celtics, and Lakers didn't get old. Says the Spurs had 4 hall of famers (Duncan 36, Parker 30, Ginobili 35, and who???) and that Jordan never beat more than 2. Well, he knocked off the Pistons with 3 (Thomas 29, Dumars 27, Rodman 29) and 3 great role players (Vinnie Johnson, Mark Agguire, Laimbeer). The Celtics team that beat MJ in 87 actually had 5 HOFers (Bird, Mchale, Parish, DJ, Walton). He beat the Magic with Shaq, Penny, D3, Horace Grant, and Nick Anderson. Jordan played a ton of great, great teams and they were most built well... now a team will have a 39 year Jason Kidd and Shannon will refer to the team having another hall of famer (though I do think Kidd was important on the Mavs championship)
Has to do with shoes 😂😂
Bangsa Morro
Bangsa Morro Oy oldin
This is simple as f*ck. Just bring LBJ name when he's there going for his 6th NBA champion. Right now he only got 3, and jordan got 6. He not even on Kobe's 5 rings, and lakers right now is struggling. "Stats doesnt mean anything when you dont have the ring to back it up."
Robert Harja Iliescu
In order to be THE G.O.A.T. you need to play offence and DEFENCE. And LeBron is not as good as Jordan when it comes to defence. And you cannot debate this.
MadMax 2k
MadMax 2k Oy oldin
lol if lebron such a goat why tf he got 2 rings ? he played with good players there no excuse jordan wouldve made it work
Matthew Maes
Matthew Maes Oy oldin
Ok magic was old 33 bird was 33 Jordan was winning at 35. Game over
No Name
No Name Oy oldin
They are both great but they have one difference Jordan does not know what it feels like to lose nba finals
Benjamin Jeanes
There is no goat. By shannons own argument. Cube would be in goat talks in rap. Sharpe wouldnt be in football goat argument. And i am a bronco fan!
Black Mamba
Black Mamba Oy oldin
I say Kobe🐐
Adanes Concepcion
Jordan turned nobody's into legends
José Carlos Baranda
Man she just sitting there laughing at their bickering
roque mercado
roque mercado Oy oldin
Yoh, Shannon I am Calling you out, Jordan or Le Broomed , your team down by one point with 5 seconds left , choose which guy to score , your life on the line, cmon... You can have LBJ as the goat, MJ is a Lion
Samuel Yusuf
Samuel Yusuf Oy oldin
D funny thing is everyone says dey got old dats y he beat dem. If dey were too old to play, y didn't dey just retire pls. Dey got old is a very stupid argument to put in the GOAT argument.
Nate Rangel
Nate Rangel Oy oldin
Shannon likes the sound of his voice More than he likes fax or history. Don’t know why anybody watches him.
Udale Migs
Udale Migs Oy oldin
Cube has more patience than I would have had with Shannon. Just plain ghetto
J Tee
J Tee Oy oldin
Dude should be on top ten cringy videos
J Tee
J Tee Oy oldin
Dude is so disrespectful im surprised cube didnt backhand him
RockaJabroni 2 oy oldin
*Cube shouldve shot Shannon in the face*
Kort Latimore
Kort Latimore 2 oy oldin
Shannon said magic put up a crazy triple double but then says one sentence later he was on fumes ..? Lol which one is it liar
Transporter Transporter
The debate's answer is at 3:25
kstaxfrm121 hbmb
kstaxfrm121 hbmb 2 oy oldin
Lebron James is better don't @ me
Joey Paraon
Joey Paraon 2 oy oldin
Shannon Sharpe oh common...you better shut your mouth..i like lebron but,..lebron never better to michael jordan...
Aaron Clair
Aaron Clair 2 oy oldin
If Michael Jordan never ever played ball, there wouldn't be a Le Bron. Today's players are only as good as they are because Michael Jordan set the standard. You cannot tell me that as a youngster playing ball, Le Bron never pretended to be Jordan, but I guarantee even now, Jordan never pretends to be Le Bron
Sean Kimble
Sean Kimble 2 oy oldin
Cube high
Brix Monteron
Brix Monteron 2 oy oldin
Who's that monkey with the big mouth & ugly big nose? I love to feed him to piranhas. If piranhas will eat an ugly face huh!
HallyuOtaku 2 oy oldin
this show should stop with this debate, why are they still using Lebron's name on same sentence with Jordan? the debate we should be having is who's better between Lebron and Kobe, as the second best player in NBA history. Jordan had many rivalries in his day, almost every team back then he had a rival, and sometime not just one but two or three players in a team, and all those rivalries Jordan showed the world that he can beat all of them. today Lebron can't even beat smaller guys, he's too afraid to guard Durant and he was lock down by Durant many times, which is skinnier than him, and some people still saying that Jordan will be no match for Lebron? lol
John Williams
John Williams 2 oy oldin
Sharp is a fool