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Jordan or LeBron: Ice Cube weighs in on the GOAT conversation | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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Ice Cube joins Shannon Sharpe, Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor on Undisputed to discuss whether LeBron James or Michael Jordan is the greatest NBA player of All-Time. Do you agree with Ice Cube?
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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Jordan or LeBron: Ice Cube weighs in on the GOAT conversation | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED




5-Iyn, 2018

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Would a 6th Finals loss eliminate LeBron from the GOAT conversation?
Howie Choi
Howie Choi Kun oldin
+J Swish this league is a watered down league with can't touch rules... You obviously don't know basketball... 😆...
Scott Lucas
Scott Lucas 17 kun oldin
+Yungbee lebron played with wade, a certain hall if famer & lost their 1st finals together. True jordan played with pippen a player that averaged around 18-20pts a game & later rodman a guy that got a lot of boards but whose shot was one of the most horrific things ever seen. The time jordan was retired pippen didn't win without him, he even refused to go back into a playoff game against the knicks bc he all of a sudden got a "migraine" in the last minute of the game & rodman came to the bulls bc no one else in the league would take him & rodman himself said there's no comparison that jordan is the goat. Jordan played with a lot of scrubs too, bill wennington, luc longley, tony kukoc, jud beuchler, bill cartwright, horace grant just to name a few. Jordan beat all time greats while lebron made it through one of the weakest eastern conferences in history. True bron went to what 9 finals in a row but how many did he win again? Just cause you get to the finals doesn't make you great it's what you do when you get there & bron has choked a lot. Lebron in the finals has been a turnover machine. True you could say bron beat the winningest team in history, that he came back & beat the monster when they beat the warriors. But Jordan made his team the monster, he was always dominating in the finals & he never blamed his teammates for losses unlike lebron. Lebron is a great overall player, more in the vain of magic, but not the goat.
Yungbee 17 kun oldin
+Scott Lucas but lets be realistic Jordan got all of famers beside him but lebron aint got. when he had Kyrie they won 2016 finals,, should have won 2015s but Kyrie got injured. when Lebron in Miami with a couple all stars he won finals back to back. Jordan himself said it that all the champions he won, Pipen was there beside him so what are you arguing about. those beside micheal made him the GOAT but Lebron strived hard for himself to be the GOAT. Aint disrespecting Jordan: I love Jordan but, i did not grow up watching him. i just knew he was a legend but i grew up watching Lebron and from my opinion he is the GOAT while Jordan A LEGEND
Scott Lucas
Scott Lucas 18 kun oldin
Lecrybaby never could catch Jordan. He can't shoot, he lost too many finals & he had to leave to win. In Jordan's era they played defense, you couldn't just drop a shoulder & get to the rim & Jordan beat hall of famers regularly & never blamed teammates (at least publucly ) for losses. If you have to say you're the goat that means you're not.
Yungbee 18 kun oldin
Jordan: A living Legend
Aaron King
Aaron King 2 soat oldin
Sharp is an idiot
Nick Zagorov
Nick Zagorov 13 soat oldin
Nobody I mean Nobody can play BB like Michael Jordan did case closed nothing more to talk abt! He had no weakness he was the Pinnacle of What an athlete should be. Would of could of bs i dont wanna hear it.
Master Yi
Master Yi Kun oldin
Nick Goetsch
Nick Goetsch Kun oldin
LeBron James Is not even good enough to be in the same Locker Room as Michael Jordan #SkipBayless you are Absolutely Right Compared to Michael Jordan LeBron James Is Just a Towel Boy nothing else nuff said
Anthony Harness
Anthony Harness 2 kun oldin
I cant trust any man named Shannon. Wheres Sterling when you need him?
Ralph Harris
Ralph Harris 2 kun oldin
1.Michael Jordan 2.Kobe Bryant 3.Kareem Adul-Jabar 4.Wilt Chamberlain 5.Bill Russell 5.Larry Bird 6.Julius Erving 7.LaBron James 8.Hakeem Olajawan 9.Elgin Baylor 10.Jerry West.. My G.O.A.T LIST..
Jimmie Farley
Jimmie Farley 3 kun oldin
Anyone who picks Lebron over Michael Jordan is just a fool like Not So Sharp
Adam Kyle Jackson
Adam Kyle Jackson 3 kun oldin
When you are wearing the other guy's logo on your jersey during your 2019 all-star game...you are not the GOAT.
Tyler Peck
Tyler Peck 3 kun oldin
Lebron can not be compared to mj ever... just can’t
lewis boyd
lewis boyd 4 kun oldin
I can't get over the fact that they keep saying LeBron is the closest or better than MJ. But they also said that Kobe Bean Bryant and the best thing carbon copy of MJ. With that being said how is LeBron better than Kobe if Kobe is the carbon copy to Michael Jordan? I never understood their minds I think their confused....
Jeramithehuman 4 kun oldin
In my eyes bird is better than Lebron. Bron a top 10 but not top 5. He ranks 8th to me
Rob Simoneau
Rob Simoneau 5 kun oldin
Shannon stay blowing Lebron.
Vicki Cutler
Vicki Cutler 5 kun oldin
LeBron can't beat the warriors in their prime either so that argument is non existent
Rolendo Dangcalan
Rolendo Dangcalan 5 kun oldin
When you watch jordan era.not even close
HOMER JAY 5 kun oldin
Jordan played with the flu and won if LeBron get the flu you will see him at home cheering for his team
Swavey too Wavy
Swavey too Wavy 5 kun oldin
Cube said the same thing Steven A smith said about them too lebron don’t defend the best player but he’s not the only superstar like that kd don’t always match up with the best player klay does or Andre and kawhi don’t either all the time that mentality just gone tbh Kobe was the last one to be like thT I mean you can say klay Thompson the only one like that frfr
samson bahari
samson bahari 5 kun oldin
The greatest basketball player of all time... Its not between MJ n LJ... It is between 4 name... Bill, Wilt, Kareem n MJ. Full stop... These 4 is G. O. A. T.
Alan Bustillo
Alan Bustillo 6 kun oldin
One is a nice guy and one is a killer!!!!smh
If they play 1 on 1 1st to 12. MJ will demolish him. Even If Jordan is ahead of 2 points Lebron will just start to lose hope and choke
aditya m.b
aditya m.b 6 kun oldin
Daaaamn Joy. I think I'm in love 😍
This guy is paid in partnership by Lebron James. Idiot
Lorraine Johnson
Lorraine Johnson 6 kun oldin
Why is Lebron considered the goat and he never dropped more points than mj or Kobe? Kobe 81 mj 69 lebron 61 devin booker dropped 70 as a rookie and he ain’t considered the goat so why is lebron in talks about being the goat?
francis daniel Polanco
The NBA now is way different than then. There are great players now but we cant compare it at all. Then there were players like Dikembe mutombo, Shawn kemp, Olajuwon, malone, Barkley and at least 100 more great players that jordan had to face. Plus every single player back then wanted to get better to to be at jordan's level.... NBA got better because of him. LeBron is just LeBron. NBA then was tough and a lot of mind games like trash talks. Now is softer, a player can be touch.... M.J had not monster to scare him. he was the monster for everybody.
Gökhan Alpaslan
Gökhan Alpaslan 7 kun oldin
Seriously, I wonder how much salary this bball ignorant gaining from Bron? Which amount of money can buy an indivudial's dignity? How can you convince someone to became a maggot? Is that really easy to convince? What is his family feeling about him? These are the thoughts in my mind everyone I see this man's face. Just disgusting...
Megan Robinson
Megan Robinson 7 kun oldin
I love Shannon Sharpe. It's like talking to an old friend. He goes statistical intellectual to "fool, you must be crazy."
Bo Tuncer
Bo Tuncer 7 kun oldin
Shannon Sharp needs to move in with Lebron. You are a joke man.
benizzz 8 kun oldin
Lebron cant even shoot a free throw
Michael Stover
Michael Stover 8 kun oldin
Damn Shannon needs to stick to football and shut up
Marvin the Martian
Marvin the Martian 9 kun oldin
I can't stand ppl that think bc they say something loud that makes it right. MJ GOAT
DropTV 9 kun oldin
"All time" is a long time, he has a really good point
321 Biz Development
Shannon is holding LeBrons jockstrap.
angelo sanchez
angelo sanchez 10 kun oldin
Kobe Bryant is the goat
Carmi Harris
Carmi Harris 11 kun oldin
Spurs were old when Bron finally beat them Celtics were old when Bron finally beat them OKC were young players!!! Man y'all sport analysis sucks y'all don't know y'all history...Everytime someone bring up lakers and Boston were old y'all never bring up the fact that Boston and Spurs were old when Bron finally beat them!!
Shon Heads
Shon Heads 12 kun oldin
Shannon Sharpe crazy asf lol he all on Lebron james balls dude Lebron is a baby they call all type of calls for dude he ain't loyal at all he wanted to be Jordan since day one wearing his number like a lame lol bro will never will a title with la
oakblackbird 13 kun oldin
Weak GOAT if one need to flop to turn the game around in their favor. What an embarrassment...
Drew Biggah
Drew Biggah 14 kun oldin
I'm a broncos fan but shannon u out here tripping love shannon buy bron ain't in the goat convo
Yang Wang
Yang Wang 15 kun oldin
Bulls were the favorite because of Jordan...
Huncho D Pete
Huncho D Pete 15 kun oldin
What makes a champ is coming back and rising to the occasion Lebron came back down from 3-1 mj was always the favorite and never seen a game 7 and when he was challenged in the 80s he lost a lot
Huncho D Pete
Huncho D Pete 15 kun oldin
And was fortunate enough to play for a team that won 2 less games without him lmao
TheBestMusicOnly 15 kun oldin
She said, "Who's the GOAT, Jordan or LeBron?" As if they are the only choices. Anyone who thinks those are the only 2 choices for GOAT do not understand basketball at all.
RIVERTHOUGHTS 15 kun oldin
Ive stopped taking Shannon sharpe seriously since the cavs were swept in the finals and he still didn’t shut up.
Nam Yi
Nam Yi 15 kun oldin
People who grew up watching MJ think Jordan is the best. Same tho g goes for ppl freight watching Kobe and same thing for people who grew up watching LeBron play-think LeBron is the best. I’m taking Micheal Jordan-his greatness beyond this world
7honeybadger28 15 kun oldin
Lebron definitely top 5 but Jordan goat
Blurock122 Mcgregor
Blurock122 Mcgregor 15 kun oldin
mr black analitical man stop ur mouth ok,,, you are pointlesss!!!!
Blurock122 Mcgregor
Blurock122 Mcgregor 15 kun oldin
ERA is Soft, kobe admits it!!!! so not even a chance to be the goat .....
Alpha Approved
Alpha Approved 15 kun oldin
Ice Cube is the truth. Shannon Sharp is Labron’s cuck. Also, it worries me when I agree with Skip.
HOLDEN 1K 19 kun oldin
It’s hands down Jordan Ice Cube was just being nice
Santiago Trujillo
Santiago Trujillo 20 kun oldin
MJ and Kobe will ALWAYS be my top 2
Dominique Vazquez
Dominique Vazquez 20 kun oldin
Molly so fine
HANGAR NUT 21 kun oldin
This boy cube is gone on that best money can buy. The shades speak for themselves
lexitek 21 kun oldin
LJ is far from being GOAT. He’s a Donkey!! you can say that 😂😂😂.
Khayman77 21 kun oldin
Jordan never had an awful game like Lebron had many in the finals. Lebron needed his teammates to carry him on some of the championships he won. Especially in Cleveland where it was Kyrie who was clutch.
Emman Acosta
Emman Acosta 24 kun oldin
Pip had Magic on 91 because MJ is in foul trouble. think about it, if lebron is in fould trouble would you still field him in? In 93, Phoenix was favored in finals, in 98, Jazz was favored to win the finals... did Leflop won Season MVP, All-Star MVP and Finals MVP in a year? and never won a bronze medal in olympics?
Jonathan Jenson
Jonathan Jenson 24 kun oldin
That glasses guy bothers me. Not Cube.
letsgetswole pinoy
letsgetswole pinoy 24 kun oldin
Of course jordan is the true #1goat cuz lefraud cant even beat kobe # 2 goat
Angelo Philippopoulos
Lebron just has to do everything not just score
Aly  Julmiste
Aly Julmiste 25 kun oldin
I meant to say Jordan and Kobe
Dainger Mouz20
Dainger Mouz20 25 kun oldin
I like Shannon but he really don't even believe anything he's saying. He's just arguing with Ice Cube just because.
Fidel Sanchez
Fidel Sanchez 25 kun oldin
Well said Cube!
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez 25 kun oldin
Lebron is great in this era micheal jordan great for life
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez 25 kun oldin
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez 25 kun oldin
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez 25 kun oldin
Micheal jordan game over
Marco Martinez
Marco Martinez 25 kun oldin
Cube tell em
joseph lao
joseph lao 26 kun oldin
No one can match to MJ he is a perfect Player to me, if LeBron play in the era of MJ he never be a champion.
Isra Zamora
Isra Zamora 26 kun oldin
ice cube wanted to sock up Shannon lmao
Jay MSA 27 kun oldin
Shannon should wear a skirt and carry a pompon for Lebron!
Gilbo Realty
Gilbo Realty 27 kun oldin
So this is the new argument??? Jordan couldn't beat Boston or Detroit in their primes??? No offence, Jordan wasn't in his prime neither when he was scoring 50 on them and neither was his teammates. Pippen choked almost every playoff series and does anyone think he'd be in the top 50 players if he didn't have Jordan next to him??? Stupid arguments.
Dreyan XD
Dreyan XD 27 kun oldin
Hey shanon, You know why Jordan was favored to win the title everytime? BECAUSE HE IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME IDIOT
John Brooks
John Brooks 28 kun oldin
Perspective 50 years ago Wilt was the goat. So I agree with Cube on shut up about the goat already. Ty Cube you wise insite like always. Lerbon my be the better team player and emotional support leader. But never the General like MJ. MJ never asked or cry about help. Mj never blame teammates. MJ is most clutch shooter in NBA finals history. Todays NBA Jordan would've had Harden 2019 stats For 11 seasons and All NBA defensive player of the year. MJ had that it factor. You have too take this from me man up. LeBron has shown he will give up run from the clutch moments and make excuses. Can't chase a ghost who's shoes you can't fill.
YourBestFriend 28 kun oldin
Everyone with a little bit of inteligence knows that Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time! Period!!!!!
City Biker
City Biker 28 kun oldin
Men why is lebron wearing #23 😂😂😂 and you all arguing
Maurice Cobbs
Maurice Cobbs 28 kun oldin
Sjannon sounds so funny. He talks like he got a patent for a new barbecue sauce
Maurice Cobbs
Maurice Cobbs 28 kun oldin
Shannon sound like he eating chittlins and chicken gizzards n trying to talk at the same time
Adrian Mendoza
Adrian Mendoza 28 kun oldin
Cube looks like he's so Annoyed (about to Back Hand Him) by the Stupidity that is Shannon Sharpe.
Adrian Mendoza
Adrian Mendoza 28 kun oldin
Never argue with an idiot (named Shannon Sharpe). They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.
ian reed
ian reed 28 kun oldin
Kobe is better then lebron Michael was better then both
Milos Maksimovic
Milos Maksimovic 28 kun oldin
Shannon od an idiot he just haves a big mouth
Power Sonic
Power Sonic 28 kun oldin
Why is Shannon trying to intimidate Mr Cube with that load mouth trump tactic ?
Shawn Retell
Shawn Retell 29 kun oldin
Michael Jordan didn't just set the bar, he is the bar.
Shawn Retell
Shawn Retell 29 kun oldin
Michael Jordan is unequivocally the greatest player of all time, by a freakin country mile. This shouldn't even be a debate, lebron shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence as Jordan.
david stoned
david stoned 29 kun oldin
its funny all shannon's stats prove that Jordan is better hes just to stupid to understand them
david stoned
david stoned 29 kun oldin
LeBron should not be in any conversation with Jordan. its not close LeBron is not even close to kobe and kobes 2nd to Jordan.
jaytwandj109 22 kun oldin
Pippen is the goat mj couldn't do it if it wasn't for pippen it wouldn't be a mj that's why LeBron better he did it all by himself since high school you been hearing about LeBron can you say that about MJ
david stoned
david stoned 22 kun oldin
No. He's not even close. I'm not even convinced hes's better than pippen never mind Jordan. LeBron is the most overrated athlete of all time. hands down.
jaytwandj109 23 kun oldin
Lmfao he pass mj already really
joao tugas
joao tugas Oy oldin
even Kobe of the Lakers was wey better! =D
Jones Terrell
Jones Terrell Oy oldin
People better of comparing LeBron to Kobe
lex luther
lex luther Oy oldin
Shannon is the Troll In This Debate
GARY Gwin Oy oldin
Ray Laroco
Ray Laroco Oy oldin
i shannon sharpe is on drugs during the all the bulls games
Irishkilla79 Oy oldin
Cavs in 7. 😁🤣😂😁😂🤣😁😂🤣😁😂🤣😁😂🤣😁😂
James Gordon
James Gordon Oy oldin
Lebron James has been swept twice in a Championship. Michael Jordan won 6
Lamboperf9 Oy oldin
2:50 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lebron D riders reach so far to act like MJ aint the goat its sad. 3-6 end of discussion lol
Night's King
Night's King Oy oldin
Actually Sharpe is right being the 'FAVORITE' means everything til the lights go down and the first whistle.
Night's King
Night's King Oy oldin
There are facts and then there is fiction and Sharpe is just spitting out fiction.
Ernestbryan Baul
Mario Van Holle
Cube ....are we having this discussion again hahahaha! Stop with this plsssss Its a teamsport so debate about position that would be more interesting
andrew khiangte
Ice Cube is always right.
sandorfintor Oy oldin
Shannon Sharpe's got brain damage. and that's that.
Scott S
Scott S Oy oldin
Shannon makes good points!
Tyler Keller
Tyler Keller Oy oldin
Jordan didn't jump around to different teams so he could get that ring. Jordan drew talent TO HIS team. Lebron is good, unquestionably, but Jordan is the best. PERIOD.
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