Jordyn Woods’s 3-Step Guide to Contouring | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Jordyn Woods provides a play-by-play of her daily glam routine, replete with shimmering shades of eyeshadow and a three-step contouring technique. “I’m no pro . . . I just figured out what works for me,” she says.

Filmed by Lucas Flores Piran
Filmed at The Standard
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Jordyn Woods’s 3-Step Guide to Contouring | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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16-Yan, 2018

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Fikrlar 2 346
Emily K
Emily K 2 soat oldin
i love her voice
Sara Sazzy
Sara Sazzy 3 soat oldin
i'm waiting for my bff to be a billionare so i could be the next jordyn .. just kiddinggggg.. BTW SHE IS SOOOO GORGEOUS SHE DON'T NEED MAKE UP AT ALL 😍😍😍
Nícolas Buitrago
what does she do for a living?
Lorie Felten
Lorie Felten 6 kun oldin
i loveee her❤️❤️
badbloods 7 kun oldin
shes using kylie products!
Cuan Tia
Cuan Tia 7 kun oldin
que linda😘
Ihansa Hettiarachchi
Did she get married to kylie
Kaiii 10 kun oldin
She is so underrated!
Dy Wang
Dy Wang 10 kun oldin
can someone explain why she's even famous? no hate..
13 kun oldin
god her skin is flawless
Milly Amy
Milly Amy 14 kun oldin
This is the realest vogue makeup vídeo so far .🌙
Makimi Vanchhawng
Makimi Vanchhawng 14 kun oldin
Basic 9 kun oldin
Makimi Vanchhawng, just like your attitude
CD RA 14 kun oldin
I always thought she was boring and intimidating. But I think she’s sweet
Hot Cheeto
Hot Cheeto 14 kun oldin
When she put her hair down
Mrs Cheecky
Mrs Cheecky 15 kun oldin
she is so beautiful, I just don't like her body at all.
Paytin Peterson
Paytin Peterson 15 kun oldin
She has good eye brows
Ismail NEW
Ismail NEW 15 kun oldin
I love her gap 😍
Kayla Liebenberg
Kayla Liebenberg 15 kun oldin
Lol her makeup doesn't look good tho...
A DS 15 kun oldin
Jordyns makeup routine is literally the exact carbon copy of my makeup routine, minus the eyelash curler
Eve LiciOus
Eve LiciOus 15 kun oldin
Omg she is so cute and beautiful ❤️
Alexa Moonlight
Alexa Moonlight 15 kun oldin
Using Kylies brushes whitch were flop and that palet with no pigment like....
Rama Elboshra
Rama Elboshra 16 kun oldin
Step one be naturally beautiful
Jada Abdol
Jada Abdol 16 kun oldin
I came here to dislike.. But i liked 🙄
chi xoxo
chi xoxo 16 kun oldin
Talks like kim in low tone both Kylie n Jordan
Sarah Salem
Sarah Salem 16 kun oldin
jordyn is such a queen
victoria madrona
victoria madrona 16 kun oldin
its so cool how she uses kylie cosmetics
Theda Pittman
Theda Pittman 16 kun oldin
“When I tell you it’s better than sex....I lied.” 😂😂😂😂
brooke kuerner
brooke kuerner 17 kun oldin
She really is soo beautiful 😻
Ra Ie
Ra Ie 17 kun oldin
Jordyn is cute 🙂 I like her 👌🏽
Priyanka Daimary
Priyanka Daimary 17 kun oldin
Her hair is so beautiful 😍
G Mtl
G Mtl 17 kun oldin
She’s so cute
Zuzansa J
Zuzansa J 18 kun oldin
Name of brushes???? Please
Basic 9 kun oldin
Zuzansa J She used Kyle Jenner’s brush set but its 300$
Jo mi ra
Jo mi ra 19 kun oldin
fully bare, fully here
Jujubean Thorre
Jujubean Thorre 19 kun oldin
What I want to know is if they film these in a set or just all have the same bathroom??
Anisha Nidhi
Anisha Nidhi 20 kun oldin
She's literally using the Kylie powder highlighter, a real best friend😍😍😍
ilovefishcakes 20 kun oldin
This was so relaxing to watch
adeline ramirez
adeline ramirez 20 kun oldin
"I'm exposing the real me" gurl u have a bare face lmao it's entirely not that srs
Jeklin Biela
Jeklin Biela 21 kun oldin
No hate but... come on vogue. Go get another famous and talented person
K H 21 kun oldin
IM GLAD i’m not the only one who pronounces Anastasia the way disney pronounces it
Tamarra Gelenidze
Tamarra Gelenidze 22 kun oldin
Wow shes killing it . So beautiful
Marah Morris
Marah Morris 22 kun oldin
Jordyn: *doesn’t use Kylie lip kit* Kylie: *Triggered*
lu weird.
lu weird. 24 kun oldin
she's so beautiful
Lara Forbes
Lara Forbes 24 kun oldin
she's so stunning and her eyebrows r amazing!!!!!
Maha M
Maha M 25 kun oldin
I luv her 💗
Jessica _S
Jessica _S 25 kun oldin
i love her so muchhhhhh
Nur Nyry
Nur Nyry 25 kun oldin
she is so beautiful
Daphne Pillay
Daphne Pillay 26 kun oldin
She's only famous because of her friends otherwise she'd just be some talentless regular person😞
Rly Ok
Rly Ok 26 kun oldin
That thumbnail tho... why they gotta do her like that
no_u furbs
no_u furbs 26 kun oldin
she looks like the girl next door very down to earth and humble person
Hopeful Happy
Hopeful Happy 26 kun oldin
2:51 "See that?" reminds me* of Rihanna.😂