Jordyn Woods’s 3-Step Guide to Contouring | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Jordyn Woods provides a play-by-play of her daily glam routine, replete with shimmering shades of eyeshadow and a three-step contouring technique. “I’m no pro . . . I just figured out what works for me,” she says.

Filmed by Lucas Flores Piran
Filmed at The Standard
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Jordyn Woods’s 3-Step Guide to Contouring | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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16-Yan, 2018



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Fikrlar 5 467
Farid Muhammed
Farid Muhammed Kun oldin
Arie N
Arie N 5 kun oldin
You Tube recommending things... like 🙄 😒
glody divengele
glody divengele 6 kun oldin
Love you jordy
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 7 kun oldin
Jordon didn’t do anything wrong Tristan is a troublemaker
Nicholei 7 kun oldin
Her net worth is 6 million, you can live alone Jordyn.
Anu Asubiojo
Anu Asubiojo 7 kun oldin
That concealer does not match her skin tone lol it's a bit too dark
kayla. babyyy
kayla. babyyy 8 kun oldin
i get that she betrayed the Kardashian/Jenner's but you act like the Kardashian and Jenner sisters ain't steal other peoples mans💀
Areesha Sajid
Areesha Sajid 8 kun oldin
Plz tell me lip liner shade and brand
Cassie Miller
Cassie Miller 9 kun oldin
Or how to destroy your best friends sister and family. Trashy !
Trickpa Lin
Trickpa Lin 10 kun oldin
Mes aïeux mais pourquoi tout ça?
places of india
places of india 10 kun oldin
Whats the location of this video?. Kylie"s bathroom? Oh no no..not kylies bathroom coz jordy was kicked out.wasnt she Lol
Joy Nweke
Joy Nweke 12 kun oldin
Beautiful girl....
Tiara Llorente
Tiara Llorente 12 kun oldin
Fortuna and Daniel Reidt
This situation isn't a race thing it's a hippocracy issue for me. Khloe, Kylie, and Kim have been homewreckers in the past so why treat Jordyn so badly. Like they are literally trying to ruin her. Oh heck no not on my watch. This situation made me a Jordyn fan and I'm no longer a kar-jenner fan!!
celebrity channel
celebrity channel 13 kun oldin
I thought she is drunk ... the way she talk ..
Animation Movies
Animation Movies 13 kun oldin
Jordyn, I want you and Kylie come back together
eirene minaj
eirene minaj 13 kun oldin
only white milfs hate on jordyn
miss bouclette miss bouclette
• Glowy •
• Glowy • 14 kun oldin
Honestly I'm going to say it she's so beautiful. Why is no one hating Tristan it wasn't Jordyn.
traficante de neskuik :v
Tiene los dientes más separados que mi futuro D: Algún otro comentario en español?🌚
yoko ohellno
yoko ohellno 15 kun oldin
she's gorgeous
roseena 16 kun oldin
00:40 I’m sorry WHAT
Cherry Ramone
Cherry Ramone 16 kun oldin
Two faced?
The Truth
The Truth 16 kun oldin
I love her voice. Very dreamy! 😊
Foujia Islam Promi
Foujia Islam Promi 17 kun oldin
Is she worthy to be featured on vogue ?!😰
Can Of Pees
Can Of Pees 17 kun oldin
*me sipping tea while reading the comments on the scandle*
Ines Mendoza
Ines Mendoza 17 kun oldin
anyone knows what brand or similar brush cleanser i can get?
kaylee anne
kaylee anne 17 kun oldin
*“I’m exposing the real me.”* HAHAHA.
Molly Wolly
Molly Wolly 18 kun oldin
Please don't use Kylie make up. Those of us that aren't gullible and actually research things, know that they all have their makeup manufactured at the colourpop and Ventura. Sometimes when they want to get away with something they'll use the subsidiary which is the brother to the colourpop owner in Ventura
Emily Colindres-Montoya
Hop off Jordyns tip.
Farid Muhammed
Farid Muhammed 20 kun oldin
Farid Muhammed
Farid Muhammed 20 kun oldin
Tuấn Anh Đặng
Tuấn Anh Đặng 20 kun oldin
Baby girl :)))))))
Queen Xx
Queen Xx 22 kun oldin
Love her 👸🏽 prettier than all the Kardashian’s combined 😘
Jay Duncan
Jay Duncan 22 kun oldin
At least we Santa’s gunna visit jordyn cos she a ho ho ho
SHINEE 5 22 kun oldin
Keep slaying sis. We got you!
Vane B
Vane B 23 kun oldin
3 steps to taking Khloes man
Lashah Evans
Lashah Evans 24 kun oldin
I can't wait until people realize that Jordan woods was the brains behind Kylie Jenner
Claudia Okyere-Fosu
Claudia Okyere-Fosu 24 kun oldin
MI Five
MI Five 24 kun oldin
Karma for Khloes homewrecking 🛑🛑🛑 Always a cheater
MI Five
MI Five 24 kun oldin
Khloe and Jordyn are BOTH HOMEWRECKERS 🛑🛑🛑
Raythell Jordan
Raythell Jordan 25 kun oldin
Jordyn is ugly and overweight. Why do black girls insist on wearing weave? Don't they have their own hair?
jodella branch
jodella branch 24 kun oldin
girlie white people are doing that now too, wearing wigs and weaves of all colours, so why copy black people of they don't like it. And why do white people always tan their skin don't they have skin?
Faustine L
Faustine L 25 kun oldin
what was that brush cleaning tool? I NEED that
Diana Cassandra
Diana Cassandra 25 kun oldin
Aww getting ready for Tristan
Diana Cassandra
Diana Cassandra 12 kun oldin
+Sara xox it is for me and most of the people just read the comments😂
Sara xox
Sara xox 12 kun oldin
+Diana Cassandra smh, not a very funny joke. But oh well
Diana Cassandra
Diana Cassandra 12 kun oldin
+Sara xox it's a joke cmon
Sara xox
Sara xox 12 kun oldin
Just, why? 🤦‍♀️
Moon Light
Moon Light 26 kun oldin
What if she didn't cheat , but it's only DRAMA by THE DRAMA ATTENTION SEAKER KARDASHIAN FAMILY ?!?!?!?!
Justyne A
Justyne A 26 kun oldin
the real homewrecker is Tristan, facts is facts America
Sara xox
Sara xox 12 kun oldin
smangaliso dlamini
smangaliso dlamini 27 kun oldin
Shut up judges..leave Jody alone...come here act all saint
B 27 kun oldin
Listen, I'm not here to bash. But why haven't you fixed your teeth? All that makeup is useless with a mouth like an alligator.
Anwaar Anwaar
Anwaar Anwaar 28 kun oldin
Beautiful 👏🏻👌🏻👏🏻
Gooney Loc
Gooney Loc 28 kun oldin
Young&rekkless 💯💓
Frida Cuellar
Frida Cuellar 28 kun oldin
This girl would not be famous if it were not for Kylie, she's not even pretty, she's just a bad person who pretends to be a victim.
Alicia Tutt
Alicia Tutt 28 kun oldin
Great job beautiful
Trisha Hawkins
Trisha Hawkins 28 kun oldin
Team Jordyn
positive1 28 kun oldin
I like that she doesn't wear lashes
Sara xox
Sara xox 12 kun oldin
She has her own lash line...
Inti H.
Inti H. 29 kun oldin
How is she in the same bathroom as candice swanepoel’s vogue video?
Danielle Ko
Danielle Ko 29 kun oldin
Traps are kinda big maybe it’s the shirt. No real makeup tips but still pretty
Jannette Phillips
Jannette Phillips 29 kun oldin
So now she have people who feel sorry for her but the Kardashians she blocked every one ..sad ...so she sleep around and now thousands looking at her videos😞
Bsacnow Mills
Bsacnow Mills Oy oldin
Loving jordee......she is keeping it real. Khloe,kim and kylie did worst to their so called besties...kim married hers khloe's used hers and kylie is trying to keep hers.......karma will get you cause what you do to others will come back on you three times over. How you get them is the same way you will lose them......lol
Joy Nweke
Joy Nweke Oy oldin
Jordyn is beautiful
Ladybug Oy oldin
Just don't get how anyone say's this girl is beautiful, what am I missing bc I don't see it!! She's missing a few chromosomes I think. Time to get a REAL job now, your gravy train life has come to a screeching HALT! Love how she lied to the idiots who follow her telling them how she worked out soooo hard, LOL, she had LIPO, idiots! She looks quite different in this video compared to her ReTouched app photos on SM!
Que Sera Sera
Que Sera Sera Oy oldin
Ugly Loser 👎 🐍
Joao.000000000 Lima
Filha Você é Linda um Abraço💝💝
Curlyhair Dontcare
I seen that Kylie cosmetics
Belqis Ismail
Belqis Ismail Oy oldin
Ailsa Ross
Ailsa Ross Oy oldin
90% of comments are who’s here after the scandal 40% of comments are omg she’s so pretty without makeup 20% why ain’t anybody shading Tristan
Tia Ith
Tia Ith Oy oldin
I think everyone blames Tristan tho
Qasim Ali
Qasim Ali Oy oldin
Who's watching it after she got kicked to the curb...😂 BTW can I get 1k subscribers please
high choice
high choice Oy oldin
*stop!* *stop hating the beautiful model with a beautiful personality.* *Tristan never loved khloe so he cheated on her thousand times!* *Jordyn was simply abused by Tristan.* *people only care about how she was abused,* *but not how hard she worked modelling!* *SO STOP HATING HER!* 🤬
KingCieloSky Oy oldin
she needs no make up
The DIYERS Oy oldin
Jordyn doesn't even need makeup she looks beautiful without it
Hamna Haider
Hamna Haider Oy oldin
Who’s here after cheating scandall
Anthony Wunderlich
Use code betrayal for 20% off
Queen beee
Queen beee Oy oldin
We love you jordyn❤️❤️❤️❤️
Erica Mariz
Erica Mariz Oy oldin
I Love Her
lyn Oy oldin
yall bashing jordyn when I find it cute that khloe and tristan started seeing each other when he was already with someone. also the a same situation happened with kim and kanye. it makes no sense on how khloe is giving all of the blame to jordyn. like sis, he cheated multiple times and she still has faith in him tf? no your mans knew exactly what he was doing. I'm done w the internet lmfao. thank u, next and stream 7 rings
Kim-Whitney Braxton
Such a beauty 🔥❤
mimi lili
mimi lili Oy oldin
She is so beautiful naturally.
Football Vlogs
Jordyn Kylie couldn’t make a lip kit u could use 🤦🏽‍♀️ have u out here u sing mismatched products (looked great bdw) that girl ain’t ya friend ... was probably waiting for u to get a man for one of her sisters to steal like they did chy n Amber 😂 but plot twist
Kadeen Grant
Kadeen Grant Oy oldin
tek a gal man jordyn
Olivia Widmer
Olivia Widmer Oy oldin
She gorgeous ..she always sound HIGH but she is absolutely GORGEOUS!
De Racks
De Racks Oy oldin
You should have a make up line. You're beautiful and giving away all your beauty secrets.
Jerrilyn Papilon
You can't be friends with those kind of people.
Beauty by Patrice
awwe katrashian followers hurt much lol
Shantina Thomas
Kylie Jenner in Jordyn Woods the most hottest girls and Hollywood now in days best friend forever no matter what💕✨💕😘
sariba karlsson
Beautiful young Lady
zinab2blessa Oy oldin
Latya J
Latya J Oy oldin
At the end of the day, she’s loaded she still gets a check for every fresh prince show that airs !!!! Then she’s getting takin care of by the smiths the Jenner’s helped too !!! She’s getting bread bread lol you know how many doors just opened up for her???? Like I said they better kill her cause she’s dangerous!!!
Abby Smith
Abby Smith Oy oldin
This was the day she went to Tristan’s party 🎉 🤣😂
Caramel Spice
Caramel Spice Oy oldin
I love her just bc the Kartrashians hate her.😁
Victoria Gonzalez
Make more make up tutorials#!!
hipnhappenin Oy oldin
Came back just to read the comments. Not disappointed.
walter harris
walter harris Oy oldin
Go Jo Jo🎉 we love you. Girl we got you. Do you because there was a time you didn’t know those hohos. Do your eye lip nail and pedi ventures. See black and other brown need you girls to step up your game in the style hair makeup and clothing industry. Need a JoJo tee haha we love you💝
Misses Corso
Misses Corso Oy oldin
Uses 5 different shade for her lips. Sounds familiar .
Miracle Cushionberry
afro braids shave ponny kill it thx Jordan😘
peekaboots01 Oy oldin
Who has time for all this? She didn't even need to do her eyebrows.
Maité Cancha
Maité Cancha Oy oldin
She has an ilumminati tattoo in her finger
Hali D
Hali D Oy oldin
They both kissed each other, plus she's not going to say yeah we had $ex. He's wrong and she lost her meal ticket.
RiesRexenge Oy oldin
Y'all look so stupid with these ignorant comments. Go watch the RTT interview she did then come talk crap. This comment section is pure trash.
Chelsi Leticia
eres una mala amiga aparte de cusca asi el te ubiese insinuado algo por respeto tu te uvieras ido pero eres una cusca pero eso quiere decir que siempre le tu vistes envidia acloy por eso lo isiste eres una perra para no desiste algo peor
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