Jordyn Woods’s 3-Step Guide to Contouring | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Jordyn Woods provides a play-by-play of her daily glam routine, replete with shimmering shades of eyeshadow and a three-step contouring technique. “I’m no pro . . . I just figured out what works for me,” she says.

Filmed by Lucas Flores Piran
Filmed at The Standard
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Jordyn Woods’s 3-Step Guide to Contouring | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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16-Yan, 2018

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gabi Gomez
gabi Gomez 9 kun oldin
Can we have a moment of silence for how gorgeous her brows are?!?😍😍
Rithika 11 kun oldin
she is better than kylie...
eyyoiwantsumnoodles 12 kun oldin
dying iNside, sEnd help
i didnt know she is this pretty
Rohma Syed
Rohma Syed 15 kun oldin
love your eyebrows!!!!
Silvana 23 kun oldin
What lipsticks did she use?❤❤
lil lin
lil lin 24 kun oldin
she’s gorgeousss
Sarcasm Entries
Sarcasm Entries 27 kun oldin
She looks like a bully
TOWANDA the STYLIST 27 kun oldin
So pretty 😍😍❤️
Ana lbbh
Ana lbbh 27 kun oldin
"I use 5 products for my lips" She used a lipliner and a lipstick
anime manifest
anime manifest 29 kun oldin
Beautiful 😘❤️🌹
Ler Moo Juelah
“And when I tell you it’s better than sex....I lied” I’m deaddddd😂💀
Krystal B
Krystal B Oy oldin
You cute boo but that was more than 3 steps lol
Rosa María Manzo Reynoso
Kylie cosmetis
Zagado4naya Devushka
Beautiful girl
Micaela H.J.
Micaela H.J. Oy oldin
She's obviously having to use Kylie cosmetics....🙄
Shelvin Moraa
Shelvin Moraa Oy oldin
Everyone is apparently a makeup artist now!
Angeline Peter
She is so amazing
olivia t
olivia t Oy oldin
she’s so stunning without makeup
nash girl
nash girl Oy oldin
Whoever subscribes to me and comments done I will subscribe too, I am new to UZvid and want to be uploading all kinds of videos xo
Kinseyy ! _.
Kinseyy ! _. Oy oldin
she’s so gorgeous with && without makeup 😭😍
Dara Udobong
Dara Udobong Oy oldin
I wish Jordyn were MY best friend
Amie Farhana
Amie Farhana Oy oldin
I love her!!! 😭😭😭
A Wild Default Skin
People be talking about her makeup and I’m just sitting here loving her hair❤️❤️
Naya Nicole
Naya Nicole Oy oldin
Is that her real hair
Regina George
Regina George Oy oldin
I don't even see her contour, what the point of contouring without seeing it
lol ko
lol ko Oy oldin
Lol true best friend... she is using those makeup brushes
lol ko
lol ko Oy oldin
Lol who is she ?? Kylie's friend ??Vogue are you promoting nepotism. .
Sadai Amya
Sadai Amya Oy oldin
when her foundation matched her skin so satisfied
SweetEEs Oy oldin
"When i say this mascara is better than sex....I lied"
ani ketelekyan
queen 😤💖💝💓💞
Anna Olivares
Anna Olivares Oy oldin
Her concealer matches too! I hate how people use like a supperrr white concealer
Samantha Nargis
Who is she?
Byaniee Oy oldin
—&benoubem. Oy oldin
She's so beautiful omg 😍
Shaina Lee
Shaina Lee Oy oldin
I live love breathe this girl 💖❤️
Herman Arshad
Herman Arshad Oy oldin
She's perfect 😄😄😄😄
Jenny Deleon
Jenny Deleon Oy oldin
The way she pronounces Anastasia 💀
Palms are sweaty Knees weak
Who is this girl???
lucy gallagher
Why is no one talking about 3:22 fr tho, she cracks me up😂
JULIA LIN Oy oldin
She’s so chill
Alishbah Azam
Alishbah Azam Oy oldin
She looks so much prettier without makeup
Eilara Dantinny
who else noticed em kylie brushes?
Rosa Scarlet
Rosa Scarlet Oy oldin
She is really gorgeous
Grey Family
Grey Family Oy oldin
HOLA amigas, recien abri mi canal y seria un placer enorme que pasaran a ver mis videitos y si les gusta se suscriban estaria super felizzzzzz Xoxo bellezasss
Sara Ramirez
Sara Ramirez Oy oldin
1:04 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Scarlett T.S
Scarlett T.S Oy oldin
Omg I thought she already did her eyebrows lol
Does that matter?
she's so chilled i love her
Aisha Oy oldin
Janet Macias
Janet Macias Oy oldin
You go girl you are looking great 👌👍
Felicia Taber
Felicia Taber Oy oldin
Where do i get that brush cleaner?????!!!
reyes jk100
reyes jk100 Oy oldin
Ah es linda💕
Janeth G SUCKS
I love how Jordyn supports her bestie by using her products and now they’re collaborating and making products together🤗
Her teeth are not pretty she got a lot of money in order to get a better look with her teeth
Brooklyn McDermott
Awww I love herrr
madichanti Oy oldin
She is so pretty😍
20. ra
20. ra Oy oldin
Actually, I’m entertaining of your eyebrows how you do it about the tattoo or what?
Kitty Bitch
Kitty Bitch Oy oldin
Dudee those eyebrows, my wig is SHAKING
holy macarroni
Why is this woman famous?
kiana le
kiana le Oy oldin
anyone know what eye shimmer eyeshadow that she uses? please help
Rewa Khayat
Rewa Khayat Oy oldin
Her eyebrows omg
Atarah Mary
Atarah Mary Oy oldin
who else thought her brows were already done
Zala Jaweed
Zala Jaweed Oy oldin
Can someone please list all the lip products she used 💕
don’t smile at me
3:18 YO HAHA
Anna Olivares
Anna Olivares Oy oldin
Imagine Jordyn using fenty.......
Slavicqueen Oy oldin
I love how she doing her concealer around eyebrows. I see most of girls make it so much lighter than their complexion and it looks funny af
Selena Ross
Selena Ross Oy oldin
She is the only one that uses Kylie brushes (not because she can afford it ) but because she gets it for free
Jessica Chin
Jessica Chin Oy oldin
Selena Ross how do you know its free lol
Ary Alvarez
Ary Alvarez Oy oldin
Did she really just pronounced Anastasia , anastasia ?
Nevaeh imvuplays
i love her natural brows
Patricka Demeritte
its so cool how Jordyn and Kylie talks alike.........me and my best friend talks alike too sooooo....yh its not copying one other, its just that when your around someone you love very often you pick up the same traits
Aysha Manal
Aysha Manal Oy oldin
She's so pretty! 😍
Nurun Ekim
Nurun Ekim Oy oldin
3:19 😂
Cristina Mazaa
you are so beautiful. Omg
Nisam Limbu
Nisam Limbu Oy oldin
well her eyebrows are what really making me jealous😅
Sarahi Flores
Sarahi Flores Oy oldin
She is so good dam pretty with make up or without !!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤
s c a r l e t t E L
she’s so pretty
Rama Elboshra
Rama Elboshra 2 oy oldin
She is soooooooooo beautiful without makeup in like me and she’s prettier than Kylie but she is noticed as Kylie’s friend like...
teeRaw 2 oy oldin
you’d think doing a vouge make up tutorial, you have more enthusiasm.... you make this seem like a chore
Grace Whiting
Grace Whiting 2 oy oldin
I love Jordan she’s so cool ❤️❤️
Shistar Megan B
Shistar Megan B 2 oy oldin
Jasmine Mariah
Jasmine Mariah 2 oy oldin
Soooo cute!!!
Jahmyia Moxey
Jahmyia Moxey 2 oy oldin
it is funny she is Kylie's Jenner best friend and she don't use Kylie cosmetics
Jazmin S
Jazmin S 2 oy oldin
Jahmyia Moxey Did you watch the video lol she used some of Kylie’s products lol
Aaliyah A.
Aaliyah A. 2 oy oldin
Wow same bathroom as Rosie 😂😂😂
noblevedplum 2 oy oldin
Would watch this over kylie's tutorial lol
Sunny Maria
Sunny Maria 2 oy oldin
this is the first time i see her without makeup and she's hella fine ! i expected her to be much different for some reason. and she seems adorable, the more i see about her the more i like her
Giulia Fischer
Giulia Fischer 2 oy oldin
When you love your bestie so much so you even use her makeup brand line 😂❤️💖#truefriendship
Lia C
Lia C 2 oy oldin
Love that she is supporting her bestieee!
Mimí Villariño
Mimí Villariño 2 oy oldin
This looks like the makeup style that european girls do in its everyday
Halee ASMR
Halee ASMR 2 oy oldin
I love how she doesn’t stand in front of a 2,000 dollar shower. Humble
Zsófi Gulyás-Jarvis
sorry, who is she lmao?
Cupid Lover12
Cupid Lover12 2 oy oldin
No hate i love jordyn woods but she is just famous because if kylie than she grew and became more popular
Chakrika Khan
Chakrika Khan 2 oy oldin
What kind of foundation did she use 😏😏
Lara Guimarães
Lara Guimarães 2 oy oldin
So cute
Nilima S
Nilima S 2 oy oldin
She's using her bestie's brushes
Athiya Manoj
Athiya Manoj 2 oy oldin
Anyone knows the shades she uses on her lips?
Annika14 _
Annika14 _ 2 oy oldin
I don’t like how highlighter looks on me. It just makes me look sweaty.
Kk77ll 2 oy oldin
Who wants to look like her she so ugly and her personality is dead
guccilyrics 2 oy oldin
my freaking wifeee😻
Saira Alram
Saira Alram 2 oy oldin
She’s so beautiful😍
Kintana Muara B
Kintana Muara B 2 oy oldin
shes the definition of a true bestfriend by using mostly kylies products