Jorja Smith Gets Ready for Bed | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Zoraya Marie
Zoraya Marie Soat oldin
I feel like I have been washing my face wrong my whole life lol I only use water and soap 😭
Rosie Alice
Rosie Alice 13 soat oldin
i love her so much
Moonybyul Kun oldin
I literally use the same moisturiser as her!!! Why dont i look that beautiful?!
Denise Alves
Denise Alves Kun oldin
melhor vídeo da vogue, mulher pfta porra
Hugo Roberto
Hugo Roberto 2 kun oldin
Ser bonita não é barato
safiyya 2 kun oldin
i love jorja smith so much! her voice and personality is amazing! so inspirational too.
Fiorela Herrera
Fiorela Herrera 3 kun oldin
“I like lip balm because I don’t like dry lips” WHO EVEN LIKES DRY LIPS 😂😂
Gabriela Lima
Gabriela Lima 3 kun oldin
What? I want to watch she doing this beatiful glossy makeup!
Missy Anonymous
Missy Anonymous 4 kun oldin
Her eyelashes 😍😍😍
Ryan Bell
Ryan Bell 4 kun oldin
Im soo inlove with you your so pretty
halana kajal tipene
Love her!
Erica Cristina
Erica Cristina 5 kun oldin
she's soooo beautiful ugh!!
XxSerena XxO
XxSerena XxO 5 kun oldin
I usually just wash my face at night 😂 is it just me?
Tara Sidhu
Tara Sidhu 5 kun oldin
Omg she low key sounds like Amy Winehouse in her old videos/interviews and in the AMY document
Tara Sidhu
Tara Sidhu 5 kun oldin
Yassss she’s moving up!! Just 3 months ago I was seeing her at The Warfield in San Francisco waiting outside only like 3 hours early and almost being first in line! Now I’m seeing her popping up everywhere!
dfd hvv
dfd hvv 5 kun oldin
I really don't see the fascination with this girl... she's okay
Frog Soup
Frog Soup 6 kun oldin
Evelyn Almeida
Evelyn Almeida 6 kun oldin
Cadê os Brrrrrr 😍
Sophie Louise
Sophie Louise 6 kun oldin
She’s british?! I thought she was american lol
Hieu Do
Hieu Do 6 kun oldin
Omg i need this 😙😙😙
Gia Khaira
Gia Khaira 7 kun oldin
I love how she uses drugstore products even though she has the money to buy high end.
Madalyn Bernard
Madalyn Bernard 11 kun oldin
Find products at Soko Glam 20% off www.talkable.com/x/Ticxj4
Richelle Giles
Richelle Giles 11 kun oldin
We love a self care queen that does her routine in the CORRECT order ❣
Natalie A
Natalie A 12 kun oldin
She’s the most naturally beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.
Jason Goncalves
Jason Goncalves 12 kun oldin
Nora Peace
Nora Peace 12 kun oldin
I love how she says “water bottles” 😂😂🤣 1:05
medusa. 13 kun oldin
Que hermosa mujerrrr
Emillie Pringle
Emillie Pringle 13 kun oldin
She is the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Both inside and out.
Nora Peace
Nora Peace 13 kun oldin
Does anyone know the name of the eye serum she uses?
Christine Pudwill
Christine Pudwill 16 kun oldin
daisy lamberton
daisy lamberton 16 kun oldin
she had the nicest clearest skin i’ve seen 😍
TheTheBest 17 kun oldin
It’s spelled GEORGIA get it right would ya?
Selena Torres
Selena Torres 17 kun oldin
My castor oil top is broken too Jorja
Chicken Soup
Chicken Soup 17 kun oldin
marry me I stan
Karima Agh
Karima Agh 17 kun oldin
she looks like habibadasilva 😂😂
Joy Du
Joy Du 18 kun oldin
Imagine looking that beautiful everyday!!!
Marlee Karczag
Marlee Karczag 18 kun oldin
Literally love her music so much
Elsa Mercer
Elsa Mercer 19 kun oldin
honestly an angel!!!!!!
thesimpleantonina 19 kun oldin
robynn marrr
robynn marrr 19 kun oldin
*good for her*
Jade Ward
Jade Ward 20 kun oldin
omg did she just say that that’s her tour bus bathroom because omg
Jimena Cervantes
Jimena Cervantes 20 kun oldin
Te amo mujer
Yadhira Suarez
Yadhira Suarez 22 kun oldin
the girl of my dreams...
Alicia M
Alicia M 24 kun oldin
Did she just run the glycolic pads through her eyelids!!! 🤕🤕🤕
연제욱 29 kun oldin
she is so charming and beautiful and amazing. her tricks are amazing and i really like it. i hope she is happy.
Djen San
Djen San Oy oldin
I always come back and rewatch this video almost everyday
2 7
2 7 Oy oldin
All the guys I know are crushing on this girl and I totally understand them 🤩
Diego Gonzalez
jorja why u so damm pretty?
Love Hosa Rosa
Chairina Yasmin
Oh my god... She's so beautiful!!
RAT ness!
RAT ness! Oy oldin
Basra Oy oldin
Lovely looking but instead of putting a track of yours on just scratch down the mirror, it sounds the same. Yuk!!
legolas Oy oldin
i love this woman
Saqib Oy oldin
Angels do exist
I love her. I love her so much haha
Beautiful Impressions
She looks sleepy but still pretty...
aneisha harris
aneisha harris 2 oy oldin
How TF is she so beautiful with no makeup and cornrows
nessa 2 oy oldin
i’ve watched this SO many times
Jorja Grey
Jorja Grey 2 oy oldin
Heyy twins
Marcus Vinicius
Marcus Vinicius 2 oy oldin
Goddess Smith 😍
Francisca Tinoco
Francisca Tinoco 2 oy oldin
omg ive been screaming at her to leak her skin care routine on the comments of her social media cus she has the most beautiful skin i've ever seen and all along this existed i'm-
Habeebah K
Habeebah K 2 oy oldin
Who else paused the video and ordered a mad amount of skincare products?
Emily Mintern
Emily Mintern 2 oy oldin
I live watching these vids but I just wish I had the money to get all dis stuff lol
Nora Peace
Nora Peace 2 oy oldin
What is she famous for??
Nora Peace
Nora Peace 12 kun oldin
Pixie dust oh ok thanks
Pixie dust
Pixie dust 2 oy oldin
She's a singer
Margaret 2 oy oldin
Sooooo prettyyyyy
Bombdigity 101
Bombdigity 101 2 oy oldin
So you mean those are her natural brows? 😢
jennifer amaya
jennifer amaya 2 oy oldin
i live for these!!!
Jessie Buchelli
Jessie Buchelli 2 oy oldin
is she real
WakeupGrandOwl 2 oy oldin
The voice! I have that castor oil :)
bryan rojas
bryan rojas 2 oy oldin
egyptian princess
lea s
lea s 2 oy oldin
she has the most hydrated skin ive ever seen
Gypsea8 2 oy oldin
Could you please list the products??
sephora Sambi
sephora Sambi 2 oy oldin
So natural so beautiful
RAETOOREAL 2 oy oldin
she's so gorgeous wow
Diandra perez
Diandra perez 3 oy oldin
Wow I can only wish for skin this clear, wow, god she's so gorgeous 😍
Devina Kaur
Devina Kaur 3 oy oldin
Imagine being this pretty 😍
Charlotte Cromwell
if she isn't the cutest human ever then idk who is tbh
i love kfc
i love kfc 3 oy oldin
i love her sm
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 3 oy oldin
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 3 oy oldin
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 3 oy oldin
TheMessyLifeOf Emilia&Cora
So this is her secret for perfect skin
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 3 oy oldin
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 3 oy oldin
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 3 oy oldin
My tee shirt crip brip ✊
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 3 oy oldin
Im crip
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 3 oy oldin
I pray some women beguiles you for 60 years
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 3 oy oldin
And then this old white boy came out like it wasnt popping
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 3 oy oldin
I pray some one burns you alive brit all of you no just all of you
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 3 oy oldin
And shoot me nothing horrid naw shoot her in 🃏the video
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 3 oy oldin
My family has aids
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 3 oy oldin
Kill her
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 3 oy oldin
Now gnn hates me shootem
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 3 oy oldin
Hennessy sit pat pat roll ova hoe
Troy Crith ll
Troy Crith ll 3 oy oldin
Hello serial killa
Hope Lauren
Hope Lauren 3 oy oldin
she’s so pretty 😍😍😍😍
klwudi 3 oy oldin
Castor oil is really good I use for my far as well for overnight. She is so gorgeous 😍😍
Anna Olivares
Anna Olivares 3 oy oldin
Her voice 😍
Kabao Knanga
Kabao Knanga 3 oy oldin
after makeup= looks like before she took it off. #skingoals
anshul chintur
anshul chintur 3 oy oldin
I love her