Jorja Smith Gets Ready for Bed | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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“It’s not about looking cute,” says the rising singer Jorja Smith as she takes off her makeup after a show day. “It’s about staying hydrated.” Of course, she does both.

Filmed at the Beekman, a Thompson Hotel
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Jorja Smith Gets Ready for Bed | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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12-Iyn, 2018

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Aelera Vera
Aelera Vera Soat oldin
Hana Cakal
Hana Cakal 3 soat oldin
Ming The puppy
Ming The puppy 3 soat oldin
I wanna have flawless skin like that
Ming The puppy
Ming The puppy 3 soat oldin
Oliver NY
Oliver NY 5 soat oldin
WHY IN THE bathroom??? we know its fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Josh And Meg
Josh And Meg 8 soat oldin
Love how the braids show off her pretty face
OneLove 8 soat oldin
Shes only 21 though expected to have good skin. Its when youre a bit more mature and older is when the skin is hard to manage. But lover her anyways her voice is amazing
Isabella Moran
Isabella Moran 9 soat oldin
I love her music😍
michelleneous 12 soat oldin
this is the most affordable routine on this channel and i love it.
Don Pedro
Don Pedro 12 soat oldin
Jorja Smith Is Sexy🍭
Rhianna Reynolds
Rhianna Reynolds 13 soat oldin
aw jorja 💗 vogue do beauty secrets with Tina Kunakey next!!!
Syeda Afrin
Syeda Afrin 14 soat oldin
She is jorjeous... gorgeous get it? I tried okay, she's so beautiful like wow jealous.
Mona Xx
Mona Xx 14 soat oldin
I love the description 😂
Ola Bay
Ola Bay 15 soat oldin
Fed up with hidded commercials for products she don't know obviously!!! It should be forbidden to do such a video which is an advertising campaign instead showing " the real tricks she uses ". It is such a manipulation.
S. 15 soat oldin
she is so beautiful ugh
Philip Nygard
Philip Nygard 17 soat oldin
Transfer view peer bean part precise corruption sales salad.
angelina chai
angelina chai 18 soat oldin
she's everything ughh
elf master
elf master 20 soat oldin
OMG!!! Do NOT put glycolic acid on your eye skin!!!! Super super thin skin like that does not need to be exfoliated. You will get a chemical burn.
Deontae Kurtz
Deontae Kurtz 21 soat oldin
She's a 10/10
bowwowmusic8 21 soat oldin
It’s not fair to look that beautiful
Melissa Masuku
Melissa Masuku Kun oldin
Areeba Tariq
Areeba Tariq Kun oldin
Long nails are just eww
Cassandra Rose
Cassandra Rose Kun oldin
She's beauty
Mwaks Kun oldin
she is so fine
gookin. Kun oldin
I busted so many nuts watching this
morgan Kun oldin
every inch of her is goddess
Yugy Shay
Yugy Shay Kun oldin
Ohh i do love a good queen
Soraya K
Soraya K Kun oldin
Soraya K
Soraya K Kun oldin
the only skincare routine we desperately wanted
Eat something, you look like a crackhead
Amran,x Kun oldin
the prettiest glow
Sebastijan Halič
I like her more without makeup...
John Isaac Waters
“Water bottles” ugh 😍😍
Tearza Kun oldin
Shes so aaahhhh 😻 GORGEOUSSSSSSSSS
style it out tv
style it out tv Kun oldin
Iv found the micellar water she uses!!! www.amazon.co.uk/Bioderma-Sensibio-Solution-MICELLARE-Make-Up/dp/B00OHBCPQK/ref=sr_1_10_s_it?s=drugstore&ie=UTF8&qid=1529168994&sr=1-10&keywords=Bioderma+Sensibio+H2O+Micelle+Solution
wanhungyeong wonggyu
love that she wears her hair like that
Medina Lucas
Medina Lucas 2 kun oldin
Her skin is perfection😍😍😍
Mariusz Dab
Mariusz Dab 2 kun oldin
i think shes just lucky enough to have a good skin and even if she stopped using all those products she would probably have the same great skin
Simina ,
Simina , 2 kun oldin
i‘m in looove😭
Jenny Oyster
Jenny Oyster 2 kun oldin
May I ask who she is!? She’s so gorgeous....❤️❤️✨✨....
kefkapalazzo1 2 kun oldin
Exfoliate and moisturize. You niggas make this too complicated. Especially if you’re just gonna use make up anyways lol
Azenyo 2 kun oldin
I have a dirty mind, and i can't take the title seriously.
Dan Modrá
Dan Modrá 2 kun oldin
unbearable, so gorgeous
Keyry Amaya`
Keyry Amaya` 2 kun oldin
She didn’t brush her teeth........
Nikitta Nallakukkala
Me going to bed: 1. Lay down 2. Sleep Her going to bed: use more things on her face than I have in my entire house
Simply Mike
Simply Mike 2 kun oldin
That title is enough to tell you why this is on Trending and it just sounds so wrong
Come to Butthead -
Come to Butthead - 2 kun oldin
Who cares
Tlhogiie Matlhogonolo Thabe
Queen of great skin 😢😢😢
D. J.
D. J. 2 kun oldin
I have this weird feeling that someone.. nvm I won’t say it. Hope this doesn’t happen.
Don't care
Don't care 2 kun oldin
say it
Mad Kill
Mad Kill 2 kun oldin
what is she known for? never heard of her.
Amy LeBlanc
Amy LeBlanc 2 kun oldin
She makes good music
wolfslullaby 2 kun oldin
i'm so jealous of her skin and lashes 😩
Jorja Parks
Jorja Parks 2 kun oldin
Ahhhh my name is Jorja too I’m not the only one 😂
mariam elizabeth
mariam elizabeth 2 kun oldin
Lindsey Martinez
Lindsey Martinez 2 kun oldin
Let’s also take notice of how unheavy her makeup is in the first place!!
Rosa Santiago
Rosa Santiago 2 kun oldin
If you need any help getting settled into bed try our BakedGoodsHolistic.com beauty products infused with CBD oil and aromatherapy ... "Where Beauty Get's Baked"
September Jaii
September Jaii 2 kun oldin
0:56 She's too cute 😍
Clarisse Lopes
Clarisse Lopes 2 kun oldin
so similar to the love of my life. beautifully natural and moisturized. sz
kiera 2 kun oldin
i love her so much she’s such an angel
Erin Jackson
Erin Jackson 2 kun oldin
Abused Bruce
Abused Bruce 2 kun oldin
I tape my butt cheeks shut And hide in a bush
Asya Qaniaputri
Asya Qaniaputri 2 kun oldin
you guys need to do Leomie Anderson, it'd be lovely to have more darker skinned women
Clatter HD
Clatter HD 2 kun oldin
Did she just say "I'm all creamed up?" o.O
oh livi ah
oh livi ah 2 kun oldin
She’s so perfect
Janna Malou
Janna Malou 2 kun oldin
I want one with Selena Gomez🙆🏽‍♀️
Stillicide 2 kun oldin
Kalyn Lee
Kalyn Lee 2 kun oldin
I was so confused at the beginning bc I forgot she was British
within daemoon
within daemoon 2 kun oldin
wtf, who does that?I barely wash my face before going to sleep. lmao
NA O 2 kun oldin
If you have sensitive skin, don’t use the body’s shop vitamin e moisturizer it broke me out crazy
noodle 2 kun oldin
I wish i wasnt too lazy and too broke for skin care routine :(
Nathan Chung
Nathan Chung 2 kun oldin
I wonder how many times she’s poked herself in the eye with those nails doing this
Priscila Nascimento
omg what a skinnnnn you are so beautiful, i luv you Jorja!
Fiant Rose
Fiant Rose 2 kun oldin
Nice...make me feel calm
iris catherine
iris catherine 2 kun oldin
She is so so beautiful with and without makeup
Estel Ncube
Estel Ncube 2 kun oldin
She’s so beautiful, seeing her tears me up tf
Michael Gary Scott
Michael Gary Scott 3 kun oldin
Her skin is amazing
Toni Jean claude
Toni Jean claude 3 kun oldin
Ayo everybody who disliked drop your location I just wanna talk
Fashion Plus
Fashion Plus 3 kun oldin
Wow, very nice, watch more uzvid.com/video/video-IJm7e6oSzzE.html
Dalyah Mone
Dalyah Mone 3 kun oldin
Same sis
virtualremote 3 kun oldin
Yikes. True story--glycolic acid is typically not recommended for delicate eye area.
Keeana aaa
Keeana aaa 3 kun oldin
NyQuiiL Cold & Flu
NyQuiiL Cold & Flu 3 kun oldin
Sit on my face
Ocean 3 kun oldin
why was it so hard to understand what she was saying
kelli lee
kelli lee 3 kun oldin
Is the routine Cruelty Free though? All cruelty free products? #CompassionOverCruelty
P.s ILYAG 3 kun oldin
She’s so beautiful 💜
Noemi Salvador
Noemi Salvador 3 kun oldin
Whatever jorja Smith is doing I’m doing, cause she’s beautiful
ohmnamast3 3 kun oldin
Wow I actually use the same glycolic pads she uses in the video. I feel like I might be doing something right lol 😂
BeingTiffany 3 kun oldin
wait but can yall put every product she used in the description box because she has amazinggggg skin and i need every single item she used!
Liza Victoria
Liza Victoria 3 kun oldin
Satara Dyse
Satara Dyse 3 kun oldin
HallucinogenicMac 3 kun oldin
just go to sleep
Daniela Rentería
Daniela Rentería 3 kun oldin
She's everything
Perkwallflower '
Perkwallflower ' 3 kun oldin
Lulu Puff
Lulu Puff 3 kun oldin
Glycolic acid pads on the eyes ?? Baby what is u doing
Steven Garcia
Steven Garcia 3 kun oldin
She caught my soul.
ihate illegals
ihate illegals 3 kun oldin
Mariana Consuelo González
her whole face is stunning, lashes and always exfoliated skin goals
lonny breaux
lonny breaux 3 kun oldin
Ugh her mind. So powerful
Basma Abdallah.
Basma Abdallah. 3 kun oldin
ugh my queen
Olivia Dale
Olivia Dale 3 kun oldin
Smoothest skin I've ever seen
Victoria Niccals
Victoria Niccals 3 kun oldin
ahhh, I been wanting to know her skin care routine forever! she’s flawless!