Jorja Smith Gets Ready for Bed | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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“It’s not about looking cute,” says the rising singer Jorja Smith as she takes off her makeup after a show day. “It’s about staying hydrated.” Of course, she does both.

Filmed at the Beekman, a Thompson Hotel
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Jorja Smith Gets Ready for Bed | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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12-Iyn, 2018

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ayan ahmed
ayan ahmed 11 soat oldin
is this will smiths daughter
Alison Benitez
Alison Benitez Kun oldin
I use a similar routine everyday and i swear by it, vitamim e and jojoba oil on the face has kept my skin looking perfect and castor oil honest to god makes your lashes and brows grows x5 more than usual and keeps them thick and beautiful
Rio 7 kun oldin
QUEEN OF SKINCARE!! 😩😩🙌🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾🙇🏾‍♀️❤👏🏾🔥😥
Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner 10 kun oldin
Why don’t they do angelina jolie😕
Olivia C
Olivia C 11 kun oldin
I use the same moisturizer
Febby Ferdinandus
Febby Ferdinandus 8 kun oldin
me tooo
savana giurleo
savana giurleo 14 kun oldin
her voice is so soothing!! ✨
Yash Kalyan
Yash Kalyan 18 kun oldin
Representing the uk 👍🏻
Luã Ferreira
Luã Ferreira 18 kun oldin
Drake saw this
RuthAnn Prescott
RuthAnn Prescott 19 kun oldin
Not fair ... how can someone look like this and I look like a sack of old potatoes with pepperoni skin...
caleb rufus
caleb rufus 20 kun oldin
Girls have to do all of this before bed...I feel bad
Najma Davis
Najma Davis 21 kun oldin
she’s beautiful
George Vega
George Vega 21 kun oldin
Most beautiful female on this planet and uff that accent is sooo fine
Jorja B
Jorja B 21 kun oldin
I spell my name the same way!!
felipe coelho
felipe coelho 23 kun oldin
she is sooooo gorgeous, that skin !!!!!!!!
Pedro Taveras
Pedro Taveras 24 kun oldin
Looks better with out makeup. such a perfection
Claudia Eve
Claudia Eve 24 kun oldin
She's flawless! Also, here's a useful link with all the products used and where you can buy them! Hope it helps! : www.theatomicblonde.co.uk/jorjasmithskincareroutine/
keisha anne
keisha anne 25 kun oldin
Bruna Mascarenhas
Bruna Mascarenhas 26 kun oldin
How can someone be this perfect?
lets parchment it up yo
yes thank you vogue
CHARR KR 27 kun oldin
Who needs sleep ?! when you can watch your bomb videos
Desiree The Cookie
Desiree The Cookie 27 kun oldin
Aliyah Khan
Aliyah Khan 27 kun oldin
The Angelic Angie
The Angelic Angie 29 kun oldin
She. is. beautiful.
glennsilvaable 29 kun oldin
Jorja skin is flawless.
Michael Jordan
When you take off makeup and look better ft Jorja Smith
Christian Gil
Christian Gil Oy oldin
She’s so beautiful!
victorysuzy okwoche
i was suprised to hear her speak i love her accent
I Don't Know Elisa
Get Lana on here
Alana MacFall
Alana MacFall Oy oldin
This makes me want to wash my face right this moment
Sunny Maria
Sunny Maria Oy oldin
my skin got 50% clearer already just by watching this video
Exclusively Nela
I love this girl
melany montes
melany montes Oy oldin
She sound like cara omg
Ayana Sanford
Ayana Sanford Oy oldin
I love her eyebrows and eyelashes🤩
Abriana k
Abriana k Oy oldin
I wish I look that good after I take off my wig
Ashley Jackson
She's so stunning!😍
Dani Lynch
Dani Lynch Oy oldin
A general question who's jorja smith? Like what is she famous for, what's her career coz i've never heard of her!
mar 4
mar 4 Oy oldin
she is a singer
CeCe Oy oldin
all i can say is wow 😍
chelsea obelle
I love her ❤️😭
Club Eskimo
Club Eskimo Oy oldin
Oii hunty is a Brit?? I had no clue
Rima A
Rima A Oy oldin
Ok so..... how am I suppose to have good self esteem with girls like this just walking around
S. J.
S. J. Oy oldin
We use the same products
Violet Edema
Violet Edema Oy oldin
She kinda looks like Amelia Monet and she kinda sounds like her aswell.
julien francon
She doesn't need makeup
Pizzy ONLY
Pizzy ONLY Oy oldin
this women is top 5 in the world
distears Oy oldin
chocoluvr199 Oy oldin
i love how she doesn't use only high end products
Morgy09 Oy oldin
Love her but She has zero pores, zero discoloration, and is just really pretty. Not sure if she can help the masses. I do the castor oil for my eyebrows however. Keeps them lush!
Denisse Lazo
Denisse Lazo Oy oldin
I love Jorja and her skin is gorg, but I honestly cringed when she wiped the glycolic pads over her lids😬😬
Kerry Oy oldin
You know her beauty rountine works because she's pretty
Val B
Val B Oy oldin
She's so pretty i love her
Valeria Oy oldin
Hermosa mujer 💕
Anna Duffy
Anna Duffy Oy oldin
yass queen
Heavenly Prescott
She is beautiful with no makeup
Bailey and Cara
i don’t wash my face, i only use water. it’s been working really well for me.
Shariqwa Witwicky
I no an easier way to cream you up, just get on your knees
Elly Morales
Elly Morales Oy oldin
I love her beauty
Eris Oy oldin
Beatriz Teotonio
simplesmente perfeitaaaaaaaa
Dalia Barragan
Are we not excited for Jorja, she's prospering. a queen
Jorja Smith
Jorja Smith Oy oldin
I know this is hard to believe but I have the same first and last name as Jorja Smith
Mich Oy oldin
Cat Woman
Cat Woman Oy oldin
shes sooo gorgeous 😭😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Ms040381 Oy oldin
THESE VIDEOS ARE THE BEST!!!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! Thank you Vogue. Xxoo
suliannah souryyavongsa
Such beauty
Corrie Nicole
Corrie Nicole Oy oldin
She’s cute an all but I’m 13 sec into the video and I’m just now noticing Wth I clicked on. I’m sorry but I’m not about to watch a video of someone washing their face lmao back to the makeup videos. ✌️
I would wake up with 10 pimples if I used this regime but yeah 👍🏽
Dawn Ruiz
Dawn Ruiz Oy oldin
Gorgeous 😍
Christin K
Christin K Oy oldin
GOD she's so beautiful.
t swizzle my nizzle
She’s beyond beautiful
Royce Oy oldin
Wow! What a beautiful sister....
valisa lynn
valisa lynn Oy oldin
Genni Glassglow
▬▬▬▬ஜ✡ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ✡ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ✡ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ✡ஜ▬▬▬ *Jesus Christ is the Son of God & promises you eternal life if you simply believe Him.* *He promised to also heal your body. (Just ask Him)*
Remi Cartwright
1. Spread Oil on face 2. Drink water
Camille Hall
Camille Hall Oy oldin
Do more w/ Jorja!!!
Anna Mae
Anna Mae Oy oldin
She looks so beautiful! Meanwhile I look a mess when I’m going to bed 😭
Paulina Alvarez
What’s that oil called that she puts on her eyes NEED TO KNOW
Antonette Linton
My favorite person ever!
Marissa Bergquist
her skin.
Hannah Oy oldin
girl crush
Holly Rih Graham Brown
Love Jorja but don’t have time for all that! Just wipes and go to bed! 🤣
siân diann
siân diann Oy oldin
I’ve never fancied anyone more
Oh Aux
Oh Aux Oy oldin
Flawless skin.
Trining chewbaka
Alaina Howard
Alaina Howard Oy oldin
This is lowkey asmr.
Karmin Kapri
Karmin Kapri Oy oldin
click link, won’t be disappointed 💜✨ uzvid.com/video/video-0jgYyDnRycM.html
rich Mck
rich Mck Oy oldin
With all due respect, you do not need make up. I am a person, like yourself of colour. Unless you are under the lights, which most of the time you will be, you will need it. What a beautiful tone you have. Hence the reson you do not need make up!
Emily Kunsemiller
Shes so beautiful
Marc B.
Marc B. Oy oldin
Jennifer Grande
sidney lozano
sidney lozano Oy oldin
JORJA! I love you so much, but please do not put glycolic on your eyes the skin near our eyes is already so thin, and does not need to be exfoliated.
Jasmine Steel
Jasmine Steel Oy oldin
I really liked that these products were all somewhat affordable
Keeks' Covers
Keeks' Covers Oy oldin
Am I the only one who thinks she uses too much product?
khayla Oy oldin
love her
Sarah Choudhry
I love how she uses such affordable products and doesn’t feel the need to splurge on skincare!
Ana Maria
Ana Maria Oy oldin
She is too precious 😩❤️
ThinkZhyFL Oy oldin
I thought her teeth were fine and showed her confidence before she got them fixed but love her
Alejandra Ramirez
I want dua lipa
EDONA Oy oldin
she looks like an older version of malu trevejo lmao
Amanda Oy oldin
Getting the attention she deserves finally. ❤️