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Josh Groban - Granted (Official Lyric Video)

Josh Groban
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The Official Lyric Video for Josh Groban's new single "Granted" - get it now at: wbr.ec/granted
Director: Laura Mende
Shot by: Aaron Hymes
Graphics by: Black Balloon Media, LLC
Special thanks to LACHSA & the Find Your Light Foundation.
Connect with Josh:
Facebook: facebook.com/joshgroban
Twitter: twitter.com/joshgroban
Website: www.joshgroban.com
Instagram: instagram.com/JoshGroban




8-Iyn, 2018

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Waldemar Aquino
Waldemar Aquino 8 soat oldin
Oh my! Love it!!!!
Ricardo Ades
Ricardo Ades 10 soat oldin
I am Always expecting your new songs. That is inspiring for life. Thanks for all Josh.
Ilona Süle
Ilona Süle 17 soat oldin
Love it💕💕💕
Cida Soares
Cida Soares 18 soat oldin
Cavid Hummatov
Cavid Hummatov Kun oldin
the truth
the truth Kun oldin
Took me a few views across the span of a week to realize no one is smiling in the beginning yet different story at the end
Natasha Null
Natasha Null Kun oldin
I’m dedicating this song to my dad who die 4 years ago I miss him everyday
Rachel  Robinson
Rachel Robinson 2 kun oldin
Such a beautiful song and such a incredible voice
Живко Василев
Wonderful, magical voice, great melody!
Dagmar Grundstein
Dagmar Grundstein 2 kun oldin
Thank you so much for keeping me alive with your music!!
Cal Wizzarak
Cal Wizzarak 2 kun oldin
❤‿❤乂乂❤‿❤乂乂❤‿❤乂乂❤‿❤ Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life. He also promised to heal your body. This Is True Love!!! (Just ask Him)
Shelley Wallace
Shelley Wallace 2 kun oldin
Just beautiful
Miks Jacob
Miks Jacob 2 kun oldin
Nancy Dudum
Nancy Dudum 2 kun oldin
Great video
William Acevedo
William Acevedo 2 kun oldin
I love this song so bad
Betsida 2 kun oldin
Can't read these words enough Josh.. With the many good hearted individuals who spend their lives helping others in the Nursing field usually some leave their dreams for last.. so sad and touching to know I'm one of those individuals and yes, you touched my heart with your lyrics and I know I'm not alone.. Thank you for singing those words of encouragement for the many people like me.. You are Truly Blessed.. and I do know who I am and its beautiful to know that first, but only I can change that and I will with time. .I will work on me for the remaining of my years so that I too will not take my dreams to my grave.. Thank you my friend.. Take Care.. Peace & much love to your heart..:)xx
Subehi Romadhoni
Subehi Romadhoni 2 kun oldin
Love the song alot
Mily Torres
Mily Torres 2 kun oldin
A song that can change everything... beautiful!!!
Mily Torres
Mily Torres 2 kun oldin
A song with true significant... feeds the spirit makes us rejoice and hope for the best.This is the type of song that awakes our inner self to reflection and to see our true conscious.
Melhowlett 2 kun oldin
Thank you so much for this song, Josh. Not only has it inspired me to keep writing but it has helped create a very special character in some of my stories. Never stop inspiring, please.
Marina Leone
Marina Leone 2 kun oldin
the lyrics....the music.....all perfect! So unique♥♥♥
maurocometrue 2 kun oldin
Such a amazing meaningful lyrics!! Inspiration in every word! Congratulations 🎊 for this song!!
LILI Mah 3 kun oldin
Never take a single BREATH for GRANTED .... So very TRUTH .... so very INSPIRING ... thanks so much for such a beautiful song 😙💖
Cacy Skinner
Cacy Skinner 3 kun oldin
Beautiful song and voice.
yo.c.m 3 kun oldin
Got chills all over me.. thank you josh groban
Laura Lambright
Laura Lambright 3 kun oldin
Gave me chills!
Maria Teresa Osorio
Linda mensagem belíssima
Mbrace01 3 kun oldin
Spiritually Inspirational.For the believer and the non believer. Awesome again Josh.
weekly quotes
weekly quotes 4 kun oldin
This is wonderful! , Josh did it again
Fairy 4 kun oldin
Truly beautiful !!!! 😍💜
JG. 1998
JG. 1998 4 kun oldin
JG. 1998
JG. 1998 4 kun oldin
Nelson Lim
Nelson Lim 4 kun oldin
Jim koenig
Jim koenig 4 kun oldin
This is an amazing song....Everyone one should hear it! Go be brave and seize your Dream!
dlyan clark
dlyan clark 4 kun oldin
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Caelestis 4 kun oldin
My dream is truly to meet and sing with Josh Groban... maybe too far fetched, but as he says himself.... if you have a dream, go chase it. Take it to heart, people ❤
StudeSteve62 4 kun oldin
Whoooo, the new CD is going to be somethin' else...
Davide Basini
Davide Basini 4 kun oldin
Wooow this a big big masterpiece... This must be viral on UZvid ❤️❤️❤️
Noemi Nuccini
Noemi Nuccini 4 kun oldin
Oh my Goood!! Josh Groban I LOVE YOU!!!! what a beautyful music! Wonderful video!! thank you love! 😍😍😘
Ashley Ng
Ashley Ng 4 kun oldin
I love this!! brb, I'll just be crying in my corner
TERRY PORTER 4 kun oldin
Wow! Simply put, beautiful! Thanks Josh!
Jackie Austin
Jackie Austin 4 kun oldin
Another gift from Josh’s heart to ours!
Wang Dapeng
Wang Dapeng 5 kun oldin
Bring David Foster back please Josh, for your next album
Jay Smith
Jay Smith 5 kun oldin
He’s a darling ... love his voice .... tonwhere tou are is a fave ... and what a lovely fella too ... no diva behaviour so far ... unlike so many .... x
Patricia Phillips
Patricia Phillips 5 kun oldin
Finally!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 i was just asking myself the other day when we'd get new JG. Missed your sound, your voice...will always love you.
Dream 5 kun oldin
What a beautiful song! I hope you're doing well Joshua ☺
Elmnopen 5 kun oldin
I link think is Josh Groban likes his ladies to pop
Qori Dina 2018
Qori Dina 2018 5 kun oldin
the best josh
Kaitlynn D'Alfonso
Kaitlynn D'Alfonso 5 kun oldin
I love you so much, your music is saving my life bro.... thank you for your existence
CTRiver14 5 kun oldin
If Sam smith sang this it would be all over the radio and number 1 on itunes. It seems there is only a handful of the chosen ones that radio plays and it isn't about the voice anymore!
Helen Theron
Helen Theron 5 kun oldin
Another masterpiece from the master Josh Groban.
Byron Samuels
Byron Samuels 5 kun oldin
very encouraging to those whom have a dreams in this life, keep pursuing your goals. sometimes we get knock down by the s cares of this world, the world needs to hear a song that is uplifting to the soul.
Edith Serna
Edith Serna 5 kun oldin
What a beautiful message. Josh Groban exceeds my expectations once again.
Avinash Agrawal
Avinash Agrawal 5 kun oldin
Wow! My daughter is the one who told me about this and I can't stop listening to it-ad infinitum . I wish I could some day hear Him live with my daughter and son!
el mero mero
el mero mero 6 kun oldin
Lucas Groban
Lucas Groban 6 kun oldin
J La
J La 6 kun oldin
Josh, your voice have reignited a fire in me that I have forgotten what was in my heart. Your music have always seems to always portray a significant paert if my life as if I am watching a movie of my own life played before me. Should my story ever cone to light I hope that your songs will be played along side my story. Thank GOD for he made you to be so gifted to us all. Thank you, Josh.
hudna1 6 kun oldin
A child of God....The Prayer Warrior.
Esther R J
Esther R J 6 kun oldin
Superb josh 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
XylancePlays 6 kun oldin
This is a wonderful song 😊
Simone Prímola
Simone Prímola 6 kun oldin
Que canção maravilhosa, preenche a alma! Precisava ouvir algo assim, todos precisam!
Heidi Burke
Heidi Burke 6 kun oldin
What a beautiful and powerful song!!!!
TheLittleYogi 6 kun oldin
Grigory Kurdyukov
Grigory Kurdyukov 6 kun oldin
Josh has amazing voice!!!! He can sing super high notes with ease. Incredible talent !!!
Dis One
Dis One 6 kun oldin
This is on trending despite having significantly less views than videos that have been up for less time. I think UZvid just let's people pay to be put on trending instead of showing us what people really watch.
maria Tanke
maria Tanke 6 kun oldin
,,no words for,, thats he, the realy Golden Josh, y hope all the good things in your live, love you Josh.
Erik Atlas
Erik Atlas 6 kun oldin
Beautiful voice, thanks man.
Nano Boom
Nano Boom 6 kun oldin
Cheryl Mills
Cheryl Mills 6 kun oldin
AMAZING!!!!!!! and this hits so close to home. Thank you Josh. Another great song. :-)
zap thoe
zap thoe 6 kun oldin
Is it a story but as a song
Paulina Leibo
Paulina Leibo 6 kun oldin
Very beautiful...thanks josh for the couraging lyric...love u 💕💕
Митя Ополченец
Victoria Patterson
Victoria Patterson 6 kun oldin
Amazing voice
Sandi Corbitt-Sears
Such an important message of hope and living fully. Josh once again delivers!
Riley Wharton
Riley Wharton 6 kun oldin
Thankful I get to chase my dream of attending the United States Naval Academy to become a Naval Officer! I have wanted to attend this institution since sixth grade and will be leaving in two weeks now! Chase your dreams and don’t take a single breath for granted! Hooyah!
LyricalGenes 6 kun oldin
*This song belongs in a movie!*
Emily Mahia
Emily Mahia Kun oldin
LyricalGenes what movie?
J S 6 kun oldin
Groban likes his ladies to pop.
Natalia Krishtopets
Stunning song!!!
alejandra palacios
alejandra palacios 6 kun oldin
Beth Klinger
Beth Klinger 6 kun oldin
Simply Beautiful.
C D 7 kun oldin
Donna Okoniewski
Donna Okoniewski 7 kun oldin
Beautiful! Love it!
Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith 7 kun oldin
Aww I love Charles Grodin.
Carlos Gabriel Clemente
I hope for the your new album Josh. In Argentina we a great group of your fans. Thanks for be you the soundtrack of my days.
Thomas C
Thomas C 7 kun oldin
TheLittleYogi 6 kun oldin
Thomas C lol was looking for EBZ comments
Crom Ov Hyboria
Crom Ov Hyboria 7 kun oldin
🎶Definitely noot like a biiiird~🎵
Karen  Wilson
Karen Wilson 7 kun oldin
Beautiful song thank you 💜😇
Eko Pujirahayu
Eko Pujirahayu 7 kun oldin
AMAZIINGG!!! so deep....deep meaning, so inspiring. thanks Josh Groban ♥
Никто Никто
Now on your avatar you look like as young Severus Snape, but your voice is more magnificent. And your eyes are not so cold. From Russia with love.
Josephine Ledlon
Josephine Ledlon 7 kun oldin
inspirational 👏❤👌🎈♥
knickandchester 7 kun oldin
One of the most unpleasant voices in music today
angela897094 6 kun oldin
knickandchester are you effing kidding? This guy is amazing, most especially live. Better than recorded. I'm afraid to ask who you consider to be great singer, but I'm curious.
Ahmed Fouda
Ahmed Fouda 7 kun oldin
This song just made my day and saved me from depression❤❤❤
Clarissa Ambrose
Clarissa Ambrose 7 kun oldin
New favorite empowerment song...
Pastor Alberto Rey
Pastor Alberto Rey 7 kun oldin
TheTfroggy912 7 kun oldin
Josh Groban: If you find love embrace it. JG’s Security Team: Ma’am, this is a restraining order.
Murugi Ndungu
Murugi Ndungu 7 kun oldin
Murugi Ndungu
Murugi Ndungu 7 kun oldin
JesusSavedJoshua 7 kun oldin
Jesus saves...embrace The Truth.
katherine sheetz
katherine sheetz 7 kun oldin
JG I’m sobbing 😭
Amanda Conley
Amanda Conley 7 kun oldin
Trending #29!? Pick it up, people!!! I think you mean #1!!!
KELLY RITCHIE 7 kun oldin
Best concert I've ever been to, best singer on the planet. How does he actually get better? smh! Bravo!
Bes 7 kun oldin
"Extra cheese please." *drowns in cheese