Judge Jeanine Pirro Triggers Whoopi Goldberg: 'You Are Suffering From Trump Derangement Syndrome!'

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Whoopi Goldberg Goes Nuts, Ends 'The View' Interview With Judge Jeanine Pirro, Screamed 'Get The F**k Out Of This Building,'



20-Iyl, 2018



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antinettroll 9 kun oldin
Poopee shut ur no allibi mask creepy don't smile even creepier. Sorry for insulting masks.. Grrrrrughhhhhh
kancil aspal
kancil aspal 12 kun oldin
UNDER PRESIDENT TRUMP Over 312,000 new jobs created in Dec 2018 Over 304,000 new jobs created in January 2019 Over 5.3 millions new jobs created Over 600,000 new Manufacturing jobs created Export Rice for the first time Export beef again 7 Brand new Steel Mills being build right now Gasoline only less than $2 a gallon Lowering prescription drugs prices Ford 1 Billions dollars plant moving to Chicago Trump / Pence 2020
Cali B.
Cali B. 20 kun oldin
Whoopi check her ass
SiNaoia 25 kun oldin
I support Whoopi... Judge Jeanine Pirro and Sean whoever...??? are both Dehumanizing idiots...!!!
Wesley W
Wesley W Oy oldin
So this is a group of woman screaming and talking over each other? And this is an actual show? How bloody pathetic.
Armando Velazquez
frank c Greg
frank c Greg Oy oldin
Nelson Oy oldin
Here in Brazil, the comunist behavior is the same.
Martin Pickett
Martin Pickett 2 oy oldin
Sunny at 2:08 Lmao
gelaben26 2 oy oldin
And Hannity is the biggest biased lobbying for Trump in midterms.. Shame on him people has spoken and so many against FOX for sexually demoralising women as Trump!
gelaben26 2 oy oldin
Judge Jeanine got what she deserved.. As a woman and person of color she has no empathy. Wonder what she says now after the midterm. #asslicker
Vick Johnson
Vick Johnson 2 oy oldin
How easy is to play the ignorant card or the victim. The truth is.....
Bertha Taylor
Bertha Taylor 2 oy oldin
William I'am
William I'am 2 oy oldin
*whoopie is 62? I would have guessed 82*
William I'am
William I'am 2 oy oldin
*Whoopie Goldberg looks like a GIANT turd that was rolled in a RATS NEST! can you imagine the stench?*
nd2fish1 2 oy oldin
Whoopi is a worthless parasite that happens to also be repulsive looking and has the class of a dog turd. Fuck that baboon looking piece of shit.
William M
William M 2 oy oldin
Poopie moldturd...yuck!...she nasty...
U S A Patriot
U S A Patriot 3 oy oldin
The Democrats message is YELLING I have never seen Trump say he hates any respectable people. They have no argument for anything but YELLING AND VIOLENCE if anyone calls for violence and does violence it is the Democrats just sit back and watch and use your own brain and you will see for yourself people!!
K1TTyCORPSE 3 oy oldin
How disgusting and sad. How is calling someone Mexican, racist? That's like calling someone who's from America, American. Mexican is their nationality...there are other names that would be offensive to Mexicans..but calling a Mexican a Mexican is not racist IMO. IMO people put SO MUCH emphasis on nationality.."The first BLACK this..." "This first SPANISH that.." Once you magnify that particular nationality or ethnicity, and put so much *importance" around it by isolating it from other contributing attributes or factors of that person or person(s) it creates a racial tension. Example: If the MEDIA constantly refers to a candidate by their nationality.."The first black.." "The FIRST BLACK!" 'The very FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN!' Once that is immersed in our sub conscious it's hard to not refer to it when making comments. Then if someone may not agree with that person or person(s) they are automatically racist? Why...because the media has projected this effigy of focus on their nationality! I think a constant light on ethnicity is what is making this racial division..and IMO THE LEFT SIDE is constantly talking about racism. CONSTANTLY CONSTANTLY CONSTANTLY. As a black woman I'M SICK OF IT and I finally see it. Whoopi should be ashamed of herself.
Richard McLeod
Richard McLeod 3 oy oldin
HATRED in its' purest form was shown by Whoopi Goldberg on this day................EVIL WAS SHOWN IN ITS' PUREST FORM!
ScrabbleMonster1 3 oy oldin
Nothing is more evil/nasty/ugly than fat angry liberal woman :O)
Iron mann
Iron mann 3 oy oldin
I think if this interview was put on again it would go down differently. I definitely know that they wouldn't say that 80% of Republicans back Trump! They're scattering like roaches
Bryan Solano
Bryan Solano 3 oy oldin
Jeanine got so pissed 😂😂😂😂😂
one2 3four
one2 3four 3 oy oldin
All the husbands of THE VIEW cast must be holding a gun to their own heads......what a horrible life to come home to these whining bovines! I can't wait till 99% of their audience is forced to get a damn job. The day after- the ratings will crash because the "BULK" no pun intended, a fat couch-sitting mules that eat bon-bons all day bitching about how men suck. It's women like this that make childbirth seem like nothing but a fart or some other simple body function and keep pumping up the divorce rate........there is NO wonder why today we have to deal with transsexuals peeing in the wrong bathroom.....I look at Whoopie-cushion-goldberger and I want to cut my own dick off!!!
Cj Me
Cj Me 3 oy oldin
Whoopi just mad Judge P is hot and Whoopi is hella ugly!
philip Brailey
philip Brailey 3 oy oldin
If I woke up and saw Whoopy Goldberg beside me, I wouldn’t be able to stop vomiting.
Womp womp woopie is the plantation master.
It is so horrible that these people believe that the Democrats or the people that do not support Trump. Look everyone, Americans are not in agreement with the president elect and it's fine. The citizens do not need to be in agreement with their imposed leader. The laws of our country allow disagreement and protest, so let it be. Now, I agree that we need to have conversations but everyone needs to speak truth or not speak at all.
rrhone 3 oy oldin
Why hasn't this chimp been fired yet??
tyga z
tyga z 4 oy oldin
whoopie goldshit is a down right rascist!!!!! period...
Bisi Sq
Bisi Sq 4 oy oldin
Pirro you also an immigrant bitch
Lel Constant
Lel Constant 4 oy oldin
The lady with the blue dress acts like a person who has no education.
John Hall
John Hall 4 oy oldin
I dont support both neither side but Whoopi was wrong for that she really was Whoopi you need to apologize
Archie Cunningham
Whoopi is a miserable woman.
taz taz
taz taz 4 oy oldin
Whoopi has proven that she is a racist bigot that hates anything white.
Sarina Belcore
Sarina Belcore 4 oy oldin
u tell em Whoopi. all people hating on her r fuck up trumpets so get fucked by him in the ass
DEKU 4 oy oldin
Jeanine stoopid
Jamarquavis Jefferson
Whoopi acted like an immature crybaby liberal. Its so typical the way they act. Liberals can't handle losing and can never listen to the truth. They shout and scream over they're guests when they disagree. Its so childish. The truth hurts sometimes and nobody likes to be told they're wrong, but if you learn from being wrong you can become a better person and improve your life.
Grace O’Steen
Grace O’Steen 4 oy oldin
Love you whoopi
Moise Picard
Moise Picard 4 oy oldin
Damn, I've never seen such a die-hard Republican.
805 GUY
805 GUY 4 oy oldin
Whoopi goldberg is a pathetic disgusting waste of a human being and skin shes PATHETIC a literal disgusting human being idk how her bitch ass hasn't been fired dumbest bitch on air for real
s Jones
s Jones 4 oy oldin
As someone from the U.K.as well like the poster below I can assure you that the majority of people don’t agree with the post below. The whole world knows the hate is coming from republicans. You just have to look and Donald Duck’s Twitter page and compare that to Berne, Hillary or any other senior democrat. Make your own judgement.
Sunny Lunasoul
Sunny Lunasoul 4 oy oldin
Whoopi kicked the judge out of her court
J Tiso
J Tiso 4 oy oldin
Democrats are animals
Jason R. Barnes
Jason R. Barnes 4 oy oldin
Whoopi could have handled that better, but its difficult to hear the rantings of an ignorant trump sell out.
Domenic Localzo
Domenic Localzo 4 oy oldin
I never seen a talking monkey have so much hatred in her face when she attacks the banana holder
Domenic Localzo
Domenic Localzo 4 oy oldin
I'm tired of talking monkeys
Domenic Localzo
Domenic Localzo 4 oy oldin
Whoopi Goldberg's ancestors definitely came from Apes
Domenic Localzo
Domenic Localzo 4 oy oldin
Whoopi Goldberg sexually assaulted me when I was young !
Antnj81 4 oy oldin
this woman most certainly put that loudmouth, whoopi goldberg's, fat ass in her place!!
Ms Mccoy
Ms Mccoy 4 oy oldin
Ditto Dibberin The Wind I am Canadian I see exactly what you see. Deranged left but they seem to be like that around the world USA is just the worst with their Really Fake Media and Obama the race baiter started it. In Canada HIllary the corrupt would not have had so many voters she would not even be allowed to be the party leader. Different political system there than. Good God look at their Primaries the $$ spent and the time they tour? Our party leaders are not chosen that way they are chosen by the members of the party and if they don't win they stay on to take care of the people who elected them in the region. Just a system that invites corruption plus the Americans are not very well read or educated on foreign affairs Geography and their history books are filled with propaganda no offence to the Americans wonderful people but just fed propaganda from school to the TV sets comedians and news are full of left wing propaganda. The biggest threat to that nation is not RUSSIA it is the Left
J P 4 oy oldin
Sister Act-ing like cwaawwwzzzyyyyy….🤣🤣🤣
kancil aspal
kancil aspal 4 oy oldin
President Trump won 3,087 out of 3,141 counties 306 electoral 36 EXTRAS President Trump Already created over 4 millions new jobs Blacks, Hispanics, Asian, Women and Non HS Diploma Unemployment lowest ever! Increased over 400% Black entrepreneurs ownerships Black home ownership all time high Hispanic entrepreneurs ownerships all time high GDP grows reach 4.6% Over 10 Trillion dollars added to the stock market Reduced over 52 Billions dollars trade deficit Less than 3.8% Unemployment Export beef again Steel industry start again Mining coal again Keystone pipe line start again Dakota pipe line start again Drill oil again Save Billions and Billions and Billions and Billions. ....of Dollars withdrawal from Paris accord Save Billions and Billions and Billions and Billions. ....of Dollars withdrawal from Iran Deal Companies are coming back Over 500,000 new Manufacturing jobs created DENUCLEARIZE North Korea Hostages and remains returned ISIS gone MS 13 on the run Fixing drug epidemic and human smugglers / traffickers Support Law enforcement Support First Responder Support Military Save second amendment Follow constitution Religious liberty Respect American Flag Respect National Anthem Secure Border Right to try medicine Space Force President Trump protects SS and Medicare President Trump terminate NAFTA ( One On One Deal ) President Trump cut regulations and taxes President Trump delivers his promises President Trump Already terminated TPP ( TPP means send more jobs over seas ) So far President Trump pick 2 Supreme Court Judges Draining the swamp And so much more. . . . With all the above less than 2 years and President Trump works for FREE KEEP ON WINNING MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN VOTE REPUBLICAN! TRUMP / PENCE 2020 PROMISES MADE PROMISES KEPT
david jones
david jones 4 oy oldin
who's the one talking shit whipping up hate?
Benjamin3@ 5 oy oldin
whoopi goldberg tells the truth. i cant stand stuck up republicans like judge pirro
Phil and Lyra
Phil and Lyra 5 oy oldin
Only thing Woopie has done good in the public eye is the movie Color purple.
sudamericanito 5 oy oldin
4:53 The numbers can be better, yes, but nobody can´t deny: Trump IS a hater!
Nick 5 oy oldin
Damn the hyenas whooping ass
Thudas22 5 oy oldin
I love Whoopi !! 😂
Thomas lang
Thomas lang 5 oy oldin
Ok Fartmouth Fakejew you asked about the deep state and I’ve been wanting for them to get so desperate they would expose themselves and they finally did The deep state are the assholes that wrote the times op ed where they admit they’re in the Trump administration with the intention of subverting it white they pose as civil servants
Saintly City Sue
Saintly City Sue 5 oy oldin
Whoopie Goldberg is absolutely correct. This Country has never seen a more vile, divisive hatemonger ensconced in the White House than Donald Trump. In the past few days, we've gotten even more evidence of the depths of his depravity in esteemed journalist Bob Woodward's new book as well as the Anonymous Opinion by a member of Trump's own White House published in the New York Times. Should nothing change, and quickly, we will soon be facing a Constitutional crisis.
Saintly City Sue
Saintly City Sue 5 oy oldin
Sean Hannity: "GDP numbers are out this week and they may go as high as 4%. Barack Obama never had GDP of 4% in eight years." GDP for 2018 Q2 was 4.1%. BARACK OBAMA BEAT THIS NUMBER FOUR TIMES: 2009 Q4 - 4.5% 2011 Q4 - 4.7% 2014 Q2 - 5.1% 2014 Q3 - 4.9%
Saintly City Sue
Saintly City Sue 5 oy oldin
Jeanine Pirro: "Unemployment is the lowest it's been in 50 years." 1. Under Barack Obama, the Unemployment Rate plummeted 5.5 points, from 10% to 4.6%. Under Donald Trump, the Unemployment Rate sputtered .5 point, from 4.6% to 4%. Clearly, President Obama did the heavy lifting. 2. The Unemployment Rate is not a good measure of the economy. Since Trump took office, wages are down. Translated, this means that more poorly-paying jobs are being created.
ken 5 oy oldin
I just found out whoopi has a child..Whaaaaat what desperate troll would sleep with this thing from the swamp!!!! Ugly is a complement to this ugly black blob
Les Subrick
Les Subrick 5 oy oldin
Fox news is NOT only a disgrace to the USA, but is a damn disgrace to American and Pirro is a damn liar!
Les Subrick
Les Subrick 5 oy oldin
Whoopi rocks! Pirro is a disgrace! She is a judge and a hater!
Les Subrick
Les Subrick 5 oy oldin
Pirro under this idiot Trump, the one percent are doing the best so shut your damn mouth! Pirro, you DO NOT WANT TO DEBATE ME!
Hello World
Hello World 5 oy oldin
Whoopi is so ignorant
Jake Mad
Jake Mad 5 oy oldin
Just wish they'd edit Whoopi out of the old Star Trek Generation series, her character was unnecessary and her acting was 💩
Householder Films
Why can’t we all be friends.
Robert Lavender
Robert Lavender 5 oy oldin
Didn't you get the memo ? uzvid.com/video/video-cEuU64Zt4B0.html
A. NOAH 6 oy oldin
Stop lying Hannity your show is un watchable. All you guys talk is lies lies lies. Obama reached 5.1 GDP.
Jennyfer Gordon
Jennyfer Gordon 6 oy oldin
Share your base you dumb bitch (whoopie).
Jeffery Raines
Jeffery Raines 6 oy oldin
Whoopi is such a fucking moron
Matthew Persaud
Matthew Persaud 6 oy oldin
Actually people are tired of Whoopi for saying stupid shit and not knowing what the hell she is staying
Jay Cogan
Jay Cogan 6 oy oldin
Tell those fools Judge!
William bernard
William bernard 6 oy oldin
Judge Jeanine is a Liar and her pants need to be on fire
#Guarida Internauta
fox is donald trump's ass kisser,fake news network...when u question and point out the orange man's faults their conversation revolves around having republicans having won and the opposite side being "angry " when it's all about the president acting shitty to other races....that is what is being judged not them having lost or won.
Lucas Verhoeven
Lucas Verhoeven 6 oy oldin
asshole hypocrites, they can't have a conversation because republicans label everything as fake news
Michelle Thomas
Michelle Thomas 6 oy oldin
Go on whoopi you tell her woohoo!!! Favourite actress EVER!!!!
Thomas P
Thomas P 6 oy oldin
Whoopi Goldberg acts & looks like a water buffalo
David Dunay
David Dunay 6 oy oldin
whoopi talking about hate from the right? how about we talk about Antifa? how about the man-hating feminists? how about we we talk about the violence from blm? these people are full of resentment. not good
George Soros
George Soros 6 oy oldin
That's all the left has left. Race baiting idiots with no goals or answers to any of our country's problems. Whoopi Goldberg is a fool and a typical Hollywood traitor to the American people.
rmclarkjr 6 oy oldin
true...100% truth
Lyjah Thomas
Lyjah Thomas 6 oy oldin
An Actor yelling at a Judge? Wtf...
Moe Trell
Moe Trell 6 oy oldin
You can see the devil in her face and I can see the devil in y'all comments. She's complaining about Whoopi cursing her out but she's fine with the president who said he be grabbing pussy lol and you can't answer a question with a question. She said Whoopi asked her a question and didn't let her answer, she wasn't trying to answer the question she was tryna ask Whoopi a question to get away from answering the questions Whoopi asked...she a judge she wouldn't allow someone in her courtroom to do that but what do I know....I'm Black
TheNostromozero 6 oy oldin
Whoopi you disgusting liberal bitch, you said you would leave the country if Trump won. Please leave I'm tired of looking at your ugly face and listening to your 'it's so terrible being black' bullshit. Get the hell out of here.
Priscilla Renfroe
Yayyy for Whoopi! GTFOOH
john john
john john 6 oy oldin
Facts doesnt matter to leftists
Baja Kenpo
Baja Kenpo 6 oy oldin
If you say let me ask you a question you should Let someone answer the question and not say I didn't ask you a question that's so dumb she is Ugly in the inside and ugly on the outside
Suzie Mccurdy
Suzie Mccurdy 6 oy oldin
the SPEW
Suzie Mccurdy
Suzie Mccurdy 6 oy oldin
look in the mirror Whoopi. talk about whipping up hatred
Matthew Persaud
Matthew Persaud 6 oy oldin
Whoopi definitely has trump dereangment
theiran 6 oy oldin
A made up syndrome, with one purpose. To discredit those who don't agree with them. Fuck that cunt and the Cheeto she rode in on...
a 6 oy oldin
This twit was screaming louder than Whoopi, and was enjoying provoking her. Whoopi has every right to dislike Trump, as everyone does who does not see him as their president. His own actions have brought that on him, pure and simple.
John Doe
John Doe 6 oy oldin
im a centrist (independent) but im glad to see "whoopi" put fake judge sexy jenine pirro in her place
John Doe
John Doe 6 oy oldin
dont these stupid redumblicans realise that unemployment was under 5 percent when thump took office? quit taking credit for obombas work
jojo snow
jojo snow 6 oy oldin
This country has lost its mind I hope we someday get through this difficult period of intolerance and hate.
farsensor operant
That "Judge"....she's a Cunt.
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