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Juice WRLD - Black & White (Official Music Video)

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Watch the official video for "Black & White" by Juice WRLD.
Goodbye & Good Riddance available now:
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Music video by Juice WRLD performing Black & White. © 2018 Grade A Productions, LLC, distributed by Interscope Records




3-Okt, 2018



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InsaneImpact07 2 soat oldin
This song is equality
ST B.I.G 7 soat oldin
I love how the song is so happy but the video is so depressing
lawd Billy
lawd Billy 8 soat oldin
Why u tryna be like lil uzi vert
lawd Billy
lawd Billy 5 soat oldin
+Madison yeah I know his mannerisms and demeanour says uzi alot ..shoulder and eyes roll lom
Madison 7 soat oldin
lawd Billy lets be real lil uzi could NEVER
Ashraf Ali
Ashraf Ali 9 soat oldin
fat nigga
fat nigga 9 soat oldin
The title describes my race
Ali Safaa
Ali Safaa 10 soat oldin
Racism has left the chat
Michael YtC
Michael YtC 10 soat oldin
2:06 juice a crip?
UrBoi Dyson
UrBoi Dyson 10 soat oldin
What will we do if juice gets shot or something and fucking dies then it'll be like when X died R.I.P XXXTENTACTION!!!
I’ve waited 90 days To change my name
i jumped when he started singing wth **such aggression**
Lavender 11 soat oldin
Who else here for the first part?
Corl 12 soat oldin
Where in this song does he say black and white
Not ceezit
Not ceezit 13 soat oldin
0:17 if lil uzi and monster mike had a son
Kayleigh Cascio
Kayleigh Cascio 15 soat oldin
Drip 20k
Drip 20k 16 soat oldin
My man got some weird looking white friends.
Eav Tube
Eav Tube 16 soat oldin
GrizzlyBear 23
GrizzlyBear 23 18 soat oldin
"everydays a party don't let no one tell you different"
Dominic Consiglio
Dominic Consiglio 18 soat oldin
"We'll be high as hell before this line endz.^
Irvin Mendez
Irvin Mendez 18 soat oldin
Collenial Gaming
Collenial Gaming 18 soat oldin
What happend to black and yellow?
3nergyx 19 soat oldin
Who's better: 👍 Juice Wrld= Like👍 👇 3nergyX= Comment👇
Victoria Caldwell
Victoria Caldwell 22 soat oldin
Wtf no
Ligma Sugma
Ligma Sugma Kun oldin
Krukoff DANIL
Krukoff DANIL Kun oldin
Джус просто ебашит. Настолько охеренный бит и текст я ещё никогда не слышал. Респект
J King
J King Kun oldin
I’m selling replay buttons for likes 0:00 0:00 0:00 Edit: 2 likes for 3 replays
Ruben Sandoval
Ruben Sandoval Kun oldin
Optical Fortnite Gamer
I’m captain obvious like if u got that ad
Max Miller
Max Miller Kun oldin
Im in my yellow benz, makin fake phones with my asian frienz. We'll be paid $2 before the month ends..
Rhoda Myers Parker
Juice Wrld has entered the chat Racism has left the chat
Izzzy Young
Izzzy Young Kun oldin
If My Subscribe Button Is Gray You Gay
Infinitenik Kun oldin
Great music video.
Yuxzi Kun oldin
:) gg
Colin Honeycutt
Colin Honeycutt Kun oldin
ItzYoungMari Kun oldin
Racism has left the server...
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze Kun oldin
Drevan Sanders
Drevan Sanders Kun oldin
Yung Cam
Yung Cam Kun oldin
still listen to this song to this day you inspired me dude . music has honestly been a passion dealt with a bad heartbreak recently 💔 your songs help with the feelings love 🖤
its_me_the_hobo 17
Racism leaves the chat
assassins ninja123
What a bout Mexicans
William Means
William Means Kun oldin
I'm steel watching this until now like if you're cool even tho you're all ready cool
Gorka Kun oldin
I feel like Juice World is trying to explain to us that racism is good.
Chase Hedden
Chase Hedden Kun oldin
Why the white people with orange and green hair, your making us look bad😂😂
Elljoda 2 kun oldin
Im crushing hard on the green haired girl in the beginning, need her ig asap
Janko Pl
Janko Pl 2 kun oldin
Fajne lambadziary tam tańczą
EddyB 2 kun oldin
im in the isis benz getting killed with all my dead friends we''ll blow up before the night ends....
Happy GamerITA
Happy GamerITA 2 kun oldin
Sense Eila
Sense Eila 2 kun oldin
how tf you only have 2.4 mil? youre and under rated not claw singer lmao
Richard Squires
Richard Squires 2 kun oldin
NESONEK TTR 2 kun oldin
🤜🏻🤛🏿No racism
Dabbro Gamer
Dabbro Gamer 2 kun oldin
Rasisim solved 👉🏿👈🏻
Alpha - RL & CS:GO and More
Kömüre bak
Matija Mijovic
Matija Mijovic 2 kun oldin
Wiz Khalifa Black and yellow Juice wrld Black and white
Daniel 2 kun oldin
No to Racism! Gj juice wlrd
Manash Protim Bora
Manash Protim Bora 2 kun oldin
0:31 that boi. ❤
Hixcap 2 kun oldin
have you ever seen the clown in walmart that hides from gay people? like if no, comment if yes
Hixcap 2 kun oldin
lemme know if u get the joke 😉😉
Son capri
Son capri 2 kun oldin
Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast 2 kun oldin
R u high Yes ( ) No ( ) x
Zack Lafleur
Zack Lafleur 2 kun oldin
Why all the white people look like weirdos lmao
lewis robinson
lewis robinson Kun oldin
Zack Lafleur black ones look gay and weird
Derfy 2 kun oldin
I’m in my blue Benz raising that white flag with my France friends we’ll be conquered by Germany before this war ends. Switch up to the red benz the thanking my soviet friends we will have are country restored by the Marshall plan yeah by the Marshall plaannn
Robert S
Robert S 2 kun oldin
Coke and lean imagine how that would feel lol ffff
Young BeastMode
Young BeastMode 2 kun oldin
when your mom pick up your report card and you no you about to get beating 00:01
Feiyx Gaming
Feiyx Gaming 2 kun oldin
I'm in my orange Benz, Eating curry with my Indian friends. Then praying till my life ends, oh yeah
WATERMELON 14 2 kun oldin
Loveeeee 😊
dejon vaughn
dejon vaughn 2 kun oldin
14k racists disliked this song lol
dejon vaughn
dejon vaughn 2 kun oldin
Why would anybody dislike this song?
XXDankboiXX XXDankboiXX
Juice WRLD is the whitest black guy
lewis robinson
lewis robinson Kun oldin
XXDankboiXX XXDankboiXX not really.. he’s just not a thug ... there’s a lot normal black dude 😂😂
smd smd
smd smd 2 kun oldin
i fucks with that shirt where he get it
A Mcdowe
A Mcdowe 2 kun oldin
Wit my white Asian latino black friends
Rich Panda
Rich Panda 2 kun oldin
March, 19, 2019 still listening. Anyone else? everylike this gets shows juice wrld is the best rapper of 2019. 💜
Jordan trap/rock
Jordan trap/rock 9 soat oldin
YT Cosmic_duck
YT Cosmic_duck 11 soat oldin
Srry J. Cole takes that title but juice still fire asf
The Kid
The Kid Kun oldin
On the 17th
SPACEMONKEY 28 2 kun oldin
Damn exact date
Winford Moloney
Winford Moloney 2 kun oldin
Bludismo/Better. 2 kun oldin
I just checked in cheif, mexicans think this is racist
mats poelman
mats poelman 3 kun oldin
black and white duopenotie
Kontact 3 kun oldin
Rappers/singers looking for new beats? I got that fire. 🔥🔥🔥
Yeraldin Mendoza
Yeraldin Mendoza 3 kun oldin
Black & White Juice WRLD✔☝😆 Lean White pens Yeah👏👽
skrrt skrrt
skrrt skrrt 3 kun oldin
0:56 When your first in Mario Kart.
TxZ Trickyz
TxZ Trickyz 3 kun oldin
Who else thinks that the people in this music video r weird
Aldous Kun
Aldous Kun 3 kun oldin
Keren gua suka
Shawn Demps
Shawn Demps 3 kun oldin
I love this song
Kakashi Hatache
Kakashi Hatache 3 kun oldin
I'm in my rainbow benz, shaving my pussy with my gay friends
michelle craig
michelle craig 3 kun oldin
When a bad guy enters your house 1:07 He ask you he wants your tv 1:46 Bad guy says 1:19 You say 1:50 Bad guy is like 1:32
michelle craig
michelle craig 3 kun oldin
When a bad guy enters your house @ He ask you he wants your tv @ Bad guy says @ You say @ Bad guy is like @
michelle craig
michelle craig 3 kun oldin
When a bad guy enters your house @ He ask you he wants your tv @ Bad guy says @ You say @ Bad guy is like @
Brittany Peterson
Brittany Peterson 3 kun oldin
Yes 🌟🌟💝💝👑👑
Joshua Baggett
Joshua Baggett 3 kun oldin
your daddy
your daddy 2 kun oldin
Quinton Petrich
Quinton Petrich 3 kun oldin
I love juice WRLD💶💶💶💶💶💰🚬💯🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾
jay mac
jay mac 3 kun oldin
so i was taking to this guy about what genre this falls under . what do you guys think? also leave a like
Trapstar XL
Trapstar XL 3 kun oldin
Rap/emo rap/rnb/pop
Pau Myers
Pau Myers 3 kun oldin
Bad quality voice
C L 3 kun oldin
How you gone go ahead and do a white drug with black people and a black drug with whites 😂😂
Trapstar XL
Trapstar XL 3 kun oldin
Ikr lol
Manshiur 3 kun oldin
clave ndaaaaaaaaaaa muy bueno el tema kpo un ten man like to de vidio
Arnie Point
Arnie Point 3 kun oldin
Cavin Sinurat
Cavin Sinurat 3 kun oldin
not Racism🙏🙏🙏
Doncamatic 3 kun oldin
meat puppets foreign lawns
Drip 20k
Drip 20k 3 kun oldin
Such a distinct “Uh” with juice
AtX_Cobra 3 kun oldin
Sub me
Hannah Breedlove
Hannah Breedlove 3 kun oldin
anyone just thing dang this bass tho!
s u p e r c a l i f r a g i l i s t i c
in my brown benz , doin some curry with my indian friends OH YEA YEA
he got a unfolded pack of Marlboro Reds on his shirt. Nice.
Loretta McGehrin
Loretta McGehrin 3 kun oldin
0:11 when your teacher says you have a test on a Friday.
jaycob reza
jaycob reza 4 kun oldin
Wheres the mexican
Visual Master
Visual Master 4 kun oldin
or like if u like juice WRLD than x
Иеке Нойон
If racism is not a thing with Juice WRLD then why are the white friends doing the loser drugs
Raspberryoranges YT
Plz juice stop doing drugs and shit we don't wanna lose you just like x I know he was murdered but I just don't want to lose another life plz don't leave this world from stupid fucking shit. Like this so maybe he'll see
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