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Julia Michaels - Heaven

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Heaven (From Fifty Shades Freed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) / Official Video)
Song available on the Fifty Shades Freed Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Fifty Shades Freed, in theaters February 9.
Watch the trailer, and book tickets now: unvrs.al/FSFTix

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Directed by Sophie Muller
Produced by Grant Jue
For Wondros

Music video by Julia Michaels performing Heaven. © 2018 Universal Studios




6-Fev, 2018

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Zoya Shahid
Zoya Shahid 12 soat oldin
Hm kinda fits in with the After movie...
Sahara Adekar
Sahara Adekar 13 soat oldin
Iam not a sinner he wasn't the one had no idea what we would become There's no regret I just thought it was fun😉
Neha Sonowal
Neha Sonowal 16 soat oldin
My life is too boring... Never had a bad boy in my life... The ones that ask me out.. Are just dumb good looking ones... Yes.. I too want a Mr Grey
Ismail N
Ismail N Kun oldin
Alright. From now on, I will make it habit of dipping my finger into an ice cream container.
Donis STAR
Donis STAR Kun oldin
Selena gomez #SG2 song that was scrapped from the album.
Malia Hale Mikaelson
Rivers Cloud
Rivers Cloud Kun oldin
We all know a guy that this song makes us remember
Queen Victoria Love of my Life
Queen Victoria Love of my Life
Sienna Jimenez
Sienna Jimenez 2 kun oldin
Yary Alfaro
Yary Alfaro 2 kun oldin
From Fifty Shades Darker or Fifty Shades Freed??
Sarah Nikki Dsouza
Yary Alfaro freed
werner haase
werner haase 2 kun oldin
Good girls only heaven and boys another way
Andrea Silva
Andrea Silva 2 kun oldin
Quem é brasileiro e amar♥
Hailey Wing
Hailey Wing 3 kun oldin
The guys were good looking.but damn that ice cream was looking like a snack😛🍦
Ramsha Aamir
Ramsha Aamir 3 kun oldin
Anushka Sharma
Ramsha Aamir
Ramsha Aamir 3 kun oldin
This is so seducing
Jeon Sadie Jungkook
Why am i thinking about Jungkook while listening to this....😂
Aarohi Sonputri
Aarohi Sonputri 3 kun oldin
Rochelle 14
Rochelle 14 3 kun oldin
when they say all good boys go to heaven but bad boys bringhell back to you
Challenger !
Challenger ! 3 kun oldin
Who's thr second guy with dread locks or something he is so handsome? anyone here who know his name
Jatin Srivastava
Jatin Srivastava 3 kun oldin
Julia poured the mind and heart of girls into the song
Jatin Srivastava
Jatin Srivastava 3 kun oldin
They want to rise with a men but to sleep with an ice cream.
Jency Banton 101
Jency Banton 101 4 kun oldin
Bad boys steal ice scream from you
Pooja R
Pooja R 4 kun oldin
what an voice..😍
Salty Moe
Salty Moe 4 kun oldin
Damn she looks like the old Kylie Jenner
Anabelle Carlile
Anabelle Carlile 4 kun oldin
Question what the fudge is with the ice cream
gacha fun logic
gacha fun logic 4 kun oldin
To be honest Julia looks like the little girl from orphan
Gubelat 4 kun oldin
Stolen form Velvet Acid Christs Ghost in the Circuit! Shame on you!
Edluoie Marcoleta
Edluoie Marcoleta 4 kun oldin
How do you call it heaven when you were only lied on bed and getting fucked up? Your still going to hell bi-ach hahahahah
123 Banana
123 Banana 4 kun oldin
All good boys go to heaven 👼🌸 But badboys bring heaven to you😘 🔥
Ludmilla Kutshinskaja
Krasota 👏👏👏👏👏
Izah Bkl
Izah Bkl 4 kun oldin
Finally someone knows what I feeling... The reason why we always falling in love with "bad boy". Such as an automatic..
Sukanya Barooah
Sukanya Barooah 5 kun oldin
The lyrics are so epic😊
Saira López Reyes
Saira López Reyes 5 kun oldin
Quién viene del vídeo de Luisa Fernanda W y Legarda? 💔😭
Swirling Fizz
Swirling Fizz 6 kun oldin
This song is so beautiful I’m thinking if I should download it
Jenelle Edwards
Jenelle Edwards 6 kun oldin
2:27 yasssssss
Loyalis Bwillder
Loyalis Bwillder 6 kun oldin
No need to imagine...cause y'all know it's true,when I say all good girls go to heaven,but bad girls go to dr.Phil😁
Marina Oliveira
Marina Oliveira 6 kun oldin
so lembro do Son Oh Gong (Hwayugi) com essa musica :'')
El Heba
El Heba 6 kun oldin
This song is so deep
Říkejte mi Tomáš
veri goot song
Gurjot Malhotra
Gurjot Malhotra 6 kun oldin
Play speed at slow 0.75x ....enjoy 😍
MiraiChan CH
MiraiChan CH 6 kun oldin
2019? Anybody? •3•
My Gaming KawaiiCookie
Come on people! Get yo self a smexy badboy!😂
DANI AMBROSE 7 kun oldin
Man this song just explains everything im feeling
Harriet 7 kun oldin
*Plot twist* Good boys are bad boys who haven't been caught ;)
Arun Kohli
Arun Kohli 7 kun oldin
This song has that eye catching vibe! You can't close this song if you want to!!!!!💞
Lilli Milburn
Lilli Milburn 7 kun oldin
the boys are good and all, but i'd rather have the ice-cream! what? ice cream comforts me when i'm sad...
GiGi OnGo
GiGi OnGo 7 kun oldin
If you ask me! I’ll do it again.
Adarshi Sinha
Adarshi Sinha 7 kun oldin
Who's listening to this on Valentine's Day? 💓💓
Iam Alexi
Iam Alexi 7 kun oldin
They say "all good girls go to heaven " but bad girls go to mr. grey or else hell ..
Iam Alexi
Iam Alexi 7 kun oldin
Lucius Nguyen
Lucius Nguyen 7 kun oldin
Eat ice cream with the finger ? wtwf
Shweta Maurya
Shweta Maurya 8 kun oldin
What a sexy voice 😘😘😘
Meraiah Addie
Meraiah Addie 8 kun oldin
Damn...😍🔥🔥 *that ice cream tho* 😂
marlene fischer
marlene fischer 8 kun oldin
Bannana Lover
Bannana Lover 9 kun oldin
How can they go to heaven but there bad I'm confused
Tanya 9 kun oldin
Is it just me or the starting tune is similar to - dangerously - by Charlie Puth ?
Mia31C 9 kun oldin
Telma Aparecida
Telma Aparecida 9 kun oldin
Brasil 😍😍
Bethany Warner
Bethany Warner 9 kun oldin
2019 anyone ?? 😆
Keishyn Sempai
Keishyn Sempai 10 kun oldin
Esta canción me hace recordar el Ying y el Yang, a Luisa y Legarda, y sus besos llenos de pasión y amor puro en sus vídeos, Descansa en paz Legarda, Nunca había visto un amor tan sincero como el tuyo hacia Luisa...
sattareh montaseri
sattareh montaseri 10 kun oldin
In love with this song been playing it over and over again on repeat addicted 😂🤦‍♀️😍
ikonic for life
ikonic for life 10 kun oldin
BDALS Win 10 kun oldin
So many views wow
ashley bourgeois
ashley bourgeois 10 kun oldin
This is such a sexy song. The beat is hypnotizing.
Mystic Girl19
Mystic Girl19 10 kun oldin
Finally found it!
Anushka hingorani
Anushka hingorani 11 kun oldin
And she resembles Anushka sharma 😱
swati yadav
swati yadav 11 kun oldin
😍😍😍words r not enough for dis song
Ankit Goswami
Ankit Goswami 11 kun oldin
The 2nd most underrated song after The weeknd "Reminder."
HOT BUZZ 11 kun oldin
Who is here After Watching Fifty Shades Freed??
alina soni
alina soni 11 kun oldin
Ur voice is so addictive
Tricia Cake
Tricia Cake 11 kun oldin
I was under a rock. This is my 2019 song
betssa Thais
betssa Thais 11 kun oldin
sawe jerobon
sawe jerobon 11 kun oldin
this gives me chills!!!
Gargee N
Gargee N 11 kun oldin
So mysterious music...🔥🔥💥😍
Ema Laksmann
Ema Laksmann 11 kun oldin
I lovvvvvvveeeeee this song😍😘😍
Daria Furbysky
Daria Furbysky 11 kun oldin
Ooh Ooh Ooh Love's my religion but he was my faith Something so sacred so hard to replace Fallin' for him was like fallin' from grace All wrapped in one he was so many sins Would have done anything everything for him And if you ask me I would do it again No need to imagine 'Cause I know it's true They say "all good boys go to heaven" But bad boys bring heaven to you It's automatic It's just what they do They say "all good boys go to heaven" But bad boys bring heaven to you You don't realize the power they have Until they leave you and you want them back Nothing in this world prepares you for that I'm not a sinner he wasn't the one Had no idea what we would become There's no regrets I just thought it was fun No need to imagine 'Cause I know it's true They say…
Karan Tomar
Karan Tomar 12 kun oldin
all good goys go to heaven but bad goys bring heaven to you
Icy Slime Treasures
Icy Slime Treasures 12 kun oldin
They say all good boys go to heaven But bad boys bring HELL into you 😂😂😂
EmmazWorld 12 kun oldin
Good boys go to heaven But ice cream brings heaven to you ❤️
Sabeeh Murtaza Mirza
I am so love with this song
The four stars
The four stars 12 kun oldin
H He Hea Heav Heave Heaven Heave Heav Hea He H
Raven Claw
Raven Claw 12 kun oldin
I no this song like the back of my hand❤❤
Anasmita Bhattacharyya
Even after a year. This song still tops my kink playlist :)
Raad Yusuf
Raad Yusuf 12 kun oldin
This is the type of song you'd listen to while drinking a bottle of Sauvignon blanc.
Dangapaia Vivienni
Dangapaia Vivienni 13 kun oldin
Her voice is so good and unique and this song and issues r the best
No Band Left Behind
No Band Left Behind 13 kun oldin
simply amazing...
Kelley Kays-Thompson
I littrly cried like if u agree
Melissa Godar
Melissa Godar 13 kun oldin
hell or health ...?
luiza farias
luiza farias 13 kun oldin
Que música sexy rsrs
Olivia :3
Olivia :3 13 kun oldin
Okay, so girls want to go to heaven, but dont want to die. What if we get a chance to start over if we all die?
Steph Boshell
Steph Boshell 13 kun oldin
Christian FUCKING grey 😍😍😍
JF R 14 kun oldin
Her hair looks like an Afghan Hound
Harriet 14 kun oldin
I want a Christian grey in my life
Jessica Avila
Jessica Avila 14 kun oldin
Her eyes are so pretty
•{Atsumi Edits}•
jenifher ramirez ortiz
hoy me volvi adicta a esta canción
Ouma Shu
Ouma Shu 15 kun oldin
Bad boys and girls are sent to the ranch
Akshay Kumar FC West Bengal
1 Year Of Heaven 💓
-A Girl-
-A Girl- 15 kun oldin
The first and the second boys are the best!😍😍
kételem Santos
kételem Santos 15 kun oldin
Algum brasileiro em 2019 da like
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