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Julia Michaels - Heaven

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Heaven (From Fifty Shades Freed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) / Official Video)
Song available on the Fifty Shades Freed Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Fifty Shades Freed, in theaters February 9.
Watch the trailer, and book tickets now: unvrs.al/FSFTix

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Directed by Sophie Muller
Produced by Grant Jue
For Wondros

Music video by Julia Michaels performing Heaven. © 2018 Universal Studios




6-Fev, 2018

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Meera Krishna
Meera Krishna 5 soat oldin
this song has got me hooked 🤩
Mackenzie Rampley
Mackenzie Rampley 9 soat oldin
The one guy looked like mark the gamer aka markaplayer idk how to spell his name but oof
cringe show
cringe show 11 soat oldin
Is it just me but does Julia's clothes remind me of the clothes they wear in houseki no kuni (land of the lustrous) (Yes i am a otaku)
Mohammed Siddique
Mohammed Siddique 13 soat oldin
1 sahi 99 JHOOT HADEES
Mohammed Siddique
Mohammed Siddique 13 soat oldin
Automatic watches lief
Rucitaa PT Pamungkas
Rucitaa PT Pamungkas 16 soat oldin
Bad boys bring heaven to you. I think the heaven is a pleasure of uh hum idk lol
The Doctor Of The Universe
She looks great in black😍😍😍
Debora mãe aos 22
Debora mãe aos 22 21 soat oldin
Eitaa musicao 😍
Griffin Killer Ultima
Griffin Killer Ultima 22 soat oldin
jori bukhari
jori bukhari 23 soat oldin
I love this song
Anmol Singh
Anmol Singh Kun oldin
Voice ☺
Anmol Singh
Anmol Singh Kun oldin
Loved the music
Agustina Palacios
Que alguien me deje el nombre de todos los hombres que aparecen
Reschelle Cornell
Reschelle Cornell 2 kun oldin
I really love this songgg!
Sweetcakes 24
Sweetcakes 24 2 kun oldin
Remember this was on the ice cream scene off of Fifty Shades Freed
Lovi Aizelle Darlene
Love this. 😍
Argie Cooler
Argie Cooler 2 kun oldin
Goodboys like me like this video upsidedown.
Aditi Lohakare
Aditi Lohakare 2 kun oldin
Its End of 2018 and who's here?
Max Gomez
Max Gomez 3 kun oldin
Melhor música! ❤️❤️❤️
Hari AV
Hari AV 3 kun oldin
I'm a bad girl then 😂😂
Gliga Adrian
Gliga Adrian 3 kun oldin
I fucked 3 head shoots this week :)),, I am very proud " (celebrity words by CR)
Queenbee Tan
Queenbee Tan 3 kun oldin
Can I say that I love Julia's songs.Very pleasure to hear her music.
nausheen kausar
nausheen kausar 3 kun oldin
How time changes ...there were videos in which womens were nude while mens were fully dressed ..now this is a master piece #reversed
Jennifer Iswarary
Jennifer Iswarary 3 kun oldin
The boy in 2:44 damn 🔥 who is he?
Madison Nownes
Madison Nownes 3 kun oldin
I listen to this because a user is is reporting me, even though HE is the one calling me a 27*$(!!!! Oh great, he’s texting me rn. WISH ME LUCK, I COULD LOSE MY CHANNEL SOON!!!!
bts is good for your health
i just came here because of msp series
Kira Loves it
Kira Loves it 4 kun oldin
Poonam Bharti
Poonam Bharti 4 kun oldin
Feel good
Induni Nawarathna
Induni Nawarathna 4 kun oldin
i like this song
Fire Pshycho
Fire Pshycho 5 kun oldin
Her voice though! 😍❤
Riddhi jain
Riddhi jain 5 kun oldin
Gosh!! I love this song😍
Pearline Koh
Pearline Koh 5 kun oldin
Thats a uhh.......big gap in your umm..teeth
RealDiva1971 5 kun oldin
Love's my religion, but he was my faith- 1st line got me hooked & shooked
Salma Tashildar
Salma Tashildar 6 kun oldin
This song never gonna get old...😍
Julia R. C.
Julia R. C. 6 kun oldin
Name of the boy at 1:21?
Charli T
Charli T 7 kun oldin
Damn I love this song sm
Sara Wilcker
Sara Wilcker 7 kun oldin
If you died by having your head cut off, do you go to heaven headless?
lori wise
lori wise 7 kun oldin
Dedicated to my Bad BoY Frank..x
pratiksha singh
pratiksha singh 7 kun oldin
Still these guys can't beat Jamie 😆🤤🔥♥️
장효승 7 kun oldin
LOREN Anderson
LOREN Anderson 8 kun oldin
I sang this in class the bad boy was like "I guess I bring heaven to u 😏" I was like nope not a chance your an f boi and hmm if ur trying to get with me then I'm a challenge so try me
Sad Girl
Sad Girl 8 kun oldin
Love ❤
Zeref Uchiha
Zeref Uchiha 8 kun oldin
Afrina Sultana
Afrina Sultana 8 kun oldin
Her hair, makeup, dress everything is on point 😍😍😍
Bertha Walker
Bertha Walker 9 kun oldin
She cute
cutiepie 15
cutiepie 15 9 kun oldin
I'm suddenly craving ice cream😂
Luis Hernández the beast
I just do not know why I feel identified with this song
Calm Spirit
Calm Spirit 9 kun oldin
Good girls go to heaven.. but bad girls go to Dr.Phil
Kanishka Bhardwaj
Kanishka Bhardwaj 8 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂😂lol ... best comment
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen 9 kun oldin
Where the hot guy roaming my kitchen? 🤷🏾‍♀️
BABITA SAHA 9 kun oldin
Who's the man with dreadlocks? Also the man with a beanie and all covered up?
Roxi you are werd Amador
it’s good that she’s dressed and the boys aren’t not the boys are so hut and sexy
Vanessa Escobar
Vanessa Escobar 10 kun oldin
anyone just say Issa in a wig looking at her xD
Nicole Reynaldo
Nicole Reynaldo 10 kun oldin
Ugh! Can Mister Grey be with me?!
Felx Monster
Felx Monster 10 kun oldin
Cade os Brasileiros???
Ana Caroliny
Ana Caroliny 9 kun oldin
eu aqui🎧🎶🎵🎤
OkayMaeve Finn
OkayMaeve Finn 10 kun oldin
Pug Sy
Pug Sy 11 kun oldin
id let those guys cut me
IloveResi Somuch
IloveResi Somuch 11 kun oldin
fifty shades ;)
Maria Raquel Sousa
Maria Raquel Sousa 11 kun oldin
Linda 😭😭😭
Julienne Gratil
Julienne Gratil 11 kun oldin
Me right now : craving for ICE CREAM
aditi shrivastava
aditi shrivastava 11 kun oldin
Best song after love me harder😍
R. T.
R. T. 11 kun oldin
Her tattoo on her finger is stunning 🖤
Maria Aubrey
Maria Aubrey 11 kun oldin
Fuck the jawline of the first guy😋😍
finny 11 kun oldin
listening to this while taking a shit
christophe desruelle
J adore
MilLy Gacha Silva
MilLy Gacha Silva 12 kun oldin
Shefali Srivastava
Shefali Srivastava 12 kun oldin
She resembles luna from harry Potter!!
DK 12 kun oldin
I'm touching myself todayy
Zakari Freeman
Zakari Freeman 13 kun oldin
Is it just me? or does the vibe of this song make you want to bad things that feel so good 🔥
Fardina Jemin
Fardina Jemin 13 kun oldin
It's automatic
AJ McNeil
AJ McNeil 13 kun oldin
This whole video is HOT 😍
Rohan Aditya
Rohan Aditya 14 kun oldin
Jyoti Negi
Jyoti Negi 14 kun oldin
Referring to all those bad boys who spiced up our world . Good boys beware .love this song
Armin Barootian
Armin Barootian 14 kun oldin
Bad Boys bring you divorce papers 2 rager kids and lawsuit Bills. ..go along and love them...
Kajalpreet Kaur
Kajalpreet Kaur 14 kun oldin
Wow... Such an amazing voice😍❤️❤️
Artsy cat
Artsy cat 14 kun oldin
Come here Daddies...Let Me Taken You To Heaven..😻😻😸
Genvieves gaming corner
the 2nd guy reminds me of XXXtentation witch makes me wnna cry #r.i.pXXXTENTATION#loveuxxxtentation#pray4x
Genvieves gaming corner
love this song
Beatrice Love 06
Beatrice Love 06 15 kun oldin
November 2018?❤🔥
Ana Carolina
Ana Carolina 15 kun oldin
They bring hell along too, and that is where the fun start
Kayleigh Knox
Kayleigh Knox 15 kun oldin
3:05 F**K YES!
luiza farias
luiza farias 15 kun oldin
Vício rsrs
Me Fat
Me Fat 15 kun oldin
Whos the first guy ? Hes hot
Lyrae Plummer
Lyrae Plummer 15 kun oldin
Anyone still here November 2018🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Nevaeh Nicole
Nevaeh Nicole 15 kun oldin
The name of this is my name backward Nevaeh Heaven
Nevaeh Nicole
Nevaeh Nicole 15 kun oldin
Like if have the same thing
kushina Basumatary
kushina Basumatary 16 kun oldin
You have a very seductive voice I love it 😘😘😘
Jess Rose
Jess Rose 16 kun oldin
Just comparing my bf to all these got me depressed
GEt_left screaM
GEt_left screaM 15 kun oldin
You're pathetic, he should leave you
mystery lady
mystery lady 16 kun oldin
Now I want ice-cream... Damittt
Amartya Singh
Amartya Singh 17 kun oldin
Julia is slayin'😍😍 HOW CAN YOU NOT FALL FOR THOSE EYES!!!!
Vina Z
Vina Z 16 kun oldin
+Squire Landlord nooo she's cutee
Squire Landlord
Squire Landlord 16 kun oldin
Well... because the fact there is a alien face around thoes eyes!
Duarte Nunes
Duarte Nunes 17 kun oldin
Message here: that person that wrote the music is one of those women that like to be treated like shit and you have to treat her like shit otherwise you're fucked.
Bunny Naberal
Bunny Naberal 17 kun oldin
Wow her lips beautiful
GOKU03107 JUAREX 17 kun oldin
Is good music
Lavínia Nascimento
Lavínia Nascimento 17 kun oldin
new addiction
Sharm TV
Sharm TV 18 kun oldin
*their hotness can melt that ice cream*
Hermoso Angel
Hermoso Angel 18 kun oldin
Alguien de latinoamérica que me diga cómo se llaman esos hermosos ❤️ hombres que aparecen en el video clip😍💕 pliss 🙏
Elisson Dormezil
Elisson Dormezil 18 kun oldin
Karen Trageser
Karen Trageser 19 kun oldin
Karen Trageser
Karen Trageser 19 kun oldin
Mr.grey funny
holly noods
holly noods 19 kun oldin
*i like it slowed*
jasmine smith
jasmine smith 19 kun oldin
Love the Music xxxx
jasmine smith
jasmine smith 19 kun oldin