Just a few weird tech products we saw at CES 2019

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What happens when you put technology into, well, everything? You might remember the talking toilet from 2018. Could tech top that in 2019? The Post's Geoffrey A. Fowler explores the halls of CES to find out. Read more: wapo.st/2C8H7Ei. Subscribe to The Washington Post on UZvid: bit.ly/2qiJ4dy
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9-Yan, 2019

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Ivan Valentine
Ivan Valentine 2 soat oldin
The host touches kids for sure XD
Kon Kun oldin
This guy is so 'Washington post"
Massoud Kertiou
Massoud Kertiou Kun oldin
am sorry man but you was rude with some of them
Abdullah Sheikh
Abdullah Sheikh Kun oldin
He should know it’s an event to showcase new technology... not fully developed tech where he has to point out every mistake instead of appreciating the inventions.
Costin Herea
Costin Herea 2 kun oldin
Garbage products. Not even funny, but love the host though.
Chris Castle
Chris Castle 3 kun oldin
That was just bad.....
Ruut Speak
Ruut Speak 3 kun oldin
That suitcase will be a hit with thieves.
Alonso Martii
Alonso Martii 3 kun oldin
Let's take a Tripp.
NAZMUL HADI 4 kun oldin
Ha..haa...haaa.... He's like a sitcom-actors in THE BING-BANG THEORY , Keep going old man !
Jimmy Li
Jimmy Li 4 kun oldin
I feel like some of his jokes would only be appropriate after reaching a certain level of closeness with the person he's talking to lol
1 man army
1 man army 4 kun oldin
why is it that anything you buy today has a camera or sensors in it to track your every move
mike doe
mike doe 4 kun oldin
Geoffrey A. Fowler is the person that has officially Doomed the Washington Post.
mike doe
mike doe 4 kun oldin
I have Lost any respect that I previously had for the Washington Post, because of this video !
mike doe
mike doe 4 kun oldin
This video should be put into the Toilet.
zambonietony 4 kun oldin
God what an actual tool this guy was.....😑🤦‍♂️
SamTIZEN 4 kun oldin
He previously worked for the Wall Street Journal. It looks like they got rid of him and now he has found shelter in the Washington Post ...
V WorldWide
V WorldWide 4 kun oldin
Adaptive didasutical in other words they took the psvr scratched off the branding and repackaged it.
Donuts 5 kun oldin
It's 2019 and still they can't make a robot that grabs coke from the fridge for me.
mark N.
mark N. 5 kun oldin
people are going crazy and stupid.😑😐😐😐
Ferguson Yeboah
Ferguson Yeboah 5 kun oldin
And here I thought my socialization skills were bad. Someone over here getting paid for being even worse. WTH did I just watch?!
Seaya 5 kun oldin
so awkward
hyou zan ren
hyou zan ren 5 kun oldin
flying drones phone anyone?...still no flying drone phones?
catachuppy 5 kun oldin
he's actually really hot!
Ozzy Alvarez
Ozzy Alvarez 6 kun oldin
That dude is just horrible.
weevilist 6 kun oldin
Video nice, host is not even a techie 👎 please go back
Nana kuzi
Nana kuzi 6 kun oldin
When the robot apocalypse comes they'll go after this reporter
Total GAMIX 5 kun oldin
Fred Rick
Fred Rick 6 kun oldin
"There's a toilet for you, why not for your dog?" Errm, are we gonna have to make toilets for everything that poops?
Tyler Adamcik
Tyler Adamcik 6 kun oldin
Wsj for old people
billion8 6 kun oldin
After seeing the 1st 10 comments, I watched just to see how horrible the host was...it's like he hates them. 😐
Sahdin Khan
Sahdin Khan 6 kun oldin
Why is this guy even there??
Michael Mei
Michael Mei 6 kun oldin
Should have called him white walker
angelo sanchez
angelo sanchez 6 kun oldin
Oh damn the host.. Why is he so rude?
Critique Truth
Critique Truth 6 kun oldin
Don't waste 6:19 minute of your life. Journalist doesn't admire technology. He is absolutely demotivating for those who created all this cool new tech.
Chance Briggs
Chance Briggs 6 kun oldin
How do I get his job?
Moxadonis 6 kun oldin
So many of these "news" organizations are so out of touch.
Juuk 6 kun oldin
Was hard to watch when the guy is so corny
Ali Khan
Ali Khan 6 kun oldin
David Scott is that you?
Skulltruck08 7 kun oldin
It seems like I am not the only one who don't like that guy. LoL
steph g
steph g 7 kun oldin
all the big channels are covering the SAME items from CES 2019 :(
Skapo 6 kun oldin
I was there. Was a bit of an underwhelming year to be honest. Some cool laptop/PC innovations. AMD dropping 7nm processors is pretty tight. Some of the flexible/modular screens were also pretty awesome. All-in-all though, most of the interesting tech was already announced and in existence before the show. I've gone 5 of the last 7 years and this was probably the least interesting in terms of emerging tech.
elyakimlev 7 kun oldin
What's with all the interrupting jokes? Some of the developers may not have good English but we'd rather hear them talk and explain their product than listening to your comedy show. This was a complete disaster.
Luis Torruella
Luis Torruella 7 kun oldin
“There’s eternal optimism that technology can solve any problem ” well that’s kind of the objective of technology.
Frankie Cuellar
Frankie Cuellar 7 kun oldin
I seen all that stuff in last year's? Nothing new? the only thing I would say that was new an big this was the self driving cars. Well it's not new but it's gotten a lot better
me 7 kun oldin
People are going to get high, and use Trip at the same time
WP please keep this guy behind the computer screen where he belongs.
qwerty uiop
qwerty uiop 7 kun oldin
Still no tech to remove a horrible gay lisp though by the sounds of it
nightlightabcd 7 kun oldin
This all seems like a exercise to see how much people will pay for overrated and stupid items just because it involves technology! I guess if one is rich, and not paying taxes like Trump and family, I guess one could blow money on this stupid overpriced stuff, and maybe even take it off their already low taxes and maybe even get money from the government!
Nick Kumar
Nick Kumar 7 kun oldin
Lol the lg guy left the chat so hard
Jose Manuel
Jose Manuel 7 kun oldin
Spend 800 dollars on the suitcase with cameras, or a string from the 99c store that you attach to it and pull it
Jeff Campbell
Jeff Campbell 7 kun oldin
"walker, get my gun"
Marius Koen
Marius Koen 7 kun oldin
I cannot pick up that the host is rude or bad. Not sure what you guys are on about.
Flez 8 kun oldin
Imagine what it would be like to actually trip...within the trip
Rav Kp
Rav Kp 8 kun oldin
Michael Chupik
Michael Chupik 8 kun oldin
Anyone watching this in 2020?
kinkyjew18 8 kun oldin
Cool tech, terrible interviewer
ydn 8 kun oldin
I actually liked the guy in the video. I've watched lots of ces reviews and videos and all of them are serious. Its nice to see something laidback like this video for a change. And the questions he asks are out of the box questions, something that people would not usually ask. And its interesting to see how the spokesperson are able to handle the questions. Love the vid. 👍
MrKyungSeo 8 kun oldin
Fire Him!!!! Worst host ever 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Edgar 8 kun oldin
Is this guy here to ask actual questions? I see them trying to say more and I just want to hear what they'll say, but it's just one bad joke after another.
al201103 8 kun oldin
Adding to the chorus of "poor choice of journalist/interviewer". Whatever the motivation behind the choice, it was an abject failure.
Alexander Nelton
Alexander Nelton 8 kun oldin
i can get a robot that can do fortnite dances for me..
Blake Brown
Blake Brown 8 kun oldin
I'd take a tripp anywhere with that lady. Gorgeous.
varietyrange32 8 kun oldin
Weird? NO, Cool? YES. Seriously, the word "weird" is too overly use in America. Just because you never seen before = weird?🤦
HGST 8 kun oldin
we know what Geoffrey had in mind when he said, "anything? like Westworld things?" 😈
FIRE HIM!!! Pathetic host.
Tony Stencel
Tony Stencel 9 kun oldin
The reporter is a jerk.
Dirty Saint
Dirty Saint 9 kun oldin
This is my least favorite type of person. What a condescending twat.
Steve MeMc
Steve MeMc 9 kun oldin
C'mon, that dog toilet is really neat and handy!
douro20 9 kun oldin
Self-driving luggage is nothing new. The same technology has been used in golf caddies for years. Trying to do it with computer vision is what is new here.
tommy aronson
tommy aronson 9 kun oldin
I thought the host was being real
tommy aronson
tommy aronson 9 kun oldin
You guys are having problem with his sexually, admit it
Nicholas Phelps
Nicholas Phelps 9 kun oldin
Seriously. No need to be so rude
Garbage Human
Garbage Human 9 kun oldin
That's the worst dab I've ever seen. Why is he bending the knees and back? OMG old man stop trying to be hip
Eric Ling
Eric Ling 9 kun oldin
Walker Become Human
Steven Rose
Steven Rose 9 kun oldin
What utter disrespect this guy has towards these hosts clearly has no interest not understanding of the tech world why on earth would you send him to CES.
Steven Rose
Steven Rose 9 kun oldin
Oh wait just realised this is Washington post that explains a lot, terrified of New media because they know it'll overtake their pathetic company no wonder they take the piss out of New tech
Samuel Procopio
Samuel Procopio 9 kun oldin
Very nice! thanks!
c0pyimitati0n 9 kun oldin
Mushrooms are a good trip too 😅
DDDE44 9 kun oldin
Who is ? Coordination-zero Walking - Zero Looks like a pregnant woman No money to buy pants?
Olek Dav
Olek Dav 9 kun oldin
Host is great, questions are right! Dont mind lot's of butthearted startup souls spotted in comments.
Denzel Heden
Denzel Heden 9 kun oldin
the robot will rape her while she is sleeping...
Rave 2 Rave
Rave 2 Rave 9 kun oldin
Wow this guy is immensely ignorant. Maybe next time get a guy who has some social skills and doesnt have to call his grandkids everytime his wifi goes out
Steve J. Tan
Steve J. Tan 9 kun oldin
The worst interviewer on CES 2019. Fire him, WP. Very bad report without actually talking about the product tech.
C.J 8 kun oldin
no you dont fire someone just because they dont do a good interview. you train them to be more on point and refine there skills.
Badmus Kaybee
Badmus Kaybee 9 kun oldin
Oya dabbbb😂😂😂.
Alex Plays
Alex Plays 9 kun oldin
Wdym democracy dies in darkness
AL 9 kun oldin
The host and his interviews made me cringe, but the really short interviews that allowed this video to cover quite a few products made me want to watch more CES content from WP.
jwc731 9 kun oldin
The guy holding the mic is literally just there to make jokes and not inform or learn anything. Should be replaced with an actual tech journalist
The View From The South
I need a hug😢
The View From The South
Yes, the future will always come senorita!
The View From The South
Baby robot. No.....
The View From The South
The guys who created the animal restroom is a genius move. They just solved the home alone pets. No more peeing or taking a crap around the house.
The View From The South
The suit case needs a lot of upgrades...I have a few ideas for it. But, hey what do I know?💰💰💰💰💰💰💰
Madison Grooters
Madison Grooters 9 kun oldin
The “dog toilet” is genius for people in apartments without a backyard
agentb64 Kun oldin
I thought this was also a brilliant idea and it wouldn't be difficult to train a dog to do this either. I wish the reporter had better explained how it worked.
Inubox 2 kun oldin
Hi Madison, thank you for your review!
Madison Grooters
Madison Grooters 9 kun oldin
The guy in the vid is is just as entertaining as the content
Jacob Johnson
Jacob Johnson 9 kun oldin
This nerd has never had a bad trip
xAV1Er 9
xAV1Er 9 9 kun oldin
Walter can do anything like become the beginning of Detroit become human
Troph2 9 kun oldin
I don't know why but walker reminded me of bicentennial man. A sorely underrated Robin Williams movie.
agentb64 Kun oldin
CIMA 9 kun oldin
Troph2 same lol
SuperDusty111 9 kun oldin
Please find another Host to conduct the interviews.... Good God that was bad.....
V WorldWide
V WorldWide 4 kun oldin
I think everyone tries to get on and be a comedian a d it comes across unnatural when you arent funny or you are just winging itat least work on some material. Bombing one on one is worse as Than on stage.because then you just seem creepy.
Carlos Romero
Carlos Romero 6 kun oldin
He sounded condescending.
J liceralde
J liceralde 9 kun oldin
Bad is an understatement.
Nick 9 kun oldin
Baggage workers/ the baggage carousel would destroy that suitcase
Charlie Clarke
Charlie Clarke 9 kun oldin
terrible "journalist"
ASARADEL 9 kun oldin
good, i see you've posted your yearly anti-technology manifesto and retreated back into your hole.
Blake Brown
Blake Brown 8 kun oldin
Washington Post - owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos - is anti-technology?
TThomas939 10 kun oldin
Not a fan of the host... make a better choice in 2020
Jesse Lopez
Jesse Lopez 10 kun oldin
Lol a drug trip