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Kalen Reacts to Breakfast Cereal Waffle Cake

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Kalen likes his breakfast cereal in a bowl with milk... so how does he react to a Cereal Waffle Cake? Is it a dreamy delight, or your teeth's worst nightmare?




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Blue Splice
Blue Splice 5 soat oldin
thanks ellen. bought him out. now he doesnt post on his own page
Timothy Keys
Timothy Keys 6 soat oldin
Love me some him
Adelle Padua
Adelle Padua 9 soat oldin
Hahaha omg so funny
Marco The Gay
Marco The Gay 10 soat oldin
me too
Timothy Collins
Timothy Collins 15 soat oldin
That “cake” was disturbing. Awesome commentary, though 😜
MerinaWish 17 soat oldin
cavities galore, haha, i loved that comment xD
Keith Weller
Keith Weller 21 soat oldin
mouth watering
Shantequa Johnson
Haven't even watched a minute yet & Im Laughing so hard !
lavender _in_LA
lavender _in_LA Kun oldin
am I the only one that uses the milk first in my cereal?
Rahul Patil
Rahul Patil Kun oldin
I love Kalen's attitude!
danjpoche Kun oldin
Kalen please marry me !!!
Mae W.
Mae W. Kun oldin
I love him lol
Fiona BlueStar
Fiona BlueStar Kun oldin
i think if it was 3 instead of 6 layers, that whipped cream (or watever it was) is coated a bit thinner, finally melted white chocolate is replaced with milk/dark chocolate coating, then it would be better? of course it is still packed in sugar and calories, so maybe only for rare occasions? it aint that bad tasting but nightmare for teeth ... but again most of the sugary foods are nightmarish 😂😂😂😂
Hailey Yasinski
Hailey Yasinski Kun oldin
Do they want some waffle with that icing?
Google Account
Google Account Kun oldin
This is like a macgyver'd momofuku cake
Relle M.
Relle M. Kun oldin
*Where the hell do they get these ideas from??* I'm not even complaining. I'm amazed. 😂👌
Valerie Mauricio
I love soggy cereal
BrayBray13 YT
BrayBray13 YT 2 kun oldin
*G U R R L*
Marind57 2 kun oldin
pin.it/kwyowg4evgizut. This is a ham and broccoli roll. It is a weird food. Please watch😃
Ratty LPS
Ratty LPS 2 kun oldin
Yea I
Evelyn Simmons
Evelyn Simmons 3 kun oldin
I love watching his videos
E&OGaming Yt
E&OGaming Yt 3 kun oldin
When they made the chocolate waffle it looked like it was really hard to chew
OG// ASMR 3 kun oldin
N.Y Productions
N.Y Productions 3 kun oldin
"girl ain't no such thing as captain crunchy, that must me the dollar tree version" IM DEAD LMAO
nurul najwa
nurul najwa 3 kun oldin
I wanna see him making this 🤤
Marie-Lynn Issa
Marie-Lynn Issa 4 kun oldin
actually would EAT
anonymous user
anonymous user 4 kun oldin
Eh at least its edible
King Myleack
King Myleack 4 kun oldin
Fire him he alwful
The iDioT BranD
The iDioT BranD 4 kun oldin
Aibek Raiapov
Aibek Raiapov 4 kun oldin
Пиздец он душич
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Thanks for all of your response
Sean HL
Sean HL 4 kun oldin
cereals in a cake is just an excuse for shoving whip cream into mouth.
Christina Madrigal
Christina Madrigal 4 kun oldin
He’s a sharolaid ripoff
Kayla M
Kayla M 4 kun oldin
Not funny. But I’d try the cereal cake.
Ari Zamora
Ari Zamora 4 kun oldin
@ 0:43 - 0:45 bruhhh there is😂
bob shagit
bob shagit 4 kun oldin
end your pathetic life already if this is all youre going to do. no one needs you in this world youre worthless
Gandolf_ the_Great
Gandolf_ the_Great 4 kun oldin
I laughed
alissa marshall
alissa marshall 5 kun oldin
Spectacles 😂😂😂😂😂
MaryDigital21 5 kun oldin
theres more buttercream than cake in this recipe
Nicole -:-
Nicole -:- 5 kun oldin
That’s *WAY* to much buttercream
Life Of Me
Life Of Me 5 kun oldin
This is like the best food thing that he has reacted to I would definitely eat this
Sophia J
Sophia J 5 kun oldin
Ellen I know you trying to be hip but you Don’t understand what hip is but really does anybody
Ronaldo Santiago
Ronaldo Santiago 5 kun oldin
Spencer White
Spencer White 5 kun oldin
I've never seen this man before but I love him
Jendeukie 5 kun oldin
I’d honestly eat that
C. A.M.
C. A.M. 5 kun oldin
Thank you for making me laugh each week ...
Knowles Family
Knowles Family 5 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂 I love him!! His skin though #flawless
Marshmallow sundae
Marshmallow sundae 5 kun oldin
That gonna give somebody type 14 diabetes
I love you sooooo much 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Madison Graham
Madison Graham 5 kun oldin
“Oooo y’all out here bamboozling people girl!”
Lily Marie
Lily Marie 5 kun oldin
“ boo boo the fool “ 😂😂
Cupid the Animal Lover
Milk comes first. You gotta know how much your gonna be drinking when your done 😂
Madi Jayne
Madi Jayne 5 kun oldin
I would 100% try the shit out of this!!! Waffles? ✔️ Cereal? ✔️ Buttercream frosting? ✔️
Entice .T
Entice .T 5 kun oldin
I’m hungry and I just eat like 5 minutes ago
Divya M
Divya M 5 kun oldin
This is my favorite loll
MauiGirl 888
MauiGirl 888 5 kun oldin
Kalen this is our first disagreement...that waffle cake looks soooo good!!!! You are wrong.
Ericka Exclusive
Ericka Exclusive 5 kun oldin
I love him. He kills me
KING LEO 5 kun oldin
MindOnMars 5 kun oldin
I love this man😂😂
Kamori Shawl 10
Kamori Shawl 10 5 kun oldin
My stomach will hurt if I eat that
rice eater
rice eater 5 kun oldin
That is alot of sugar for breakfast.. Even for me having a *_bowl_* of cereal sometimes hurts my stomach 😂
Camila Monroe
Camila Monroe 5 kun oldin
Ellen pls put up a playlist with all his reaction videos so we don't have to keep searching for more?
Riley Bonner
Riley Bonner 5 kun oldin
I was down til the white chocolate
m and m
m and m 5 kun oldin
Eleven would like it
rinchu9 5 kun oldin
Mmm it looks delicious!! I love waffles :3
Rachel Franco
Rachel Franco 5 kun oldin
"Captain Crunchy?? Ain't no such thing, that must be the dollar store version! The lies you tell...." Hahaha 😂 He cracks me up. Watching Kalens videos always brightens my day.
luis Mena
luis Mena 6 kun oldin
definitely black people breakfast... WHERES THE FRIED CHICKEN MAMA
Joey Abudy
Joey Abudy 6 kun oldin
Why’s this fool hating on it that shot looks bomb asf
Jojo Yolo
Jojo Yolo 6 kun oldin
EGSACS - LIZinator and ALEXcon -
This guy cracks me up😂
Kay Olive
Kay Olive 6 kun oldin
they gone get some overtime! you got that right! my stomach aches just looking at that. one layer is good for me... to share amongst my whole family hahahaha
not oogie
not oogie 6 kun oldin
Came to dislike; stayed for the comments.
Pinky Unicorn
Pinky Unicorn 6 kun oldin
Marie Niyo
Marie Niyo 6 kun oldin
Sorry, Kalen, I love you brother but i think it is creative and the cake looks good.
moja247 6 kun oldin
Diabetes Nightmare
ima banana
ima banana 6 kun oldin
Oh I feel sorry for your dentist cuz they gon be working overtime on your teeth honey 😂😂😂
ima banana
ima banana 6 kun oldin
Pushpanjali Verma
Pushpanjali Verma 6 kun oldin
"I feel sorry for your dentist, baby" lol 🤣🤣
Sharke Leet
Sharke Leet 6 kun oldin
'I really really REALLY love waffle cereal cakes' 'Do u also like getting diabetes' Very relatable vine
SKYzLxmit 6 kun oldin
Old navy jean commercials are wierd
Charity Coy
Charity Coy 6 kun oldin
I see you wearing your Charlie Hustle shirt and I love it! Thanks for representing KC
Eric Zhao
Eric Zhao 6 kun oldin
It’s not that bad. Are you being too picky?
Evan Tatusko
Evan Tatusko 6 kun oldin
Tomithy YT
Tomithy YT 6 kun oldin
that was halarious😂
roch4d 6 kun oldin
Ellen kills another meme
Mya Purvis
Mya Purvis 6 kun oldin
There is this creamy pesto Mac & cheese that I found on Facebook.
selah 6 kun oldin
lies... he wont rip into it😂
Barbz Inc.
Barbz Inc. 6 kun oldin
I mean like it looks good and i would eat it
StevenM801 6 kun oldin
haha i feel fo yo dentist
Mya Baker
Mya Baker 6 kun oldin
I honestly think this is my favorite video on the internet
MAGGIE_CHI 6 kun oldin
that video made me want to stay away from all cakes in general
Richard Garcia Jr
Richard Garcia Jr 6 kun oldin
hahahahahahaha great reaction lol
Lone Dinosaur
Lone Dinosaur 6 kun oldin
That looks so delicious!
James Rivera
James Rivera 6 kun oldin
That is PURE diabetes waiting to happen.
Sam J
Sam J 6 kun oldin
I’m so hungry right not 😂
justarmine5678 6 kun oldin
haha thatss funny
susan mwai
susan mwai 6 kun oldin
They gon get some overtime 😂
Kasey R
Kasey R 6 kun oldin
Flinch w/ BTS
8 oy oldin