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Kalen Reacts to Breakfast Cereal Waffle Cake

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john james
john james 5 kun oldin
I want 0:37
imbreezydavis TV
imbreezydavis TV 7 kun oldin
Just got a new fan right here!!!🤣🤣🤣
Angimations Animations
Marshmallow of diabetes
Iiii iiiI
Iiii iiiI 7 kun oldin
people actually find this funny wtf
TF Skeleton
TF Skeleton 7 kun oldin
Who says Captain Crunchy!? First of all it's Cap'n Second, It's Crunch
Christina Mcilwaine
he's brilliant 👏👏👏👏
Catinka G
Catinka G 8 kun oldin
SANDRA SCOTT 8 kun oldin
No not white chocolate...its white chocolate ganachè lol
Pearly 8 kun oldin
Ok but it actually sounds and looks good
zZzEllaWxXx XD
zZzEllaWxXx XD 8 kun oldin
*"Black Spectacles"*
No Profile Pic
No Profile Pic 8 kun oldin
Is it just me or his voice irritates me...
Natalie Ruiz
Natalie Ruiz 8 kun oldin
I just... Wanna know why... This is on the Ellen show?
Chim sweet pea
Chim sweet pea 9 kun oldin
Coming after her life! 😂😂😂
tom don
tom don 9 kun oldin
I hate this guy so much
Imani Chatelain
Imani Chatelain 9 kun oldin
I feel sorry for ur dentist lmaooooooooooo
Gabriella Tatianna
Gabriella Tatianna 9 kun oldin
Am I the only one who likes soggy/soft cereal lol?
Seven Stewart
Seven Stewart 9 kun oldin
Why is your reaction to sweet stuff always a reference to guaranteed cavities? Like, so you not believe in brushing your teeth two-to-three times a day or what? Other than that, I love these reaction videos! Always funny!
Dr. Anonymous
Dr. Anonymous 10 kun oldin
how gay is this guy?
Jayla Harris
Jayla Harris 10 kun oldin
Lisa Love
Lisa Love 10 kun oldin
Who’s doing the same pose while watching 😂😂😂
GlitterBombGaming 10 kun oldin
he's a queen I stan
AwwwSadFace 10 kun oldin
Uyi Taiwo
Uyi Taiwo 10 kun oldin
What!!! I put my milk first 🤨🤨
V frmr
V frmr 10 kun oldin
fork knife
fork knife 10 kun oldin
how do people find him funny
Tim mendoker
Tim mendoker 11 kun oldin
KappaPride 11 kun oldin
diabetus deletus
Cynthia Martinez
Cynthia Martinez 11 kun oldin
All I see whenever I see that cake is diabetes
Napho Did
Napho Did 11 kun oldin
For every like I will steal a potato from my friend
lili rose
lili rose 11 kun oldin
It’s Shiya fam
It’s Shiya fam 12 kun oldin
A whole knock off iamzoie💀
Dylan Chouinard
Dylan Chouinard 13 kun oldin
Is it bad that I would try that?
BeulaBellafonte 13 kun oldin
“Oooo y’all out here bamboozling people! That looks like plastic!” 😂😭
Mumtaas Mohamud
Mumtaas Mohamud 13 kun oldin
“Lies you tell” best line I have heard today 😂😂
pastel cotton
pastel cotton 15 kun oldin
Now that looks good for breakfast
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 15 kun oldin
I don’t know how anyone found this even slightly appetizing. I was disgusted from the beginning.
Adder314 16 kun oldin
This dude is perfect.
mssunnylunarain7 16 kun oldin
I can feel the cavities forming just watching this video. 😰
Legion Ivory
Legion Ivory 17 kun oldin
That is a *mad* waste of cereal. That's some overprivileged shit right there.
Kathy Brundidge
Kathy Brundidge 17 kun oldin
My son would probably try this.
Killstxrkitten 17 kun oldin
This made all 13 of my fillings hurt lol
LifeAllTheWay 18 kun oldin
Y'all out here bamboozlin people
Ella konrardy
Ella konrardy 19 kun oldin
Cavity galor jesus
Stephanie Liew
Stephanie Liew 20 kun oldin
Generic UsernameHere
My stomach hurt thinking about all that sugar
Mikii Sutton
Mikii Sutton 21 kun oldin
Kalen!! What is your thought about the grave yard drink?? My thought.. it will knock you out!! Lol
HeyAdrienne Wright
HeyAdrienne Wright 21 kun oldin
He is too funny, liesssss! 😂😂😂 Cavity Cereal!!! 😂😂😂
Beastboy 1
Beastboy 1 21 kun oldin
Captain crunch is real my dude
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson 23 kun oldin
This is so absolutely painfully unfunny.
Lily Girl 13's Channel
I’d try it if it was a different cereal. I hate captain crunch!!
Trang Uyen Le
Trang Uyen Le 24 kun oldin
Umm hmm i know what dat is Diabetes
YoyYoy 24 kun oldin
And now you don't even have a single piece of your teeth.
Crystal•Sugar Gamer
At first I was like “Can I see this without this guy reaction?” And then I was like at the end “Okay maybe I am interested”
Betty-Alexandria Pride
You better represent our city with your silly self. 😂
T Jasmin
T Jasmin 26 kun oldin
This the best one yet
L S 26 kun oldin
yo dentist gon be working overtime lol too true
Andrew Dornay
Andrew Dornay 26 kun oldin
I got cavities just watching this! Now I owe my dentist more, $$. Thanks, Ellen :P
Denaya Newton
Denaya Newton 27 kun oldin
I'm eating cinnamon toast crunch rn while watching this omg😂😂😂😂😂(Well, omk I should say😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂)
Aydrian Burleson
Aydrian Burleson 27 kun oldin
I think everyone agrees when I say.....Zoie is better
Lil panda Baby
Lil panda Baby 27 kun oldin
I love his sas and I love it when he says honey
fresh squad
fresh squad 27 kun oldin
He sound like the fire fly in princess and the frog I'm not sure if its a fire fly correct me if I'm wrong
Victoria Avila
Victoria Avila 27 kun oldin
I like my cereal soggy.
Quishanty Coffy
Quishanty Coffy 27 kun oldin
Not gonna lie that waffle cake look pretty good
Isabella W
Isabella W 28 kun oldin
Without the white chocolate I would 10/10 eat
Hannahloves Todraw
Hannahloves Todraw 28 kun oldin
I love soggy cereal though
damitajo10 29 kun oldin
Cavities Galore 😂💀
m stenbury
m stenbury 29 kun oldin
I think he says what many of us are actually thinking. he is certainly quick on his feet with comments.. he would be awesome with improv acting
Kpop Trash Or Sassy Ashy
I saw that video before
PH Gamer ;;;;;;;;;;;;
I would like tryin it!
XZombieXFighter X
I would actually eat that. That looks delicious as FUCK!!
Kenyatta Gibson
I positively, absolutely, unequivocally LOVE Kalen! He's friggin' hilarious!
My Wig Is In Orbit
*W i t h t h e b l a c k s p e c t i c l e s*
Diana Phillips
Not gonna lie that actually looks good lol
AxelQC Oy oldin
Why wouldn't you just use cocoa powder to make chocolate waffles? The cereal just seems gimmicky.
“Dis gon give me cavaties galore Jesus”
I could get down with that cake. 🍰
Queenofwheels Oy oldin
I would have a small slice. My tooth hurt just watching.
Niggerddd Faggot
This guy is so gay it’s funny
Amoni Lee
Amoni Lee Oy oldin
I would make it
Brie Thompson
Brie Thompson Oy oldin
this one actually looks good!
Watching these gave me diabetes
God of Bears
God of Bears Oy oldin
imane Cissé
imane Cissé Oy oldin
Kalen’s reaction tho😂😂😂
Brittany Dispensa
I would TEAR THAT UP...Truth. don't lie Kalen...u would sneak a nibble 😂
Víðarr Úlfheðnar
That waffle cake look good af
robbin520 Oy oldin
This gets old and boring quick!
drinabooboo Oy oldin
It's extra funny because everything he's saying is true😂😂😂
Adorable Girl 15
But how did the colour change on the serial milk?
Daizy qnn
Daizy qnn Oy oldin
My teeth just started hurting
Dre Ray
Dre Ray Oy oldin
To be honest, that sounds and looks good as hell..
Just Tae Tae
Just Tae Tae Oy oldin
Kalen making money nowwww
Boss Lady
Boss Lady Oy oldin
😂😂😂 i fuckin love this guy
Yagurlll._ Kaycie
That look good the cavaties are worth it
Gacha Universe
Ooo...look at it droppin down with that black specticals Me:lol 😂😂😂😂
Zbdb 1
Zbdb 1 Oy oldin
Good to know I'm not the only one who puts the cereal first. Little bit of cereal little bit of milk, eat and repeat as needed.
YRN.ameli a
YRN.ameli a Oy oldin
There’s no such thing as captain crunchies that must be the dollar store version 😂😂😂😂
Kitisha D
Kitisha D Oy oldin
Bolu Jaiyeola
Bolu Jaiyeola Oy oldin
“With some black spectacles” 😂😂😂😂😂
Havenna Chheng
Diabetes for breakfast
Michael Jayson Banua
Doesn't look bad though but that is seriously too sweet.