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Kanye West - Amazing ft. Young Jeezy

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Music video by Kanye West performing Amazing. (C) 2009 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC




16-Iyn, 2009




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Fikrlar 19 055
DaffyDutch Wheelybin
So auto tuned
Anthony Davies
Anthony Davies 18 soat oldin
November 18th 2018 and am still here.... Will reply it next 10 years
Big Baller 6
Big Baller 6 Kun oldin
Nov. 2018?
Phoenix Playz
Phoenix Playz Kun oldin
*someone call 911, I’m choking due to the autotune*
Killerray Kun oldin
Gloriana Jimmerson
Gloriana Jimmerson 2 kun oldin
It’s amazing that it’s 2018🤷🏽‍♀️
Valerie 2 kun oldin
North’s favourite song
Wyndell Lee
Wyndell Lee 2 kun oldin
I freakin love ❤️ this song. 🎶
Jaqueline Pereira
Jaqueline Pereira 2 kun oldin
Too much autotune!
MaliGal19 3 kun oldin
This is north’s favourite song
Dominque Rhames
Dominque Rhames 3 kun oldin
We miss you Kanye some of us know you risked a lot to get the truth out.
altay turan
altay turan 3 kun oldin
Tess 3 kun oldin
Kanye is just the best
Maryum K
Maryum K 3 kun oldin
North brought me here 🤪
Angelo Charmant Igitego
Dear Kanye: you are a mirror that many of us of the black community look ourselves into. Thank you for sharing your stories and philosophy through your lyrics. Thank you for being authentic and original. Much love from Rwanda.
Richard Madera
Richard Madera 3 kun oldin
I love this song..
Tikia Velazquez
Tikia Velazquez 3 kun oldin
I love a rapper who cares about his health
isaias rios
isaias rios 4 kun oldin
Nakitu Mizajashi
Nakitu Mizajashi 4 kun oldin
So irritating autotune...
Rafat Shareef
Rafat Shareef 4 kun oldin
2k13 best soundtrack
obuoliukas 5 kun oldin
2018??? 2009 Amazing 2018 with Lil Pump NOT AMAZING
Iberville Zee
Iberville Zee 5 kun oldin
Trump is so amazing.
Crazy Empire
Crazy Empire 5 kun oldin
2019 still amazing
Silent Assassin
Silent Assassin 6 kun oldin
Bring Back Old Kanye
Misha Rusakov
Misha Rusakov 6 kun oldin
Newel's Channel
Newel's Channel 6 kun oldin
Gabriel Angelfyre
Matheus Vigarista
Matheus Vigarista 7 kun oldin
Da infância essa 😍😪
Carson Kreilich
Carson Kreilich 7 kun oldin
2k10 and 2k13 anyone?
Elyon Kunda
Elyon Kunda 7 kun oldin
NBA 2K nostalgia
The Duck on Quack
The Duck on Quack 7 kun oldin
I remember listening to this in 7th grade to get pumped up before football games
Jermaine Jones
Jermaine Jones 8 kun oldin
kayne music was better round dis time
IamKorry That’sme
When he was at the greatest point in his music
Jake 8 kun oldin
Sucks balls lmao
Malinda Hewlett
Malinda Hewlett 8 kun oldin
Malinda Hewlett
Malinda Hewlett 8 kun oldin
I aint lazee
Malinda Hewlett
Malinda Hewlett 8 kun oldin
AJ B 9 kun oldin
So true today, he is trying to open peoples eyes since stronger...industry is fake, corrupt and purposely making the innocent weak. Called crazy, almost lost everything and even thrown into the mental hospital for trying to change the paradigm.
Andreea The Monkey
Andreea The Monkey 9 kun oldin
Who is here before I love it?
Nige Maddray
Nige Maddray 10 kun oldin
Is a amazing u a trump supporter 😑😑😑😞😌
bell mac tv
bell mac tv 10 kun oldin
Todd Taylor
Todd Taylor 10 kun oldin
Kanye brought it.
Leonardo Copado
Leonardo Copado 10 kun oldin
The melody over the drums is spectacular. So amazing.
Ren Manjares
Ren Manjares 10 kun oldin
Nba 2k10 soundtrack
Peter Loudaros
Peter Loudaros 11 kun oldin
Fucking legendary
Hunna Ferdinand
Hunna Ferdinand 12 kun oldin
This song is so amazing. It's amazing. I love it
BarrioGaming RD
BarrioGaming RD 13 kun oldin
Prathap Chan
Prathap Chan 13 kun oldin
2018""stil it's Amazing 💯👏🍁👍
Anjo da morte
Anjo da morte 13 kun oldin
Josh Shrewsbury
Josh Shrewsbury 14 kun oldin
Question wtf has happened to you kayne like your songs wasn't as good as it use to be now. I think it will get better if you get t he fuck away from the Kardashian and trump maybe you'll mind will re-heal itself 😂😂😂😂
im a problem thatll never be solved
tridd676 14 kun oldin
Jesse Lee Petersons theme song
Dahon sa Puno
Dahon sa Puno 15 kun oldin
So did he die in the end?
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 16 kun oldin
I love this song all Lot I listen this everyday
Aidan Hurt
Aidan Hurt 16 kun oldin
1 like =1subscriber 😀
Carson Kreilich
Carson Kreilich 16 kun oldin
Gotta admit...Jeezy killed his line!
معاذ الغامدي
Unicorn Lady
Unicorn Lady 16 kun oldin
Filimon Galogavros
Filimon Galogavros 17 kun oldin
My reign is as far as your eyes can see . It is amazing !
Saad Al-Witry
Saad Al-Witry 17 kun oldin
Listen to hip hop before and after college dropout, then listen to 808's and heartbreak and listen to todays hip hop and try to tell me Kanye isnt the most influential artist in hip hop
H S 17 kun oldin
Thanks many thanks kardeşim
Војин Ђорђевић
Reflexok 18 kun oldin
2020 ?
Jayden blundell
Jayden blundell 19 kun oldin
this song is off nba2k13 love this song BITCHS!!!!!!
Brice Fouda
Brice Fouda 20 kun oldin
Oh god sun 2019 from Paris
Rejhon Badilla
Rejhon Badilla 20 kun oldin
Eastside 11
Eastside 11 22 kun oldin
This was so amazing, it got on 2 2ks
GQ Rev
GQ Rev 23 kun oldin
Sebastião Chelsea
Sebastião Chelsea 23 kun oldin
Gina Huffman
Gina Huffman 24 kun oldin
I miss this Kanye soooooo... much.
TheDinoKitteh 23 kun oldin
People were saying the same thing when this album came out.
The Observer's Fulcrum
"Look what he's been thru, he deserved an applause..." Jeezy had to talking about Kanye
just some1 on yt
just some1 on yt 24 kun oldin
2K10 memories
Nsb 24 kun oldin
This man is a genius!
Ye and Jeezy had an unique chemistry
Oskaras__ 25 kun oldin
patrick Alderton
patrick Alderton 26 kun oldin
Why is this song not on Apple Music ?!?!?
Zephaniah Frost
Zephaniah Frost 26 kun oldin
This dude is my hero
_ Franczar _
_ Franczar _ 26 kun oldin
Kim said on ellen's show she would listen this song to end of her life
Teresa Smith
Teresa Smith 26 kun oldin
Now he's with President Orange Julius
Marko Perić
Marko Perić 27 kun oldin
Ulltimate NBA song
ThatGuy GR
ThatGuy GR 27 kun oldin
October 2018?
Fahad Iddrisu
Fahad Iddrisu 27 kun oldin
It's Oct 2018 and the song is still AMAZING
george xuta
george xuta 27 kun oldin
no metter
Emmanuela Auciel
Emmanuela Auciel 28 kun oldin
i need this Kanye back,
steven abram
steven abram 18 kun oldin
Right will we ever get him back
Dark Matter
Dark Matter 28 kun oldin
Brings back memories of all those nights playing 2k13
Dalaquan Klopfenstein
Does he have a UZvid channel
Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin 28 kun oldin
ima monster hunter straight shooter baller stunter under but I get over they moving slower lower in class higher in my stance she catch a glance shower of looks when I dance ducking a girl from France catch my experience disappear into the night fight that good fight showing that light inside me bright smarts cool I keep it tight get a bite so far gone im outta sight reaching a certain height not always polite but I gotta treat you right positive so I just might courage is the strength of my might my thoughts always take me on a flight aight peace
Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin 29 kun oldin
left feeling empty knowing im stronger than that posted up you know thats where i always sat ha no na not afraid of dat history an it records itself finding every piece of peace provided in self cuz true happiness only will come to me from within myself memory banks I leave it on a shelf maybe another day ill come up with something else
Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin 29 kun oldin
off the top if my mind need some structure but I get it in on my grind this one I put on repeat like rewind love in my heart that leaves me kinda blind keep it 100 but im to kind big heart like wont leave a man behind stay on the path man you lined up
Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin 29 kun oldin
its amazing left wing crazing like a gazelle I be grazing crazy cops an their tazing my not measure up but they sizing me up seizing my pleasure hazing over my my troubles with a God that is so amazing really nothing facing is fazing but now im hasting get a bit of pleasure I am tasting first will be the placing then there ain't no replacing handle my business now with Hastings
Hunna Ferdinand
Amazing by Kanye West is so amazing
1Mrsweetness Oy oldin
I like women's feet.
lil breeze
lil breeze Oy oldin
Who’s listenin in october in 2018?
Lawrence K
Lawrence K Oy oldin
I miss Kanye 😩 sigh*
april en avril
je kiffe 😍😍😍😍😍😍
the clutch
the clutch Oy oldin
Luke Oy oldin
2019, will be his year, trust me.
Erika Seitz
Erika Seitz Oy oldin
This is from NBA 2K13 because I first knew this song when I was playing NBA2K13
Renee Thomas
Renee Thomas Oy oldin
The creator of creation is amazing
Love Lockdown
4 yil oldin
7 yil oldin