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Kanye West - Amazing ft. Young Jeezy

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Music video by Kanye West performing Amazing. (C) 2009 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC




16-Iyn, 2009




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Harmony CanLove
Harmony CanLove 10 soat oldin
North West young influencer. Thanks Kim for putting it out there.
Røtary Pøwer
Røtary Pøwer 15 soat oldin
NBA 2k13 anyone?
Epic Epiphany
Epic Epiphany Kun oldin
Oh yeah
Gage Sivils
Gage Sivils Kun oldin
Keep the Love locked down
Grant Lewis
Grant Lewis Kun oldin
2k Anyone?
الياس عباس
Mbc 2????
Monique Archey
Monique Archey 3 kun oldin
Machiah we will not have blood on our hands. Life's scales, which is rougher than death. I can feel them. - Monique Archey
Monique Archey
Monique Archey 3 kun oldin
This is the situation in terms of psychological issues after realization, so this is also fine, we do not have to go any further - which is why it keeps fighting to stay - it cannot. uzvid.com/video/video-gdf5XaHU11U-.html Mr. Probz Waves, Monique Archey, Oceana Descendent
Shelly Rodriguez
Shelly Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
When I walk thru with that💳 this what I'm on hitting 2
Konstantinos Loulai
Konstantinos Loulai
This song is amazing 😁😁
Rohan world
Rohan world 4 kun oldin
Sarthak Singh
Sarthak Singh 5 kun oldin
that sissy frank Mir got me here
Nathaniel parham
Nathaniel parham 6 kun oldin
I miss this kanye
Kaitlin Michelle
Kaitlin Michelle 6 kun oldin
One of the few songs of kanye i like tbh
Kayra Polat
Kayra Polat 7 kun oldin
0:47 Amimi acti diyor turkler burdami :d
Cookie AvA
Cookie AvA 7 kun oldin
Monique Archey
Monique Archey 7 kun oldin
There is nothing wrong with being homosexual, whether a man wants to admit it or not, however, woman was put here to protect man in the way in which MAN gets extremely angry at a homosexual man who does not understand what MAN is all about to the point where he believes he can fight WOMAN for MAN. the situation is that MAN will beat a homosexual to death over this idea, and WOMAN knows this, so WOMAN is here to protect man from being truly savage. - Monique L. Archey via Machiah L. Archey
Monique Archey
Monique Archey 7 kun oldin
It is fine however for all Black Cultural African based people's to be pulled into Africa because that is where they belong.
Monique Archey
Monique Archey 7 kun oldin
Oh, Monique is not allowed to be pulled into Africa, especially not by the University, so it had to be corrected. Mitochondrial Eve states that every single person on the planet originates from one single Black Cultural African woman named EVE, that is incorrect. - Monique L Archey, Pre-History Anthropologist/Cultural Anthropologist
Monique Archey
Monique Archey 7 kun oldin
NO ONE controls WOMAN but MAN
Monique Archey
Monique Archey 7 kun oldin
WOMAN will NEVER understand a Homosexual sexually, but empathetically, so that MAN will not be savage.
Monique Archey
Monique Archey 7 kun oldin
MAN becomes SAVAGE with a gay woman who is too attracted to WOMAN and will not understand that it is crossing boundaries for example: The Spaniard Soldier is Machiah's heritage Monique: Machiah I do not want us to go to jail, so scare her and leave it at that. THAT is SAVAGE NATURAL MAN and WOMAN Women and Men are different, we understand the consequences of the street game, that is not the same.
MeteoBlitz 8 kun oldin
YouQuo2 8 kun oldin
*THIS SHOULD BE JESSE LEE PETERSENS ANTHEM* This song is just simply amazin 😎
Ksi Merch Giveaway
Ksi Merch Giveaway 9 kun oldin
This is good but would be great without the auto tune
quincio rangel
quincio rangel 9 kun oldin
I'm Amazing now ... in 2018 . Kanye#1
Monique Archey
Monique Archey 9 kun oldin
As a Beta Female, (An Archer Woman) I completely understand the artist Kanye West. - Monique L. Archey, Oceana Heritage - Waves
Monique Archey
Monique Archey 9 kun oldin
GAFP 2007
GAFP 2007 9 kun oldin
Frank Mir UFC 100! Come at me haters!!!
Ali Rawash
Ali Rawash 9 kun oldin
2k 2010 love it
taylor wilson
taylor wilson 10 kun oldin
It's amazing... soooooo amazing
Chandler Stone-Zachery
This is his best song of All time no cap 🔥🔥
Nathaniel Davis
Nathaniel Davis 12 kun oldin
Mome Ayad
Mome Ayad 12 kun oldin
KoRn1 13 kun oldin
Never seen worst clip to the most amazing song like this
Kavion League
Kavion League 13 kun oldin
It's so amazing
M.B.P 13 kun oldin
Simply amazing
André The Ripper
André The Ripper 13 kun oldin
Frank Mir
fish star
fish star 14 kun oldin
Keep spending most our lives living in a gangsta's paradise
Jean Walker
Jean Walker 15 kun oldin
I’m a Warrioress and it’s Amazing! While you Bitter Quitters want to Delete me & Beat Me!
jarome dushamov
jarome dushamov 16 kun oldin
msbuttercup0427 17 kun oldin
I love this song!
Onur Aktas
Onur Aktas 18 kun oldin
Goat James
Liam Korngold
Liam Korngold 18 kun oldin
Logic sample in contact, still holds up
John Hetz
John Hetz 19 kun oldin
.75 speed
Masangtea Pautu
Masangtea Pautu 19 kun oldin
QUANTUM 19 kun oldin
c'est quoi ca ( wacht maar ;) fuckers
Triple Dub Deuces
Triple Dub Deuces 19 kun oldin
⚡💫💙 this dope AF 🔥💙💫⚡
yat nam lee
yat nam lee 19 kun oldin
2018 still watching?
Taha Abuzokhar
Taha Abuzokhar 20 kun oldin
Panda 20 kun oldin
normanshafty 20 kun oldin
Complicated lyrics.
Oklahoma Cowboy
Oklahoma Cowboy 20 kun oldin
You mean NBA 2k16
Arun Miraskar
Arun Miraskar 20 kun oldin
I'm here because of Ellen show!!
Scottly Jay
Scottly Jay 21 kun oldin
Brings memors to 2k13
Scottly Jay
Scottly Jay 21 kun oldin
Princess West
Princess West 23 kun oldin
Best to ever touch a mic #King #Kanye
No one is safe
No one is safe 23 kun oldin
2k13 and 2k10 memories
Raphael Key
Raphael Key 23 kun oldin
Jeezy ripped that ish
HELLO PPL 24 kun oldin
Don't get me wrong, I love Kanye but this song is autotuned asf
Deravaxaluz Deravaxaluz
Look what’s he’s been trough, he deserve an applause 👏
Evelyn C.
Evelyn C. 25 kun oldin
June 2018 ?
fares Games
fares Games 25 kun oldin
Dustin Gatzke
Dustin Gatzke 25 kun oldin
God is amazing so we are all take that silver spoon out yours put it in a offering so you be learning the meanings of life as come to be for what you have learn for who you are a Man of God it would show more to all to see being free never again you will never go back to what you thought to be and that's Amazing. Now that their is some Holy Spit for yah.Dustin,Devin,Deja.Love Always.father son daughter.
Sniper Pheanom
Sniper Pheanom 26 kun oldin
2018 anyone?
zUt1 n00b
zUt1 n00b 27 kun oldin
It was before 9 years and its still perfect😀😀😀😀
Sara Synotte
Sara Synotte 27 kun oldin
hey welcome to heart break pis sa a jaime bien
thornmallow1 27 kun oldin
It’s amazing how terrible this is.
Mar Eastwood
Mar Eastwood 27 kun oldin
“Standin at the podium I’m tryna watch my sodium” has prob been my fave thing about this song lol
Rajat Joshi
Rajat Joshi 27 kun oldin
its still "amazing"
BankRollTy 28 kun oldin
2k10 n 2k13 give me the best memories ever !
Caquita Coucou
Caquita Coucou 28 kun oldin
how you can hate this jam people got bad music taste nowadays 🙉🙉🙉
Dr.Necro 29 kun oldin
School days
Abdou Benchikh
Abdou Benchikh 29 kun oldin
When Kanye West was actually good
Aneesh Gada
Aneesh Gada Oy oldin
nba 2k
Renato Santos
Renato Santos Oy oldin
Its amazing
Lil Gangsta
Lil Gangsta Oy oldin
It’s past amazing 💯❤️🙏🏽💔
Chris Woods, Sr.
was ALWAYS making America great again!! thanks Mr West 🐐🐐
Lil WayneSkiesUziVertDurkBabyYachty
Amazing!🔥🔥June 2018?
çağdaş kırmızı
Amazing song
gator john c0wb0yyy
No matter what you'll never take that from me
Mikey Caballero
Jason Germain
Jason Germain Oy oldin
Some many kenya west shit on youtube tonight i think he sucks and he is a Trump supporter
Chris Lew
Chris Lew Oy oldin
1789 Anyone lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😤😤😤😤😤😤😤lol haha
lil me
lil me Oy oldin
north your song
Airidas ltu
Airidas ltu Oy oldin
2 0 1 8 ?
oriman jenkins
rip x
john_blaze39 Oy oldin
"I'm amazing!" lol who says that
Chisenga Oy oldin
Genius. Big props to a fellow rapper and Gemini. I have to get my kids to see this. I just want to see how they feel about it. Do they love it as much as daddy? We'll see ":)
Kaili R
Kaili R Oy oldin
LOL this nigga talkin about eating too much sodium
FUFU Oy oldin
2018.5 ? 🌚
LilOofGod Oy oldin
bro i had to wake up to this for 4 weeks straight
Ray-Bran Tube
Ray-Bran Tube Oy oldin
Marz Of Flowalition
NO Filter247
NO Filter247 Oy oldin
audio is terrible
ΞΛRN Oy oldin
Gg Great
Gg Great Oy oldin
amazingly shit
Isaac Gmb_isaac23
Lego football anyone😂😂😂
Preye Yinkore
Preye Yinkore Oy oldin
Noris best song. Amazing...
DUNK BOY Oy oldin
Love this fucking song hope Kanye and geezy can make more songs. Yeezy and geezy is a great combo really
Tsebo Rantho
Tsebo Rantho Oy oldin
Reminds me of my beloved ex.
Jordan Bledsoe
NBA 2K10 and NBA 2K13
Kev Mad
Kev Mad Oy oldin
I'm here because of a monster
Jamael Jordan
Jamael Jordan Oy oldin
Classic Ye and Jeezy
TheBen41111 Oy oldin
june 2018
Little Noah Williams Syndrome awareness
it's amazing, towards tomorrow I'm gazing, the stars are blazing, these dreams I'm embracing, we are racing we keep pacing, into the universe I'm tracing, only the Lord knows what I'm facing, blood sweat scars and tears I am tasting, food for thought no copy and pasting, in time like wine bitter sweet no instant wasting, there's no replacing, defrag your past erasing, partition your heart devastating, Knowledge is power im a scholar no debating, tomorrow will follow the truth hard to swallow it's awaiting and amazing.... ¿ ! Am Am i ?
Fernando Torres Madrid
Who's feeling Amazing in 2018 ????
Lemonade Lad
3 kun oldin
7 yil oldin
God's Plan
6 oy oldin
Love Lockdown
4 yil oldin
New Slaves
Yil oldin