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Kanye West - Amazing ft. Young Jeezy

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Music video by Kanye West performing Amazing. (C) 2009 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC




16-Iyn, 2009




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bo4 is bad
bo4 is bad 2 sekund oldin
I disliked this album
Wayne Mauldin
Wayne Mauldin 12 soat oldin
Frank mir
Sami Dridi
Sami Dridi 14 soat oldin
This music is so artistic 🖼 I'm stoned and I'e remember this dope so I'e search it here and fount it... Its on max volume in my earphones... So amazing !😍
Carlo Rivera
Carlo Rivera 21 soat oldin
Maybe I didn't read enough, but Jeezy's part is underrated too as short as it may be. Real recognize real. Period.
trap 007
trap 007 Kun oldin
legend has it as still amazing in 2019
Surya Rahmat Galih
Surya Rahmat Galih 2 kun oldin
Macklemore - cant hold us
T 2 kun oldin
Throwback to nba 2k13
timira mayo
timira mayo 3 kun oldin
That song is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Oscar 3 kun oldin
2k13 ruined this song for me
Bobbyking 2 kun oldin
Paras T
Paras T 3 kun oldin
2019 anyone????
Bobbyking 2 kun oldin
Mohammed S
Mohammed S 4 kun oldin
This song is sooo motivating!! Gets me hyped every time I listen to it!
marvinfinite 4 kun oldin
“I’m amazing born on a full moon”
pallavi tiwari
pallavi tiwari 5 kun oldin
Ben Davies
Ben Davies 6 kun oldin
Sounds like CaRtOoNz first video (song)
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 8 kun oldin
Sometimes I wonder what rappers are even doing in the music videos like what’s Kanye doing in the beginning it just looks so awkward 😅
Starr Chy
Starr Chy 8 kun oldin
Legendary Kanye!
Gonaives Cherie
Gonaives Cherie 8 kun oldin
How many people here feel amazing after listenning to this song? 2019???
rapacha achat
rapacha achat 9 kun oldin
10 year later... WTF I'm I doing here
Eastway 9 kun oldin
Best music for a Montage
Алина Вознесенская
Old but gold
Yeshiah Grant
Yeshiah Grant 14 kun oldin
But with his own lyrics
Yeshiah Grant
Yeshiah Grant 14 kun oldin
My dad rap this song
LOS SAN 14 kun oldin
Kanye West is Fuckin Trash to the fullest. Props to Young Jeezy tho
MHF外道丸 14 kun oldin
Big Rick
Big Rick 15 kun oldin
Lol I likely stand alone on this but its about only kanye song I like lol 2019
Roan Van der plaat
Roan Van der plaat 15 kun oldin
Kin Smooth
Kin Smooth 16 kun oldin
Who here from madden
Switchblvdxx Judah
Switchblvdxx Judah 16 kun oldin
one of the greatest
Switchblvdxx Judah
Switchblvdxx Judah 16 kun oldin
one of the greatest
Instagram Models
Instagram Models 16 kun oldin
2k10 will always be the best NBA 2k
Ahmet Kılavuz
Ahmet Kılavuz 17 kun oldin
2019? 🇹🇷
Burak Algül
Burak Algül 17 kun oldin
February 2019?????
Akhil chandrashekar
Akhil chandrashekar 17 kun oldin
This shouldn't have had jeezy
Joan 18 kun oldin
When this album came out ppl called it trash Same with yeezus and now billie eilish is copying yeezus and this This man just lives in the future
Jeffrey Gardner
Jeffrey Gardner 18 kun oldin
Is it me, or does Kanye sound like a robot?
Darius Robbins
Darius Robbins 19 kun oldin
How does this music video not have at least 1billion views? This is one of the most epic songs of our generation.
Oguzhan Balci
Oguzhan Balci 20 kun oldin
2019 everybody still fired up every evening
Abdul Muhsen O
Abdul Muhsen O 20 kun oldin
Sleezy 21 kun oldin
Exclusive Gamer
Exclusive Gamer 21 kun oldin
Young Jeezy is a fucking beast!
jaisnav rajesh
jaisnav rajesh 22 kun oldin
Anyone here in 2019 to remind themselves of the real Kanye
blazekick instinct
blazekick instinct 22 kun oldin
Yes is amazing who listening in 2019
HYPER0N X 23 kun oldin
10 years challange 🤞🏾
Andrea Brandon
Andrea Brandon 23 kun oldin
Still amazing in 2019
Twizz Drix
Twizz Drix 24 kun oldin
Who’s here in 2019
Raldy Vitalis
Raldy Vitalis 25 kun oldin
who else still thinks this song is still amazing in 2019?
Ya Boi Hover Twin
Ya Boi Hover Twin 26 kun oldin
Nba2k10 and nba2k13
DEATH MON 26 kun oldin
This is going to be my dads walk in song for is boxing match
Ronaldinho Gaùcho
Ronaldinho Gaùcho 26 kun oldin
gAmEr 27 kun oldin
this is music is gooooooooood
Kimarnie Robinson
Kimarnie Robinson 27 kun oldin
Work out song!
gee lareign
gee lareign 27 kun oldin
My reign is as far as your eyes can see, it's amazing So amazing
MrSwaggmayne 27 kun oldin
Don't let this distract you from the fact Jeezy killed this track 🎶🎶.....
Jonathan James
Jonathan James 27 kun oldin
Look what he's been through He deserves an applause...👏👏👏
John Vavoulas
John Vavoulas 27 kun oldin
Who plays nba2k13 on ps3 only for the song
ududu 28 kun oldin
I remember always listening to this while playing BO2 on Xbox 360
Babis Daradimos
Babis Daradimos 28 kun oldin
Babis Daradimos
Babis Daradimos 28 kun oldin
Einai ekseretikoooooo!!!!!
Babis Daradimos
Babis Daradimos 28 kun oldin
Na to akoute pantou kai na to valoun sto stivo Afto!!!!!!
Babis Daradimos
Babis Daradimos 28 kun oldin
Kai poli gamatoooo!!!!
Babis Daradimos
Babis Daradimos 28 kun oldin
Kala einai poli komataraaaaaaaa!!!
Jalen Clarke
Jalen Clarke 28 kun oldin
808s and heartbreaks was a decent project had some classic songs such as this and heartless I also started banging this again once I heard it in NBA 2K10
Jalen Clarke
Jalen Clarke 26 kun oldin
+XXII revise 4 real dont see why it gets so much hate it had some great songs
XXII revise
XXII revise 27 kun oldin
Also Love Lockdown
البحر الأحمر
ليش الغناء حرام لنه لايجتمع الا مع الشراب...
Spider Boy
Spider Boy 29 kun oldin
Damn, I missed playing NBA 2k13 and listening to this. :(
Teresa Smith
Teresa Smith 29 kun oldin
He is like rajon rondo just ten times more crazy
Remy S
Remy S Oy oldin
KanYe 2020
ND. k
ND. k Oy oldin
Marcus Watson
Marcus Watson Oy oldin
Who still listening in 2019? 😅
Rafael Rato
Rafael Rato Oy oldin
NBA 2k13 vibes, one of the best 2k soundtracks ever
Mark Lemuel
Mark Lemuel Oy oldin
It's still amazing man. I want old kanye back!
LIL TOON ebk.abk
Jeezy murdered tf out this beat !😬!
Just Jabsey
Just Jabsey Oy oldin
this shit still got me in my feelings
Matija Kovačević
that Jeezy verse..... he killed that shit!
Ben W
Ben W Oy oldin
Can this be remastered in 1080p+?
Brandzen Oy oldin
Is it “amazing” or “a mason”
Augustine Dusenge
I am bathing
Joseph Gutierrez
I am a murderer I am a demon, the son of a serpent What is your faith? What is your worth? Have you felt acknowledgment? If I kill you now, will you go to heaven or hell you believe in? Death is approaching you 30 seconds to think before lying in a blood sea
Aaron_the_idk Oy oldin
This song brings back good memories
D'shya Daniels
I miss the old Kanye too Kanye 😭
Tejs skim
Tejs skim Oy oldin
Back when kanyeasy wasn't a a prick
Dave Norton
Dave Norton Oy oldin
It's Amazing!
Mehmet Mehmetson
Bhanu Rachakonda
Ebube Williams
2019 any one ? Ye is still the greatest
Gaming Army
Gaming Army Oy oldin
Listen to this every time I hoop
MsJazmeen Oy oldin
Its 2019 and So Amazing, its Amazing
KIL0Z Westin
KIL0Z Westin Oy oldin
It’s amazing
Kyle Fitzgerald
2018 anyone?
Who all still listening in 2019-2023?
Rodney C
Rodney C Oy oldin
Look at what I been through I deserve apologie
Clinton Mouton
Underrated song
Matt Ladden
Matt Ladden Oy oldin
Jeezys verse on this is what's amazing.
Cristian Adrian
ruthi jongte
ruthi jongte Oy oldin
Northie's fav song♥️
fatima messai
fatima messai Oy oldin
هل يوجد شخص عربي 😑😕
Derek James
Derek James Oy oldin
Nba2k10.kobe wa$ un$toppable.$tr8 bea$t
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