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Kanye West - Amazing ft. Young Jeezy

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Music video by Kanye West performing Amazing. (C) 2009 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC




16-Iyn, 2009




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Fikrlar 18 833
daniel 9194
daniel 9194 6 soat oldin
Hates jeezy
Lamzy 7 soat oldin
Kid Fury reminded me
MrSm0ok 11 soat oldin
Сижу такой в 2018 и подпеваю Its Amazing so Amazing..........
Lebo Mathopa
Lebo Mathopa 18 soat oldin
dota break
dota break 23 soat oldin
who else got copyrighted after using it to their youtube vids ?? XD
9 years ago and it’s still a good song in 2018
ZJDynamite Kun oldin
Who's here from chip's SnapChat story??
Dafrih K
Dafrih K Kun oldin
Alejandro Rubio
Alejandro Rubio 2 kun oldin
I miss the old Kanye.
Rovyn Redillas
Rovyn Redillas 2 kun oldin
here from 2k10
chest- man
chest- man 3 kun oldin
Türk Yok mu hocam
MeechTree 3 kun oldin
dope song but auto tune really does not age well
Sharif Mohamed
Sharif Mohamed 3 kun oldin
2009 NBA playoffs. Legendary
Sally65Underdawn 4 kun oldin
I absolutely loved this song as a kid and it took so long just to find it and even better it’s by KAYNE WEST!! I’m so happy I can’t repeat this forever!
Edjail Mendes
Edjail Mendes 4 kun oldin
V🔥bes 🎶✌
dee kay
dee kay 4 kun oldin
Fuk u utube ads..
OmegaOnTheFly 4 kun oldin
2009, the year before all hell broke loose in the world.
#Diamond #Jams Jams
#Jeey made this #Amazing.......
king efe mazlum
king efe mazlum 4 kun oldin
RIVAL OPP 4 kun oldin
Project car completed. Exited the garage to this shit .
Nelson Vieira
Nelson Vieira 5 kun oldin
Back when Kanye West was doing some shit that was worth listening to...
Acar Saygin
Acar Saygin 5 kun oldin
I be depressing when i heared this.Cuz its remember me old days.Absolutely i wont forget this great song.
candy5742 5 kun oldin
This my favorite Kanye and Jewry song when I play this everyone outside dance
Mark Evans
Mark Evans 6 kun oldin
This made 2k13 hit so fuckin hard bro
Tarık Özdemir
Tarık Özdemir 6 kun oldin
try speed 1.25x
Abdul Khayyat
Abdul Khayyat 6 kun oldin
Abdel Basset Khamouri
NBA 2K10§ Kanye Changed alot Since This Dropped!!
James Ford
James Ford 8 kun oldin
Best Jeezy verse of all time
Sean L. Rodriguez-Garcia
This song is so _____?
Jack Son
Jack Son 9 kun oldin
Who knows this song from NBA 2k13 and NBA 2k10
Ziad Obaid
Ziad Obaid 9 kun oldin
Bring this Kanye back
Sven Marsenic
Sven Marsenic 9 kun oldin
Its 2018 this song is stil AMAZING
Flavio Lima
Flavio Lima 9 kun oldin
Wake up Mr. West!!
UnaPersona qualunque
UnaPersona qualunque
Merlin Flagg
Merlin Flagg 10 kun oldin
how could you not love this guy man.
Narada Smith
Narada Smith 10 kun oldin
Back when Kanye made good music
Xido Industries
Xido Industries 10 kun oldin
AngelBaby LucyCortez
Who else got this on replay??? 🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂 🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂🔂
Raphaels Reptiles
Raphaels Reptiles 11 kun oldin
Adrian Gomez
Adrian Gomez 12 kun oldin
Who else's thinks slavery was a choice
dopeboy 104
dopeboy 104 12 kun oldin
Its amazing how he tells us the devils wants him for his soul and we ain't even paying attention people all these artist are giving us messages wake up
alpacacide 12 kun oldin
Back when Kanye was relatable...
Suffian Kamara
Suffian Kamara 12 kun oldin
(Hits blunt) In my kanye zone. 09/2019
Ricardo Gutierrez
Ricardo Gutierrez 12 kun oldin
september 2018 :)
Matt M
Matt M 12 kun oldin
young jizzle from the bottom of the map
Eddie J.
Eddie J. 14 kun oldin
Yep 2018
Amirai Mathias
Amirai Mathias 14 kun oldin
still listen
Jameka Louise Jackson
Steven Paul
Steven Paul 14 kun oldin
Jeezy at his finest
Jennifer Motta
Jennifer Motta 14 kun oldin
Amoooooo essa musica 2018 aahhahah
Trashaun Reese
Trashaun Reese 15 kun oldin
NBA 2k13 put me on to this song!
Joshua Kaminski
Joshua Kaminski 16 kun oldin
Best NBA 2K song of all time!
ExtraKlutch 16 kun oldin
Too fast too strong too good
Canion Ok Sqwad
Canion Ok Sqwad 17 kun oldin
Thank You Kanye, Very Cool!
dee kay
dee kay 17 kun oldin
Fuk u utube stop adjusting my music while working..
Игорь Болтнев
so amazing трек как и все творчество бомба
Frank Shao
Frank Shao 17 kun oldin
Where autotune started
gorillaz ascension ascension gorillaz gorillaz
Hey kanye is the only one that can use autotuned correctly
Shimon Kindred
Shimon Kindred 18 kun oldin
awesome song great video
Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller 18 kun oldin
Underrated KanYe/ Jeezy joint...Jeezy went in. Last of the "regular" K. West!!!
Ddd Fff
Ddd Fff 20 kun oldin
taking care
Mayerly Ortega
Mayerly Ortega 21 kun oldin
Mírame y dispara? 💌
christine hernandez
christine hernandez 21 kun oldin
Josh Bostater
Josh Bostater 21 kun oldin
I'm here because we are choosing this for our football game tomorrow:)
Real271 22 kun oldin
Old kanye is a savage
Cecil Harmon
Cecil Harmon 23 kun oldin
Raymond Lopez
Raymond Lopez 23 kun oldin
Nostalgia ? 2018 ?
Cecil Harmon
Cecil Harmon 23 kun oldin
Everybody Hates Kevin
i dont like his ego.... but i can see his grande ego in his amazing songs.... his songs are so good like his ego is heavy
Ros Gyallay-Pap
Ros Gyallay-Pap 23 kun oldin
Greatest hip hop artist of all time. MBDTF greatest hip hop album of all time
uputaua Leaupepe
uputaua Leaupepe 23 kun oldin
to much auto tune or is it me
A Strange Guy
A Strange Guy 24 kun oldin
This song is good for one's ego. Haha
P-baby 25 kun oldin
in my heart, kanye stood in a real rainforest jungle and had to stand still so nothing would bite or poison him; jeezy was all green screen.
RJ The Houston Kid
RJ The Houston Kid 26 kun oldin
Blame Artists Like T-Pain, Kanye, Lil' Wayne, Future & Travis Being The Reason Why Artists Today Are Using Auto-Tune Now.
BespokeSpider 91
BespokeSpider 91 26 kun oldin
This gave me R. L. Stein
BespokeSpider 91
BespokeSpider 91 27 kun oldin
One of his best
Slap Media
Slap Media 27 kun oldin
Needs more sticks
Aarti Vashishta
Aarti Vashishta 27 kun oldin
Kim kardashian bought me here
Major The General
Major The General 28 kun oldin
Mazwana Nqaba
Mazwana Nqaba 28 kun oldin
Kanye must wake up from his slumber and start making songs like these again.
Jamaal Strachan
Jamaal Strachan 28 kun oldin
*2009* up to now *2018*
Tsar Michael
Tsar Michael 28 kun oldin
I'm the only thing I'm afraid of
Mevzu Siyaset
Mevzu Siyaset 29 kun oldin
Istagram Models
2k 10 soundtrack
TheHiphopgems Oy oldin
Love this video!
Lily Oy oldin
god this is 9 years ago
Adonnis Williams
These shots!
Thayama Inocêncio Ventura Thayama
Xavier 76th Man
NBA 2k13 Creating a legend brought me here, Mike Bibby!
Ioan Stan
Ioan Stan Oy oldin
I'm hear because I'm monster mother fuckers but the amazing thing I never kill someone or something als just a have to much power im filing like monster
Ryan Palmer
Ryan Palmer Oy oldin
Kouakou Emmanuel22
2k13 is amazing
Brendan Gindhart
soooooo 2018, anyone
Kieran Alexander
The prequel to Fall out boy's "Youngblood Chronicles."
kaltron krasniqi
fucking great music
furkan korkmaz
When ı listen it i feel before 2009...
Devin Mendiola
Listening to these lyrics in the current day, kanye knew what was coiming
Sumanth Ssc
Sumanth Ssc Oy oldin
Only song that makes sense from kw
Shane Wills
Shane Wills Oy oldin
Reminds me of Kobe on 2k10 cover
Ralos Sanders
Ralos Sanders Oy oldin
one of my favs also! He a Genius on making tracks. this song tho
7 yil oldin
God's Plan
8 oy oldin
Love Lockdown
4 yil oldin
Nas - I Can
7 yil oldin
Run This Town
4 yil oldin