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Lael Hansen
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Kanye West delivered an absolute masterpiece. Join me on this rollercoaster of emotions.
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1-Iyn, 2018

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Lael Hansen
Lael Hansen 8 oy oldin
Is this the best album of 2018? Rate it from 1-10!
Angelie Dominguez
Angelie Dominguez 9 kun oldin
Lael Hansen u like Kanye West u know he supports Trump now I know why u like him u white ass bitch
Cloud Jahseh
Cloud Jahseh Oy oldin
Gideon Micah Peters
Themanthemyththeonebar he didn't diss drake like that much. It was intentional
kalle Petteri
kalle Petteri 3 oy oldin
hunnedmillion 3 oy oldin
+Themanthemyththeonebar your judgement is more of his character, this is an album and nothing more that we are criticizing its 10/10 easy, ghost town in my opinion his greatest song yet.
mauriano baruso
mauriano baruso 14 kun oldin
ur too hot i cant watch.
mauriano baruso
mauriano baruso 12 kun oldin
+Lael Hansen OMG! I subbed !
Lael Hansen
Lael Hansen 13 kun oldin
Zzz po Zzz po
Zzz po Zzz po 2 oy oldin
COSMOS GEKYME 2 oy oldin
NO IT ?????? AYe
ruben g
ruben g 3 oy oldin
No Mistakes is the best track and the best song of 2018
Depressed Andy
Depressed Andy 3 oy oldin
This bitch looks like she smells like fish and regret.
Depressed Andy
Depressed Andy 3 oy oldin
This bitch got a rectangle head
Can u listen too Juice’s album
silver lopez
silver lopez 4 oy oldin
Anybody else count how many times she said "fucking"
Julio Osorio
Julio Osorio 4 oy oldin
Jersey strong 070-089
Patrick Enright
Patrick Enright 5 oy oldin
Can she just play the song then review annoying ass bitch
G hrnod Us hens sj
Violet crimes best song
Jesse H
Jesse H 5 oy oldin
This girl is the human incarnation of twitter lol
Lael Hansen
Lael Hansen 5 oy oldin
Nickie V
Nickie V 6 oy oldin
I wish we saw lael's reaction to the "i know there’s pervs all on the 'net" line ):
The Ultimate Saiyan Rose
at 4:28 that bitch look like kaguya, only my Naruto niggas will understand
Carlos Ayy Vila
Carlos Ayy Vila 6 oy oldin
Kid Cudi made me cry
John Kemp
John Kemp 6 oy oldin
Also Kanye isn’t crazy. Y’all just complain to much and hate a guy because he has a different opinion.
John Kemp
John Kemp 6 oy oldin
Drake a pussy
Jacob Carter
Jacob Carter 6 oy oldin
this cringe asf😂
Saqib 6 oy oldin
Still waiting Lael Kids see ghost album review
Chris Foster
Chris Foster 6 oy oldin
Didn’t you here him he’s Jesus
Saqib 6 oy oldin
Lael got Chills it's cute lol
Eli Moreno
Eli Moreno 6 oy oldin
>can't believe kayne wants to kill someone >implying she never heard rap before.
Calvin Cousins
Calvin Cousins 6 oy oldin
Love this chick, hate how she downs kayne for his political views
XANDER 6 oy oldin
Kanye would actually be an amazing stand up comedian if u think about it.
King Tray
King Tray 7 oy oldin
That’s Ty $
TruthfulChaos 7 oy oldin
4:37 - Does he speak to Jesus?!?! Me - No. He's Yeezus.
¡ !
¡ ! 7 oy oldin
i want to fart on your face and then slap you.
Eric Jennings
Eric Jennings 7 oy oldin
How am I just discovering this now??? This video is dope as fuck also I agree this album is fucking incredible and its the best of the year so far 🙌🏻
¡ !
¡ ! 7 oy oldin
Eric Jennings do you like azealia banks?
Doe Bob
Doe Bob 7 oy oldin
This reaction seems a little over done lol
Finn Cox
Finn Cox 7 oy oldin
No no no, it’s “?”
Oluwatunmise Kola
Im disapiontment for replacement me went
Reaction Ninja
Reaction Ninja 7 oy oldin
Just curious, why didn't you do anything from the Kanye and Kid Cudi album. None of the big channels did. I'm starting to smell fish.
Reaction Ninja
Reaction Ninja 7 oy oldin
Are we going to have to ditch mainstream UZvidrs,lol.
Hdlol Hebd
Hdlol Hebd 7 oy oldin
No mistakes reminds me of the late registration album
OWR _VONNY 7 oy oldin
Sir_Drastic 7 oy oldin
Dammit I was cleaning while high and listening to Ye and I got brought here and now I can't bring myself to leave...
Cayden Hunter
Cayden Hunter 7 oy oldin
Why is she actually cute af
Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe 7 oy oldin
You seem like one of those basic bitches in kanye's song. You're white, stop trying to act like you're black.
Shannon Sharpe
Shannon Sharpe 7 oy oldin
Kanye hasn't said any foolery this year. Feeble minds can't fathom.
David Vasquez
David Vasquez 7 oy oldin
Damn you're part of the reasons I could appreciate and believe in the 12 Laws of the Universe💯🏌
LITTEAM 101 7 oy oldin
this dude said calm down you light skin😂😂😂 how drake feel
Danny Yolo
Danny Yolo 7 oy oldin
I Love You!!! Marry me!? But I love myself more than I love you! Did you absorb Ghost Town!? #FreeThinkers
PaullHutchh 7 oy oldin
Awesome review! I loved this album almost as much as you.
Kristians Karklins
16:12= subscribed
Cibernetic Deth
Cibernetic Deth 7 oy oldin
Wait lael hansen have you done a Daytona reaction?
Aeven Jace Tapang
No ? Is the best album
Lil bajan Mitch
Lil bajan Mitch 7 oy oldin
illl give it a solid 9
Jared Linger
Jared Linger 7 oy oldin
Does he speak to Jesus like who teaches him this😂😂
Jared Linger
Jared Linger 7 oy oldin
Is that kim Kardashian giving birth😂
Jared Linger
Jared Linger 7 oy oldin
Donald trump ball fondler😂😂😂😂
Jared Linger
Jared Linger 7 oy oldin
The intro got me wantin to laugh but my fam is asleep so i cant lol
Haleigh Cline
Haleigh Cline 7 oy oldin
Such a beautiful album! 🔥😍
Kenraw Saint
Kenraw Saint 7 oy oldin
Hearing north sing this was so adorable, it touch my heart
bigdap100 7 oy oldin
“Donald Trump Ball Fondler!!!” 😂
YaggaYaggaYa 8 oy oldin
06:40 Yeah, that was my face when he screams.
YaggaYaggaYa 8 oy oldin
I love your energy boo! It's a sub and like from me.
Yvng Katana
Yvng Katana 8 oy oldin
You forgot lift yourself
DSIP 8 oy oldin
You should change your name to big Tay
DSIP 8 oy oldin
“Russel Simmons wanna pray for me too. Ima pray for him cuz he got me too’d”
DjX XXX 8 oy oldin
Bitch dont act like that was really your first reaction in the thumbnail.
Isaiah Sherrin
Isaiah Sherrin 8 oy oldin
Violent crimes, all mine and woudnt leave are my favourite
JamesWarful 8 oy oldin
ha ha, is that kim giving birth!
ericka grant
ericka grant 8 oy oldin
Back again! U the real deal!
Korona ples
Korona ples 8 oy oldin
Kids see ghosts is better, album of the year
Denys Kudelko
Denys Kudelko 8 oy oldin
8:15 Lael, he said with outcome not without cum...😂
Jacob Cushman
Jacob Cushman 8 oy oldin
That fact she didn’t notice ty dolla $ign and barely noticet Kid Cudi
King C
King C 8 oy oldin
I love the bhabie but now I love you too cause you got good music taste 👍
Oli Shakes
Oli Shakes 8 oy oldin
Gemini genius
Baran 8 oy oldin
Kubant bmm leal gyan love you 😘😘😘😘
diogo oliveira
diogo oliveira 8 oy oldin
i am shuuuuk!!!
assassinrockss 8 oy oldin
what happened to the asap rocky album
PT S 8 oy oldin
React to Nightwish album: Endless forms most beautiful
Alex HD
Alex HD 8 oy oldin
Stfu bitch ass
Antonio James
Antonio James 8 oy oldin
The sounds of DMT
M E 8 oy oldin
React to ASAP rocky testing album
EAGLE___EMPIRE 8 oy oldin
She gets it.
Luis Dominguez
Luis Dominguez 8 oy oldin
do a review for kids see ghosts
isaac johnson
isaac johnson 8 oy oldin
i think hes talking about his self in the 1st song
Nick Gonzalez
Nick Gonzalez 8 oy oldin
React to Juice Wrld new album
Dante ASMR
Dante ASMR 8 oy oldin
I love that u know 070 shake!!!
Nason 8 oy oldin
This is the cringiest reaction I've ever seen jesus
David Fontdevila Robles
I wanna double like this video!!!!
Austin Tanco
Austin Tanco 8 oy oldin
do Daytona please bra
Burt Gummer
Burt Gummer 8 oy oldin
To be completely honest, most people, especially young people, don't know what the fuck they're talking about when it comes to politics... Left or Right... Maybe we should all be a little more open to the fact that we don't know everything and maybe there are some valid points on the other side... Props to Kanye for being different
Ason Unique
Ason Unique 8 oy oldin
Agreed. I'd add that adults need to be less venomous when outlining their positions as well. The heated rhetoric, and the constant cultural critiques causes unnecessary friction.
Kendall Clark
Kendall Clark 8 oy oldin
The first track sounds exactly like that Lucas Joyner song 💀
Malek Nour
Malek Nour 8 oy oldin
"im shook"
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 8 oy oldin
The female Tabby
Jus10 Productionz
Kyle Lowrey
Kyle Lowrey 8 oy oldin
He's smarter than all these people watching corrupt news...
Septimius Severus
review kids see ghosts please
ericka grant
ericka grant 8 oy oldin
Thank you for this! I have only listened to the first 4 songs because I was stuck...in a good way. You just took me through the remainder of the album! Loved it! ❤️
ericka grant
ericka grant 8 oy oldin
I love this whole album! It’s a story. In real time. Raw and real.
ericka grant
ericka grant 8 oy oldin
I love your reactions! I think I had some of the same!
yea its Leek
yea its Leek 8 oy oldin
Violent Crimes - 15:34
Thlolego Mabule
Thlolego Mabule 8 oy oldin
u so entertainment
Lael Hansen
Lael Hansen 8 oy oldin
I’m glad you think so!
John Moore
John Moore 8 oy oldin
Skee 8 oy oldin
Lael has been smoking rainbows lately.
kiddkevo 8 oy oldin
Kanye West is a fuckin genius!!! Fight me.
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