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Kanye West's most recent comments in the news have led many people to question his musical capabilities. Wondering if the man who is capable of making the amazing music that MBDTF/TCD/Graduation etc still has it in him. Today he comes back at his naysayers with a new album titled YE.
Kanye West - YE Full Album
1. I Thought About KiIIing You
2. Yikes
3. All Mine
4. Wouldn't Leave
5. No Mistakes
6. Ghost Town
Best Tracks - I Thought About KiIIing You/All Mine/Yikes
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1-Iyn, 2018

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HoeBuster 10 kun oldin
13:28 I told you Kudi makes everyone happy.
Caz Miller
Caz Miller 10 kun oldin
1) DAYTONA 8 2) KIDS SEE GHOSTS 8 3) ye 6.5 4) NASIR 5
mauriano baruso
mauriano baruso 11 kun oldin
All these music artists being told to promote prescription drugs to get lure kids hook on pharmaceuticals kids don't realize they're being sold s*** nowadays
SyncopatedFin 17 kun oldin
I like the cheesy lines, it's mostly on the 1 song and they're funny
manuel navarro
manuel navarro 20 kun oldin
Starkey Whitman
Starkey Whitman 22 kun oldin
11:27 it’s a shame because Ye will probably never take your advice
Neal Garbenis
Neal Garbenis 23 kun oldin
i sympathize with ye because im bipolar as well. at first i agreed with his sentiment of bipolar being a super power, but the more i listen to yikes the more i disagree. my manic states, while obviously feel great, ultimately fucks me in the ass bc i do too much stupid fucking shit. idk, but i still love this album because kanye is so relatable for me.
Mirza Ahmed
Mirza Ahmed Oy oldin
Just to point out on a positive note the mental health that is shown in the film is you know emphasized for the film industry. But split was a good movie never the less.
Charlie Sands
Charlie Sands Oy oldin
“wait up there slavery boi”
Xerox Copy
Xerox Copy Oy oldin
"sometimes you gotta leave words alone."
Jose Banks
Jose Banks Oy oldin
You really shitted on Scorpion. And was vibing to Kanye saying nothing.
Jose Banks
Jose Banks Oy oldin
Turtlee Ye was subpar for Kanye bro. Come on now. His head seemed flustered and it felt rushed. And Scorpion was subpar for Drake. Obviously there’s like 20 songs on there so there will be a few songs that hit. But as a whole it was just ok. I didn’t say scorpion was amazing either. Ye seemed like it came and went. I’m not denying greatness. You’re just a blind follower. You can suck a whole dick
Turtlee Oy oldin
+Jose Banks in your description what was the Problem with "Ye", Production? Mixing? Mastering? Lyrics? Topics? Features? Ye always has the most incredible production so you can stfu if you say that's the problem
Jose Banks
Jose Banks Oy oldin
Turtlee I thought you said he always has something to say. Ye was ass.
Turtlee Oy oldin
+Jose Banks "You can't take a joke"
Jose Banks
Jose Banks Oy oldin
Turtlee “poopity scoop”
SHREK Oy oldin
5:03 when is the video coming then shawn?
Jus 2 oy oldin
that partynextdoor biting young thug statement made me so irritated lol
stuUpidboi ???
stuUpidboi ??? 2 oy oldin
Just to let you know the woman singing in both the end of ghost town and the beginning and end of violent crimes is 070 Shake, you should give her a listen.
Jael Negron
Jael Negron 2 oy oldin
070 Shake don’t sleep
Tony 3 oy oldin
How did sean not put Ghost Town in the best songs
Ronjon Marji
Ronjon Marji 3 oy oldin
the vocals are from 070 shake !!!
Samuel Lamb
Samuel Lamb 3 oy oldin
Violent crimes is amazing
Adam Salem
Adam Salem 3 oy oldin
Korona ples
Korona ples 4 oy oldin
I know this is late, but i just want to know if im the only one that cried to ghost town?
Turtlee Oy oldin
You're not 😭
ruben g
ruben g 4 oy oldin
The songs literally got better and better
Kenneth Fiend
Kenneth Fiend 4 oy oldin
Musically, I am with Kanye all the way, always will be. Sometimes it’s hard to ignore the rest...
Malick Toure
Malick Toure 4 oy oldin
8:30 I see what you did there
Taylor Jones
Taylor Jones 4 oy oldin
🔥🔥🔥 Violent Crimes was my favorite song.
Michael Halpin
Michael Halpin 4 oy oldin
Kid cudi slid in there on the Charlie Wilson track too just an FYI his voice is fanominal
ItsWollys 4 oy oldin
this album is underrated
Maceo 4 oy oldin
Uninformed? Like you got it like that. Please!!!
Dr.Jefoch 4 oy oldin
ISZYGUNZ 4 oy oldin
Damn nigga you hate everything
Joe Tabone
Joe Tabone 5 oy oldin
That cum line is amazing wdym
Flying Squirrel
Flying Squirrel 5 oy oldin
wait up there slavery boy LMAO
Owen Dixon
Owen Dixon 5 oy oldin
Truly legendarey, I have listened to this to many times, no such thing.
John the Pixelized Guy
6:58 that sounded really kinky and i don't know how to feel about it
King Draco
King Draco 5 oy oldin
Where’s KiDS SEE GHOSTS at?
Denilson Moreira
Denilson Moreira 5 oy oldin
I never understood these american youtubers reacting to music albums afraid of admiting they're amazed by some masterpiece. Please, understand one thing: you'll never be able to rate a music album properly by listening to it once! First impressions are for feelings. Did it made you feel awesome the first time you listened? Did it transcended your expectations? Is it worth a second and third listening? (Your reaction proved just that, I would say) Then you should resume your critique to just that, because everything else would be absurdly inaccurate.
Chad agner
Chad agner 5 oy oldin
Great review 👌🏻
Isaac Fisher
Isaac Fisher 5 oy oldin
11:28 Maybe Kanye was being sarcastic on that line to make content, to create conversation and you followed on and maybe that’s what his aim was.
Potion Seller
Potion Seller 5 oy oldin
His best album
LeGoat James
LeGoat James 5 oy oldin
+Potion Seller listin to Kids See Ghost as well it's amazing
LeGoat James
LeGoat James 5 oy oldin
+Potion Seller it's a good album I'll give u that, But it's way to short. This wasn't even better than his collaborative album with Kid Cudi Kids see Ghost that he dropped a week after YE. I strongly advise you to go listen to College Dropout, Late Regerstation, Graduation, 808's and heartbreaks, and my personal favorite My Beautiful Dark Twisty Fantasy. Listen to all of those projects at least 3 times, and if u still like YE better then them all, I'm cool with that it's your opinion.
Potion Seller
Potion Seller 5 oy oldin
LeGoat James haha, this was the first album of his I ever listened too. Was completely blown away (probably my favourite of all time) Made me go back and listen to everything. I know im a newbie, but nothing captured that magic again
LeGoat James
LeGoat James 5 oy oldin
Settle down there cowboy
Katheryn 6 oy oldin
Having bipolar as well I understand where Kanye was coming from with not taking your meds, but you need to. I have to or I’ll go off my rocker in a way. It sort of mutes your personal creativity and shit. Almost a minimum version of what you could you be.
Kevin Uzumaki
Kevin Uzumaki 6 oy oldin
“I didnt know this shit was coming (cummin)” -Shawn Cee 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Vincent Abraham
Vincent Abraham 6 oy oldin
Help and advice are different
The Music Guy
The Music Guy 6 oy oldin
His most underrated album
Nick Kreker
Nick Kreker 6 oy oldin
Justin Quilit
Justin Quilit 6 oy oldin
You sound ignorant
Benji Krgod
Benji Krgod 6 oy oldin
8:30 I didn’t know that shit was CUMMING
MBeast HD
MBeast HD 6 oy oldin
All mine and yikes are 🔥🔥
Black Jesus
Black Jesus 6 oy oldin
“I didn’t know that shit was cumming” 😂😂😂
Gabby Gershom Bassey
I love this album
ASVP02UZI 6 oy oldin
"pre merinated burger"
CJ P. 6 oy oldin
This dude is really pretentious and likes bashing the artist more than actually evaluating the music. *Dislike.*
Julian 6 oy oldin
CJ P. Haha you sure got me. That was good.
CJ P. 6 oy oldin
Julian <- lame
Julian 6 oy oldin
Matt Bershinsky
Matt Bershinsky 6 oy oldin
GG Supreme
GG Supreme 7 oy oldin
See, the photo for kanye's album is a crazy artistic statement. He takes the picture because he finds actual beauty in the pic. Its supposed to imply he's found peace only for the sentence in green to jarringly disagree for him. That being said, i wish the albums music was more than demo level quality. I know it's sort of a choice, but it just leaves the album and what he's saying less than fleshed out. It's like he listened to all of soundcloud rap and decided to copy/paste it hastily.
PlanetJigobotTV 7 oy oldin
Let him speak
Mikey S
Mikey S 7 oy oldin
Please do not give medical advice to anyone if you don't have medical expertise. If you don't want to get hooked on meds let your doctor know so they can tell you how best to control pain without drugs. Kanye has mental issues and he may need to take his bipolar medications and depression medications. Those meds are sometimes the difference between life and death. This is not responsible advice. You experience is not better than medical advice and you shouldn't use your platform to say stuff like this.
Myron Thomas
Myron Thomas 7 oy oldin
I liked that you brought up the split movie, it really is a great movie
G Lyle
G Lyle 7 oy oldin
I swear you skip at the worst parts😂
Richardbubkus411 7 oy oldin
Bro u could’ve taken some toradol or some shit for pain, it works
Sibusiso Donovan
Sibusiso Donovan 7 oy oldin
Yo Shawn . You gutta listen to Nasty C ‘s Strings & Bling
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 7 oy oldin
Yo Relax my N word 😂
TheBoy Duddus
TheBoy Duddus 7 oy oldin
this why the fuck with ye
Rodney Daniely
Rodney Daniely 7 oy oldin
That’s Slick Rick.
Jorge Allen
Jorge Allen 7 oy oldin
I thought Kanye thought about killing the doctor guy. Like the guy that did the surgery on his mom. I dunno.
MacThe Luxe
MacThe Luxe 7 oy oldin
Kanye is like the drunk uncle who says a lil to much at the family bbq
Miles LeBlanc
Miles LeBlanc 7 oy oldin
Sean Cee He wasn't talking about pharmaceutical drugs, he was talking about psychedelic drugs that doctors would not prescribe because they're not close to being legal yet.
Stanley 7 oy oldin
Albums trash
Antonis Tsarouchas
Please whats the jazz song in the end of your video??
Ariel Feldman Bracke
Holy fuck why do you pause songs to add commentary, just add it later, takes away all the momentum you got
Dan Burk
Dan Burk 7 oy oldin
This guy’s a fool! I love the “none of us would be here with out cum” line. Doesn’t alway have to be bad deep lyrics to be entertaining ya goof. Also you loved the worse song on the album. Writing about you and your kid is the corniest thing you can do as a hip hop artist 🤦🏻‍♂️
Black News
Black News 7 oy oldin
check out nas life is good album reaction uzvid.com/video/video-VQJVzOfOqTc.html
jakkisher 8 oy oldin
You're a very informed and intelligent person you Summed this up great
Tyler H.
Tyler H. 8 oy oldin
The vocals on Ghost Town and Violent Crimes are from 070 Shake
MAC CHZ 8 oy oldin
When the video is longer than the album
Naiko 8 oy oldin
8:28 that shit did came, literally.
Kyaira Ortloff
Kyaira Ortloff 8 oy oldin
Go check out my latest song review/reaction --> uzvid.com/video/video-sDluW_WSpHw.html
Natalie Ingalls
Natalie Ingalls 8 oy oldin
I come to Shawn's channel anytime new music drops...
Chase Hall
Chase Hall 8 oy oldin
Love your edits. Really funny 😂 +1 Subscriber.
Clint Wülfwood
Clint Wülfwood 8 oy oldin
Straight hatin. You misperceived a lot of the meanings behind this song. Smh
Muhammad Patel
Muhammad Patel 8 oy oldin
I hated all your favourite tracks
Giovanni Duenas
Giovanni Duenas 8 oy oldin
album's a beauty
Fleezy81 8 oy oldin
Rhymefest = Buckwheat Ass Nigga
K-type 4G
K-type 4G 8 oy oldin
You're fantastic,Just got a new subsciber
Shaaz Rizvi
Shaaz Rizvi 8 oy oldin
"slavery boy" AHH
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs 8 oy oldin
It's an amazing album I really liked "Wouldn't Leave" "Ghost Town" and "VIOLENT CRIMES."
Henry Andrade
Henry Andrade 8 oy oldin
Im Johnny
Im Johnny 8 oy oldin
on wouldn’t leave, it’s partynextdoor not young thug surprisingly
ShutUpAndShootMe 8 oy oldin
Waiting on Stevie Crooks album Redemption review
Trae Lowe
Trae Lowe 8 oy oldin
It might result in a longer video but I would like hearing more of the song and seeing your reaction to more lines instead of skipping lots of lyrics. Still a good reaction tho. Not bad my guy.
Ben Kreger
Ben Kreger 8 oy oldin
Yo, that's what's up, none of us would be there without that cum.
PT S 8 oy oldin
React to Nightwish album: Endless forms most beautiful
Tiana Blakely El Bey
He said he love blunts and titties cause it proves he can focus on 3 tings at once
Talking Drumma
Talking Drumma 8 oy oldin
lol got excited when you heard dri-fit til the second part came on.
Haley 8 oy oldin
Nice video. On the track "yikes" i don't think that he was talking about an opiate high. Rather, the manic high that some bipolar individuals experience.
brooke chabala
brooke chabala 8 oy oldin
we all waiting for Shawn Cee on juice wrld tbh
Starpower44 '
Starpower44 ' 8 oy oldin
Yikes 🔥 no cap
britney reed
britney reed 8 oy oldin
it was Slick Rick on No Mistakes........ Hey Young World to be exact .
Antonio 8 oy oldin
This guy is Chadwick Boseman and frank oceans love child
andrew yoo
andrew yoo 8 oy oldin
bruv you skipped the intro in ghost town
Evan Slabaugh
Evan Slabaugh 8 oy oldin
I think you take some of his lyrics a little too much at their face-value (like his line about "I don't take advice from people less successful than me" and when he calls Drake a light-skin) instead of recognizing it as Ye's hyperbole that he is famous for. But otherwise great review! I like your analysis. Consider me subbed! :)
asd djs
asd djs 8 oy oldin
when he said "is this your king" lol
brianpls 8 oy oldin
8:56 LOL fav line off this album for ME is "lets have a threesome, yeah, you and the blunt"
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