Kardashian Vs West! Let's meet the teams! | Celebrity Family Feud

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Get ready for an EPIC one-hour edition of Celebrity Family Feud as Kanye & Kim take on Kris, Khloe, Kendall! Watch Celebrity Family Feud all summer on ABC, SUNDAYS AT 8|7c, and stay tuned for To Tell The Truth starring Anthony Anderson at 10|9c!
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11-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 5 745
TuberTvHealth 4 soat oldin
Wow what a show down
Megan Emison
Megan Emison 4 soat oldin
That’s the first time of seen Kanye smile like ever
Nate Young
Nate Young 5 soat oldin
A room full of people who contribute absolutely nothing useful to humanity. Yay!!! These people represent what's wrong with this world. All that money and not a lick of brains. I shouldn't watch this shit. Just pisses me off. I have worked myself to death, almost literally, yet I have to have food stamps subsided to me to help feed my kids and these fucks don't do shit but sit around and talk and make money.
Gabriela Cingel
Gabriela Cingel 5 soat oldin
“ Highest paid model “ makes me cringe 😂😂😂
Gabriela Cingel
Gabriela Cingel 5 soat oldin
He seems happy 😀 good for them
Julie Blackburn
Julie Blackburn 5 soat oldin
Dang kim see you boobies from the side and all
Bernard P.
Bernard P. 6 soat oldin
I don't follow Celebrities much but one thing I have to say about the Kardashian-West Family here is that this is what America today should be like. Regardless of how much money they have... As black and white folks, they come together, they get along and they have fun with no issues. It's a shame that as a society in 2018, we can't do something as simple as they do which is actually get along and live happily together.
Christina Fontes
Christina Fontes 7 soat oldin
He is smiling but when he look at his wife he looks strange....
J R 8 soat oldin
My screen went black soon as when no got introduced 🎥⚠
What should ma Username be
wheres todd kraines
Jeremy Lagos
Jeremy Lagos 9 soat oldin
kanye abou to be the first black santa clause you see at the malls smiling for so long
Komal Hans
Komal Hans 9 soat oldin
Jonathan’s existence is annoying
hannah smith
hannah smith 9 soat oldin
I love seeing Kanye so happy
Komal Hans
Komal Hans 9 soat oldin
“How are you Kanye?” “I’ve been good man” fake news
China MA Midnight
China MA Midnight 9 soat oldin
Why does this look like, it was recorded on a phone?.
Prashani Balasooriya
Ugh. Jonathan. Barf
Seductive  Mello
Seductive Mello 11 soat oldin
Kanye + Smile = MIND BLOWN
Marcus Thomas
Marcus Thomas 12 soat oldin
No Steve! You do not want any of them women marrying or dating your sons! Don't even play like that!
Kali D
Kali D 12 soat oldin
OMG. Kanye West is smiling 😱
Kate Bliss
Kate Bliss 13 soat oldin
Yaretzy Olivas
Yaretzy Olivas 13 soat oldin
who tf is the girl in green. and where tf is Kylie
3manny211 14 soat oldin
What if Kanye invited his cousin that stole his laptop lmfao
Skittles s
Skittles s 14 soat oldin
Not one of those is a kardashian... kris..nope
Tom Yanoshik
Tom Yanoshik 15 soat oldin
*tries to give handshake
tiacooper23 16 soat oldin
So why is the grandma on the show again?!
Miserable life of Linda
Steve Harvey really gave this family an INTRODUCTION! As if we didn’t know them?
slick drip
slick drip 18 soat oldin
That smile so fakke 😂😂
The Tee Tribe
The Tee Tribe 19 soat oldin
Ahhh, the Trump supporters unite. Who is next Dennis Todman? Lol. It's cool, I like the Kardashians.
spectral c0nsci0usness
Where's Rob?
jessica Skyy
jessica Skyy 19 soat oldin
Kanyes cousins fiiiine
Milton White
Milton White 20 soat oldin
Jay 20 soat oldin
is that the cousin who stole his laptop???????????
Bruce Solomon
Bruce Solomon 21 soat oldin
Kanye hardly came from the hood. He's from an educated family and his late mother held a directorship at the University of Chicago, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. This year it was ranked eighth on the planet.
King Vic
King Vic 22 soat oldin
Which cousin stole his laptop in his life a Pablo album though?
Dragoon 22 soat oldin
I hate Johnathan so much
louuol Kun oldin
ive never seen kanye smile so much in my life. i love it
Indie Rivers
Indie Rivers Kun oldin
I love kim!
Neetu Singh
Neetu Singh Kun oldin
❤Kim Kardashian West❤
drakegirl321 Kun oldin
khloe lost all that weight and then blew up again because she's pregnant
Amanpreet Kaur
Amanpreet Kaur Kun oldin
The energy is so low....
Sergio Lesprón
Sergio Lesprón Kun oldin
those are the cousins who stole his laptop?
Nylis Robinson
Nylis Robinson Kun oldin
Khloe looks kinda weird
Nylis Robinson
Nylis Robinson Kun oldin
where Kylie? and Kim is gorgeous!! 😍
Danny De Lillo
Danny De Lillo Kun oldin
I hate to see anyone suffer with mental health. So good to see Kayne smiling
Uber Pogoy
Uber Pogoy Kun oldin
Kanye looked so happy, I’m gonna cry 😂
Melissa Orellana
Did I just saw Kanye smiling!!!🤤😲😲
jessica cruz
jessica cruz Kun oldin
Kanye should smile more, it really is quite a nice smile
Grace Creech
Grace Creech Kun oldin
Never seen before
Grace Creech
Grace Creech Kun oldin
I don't know how in the beginning Connie had this huge smile on his face
wondah black
wondah black Kun oldin
Why is annoying Jonathan there?
Aliayh Kamara
Aliayh Kamara Kun oldin
His smile is scaring me.
Jose Posada
Jose Posada Kun oldin
So is Jonathan short for I like a big dick in my ass while I eat a jumbo hotdog with extra mayo
cutthroat3413 Kun oldin
This is the first time Kanye West has smiled
Emma de Jong
Emma de Jong Kun oldin
entry smell run immigrant waste basis establish you project question unit.
djw80158 Kun oldin
Get down gurl go head get down
Nassime Belkhiat
Anyone got full episode ?
Scooby MiKE
Scooby MiKE Kun oldin
Which cousin stole the fucking laptop?!
Straw Leo
Straw Leo Kun oldin
Kim and Kanye fans are ghetto trash
Darine Hajjo
Darine Hajjo Kun oldin
i love them
haider hlsk
haider hlsk Kun oldin
Who is this creature with red jacket? !
haider hlsk
haider hlsk Kun oldin
Bunch of idiots with money
Cup Of
Cup Of Kun oldin
Is it the one that stole the laptop, that dirty motherfucker?
o01q2w3e Kun oldin
the kanye people all got them chipmunk cheeks
Karen Layne
Karen Layne Kun oldin
Is it me or does Kanye look like he got plastic surgery
Phua Paw
Phua Paw Kun oldin
Am I the only one who see that khole baby bump ? 🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔
jmarks881 Kun oldin
Damn it I was hoping for some crazy shit
This is fake Tristan Kardashian was not there. This is CGI not real life.
Yasmin Vasquez
Yasmin Vasquez Kun oldin
Did anyone notice how KIM got ignored by the Host 😂😂
Nicolas Arnold
Nicolas Arnold Kun oldin
I remember watching a TV universe family feud between the Dukes of hazzard and The Waltons
Caitlen Butterfield
Really inspiring to see you giving I am working really hard to as well be in the spot if giving! Bless you
Adam Kun oldin
Garbage tv
Kardashians vs. West. This is definitely kick - "ass".
Ashlynn Swirly
Ashlynn Swirly Kun oldin
*ps my real name is kendall*
Ashlynn Swirly
Ashlynn Swirly Kun oldin
SvobodovaEva Kun oldin
"I'm so excited to be here"
Soheyl Bolbolan
Soheyl Bolbolan Kun oldin
I guess I don't have to go to the ZOO anymore!!
cErise Kun oldin
khloe’s lip too pimp
AngelDMR 90Daychallenge
Khloes lips are disgusting
Carol MP
Carol MP Kun oldin
Kanye always smiling man
Lili Anka
Lili Anka Kun oldin
This is not the real Kanye, open your eyes people. Ffs
Tykeya Farmer
Tykeya Farmer Kun oldin
i know looking at him he doesn't look present mentally.
Stan Simok
Stan Simok Kun oldin
I love how happy Kanye is. What a great couple those two are.
Stan Simok
Stan Simok Kun oldin
Kendall is full full of herself
RYAN JARED Kun oldin
jalil a cutie :D
RYAN JARED Kun oldin
lol how is jonathan "family" LOOOOOOL he is a closet gay who is hanging around them only to get in the papers.
Anh Chrisman
Anh Chrisman Kun oldin
I checked a lot of handbooks with woodworking plans. Instructions from woodprix are the best I think.
Lamar Davis
Lamar Davis Kun oldin
I see they didn't bring the monster 😂😂😂
TriplemoneyXtra Kun oldin
Were Kylie
Wandile Sokanyile
Wandile Sokanyile 2 kun oldin
I wonder if the cousin who stole the laptop is on the show
AtomicKitten666 2 kun oldin
vomit... NO to all of them ... ugh... :/
Jenna Fox
Jenna Fox 2 kun oldin
I hope they had a Santa Claus question in Kim's honor: Ho, ho, ho!
Alifadil Hossain
Alifadil Hossain 2 kun oldin
Kim was gonna shake Steve's hand but he wanna to hug her rofl I just found that funny
Sophie Halpin
Sophie Halpin 2 kun oldin
There’s actually 7 people on the kardashian team
Shanu 2 kun oldin
Where is the father??
Daizzy 2 kun oldin
all they can say is 'im so excited to be here"?
Mr Pokiesmeister
Mr Pokiesmeister 2 kun oldin
Khloe looks hungry still .. guess whales needs lots of food lmfao!
Mr Pokiesmeister
Mr Pokiesmeister 2 kun oldin
Bunch of fucking leeching parasites!
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia 2 kun oldin
I really wish someone asked Kim how it feels to still be relevant because she took a dick on camera.
albert huerta
albert huerta 2 kun oldin
Family feud really dont care anymore putting all these fucked up people on their show
Kerven Francillon
Kerven Francillon 2 kun oldin
Dope 💯💯follow me on Instagram 👇 SuperStar_kerv