Kathy Griffin Says She is Taking Back Her Apology for Trump Photoshoot | The View

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30-Apr, 2018

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RobertHess 17 soat oldin
Ew. What a decrepit old loon.
applesuk 4 kun oldin
Geez taking an apology back, does anyone care? Trump derangement syndrome is kicking in, Trump has many many flaws and is embarrassing at times, but on a scale of a normal decent person or even an average comedian. What she did was not acceptable?, left or right, you must see that
Rebekah B
Rebekah B 5 kun oldin
Kathy you and the view suck!!!!
Trey duh Reactor
Trey duh Reactor 6 kun oldin
Why does she look like Carol Burnett if you don’t know who that is Search it up
Louise Millar
Louise Millar 7 kun oldin
Who is she?
Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson 7 kun oldin
I think I’ll vote for Trump in 2020
Lisa Craft
Lisa Craft 7 kun oldin
Poor ugly old girl
Shovine Bojraj
Shovine Bojraj 8 kun oldin
The people that think this okay and the cast of the view, you are all so screwed up. I cant wait to watch you people fall.
Chui Chui
Chui Chui 9 kun oldin
This is disgusting. She’s a terrible human being. Using our first amendment to send subliminal assassination messages to the masses, yet people will compare that to him hurting people’s “feelings”. The left & people like her will ruin this country.
axer351 16 kun oldin
She looks well beyond her "use by date".
Greg H
Greg H 17 kun oldin
Carrot Top cut all his hair off?
L G 18 kun oldin
Love #KathyGriffin
George Paraskevopoulos
She looks like an elf
Mandy Pretorius
Mandy Pretorius 20 kun oldin
She does lololol..... r we laughing at her jokes.... or face?
Bridgitt Jones
Bridgitt Jones 21 kun oldin
Fffffff Kathy.... your messed up in your head....and you look like a freak...your an insult to the OFFICE of the President....it’s not about u it’s about the American people’s safety...you’re stupid not funny.
Alexander Fisher-Levesque
I was pissed when she apologized about her work.
Raging Rapids
Raging Rapids 23 kun oldin
Man that is one ugly chick
Peter Donato
Peter Donato 23 kun oldin
She looks like Wilma Flinstone
dream whisperer
dream whisperer 23 kun oldin
her lips are quivering
The Original Steve
The Original Steve 24 kun oldin
Good God get this lady off the air 😂 this lady is such an idiot.
Antonio 25 kun oldin
“the guy in the white house” whoopi goldberg is such a disgusting person.
Old Person
Old Person 25 kun oldin
"You should NEVER apologise, EVER." Joan Rivers on comics.
corey mcqueen
corey mcqueen 25 kun oldin
Thanks Kathy for your bold statement which u were clearly a head of ur time
Ronald Matthews
Ronald Matthews 26 kun oldin
Kathy Griffin just completed her resume to join ISIS for her decapitated Trump head.
Rus Royce
Rus Royce 26 kun oldin
Fabulous? lmao
alan coop
alan coop 29 kun oldin
Griffin is nothing more then a bottom feeder! Thank God Hillery Bag Hoe is not my Commander n Chief! Oh 1 more rant for the road,The supreme court soon to be Judge has to answer for his conduct when he was just a little kid? If i were in his shoes my answer is a very simple one which goes: '' Um i dont really remember much being very drunk at the time but i can tell you this Back in those days i was a liberal Then i sobered up and wised up! ''
Live Wire
Live Wire Oy oldin
She's " Pennywise " with a bad haircut. Whoopi......... despicable as ever
Fat Ass Dogs
Fat Ass Dogs Oy oldin
Y tf is the grinch on the view
Kathy Griffin would be a good casting choice for american horror story
Nova B
Nova B Oy oldin
jesus christ put some fucking makeup on
My husband and I are gay Trump supporters who love Kathy and think she went too far with that image, but we also defend her right to free speech and she should not have been placed under investigation.
T Young
T Young Oy oldin
So many idiots, so little time to correct their rhetoric.
Someone should make a video with Kathy's severed head ;)
NAGGER wassup
NAGGER wassup Oy oldin
On the next dragon ball Z " the return of freiza"
jacob pachuau
jacob pachuau Oy oldin
Kathy Griffin,how stupid can you be?
Randomness Zoe
How are there people that support this sick person... Would they also support her if she did that to Obama? Nope
mary shaffer
mary shaffer Oy oldin
Be real without violence.
jack johnson
jack johnson Oy oldin
wow shes like looking at a school bus fire
Stephen Turner
Why are these women coming for Kathy?!
Orrin Rockwell
What a coward
Carmen Gutierrez
I am sorry but I still don't think that Kathy Griffin is right. Right or wrong you need to respect the President.
Angel Hernandez
that was hella awkward
Jonny World
Jonny World Oy oldin
Lesbian headass
Montz Roberts
Montz Roberts Oy oldin
Wow stupid cunts
Aneek Makwana
Aneek Makwana Oy oldin
kathy kys u if someone did that to hillary the whole left would destroy that persons career but kathy forgiven she needs to get fucked
CreoleLady Oy oldin
She looks like Peter Pan
mark aquino
mark aquino Oy oldin
Bunch of skanks interviewing an extremist
why can't we just shoot her? She's a fucking maniac and a menace to society when does she get the chair??
Darren M
Darren M Oy oldin
She looks like she's back. From the dead. One foot in the grave.
Katie Brown
Katie Brown Oy oldin
Cee Gee
Cee Gee Oy oldin
I'm sorry but Kathy is not funny. She sucks the air out of the room. Jokes are meh.
Cee Gee
Cee Gee Oy oldin
My goodness! This woman is only 57 years old???
polyprinz Oy oldin
Love Kathy!
M4Trumpster_ 77
She’s taking the apology back because she has lost most of her endorsments
L S Oy oldin
Condolences to McCain family 🕆
D1 Oy oldin
Imagine if Trump took the 2005 Tape apology back. The outrage, this woman gets applauded! Sickening!
Harambabe 69
Harambabe 69 Oy oldin
Ugly azz cuck
Mark K
Mark K 2 oy oldin
so. i should bring my norwegian gas masks i bought 25 years ago(2 60mil threads) . maybe help another? when she comes to chicago.. she's is done. past belushi. and he he is dead.. just fade away general ..
Brian Morrison
Brian Morrison 2 oy oldin
Trump and his machine really went after her. It was un-american
Rudy Straight
Rudy Straight 2 oy oldin
this panel is out of shape!
Rudy Straight
Rudy Straight 2 oy oldin
kathy age like milk
milomilo 2 oy oldin
you are a gross person
A G 2 oy oldin
Her CONNECTION with the military? Telling sorry jokes to soldiers does not get you a connection with the military!
A G 2 oy oldin
She may think she can take back her apology, but what she can't take back is her blatant show of individual STUPIDITY!!!!!!!
naxel37 2 oy oldin
Ban Alex Jones from UZvid and Facebook but nevermind this Wich holding Trump's severed head dripping blood!!! Ohh no... Lil slap on the wrist...,.
Miss Maww
Miss Maww 2 oy oldin
Lol oh Lord
Amairani Garcia
Amairani Garcia 2 oy oldin
The girl next to her in red 🙄Smh that girl couldn’t stop making faces
Barrios Groupie
Barrios Groupie 2 oy oldin
She looks her age -- 57
Mac Alton TV
Mac Alton TV 2 oy oldin
Every real question she deflected
MJR 9 2 oy oldin
This b%%ch is a lunatic
World Rover Rover
Can't Congress enact a law making Whoopi Goldberg illegal?
Jeffy X
Jeffy X 2 oy oldin
Kathy slides in seamlessly with this group of SJW skanks. She would be a great side kick for that Whoopi guy.
Rachel Aspögård
Some people will be so stupid and do anything to crawl back into the sewer.
Hop The Border Productions
lol Trump supporters get away with everything SINCE FREAKING WHEN! We can't even get away with a comment, lol there's no way we get away with anything. People need to pop those Lib-bubbles
Hop The Border Productions
tf This president isn't "DIFFERENT" kathy , You literally can't do those things on the public scale you did, It ISN'T freedom of speech when potential for Treason is involved and if you took the head of any average person on the street , Made a replica of there head held it up like you did with fake blood, That looks like a threat, And what you did would have been wrong with ALL presidents and with obama the lynchings didn't have a face behind them and there were isolated incidents and none of the photos had the person who actually made that hideous thing in them, They were on lawns and outside and the people with the faces in them got reprimanded yes they did. Again with Hilary Not the same thing, Yours clearly looked like an act of war It looked like ISIS and it looked like you were making a threat. I have no idea what you were thinking, Love that you don't hold back, hate how you don't pull back on the liberal propaganda train. I digress but point is, Treason has been against the law for ALL administrations and ALL must deal with it the same way and take everything serious even jokes, Kids get the swat team to there house for tweeting threats to the white house all the time, What you did was the same as tweeting a threat to the white house.
Woodrow Woody
Woodrow Woody 2 oy oldin
Yeah because we can all see the similarity of a semen stained dress and holding up a severed head to terrorism
chilvari 2 oy oldin
She only apologized cuz she got called out on it. Now she's taking it back when nobody even cares anymore. What she should've done was OWN IT. Besides, what was an apology gonna do? The damage was already done.
Allen Michailov
Allen Michailov 2 oy oldin
she's never been funny, and she demented and ugly as F*c*
Brittany Lynn
Brittany Lynn 2 oy oldin
These women are trash
Harvey M8
Harvey M8 2 oy oldin
Women aren't funny
Venom 2 oy oldin
Kathy Griffin looks like Peter Pan
Steve Smith
Steve Smith 2 oy oldin
Desperately grabbing at relevance, not gonna happen you skeletal freak.
Jess Feldmann
Jess Feldmann Kun oldin
Little more relevant than you I'd say. Unless you're selling out Carnegie in less than 24 hours at over $100 a pop...no?
Mikhail Mikhail
Mikhail Mikhail 2 oy oldin
Ugly AF
W Zen
W Zen 2 oy oldin
Griffin is manic
Brady Peatross
Brady Peatross 2 oy oldin
She looks like Peter Pan
shannon stewart
shannon stewart 2 oy oldin
Looking like a skinny Peter Griffin. This lil boy will never learn his lesson.
Jon K.
Jon K. 2 oy oldin
0:49. Carrot Top has really let himself go. 🤣
Sabrina T
Sabrina T 2 oy oldin
4:25 YYYeeeesssss Giiiirrrlll
Danny G
Danny G 2 oy oldin
Ok but why is she in Peter Pan cosplay
Matt H
Matt H 2 oy oldin
haha she cut her hair short you know shes going off the deep end now
THUGGA BUU 2 oy oldin
😂😂😂 whole lotta ugly
Ducklover23 2 oy oldin
Trump 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Ethan Nolastname
Ethan Nolastname 2 oy oldin
What she did was absolutely horrible. It was not the least bit funny, and just shows how fucking horrible she really is.
Jen May
Jen May 2 oy oldin
Whoopi needs to be fired.
Shanna Robertson
Shanna Robertson 2 oy oldin
I don’t understand why it was so fucking funny to take pictures of yourself holding a mask of the president covered in blood and posting it? No wonder she’s a failed comedian
Brandon Ramirez
Brandon Ramirez 2 oy oldin
She's really corny... like she tries too hard...
Invader Zim
Invader Zim 2 oy oldin
This woman is delusional. She's a danger to herself and others.
Chris Resendes
Chris Resendes 2 oy oldin
She takes her apology back, now that she knows it hasn't affected her career?! lol
Trev Mac
Trev Mac 2 oy oldin
*mentally unstable*
Daughter of The King
I don't think either side should try and justify cruel or hateful comments, suggesting that people of any kind should die. She has a right of free speech, But that does not justifies her actions. I don't believe she should be forced into hiding, we have all made an ill-humored joke or two.