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Kehlani - The Way feat. Chance The Rapper [Official Video]

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"The Way" feat. Chance the Rapper
Shazam "The Way" feat. Chance The Rapper to enter for a chance to win tickets to Kehlani's You Should Be Here Tour.
You Should Be Here Available Now
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27-Iyl, 2015



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alissia Hollis
alissia Hollis 4 soat oldin
Whos listening in 2019!! 😊💙😜
Yoo Mina
Yoo Mina 6 soat oldin
erica torres
erica torres 8 soat oldin
Deneya Owens
Deneya Owens 12 soat oldin
The back up dancers cant keep up😂😂😂
Jaymen Chu Shing
Jaymen Chu Shing 21 soat oldin
It’s Just Me
It’s Just Me 23 soat oldin
Kehlani 😍😍😍 Her Smile Is Everything , I Mean How Could Someone Be So Gorgeous ❤️
Kadejah Gumbs
Kadejah Gumbs Kun oldin
She is soooooo pretty 😍😍😍
Farah Dindar
Farah Dindar Kun oldin
who else is listening in 2019 ?
Karinasvlogs Kun oldin
2019? 🔥
Zuri_Mayen 2 kun oldin
Am I the only one who questions my sexuality when it comes to Kehlani? Like damn 🤤😍
QueenCoCoaMocha 3 kun oldin
Okur Danileigh. Cruz on chile
ladarius vogel
ladarius vogel 3 kun oldin
Love her songs
Grace Osborn
Grace Osborn 3 kun oldin
gerryn hill
gerryn hill 4 kun oldin
I love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️
ANF World
ANF World 4 kun oldin
I miss this Kehlani. Before she turned Lesbo !
Irma Inabinett
Irma Inabinett 5 kun oldin
2019 anyone?
Jasmine Gray
Jasmine Gray 5 kun oldin
Still listening in 2019. Kehlani is bae 😍
LaLa  Santana
LaLa Santana 5 kun oldin
2019 still not old yet.
Empire IV
Empire IV 5 kun oldin
Who’s listening to this in 2019
Desiree Williams
Desiree Williams 5 kun oldin
Who's listening in 2019 😍😍😍
Princess_Shelle 6 kun oldin
Hell yeah
Skinny Minnie
Skinny Minnie 6 kun oldin
Bumpin this in 2019 💪🏽♥️
Ghost Jones
Ghost Jones 7 kun oldin
It’s crazy how she didn’t even blow up off of this
Andersia Fernas
Andersia Fernas 7 kun oldin
whos listening in 2019?
Lucy Bentley do u think i can sing
MARIAH LUCCI 8 kun oldin
2019 & it feels like the first time i ever heard this song 😍😍😍
Ariana Stevens
Ariana Stevens 8 kun oldin
2019 anyone 😍😍😘
WHY THO? 8 kun oldin
Quiell Thug
Quiell Thug 8 kun oldin
Tameirica Smith
Tameirica Smith 9 kun oldin
BIGDRU reallyDOE 9 kun oldin
Gorgeous smile... Prolly looks even sexier wen she 😠
BIGDRU reallyDOE 9 kun oldin
What i wanna knw iz mi baby still pregnant
nyomi nious
nyomi nious 10 kun oldin
song to my crush
Crownrevival . Productions
Any listeners in 2019?
Snagz J
Snagz J 10 kun oldin
Yip 1/7/19
Mmakgosi Motswagae
Mmakgosi Motswagae 10 kun oldin
2019? 😍
Erica Amari
Erica Amari 11 kun oldin
This sounds like a good song to fuck to
Mikailah Jones
Mikailah Jones 12 kun oldin
Mike Spector
Mike Spector 12 kun oldin
The guy that got her pregnant is so blessed as heaven.
Ke.monye __1
Ke.monye __1 12 kun oldin
Jatariana Poole
Jatariana Poole 12 kun oldin
theresa Napoleon
theresa Napoleon 13 kun oldin
Good love song . to bring good ❤. God bless. Glove.
Jungkoko bean
Jungkoko bean 13 kun oldin
Lynn Lynnington
Lynn Lynnington 13 kun oldin
the esthetic 🖤
Alejandria Sandoval
Alejandria Sandoval 13 kun oldin
slauter king
slauter king 14 kun oldin
If I could like this more than once I would
Destiny Mize
Destiny Mize 14 kun oldin
I looooovvveee kehlani.. but yo girl your hair short short , like buzzed short, makes you look sexxxyy as fuuuuccckkk.
KK Swang
KK Swang 15 kun oldin
Libby Stendah
Libby Stendah 15 kun oldin
i love you
Allura Monae
Allura Monae 15 kun oldin
Came back in 2019 still 🔥
Kandy Baby
Kandy Baby 16 kun oldin
1/2/2019 💙 still my shit
Tracy Morgan
Tracy Morgan 17 kun oldin
B!!!k!bjcjchcn Nnkchzgxh I dgyzdklclcufccccgk do dhffooolllljgogtoohuopggjgfhdjvkhiiiouhujiiljbjckvj bbjouhgvbmbkjkesvfsfscwcsva svfddfndfcj,hhhhhhzo
William Thomas
William Thomas 17 kun oldin
chance sounds better singing theo
Mannie Gains
Mannie Gains 17 kun oldin
Ella Mai's cover brought me here 🤙😎
Just Toni
Just Toni 18 kun oldin
Yessssssss😩😩😍😍 her dimples, her moves, her voice.. sheeesh !
Taylor John
Taylor John 18 kun oldin
Wheres the thumbs down button. This is stupid.
personality probs
personality probs 10 kun oldin
Then y r u here
Dee Pyles
Dee Pyles 19 kun oldin
Do you do kehlani put on wigs every video because every time on a video she changed her hair like she pauses then dying it then put on a wig something I just want to say that I don't like that I like her videos but I'm not a hater I'm not a hater. Perry it big
Salsina Eress
Salsina Eress 21 kun oldin
I love this songgg
Kennetha Lee
Kennetha Lee 21 kun oldin
Exactly...Ciara got competition!!
m y
m y 23 kun oldin
It's the way y'all like this comment 😂😂😂😀😊😈
Trinity Clark
Trinity Clark 23 kun oldin
She's so beautiful like if u agree
Latoya Cooksey
Latoya Cooksey 23 kun oldin
Uuuugghhh, she makes question my sexuality 💁GORGEOUS ❤
시즈 쿠 사츠키 산
AM 23 kun oldin
China Black
China Black 24 kun oldin
China Black
China Black 23 kun oldin
+AM hi
AM 23 kun oldin
Leah Renee
Leah Renee 25 kun oldin
THOSE ABS IN HER STOMACH ARE WHAT I WANT IN LIFE 😟😍 I have one but it’s kinda little....... 🥺
Corazon 26 kun oldin
The rapper spoiled it. Sounding lazy
Ali A
Ali A 27 kun oldin
Damn Kehlani 😍
Miss DT
Miss DT 27 kun oldin
Is it just me or they have some chemistry or nah lol
Fred 28 kun oldin
Ummmm... nigga? My bad I've been drinking.
Nadia I. Garcia
Nadia I. Garcia 28 kun oldin
idk why she reminds me of nelly furtado here
Nyisha Sanabria
Ugh I Wanna Be Her back Up DANCER Real Talk Lmao
Audrey Suber
Audrey Suber Oy oldin
61 mil ?? Pretty sure I’m about 60 million of those views 😭💯🤷🏾‍♀️
Ariadna Lara
Ariadna Lara Oy oldin
I miss this Kehlani:(
Tima Oy oldin
I just realized how attractive Chance is like damn
I had to come back here , I don't know if DaniLeigh was paying homage or not but her new video for her song Cruz but it is just like this, literally the exact thing.
taekook Jeon
taekook Jeon Oy oldin
*who's better dancer* *like for kehlani* *Comment ciara*
Scott Elam
Scott Elam Oy oldin
kehlani, mmmm whata sweet voice
Peanut Oy oldin
Studio Mix
Studio Mix Oy oldin
Pretty Coco
Pretty Coco Oy oldin
Omg this song so bomb 😍 video bomb too ❤️
Kristine Rendon
Still slaps 3 1/2 years later 🔥🔥
Kenzo Martini
Kenzo Martini Oy oldin
Who here bc danileigh copied this mv lmo
Des. P
Des. P Oy oldin
This song makes me think of one person❤💔💜
Nyasia G
Nyasia G Oy oldin
She’s so pretty ❗️
M nddy
M nddy Oy oldin
The way Chance grabbed kehlani's waist you can tell he KNOWS how to fuck. That's why he got a whole baby now
Samantha Rivera
Skylah-Marie Holmes
This song always gets me hyped 👌❤
Aniyah Wilson
Aniyah Wilson Oy oldin
If you change the speed to 1.25 it sounds even better
Ebony Lang
Ebony Lang Oy oldin
There is only one Ciara
Deiondria Lee
Deiondria Lee Oy oldin
This reminds me of a song from Star. I love Kehlani's voice.
PoloGang97 Oy oldin
She did Kyrie Bogus asf
m Oy oldin
kehlani is my baby
JustBeingTina Oy oldin
Still listening in 2018 ❤️
beatuy charms asmr
Song so good ik omg ❤💖
Catherine Bingham
Love her so much
She is so sexy I love her music
Ashley Hagler
Ashley Hagler Oy oldin
Kehlani is so beautiful with black hair
shortie JJ
shortie JJ Oy oldin
She so damn hot
samri kidane
samri kidane Oy oldin
I wont hear her voice with chris brown......
Des. P
Des. P Oy oldin
She's so freaking Beautiful❤
Tiana and Samara
who ever is listening to this song in 2018 drop a like
Diane Jackson
Diane Jackson Oy oldin
jackson jermesha Jackson Jermaine Jackson lwuan Coulteer
It's Lady J
It's Lady J Oy oldin
Chicago shit 1:31sec 3:00sec
Kehlani - FWU
4 yil oldin
Yil oldin