Keith Eats Everything At McDonald's • The Try Vlog

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I don't remember taking that bite... it just kinda happened.
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Devlin McCluskey



23-Sen, 2017

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Catie Johnson
Catie Johnson 46 daqiqa oldin
We love a food critic
Ice Wolf
Ice Wolf 4 soat oldin
he kept eating at McDonald’s and got fat 100 like to stop obesity...
Emily Aho
Emily Aho 4 soat oldin
This is kinda a dream
Shaune Barker
Shaune Barker 5 soat oldin
How was your stomach is my question
Natalie Rose
Natalie Rose Kun oldin
keiths burps r just iconic
Ant kimb
Ant kimb Kun oldin
How dare you there are never enough donuts
cy bay
cy bay Kun oldin
Your peto stash cracks me up
multifandomz 2 kun oldin
how do u forget the fries my dude
VidaUrbana 2 kun oldin
why he aye the hashbrown like that lol
Andrea Ortiz
Andrea Ortiz 2 kun oldin
Should really try jack in the crack next!!
TheR6 gamer
TheR6 gamer 2 kun oldin
Dude why do you eat your burger upside down
Meredith Gray
Meredith Gray 2 kun oldin
I’m a vegetarian and this video managed to make me crave a burger 😂
Keith Westpy
Keith Westpy 2 kun oldin
you can never have to many donuts
Ashley And Marjorie
Omg the pico guacamole sandwich was so good but McDonald’s took it way
Nate Gruen
Nate Gruen 2 kun oldin
Who else is starving while watching this?
Lazy Lizzie
Lazy Lizzie 2 kun oldin
I am surprised that Mc Donald’s didn’t sponsor this video
Marissa M
Marissa M 3 kun oldin
Zacks phone voice though
Bunnyboy 152
Bunnyboy 152 3 kun oldin
I mean I like McDonald but you would never see me eating all of that stuff worth my favorite meals at McDonald.
jcwebb264 3 kun oldin
Lord Keith is gonna have a heart attack at like 45... I hope he exercises 😂😂😂
Snail Land
Snail Land 3 kun oldin
Prepare to have explosive diarrhea and diabetes
Cosmic Fire
Cosmic Fire 3 kun oldin
60 grains of rice
Massiel Acosta Marchena
WHAT? is he really 8.3 tall.....? My bf is 6.3 tall and I m 5.3 tall and I see him as a giant XD CANT imagine this one.
Ulvekongen2013 3 kun oldin
Keith you kinda look like Gary from Dc Legends, right?
LOPEZplayz 3 kun oldin
This is how you get McBetes
MittyHam0 4 kun oldin
EMILIE MCPHAIL 4 kun oldin
Mmmmmm makes me hungry
Admiral Lemons
Admiral Lemons 4 kun oldin
As a Canadian I feel obligated to eat everything at Tim hortons
BUSHETH 4 kun oldin
Signature sriracha artisan *R O L L*
Mikail Nazeer
Mikail Nazeer 4 kun oldin
I've eaten so much I vomited like 5 times
Mikail Nazeer
Mikail Nazeer 4 kun oldin
I went up north to my aunties shop in nz I live in Auckland they live in wellsford I think
Trina Lu
Trina Lu 4 kun oldin
Happy meal???
Gacha Amy
Gacha Amy 5 kun oldin
There’s no such thing as too much fried chicken
쑤soo 5 kun oldin
why is no one talking about alter ego high school Ned. that fabulous human was killin. it.
-Amara 6 kun oldin
gotta love those hamberders
Streptovsky 6 kun oldin
I'm confused why did he call it in but then place the order at the drive thru? Did they not let him call it in? Also, why couldn't he just save time and say "Literally one of every item on the menu, I'm not kidding, one of every item on the menu, no meals." instead of listing off 60 individual items????
Oompa Loompa
Oompa Loompa 6 kun oldin
i just got an IHOP ad tho
Fox White
Fox White 6 kun oldin
If I was behind him in that line, I would McYeet him out the window.XD ~Props to my sister for the idea~
Ameli Carver
Ameli Carver 6 kun oldin
Every ad that popped up during this video was a McDonald’s ad
Zoe D
Zoe D 6 kun oldin
also that isnt that bad (the money he spent) for ordering almost on the mcdonalds menu haha
Zoe D
Zoe D 6 kun oldin
also sweet and sour is the best sauce at mcdonalds. there i’ve said it. it’s out therep
Nadia Daley
Nadia Daley 6 kun oldin
His burps are really killing me 💀💀💀💀💀
Sailor Star
Sailor Star 6 kun oldin
Welcome to trumps diet XD
Zahniya Cooper
Zahniya Cooper 6 kun oldin
I love their fish sandwiches
Peter Holmes
Peter Holmes 6 kun oldin
Now eat everything at Wendy's. . .
Zainub Qureshi
Zainub Qureshi 6 kun oldin
My favorite thing is watching him decide what he wants next.
Lowkey-Me Lil Asian girl is out
I've micfallen
benkenobisgirl 6 kun oldin
7:15 cutest pupper!
blaze slayer79
blaze slayer79 7 kun oldin
No such thing as to much meat
Miranda Coulson
Miranda Coulson 7 kun oldin
When I have a larger Big Mac meal I talk and sound drunk 🤣
The Gang killer
The Gang killer 7 kun oldin
Are you the flash or a speedster or something?
Gabriella Kosmidis
Gabriella Kosmidis 7 kun oldin
This makes me so sad cuz I can't physically eat maccas
Yuki Lilium
Yuki Lilium 8 kun oldin
how could you forget the french fries