Keith Eats Everything At McDonald's • The Try Vlog

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I don't remember taking that bite... it just kinda happened.
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Devlin McCluskey



23-Sen, 2017



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Emerson ECB
Emerson ECB Soat oldin
I was eating McDonald when I didn’t even realize I was eating McDonald’s
Emerson ECB
Emerson ECB Soat oldin
And my mom work at McDonald’s
KïŕäMěłøň 2 soat oldin
Luckiest man alive
Wattpad Fan
Wattpad Fan 4 soat oldin
Where are the fries?
Wattpad Fan
Wattpad Fan 4 soat oldin
How come this isn’t on ‘eat the menu’?
Wattpad Fan
Wattpad Fan 4 soat oldin
60 nerds?
Eve Atlantic
Eve Atlantic 7 soat oldin
I DoNt ReMeMbEr TaKiNg ThAt BiTe. It JuSt KiNdA HaPpEneD - Keith Douglas Habersberger
Troy Nice
Troy Nice 20 soat oldin
Hash browns are the BEST!
Dallas Beard
Dallas Beard Kun oldin
Awh I’m so glad we got to see Kelsey
x Willow Violet x
I love how the song said "I like to eat healthy, I like to eat what's good for me" and he is eating junk food 😂 also out of all of the food at McDonald's Keith forgot the fries
David’s Weird
David’s Weird 2 kun oldin
What does McDonalds taste like I’ve never ate there
Gazal Soni
Gazal Soni 2 kun oldin
give this to Matt stonie
charlene lyttle
charlene lyttle 2 kun oldin
Some people like a lot of meat 👀💀
samantha trodden
samantha trodden 3 kun oldin
wow a big mac ad came on in the middle of the video
hctoken04 3 kun oldin
I’m surprised you don’t have diabetes
TigerGamer 3 kun oldin
Double quarter pounder aint that a half pounder
Parker Watson
Parker Watson 4 kun oldin
Parker Watson
Parker Watson 4 kun oldin
ZenoX 6 kun oldin
How TF did you forget the Fries?
Michael Hillmon
Michael Hillmon 6 kun oldin
Bah dah bah bah bahhhhh....mistake! Love yuh K.
Sydney Henderson
Sydney Henderson 6 kun oldin
Augusta’s gloop who ???
CT 7567
CT 7567 6 kun oldin
Najwa Khanafer
Najwa Khanafer 6 kun oldin
I was actually really curious on hearing Ned's story:/
Makak the Nerd Monkey
I like to eat along..feels like having a lunch with a friend.
Yubah Ortega
Yubah Ortega 7 kun oldin
This guy’s an idiot.
Haneen Azhar
Haneen Azhar 7 kun oldin
Is it weird that I got a Macdonald Ad in the middle of the video? 😂
ruby july
ruby july 7 kun oldin
where are the smoothies? where are the FRIES!!!!!!!!!
Jack Padgett
Jack Padgett 7 kun oldin
0:44 I wanted to hear it!!!
ThisGuyLikesPie 579
The eating parts make me feel sick for him
Lucy Allen
Lucy Allen 8 kun oldin
If you did that challenge in Australia it would easily be over $200
Lizzy X ASMR
Lizzy X ASMR 8 kun oldin
I want a Big Mac now
Dylan Garcia
Dylan Garcia 9 kun oldin
Keith Drives a Volkswagen Beetle
Clocobear 29
Clocobear 29 9 kun oldin
“Drive thru McDonald’s, don’t be (hesitates) don’t be 8ft 3 0:47
Victoria Decopin
Victoria Decopin 10 kun oldin
I will be suprised of Keith hasn’t gotten diabetes from eating all these greasy foods
Insane Gaming
Insane Gaming 10 kun oldin
60 Cheerios is not too many or 60 of most cerial....
Firebolt MSP
Firebolt MSP 10 kun oldin
While he was ordering his food I bet the person in the car behind him was like ‘WHEN WILL HE BE DONE FOR GODS SAKE ALL I WANT IS MY BIG MAC’
Keiradoesart 10 kun oldin
How long was that receipt
k t
k t 10 kun oldin
i’m living for the two seconds of kelsey’s smile
Michael Sotomayor
Michael Sotomayor 11 kun oldin
the meat at mcdonalds is horrid... wendy's or BK is best. It's not the grease that's changing the quality in your voice.. singers don't drink soft drinks before a performance for example.. it's not the grease.
Sarah McCausland - Lorne Park SS (2252)
$105?, That's like $1.75 an item
⭐🌟Holly Mae🌟⭐
He forgot the best thing! Biscuits and gravy!!!
1xoACEox1 12 kun oldin
Every guy at Buzzfeed is so camp...is it a requirement or something? Is the CEO a super jealous boyfriend and only hires men he thinks aren't a threat to his girl? Coz Ive worked at places like that actually.
Cassius Felix
Cassius Felix 12 kun oldin
Thank You
Eric Fiveson
Eric Fiveson 12 kun oldin
How do you go to McDonald's and not order fries
Maddie Huckle
Maddie Huckle 13 kun oldin
He only got the meal items he forgot oatmeal,McDouble, mchicken, double cheese, the ranch wrap, and the classic chicken
Amber Geyer
Amber Geyer 13 kun oldin
9:12 😂
T512X 13 kun oldin
Yall know a drive thru is suppose to be an Express lane right?
THEAC83 14 kun oldin
Keith looks like he eats penis
Kxrnie xx
Kxrnie xx 14 kun oldin
Half of this stuff isn’t on the Australian menus :(
Kuba Maliszewski
Kuba Maliszewski 14 kun oldin
“*heart disease has entered the chat*”
Lawson Roberts
Lawson Roberts 14 kun oldin
I got a McDonald’s ad. I got 2 McDonald’s ads on this
jeff white
jeff white 14 kun oldin
Someone was so obsessed with McDonald's that they made this phone game called munchie match, it's just a bunch of hamburgers and fries falling from the sky it's hilarious! 😂
Ownage Is_our_dad
Ownage Is_our_dad 14 kun oldin
U prob got diabetes after dis
kelvin phitrow
kelvin phitrow 14 kun oldin
Rabbi Finkelstein: "your children's meat is In McDonald's» McDonald's hamburgers contain human flesh In McDonald's hamburgers contains meat people! At least, Rabbi of the East coast of the United States Abe Finkelstein said this directly on the radio network Turner, in the program John 8:44 with the leading teacher of the Lord Yahweh James Vikstrom . Rabbi Finkelstein: "We have a lot of fun during Easter when we steal their children, - the Rabbi admitted directly. - We steal between a hundred and three hundred thousand children a year in this country alone. And we release the blood from them, and we mix it with the bread of Easter ,and then we throw the corpses into the slaughterhouses that belong to us, and we grind all the bodies into minced meat for sausage and hamburgers. McDonald's is one of our favorite outlets, and, people who eat Breakfast, they eat their kids for lunch." "Hey, we ARE a God-chosen people. Its just most Jews do not like to admit it, but our God is Lucifer (the devil).»
Gabbi Rodriguez
Gabbi Rodriguez 14 kun oldin
The worst part about this video is that he made this order at the drive thru window 😂
Ivy Hatcher
Ivy Hatcher 15 kun oldin
this is such an old video so im sure you wont see this, but keith if youre reading, mickey ds doesnt actually use very much dairy in their ice cream or shakes! thats why theyre called shakes and not milkshakes and soft serve instead of ice cream - they got called on false advertising in some places because different places have different laws that decide what constitutes ice cream and they didn't live up to all of those laws. im also lactose intolerant, like bad, and can get away with eating their dairy products (except for the yogurt obviously).
Sophia Thirza Joyce
Sophia Thirza Joyce 15 kun oldin
I’m wouldn’t be surprised if they got the order wrong...
Ashley Boyle
Ashley Boyle 16 kun oldin
Eugenes lil butt wiggle
TRaM_pH4nT0m 16 kun oldin
1 like = 1 day of keith dieting
Maddie L
Maddie L 17 kun oldin
I know if we got in line behind him my mom would make the comment “what is he ordering the whole menu” and this is the one time it’s true 😂😂😂
Rosey Rosee
Rosey Rosee 17 kun oldin
Coincidence? I had a Mc Donald’s add before the video 😂
Claudia Zuluaga
Claudia Zuluaga 17 kun oldin
The French fries the 2 grilled snack wraps and crispy ones
Baby Velociraptor
Baby Velociraptor 17 kun oldin
wait you forgot FRIES? how dare you :( XD
MurryCoolz HD
MurryCoolz HD 17 kun oldin
Who's watching this while their hungry?
Music Mix
Music Mix 18 kun oldin
he still never got his fries :D
Roberta B
Roberta B 18 kun oldin
"yeah you shouldn't try to eat everything at a restaurant... but i did learn what was the best thing there" well that gives me an idea
FUCKYOUGOOGLE 18 kun oldin
lol the asian guy shacking his butt giving away the mcdonalds was hilarious
Patty Cakes
Patty Cakes 19 kun oldin
He forgot the frappes 😞
Brianna Renneker
Brianna Renneker 19 kun oldin
Owen Tisdale
Owen Tisdale 19 kun oldin
did buzzfeed hire a 15 yr old to edit there videos
Cody Braun
Cody Braun 20 kun oldin
OMG, watching this vid a year later. Still looooooooooooooove Sims Girl.
Peyton’s Meme shoo
I’m selling “Pillow-ie” buttons 5:06 5:06 5:06 5:06 5:06 5:06 5:06 5:06 5:06 5:06 Cost: 1 like
Oblivion Bush
Oblivion Bush 20 kun oldin
OMG I am so starving now
Creative Juices 🎨
I feel bad for the people in the cars behind them xD
Bianca Bania
Bianca Bania 21 kun oldin
In Spain the McDonald's is literary gourmet, you can get a fried egg on a burger.
Gacha Life City
Gacha Life City 21 kun oldin
I’ve...... mc forgot frenchfries.... get it??? Huh.... huuuhhhh?
A 21 kun oldin
Queer foods for straight dudes?
Paris Fray
Paris Fray 21 kun oldin
The try guys should watch tommy tomato he compares 2 restaurants and finds out which one is the best
Love Bhai
Love Bhai 22 kun oldin
10:00 I can't
Coco Janelle
Coco Janelle 22 kun oldin
Anyone knows the song background???
ccanime36 22 kun oldin
Imagine you’ve worked at Mcdonalds, know how all of this sh*t is made and you want to soooo badly tell him how it is actually made. Also technically it’s not everything cause there things added seasonal ish sorta. Like the McRib it’s off, on and bleh xP
Ms Mushroom
Ms Mushroom 22 kun oldin
It’s not *pancakes* it’s *HOTCAKES* No hate btw hhaha
CAITLYN L 23 kun oldin
You can use all of that paper and cardboard as toilet paper for a year!!!! 😆
Somehow Snake
Somehow Snake 23 kun oldin
Kelsey's so pretty
Sebastian Johnson
Sebastian Johnson 24 kun oldin
ur mom
Jademoon25 24 kun oldin
Who goes to McDonald's and forgets fries?!?!? WTH Keith?!
virgenas100 24 kun oldin
oh my God the first ever mukbang the try guys did
Ethan Baby
Ethan Baby 24 kun oldin
Sorry Keith I disliked the video on BuzzFeed but ill like all of your try guys stuff
Alxz 24 kun oldin
Tarbasee The Shooter
Who else is hungry while watching this?
Hellen Azcunagaumana
i dont like hashbrowns
Cody Plant
Cody Plant 26 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure you can call orders ahead, and I encourage it.
Desirae Roberts
Desirae Roberts 26 kun oldin
"yeah, you shouldn't try to eat everything in a restaurant." also keith: proceeds to make further videos on eating menus
Jellybean Wong
Jellybean Wong 26 kun oldin
Unicorn Doughnut
Unicorn Doughnut 27 kun oldin
7:29 7:29 7:29
The Slot Whisperer
The Slot Whisperer 27 kun oldin
Try everything from cheesecake factory...you'll be there for a month.
Kenzie 28 kun oldin
“How does it feel?” “Cold .” 😂😂😂😂😂
Lola M
Lola M 28 kun oldin
Hey Keith!! Can you try everything at Noodles and Co.!!!!!
Skittle Donut
Skittle Donut 28 kun oldin
Khali Booth
Khali Booth 28 kun oldin
PET PEEV! (DID I SPELL THAT RIGHT?) Eating a burger upside down. ARGGGHH HATE IT! LOL
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