Kelly Price, Luke James & More Sing Verse For Verse In This Cypher | Soul Train Awards 2018

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Erykah Badu, Kelly Price, BJ The Chicago Kid, Luke James, Queen Naija, Robert Glasper And Thundercat show out in the soul cypher!
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27-Noy, 2018

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Curtis McElroy
Curtis McElroy 2 soat oldin
I love that beat they used for this cyph
The Quinn Chronicles
Bj over and over!!!! This was dope tho all of them
rene willis
rene willis Kun oldin
Not trying to be rude but queen doesn't fit with them she looks so uncomfortable and she does the sameeeee runs
duce5100 Kun oldin
All of them did great. That 1st guy and Kelly Price was crazy good.
Rean Nora
Rean Nora Kun oldin
Luke James please marry me lol LOVE IT!!!
Super Bass
Super Bass Kun oldin
Kelly!!!!!!!!! Chills chills and more chills smh🔥 I felt that to my core!
diva doll
diva doll 2 kun oldin
That dang Kelly Price....you booked. That's it, that's all
E. IRIZARRY 2 kun oldin
BJ The Chicago Kid was basically David Hollister Gen Z/Millennial version...ironically both are from the Chi. Similar timbre's and riff's.
JadaJanaee 3 kun oldin
I watch this EVERY DAY
Bob Ivan
Bob Ivan 3 kun oldin
Why somebody all ways taking Kelly's man 😂😂
iBOXRIVER 7 soat oldin
Bob Ivan Always 💯😂
Chakraphat Sakoonchai
this is so soothing to listen to :) i love it
Markia Goins
Markia Goins 4 kun oldin
I thought this was beautiful
The Piscean Nicole
The Piscean Nicole 4 kun oldin
Luke 😍😍😍😍
olwethu makhubu
olwethu makhubu 4 kun oldin
Whats the name of the instrumental?
Shandria Legree
Shandria Legree 5 kun oldin
All of them was great.....
Maurissa Hill
Maurissa Hill 5 kun oldin
Y'all Of course queen is intimidated she's new kid on the block singing around seasoned artist. Let the girl learn she doesn't even know what direction of music she's heading toward yet. She's in between r&b and gospel. Like let the kid live
Candice Lee
Candice Lee 2 kun oldin
Maurissa Hill Exactly well Said
Raven NoneOfYoBiz
Raven NoneOfYoBiz 5 kun oldin
I loved this Cypher period!!!! All of them did their thing! The whole thing was chills!
ski mask
ski mask 5 kun oldin
I heard that was that supposed to be in there?! Lmao she said she was a friend of mine he said no she wasn't lmfao
Milan White
Milan White 5 kun oldin
Kelly ATE THIS ♥️♥️
Channel Fekitoa
Channel Fekitoa 5 kun oldin
Keke Wyatt, Lala Hathaway, Jasmine Sullivan & Tamar Braxton next pls lol
❤FoReIgN tRiNi❤
🔊🎶🎵🎼"I cant help but to feel like gold, black people you know." 🖤🖤🔊🎶🎵🎼 This was pure fire. Yall better stop sleepin on my mans Luke though👀
Coach Arrington
Coach Arrington 6 kun oldin
I love how it look like Queen Naija was just taking notes while Kelly was singing!
mai time
mai time 6 kun oldin
Lolop Callulu
Lolop Callulu 7 kun oldin
where can I find the instrumental?
Ana Tejada
Ana Tejada 8 kun oldin
Real Singers 🙌🏽
butterfly 28
butterfly 28 8 kun oldin
They need to have Coko from Swv, Keke Wyatt, Jazmine Sullivan, and Ledsi this year. Kelly Price DESTROYED this whole cypher. I love that woman's voice.
iBOXRIVER 7 soat oldin
butterfly 28 Now coco.... would have ate this up 💯👌🏾
aubrey spence
aubrey spence 8 kun oldin
What is 2019 soul trains awards? Hope that ERYAH BADU host it tho
TheTishtashtoe 8 kun oldin
Luke James doing way tooo much Kmt
Latrina Muhammad
Latrina Muhammad 8 kun oldin
Luke sounds extraordinary
Tay Smalls
Tay Smalls 9 kun oldin
I’m here everyday for Queen part. Then Kelly’s part
Candice Lee
Candice Lee 6 kun oldin
Tay Smalls PERIOD
Alanna Donaldson
Alanna Donaldson 9 kun oldin
Ms Kelly Price brought me to tears bawling like baby. Her voice soothed my pain.💔💔💚
Derrick Mcwhorter
Derrick Mcwhorter 9 kun oldin
queen's voice is completely average. Only reason she's where she is, is because she sold her soul
shaquille parsons
shaquille parsons 9 kun oldin
Queen can sing she should’ve did a freestyle BUT YALL NEED TO STOP SLEEPING ON HER , BJ IS UNDERRATED , kelly and Luke there is nothing else to say but they sang hot fire (daylon )
Robert Carter
Robert Carter 9 kun oldin
Kelly is a true queen.
Ellen isaacs
Ellen isaacs 9 kun oldin
Queen naija!!!yesssssssssss!!!😄
TheeShelt 10 kun oldin
I was blessed by this whole thing! I was waiting for Queen Naija to take it to the heavens with her soprano. Next time!
James Brown
James Brown 10 kun oldin
Queen Naija has zero personality
Charneice Ford
Charneice Ford 11 kun oldin
Queen is not a rapper she got off beat cause thats not her normal flow she did great
Raz 11 kun oldin
where is thundercats verse smh
Lolop Callulu
Lolop Callulu 11 kun oldin
all of the songs that they're singing are all very familiar, but what are the names of all of them... I know Queen Naija is singing Karma, Kelly Price is singing friend of mine, and that they're all basically singing if only you knew by Patti Labelle
franchesca pinamang
franchesca pinamang 11 kun oldin
At 3.58 ....jokes Luke James 😁
Rosette Mulumba
Rosette Mulumba 11 kun oldin
Mr247star 12 kun oldin
Yaass gawd luke & Kelly
Princess Athena
Princess Athena 12 kun oldin
Queen naija better sing love that voice
Good Life
Good Life 12 kun oldin
EPIC!!! Talented Africans
OshiaBLACKirish 12 kun oldin
Luke James💛KELLY PRICE & BJ 🙌
Tasha Bynum
Tasha Bynum 12 kun oldin
Simone Bullock
Simone Bullock 12 kun oldin
This Soul Cypher is the TRUTH. Luke James was LIIIIIIT. I LOVE HIM. I listen to this AT LEAST 4x a week.
Nesa Mick
Nesa Mick 12 kun oldin
CHI TOWN STAND UP!!! BJ ok thennnnnnn!!!!
Z E 12 kun oldin
Jahnelle Ashley
Jahnelle Ashley 12 kun oldin
I swear I could watch this a million more times! This is the kind of music I crave. I felt like they all did well. Although to piggy back Ronnie Devoe commentary for xcape I think that placement could have been better, I don't feel like Queen Nija should have followed Bj he made her sound muted by comparison, he sang so beautifully. Otherwise Luke was flawless and I got my entire life as soon as Kelly started to sang chillll. Her voice is everything❤❤❤❤ side note are we gonna just ignore the shade in Queen Nija face when Luke intro'd kelly as a Queen (as he should ) an she didn't intro Luke! 😂😂😂 I continued to watch her face as kelly sang , an ya'll the more kelly hit them runs all I can say is Kelly had her pressed. P.S Erykah badu is effortlessly swaggy and i'm here for all of it🙌🙌🙌
Kurohige Batsu
Kurohige Batsu 13 kun oldin
I think queen wasn't ready for luke ablib and it thru her off... that's why she got off beat for a sec
Kurohige Batsu
Kurohige Batsu 13 kun oldin
All of them was lit! Niaja killed it like she should have but Badu sent me there at the end.. I love her big facts
Trice H
Trice H 13 kun oldin
I don’t care how many times I come back to this performance I still get chills every time. 💯💯💯💯❤️💪🏾😍
Tee Thomp
Tee Thomp 13 kun oldin
Luke James and my dorn girl, Kelly Price...yaaaaasssssss!! They all were amazing...
Curtis Smith
Curtis Smith 13 kun oldin
Man I so love the cypher.
FancyNancy90 13 kun oldin
Kelly's voice is like warm liquid gold, slowing cascading amongst our eardrums. ❤❤❤❤
bello june
bello june 13 kun oldin
kelly kelly kelly damn
Blind Fury
Blind Fury 14 kun oldin
Kelly price sounded good but I really didn’t like this cypher, it was my least favorite this in the one from 2016
Mohannad Al Hattab
Mohannad Al Hattab 14 kun oldin
help. what is the name of the song that Kelly sang?
Mohannad Al Hattab
Mohannad Al Hattab 13 kun oldin
Thank you so much +Candice Lee
Candice Lee
Candice Lee 14 kun oldin
Mohannad Al Hattab a Friend Of Mine
Awe Dajah
Awe Dajah 14 kun oldin
All I hear is church voices 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
David Willis
David Willis 15 kun oldin
Kelly is a monster
Charles Gross
Charles Gross 15 kun oldin
Kelly Price came to school the new generation!! 🔥🔥🔥 #TakeNotes!
Paul Laymon
Paul Laymon 15 kun oldin
I love her alto voice 😍
Dorian Pride
Dorian Pride 16 kun oldin
Kelly price album on the way
Bruce Dixon
Bruce Dixon 16 kun oldin
Listen, the first guy gave me chill however Ms Price gave me life.....after death
Mimi Beenz
Mimi Beenz 16 kun oldin
Juan Franco
Juan Franco 16 kun oldin
This cypher has me coming back every week for inspiration 🔥🙏🏽
atSHEESH BECKY 16 kun oldin
When you understand what Lil Mo was talking about. Anyway, 🆆🅰🆃🅲🅷🅸🅽🅶 🅸🅽 2019!
atSHEESH BECKY 10 kun oldin
+Candice Lee Ctfu.. I over looked that part of lil Mo
Candice Lee
Candice Lee 11 kun oldin
atSHEESH BECKY Queen was nervous but Lil Mo seems to have become Bitter when she isn’t invited to something
Wilma Edgeston
Wilma Edgeston 16 kun oldin
Beautiful Performance ❤️
OTKP 16 kun oldin
REAL TALENT No Gimmicks, No Auto Tune!
Victoria Williams
Victoria Williams 17 kun oldin
Queen Najih did good too tho
Donald Clarke Jr
Donald Clarke Jr 17 kun oldin
Boy on that bass guitar was killin’ it 🔥🔥🔥🔥
NEISHANUNU 17 kun oldin
I need a hype man like LUKE PERIOD 😩😩
Ronnie Wilburn
Ronnie Wilburn 17 kun oldin
Only @the SoulTrainAwards will you find THIS kind of soul. Straight, no chaser!!!!
J-Nastyy H
J-Nastyy H 17 kun oldin
I def seen this hella times and never noticed her Spider-Man coat robe thing
Myrian B
Myrian B 18 kun oldin
BJ the kid killed it.. Never heard of this guy but he did his thing..Nothing but Excellence on that stage tho.
Darrien Shelton
Darrien Shelton 18 kun oldin
What song are they singing around. They all kinda singing the same thing with freestyling in there’s ♪ If only you knew, how much I know???
Candice Lee
Candice Lee 14 kun oldin
Darrien Shelton That’s It Patti Labelle
Andrew 18 kun oldin
If only this was 10 times longer! I can listen to this all day!
Lei Kilifi
Lei Kilifi 18 kun oldin
Ms.Kelly Price👑👑
Chantal Romeo
Chantal Romeo 18 kun oldin
people slèeeeeeeepin on BJ gadamn!
Johnnie Moorw
Johnnie Moorw 18 kun oldin
Kelly price wow
Tramaine Johnson
Tramaine Johnson 19 kun oldin
I could just throw a shoe at BJ. His voice is just so good, you unknowingly make a stank face while he’s singing.
Guided Hands
Guided Hands 19 kun oldin
Sage Oso
Sage Oso 19 kun oldin
Bj gave me chills
Chantal Romeo
Chantal Romeo 18 kun oldin
facts. !!!
Kourtney Douthard-Becker
Queen naija did that ❤ #DetroitStandUp 🙌🏼✊🏼
Poodie Nation
Poodie Nation 19 kun oldin
Can we get H.E.R.,Ella Mai,Kehlani,Chris Blue,The Walls Group,RESOUND,Daniel Ceaser and Jasmine Sullivan on the next one PLEASE
GALAXY GAMER75 19 kun oldin
kelly lemme tell u
skylajade 19 kun oldin
Can we please get Keke wyatt for this year's would cyper
Sharon James
Sharon James 20 kun oldin
Ms Kelly gave me chills! Sang Kelly!
Farrah Array
Farrah Array 20 kun oldin
The 1st dude's vocal skills remind me of Lyfe Jennings a little bit.
Willaw Entertainment
My goodness, Kelly killed that! Luke has a beautiful voice.
I am Boxing, you will see, just wait
Naija looks like she doesent like beeing there
Candice Lee
Candice Lee 11 kun oldin
I am Boxing, you will see, just wait nervous to stand next to a legend like Kelly
john anderson
john anderson 20 kun oldin
EJ 21 kun oldin
Who know all the songs they sung
EternalBeauty91 21 kun oldin
I loved it Kelly Price did her thing....But people are always sleeping on BJ
Anna F.
Anna F. 21 kun oldin
Robert Glasper really is an icon. Never forget !!
Jai Bonner
Jai Bonner 21 kun oldin
Sorry not sorry MS.KELLY Did the damn thang 😍🗣️ !!
Carletta Goodrich Mann
Queen NJ sounds beautiful. LOok in your rear view . SHe is so international. sister of soul a ride or die QUEEN. KElly PR ICE girl what a voice. Gospel rawesone roots .
Yvette Williams
Yvette Williams 21 kun oldin
Wowwwwww, awesome!
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