Kendall Jenner Thinks Kylie's Lips Look Too Big on KUWTK Video Promo

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The Kardashian/Jenner ladies sit down to discuss Kylie’s new look and we find out that Kendall is not a fan of Kylie’s Lip enhancements.Today’s episode of Clevver News Feed is brought to you by Pitch Perfect 2, in theaters May 15th!
Now that Kylie has admitted to enhancing her lips, all of the Kardashian sisters are giving her their opinions on them. In a sneak peek for KUWTK, Kim Kylie and Kendall discuss her new look.
It’s clear that Kendall is not in favor of the plumping She prefers a more natural look for her sister.
Did you catch Kendall’s eyes when Kim said that she thought Kylie’s lips looked amazing? Kendall obviously does not have the same opinion.

Later in the conversation Kylie reveals that it is difficult for her to not be affected by all fot he public attention all of the time. And Kim agrees, telling the Jenner girls that QUOTE, "if something makes you insecure and you've been feeling that way forever. Who doesn't want to look amazing? Do what makes you happy."
Kim says its nothing to be ashamed of and even admits that she has her own insecurities saying that lately she QUOTE “cannot leave the house without spanx."
But Kendall insists that this obsession over looks is not necessary.
Well, it seems that the ladies have different opinions about enhancing their looks and their bodies. Kendall has always been the more tomboyish one. Is she being too hard on her sister or do you agree with her in that they are putting too much emphasis on their looks? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below, don’t forget to subscribe .

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11-May, 2015

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 2 728
Malikah Majid
Malikah Majid 2 kun oldin
I agree with kendall❤💝
I think that changing your body with plastic surgery doesn’t make you beautiful it shows how pitiful you are since you can’t love yourself. It may be hard sometimes to love yourself because of the negativity nor gets but, I think that being what other people want you to be makes you pitiful. Ya’ll can hate me but that is what I think and if you don’t like just scroll down to the next comment or just leave my comment alone.
Gypsyrose healings
Gypsyrose healings 6 kun oldin
Kendall and Kourtney are the best. Now I know why they hang so much and without their other sisters when not filming the show.
E 8 kun oldin
Jasmine Rodriguez
Jasmine Rodriguez 8 kun oldin
Kendall is just the best of them all. She is right . They don't have to worry about that so much. Kendall is the best end of story 👌😋😙
Ca Ka
Ca Ka 8 kun oldin
Now Kendall got lip injection lol
XxJayyydenxX 11 kun oldin
If yall saying kendall NEVER got surgery and is naturally perfect,she literally got a nose job and its obvious.
GO GO 12 kun oldin
Now kendall also had her lips done😂
Calm Down
Calm Down 12 kun oldin
kendall has a point, the only thing women have these crazy insecurities and obsession about looks is being compared to other people. if you worry too much of your look and compare it to someone elses, then it is really a problem, but if you appreciate your own beauty and someone elses beauty then that would be a win win.. Every one should not be compared to others because we are all amazing.
RBG ;3
RBG ;3 15 kun oldin
wich one episode is that? ;d
BLUE PANTHER 16 kun oldin
Im with kendall this time
BLUE PANTHER 12 kun oldin
+Neha Deshpande haha yeah
Neha Deshpande
Neha Deshpande 12 kun oldin
kendall also got lip injections now.. so..
M J 19 kun oldin
The fact is kendall also did a surgery. She was so jealous of her sis.
marichu nacor
marichu nacor 21 kun oldin
Among all of them the model sister is the most naturally beautiful so she isn't insecure
Darko 22 kun oldin
Kendall has always been mean to Kylie. Plus she’s a hypocrite she has done plastic surgery too.
Hello There
Hello There 23 kun oldin
Lmao at the people who think that kendall is a natural..
Julia Woodward
Julia Woodward 27 kun oldin
kendall is legit the only natural one!!!!!!!!!
Anju05 27 kun oldin
I know Kendall isnt tryna b mean but Kylie has a lot of insecurities. Imo she was still still rlly pretty bfore she plumped her lips, but she has the freedom to do what she wants and shouldn't be judged for it. Kim was more understanding bcuz she cud relate.
Megan Smith
Megan Smith Oy oldin
Kylie was in Kendall’s shadows, but honestly after the lip fillers & her changing up her look quite a bit I thought (and think) she is by far the prettier of the two. Kendall has the classic all-American beauty look down perfect, but Kylie just looks exotically gorgeous. I’m happy for her that she did so well with her makeup line and really came into her own... well, understatement, she’s by far the most successful in the family now. I can’t imagine Kendall doesn’t harbour resentment toward her, given that Kendall was always so used to being the perfect one growing up.
aneete N.
aneete N. Oy oldin
Says the kendoll.who.know has her lips biger..lol
Mary O’Neil
Mary O’Neil Oy oldin
I love Kylie’s lips here I don’t like them now
Mali Fuchs
Mali Fuchs Oy oldin
I agree with Kendall
Aixi Autumn
Aixi Autumn Oy oldin
Kylie's new lip is suit with her.
marichu nacor
marichu nacor Oy oldin
She is pretty, why want to look like a 40 year old woman., enjoy your being young
Amiya Santosh
Amiya Santosh Oy oldin
Kendall looks youngest and Kylie looks like her aunt XD
cool girl
cool girl Oy oldin
The Kardashians are already naturally beautiful
lissa bean
lissa bean Oy oldin
am i the only one that thinks kylie’s face is prettier but kendall’s body is prettier? idk i’m just not a big fan of wide hips and big butt.
Spa in
Spa in Oy oldin
She has lip injections now too
Lico Chin
Lico Chin Oy oldin
And look at Kendall now. Sad
itsjustkashii Oy oldin
Manal&Zayn 2 oy oldin
Lol funny that Kendall now gets fillers and had a nose job too ..
Ekam S
Ekam S 2 oy oldin
3rd world problems
Sahana Banerjee
Sahana Banerjee 2 oy oldin
kendall is absolutely right
riri r
riri r 2 oy oldin
Fastforward 3 years Kendal has her lips done☺️
The King
The King Oy oldin
Wheres your proof?
Aaliyah Pillay
Aaliyah Pillay 3 oy oldin
I love kendall she do natural 😊💖
Dylan Mendes
Dylan Mendes 3 oy oldin
Kendall is looking so beautiful
madrina10 3 oy oldin
Do you ever wonder why she lied about her plastic cirgury? You're all like "eww plastic cirgury FaKE fAkE" even if she wouldn't had lied, haters will still hate. I'am not a Kylie fan, I used to dislike her not so much ago, but now I understand that growing up with the public eye isn't easy. If she isn't hurting you in anyway let her life, If she is happy thay way then just let her be happy. Kendall has always been "the perfect one" and obviously the other ones feel pressuared. Of course they gonna feel like that, Just look at the coments down here.
Johanna Granados
Johanna Granados 3 oy oldin
I’m here again🤬
Ramona and Grace
Ramona and Grace 3 oy oldin
It is what ever makes them comfortable
Mary O’Neil
Mary O’Neil 3 oy oldin
I love Kendall but I don’t know what she’s on about she got a nose job and her eyebrows raised and her lips plumped
Noor Hussain
Noor Hussain 3 oy oldin
Tbh we are the one who pressured Kylie to get lip fillers we made her insecurities stick out more . i mean if we had the money and permission we"d do it we would. Then when she got it we all started hating on her.
olive 3 oy oldin
1:12 Kim so tiny!
R_A 3 oy oldin
0:51 catch that Asmr
Autumn Cook
Autumn Cook 4 oy oldin
She’s being a bitch Kylie is beautiful and she should be loving and support her sister just like Kylie has supported kendall
maisie good
maisie good 4 oy oldin
This is why Kendall is my favourite sister
skyler lopez
skyler lopez 5 oy oldin
Why does everyone say that Kylie was ugly before her surgery. She was really beautiful. I honestly thought that she was prettier than Kendall before.
Kiran Riar
Kiran Riar 5 oy oldin
Kendall look younger
lily Celestial
lily Celestial 5 oy oldin
I agree with kendall
kyra manpula
kyra manpula 5 oy oldin
Just because Kendall said Kylie doesn't need surgery she doesn't have sympathy towards her sisters insecurity. She said "No one needs anything everybody's beautiful" she wants them to understand that they are beautiful their own way and don't need to feel insecure.
Nuno Leitão
Nuno Leitão 5 oy oldin
I completely agree because we have to feel comfortable with ourselves and our body. Your body is beutiful, so accept it as it is
s ss
s ss 5 oy oldin
Is fucking fake. Wakeup people . Was a tv show. Tv isnt real life. And kendall is like all her Family surgery
Aiueo Ayaka
Aiueo Ayaka 6 oy oldin
Kendall is supermodel !!!
jeepers 6 oy oldin
Kendall is the only not fake kardashian jenner
garvey pierre
garvey pierre 6 oy oldin
champisidra 6 oy oldin
What do you can expect about a slut like Kim 🤷🏻‍♀️
Chanchani Hnialum
Always Kendall Jenner 💝💝💝
Patricia Smith
Patricia Smith 6 oy oldin
But lets be honest for a lil tiny sec Kendall i gorg
Lethicia Santos
Lethicia Santos 6 oy oldin
kendall also did lip injections now, kinda hypocrite but ok
- anne
- anne 6 oy oldin
kendall's a fucking hypocrite
Adeela Aziz
Adeela Aziz 6 oy oldin
“You don’t need anything, everyone is beautiful “😍❤️❤️❤️ Love Kendalll
Angshu Sarma
Angshu Sarma 6 oy oldin
Is there any body parts left for them to enhance?
Yelllow 6 oy oldin
Look who is speaking.. she did the same this year.. look to kandl lip
peachytae ‘s
peachytae ‘s 6 oy oldin
This would be me and my sister lmao. I always do that to annoyed my sister.
Makenzie 6 oy oldin
I think Kendall is right, everyone should feel beautiful and comfortable just the way they are. Nobody needs anything there beautiful u may feel u do but u don’t ur beautiful😁If someone doesn’t like u for u then they don’t need to be in ur life their just a bunch of hatersss and they don’t deserve uuuu💖🤪💍😍‼️
allie 6 oy oldin
easy to say for a supermodel, kendall
Daria 22
Daria 22 6 oy oldin
still chill
still chill 6 oy oldin
Kendall is like the only Kenner (kardashian jenner get it?) Without plastic surgery.
6969 subscribers with no videos challenge
and now 3 years later the tables have turned lol
Minna Hallundbæk
I agree with Kendal
Maria Rossoti
Maria Rossoti 6 oy oldin
Kendall is the only Kardashian/Jenner that really looks like her younger self.
Aya Diory
Aya Diory 6 oy oldin
kylie is still beautiful but she doesnt look like her age.
Aya Diory
Aya Diory 6 oy oldin
why does kendall look like alissa violet
Queen Kim Ramos
Queen Kim Ramos 7 oy oldin
But eventually Kendall got lip injections too xD
sami 2808
sami 2808 7 oy oldin
What a hypocrite, Kendal had a nose job
Celina Saliba
Celina Saliba 7 oy oldin
kendall is rightt :))
Geri G
Geri G 7 oy oldin
And then Kylie says she didn’t do any surgeries 🙄
Olivia Luna
Olivia Luna 7 oy oldin
Love kendall
Olivia G.
Olivia G. 7 oy oldin
Kendall is the only one of these people I actually like
Poorva Sharma
Poorva Sharma 7 oy oldin
I love kenny! She's the most natural kardashian ⚡❤
Cheese Cupcake
Cheese Cupcake 7 oy oldin
Yeah...but look at kendall now...she had lip fillers too.
doll maleficent
doll maleficent 7 oy oldin
Kim is so useless
Lena C
Lena C 7 oy oldin
And now kendall is plumping her lips herself pathetic
Javeria Khan
Javeria Khan 7 oy oldin
I agree with Kendell "No one needs anything everybody is beautiful"
444444 444
444444 444 7 oy oldin
Kendall is right.But I agree she had thin lips but but I expected her to plump them a little not that much.But on the other hand have you seen Kendal's pics from Golden globe,kind of old Ik,but she was stunning there and to me it seemed like she had her lips done,I mean you could see how much bigger they were,so I guess she should listen her own advice😂
Brianna Wilsonlit
Kendall is so dam right
Mubasshira Patel
Mubasshira Patel 7 oy oldin
When this is on your recommendations after kylie removed her lip fillers😂😂
1000 Subscribers With No Content Challenge
Now she got rid of them
Nada Alawamey
Nada Alawamey 7 oy oldin
No one need anything everybody's beautiful 💕
aleanor sykes
aleanor sykes 7 oy oldin
Lol fucking hate Kendal
Prameow Meow
Prameow Meow 7 oy oldin
Kim really adores her little sisters I love it
Kendall Is just too Simple,natural and Gorgeous😍
louie e
louie e 7 oy oldin
just becuz Kendall isnt girly doesnt mean shes tomboyish. shes just natural n simple.
Natasha MacDonald
Kim has a 900 number voice 😭
Sancharini Kar
Sancharini Kar 7 oy oldin
All of them are plastic af
Asha Hussein
Asha Hussein 8 oy oldin
Like Amazing Like 😭😭😭
☥Princess Ichigo 🍓☥
Natural beauty. I want her before
QueenDre_ Joy
QueenDre_ Joy 8 oy oldin
I'm actually so jealous of how Kendall acts like she doesn't try, and she looks absolutely beautiful anyways!!
AAAMIINA 8 oy oldin
anyone else dislike kendall
duaa ali
duaa ali 8 oy oldin
I agree with Kendall tho Kylie is the basicly the star (after kim)
Selma Mahmoud
Selma Mahmoud 8 oy oldin
Who’s on kendall’s side?
kevin tabler
kevin tabler 8 oy oldin
Omg Kendall annoys mee
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