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Shelby is thrust into a new role after a party-related accident.
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Kent's Quest | Adventure Time | Cartoon Network




19-Iyl, 2014

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Acho Que Não
Acho Que Não 2 oy oldin
So, does everyone that was living in the tree died?
Cr Boo
Cr Boo 3 oy oldin
does nonone notice that the blacksmoth is tiny tina from borderlands 2
nPhlames 5 oy oldin
anitra 6 oy oldin
0:49-0:52 always gets me😭😭
Nicolás Obando
Nicolás Obando 8 oy oldin
Whats the name of this episode?
C. DAWSON COFFEY 9 oy oldin
Hey, it's the voice of Flapjack. I never noticed that
Bane Duritsky Haley
Thurop Van Orman
Star-Child 11 oy oldin
"Well what do I do?!" "Um... I don't know! *hand paps*"
Juvia blue
Juvia blue 11 oy oldin
toni g
toni g Yil oldin
Doesn't the leaf girl sound like BunBun ?
PINKYLINE tedianto
he IS his brothers butt
ℜónán 𝔍ox
oh I loved this episode. I miss flapjack :\
A_Pufferfish Yil oldin
Sounds oddly like flapjack to me.
Mr マックラ
Mr マックラ Yil oldin
I want to see another side episode of this guy, he's pretty cute for a walking butt
TJ Briggs
TJ Briggs Yil oldin
Mr Msan also flapjack
Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit 2 yil oldin
Spencer Harding
Spencer Harding 2 yil oldin
TheFuzzSquad 2 yil oldin
Your sword was shattered to butts when I found it
JasminLeblanc 2 yil oldin
Yes... Bums.
Katie Jenkins
Katie Jenkins 2 yil oldin
The line...I came from my brothers butt..I think
Armydillo 101
Armydillo 101 2 yil oldin
is the leaf girl ashley from "hey ash what ya playing" (or whatever it's called)
Cal 2 yil oldin
im from my brothers butt lol
Zak Lewis
Zak Lewis 2 yil oldin
this is one of my favorite episodes....its too much fun!!
dabears202354 2 yil oldin
"This tree that gives us LIIIIFFFFFEEEE!!!!!" Random guy "Heeeeeyyyyyyyyy" Gets me every time
Phantomb 3 yil oldin
I loved this episode. I hope kent gets back into the adventure. I dont like how things usually end like: maybe he just thought that what he did, wasnt his thing.. and then they just forget about them ):
AngeLOW 4 yil oldin
He sounds like flapjack
- AngeLOW- Same voice.
izark jones
izark jones 4 yil oldin
I miss flapjack it was a great show
WhyAyeMann 4 yil oldin
Lana S
Lana S 4 yil oldin
Eduardo Gonzalez
Eduardo Gonzalez 4 yil oldin
If you love Adventure time, follow @FandomofAT on twitter for all things related to AT!!!!
Bagel_Dips 4 yil oldin
To me, I think Kent has potential of having his OWN series. Call me crazy, but I think it can happen.
jaedin aguilar
jaedin aguilar 6 oy oldin
Bagel_Dips Yasssssssss
Troy B
Troy B Yil oldin
u rite
Itsyegirl Akame
Itsyegirl Akame Yil oldin
MattmanFishgoose 4 yil oldin
This was the best episode I ever watched, so yeah I'll agree. Kent is cool.
DTM 4 yil oldin
+Rogelio Driollet i am!
jalen bright
jalen bright 4 yil oldin
shelbyansbree 4 yil oldin
hi flapjack
Junior Turenne
Junior Turenne 4 yil oldin
I already saw that
Tia Blue
Tia Blue 4 yil oldin
"Wh-Who are you?" "*cute giggle*" XD
Riller928 4 yil oldin
I miss when adventure time was about adventure and not love
Thug Lincoln
Thug Lincoln Yil oldin
Dang holmes, that's cold
Riller928 4 yil oldin
I see now
Tia Blue
Tia Blue 4 yil oldin
+diamond miner Nooo, this episode was all adventure. The only hint of romance this season was in "Breezy", and, I guess, "The Prince Who Wanted Everything". The older episodes actually had more romance-driven plots because of Finn's crush on PB. There's MORE adventure now. Plus, love is a part of life and Adventure Time is basically about life. You see my point?
Riller928 4 yil oldin
That's the point
Tia Blue
Tia Blue 4 yil oldin
...you DO know that this a recent episode, right?
martin stra
martin stra 4 yil oldin
the ratking tmnt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Deleted] 4 yil oldin
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Spelin Jenyus
Spelin Jenyus 4 yil oldin
gabriel argumedo
gabriel argumedo 4 yil oldin
Ratchet dude
Ratchet dude 4 yil oldin
Noah Morgan
Noah Morgan 4 yil oldin
Blue shell