Kevin Durant vs. LeBron in NBA Finals changed Stephen A.‘s mind about KD | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith says while he might have been the hardest on Kevin Durant's decision to join the Golden State Warriors, he doesn't believe that Kevin Durant's career will have an asterisk attached to it for joining the Warriors.
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9-Yan, 2019



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Macanthony Onyirimba
Who the fuck wants to be a Knick’s player lmao
M.O.U records
M.O.U records Oy oldin
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Pedro Gilli
Pedro Gilli Oy oldin
Max is sharp on this one...
Jaytee SSE
Jaytee SSE Oy oldin
Lebron didn’t join the team that beat him nor the team that went to the finals to years inna row b4 and he didn’t join ah 73 win team just to beat somebody he couldn’t beat on his own team
Wyatt McCabe
Wyatt McCabe Oy oldin
Oh yeah yeah
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DOnONe733 Oy oldin
Kd is my guy but damn max has a point
Donna Morgan
Donna Morgan Oy oldin
Max needs to be banned from making sports references before 1973, the year he was born. 🤣. My goodness, we get it, you're smart, you did some research 🙄
John Johns
John Johns 2 oy oldin
Stephen A. Made no sense at all smh...and it's pathetic that he talked all that shit about kd when he went to GS and now he's dick sucking??? WTF.. He is a fool..lay off the weeedah stephen
The Modern Day Gamer
KD is over rated. Not even in the top 5 best players in the league now
Cordele Brandon Jr
People are so HYPOCRITICAL If Durant and the Warriors would have LOST in the Finals then everybody would have bashed Durant and not acknowledge or disregard his previous accomplishments and accolades, yet, now that he's won along with the Warriors, for some reason it doesn't matter. . . . . . . . . .while he's playing against other PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL PLAYERS. For one, folks gotta stop acting like a stacked team is an automatic CHAMPIONSHIP RING. Yes the Warriors won, but that doesn't mean that it was guaranteed. I'm a Warriors fan. . . . . .A REAL Warriors fan, not a bandwagoner. And as much as I like to see the Warriors win, they still have a chance of losing like every other team, even with what most people would consider an all star roster. Even if they or any team for that matter, had an all star roster, they still need to have a team system, player to player cohesion, and communication. Victories don't come by accident, and loses don't either. Every professional athlete in the NBA (and outside) take account for their own victories and their own failures. Stop acting like an MVP, a championship team, or a high caliber player are considered on another level just because they are. . . . . . . .and start respecting the things you don't see - the hard work, early morning wake ups, long individual and team practices, and workout routines - which all fall into the essence of the game, the things of what you do see. Professionals don't make excuses, fans do.
ryan barret
ryan barret 2 oy oldin
"It still comes down to me & you" Are you on some damn crack??? So what happened when Lebron dropped 51 in game 1?,, S.A.S is a FUCKING RETARD,,
Orlando Franqui
Orlando Franqui 2 oy oldin
Lebron promised a ring to Cleveland. Let that sink in...he delivered! Can KD promise and deliver something like that?
Cameron Nebraska
Cameron Nebraska 2 oy oldin
Bron just isnt that good
Cameron Nebraska
Cameron Nebraska 2 oy oldin
Full of shit! How many players from the 73-9 team were traded to get KD? LeBron can team up n make super teams but nobody else? I see So u gonna put a * by Ray Allen,KG,Paul Pierce? Wade, Bosch, Bron? Bron,Kyrie, Love? Magic,Kareem,Worthy? Bird,Mchale, Parish, Walton? Zeke, Rodman, Dumars, Vinny,Lambeer? Yall full of shit. Yall think cause Kevin Durant better than alot of players that yall have say over his decisions? Please
Telle 90
Telle 90 2 oy oldin
Max just ate stephon up Whn KD joined GS we all kne they win whn LBJ joined Miami we just kne they had a good shot
Hal Ginute
Hal Ginute 2 oy oldin
Curry > KD
Tyler Hartsell
Tyler Hartsell 2 oy oldin
It was an extremely weak move that he went there, however just looking at his talent and how clutch he is and pure scoring he is a top 10 player of all time imo.
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 2 oy oldin
Lebron started this superteam stuff
Derrick Everhart
Derrick Everhart 2 oy oldin
It's comical reading all the asshurt delusional bronsexuals rant about how KD's rings have no meaning, he had to Join bla blah, all-stars, wah wah wah... You all are why I rejoice with every finals lebron loses. You condone him abandoning Cleveland & joining two other prime all-stars to get his first ring, praise his nutsack for chasing stars and talent for years... For riding and then down playing Kyrie who hit the game winner to bring Cleveland their only chip.. a player who takes all the glory when he wins... And shifts Blame when he loses.. promised to bring Miami 7+ championships only to turn around and swallow that hard pill and leave when he realized he couldn't deliver. And you at home you tube analysts hang from his sack Everytime ESPN places it on a plate in front of you. The "best player" in the world has been swept not once but twice in the finals now.... One with a team that he himself hand picked. Stop making excuses for that grown nigga and hold that L from last year just like he do. I know deep down Them game 3 daggers from KD took y'all souls.. I can still feel the cringe in the air from that dagger in Brons face. And there's nothing you can do about it. It hurts.... I know.
dujuan ringle
dujuan ringle 2 oy oldin
Lebron over rated kd better is steph better than prime wade.... no... yall hate kd
Papi XO
Papi XO 2 oy oldin
Stephen A just be saying shit now
trebledc 2 oy oldin
So fkn! lebron is ok to go anywhere to get rings and KD cannot. That so stupid. Old players are just jealous becuz they did not get paid the like of today and get rich with rings. KD networth $170m plus 2 rings with nike contract and LBj networth $400m plus 3 rings with lifetime contract with nike. Who cares man just get the rings and mvps then get the money from Nike. Dumb ass your rings cannot feed your family look at kareem garage selling his stuffs.
yaone benni
yaone benni 2 oy oldin
Gets easier shots because of other 3 all stars in his team
Klikovac 2 oy oldin
Completely agree with max, KD no respect
Leo Howard
Leo Howard 2 oy oldin
Lebron didn’t leave Russell Westbrook and Steven Adams 😂😂
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 2 oy oldin
yea even worst Lebron left his hometown twice smh
Leo Howard
Leo Howard 2 oy oldin
I hate espn analysts they never keep the same energy😂😂
Ted _
Ted _ 2 oy oldin
KD a bitch
Kelvyn Doolan
Kelvyn Doolan 2 oy oldin
But wouldn't lebron deserve an astric beside his name? Bar miamis rings he only has 1? Im not hating i just dont get it? How can you say one is THE greatest and the other isn't even a great. Because of a move when they really did a similar move.. don't come at me with you 73 win shit excuses. Im not interested in the comparisons thats why i said it was similar not the same. But it was still a weak ass move for Lebron who got 2 championships from it just like Durant has? Anybody who thinks durants don't count has to take Lebrons from his too simple. I think they are both great players but they both only have as much championships cz they formed superteams
Vernon Chinn
Vernon Chinn 2 oy oldin
Durant got curry draymon Thompson an the still not number 1 in the west
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 2 oy oldin
bro we all know warriors go 3peat, dey wasn't #1 in West last season n wat Happened?? swept Cleveland lmfaoooo
Vernon Chinn
Vernon Chinn 2 oy oldin
Durant never going back
tintman831 2 oy oldin
Max should shut the fuck up
Jodi Artist
Jodi Artist 2 oy oldin
What the fuck is this stimulus package the cavs had
Casey Hodgson
Casey Hodgson 2 oy oldin
Max is so right it isn't funny, and Stephen A I can't believe all it took was an angry mom to make you flip sides smh
Casey Hodgson
Casey Hodgson 2 oy oldin
I give Steph Klay and draymond way more credit then kd
Casey Hodgson
Casey Hodgson 2 oy oldin
+Juwan Dunbar you realize this gsw without kd or cousins went 73-9 right ??? Technically the best team in comparison to the rest of there league in history. You get that right???
Casey Hodgson
Casey Hodgson 2 oy oldin
+Juwan Dunbar right and they lost to Duncan Parker ginolbli and kahwi, and won 2 outta 3 when bosh isn't top 12 or even 50 your kidding yourself ray Allen was a shell of himself stats worst of his career including his rookie year and dwade is 3rd greatest sg sure but not when he was with lbj u moron that was 6yrs before they met up he sealed that legacy. Ibjs team was stacked I agree for that period of time but dosent compare to this gsw
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 2 oy oldin
why Lebron cudnt 3peat with superteam Miami?? they had 3rd best sg Eva(dwade) rite afta mj n kobe, they had top 12 of ever (bosh) n hall of famer/ 3rd best shooter EVER (Ray Allen) n anotha all star (rashard Lewis)
Casey Hodgson
Casey Hodgson 2 oy oldin
+Juwan Dunbar kds squad = best center best pg 2nd best sg and then draymond is top 10 pf
Casey Hodgson
Casey Hodgson 2 oy oldin
+Juwan Dunbar u dumbass, kd has 4 other all stars
Denzel Adams
Denzel Adams 2 oy oldin
Honestly Bron snapped on the whole warriors team in the finals. Self ally oops and all but he just couldnt beat them by himself. Yall to quick to forget this man less then a year ago destroyed toronto basically by his self in playoffs. Kd aint it
Mac Banks
Mac Banks 2 oy oldin
Lebron fans are so pathetic. KD has become the scapegoat for all the Lebron excuse makers. Lebron never won without another superstar. He clearly saw what happened without Kyrie on Cavs and he left the Heat after their primes were over. Now he went to a young laker team and is already working on changing the smite team. KDs rings will always count and he has TWO. You sheeps need to wake up. Complaining won’t make the league better
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 2 oy oldin
ikr n makes Lebron looks terrible, ya claim Lebron the Goat but wen I ask how come he didn't win last 2 finals they use the kd joining 73-9 team EXCUSE lmao, if 2004 pistons with no superstar beat 3 superstars (Shaq, Kobe n Karl Malone) in 2004 finals den what's Lebron EXCUSE? especially in 2017 finals with 2 stars Kyrie n klove n a deep bench full of starters ( deron Williams, Kyle KORVER, #1 pick Richard Jefferson, #2 pick Derrick Williams) # no excuse
Nick Fatahiyar
Nick Fatahiyar 2 oy oldin
An asterick?
Daryl Vergara
Daryl Vergara 2 oy oldin
Warriors will not have won the last 2 rings without KD tho
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 2 oy oldin
they wuda still won as long splash bros, Draymond n Iggy are healthy n no petty suspensions lol
Inquisitve m
Inquisitve m 2 oy oldin
KD's play doesn't deserve an asterisk, but his rings do deserve an asterisk.
Mr Goode
Mr Goode 2 oy oldin
I would never take nothing away from Kevin Durant he is a magnificent player but what Max said is very true every team LeBron goes to becomes a finals contender he submitted LeBron‘s legacy LeBron is that guy that people want to beat
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 2 oy oldin
3-6 finals record n swept twice in finals is pathetic, n outta 9 finals LBJ had 6 superteams, how he lose 3 finals with a superteam. that's like saying kd warriors losing in finals
Julio Dinsmore
Julio Dinsmore 2 oy oldin
Get over it kd is the man
Can't Beat The BAY!
Honestly, REAL Warriors fans love this guy.. but we are LOYAL TO OUR SOIL! We don't let people tell us we can't, and we hate when people sit on the fence. Sure, we'd love to keep KD, but REAL Warriors fans would rather keep Klay+Dray than Kevin.... I'm just sayin' for all you bandwagon goons out there. He's our family for life. Once a Warrior -- always a Warrior. But you gotta stick with something at some point. When Draymond called him out, he was really just saying what everyone was thinking. WHERE WILL KD GO?! please; attack.
Wyly37 2 oy oldin
Bron bitches need to quit.....bron did it and joined the top 2 guard and pf in the league......thats ok....refs and nba cheat so bron can win title in cleveland....thats ok.....GS recruit the bron killer KD ...cause if the league cheated for bron to beat a 73 win team....ni one stands a chance....so now that KD is beating labih ass left and right....every shitbag wants to put an asterisk by his name....gtfoh
Andre Terrell
Andre Terrell 2 oy oldin
If y’all mad at bron creating “super team” be mad at Boston for having the big 4 lmaooo fuccin idiots
A Nigga that Loves to Hate
SAS is so compromised. He needs access to these players so he'll never slam them.....Unless you're Kwame Brown
Armed 3 Dangerous
If Lebron didn’t have Kyrie Or if kyrie didn’t make that shot lebron wouldn’t be in discussion right now, his win from kyrie carrying him is the only real thing people can say and when they say it they don’t even care to mention kyrie
The Darkfrost
The Darkfrost 2 oy oldin
Omarii Forte Kyrie wasn’t taking Cleveland to the finals without LeBron 😂😂. Kyrie didn’t carry LeBron, why do you think he left? Kyrie left because he got tired of being the second option, the baby, ect.
Seán Radcliffe
Seán Radcliffe 2 oy oldin
His game is easier at Golden state in every way
ronron gee
ronron gee 2 oy oldin
Golden State Warriors 2019 NBA Champion
ronron gee
ronron gee 2 oy oldin
Matt Frazier shut Up Your Knicks Is Garbage Garbage and Weak Shut up Better Place of Winning Is Golden State Warriors. Durant Golden State Warriors
ronron gee
ronron gee 2 oy oldin
Golden State Warriors 2019 NBA Champion
ronron gee
ronron gee 2 oy oldin
Durant Warriors
The Darkfrost
The Darkfrost 2 oy oldin
ronron gee stfu with your spam and kys
ronron gee
ronron gee 2 oy oldin
Kevin Durant is a Warrior NBA Champion
ronron gee
ronron gee 2 oy oldin
Kevin Durant is Staying with Golden State Warriors Because of Winning NBA Champion
Lonnie Dawkins Jr.
When I stayed in atlanta, these kids I shot ball with predicted KD was going to Golden State and that was 2012. If they did know someone that knew KD
Kang MufasaRed
Kang MufasaRed 2 oy oldin
Nosensical debate. Defining greatness by championships, is like celebrating chocolate frosting, without mentioning the chocolate cake.
vincent aballe
vincent aballe 2 oy oldin
kd is the best player in the planet...lebron second
The Darkfrost
The Darkfrost 2 oy oldin
vincent aballe 😂😂. Thanks bro I needed a laugh
WRed Phil1001
WRed Phil1001 2 oy oldin
Didn't like kd's move but he did go directly at lebron in the finals
louis ayala
louis ayala 2 oy oldin
The problem with giving KD credit for this is that the warriors were going to win anyway. The Cavs were lucky when draymond was suspended. If you put LeBron on the warriors and KD on the Cavs these past two years, the warriors would be as good and the Cavs wouldn’t be in the finals.
Trav Mangoo
Trav Mangoo 2 oy oldin
Everybody says.... that was a 73 win team... did y’all forget... they still loss!!!! They needed KD to win
The Darkfrost
The Darkfrost 2 oy oldin
Trav Mangoo exactly. They were terrified of LeBron, Klay even said he was scared that LeBron was gonna come up behind him on a fast break and embarrass him.
Keyronday 2 oy oldin
KD ain't shit
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 2 oy oldin
kd is the best small forward Eva
pj duque
pj duque 2 oy oldin
Sthu he is a cupcake...NO RESPECT THERE. It’s easy to join a 73 win and a team that won a championship prior to you. Obviously there is no pressure on you, you’re just riding them dudes all you did was guarantee them a championship. The worst is you joined A TEAM WHO BEAT YOU. Stop with lebum joining the heat, the heat isn’t a championship caliber team prior to joining. Max is right here. Durant will always be an asterisk, until he proves he can win by himself. Seeing how he plays now i think he is on the decline mark my words on this one.
junior ochoa
junior ochoa 2 oy oldin
Stfu man. No one was saying "yeah kd is as good as lebron, lebron just has a super team" back then when kd had a self sabotaging russ.
junior ochoa
junior ochoa 2 oy oldin
Lets not forget teams were much weaker when lebron went to miami.
gator1 2 oy oldin
Max shut up, lebron James career has been full of weak moves to get rings are you serious. Kevin Durant you and Stephen Curry are the Real Kings of the court not LeBron.
The Darkfrost
The Darkfrost 2 oy oldin
gator1 shut your bitch ass up. You obviously just follow Warriors Instagram page and think uk a lot about basketball
Richard Rojas
Richard Rojas 2 oy oldin
Anyone in here been watching James Harden do shit never done before ?
Chad Davis
Chad Davis 2 oy oldin
It was warriors vs Lebron James
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez 2 oy oldin
KD did take the easy way out but it's his decision. Lebron does it too but he teams up instead of just joining a super team. No matter if you hate it or not just respect it and move on.
Juwan Dunbar
Juwan Dunbar 2 oy oldin
Miami heat was a superteam wen bosh came to
nick jones
nick jones 2 oy oldin
At first I agreed with SAS..... then max went and he made a damn good point 🤦🏽‍♂️
Sauce Kingston
Sauce Kingston 2 oy oldin
Everybody in comment cock riders🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Oran Ramati
Oran Ramati 2 oy oldin
KD is an amazing player but is achivments with GS probably wont be remamberd like lebron win with cavs or MJ, just because the team is spectacular (steph, klay, drai) so it feels less unique and he isnt "the" leader of the group.
Red Demon
Red Demon 2 oy oldin
I’m a LeBron fan & even I said when KD joined the warriors,I said the man still gotta perform and yea people might not like the fact he went to the same team that literally EMBARRASSED him a month or two? (Forgot which) prior,he still has to do his part and while he has 3 other star players,he could also be a liability and the super team could not work. People act like he ain’t doing his part,he stepped up highly these past two finals and I congratulate him,I’ve always liked KD 💯
Marco Warren
Marco Warren 2 oy oldin
KD's rings mean nothing...to Lebron fans.
daniel aligbasia
daniel aligbasia 2 oy oldin
Stepehen A point is valid there shouldn't be a "*" beside his name but beside his rings this is because of the point he made his game didn't change or get worst he's still efficient still averaging 28 a game people disrespect his whole game bc of his move dnt disrespect his game disrespect the move he made you guys act like females get over it now
Bruno Dantas
Bruno Dantas 2 oy oldin
Stephen A is a joke. 😂😂😂😂😂
LB Goon
LB Goon 2 oy oldin
This is why KD will never be better den Lebron or be close 2 Lebron cuz wen he was up 3-1 On GS KD bitch ass couldn’t do it Lebron was down on GS & not only dat they just beat da bulls record & Lebron brought a ship home to Cleveland
Craig Comrie
Craig Comrie 2 oy oldin
Kd rings are the equivalent of losing your virginity to a prostitute
Jaystarski 2 oy oldin
A 73 - 9 team that lost the Finals. So the warriors got help like any other team would. Ok KD move was weak but nothing compares to LeBron teaming up with 2 franchise top 10 players in Miami.
dieselshug 2 oy oldin
Facts, I will not respect KDs rings till he does it the way a real NBA legend does it. Not jumping on the easiest wagon in league history. LeBron joining Wade and Bosh was not a lock to win and we seen that. We all knew that.
Dom Daniel
Dom Daniel 2 oy oldin
Like you said Stephen A he had WAYYYYYYY MORE HELP THAN Bron
Thomaz Brasil/China
Max destroyed SAS
CUPA STARR 2 oy oldin
Wtf he had to have help to beat him
Jojo Viray
Jojo Viray 2 oy oldin
Molly is so hot.
YeazyNation 2 oy oldin
Kd outplayed lebron last 2 finals
Safayat Khan
Safayat Khan 2 oy oldin
My mans max telling em how it is
Dashawn Warren
Dashawn Warren 2 oy oldin
People forget that KD went to the finals in OKC and he balled out . His team just lost lol
Joshua Mckoy
Joshua Mckoy 2 oy oldin
max shut Stephen A tf up 😂😂😂
King Math
King Math 2 oy oldin
Same mufuckahs on here talking about kd,but two of lebrons punk ass rings by d wade!! No difference!!
Pharoah Zero
Pharoah Zero 2 oy oldin
*@ll you h@ve to do **#KD** is w@it @nd join **#Z1on** in Phoenix/New York le@d them to one ch@mpionship @nd then **#Z1on** will t@ke it from there*
Joel PROCTOR 2 oy oldin
What is Stephen A even arguing?
Kris W130
Kris W130 2 oy oldin
A WIN, IS A WIN, IS A WIN, IS A WIN, IS A WIN, IS A WIN, IS A WIN. STOP CRYING. My team is the NY Knicks. They're losers. KD IS A WINNER!
Obiwann Laone
Obiwann Laone 2 oy oldin
Stephen A. Smith - You are Dumb as fuck. Kevin Durant was and still is riding the Warriors coat tale. Since Curry, Klay (the best 3 point shooters and back court), Iggy and Draymond has KD's back every damned game, of course he can go right at Lebron in the Finals. Lebron still had to try to stop Curry and KD while expending loads of energy as the Point Guard, scoring and rebounding.
Clout_Chasing Azz
He was too good of a player to jump to a team, u had down 3-1. 1 game away from moving on! Had he went anywhere else he still could have competed for a title, but he felt if u cant beat'em join'em😞
MrKimonster12 2 oy oldin
I respected him more when he was in okc than who he is now. Sorry but not sorry
Ryan Nichols
Ryan Nichols 2 oy oldin
Max max max. Stop hating.
Edwin Mariano
Edwin Mariano 2 oy oldin
Put asterisk on Magic teaming with Kareem. Put asterisk on LeChoke of always building a super team to win rings. Put asterisk on Kobe and O'neal ring together. LeChoke fanboys are hating because of KD's move cost their beloved LeTravel two rings and pileup more finals losses.
Javon Williams
Javon Williams 2 oy oldin
Molly’s exiting point 👌🏾
Slackerz Sincity
Slackerz Sincity 2 oy oldin
Kevin not a dawg like that, Westbrook punk d him. That was Durant’s team.
Goku MGTOW 2 oy oldin
I'm with Stephen a Smith on this KD a legend to me
Joel Greene
Joel Greene 2 oy oldin
Max spitting facts!!!
Oliver Torres
Oliver Torres 2 oy oldin
Lebron created the super team and won 2 of his three championships with wade and bosh. The other kyrie played a big role in the third.
Kendrick Belser
Kendrick Belser 2 oy oldin
Lebron did not create the super team stop it
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