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Kevin Gates - Great Man [Official Music Video]

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Kevin Gates - Great Man
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31-Okt, 2018

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Candace Curtis
Candace Curtis Soat oldin
:30 PROUD to see my instructor living in his truth 👉 #GreatMan💪
Jojo Cox
Jojo Cox 5 soat oldin
Only the culture
Jojo Cox
Jojo Cox 5 soat oldin
This shit, hits homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
808 EJ
808 EJ 6 soat oldin
8d audio version of this heat on my channel 💯🤞🏽
StevoTheAce71 8 soat oldin
Who's this new Kevin
Born Star
Born Star 8 soat oldin
Kevin Gates Keeps it real on every song giving us brothers young and old some game
Rnb Tafa
Rnb Tafa 9 soat oldin
@kevingatesTV I just started my rap career And you please check out my music I always looked up to you
DeConseion Fleming
DeConseion Fleming 9 soat oldin
I love this video sooo much 😩
Charde Edwards
Charde Edwards 10 soat oldin
shawn fox
shawn fox 11 soat oldin
Rest in peace MAZI
dina smith
dina smith 13 soat oldin
I dedicate this song to my BROTHER!!!!# I SEE A GREAT MAN!!!!😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤
John Doe
John Doe 13 soat oldin
Fuck my baby mommy i cant be a father to my son😠
Fuck You
Fuck You 14 soat oldin
Jay Waffles
Jay Waffles 18 soat oldin
The feels 😪
Concept 20 soat oldin
Damn....wish my mom was still alive so I could show her this song. She always liked my taste in music.......I know she'd appreciate this song....now I gotta stay strong and stand tall for her and make her proud. RIP Mom I love you...
Hunter Collins
Hunter Collins Kun oldin
You gotta finish me right there!!! 💯
M.A.N Channel
M.A.N Channel Kun oldin
Beautiful song 💖💖💖
Erin Stott
Erin Stott Kun oldin
This is as real as it gets.
Gaston Carlos
Gaston Carlos Kun oldin
Kev all the way keep up the music Reallest rapper out there
10-5 10-7 Jefferson
Chicago flip gates Blackstone
Rustam Barakzai
Rustam Barakzai Kun oldin
From Afghanistan Love u Brother....😍😍😍😍
Aleksander Dudek
I love this song.
Kendrick Philpart
My favorite song out right now!
Haiii Y’all
Haiii Y’all Kun oldin
This makes me so happy to see these people with their kids because it’s so nice
Luh John
Luh John Kun oldin
Subscribe to me
Dayton Shotts
Dayton Shotts Kun oldin
Everyone disliking this, Dad still hasn't come back from that Newport run.
Nicholas Anslyn
Nicholas Anslyn Kun oldin
SmokinOnThaJOb Kun oldin
Hard ass song god bless my 2 girls I am a great man!
Drua Gaming
Drua Gaming Kun oldin
Me raising myself, made me great and I am blessed . Kevin helped me through a lot through his songs. Gates doing great things.
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt Kun oldin
2.8k people are not great men....
landon mckinley
landon mckinley Kun oldin
Worries me to fuck more bitches cause i will not accept that child. Lmao idk shit bout what the hell a dad even acts like
Money Lyfe
Money Lyfe 2 kun oldin
Salute 1000%
Ry Holland
Ry Holland 2 kun oldin
Love this song Kevin Gates still killing'em
Tyree Johonson
Tyree Johonson 2 kun oldin
man i listen 2 this song ever day they dont understand man demons
Detroit Mi
Detroit Mi 2 kun oldin
From “ALLAH” we come too “ALLAH” we shall return!.. 🙏🏽
nba young boy
nba young boy 2 kun oldin
gud song
Cyrus Talamantes
Cyrus Talamantes 2 kun oldin
like Mazi was smilin when somebody shot him!🔥💔Rip Mazi
click my picture
click my picture 2 kun oldin
I wish more guys can eat ass like him ❤
Larry Johnson
Larry Johnson 2 kun oldin
Aliyah Pope
Aliyah Pope 2 kun oldin
Gates is the truth....bottom line..end of story
Dan Burnette
Dan Burnette 2 kun oldin
Favorite rappers favorite rapper
B .K . Garth
B .K . Garth 2 kun oldin
kelly davis
kelly davis 2 kun oldin
REALKAIN 2 kun oldin
I wish more today Rappers did lit Songs WITH deep meanings in it as Kevin does.
Omega DOTSON 2 kun oldin
Ship📦🚚 me your brother!!!!!
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson 2 kun oldin
Keep dropping real shit and dont change bra on allah u killing it
Oso Jaded89
Oso Jaded89 3 kun oldin
Papa Bear
Papa Bear 3 kun oldin
Great men don’t usually go to prison, just saying
Matty Jenkins
Matty Jenkins 2 kun oldin
mistakes made, lessons learned 🙏
Jerrell Ronnie
Jerrell Ronnie 3 kun oldin
If I'm a Great Dad, that's all that really matters 😉
Shelby Crosby
Shelby Crosby 3 kun oldin
Qzj 3 kun oldin
Gates really out here doing it. Congratulations on your recent successes Kevin Marcellus Gates
Young Lumbee
Young Lumbee 3 kun oldin
Gatesssss Bread Winner Gang 💯💯💯💯
david boothe
david boothe 3 kun oldin
Damn being a dad is a thank less job you will love
Zabieru McCloud
Zabieru McCloud 3 kun oldin
This sounded like OLD Gates, what I've been waiting for. Gates, I see you brother. I see what you're thinking about, I see what you're becoming. All praise is due!
Montclair Graham
Montclair Graham 3 kun oldin
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HotDarkShadow 666
HotDarkShadow 666 3 kun oldin
May ALLAH bless you all.
Jasmine Eigner
Jasmine Eigner 3 kun oldin
😍 love this video!! He just so real!! Hope he open up some men eyes. Ya family is everything!!
Loah Sinatra
Loah Sinatra 3 kun oldin
U can’t get mad at a nih who gettin it if he ain’t carrying y’all weight... I always said I don’t surround myself with no man who doesn’t take kare of his kids tells u a lot about him rite there if he don’t gaf about his kids he definitely dont gaf about u and you normally are who you wit.. (introvert these days live by it ☝🏾)👑💯
Kvng Kidd
Kvng Kidd 3 kun oldin
kevin gates the REAL ..
BeastMaster AkA ThaBarbaric1
Thosr are some sweet babies man
Ratchet' Thick Red Bone
6uicideX Prod
6uicideX Prod 3 kun oldin
Kev gates aint ever dropped a bad song 👌😁
Thommy Kane
Thommy Kane 3 kun oldin
This song is amazing. This is a positive influence right here. This fucking video is what life is all about.
Tj Byrd
Tj Byrd 4 kun oldin
Kevin Gates my dawg.. That nigga threw up Stone like a mf 3:38 to 3:40
Kennedi Williams
Kennedi Williams 4 kun oldin
happy ilu kevin gates
MoneyWay 4 kun oldin
Someone listen to my music 🙏🏼 I just need a chance
Jeremiah Thompson
I will wht is ur rap name
Zachary Sipelii
Zachary Sipelii 3 kun oldin
MoneyWay waaaaay better
Harmonie N Monfils
Harmonie N Monfils 4 kun oldin
unlike my dad
Fifth Elley
Fifth Elley 4 kun oldin
This Song Is One Of The Best So Far To me. I Never Had A Father To Be A Great Man So I Am One To My Kids. #SaluteG #StayBlessed
Richard  Swift
Richard Swift 4 kun oldin
why did they show dreka when he say "he put a hoe in a 2 seater"
Jezebel Smallwood
Jezebel Smallwood 4 kun oldin
My babbyyy😍
Bud DJ
Bud DJ 4 kun oldin
Expecting my first child, a boy. This song means so much to me.
brendan hall
brendan hall 4 kun oldin
Bud DJ congrats brother!! Best blessing ever!! Enjoy every second because before you know it they are 4 like mine!!
bbygirl257lovesu 4 kun oldin
D Banks
D Banks 4 kun oldin
2:18 ❤❤❤
neo neo
neo neo 4 kun oldin
This is is deep
Kitty Lillian
Kitty Lillian 4 kun oldin
Inshallah Kevin will finally be recognized as one of the best rappers out there. He aint like these lames who just be blowin up by usin *Igrocket* *com* to get mad cred on the gram
Juan Mercado
Juan Mercado Kun oldin
Real reconizereal
Rizwan Naeem
Rizwan Naeem 3 kun oldin
Genard Mcneil
Genard Mcneil 4 kun oldin
Great job gates.. Some guys can hear this song and boss up with all they kids
Emilee Marie Moore
Emilee Marie Moore 4 kun oldin
80.Boo. Hustle
80.Boo. Hustle 4 kun oldin
“When I Love a Nigga My Heart Ache” 💕😩This shit hits home with me... Love this shit!
Nicholas Styles
Nicholas Styles 4 kun oldin
This My Favorite Video
Chocolate Barbz
Chocolate Barbz 4 kun oldin
Who else thought that was the GAME when it first came on they voice was the same !
Jessica Robinson
Jessica Robinson 4 kun oldin
My daughter has a great man and I thank the lord
Pressure V
Pressure V 4 kun oldin
Check me out on soundcloud pressureV
Ryan Dave
Ryan Dave 4 kun oldin
I just seen boobie out here at the wawa and I ran up on em for a pic lol he said he is taking the kids on the dirt bikes he gotta go but still let me get a pic. Shout out BWA
mer 236
mer 236 4 kun oldin
Gret man great music
fiiqow coutinho
fiiqow coutinho 4 kun oldin
no drugs no bitches thats real positive
Good fellas Gang Williamson
Most of da people that dislike is mostly a bitter bitch dats mad at every nigga / dude lose da fucking attitude don’t no dude wants a bitch dats mad all da fucking time damn
Jackson Jack
Jackson Jack 4 kun oldin
You better not go to jail again gates my man!!
Joe Dirt
Joe Dirt 4 kun oldin
Hes going back in a few weeks
CASH PHARAOH 4 kun oldin
Kevin Gates jus signed this new artist out of Indiana!! His music 🔥🔥🔥!! Reply if u agree!! uzvid.com/video/video-nVRf6UnrUUQ.html
monae williams
monae williams 5 kun oldin
On repeat
monae williams
monae williams 5 kun oldin
KINGxNAIUSx684 5 kun oldin
lol I went to my Gmail and looked at my UZvid reply and scrolled down and it said that Kevin gates sended me a friend request wtf.
Nolan ONeal
Nolan ONeal 5 kun oldin
My Son Got murdered in 2014 by his mom and BF At 13 Months old, a year later I adopted my nephew, don't trip no one can replace my son but I will give my love to my nephew like he's my my OWN.. BTW HE CALLS ME DAD... Rip Nolan, Daddy loves you...
tu ptm
tu ptm 5 kun oldin
Mr.Gates , gracias , muchas gracias ,I'm on the spot ,but I'm a great man.
High Life
High Life 5 kun oldin
Percy fucked dreka tho
Irvin Mata
Irvin Mata 5 kun oldin
Kevin gates made me hug my wife and my 2 daughters tight like never before 💯💪💪
BeastMaster AkA ThaBarbaric1
Kevin if you ever see this I always admired your talent but your on a whole different level for the better thank for speaking to us so much.Deppression gets the best of me like you once said and I recently lost my dad.He was rough but a damn good father this made me think of him and my kids.
BeastMaster AkA ThaBarbaric1
Thank you Kevin is awesome.... Real Role Models