Kevin Hart defends Philadelphia to Stephen A. | First Take | ESPN

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Kevin Hart joins First Take and goes on the defensive, holding it down for the city of Philadelphia's sports teams, particularly the Eagles and 76ers, against Stephen A. Smith.
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26-Sen, 2018

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Deion Hubbard
Deion Hubbard 12 soat oldin
Weird ass eagle sound.😂😂😂
Deion Hubbard
Deion Hubbard 12 soat oldin
We create are reallity with are thoughts. I'm not really a Molly fan but I like that quote, great quote Molly.
Keith Thomas
Keith Thomas 2 kun oldin
Ok yea, Kev kinda lost it. It's not funny, this fake serious / funny shit. It's not working, gotta go all the way in or not at all. Hollywood is slowly chipping away at him and I hate it.
870 5000
870 5000 3 kun oldin
As close as I ever seen to someone shutting Stephen a Smith up
Sean M
Sean M 3 kun oldin
Kevs comedic timing is perfect
Dajo Sco
Dajo Sco 7 kun oldin
made my day
IG IG 8 kun oldin
Why Kevin's hands so white
OhLord ImGreat
OhLord ImGreat 11 kun oldin
😂😂 Kevin stupid funny
Anee Roy
Anee Roy 11 kun oldin
He's being so serious, why KH???
Luke Joyner
Luke Joyner 12 kun oldin
Kevin Hart is sooooooo funny and me and him have the same perspective on SaS
FRUITCAKEJAKE 13 kun oldin
i love Kevin
SlickYoungbuck x
SlickYoungbuck x 18 kun oldin
Midget Chris Tucker. Fuck Kevin Hart.
Marco viruet
Marco viruet 20 kun oldin
NighthammerHero LP2
NighthammerHero LP2 20 kun oldin
Kevin hart ain't even funny at all.
NighthammerHero LP2
NighthammerHero LP2 20 kun oldin
Kevin hart is a rams fan, until eagles won, then boom eagles fan.
OKG2000 21 kun oldin
lol SAS cant match with Kevin this is easy work
OKG2000 21 kun oldin
wow that rebuttal near the start from Kevin though
v29 money
v29 money 22 kun oldin
Hahaha Kevin killed him.
Core Hibbert
Core Hibbert 22 kun oldin
Joe Jenkity
Joe Jenkity 22 kun oldin
That man is so funny
The Star
The Star 22 kun oldin
The city of brotherly love should be step brothers and sisters, that’s a good one.
paraconda94 28 kun oldin
God..who wouldn’t love to slap that smirk off Stevens face. Dude is such a dick
Aida Irizarry
Aida Irizarry Oy oldin
If Allen iverson had a Great player to play with him he’d be a multiple nba champion
😂 😂 😂 😂
Scott Meckley
Scott Meckley Oy oldin
First Take needs a week of Lavar Ball and a week of Kevin Hart.
Wesley Richardson
I love Kevin Heart Roasting this guy on this show never stop Kevin
kalvone173 Oy oldin
The city of brotherly love should be step brother and step sister. LoL...
RZ. lalrammawiia
team kevin hart...
613Natural Fitness
I bring sunshine! I bring sunshine!
Joshua Torres
Joshua Torres Oy oldin
Molly!!! You!!! Are!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!
AuthentiK Sound
This is cringey as hell 😅😅😅😅😅
noahkb80 Oy oldin
The city of step brotherly love lmfao😂😂
Kaisyn Watts
Kaisyn Watts Oy oldin
He called max matt
Y’all still got the worlds worst medical staff😂
Yolanda Gomez
Yolanda Gomez Oy oldin
Lol...thanks kevin oh shit lmmfao
Joa Jdm
Joa Jdm Oy oldin
ShowTime Glo
ShowTime Glo Oy oldin
They always at eachother neck 😂😂
K-9 Live
K-9 Live Oy oldin
Key still funny y’all hatin
DNLSTR13 Oy oldin
To this day he still calls him Matt
lizards lips
lizards lips Oy oldin
This was fucking hilarious holy shit 😂😂😂😂
rami alhumdi
rami alhumdi Oy oldin
Kevin Hart look like a stolen valor Boy Scout
I don’t give a damn what people say Kevin Hart is still funny.
s2003cj Oy oldin
The only person that can defeat Stephen A. Smith is the little man Kevin Hart
Dude ain't even funny , people write his jokes
Barstool Blues
Uh...isn't this the guy who cheated on his pregnant wife. You have to love this pathetic shit he's talking about knowing what a piece of garbage he is.
Edward Villalta
Cowboys got this
Kaizaro123 Oy oldin
K Hart is an o.k. entertainer I guess but that changing the uniforms bit had me completely losing it.
Lorenzo Fernandes
Kevin called Max Matt😂
Sam Smacker
Sam Smacker Oy oldin
I like the way some people from Philly forget Temple football has been on the rise!!!! Like the way they forget the Owls won a Bowl game last year. All the talk of Philly sports and Temple says getting left out
Jonathan Roche
Pope On A Rope
*Kevin Hart= Illuminati sell out!*
MP South-Blue
MP South-Blue Oy oldin
He was about to lie down and cry a lot
Reece Hudson
Reece Hudson Oy oldin
KEVIN HART 😂😂 Stephen A sit down 😂💥
Scott Meckley
Scott Meckley Oy oldin
Kevin Hart and Lavar Ball are two people I love who go against Stephen A. Smith, it's hilarious.
Ryan Gaming
Ryan Gaming Oy oldin
Kevin is right.
Jerry Seinfeld
hilarious haha
What the fuck did I just watch
srpatterson10 Oy oldin
What an awkward interview. I rather for them to talk about the Eagles and their chances of going back to the Superbowl. Or even talk about Night School. Anything else.
Nate Kids
Nate Kids Oy oldin
My mans Kevin Hart is funny 😂
Jermain Barnes
Omg sometimes Kevin ❤ is so not funny
Lowkey Savage
Lowkey Savage Oy oldin
2:47 lol that nigga please look
Eric Frey
Eric Frey Oy oldin
He's not trying to be funny. It's a sports show, not a special. Relax. That's just how he is. How you gonna say someone isn't funny who has made millions of dollars doing stand up. Haters.
N C 2 oy oldin
Why are people so hateful? 😂 This man is selling out arenas worldwide and he's a very funny and likeable guy. Not everyone likes the same type of humour, but at least respect the hustle and the greatness he's achieved
Devonte W
Devonte W 2 oy oldin
Kev in his ego and feelings
Cody Patino
Cody Patino 2 oy oldin
Kevin Hart was being negative calling Stephan negative.
thuglifezeem716 2 oy oldin
Man he’s just not funny lol if you have any other comedian in there it’ll be funny lol
Kyle Rusk
Kyle Rusk 2 oy oldin
Just stumbled on this vid...to be real, this video is poignant in that we see both of their insecurities and alter egos come out. SaS doesn't like to be 1.) wrong and 2.) grilled about his mistakes. It appeared that KH also had some deep seated resentment toward SaS that he wanted to get out to the world. Definitely interesting interview...
John Stone
John Stone 2 oy oldin
Kevin hart is a fucking idiot. I dont like him anymore, and dont watch his movies, because he's an eagles fan. Hey Kevin your lives always get F ratings! You idiot
Yazmin Garcia
Yazmin Garcia 2 oy oldin
I love Kevin Hart❤️🐐
sam kim
sam kim 2 oy oldin
5:33 Max's face when kevin calls him Matt LOL
Christopher Renshaw
Molly is a moron for being with Jalen rose she is brainwashed
Moha Abdull
Moha Abdull 13 kun oldin
Jealous. She got BBC
ChrisMisc1 2 oy oldin
Kevin Hart is awful
FrappMocha 2 oy oldin
This is GOLD!! Lmfao!!
Tarik Alkaisi
Tarik Alkaisi 2 oy oldin
He cant defend the Philadelphia Flyers unfortunately
One Punch Taco
One Punch Taco 2 oy oldin
Stevegtive A
One Punch Taco
One Punch Taco 2 oy oldin
Stevenegative A
o o
o o 2 oy oldin
The movie was not funny
Prabhmeet 2 oy oldin
Kevin definitely the funniest guy on the planet
Sam 2 oy oldin
I love this segment! Especially when Kevin imitate an Eagle!
World Bible Authority
Kevin Hart has the power of the Black Panther. I’m convinced
ThatOneGuy 123
ThatOneGuy 123 2 oy oldin
“City of Brotherly Love” is the biggest piece of bullshit nicknaming for a city that I have ever heard. That city is full of monsters. And it’s a straight garbage city. Process these nuts and last season was a fluke for the Sheagles. SAS is right about shit streak Philly.
ThatOneGuy 123
ThatOneGuy 123 2 oy oldin
My least favorite think about Kevin Hart or Will Smith, or Meek Mill is bitch ass Philadelphia.
Jermaine Blassengale
Defend the city
Mar Wth
Mar Wth 2 oy oldin
You’re a custom of negativity. Ohhhhh burnnnnnn 🔥🤷‍♂️🔥
Juventus2013 2 oy oldin
Kevin hart just too funny only guy that can shut steven A smith!!
Boul Shyte
Boul Shyte 2 oy oldin
im dying 😂
GOLDEN BIRD 2 oy oldin
Gand maarli
David Benitez
David Benitez 2 oy oldin
Shelton Childress
Them eagle noises were funny tho lol
KickLikeLee 2 oy oldin
Kevin don't know shit about football why everyone keep talking yo him about this great sport. He try to ride on the eagle coat tail when he don't know shit about the game of football
Nightflare50 2 oy oldin
Kevin Hart ain’t funny...
Stephen Snow
Stephen Snow 2 oy oldin
Stephen A . Jack that chair down just a tad.lol
Josh Howatd
Josh Howatd 2 oy oldin
The end 🤣🤣 “They should clip em” “They should be step brothers and sisters” 😷😷😂😂
Abraham Dabo
Abraham Dabo 2 oy oldin
😂😂😂😂been a while since I laughed so hard.
Kyjuan Carter
Kyjuan Carter 2 oy oldin
Clout chasing was never funny
Jesse Houston713
Jesse Houston713 2 oy oldin
I hate Kevin Hart so overrated . I just want to see how he defends them. Tries way too fucking hard to be funn
Aaron De Silva
Aaron De Silva 2 oy oldin
Conor McGregor Official
*Khabib "The Eagle" Nurmagomedov*
madhu sai
madhu sai 2 oy oldin
That negative clouds,thunders came from Stephen A butt
Casey Robinson
Casey Robinson 2 oy oldin
Lol Kevin just treated his ass