Kevin Hart (Full Interview) | Chelsea | Netflix

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The hilarious Kevin Hart joins Chelsea to talk about his new marriage, his new movie, and how he stays grounded as one of the most famous people in America.
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Kevin Hart (Full Interview) | Chelsea | Netflix




14-Okt, 2016



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GOLDMINER Vegas 18 soat oldin
GoD I wish I was billionaire
Wirawan Adnan
Wirawan Adnan 3 kun oldin
Chealsea is eiher she is being a good host , good listener or she’s really holding it in from wanting to shut him up for goin on and on..... she’s a good host either way
G.O.A.T All-rounder Collection
This man is "GOAT"
Danial Tabumi
Danial Tabumi 9 kun oldin
The Dog was nice to 😍😎
Danial Tabumi
Danial Tabumi 9 kun oldin
Kevin is smart man 😊
XxtreywolfXx 51
XxtreywolfXx 51 16 kun oldin
Kevin Hart is truly a very funny, down to earth and loving person. I'm sure outside of him doin comedy he is a funny person at home with his family and friends. This is the one comedian I would love to meet. #NothingButLoveForKevinHart💜👏👏💜
Lamond Jay
Lamond Jay 22 kun oldin
What is it with woman and the "f word" so unattractive
Joe Davis
Joe Davis 23 kun oldin
He just reminds of the guy in high school that’s full of shit but believes himself so much that he’d past a lie detector test.
GOLDMINER Vegas 26 kun oldin
Look bitch I ain’t dating no one But if I was bitch you would know
SNAKEEYES44 26 kun oldin
This women is drunk all the time
GOLDMINER Vegas 27 kun oldin
You are just rich bitch & want attention
GOLDMINER Vegas 27 kun oldin
You know you are a cunt
Christofer Yonathan
Christofer Yonathan 27 kun oldin
"after everything you do, what now?." - kevin hart
Kevin Miranda
Kevin Miranda Oy oldin
Chelsea... I love you.
Dave Demers
Dave Demers Oy oldin
Its obvious that kev and chelsea have fucked before... jus sayin
Harold Edmunds
Funny interview. The profanity should be edited out. It's unnecessary.
Jan Blacm
Jan Blacm Oy oldin
Ugly cunt
Carlos Jones
Carlos Jones Oy oldin
Damn! Chelsea is hot as hell. I hope 50 cent tore that ass up!
Alab Ng Puso
Alab Ng Puso Oy oldin
Dont cheat again buddy
Rene'e Rose
Rene'e Rose Oy oldin
I'm only watching this because of the amazing Kevin-Chelsea is obnoxious .Nasty
NotoriousLotto Films
Miss Lately so valid 😍😍
Gearz86 Oy oldin
Cheated on his new wife shortly after this lol
curtis morris
curtis morris Oy oldin
How this foul mouthed whore got a show/following is beyond me. (other than the obvious norm) the casting couch.
cia dummy mission Jason Bourne
Brought a dog out. Next lvl gimmicks, stop it
n1rwana Oy oldin
I love that dog omgm, what breed ?
Ced Hicks
Ced Hicks Oy oldin
She is so sexy 😍😙😙
Oly Bonita
Oly Bonita Oy oldin
She is annoying when she laughs ugh!!! Love Kevin he is hilarious
you6382tube 2 oy oldin
He talks a lot about himself. Trying to convince himself of something. Kinda blah. Where was the funny part?
Sancho Pansa
Sancho Pansa 2 oy oldin
He isn’t Fanny at all
Bilyana Hadzhieva
probably the worst host I've ever seen
Paula West
Paula West 2 oy oldin
Love Kevin Hart !
Paula West
Paula West 2 oy oldin
When this fake ass Butch cried over killary losing I laughed my ass off !
Paula West
Paula West 2 oy oldin
Kevin don't talk to Chelsea ! Hate that bitch ! Do you ! Fuck the lbgqtv community !
Simon Huey
Simon Huey 2 oy oldin
Well kevin does owe some of his success to Chelsea... She had him on her old show on E! Wen he wast well known... Im pretty sure theirs a clip wete he thanks her
Bernie Duane
Bernie Duane 2 oy oldin
I A 2 oy oldin
Funny black hobbit
belloumi lakhdar
belloumi lakhdar 2 oy oldin
plz, show me any kind of talent this lady has. none , but she is stinky jewish zionist , yep
The Son Of Syn
The Son Of Syn 2 oy oldin
Hmmm, another man who can owe some of his success to the Wayans Bros... think about it, I'm not wrong. And he's truthfully not too funny. Give it about 5 years. You'll see.
Atlanta Movers
Atlanta Movers 2 oy oldin
Do you have a HAIRLINE
In my opinion I think she has the hotts for Kevin lol
Isaiah Baker
Isaiah Baker 2 oy oldin
I’d smash Chelsea🤪💕
Jason R Stanton
Jason R Stanton 2 oy oldin
Welcome home,,,
Jason R Stanton
Jason R Stanton 2 oy oldin
Love me some chelsea
Jason R Stanton
Jason R Stanton 2 oy oldin
Ellen should host oscars,,,, that would square the deal
Jason R Stanton
Jason R Stanton 2 oy oldin
Kevin,, what kinda horseshit are they puttin on you,,, I'm takin your side,,, fuckem
ROTZOOI 2 oy oldin
Kadar Shahir
Kadar Shahir 2 oy oldin
I always thought she was sexy
Behind the Creator
Celebrities. They're just like us
Miguel Crisetti
Miguel Crisetti 2 oy oldin
You can't even talk. And that cunt is a whore .. .!
Barbra Kathleen
Barbra Kathleen 2 oy oldin
OMG this chick is a nut case!
Shine the Light
Shine the Light 2 oy oldin
These are some amazing kissing lips 😂🤣😅 I knew I was a sex symbol because Halle Berry said yes. 😆
Suman Tiwari
Suman Tiwari 2 oy oldin
Weird. Place. Utube
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson 2 oy oldin
Inspirational interview, if anything! "WHAT NOW?"
Anna Rosie
Anna Rosie 2 oy oldin
How the fuck does this woman have her own talkshow, she`s pathetic in every way.
Kevin Ruiz
Kevin Ruiz 2 oy oldin
Chelsea lately is the only female I've ever checked out and I couldn't find anything attractive about her 😂
Aleen Hira
Aleen Hira 2 oy oldin
I live her
Nancy Gee
Nancy Gee 2 oy oldin
she is so fake with her laugh...ug
Ray Campbell
Ray Campbell 2 oy oldin
He's so full of himself!!!
Sarah Romero
Sarah Romero 2 oy oldin
smart guy. hella funny.
Mr. T Mr. T
Mr. T Mr. T 2 oy oldin
What now
Erica Janssen
Erica Janssen 2 oy oldin
RealDeal52 2 oy oldin
Although I am married, I feel really bad for the successful black women that are unmarried. Black men should feel shame. They know the white women is off limits to them. Why are these stupid successful black men setting themselves up. As soon as you have nothing, she will be gone. It will be divorce and broke for you. I don't believe in racism but white men do not like this. As long as you are making money for them the white male will tolerate this. When they tire of you, that's it. You black men better wake up. Your not excepted by white Elites. This country belongs to them. You get what's coming to you stupid. Marry your own. You will never be a full man or equal to a white male. I'm not being racist. It is true. You are still a slave in this country. Get out of line. YOU die. Some whites do not like black men period. Your a threat to them. Why? I don't know but your really stupid for marrying someone white.
Adams Daily Drive
She jumped right off the subject from the 50 comment! Lol
Adams Daily Drive
Low key.....Chelsea wants the D!!!
Jason Pittmon
Jason Pittmon 3 oy oldin
The point is you have a racist dog lmbo
ARUN A M 3 oy oldin
Chelsea is annoying.
Zyan Lunnon
Zyan Lunnon 3 oy oldin
I like Chelsea she cool
Fawaz Khan
Fawaz Khan 3 oy oldin
Even though I don't know much english but I like his hilarious jokes man. You are great crazy man...
Ebony Hicks
Ebony Hicks 3 oy oldin
Why am I just seeing this
kittystar572 star
It’s so funny when he says stay and the dog looked at him like what he fuck you say to me
Art handcraft
Art handcraft 3 oy oldin
How much I hate this Chelsea bitch
Keven Ma
Keven Ma 3 oy oldin
chelsea a bitch
Self Made records
Fuck chelsea she fukin rude as hell
Ian Stackhouse
Ian Stackhouse 4 oy oldin
She so fucken sexy
Phineas Yoli
Phineas Yoli 4 oy oldin
That seating position hurts CHELSEA
Shanaya 4 oy oldin
Just be funny and go away okay for serious things we have Chelsea
Laura Croft
Laura Croft 4 oy oldin
What a delicious chocolate man.
Mary Valley
Mary Valley 4 oy oldin
He is so funny.
martin martin
martin martin 4 oy oldin
He's so boring and full of shit, and she was easy on him
Saran Hassan
Saran Hassan 4 oy oldin
The way she sitting
Danielle Blanchard
ugh i want some pants like those
tapilaha 4 oy oldin
and then he went and fucked up his second marriage
Aida Ardon
Aida Ardon 4 oy oldin
Hes full of shit, he just talked about himself, haha we all know you and see, fuck kevin hart.
Mamoudou Diallo
Mamoudou Diallo 5 oy oldin
yo chelsea is so damn fine
yazir Ameen
yazir Ameen 5 oy oldin
Chelsea is gorgeous and got most beautiful feet, great legs love her 👍😍👑🏆💰
TCog 5 oy oldin
I hear people talk about his work, but if you listen to Kevin Hart speak, he is a very articulate individual.
Scupacium 5 oy oldin
the dog is dead...
Omar Gonzalez
Omar Gonzalez 5 oy oldin
Chelsea que hermosa eres! woow!, ohh and greetings from mexico
Sahil Jalandhara
Sahil Jalandhara 5 oy oldin
That right leg need some blood
Day Rose
Day Rose 5 oy oldin
Anybody catch her when she touch her feet then slowly touched her face trying to smell her hand lol
Hillary Edwards
Hillary Edwards 5 oy oldin
Well said Kevin! Don't go crazy. Enjoy your like and stay grounded. You're soooooo funny!!
Don Johnson
Don Johnson 5 oy oldin
She sucks
LARDMARD 6 oy oldin
Chelsea bad omm
Tony, The Stark
Tony, The Stark 6 oy oldin
I'd tear her up! Damn she's so fucking hot!
Michael O Callaghan
Beautiful dog 😊😊
A S 6 oy oldin
5:49, he meant regress but I'll let him off.
LFC shankss
LFC shankss 6 oy oldin
I'd believe katt Williams crazy shit than Kev's random stories. That's fow show.
LFC shankss
LFC shankss 6 oy oldin
And yet kev lied about everything yeah your a ufunny midget Kevin but your friend he's funny.
Shalomi Haokip
Shalomi Haokip 6 oy oldin
I love how Chelsea dress always 🤩
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