Kevin Hart Is Terrified of Robert Irwin's Animals

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Kevin Hart struggles to keep his fear in check as Robert Irwin, 14-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, brings out some interesting animals to show him and Jimmy, including some kingsnakes, a tarantula and a falcon.
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Kevin Hart Is Terrified of Robert Irwin's Animals




20-Sen, 2018



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Fire Pitch
Fire Pitch 6 soat oldin
Rob looked lowkey annoyed
Piotr Kowalczyk
Piotr Kowalczyk 8 soat oldin
co za cipa
Nice Computer
Nice Computer 8 soat oldin
13:50 harry potter theme song plays
Kendra Lawrance
Kendra Lawrance 9 soat oldin
I wish I had Roberts confidence with animals. I have been to Australia zoo. The animals are very well cared for and have lots of space to live as naturally as possible. The Irwin family are a credit to animal conservation.
triecoon g
triecoon g 10 soat oldin
Want to know how overreacting Americans look like? watch this show, its hideous
_Lajen_ 10 soat oldin
Why is he screaming like that, i mean srsly get him out of this animals way
Digging Into Yesterday Relic Hunting
Love my birds of prey I fly gos Hawks, red tails and Harris hawks they are such beautiful birds
Titi Bird
Titi Bird 15 soat oldin
They shoud’ve name the snake durant
Kalin Dixon
Kalin Dixon 19 soat oldin
I watched his video from 2017 and literally Robert's voice changed so much as he got older omg ( duh ) but like it's so weird how tall and deep his voice got
Trish 19 soat oldin
Steve Irwins death really shook the world. He was so amazing, I still remember when his kids spoke for the memorial. The world loved him. Steve, you legacy lives on. I love you man.
Abdalee Salmeron
Abdalee Salmeron 19 soat oldin
Kevin is soo funny
Trish 19 soat oldin
I love Kevin but he was really fucken annoying here. Like don't be here if you're gonna be a bitch the whole time. And the boy is 14 like what the fuck is going through your mind? Sorry, not sorry.
N Pandey
N Pandey 20 soat oldin
I don't get it ! Why did you stay for the segment Kevin when all you would do is create a fuss about it ! 😏
Fire Pitch
Fire Pitch 6 soat oldin
+wicious it was so fucking annoying,honestly wanted to hear what the kid had to say
wicious 14 soat oldin
It's a comedy show
wicious 14 soat oldin
For laughs
alexs Bro
alexs Bro 20 soat oldin
r Lastr
r Lastr 20 soat oldin
So like his daddy. What a credit to his father's legacy, and his mother. I wish the young man all the best.
Thewalkingdork 21 soat oldin
I’d just trust Robert. He wouldn’t put anybody in any sort of danger knowingly.
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 22 soat oldin
DEDDED 23 soat oldin
Honestly the whole joke of Kevin being “scared” got old pretty quickly, I get that he’d be scared but he’s clearly over reacting for the camera
Blue Jay
Blue Jay 23 soat oldin
The comedy
Wolfgamer 327
Wolfgamer 327 Kun oldin
I couldn’t breathe when I saw Kevin yelling
Miss Gnome
Miss Gnome Kun oldin
His head was still facing this way😂😂😂😂
Kornelio Bellamy
🙄 Kevin is so annoying.
Darthmagoo Kun oldin
It’s just a spider 😂😂
Matt Rowland
Matt Rowland Kun oldin
I swear, Kevin Hart is an asshole. He just ruined this kid's presentation and made the whole segment about himself. What a prick.
EG 001
EG 001 Kun oldin
Kevin is the best
Relinked Kun oldin
You can see how terrified Kevin Hart is, around 5:35 when he tries to pick it up his hands are literally shaking.
RA Kun oldin
He defanged a snake in jumanji
kyalena azrile
kyalena azrile Kun oldin
Just realized me and Jimmy have the same birthday
Gigis. World
Gigis. World Kun oldin
Wait is he crocodile Dundee or crocodile hunter’s son
Consuelo Suarez
Consuelo Suarez 2 kun oldin
Just like his father steve irwin
Sharina Almalik
Sharina Almalik 2 kun oldin
13:55 When you want to present your presentation but the teacher is quieting the students and you stand there like that
hansi 2 kun oldin
kevin is so annoying....
Fire Pitch
Fire Pitch 6 soat oldin
I felt so bad when kevin kept talking over him,i was really interested in what robert had to say
Pranav Kulkarni
Pranav Kulkarni 2 kun oldin
Man Kevin Hart is such a dick. Grow a pair.
Steve Selinsky
Steve Selinsky 2 kun oldin
absolutely hilarious...(and, good for them...)...
Без имени
Без имени 2 kun oldin
Arthur Asesyan
Arthur Asesyan 2 kun oldin
From the face of Kevin, you can understand what he is trying to say and hes trying to say "HELP ME........... HELP ME NIGGA"
Radionuclide 231
Radionuclide 231 2 kun oldin
Kevin Hart's jokes just turned extremely annoying ...
I didn't know that jimmy was so brave he kind of handled the animals better than kevin
Qisya Batrisyia
Qisya Batrisyia 2 kun oldin
u can give me snake , cobra or whatever but spider , HELL NO. anything more than four legs i aint gonna look at it.
Zeiro Tolerance
Zeiro Tolerance 2 kun oldin
Dude... Robert is going to take Steves legacy and take it to places Steve couldn't go
Zeldaisbae231 2 kun oldin
To think that Robert is the same age as me
Deb Conness
Deb Conness 2 kun oldin
Come on Kevin it's a bird
Hannah Perez
Hannah Perez 2 kun oldin
This is what the Irwin’s are here to do! Help people learn to love animals!
Hannah Perez
Hannah Perez 2 kun oldin
“YOU. CAN. KISS. MY. ASS!!!!!!”
Malentswe Shirley
Malentswe Shirley 3 kun oldin
Yoh Kevin is been real to who he is a black persob we just don't like dangerous animals!!!
Malentswe Shirley
Malentswe Shirley 3 kun oldin
user name
user name 3 kun oldin
I love how everything is so cute, attractive, adorable to Robert. Just like dad. I miss Steve so much. I'm just so glad we get to see his family still in the business, it brings back the memories. He was such an amazing person.
Fiona Pithouse
Fiona Pithouse 3 kun oldin
Is there a chance it will bite keven anything with a mouth has the potential to bite ffs
Adapa 3 kun oldin
"YOu better sTAYYY your ass over there man...." Kevin is such a lil bitch 😂
chiran gautam
chiran gautam 3 kun oldin
A kid is controlling two adults😂😂
James Deshazor
James Deshazor 3 kun oldin
Fuck he looks just like Steve
Jayda Booker
Jayda Booker 3 kun oldin
he is soooo black 😂😂 I love my people 😂💚
TheSolidMidget 3 kun oldin
* *A fly wonders into Kevin's place* * Kevin: TAKE MY MONEY AND PLEASE DON'T HURT ME
Chloejo1friend Leah
Trolol (what Kevin said) “he want some black man “
Phuc Mi
Phuc Mi 3 kun oldin
Who else was thinking about that one Kevin Hart bit when an the ostrich is chasing him
Jordan Jumentuss
Jordan Jumentuss 3 kun oldin
10:17 WTF LMAO
Monjid Abpi
Monjid Abpi 3 kun oldin
Let’ s not forget the fact that he named the snake “LeBron”
Wyatt Batson
Wyatt Batson 4 kun oldin
Kevin is a little bitch
Tori 4 kun oldin
Kevin really breaking the stereotype here
Vemuganti Tharani
Vemuganti Tharani 4 kun oldin
Why did kevin hart even come on the show -_- I pity all the animals and robert who had to experience all the shouting and ranting :/
Molly Maddison
Molly Maddison 4 kun oldin
Despite Kevin losing his crap, they do let Robert get through most of his sentences, so it's not the qorst instance of this stuff
Abhigyan Talukdar
Abhigyan Talukdar 4 kun oldin
Robert should have his own show already. .
Ario Yahyapour
Ario Yahyapour 4 kun oldin
Come at us peta you are Fucked
Blockheads984 4 kun oldin
He needs to be on Conan O'Brien
Kaylee’s Vanity
Kaylee’s Vanity 4 kun oldin
11:12 bhahahaha “take it take it take it”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kawaii MUAGamer
Kawaii MUAGamer 4 kun oldin
And i thought Kevin was the zoologist in Jumanji😂
Payton EA
Payton EA 5 kun oldin
I like them all 😍😆😆😆😆
LazerBull 5 kun oldin
*J I M M Y G E T I T*
Bran Evans
Bran Evans 5 kun oldin
Kevin Hart is a complete racist. He is playing a racial stereotype by being a lackey of Fallon. This makes me sick. The eye rolling. The mock fear. All this bastard needs is black face. Disgusting.
See Say
See Say 4 kun oldin
You don't know the definition of racist, do you?
Tou Ae Vang
Tou Ae Vang 5 kun oldin
Kevin ruined it.
Lillian Sorsby
Lillian Sorsby 5 kun oldin
14 minutes and 51 seconds of Kevin Hart scared of animals and low key about to fight Robert😂😂
RyudoTFO 5 kun oldin
Aw man, Robert just moves and Talks like Steve. I can barely hold my tears back ...
Weird Noodle
Weird Noodle 5 kun oldin
Chrisi 25
Chrisi 25 5 kun oldin
Tiny and flufffy? I KNEW IT
TheWitcher 27
TheWitcher 27 5 kun oldin
Where is JeffAnnmalGuy?
jjjb01 5 kun oldin
I miss Steve Irwin so much 😥 He must be proud of his children~ They're amazing 💕 And look how Roberts voice change from last year show 😄 #growingup
Lzane Shuma
Lzane Shuma 5 kun oldin
This was sooooo funny
Drummer Boy
Drummer Boy 5 kun oldin
Kevin, stop being a little bitch!
Jasmine Boo
Jasmine Boo 5 kun oldin
Am I the only who was acting like I was in Kevin’s mind thinking about the time they took out the pest rich and thinking about the time it chase Kevin because they threw a pen at it 😂
Lizz Lanius
Lizz Lanius 5 kun oldin
Why do I love this soooooo much?!
Willow Pasley
Willow Pasley 5 kun oldin
Wait who think Kevin is A Chicken
saif khan
saif khan 5 kun oldin
at 14:05 the bird didnt want to fly to kevin because all the stupid people in the back was raising up there hands
See Say
See Say 4 kun oldin
No eyes in the back of the head, dear.
Miley dock
Miley dock 5 kun oldin
I am so Kevin heart in this but the exception is instead of being afraid of animals I am just anti social
Gaya Zala
Gaya Zala 5 kun oldin
I feel you Kevin, I am afraid of all animals and creepy crawlers too! I had 3 snacks and a bat 🦇 I had let out of house. It took me days to recover not to mention many sleep less nights.
Nancy Farkas
Nancy Farkas 5 kun oldin
Jimmy is braver then Kevin
MyNameIsCords 6 kun oldin
U got a 14 year old laughing at two 45 year old men scared of a tarantula. He’d never be laughing at me because I’d never fuckin be there
izjustme x
izjustme x 6 kun oldin
izjustme x
izjustme x 6 kun oldin
WHY ISNT IT TIED TO THE GLOVE ?! and why is she hand feeding that creates inprints and omg
izjustme x
izjustme x 6 kun oldin
i have so much criticism about the way that's blue shirt bitch is holding that bird
Officially.Valerie 6 kun oldin
9:40 had me dead😂😂😂
_The Official Gaming Huge Dicc_
Kevin hart is a fuckin man child
SN J 6 kun oldin
Catherine Cudia
Catherine Cudia 6 kun oldin
Kevin is annoying hahaha
Benjamin Lowery
Benjamin Lowery 6 kun oldin
Kevin Hart makes me laugh all the time If I just look at a picture of him I’ll start laughing
DJKOOLKAT 6 kun oldin
Beet Acosta
Beet Acosta 7 kun oldin
Amazing =D
Praze 7 kun oldin
This is the same guy that defanged a black mamba 🤔
Jak Hunter
Jak Hunter 7 kun oldin
JIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m deas
Alex Rees
Alex Rees 7 kun oldin
Wow, it is Amazing how thoroughly unlikeable and loathsome Kevin Hart is. It's fine that he's scared of the animals, but it was super obnoxious the way he acted around Robert.
See Say
See Say 4 kun oldin
The stick up real high?
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