Kevin Hart Is Terrified of Robert Irwin's Animals

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Kevin Hart struggles to keep his fear in check as Robert Irwin, 14-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, brings out some interesting animals to show him and Jimmy, including some kingsnakes, a tarantula and a falcon.
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Kevin Hart Is Terrified of Robert Irwin's Animals




20-Sen, 2018

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Erin Joy Hall
Erin Joy Hall 3 daqiqa oldin
At 7:21 did anyone else notice that when jimmy said kevin's name it sounded like he said kendall
Grace Bennion
Grace Bennion Soat oldin
This has to be one of the funniest videos I've seen. Laughed through the whole thing. Robert contained himself so well. Onya Robert!!!!
BerzerK Soat oldin
Awww is that Steve Irwin's son??? Maan his dad on animal planet was my childhood!!! 😂😂 Awesome to see him going the same road wish him the brightest future!!
Kimbriel Winfield
Didn't he defang a snake? I'm sorry.🤣🤣🤣
Awen 2 soat oldin
When the spider came out, kevin is like, 20 feet away lmao
Prince Ndhlovu
Prince Ndhlovu 8 soat oldin
How can you hate on Kevin, dude is funny and pure lol
Carrington Smith
Carrington Smith 9 soat oldin
Animals are so fascinating! The Crocodile Hunter would be proud of his son😀
joriemonster 9 soat oldin
Robert: *To the audience* Make sure not to hold up your hands the talons are really sharp * over 20 people in the background raising their hand* Kevin Hart: exactly why black people don't mess with animals.
Moriah Saffold
Moriah Saffold 10 soat oldin
JIMMY JIMMY (binging on the desk) Jimmy 😅😅
Tribulation Warrior's Epic Channel
Kevin put the stereotype into effect in this video.
geoffrey morgan
geoffrey morgan 13 soat oldin
What a bitch Kevin is won't hold the spider, but wants Jimmy to get bit
Mel B
Mel B 14 soat oldin
Omg kevin i couldn't stop laughing
Khairina 17 soat oldin
Kevin Hart is the kind of person that will get eaten by lion alive.
Yazzziie 18 soat oldin
Mini Steve 😭
Jonathon Sanchez
Jonathon Sanchez 19 soat oldin
Why is jimmy funnier than Kevin. Kevin juss acting like a little big bitch
Joey Mendes
Joey Mendes 20 soat oldin
Jimmmyyyyyyy gettttttt itttttt
Joey Mendes
Joey Mendes 20 soat oldin
Too funny u forgot ur underwear
shahab nezamdoust
shahab nezamdoust 21 soat oldin
this is so awesome , most hilarious thing i watched my hole life
Ari Marina
Ari Marina 22 soat oldin
I am so in love and amazed by snakes and spiders but oh my gosh that falcon was absolutely beautiful.😍
zahid dope
zahid dope 22 soat oldin
kevin hart
zahid dope
zahid dope 22 soat oldin
eagle with eagle
Reshi Ire
Reshi Ire 23 soat oldin
Who Shot Chu
Who Shot Chu Kun oldin
R Kelly in the chat
vDakotaa Kun oldin
Lmao Kevin’s face when the falcon eas flying forwards him
Jadin Cooper
Jadin Cooper Kun oldin
hes high
aah Kun oldin
The passed down torch shining brightly, right next to a terrified black man
ahmed ali
ahmed ali Kun oldin
Super send me
Steven Ellison
Steven Ellison Kun oldin
He has his father's legs.
pat Kun oldin
Kevin Hart thought the bird was Gay.
Ty Wind
Ty Wind Kun oldin
His voice changed a lot from 13 to 14
Glenn Kardashianá
So the point is he is afraid of everything
charlie trublood
What a couple of wuses.
Chakrit Kesornjarung
This is so good, I love all of them.
fifiasmr Kun oldin
I felt like I was watching Steve not his son!! If you didnt see kevin's special, then you will not understand why he is running around like a wuss. Lol
Kristin Whitaker
I’m with u Kev no snakes fuc* that Omg 😮 Jimmy get it Lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Madina Rona
Madina Rona Kun oldin
12000 ppl disliked? Wtf is wrong with ppl these days?...
Aaron Wong
Aaron Wong Kun oldin
wtf wrong with kevin's leg at 5:09
Tiffany Johnson
Tiffany Johnson Kun oldin
I can get over how much Robert looks n acts like his dad. Much love for the irwan family
10Snuffy05 Kun oldin
Is it just me that found Kevin quite annoying throughout this? I mean Robert was amazing and honestly deserves his own show but for me, Kevin just ruined it! Apart from a bird flying to him, he was a wuss the whole time 😂
dcthegreatest24 Kun oldin
Absolute gold 🤣
Miss Dee
Miss Dee Kun oldin
LMAO I can't stop laughing while watching this
Samwise Gambge!
Samwise Gambge! Kun oldin
Awww! I wish the ostrich chased him!😂
Gunnar the Norski
Literally sounds like it’s a guy trying anal for the first time in a threesome while the snakes are out.
Dell Spacely
Dell Spacely Kun oldin
Stop Bitching Kev. Jesus Christ
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 2 kun oldin
hes wearing this same outfit on HOT ONES
LifewithTonia Litty GANG
on the first animal I remembered me watching one of Kevin Hart's comedy movies on Netflix I cant remember which one but he told a story about why he is scared of an ostrich and now they gone bring one up here like come on now lollll
Io F
Io F 2 kun oldin
He’s so fake
Myla Solis
Myla Solis 2 kun oldin
I love Kevin Hart😂
CaptainMaakasu 2 kun oldin
have to be one of the best clips from the tonight show ever xD
Katja Kittenland
Katja Kittenland 2 kun oldin
Aaaoooow, he looks sooo much like his dad...!!!
bob brownfinger
bob brownfinger 2 kun oldin
Kevin Hart hates gay people
Aiden Carter
Aiden Carter 2 kun oldin
Holy 🤬 that’s a lot of views
maihan shadman
maihan shadman 2 kun oldin
I died when i saw kevins face at the last part for 1 minute😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jaqen H'ghar
Jaqen H'ghar 2 kun oldin
since when animals are afraid of animals?:/also why he didnt pickup the spider?they had the same colour:/
gameridiotNOT 2 kun oldin
Is it bad that when my mother mentioned this and forgot Steve's name and called him the crocodile hunter, I immediately knew it was Steve Irwin because of this 14 minute long video of bad porno intros?
Victoria Deve
Victoria Deve 2 kun oldin
Kevin Hart is such a sissy! So funny though
I started a joke !!!!!!
Annoying how these kids try so hard to mimic there dad..it's like be your own damn person
kalpesh Gajbhiye
kalpesh Gajbhiye 2 kun oldin
You know what birds like? small objects 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Adrian Claudiu Marin
This Kids is like Steve !! so inteligently
living with XXY
living with XXY 2 kun oldin
funny af
Sean Kiely
Sean Kiely 2 kun oldin
We're bred tough in the state of Queensland, Australia :)
Michelle Kraeva
Michelle Kraeva 2 kun oldin
Ffs Kevin, chill and let Robert do what he's here for
Fred Anders
Fred Anders 2 kun oldin
„Kevin doesnt know how to deal with big snakes“ guess his wife doesnt either
Javi Ruiz
Javi Ruiz 2 kun oldin
And Kevin makes fun of gay people! I'm more manly than him!
Elaena Baldwin
Elaena Baldwin 2 kun oldin
BIG RED........NOPE😂😅😅😅
poornachandra kashyap
Hope I could make my dad proud like him...
Let Go
Let Go 2 kun oldin
What a good lad
Isaiah King
Isaiah King 2 kun oldin
Please get bindi on the show
harley Walsh
harley Walsh 2 kun oldin
Steve will be so proud
roadtriptv_1d 3 kun oldin
Freek vonk junior😂😂😂😂
vloggingbytroiana 3 kun oldin
When they brought out the spider I threw my phone.
Mollyy239 3 kun oldin
Ricardo Rick Quijano
Oh man that was so great!
Xp Pla
Xp Pla 3 kun oldin
1:33, that face tho
Alex Gedney
Alex Gedney 3 kun oldin
Snakes are kinda eh for me, but spiders... that's a nope for me.
Big Hoss
Big Hoss 3 kun oldin
Kevin Hart making everything about him .. sit the hell down stop being a vagina
CF’s Covers
CF’s Covers 3 kun oldin
Robert’s voice sounds like Shawn Mende’s voice but British
mr cittio 2.0
mr cittio 2.0 3 kun oldin
If I s all that spider I should say oh he'll no
duckylovespi 3 kun oldin
13:03 said to the audience "make sure you don't put your hands up". 14:03 Five audience members so excited to "be on tv" they ignore the warning completely
bigi12 3 kun oldin
Dear Kevin and Jimmy, Shut the fuck up
PrisonEarth 3 kun oldin
Canadian Mobster
Canadian Mobster 3 kun oldin
But tarantulas I'm terryfied
Canadian Mobster
Canadian Mobster 3 kun oldin
I'm not afraid of snakes they ate cool iwould touch any snake as long as it's not venomous
Canadian Mobster
Canadian Mobster 3 kun oldin
It's funny how scared they get
Canadian Mobster
Canadian Mobster 3 kun oldin
Black people don't like wild life or animals too much lol that's y it's all whites that camp and like outdoors 😂
Theah Lawrence
Theah Lawrence 3 kun oldin
Kevin was soooo horrible. Fear is one thing. Obnoxious, childish behavior for a grown man is another.
Manouchka Joseph
Manouchka Joseph 3 kun oldin
Aayush Sharma
Aayush Sharma 3 kun oldin
that dude needs discipline man😠😠😠😠😠...i mean there is a limit of trying to be funny...
SegaChild Starspawn
Black people in general, have so much energy and just awesome reactions! 😂 No racism involved with this comment.
Samir Haddou
Samir Haddou 3 kun oldin
I once raped an animal that looks like that.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 3 kun oldin
Why are blacks so scared of everything?
Sharon Goodlace
Sharon Goodlace 3 kun oldin
I love Kevin Hart he's hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😅😂 😂
Christine L.
Christine L. 3 kun oldin
So much overacting. At least Kevin has a talent for it.
Katie Russell
Katie Russell 3 kun oldin
They were both being very irritating and jumping about on stage making it all about them. Those poor animals. Robert just wanted to talk about his passion and the gorgeous animals while those two were pratting about.
Serah Sharon Peter
Serah Sharon Peter 3 kun oldin
This is the best episode I've ever seen so far on Jimmy Fallon's show. 😂😂
Leilani Zamani
Leilani Zamani 3 kun oldin
Kevin killed me 😂
duell collins
duell collins 3 kun oldin
Hell no. I agree with Kevin. When it comes to spiders and snakes. Only if it's to save someone's life. Other the that, Hell No!
Yougant S
Yougant S 3 kun oldin
Falcon 😍😍😍😍 was amazing
Alaa Oui
Alaa Oui 3 kun oldin
Jimmy get it, Jimmy Jimmy get it, get it Jimmy Jimmy get it then that look 14:40 :D :D :D :D
doja smk
doja smk 3 kun oldin
Kevin wont touch a snake but he will dress in a womens dress on Saturday night live