Kevin Hart: Not my dream to be LGBT ally

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CNN's Don Lemon says comedian Kevin Hart reached out to him following his emotional plea for Hart to become an ally of the LGBTQ community. #CNN #News



8-Yan, 2019

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Bobo Jallow
Bobo Jallow Soat oldin
The first CNN video I come across with 21k dislike and 4.4k like Don Lemon You are fired.
James Basil
James Basil 2 soat oldin
CNN, good evening and hello Don good to see yea talking mate. Every day
Piotr Bagniewski
Piotr Bagniewski 4 soat oldin
These commentaries belong to his private UZvid channel not on public tv
Jazmine Motley
Jazmine Motley 4 soat oldin
I’ll subscribe to you , if you subscribe to me🤷🏽‍♂️ Comment when done😊 Let’s support eachother😄
Chad B
Chad B 4 soat oldin
“Many of us really need to keep the conversation going. It’s life or death.” - Wut? This is the most bizarre intro I’ve seen since Alex Jones
ADEX 4 soat oldin
And this is why so many can't take the LBGT Community seriously. Do what the fuck you want but other people ain't gotta be a part of your shit if they don't want to. Just leave the nigga alone already. Shit.
H&SAnimations 5 soat oldin
lgbtq: We want an apology! (what they really mean) Apologize, give us money, apologize, give us more money, apologize, give us money and host our events and apologize.
Mindful Moments
Mindful Moments 5 soat oldin
Thank you for this!
G504 6 soat oldin
LGBT thinks they are above being talked about..they are free game like everyone else..they aren't special..that is a chosen life style..not a God given life style..that life is filthy..if it was a God given life style then Gods law on it wouldn't be a sin..do you really get it...we don't have a life style we have color..and you can't get people to stop calling us the "n" word..I wouldn't be apologetic, who do they think they are..
Chief Denis
Chief Denis 6 soat oldin
First time I've seen a youtube video have more dislikes than likes, good going youtube... good going
angelica hall
angelica hall 7 soat oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-hLOw_SzkRQ8.html I can remember back in the day in comedy when people could say thing and people didn't get offended' Those days seem not to long ago. Now days if you joke like this it would be all over the news and the person that did the joking may be charged with a hate crime. Where are we going in this Nation' if we don't have fun, Laugh a little not letting stuff offend us' I know where we are going to be in a couple of years in this Nation if we keep saying everything is racist being offended by everything we see & Hear. We are going to be a society that don't speak' becuase we will be afraid by the words we speak may offend someone. This Comedian always made skits using racist lines to show how dumb Racism really is' We all should stop being so sensitive overcome our difference learning to Laugh living in the joy of the moment enjoying the company of the awesome people that come around us each day.
davison ruiz
davison ruiz 7 soat oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-jtVKV9L0Was.html don lemon won't beef with these dudes cause a bitch ass nigga
Cyd Simone
Cyd Simone 8 soat oldin
Ameen Sadeghi
Ameen Sadeghi 8 soat oldin
problem is mainstream media still think they can push their agenda and dictate what people say or not say or how they should think when most people realize their hypocrisy and it is a bunch of zionists that want to control the world....bitch stfu it aint happening
studiosixfifteen 8 soat oldin
Make fun of God it’s cool Make fun of a religion it’s cool Make fun of a country it’s cool Make fun of the president it’s cool Make fun of LGBT. And your career is destroyed. They need to stop being so gay and take a joke.
Dirty Sauce
Dirty Sauce 8 soat oldin
When any other group gets insulted they just get a sarcastic apology but when you insult the lgbtq community you literally have to roll over then bow down and wait until your apology is acceptable
David Edwin Roy
David Edwin Roy 9 soat oldin
Don, CNN Just stop it. U lost, u will lose, in whtever u r trying to do. Its not Kevin or Trump alone. U try yr stuff on agendas which will go down.
jeff doe
jeff doe 9 soat oldin
Don lemon is such a douche . A black guys says sorry and it's ok u heard him he said. A white guy and its u think sorry is ok now?? Lol CNN is a joke
Odin 35
Odin 35 9 soat oldin
Worst of the year is???????? DL
Imel Battle
Imel Battle 9 soat oldin
“Sticks and stones might break my bones, but words would never hurt me”. What happen to this mind state.
Roberto Stevens
Roberto Stevens 9 soat oldin
Sad about all the hate against Gays. I was straight and every gay man hates me. to bad hollywood and gays are stereotypes as a norwigean i have to say i am bisexual and we are labled as confussed, gays hate me because i am old and not pretty enough.... . I use to think there is something wrong with me, sombody clearly think there is. Dont look up to Hollywood. There is always something bad happening in Hollywood. Gays are racist to bisexual so tell me should i be racist to gay people????
Bean Smith
Bean Smith 9 soat oldin
Yeah Don, Kevin Heart has a bigger megaphone 📢 than you to reach the black community. You peddle your bullshit EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To the whole whole, at least those privileged enough to have electricity and satellites. A fuckin joke man 🤡
Bean Smith
Bean Smith 9 soat oldin
Look I get it, the whole should be gay & People shouldn’t get tired of this. The CNN really feels like they have the moral high ground. The people are really evil.
Hunter Petrovich
Hunter Petrovich 10 soat oldin
kill your self don
Hunter Petrovich
Hunter Petrovich 10 soat oldin
He shouldn't have apologized. Kinda lost respect for him. Fucking hate these people on CNN. Just because YOU want him to do something, DOESN'T MEAN HE HAS TO LISTEN TO YOU!!!
Gridlok 10 soat oldin
Fuck anyone that expects Kevin to keep apologizing. Don is a straight up bitch nigga for this shit. Why is K. Hart being singled out like he's the only comedian to ever tell gay jokes? Kev doesn't owe anyone anything just cause he has this so called "megaphone" this fool keeps talking about. Fuck outta here!
Ian Grey
Ian Grey 11 soat oldin
Kevin let the damn gay mafia pin his ass to the wall and bend him over..... This fool just keeps apologizing over and over again. But that mothafucka refused to apologize for all the offensive shit that her said about his own people (Black Women). And even doubled down on it.
In Shape
In Shape 11 soat oldin
Did dude -lemon is sick for sure...
In Shape
In Shape 11 soat oldin
Dude we all have freedom of speech and no one can do mafia and prevent us to say what we want... both sides. hart made mistake following mafia requests and say sorry for stuff he don’t have to...
Harmonymusiq the original one
Why would you want Kevin Hart to be a spokesman for lgbtjhdng community when he is not gay choose Ellen or Rupaul
Peter Serrano
Peter Serrano 12 soat oldin
Don Lemon should sit down and mind his business!
dre j
dre j 13 soat oldin
After hearing this BS, it really sounds like the LGBTQ camp is becoming more of a Cult!
Mr. J
Mr. J 13 soat oldin
Levin is such a whiner he whines about everything unhappy man
ALEX C 13 soat oldin
Fuck that shit is a free country I Can said what ever I feel to said period. Tired of this BS . what about straight people. Is offensive for me that the GLTB have more privilege that us. We are all human no matter what color religion or sexual preference. So should be no better treatments for one that the others. I know Gay friends that always critic fat people. 🤔
Los Pollos Hermanos
Los Pollos Hermanos 14 soat oldin
Clown🤡 News🤡🤡 Network 🤡🤡🤡
E DW 14 soat oldin
He's grown and accepting of all but he's not required to go lead any kind of marches, parades or rallies. You can only live for you. Damn lets move on.
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown 15 soat oldin
We are sick and disgusted with this gay stuff being shoved in our faces and forced feed to us.. those of us with religious convictions do not have to fall in line with things that we do not accept very interesting that the Bible refers to this lifestyle as unnatural if you read Romans 1 the language is very strong concerning it and as a Christian we hold to Faith and truth and believe that God's word is true so we are not going to be forced to listen to garbage like Don lemon it stalking or made to feel like we're full of hate or there's something wrong with us because we don't accept a lifestyle that is unnatural according to the one who created all of us..just because we strongly disagree with your lifestyle based upon our biblical conviction does not mean that we hate people let's get that straight but I also know that that is what the gay community use to make everybody else out to be the villains and they are the good people..that's why they coined the phrase homophobia which has nothing to do with anything no one is afraid of homosexuals we just do not accept the lifestyle , not accepting their lifestyle is not equal to fear .....thats not even the same thing so the phrase is absolutely powerless and we need to let them know that whenever they throw homophobia at people ask them why are they heterophobe... The word homophobia does not exist, whenever you see them use this word know one thing, their hatred is coming forth and spewing out at you they are the biggest hatred people on the planet... the lifestyle dictates that.. look at what happened once the political liberals allow men to marry men look what was the next all of a sudden now we're being forced to accept transgender they're telling us that there's something wrong with us because we have an issue with a man dressed like a woman going into the bathroom with your wife look what's happening there telling our children that they are neither male nor female and that you have a right to raise your children to be what you wanted to be no matter what sex organs God gave them ....you guys had better wake up and realize what people like Don lemon are doing and what they're trying to advance with this ungodly and destructive agenda..it is methodical it is calculated it's been going on for years and while everybody slept they have slithered in here and turn this thing around that if you disagree with them you are full of hatred and you're the one that has a problem and you're the one that is unnatural.... It's called deception.. and CNN is the best at it..
MegaGolgo13 16 soat oldin
I’m tired of gays. Fuck gays. Stfu and go suck a dick, Don. Stop promoting your agenda and get the fuck out of our damn faces with this LGBT shit. Not everyone supports this alternative lifestyle and we don’t have to!
Zudoteku 16 soat oldin
Dear Don It is clear you are very emotional about this subject, hence it is quite obvious where your allegiance lies in this very case. You, Don would be the wrongest person here to stand as a mediator in this.
Zudoteku 16 soat oldin
He didn't back-out, he was backed out
IKUWILL D 16 soat oldin
Don Lemon, Give me 10:32 seconds of my life back. Journalism is about being unbiased. Don Lemon could not be more biased. Kevin Hart is out bring positive and sharing love, making most people feel good about life. He does not have time for your self serving antics.
Dis Guy
Dis Guy 17 soat oldin
Don since you want a straight man to be going around telling kids that homosexuality is good why don't you do the reverse since you have a great platform. Why can't you tell people and kids listening to you that homosexuality is against God's principles and it is not the right way for anyone to live their lives. Pray for Gods forgiveness He will definitely forgive you if you are sincere about it.
Raymond Seeley
Raymond Seeley 17 soat oldin
Man I swear these news people are nothing but actors
Bossblack13 17 soat oldin
Homophobia is more in white communities than Black Don. If Kevin is to speak up for anyone it should be Blacks in general.
miqbad70 17 soat oldin
Don Lemon STFU!!! Be gay if you want to. Nobody has to promote or praise you for it. I don't want my son to be gay either, but if he was, I'd still love him. That's called being a good parent, you fucking thin-skinned snowflake. Everyone is a victim of jokes; blacks whites, women, gays, etc. Stop crying for equal rights if you can't take equal jokes. Moving on...
Sanjay sah
Sanjay sah 17 soat oldin
The amount of dislikes speak the truth.
puffin king
puffin king 17 soat oldin
Who gives a fo about the gay bastards anyway! Being gay went from a sexual preference to I was born gay 😐 now they got special rights and compare anti gay to being racist 😂 😂😂 the world is going fucking mad
Jonathan Lasota
Jonathan Lasota 18 soat oldin
Don’t apologize kevin! The ENTIRE lgbt community lives on feeling yet opposing feeling or thoughts are condemned, So if Kevin or I can’t have feeling on a topic we should say FUCK your feelings and move on, don’t apologize!
Justelinu 19 soat oldin
This Sodomite will not rest until we're all Sucking Penis, Having Sex with an anus is just Wrong, trying to convince everyone that it's Right is blasphemous. It says in the Bible that God will kill Homosexuals a thousand times, burn and resurrect them, then burn them to Death again. If this is the Consequences of taking part in this Sickness, what are the Consequences of Promoting it and condemning thousands of People to eternal fire. Many People do not believe in the Bible but only a Fool would believe in Don Lemon. Every Homosexual will tell you a sad story of when they were Molested at a young age and someday science will recognise that Child Molestation is the cause of Homosexuality. That little boy they are Parading around on Television as the World's youngest Drag Queen is not only being Mentality abused he is given drink and drugs openly admits he has watched men Masturbate in his front room. Only a medical Doctor could stand up in Court and tell you this boy has not had Sex. Don Lemon is a nasty feculent babbling shithouse I hope the next time he is Sucking on a Penis the other Homosexual Shits on his Face.
watusay Eastwood
watusay Eastwood 20 soat oldin
Fuck what a smug prick this man is!! The bullied become the bullies! What a stupid fucker he is!!
Augustine rutledge
Augustine rutledge 20 soat oldin
Don lemonhead spewing garbage once again.
Matt WADLEY 20 soat oldin
Fuck your feelings
Shihab Kazi
Shihab Kazi 21 soat oldin
what a fruit basket...so butt hurt
Lemmy Naturalisto
Lemmy Naturalisto 21 soat oldin
Fuck this lgbtq shit , and fuck for what they stands for , they could preach anything to justify their dirty lust , but we wont be fooled and CNN , fuck you and stop shoving this lqbtq shit in our throat.
Sammydreddi 22 soat oldin
Like Dave chapelle said”the freedom rights act was enacted years and years ago but just the other day someone called me nigger while waiting at a stop light”.
Marcos Alvarez
Marcos Alvarez 22 soat oldin
This guy is full of shit.
D B 22 soat oldin
He has no obligation to be a spokesperson for your agenda. Get over it ya dork.
TheSunKing 23 soat oldin
Fuck Don Lemon
Dudley Owens
Dudley Owens Kun oldin
You're a bitch Don Lemmon!! You make Al Roker look like 50 cent!!
Luna Jess
Luna Jess Kun oldin
Don Lemon is the epitome of hypocrisy. Don Lemon listen to what you are saying. You are not a journalist you only feed people your opinions. #MuteDonLemon
Charlie smith
Charlie smith Kun oldin
He talks so slow
Christopher Mundahl
"it's life or death"......
Charlie smith
Charlie smith Kun oldin
How is this news
Sir 10k
Sir 10k Kun oldin
Tired of Lemon Sweetcake names Don. Disgusting excuse for a “Black boy” Can’t even call him a Man. No offense to young Black boys
Kevin C
Kevin C Kun oldin
I don’t blame him for not wanting to come on your shitty show
Kevin C
Kevin C Kun oldin
Fuck you Don idk how you still have a job I guess cnn just needs anyone they can get because they are failing
Joan Soto
Joan Soto Kun oldin
TNN. Tabloid News Network
Kevin C
Kevin C Kun oldin
Reginald Uy
Reginald Uy Kun oldin
This is "hate news" against heterosexual males and females, as well as conservatives. Everyone, I urge you to report this video as hatespeech to youtube so that they can properly take action on it.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Kun oldin
I’m not an ally of the LGBTQ community because I am Christian. Straight up. I know it is a sin in the eyes of my God. I will not treat anyone differently but I do not support it. Sorry if you feel like I’m bullying you.
Jonathan Martinez
This guy makes me sick
Jakoby Orr
Jakoby Orr Kun oldin
I can’t believe grown people really care about what people say about them like grow up really ? People get joked on everyday black people get joked on by comedians we ain’t crying about it you don’t like what he says why does it matter if your happy with yourself everybody’s not going to except you
Flyingtom80 Kun oldin
Oh god, just let it go! People are so fucking butt hurt now days and look to be offended by anything. He said he's sorry, GET OVER IT!
Timothy Greer
Timothy Greer Kun oldin
Even though I don't agree with what Don't is saying entirely, I think we are all forgetting to look at the words "Don's Take". This is his own opinion and this is personal feeling. I believe that the burden carried on by Black heterosexuals to understand Black LGBT needs to be addressed. We are all a community and the more we educate each other, the closer we become. Everyone is different and our differences make us unique. Let's just take it step by step to become closer. Together we are stronger.
Turn Kun oldin
All these 40 year olds who think the word gay has any actual meaning anymore kids don't fucking care about sexuality, or race, or gender can we copystrike anyone over the age of 35 please
Competitive Combat Sports
"Lemonade's" Idiot Meter just went off the charts! CNN not only wants to control who we elect as President, but now they want to control your opinions about sexuality....
Jano Dursunian
Jano Dursunian Kun oldin
The only person that calls you a "journalist " is "YOU" F'in idiot .. And if you belive Mr Heart you're F'in fool...!!😂😂😂😂😂
Jorge Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez Kun oldin
who the hell gives a flying fuck about this and when it first happened.. people need a god damn life.. people bitchin bout nuffin..
Rayray jones
Rayray jones Kun oldin
Good on Kevin for not rolling over for these bullies and thier own agendas. Kevs got his own agendas and it doesnt include being the cape crusader for the gay community, get over it. What a whole bunch of reaching babble from lemon, cringe worthy pathetic!
Indra Anantha
Indra Anantha Kun oldin
don lemon... a message to you... congrats on making me a homophobic person
Random Domino
Random Domino Kun oldin
Comedy is getting ruined because of these sensitive thots.
20sentryboy Kun oldin
Ahhhhh don’t cry don. YOU WIMP.
20sentryboy Kun oldin
10 yrs ago it was acceptable to tell jokes and mock genders, sexuality etc, people like you don are just weak minded angry overbearing little snowflakes who get triggered by the most pathetic and petty things. Grow up and live with it, you don’t have to listen to or watch comedians that like to take the piss. What do you call a gay dinosaur? Megasaurass. What do you call a lesbian dinosaur? Lickalotapus.
20sentryboy Kun oldin
Don your a prick. Just fuck off and disappear. Trust me not one person would miss you.
ApupeL 55
ApupeL 55 Kun oldin
This guys gay!
timi okan
timi okan Kun oldin
HE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE AN ALLY TO YOU GUYS. PLEASE RESPECT HIS SPACE. This is beyond ridiculous, Don I'm so disappointed with you
Echinoidea Kun oldin
Don Lemon is like the real life version of Chidi from The Good Place, only ten times as annoying.
Justin Meeks
Justin Meeks Kun oldin
Don lemon you're not going after Kevin Hart. I didn't know you had that kind of pull. You think Kevin Hart scared a you And your CNN flunkies
aboates Kun oldin
gotta love it when political hack tells me that i can think what i want...
Tude Menezes
Tude Menezes Kun oldin
Not Don again.....
The War on SJWs
The War on SJWs Kun oldin
everybody's so sensitive
Akash Negi
Akash Negi Kun oldin
cnn sucks
Raymond Cowles
Raymond Cowles Kun oldin
CNN = Garbage for continuing Don Lemon's career and this constant virtual signaling bullshit.
Daniel McClendon
Phobia means fear. People aren't afraid of homosexuals they are most often homodisgusted. Let's get it right. You can't force a person to not be disgusted with homosexuality just like you can't force a homosexual to be comfortable with a heterosexual relationship. Simple. Stop forcing your lifestyle on us. We don't agree. Period.
Horde Gaming
Horde Gaming Kun oldin
Stop lying about your subs CNN!!! No one cares about CNN homosexual Don Lemon head!!!!!
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor Kun oldin
Fuck u Don that man don't believe in that shit and u can't make him yall some dam bulllys
Deathbrigner Kun oldin
Ho fuck yourself Dumb Demon racist douche.
Jesse Bernard
Jesse Bernard Kun oldin
I so wanted to write a comment to state as to why Don Lemon response to Kevin Hart is nothing more than pathetic but by judging the like to dislike ratio, it seem that everyone get the memo but I just want to say two things as to why Don Lemon response is nothing more than absolute pathetic (even though I'm myself is a fan of Don Lemon). First and foremost, Kevin Hart in his own volition APOLOGIZE for those comments because he made them years ago where (and excuse my comments if I offended anyone) he was ignorant about the LGBT issues and back when he use dark comedy to get a joke but he no longer feel the needed to because he above that and for me that is commendable and a good step because they're was a time that I'm myself was homophobic because I was close minded, ignorant and so religious at the time but as year goes by, I became more educated about the issues that I no longer held those previous views and in fact chose to stand up for them especially in discrimination and violence against the LGBT community but with that being said, no one should be forced or obligated to be an ally to the community if they don't want to. Just because Kevin Hart apologize about the homophobic comments but decided he don't want to be an ally DOESN'T mean he still homophobic, he just accepted that the community exist and that he would move on no longer making those comments plus continued to live HIS OWN LIFE. A good example is that if any white Americans grew up in the confederation and think it right to use racist slurs against blacks but decided to apologize and move on because they're no longer racist against the black then fine, in fact I would be happy that they decided to no longer see blacks in a negative light however that doesn't mean I expected to see them in a Black Pride Parade wearing dashikis and chanting "Black Power!", I mean I would chuckle if they did but they're under no obligation to attend and I would respect that as well.