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Kevin Hart Opens Up About Oscars Controversy

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For the first time, Kevin Hart opened up to Ellen about being hired to host the 2019 Oscars, only to step down from the job days later after decade-old controversial tweets surfaced. The comedian explained how he has apologized and why he decided not to stay on as host of the prestigious event.




4-Yan, 2019

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Mihika Deo
Mihika Deo 2 soat oldin
I think nowadays, it's become a trend to take offence to everything.
Amina Sheikh1312
Amina Sheikh1312 4 soat oldin
He apologized isn’t that enough?
Sharon Kehs
Sharon Kehs 5 soat oldin
Kevin Hart you are a honorable classy man that has already done what is right now they need to apologize to you for their ignorance.
Pedro Lage
Pedro Lage 5 soat oldin
Rise73 G
Rise73 G 5 soat oldin
The joke was about him raising his son to be a boy.. People were mad because they feel boys should grow up to be girls. Really ..... Whose side is with common sense?
Preach Boy Online
Preach Boy Online 7 soat oldin
Blessings to the people of our world! God is Love!
Keeron Gurung
Keeron Gurung 10 soat oldin
Hi ma’am Please invite in your show one of the Nepalese powerful,honest,talented and social worker journalist, if possible he is name is rabi lamichhane journalist of nepal
That1GuysPage 11 soat oldin
Is anyone really this insecure in life, to have to have some other person apologize for something they said?
Allison Alexis
Allison Alexis 12 soat oldin
What I wanna know is that, who has the time to scroll through his twitter feed from ten years ago
Kayngel 12 soat oldin
Apology accepted. It's in the past.
Moymoy Pumaras
Moymoy Pumaras 13 soat oldin
Ellen is the best show all over the world!!! More Blessings to come...
Brian Kho
Brian Kho 13 soat oldin
does kevin has a vertiligo?
Island Girl
Island Girl 13 soat oldin
Ellen literally gave Kevin a full 6 minute platform to address this issue, again.....Wow...She never interrupted once! Good for you Kevin...and Ellen!
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar 14 soat oldin
Hey..!! Ellen, this is Pavan from India. After seeing all the videos in youtube i just want to be a part of your show if it possible.
Wellicia Miller
Wellicia Miller 17 soat oldin
Meanwhile R.kelly messin with underage girls ..... but what kevin hart said is supposedly offending ppl. I just think there are way more important stuff in this world to be worried or offended about..
MultiMillyon 18 soat oldin
It's a joke. He's a COMEDIAN
Chad Roberts
Chad Roberts 20 soat oldin
When will these companies/corporations realize that these SJW's are the small minority with loud voices. Listening to them only hurts their brand/product more then they would loose from the SJW's who already probably don't view/buy their product.
ritao22659 Kun oldin
One if not 'his best
Phoebe Drazsnzak
I love Kevin Hart
SlickitySlick Kun oldin
He should still do it !!!!!
StayFlawless Kun oldin
Liberal Socialist want to turn everyone into their robots. Who cares if he said this 10 years or 10 minutes ago everyone has their own right to want, prefer, or wish for different things. Problem is when media and education systems are predominantly controlled by liberalism than it becomes biased mind controlled.
Lisa Q
Lisa Q Kun oldin
Could have apologized in the beginning of the show and then no one would have thought about it again. He made it a way bigger deal than it had to be. In my opinion.
Mehul Manian
Mehul Manian Kun oldin
Media headlines and sensitive freaks of society is ruining the world tbh
travis jones
travis jones Kun oldin
You know what's funny. Gay people use the term "that's gay" a lot. It's worst than black folks using the word "nigga", when that word still to this day isnt a positive word. So what's the point? The point is, people are bat shit crazy and want to pass it off as some kind of logical thinking.
Jeffery Brown
Jeffery Brown Kun oldin
Shouldn't have had to apologize in the first place. smdh
Nigel James
Nigel James Kun oldin
Y’all peep how the Ellen show just transitioned to Oprah.
Couldn't come up with a name
Big respect to Ellen for not interrupting Say what you will but she knows when to not talk in an interview
Adolf Gartner
Adolf Gartner Kun oldin
Wow he is even an awesome story teller when he is dead serious
Nat B
Nat B Kun oldin
This is ridiculous, omg Kevin Hart shouldn't of had to deal with this. Hello! He is minority too. He made a mistake 10 years ago. He is a comedian and sometimes they say "offensive" things in the moment. 10 years ago I am quite sure I made way worse mistakes.
Paul Owen
Paul Owen Kun oldin
My god celebrities are so so so narcissistic...Oscars what an egotistical sham with plastic muppets....
Gibbet Hoskins
Gibbet Hoskins Kun oldin
Welcome to the world of PC maddness and social justice retardation
Masterjay .3
Masterjay .3 Kun oldin
Gally in Nottingham
Meanwhile drones rain fire upon civilians in the Middle East. Get some perspective people. Who is even deeply effected by Kevin harts tweets. I’m sorry Kevin even has to explain himself
Tris 87 Don
Tris 87 Don Kun oldin
Now they wanna censor comedy what a joke
Ignacio Sanchez
Ignacio Sanchez Kun oldin
Don’t worry about this Kevin. Your jokes and shows are the best
Shanti qalbi nuura
Shanti qalbi nuura 2 kun oldin
dustin calhoun
dustin calhoun 2 kun oldin
The comic becomes ...the modern actor. Shakespeare nailed it a few hundred years ago. Cue the Rock.
TheSonam55343 2 kun oldin
He gets grilled more than president.
M Ed
M Ed 2 kun oldin
This is caused by fake news. CNN to be specific.
James Patton
James Patton 2 kun oldin
The bigger you are, the bigger target you become.
Nieshaun Ramsay
Nieshaun Ramsay 2 kun oldin
Probably it was apart of this 10 years challenge thing but seriously though something like that shouldn't be brought back now.
Sugar free Gaming
Sugar free Gaming 2 kun oldin
Sad times when you have to say sorry on national tv for telling a joke lol, sad times
Sahib Awara Docait -Shayiri
I thin Hart should start insulting Muslims, that usually bumps up your popularity rating in America.
Roque Lopez
Roque Lopez 2 kun oldin
I hope no one host it now
v Gladi
v Gladi 2 kun oldin
Then they want us to still love and appreciate the lgbtq community man f this lol
Heysupitsryan 2 kun oldin
Only faggots would be offended at a comedian
Vincente M. Santiago
“I’m manufactured...” no truer words have ever been said.
amorbavian 2 kun oldin
I know and we all know that he meant what he said in that joke. Don't kid yourself and think he didn't.
CaptnEvil Stomper
CaptnEvil Stomper 2 kun oldin
the LGBTTQQIAAP movement (yeah, that's really their accronyme, need attention much?) is slowly transforming society/humanity into a black mirror/distopian kind of story. what a shame we are letting this happen.
unterbawr 2 kun oldin
s t u p i d a m e r i c a n s
Mahmud Al Abdullah
Mahmud Al Abdullah 2 kun oldin
There is a lot of sensorship
Moody Red
Moody Red 2 kun oldin
I love how ellen let him talk and she did not interrupt. One Love.
Alex Ciobanu
Alex Ciobanu 2 kun oldin
The product of american hipocricy
Abderrahim El Gomri
so a comedian has to apologies for homophobic jokes and not about religion jokes .
Junior Corral
Junior Corral 2 kun oldin
I just have one thing to say great minds think alike.....
Ezee 2 kun oldin
The obnoxious loud offendees and complicit media owe Kevin a huge apology.
Frank Gütle
Frank Gütle 2 kun oldin
Well done...
Jayden Marvel
Jayden Marvel 2 kun oldin
Never have I seen an interview by Ellen being serious and no laughs, kinda feel sad for Kevin
Lee Roberts
Lee Roberts 2 kun oldin
People are sad bringing up the past
Mauri McFly
Mauri McFly 2 kun oldin
Respect to Kevin Hart, Oscars missed out
Hira Babu
Hira Babu 2 kun oldin
Pandya mc hai
The Joker
The Joker 2 kun oldin
Once again, the tolerant left
Dani ram
Dani ram 2 kun oldin
Now it is 1984, the liberal fascists are at your door, it’s the PC secret police, we come in the name peace.
Emilio Melendez
Emilio Melendez 3 kun oldin
And any of y’all apart of this community wanna come at me I welcome all smoke idc
ejano Crowsnatcher
ejano Crowsnatcher 3 kun oldin
Someone clearly has it out for Kevin Hart and thats the saddest thing about all this. Seriously the day after? All that doesnt just coincidently come up, someone in the media or idek who has taken some serious low life action
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior 3 kun oldin
Lesbian Ellen is part of the problem!!! LGBT, SJWS and FEMINAZIS are the problem!
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior 3 kun oldin
995sean 3 kun oldin
So somebody spent all the time going to find tweets from 10 years back just to try and show that they're morally superior by getting offended. Nice...
alvinpetrovitch13 3 kun oldin
He should never have apologized. He never did anything wrong.
Piereza Josiah
Piereza Josiah 3 kun oldin
Take notes Jimmy Fallon. That's how a host should be when the guest are talking.
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump 3 kun oldin
Grammys,Emmys,Oscars are all rigged anywise.
Teach a man to fish
We’ve got to back Kev Hart. It’s what you do after your mistake that’s counts. He’s done very well.
WickedRoller 3 kun oldin
I Love KH and wish he would do the Oscar's but everyone is so sympathetic when a black guy says something not PC, but when Roseanne says something she gets crucified and loses her job.
Warthog-faced buffoon
Well written Kevin
Shibby Dibby Doo
Shibby Dibby Doo 3 kun oldin
I wanna know where he got that suit. awesome pattern.
Limetless Fats
Limetless Fats 3 kun oldin
Says some homophobic jokes Ends up on Ellen🧐
Adriana Hinojosa
Adriana Hinojosa 3 kun oldin
People, just move on!!! It was a joke! Do they not get that!? If you don't, then move to another planet, where you can't hear another joke again!
Pedro Braica
Pedro Braica 3 kun oldin
wow big respect for Kevin.
Ruby Marygold
Ruby Marygold 3 kun oldin
I love how Ellen just lets Kevin speak and she really is listening
Taylor Phillips
Taylor Phillips 3 kun oldin
You cant apologize to sjws, they will never forgive you and they only want to be angry
flips graf
flips graf 3 kun oldin
He shouldn't have to apologize for a joke in the first place.
brownBeast 3 kun oldin
I bet it wasn’t even the LGBT community who were offended 🤦🏾‍♂️
Kill Everyone
Kill Everyone 3 kun oldin
Never apologize to the outrage-machine that is the left. That's akin to negotiating with terrorists. You just don't do it.
Sarah Beth
Sarah Beth 3 kun oldin
So can you stop making jokes on movies and your comedy acts about white people? Just like you offended the gay community with your words, your words are also offensive to the white community when you make those racial slurs.
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez 3 kun oldin
America is softer than a pillow
Ayan Rahman
Ayan Rahman 3 kun oldin
It generally happens that celebrities cash on their scandals. I would like to thank Kevin Hart for not doing such thing shamelessly.
Dammm2503 3 kun oldin
He's only sorry cause he got caught.
Alexander Bolton
Alexander Bolton 3 kun oldin
The world's to soft.. everyone crying about something
Jeff G
Jeff G 3 kun oldin
How about stuff that you never said yet someone spreads b.s around to everyone and says you said it. Can fk your life up.
See Everything Now
See Everything Now 3 kun oldin
He wants to belong in Hollywood so bad that he's willing to compromise how he really feels.
WX.B. RXT 3 kun oldin
The oscar needs to apologize to Kevin instead oh him. THAT WAS 10 yearss!!! WTF
drewskie 1996
drewskie 1996 3 kun oldin
People need to grow up. Seriously throwing something 10 years ago back? Damn lmao people have no life
RandomHer03 3 kun oldin
Very well said. What a class act. Such a shame this happened to him though.
james walsh
james walsh 3 kun oldin
This is a straight honest heartfelt wish, I wish the infinity gauntlet was real and the snap does happen. Here's what I CAN assure EVERYONE of, EVERYONE has been offensive to someone at some point, for whatever reason. Since no human can possibly please every human, many, just maybe, shutting the fuck up and accepting that people are not mirror images of each other, the diversity, religion, environment, education, etc... make it impossible to be alike and agree on everything. Taking offence to sounds made by a vocal chord yet, NOT directly thrown at a named individual is ridiculous, petty, and waste of your own personal energy and time, notto mention happiness in your short mortal existence. Dislike this individual because you actually don't think he's funny, that would be logical. What he is, thinks or feels does not take away from whether he is or is not funny or talented,etc. 2 Things I'll say for the trolls, haters, idiots, time wasters and shit starters are this; 1) I assure you that I know exactly how it feels to be bullied, disliked for existing, made fun of for how I look, etc... 2) I am very close with humans from all walks of life, including LGBT people. They are people and human and deserve to be treated as such. Whether their lifestyle is by choice or legitimate medical and scientific explanation that makes them completely normal, just different than others or not has, zero bearing on anyone else's existence. Just like a TV or radio station, if you are not approving what is on, change the channel or turn it off but either or just, shut the fuck up. There are many awesome things that come with the internet but, this is the stuff that makes me want the whole thing to crash forever😔. Here's a challenge, first self reflect and acknowledge even one of your flaws (if you can't, your not looking hard enough or are in denial because we ALL have them) Second, take the world as it is and find a way to integrate it into your life and your life into it in a way that works out for both. If you can successfully do that, it means you and the world found a way to educate and accept each other to a tolerable degree at minimum. Now you have a road to walk on that can take you in a positive direction. If you fail at this, you have more self reflecting to do. J.out.
LoneGRo 3 kun oldin
Whats the problem with being homophobic. And do Americans still have the right to be what ever they want or were born into, Homophobia being one of those things?
The dreamer
The dreamer 3 kun oldin
Éstos malditos payasos se victimizan por bromas hechas por comediantes. Cuando bromean acerca de nosotros no me siento ofendido.
Eric Villasenor
Eric Villasenor 3 kun oldin
999celticsfan 3 kun oldin
Wow what an articulate guy... Great job
Jesus is the way Repent & sin no more
America god is satan literally just study the symbols and signs on the back of your dollar starting with the all seeing eye pyramid of Lucifer literally those are not decorations and the white Image of Jesus is Cesar Borgia a homosexual rapist killer pedophile & incest, the real Jesus aka Yeshua is from the tribe of Judah same tribe so call blacks in America are from, check out Stephen Darby : Negroland, on UZvid, for more information ⏳
Mohit Ms
Mohit Ms 3 kun oldin
The media is soo stupid
Leo's Bad Luck
3 yil oldin