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Kevin Hart Opens Up About Oscars Controversy

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For the first time, Kevin Hart opened up to Ellen about being hired to host the 2019 Oscars, only to step down from the job days later after decade-old controversial tweets surfaced. The comedian explained how he has apologized and why he decided not to stay on as host of the prestigious event.




4-Yan, 2019



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JustFists 7 kun oldin
I think to keep comedy and stand up equal you should be able to joke about everything. Ethier its all ok or none of it is.
Ashwin Sridhar
Ashwin Sridhar 12 kun oldin
This is what happens when a country gets too liberal
Rachel Hayes
Rachel Hayes 14 kun oldin
Amen. Amen. Kevin you are wise an just keep being you. An this is confirmation that what we do in the dark will always find its way to the light. An that people ... Just i guess things aren't that or as simple as my mind exploits them to be.
l sucideblunt l
l sucideblunt l 15 kun oldin
Someone is allowed to be against the lgbt but there’s no need to attack someone. I’m not saying I’m a homophobic
Peter Huang
Peter Huang 19 kun oldin
honestly, I don't even think is people being offended. People are jealous of this man's success so they purposely pull something from his past to end em. Just like what Kev said, you can't please everybody simply give up after you give it your best. To all the people that are targeting Kev: do something with your life you will never get respect from jealousy. The only thing that matters in this world is have you accomplished your goals in life? Are you needed by the society? All that rah rah talk to end Kevin pulling something from 10 years ago.. How obvious can you or yall be?
Jeff Jeffery
Jeff Jeffery 22 kun oldin
I am gay and do not feel offended by jokes
José Vilhena
José Vilhena 23 kun oldin
This is just absurd. Not only because he has already apologized for what he did, but because he should never have had to. He mades jokes, that's what comedians do, if he offended a snowflake or two, or a couple milion, well that's too bad, fuck it! People get a lot of pleasure from destroying successfull people's reputation and dreams, it must be because they don't have any of their own. It honestly disgusts me. I hope Kevin doesn't change and commedy doesn't change, the non-retarded people must not give in to the SJW.
Armand Horta
Armand Horta 23 kun oldin
Beautiful how Ellen stays silent the whole time Kevin is speaking and at the end just says "I know you're not that guy cause I know you." :-)
Sooraj KL
Sooraj KL 24 kun oldin
What an outrageous time we're living in. More power to you Kevin..hope to see your 2020 atleast
HawkTheFalc 25 kun oldin
so basically a generation of thin skin snowflakes
10521577A 25 kun oldin
I don't really trust people in Hollywood who addresses themselves from the 3rd person 🙄
Patrick Ragan
Patrick Ragan 25 kun oldin
I guess you could say the same about trump
I am Sancho
I am Sancho 26 kun oldin
Remember people, you can joke about everything. And with everything I mean only straight white men.
Joslyn Sky
Joslyn Sky 26 kun oldin
I did a random interview about Kevin Hart hosting and they probably won’t put it out because I was defending Kevin. I was in a movie with him and they didn’t like what I had to say.
Andrea A
Andrea A 26 kun oldin
Well said Kevin.
harrija76 26 kun oldin
Same as Paula Dean and many others. Mistakes 10-20years ago. Come on.
Lars Burde
Lars Burde 26 kun oldin
I understand him 100%
Brad Smith
Brad Smith 26 kun oldin
Well what you do is what you do and you have to be able to answer for your actions ten years doesn’t matter
Tsuki 26 kun oldin
Sjw's attacking everyone these days. Even themselves. Can we please shut them up soon?
SNAKEEYES44 26 kun oldin
Ellen is the biggest bully if we want to be very sensitive
CHAIRS BOY 1 27 kun oldin
It's not about addressing it. If a white person say something racist he can't say I'm sorry an the world forget about it. Watch what u say we all equal
MrAkilio 27 kun oldin
clearly someone within the Oscars didn't like the idea of Kevin Hart hosting and started this fire from xenophobia.
Young Zealous
Young Zealous 28 kun oldin
This is sad. Bullies. We love you Kevin Hart 💓
Rex Black
Rex Black 28 kun oldin
the oscars are joke now that doesn't deserve to be hosted b yKevin Hart
prestobix 29 kun oldin
Yes he should apologize if his jokes are, in his own words, "wrong" and "immature" and "offensive". I dont understand these comments whining about people getting offended when Kevin himself says they were offensive and he understands how what he said is offensive and could offend people...
james kim
james kim Oy oldin
I never realized how eloquent of a speaker Kevin Hart was.
Poonam Gupta
Poonam Gupta Oy oldin
I feel like the LTBTQ community are getting offended for the sake of it now..!! Just because they have to without making any sense
JustFists 7 kun oldin
People like to get fake offended because it makes them feel morally superior. In reality everyone has made offensive statements and everyone acts like they are perfect
Jason Heilman
Jason Heilman Oy oldin
Honestly guys with how he’s speaking here... He’s literally out-classed the Oscars by walking in such humility. I’m really impressed
andrewpartab Oy oldin
battyboys are sensitive
neeraj silwal
neeraj silwal Oy oldin
I don't get it man . If Kevin make joke on black people everyone laugh coz it is joke but if same goes with homos they get offended
Frances Jesso
Frances Jesso Oy oldin
I really love Kevin Hart. Love his movies and think he is hilarious
Connie Jennings
Pray for them all.
RevivedSoul Oy oldin
Kevin your awsome, the best comedian, love from norway!
Abdallah Al-Kudari 8B Hedelyskolen
i just realized ellen is lesbian. must have been uncomfortpul for her lelz
Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra Oy oldin
Kevin hart is a brave man ..
K Trigs
K Trigs Oy oldin
1:32 He's right.
Syrus Angi
Syrus Angi Oy oldin
In 20 years from now, comedian careers will be close to extinction.
Dominique Glenn
I still believe the LGBT community had an agenda with bringing his past jokes back up. They tried to bully him into advocating on their behalf and use his opportunity to make it about themselves. There are better ways to get allies and if they aren’t with it then you can’t force people into it. Good job Kevin for the way he handled this!
Melly Mel
Melly Mel Oy oldin
People these days seem to forget what they did when they were younger. Everyone is perfect ... especially on social media I guess 🙄🙄🙄
Melly Mel
Melly Mel Oy oldin
Twitter is ruining society.
andKnuckles Oy oldin
Society is ruining society.
Kevin i love you
Brown Girl
Brown Girl Oy oldin
Seriously Kev, forget them haters n they sensitive self! I haven't heard no other comedian put on blast for homophobic comments!! Come on Kev, do da dang Oscars bc that's the only way I'm watching it! 😕 cuz l know it's gonna be lavishly funny af in your own way as host, so please help 'em Bruh, pleeeeeeease, bc Oscars is boring af, so I'M begging you to say "YES"! Like you say "come, come on in, let's get a hug!" 😀 😀! It's all in love Bruh, all in love ☺ 💋💋 ❤❤!
Sheeva Matimbas
Let see if they go after Liam Neeson with the same vigour . But he'll get away with it ,for obvious reasons .
Michael Woodruff
The people who are still complaining about this are looking to ruin people, not progress. They are bitter, nihilistic douches.
XeNo Shikamaru
Hello? What about Freedom of Speech liberals??
firstname lastname
You give em an inch ... They take a mile
Ezra Daßer
Ezra Daßer Oy oldin
The Oscars sucks anyway
Destiny Nabozny
I know this is late but I love them both and on a side note, Ellen's hair is cute af
Samantha S
Samantha S Oy oldin
Heather Hartz
Heather Hartz Oy oldin
hearing his explanation made me respect him so much more as a person
Azathoth Oy oldin
Even if I'm not a huge fan of his work, I have to admit that Kevin's speech was very powerful.
Munchkin Fruit
Thats our new world PC BS
8-Bit Oy oldin
This is whats wrong with the left, people going on an outrage for something that was for the most part accepted 10 years ago. With people like that in this world we will never move forward as a society.
Richard Winters
its funny how russia has more spine than america these days
anonymous Oy oldin
gotta start slittin some throats
I Just Love Australia
I love that Kevin Hart stayed true to who he is now ❤️
Olivia Tully
Olivia Tully Oy oldin
i hope he gets another chance to host the oscars , hes a comedian , he made a joke that he didnt mean , he dhouldnt have to apologise , people treat celebs like they arent even people anymore and i look up to him and ellen and many others
Karfee lye
Karfee lye Oy oldin
This is painful to watch.
Tabatha Staples
The Shepherd's Chapel !!!!!!! Pastor Murray is an Anointed Man of GOD who teaches the Word of GOD with Authority!!!!!!!
Cyber Knight
Cyber Knight Oy oldin
Respect and we'll said
Matteo Kovac
Matteo Kovac Oy oldin
So did he host the Oscars or not?
Emily Kruger
Emily Kruger Oy oldin
Matteo Kovac No there will be no host for the Oscars this year
nasiim warsame
I love how calm the host and the audience are
Baloutti Bouchra
People, always make fun of him becausr of his height,always. Yet he never addressed, he never showed if it hurted him, never highlighted that he is offended, yet people here are judging him for a joke that did no damage to nobody.......ughhhhhh oversensitive people are spreading in an alarming rate.
CommanderGuy Oy oldin
So celebrities can be dicks and not apologize, unless it has to do with something sjws dont like. well fk.
Isaac Lee
Isaac Lee Oy oldin
I think Paul Walker should be the Oscars host
Marcus The Darkest Smith
Respect my boi
igo0di Oy oldin
Leftists are very bittered people.
Adelina Oy oldin
Man, people can joke about religions all they want, made fun of jesus all they want-on TVs, movies, memes, even verbally-and no ones mad, and if they are, people will bashed them. But when it comes to LGBT people it is NOT OKAY to joking about them, and they ready to fight anyone
JustFists 7 kun oldin
Ya fr. The thing that keep equality in stand up and comedy is that Ethier its all ok or none of it is. No ones safe
Barry Yuan
Barry Yuan Oy oldin
If Kevin Hart was forced to leave this job, Trump should have so forced to step down.
Robbie Hart
Robbie Hart Oy oldin
cat stand the liberal media.
Jerry Nagi
Jerry Nagi Oy oldin
I don’t care what you guys talking about all I see is Allen she is AMAZING and Awesome And LOVELY and BEAUTIFUL and KINDNESS and EVERY LITTLE GOOD THINGS IN THIS WORLD IS ALLEN (Meaning all the good words describeds Allen ....Big love for Allen all the way from NAGALAND ( northeastern INDIA )
Jerry Nagi
Jerry Nagi Oy oldin
Benjamin Decimo
You mean Ellen lol
Malak Abdallah
who watched that video without skipping OMG
andrews simun
andrews simun Oy oldin
I love Kevin's comedy acting . I am his big fan.
NEZAR . SH Oy oldin
We won't him in Oscar
Oscars or not, I love you!
Youssef mathers21
Bara Khelifi
Bara Khelifi Oy oldin
The whole time I was starring at the flowers. Ellen has a lot of flowers.
MTS BOUR Oy oldin
who cares about the oscars anymore??
Brittany C
Brittany C Oy oldin
Interested in your coverage of the United States Coast Guard working without pay during government shutdown♡
MsNandi Marie
MsNandi Marie 2 oy oldin
Let me say this: the Oscars need Kevin Hart, more than he needs the Oscars. This man would have brought in a very large viewing crowd. I will not be watching. It is a sad thing when we are held captive by our mistakes and even after acknowledging and apologizing for them. Even our Lord and Savior forgives.
Jessica Cook
Jessica Cook 2 oy oldin
Isn't it more valuable to see people who can shift their mindset and behavior than it is to find someone "unflawed?" Not to mention that "unflawed" doesn't exist. Find me one celebrity who hasn't slipped up and offended a marginalized community at some point or another. As a lesbian, it's much more meaningful to see allies who gained tolerance and understanding than it is so find someone who's never messed up because the person who never messed up is probably just silent. "if you stand for nothing... what will you fall for?" -Hamilton
Gaming Fish
Gaming Fish 2 oy oldin
human beings is whats wrong in this world...
Teddy From the block
No matters what circulating in the media about your name and you think it's bad... Just remember u could be R Kelly
Teddy From the block
Why wait until his ultimate moment in the spot light perhaps his best achievement in life and people decide that now is the time to bring it up after 10 years it's sad becuase this is probably the ONLY thing they CAN use to slander his name and he already apologized and everything so they're really stretching it
Jonathan Waller
Jonathan Waller 2 oy oldin
Kevin Hart your a legend and developed in a very professional man, f*ck the Oscars
Basement Wrestling
oh yeah yeah
Leticia Isaac
Leticia Isaac 2 oy oldin
Hey ellen
Denice Smith
Denice Smith 2 oy oldin
Rosanne apologized also. Seems people can't forgive
117MCT 2 oy oldin
Too many black folk are raised to be extremely homophobic thanks to ignorance, lack of education and religion.... but I believe people can grow and redeem themselves. And he has. Good for him.
Alexander Berglund
He doesn’t even have to apologize. He’s done it before, and it’s a shame he’s submitting to backtracking 10 years in to the past to do it again. It’s messed up that this controversy happened the way it did. I mean I don’t even follow Kevin’s work that much, but it seems absolutely obvious that he is (at the very least no longer) the person they’re making him out to be. That probably says something about the problematic social climate right now on the internet. Kevin is a genuine and wholesome guy, he’s got my support for that.
Ph@tMantv 2 oy oldin
So did Ellen talk Kevn2 hosting?🤣👌
Hashim Hadi
Hashim Hadi 2 oy oldin
I think making few soft joke about something will help smooth it out, if someone has homophobia this is only going to make it worse. Like how steve harvey always addresses ‘black’ all the time in his show it just helps things go smooth through time
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior 2 oy oldin
Lesbian Ellen is part of the problem!!! LGBT, SJWS and FEMINAZIS are the problem!
dazeio 2 oy oldin
This is the MOST sincerest apology and statement that I have ever seen. When you see other celebrities apologizing on talk shows, they're always lookin away or it always feels like they're reading from a script. When you look at his body language, he is earnest and his eyes are looking directly at Ellen. Good one, Kevin.. all the best
Noartist Oy oldin
BUT he shouldnt even have to apologize. Where do you draw the line when you make comedians apologize for offensive jokes lol. it is absolute insanity.
Delano Dilivio
Delano Dilivio 2 oy oldin
R.i.p standup comedians
Da Oreo panda
Da Oreo panda 2 oy oldin
Lovo Monemou
Lovo Monemou 2 oy oldin
Some people just lives in the past.
Alicia Sowicked
Alicia Sowicked 2 oy oldin
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AntumDeluge 2 oy oldin
"You can't grow as a person without mistakes." Well said Kevin. And a person that can recognize & admit one's mistakes is more trustworthy than one who "never" errs.
Artyom Harutyunyan
I love you Elen
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