Kevin Hart Pissed Off Michael Jordan

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Kevin recalls the time he made basketball legend Michael Jordan mad at him.
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Guillermo at 2016 NBA Media Day uzvid.com/video/video-zYR7dCBYpUg.html
Guillermo at 2016 NBA Media Day uzvid.com/video/video-zYR7dCBYpUg.html
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Kevin Hart Pissed Off Michael Jordan




14-Iyn, 2016

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Fikrlar 1 661
Shannon Scagel
Shannon Scagel 20 kun oldin
those eye glasses come on
Sergio 28 kun oldin
Jimmy kimmel always asks negroes about their friendship with the negroe's king michael jordan
John Mincey
John Mincey Oy oldin
Michael Jordan should be mad at Kevin Hart, kevin only comes up to the top of mike's pants
Just Looking
Just Looking Oy oldin
That’s how most pants fit Kevin
Scott Myers
Scott Myers Oy oldin
Is it just me or is Jimmy seated really close to his guests?
Maur Loveless
Maur Loveless Oy oldin
I'm 100 percent man never wore a piece of woman clothes n I don't watch sports at all
Lia Devito
Lia Devito Oy oldin
Kevin hart is a Hollywood version of Patrick oneal
D Paul
D Paul Oy oldin
My all time fav basketball player has to be Tracy Mcgradey
Trevor Bailey
Trevor Bailey 2 oy oldin
You gonna keep on going? You ain't gonna stop? Dead. Mile hurt Kevin's feelings when he crushed his handshake. Mike: You have a good day.. Mike walked off and Kevin hasn't seen him since. 😂😂😂😂
Shenyae T
Shenyae T 2 oy oldin
I see why cause Kevin Hart is corny. Now Martin Lawrence could easily make Jordan laugh.
btwizzle123 2 oy oldin
MJ dress pants have always been that high, go back to the 90s and look. he just has a gut now which makes it look funny
Lani Jauregui-Hansen
2:50 hahahaha
Dave 2 oy oldin
Kimmel is the worst late night host.
Jen- A-Purr
Jen- A-Purr 2 oy oldin
The glasses are so distracting lol 😂
Rare Breed
Rare Breed 29 kun oldin
Your pretty face is too
Zilcat 3 oy oldin
Jeez Kevin the man of mam
Damn. Made Mike sound like Ol Man River
maughanzter 3 oy oldin
I gotta imagine most peoples slacks go right up to to Kevin Hart's sternum.
Jimmy Chu
Jimmy Chu 3 oy oldin
Overrated comedian
Vape Naysh
Vape Naysh 3 oy oldin
how do you guys find this dude funny?
joe f
joe f 3 oy oldin
I haven't heard 1 good story about Michael Jordan he is a dik n hates his own ppl...n Kevin he has been wearing his pants like that since the 80s i remember my aunt's used to clown him that's old news mann
Saybra Hermanson
Saybra Hermanson 3 oy oldin
Ah man I thought this said he pissed off Michael Jackson
Preme Supreme
Preme Supreme 3 oy oldin
Still The G.O.A.T. 🌟
TIBOR borti
TIBOR borti 3 oy oldin
He actually witnessed history😂😂
Mizzy UK
Mizzy UK 4 oy oldin
Kevin's shiny glasses made me wanna clean mines. Now I can see the interview properly 🤓
lx Video Stuff
lx Video Stuff 4 oy oldin
kevin was fun for ones. was he drunk?
Anna Fo.
Anna Fo. 4 oy oldin
"You gonna keep on going, you ain't gonna stop" I'm dead
Felipe Salazar
Felipe Salazar 4 oy oldin
It makes me more uncomfortable to see pants at the thighs of a 30 year old man.
bob shagit
bob shagit 4 oy oldin
tape your suicides
twstdlkefillys 4 oy oldin
I wouldn't mind Kevin Hart roasting me, I would be honored.
"...it's free, who cares?" I do. I don't want your garbage polluting my feed.
Pat McTallica
Pat McTallica 5 oy oldin
In some sequences Kevin reminds me on great Sammy Davis Jr.
LetsGoToMarsMan 5 oy oldin
Damn that 4K hd tho
The Great Homo Sapien sapien,
kevin hart is an idiot.
sam potter
sam potter 6 oy oldin
Least he didn't piss on Michael Jordan
Jarmaine Miles
Jarmaine Miles 6 oy oldin
Follow @scandallgmoney on insta young artist tryna get big
josias rivera
josias rivera 6 oy oldin
His glasses tho 😮😍
Little Pele
Little Pele 6 oy oldin
If Kevin Hart says true story you know it’s gonna be funny
EmAndCece In Korea
Kevin is always so funny
Sara Dumbaugh
Sara Dumbaugh 6 oy oldin
Like if you love Kevin Hart💗😂 Did you like?🤷‍♀️😂
Zephan Joseph
Zephan Joseph 6 oy oldin
Jimmy Kimmel's audience is always filled with Steph curry bandwagon fans
JonelleElise 6 oy oldin
I love how bold and fun loving Kevin is. He didn’t care about how mike felt, he was having a good time and just trying to loosen up the crowd.
Andrew Velaz
Andrew Velaz 6 oy oldin
This is why Kevin Hart is the best
Misbah Ilyas
Misbah Ilyas 6 oy oldin
Kevin Hart is my spirit animal
Hugo 6 oy oldin
Kevin left Jimmy hanging 😂
Vxbakerboy 7 oy oldin
I woulda thought his favorite player would be iverson knowing he’s from philly.
Stay Solid
Stay Solid 7 oy oldin
Kevin X
Jackson Bowman
Jackson Bowman 7 oy oldin
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead
rhys connel
rhys connel 7 oy oldin
Kevin "lil fello" Hart. Who remembers when he got Owned in 40 yr old virgin? Best scene in whole film...
Benjamin Hertzog
Benjamin Hertzog 7 oy oldin
I feel like Michael Jordan is mad at everyone.
Curry24Baller 7 oy oldin
Whos watching in 2018 and heard “Lebron has been there 6 times” and cringed cause they didn’t look at the year this was made
Frank James
Frank James 7 oy oldin
cool adj
cool adj 7 oy oldin
U look ugly it making me uncomforable
lebronsthebest6 7 oy oldin
Lebron has been to 9 finals not 6
Lavish BaStard
Lavish BaStard 7 oy oldin
Kevin hart is the greatest of OUR GENERATION.
Gage Jones
Gage Jones 7 oy oldin
jimil 7 oy oldin
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead
akosifrylle 8 oy oldin
He'll be perfect as Ed in The Lion King
Tasha Anderson
Tasha Anderson 8 oy oldin
surprised they aired this. sounds like jordan didn't say a single thing to him, but he's still gonna go on tv and rag on the legend. surprised the network didn't cut it
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil 8 oy oldin
At some point,I see Kevin playing Richmond Valentine`s nephew in Kingsman 3.
Sam Kresil
Sam Kresil 8 oy oldin
I see what the video title is suggesting now.
Alberto Sumpak
Alberto Sumpak 8 oy oldin
jordan's to old and to weak to play basketball again oh wait a minute i just realized that Jordans the GOAT or mayve LeBRON is the GOAT
JP Schlecht
JP Schlecht 8 oy oldin
"Everybody's neck were really straight" hahaha
Maanas Gantla
Maanas Gantla 8 oy oldin
Warriors blew a 3-1 lead tho
All Way Stop
All Way Stop 8 oy oldin
Lebrons 9th final and back to back has been done.. lmao kevin hart
Nasir Watts
Nasir Watts 8 oy oldin
Lebron been there just 6 times, Kevin?
Mathias Strøm
Mathias Strøm 8 oy oldin
Has he been in Denmark
JSLoverThree 8 oy oldin
I just looked at this title and laughed automatically.
wizzdom100 8 oy oldin
It bothered me when I first saw mj waist line might be high fashion but looked silly to me, just funny to hear someone else noticed.
ChitlinJr 8 oy oldin
I think Jordan's top half is just smaller than his legs , and makes it appear his pants are high , I googled it www.zimbio.com/photos/Michael+Jordan/Sprite+Slam+Dunk+Competition/9BpuEfs1cB_
Nicole War rick
Nicole War rick 8 oy oldin
MJ still number one in NBA
Qobiii 8 oy oldin
three3eight 8 oy oldin
NO J's FOR YOU!!!!
Sagar Gurung
Sagar Gurung 8 oy oldin
Everytime Kevin comes to the show somehow he always left jimmy hanging 😂
Harrup Singh
Harrup Singh 8 oy oldin
watching this in 2018 and its still accurate..... the nba finals havent changed at all
WELCOME Vidals 8 oy oldin
I always wondered What's the name of the jacket that Kevin Hart is wearing, I would like one I always thought that they were stylish.
Ratan Raj Shekar
Google "bomber jacket", that's the type of jacket he's wearing. If you're asking for that specific jacket's brand. I don't know too.
Bryce Brysnt
Bryce Brysnt 8 oy oldin
I love kevin hart
Hova Esco
Hova Esco 8 oy oldin
Whats Updog
Whats Updog 8 oy oldin
Kevin is a 76ers fan so his favorite of all time should be A.I.
DeathPerMinute 8 oy oldin
I read Michael Jackson..
By Any Means Necessary
You gon keep on going? You aint gon stop? Lmao
Mack Miller
Mack Miller 9 oy oldin
Never found him funny sorry
CAPSLOCK GUY 9 oy oldin
Kota Kidd
Kota Kidd 9 oy oldin
Kevin Hart is so fuck'n annoying!
Jahmel The Martian
Kota Kidd and funny
Derrick Simmons Male
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Michael Jordan I only like your game your personality is no good.
Marlo Stanfield
Marlo Stanfield 9 oy oldin
Lose the "tude" LMAO!
Smart Broly
Smart Broly 9 oy oldin
Kevin Heart gotta be the best guest to have on a talk show I swear.
Eric Frickey
Eric Frickey 9 oy oldin
this is my comment. you care.
Christopher Perry
Maybe no one laughed cause you arent funny
Gert 9 oy oldin
LOL you better loose the tude mike!
Tay K
Tay K 9 oy oldin
so basically kevin is a babdwagon
Finesse 7sixo
Finesse 7sixo 9 oy oldin
J_Quan 9 oy oldin
What is...What is dat 2:12
Esteban Norman
Esteban Norman 9 oy oldin
Jit from Philly and didn’t say Dr.J smh
Delicia Stevenson
Delicia Stevenson 10 oy oldin
😌 Kevin's Krazy funny
Jay A
Jay A 10 oy oldin
Audience is a bunch of bandwagons.
the soft family
the soft family 10 oy oldin
I dont like micheal jordan. With his boujee ass
Blackie Bitch
Blackie Bitch 10 oy oldin
This is so funny 😂😂 Kevin Hart is an amazing comedian because when he tells you a funny story, you can picture the whole thing in your head; so funny lmao
Aman Sinha
Aman Sinha 10 oy oldin
What kind of moustache is this.. Looks like a thumbprint 😂😂
Chip yard
Chip yard 10 oy oldin
Jordan was a great player, but there aren't any good stories about him outside of his playing years.
juanm227 10 oy oldin
That thumbprint paet had me dead
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