Kevin Hart says he's not hosting the Oscars this year

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The actor told "GMA" he is "over" the controversy surrounding his past homophobic comments and slurs that forced him to step down from the hosting gig.
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9-Yan, 2019

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Peter Thomson
Peter Thomson Soat oldin
Kevin Hart is an inspirational superstar that has a beautiful moral compass. We are very fortunate to have him in our lives and on our screens, he brings happiness to me and my family’s lives every time we see him.
MH Mridha Abid
MH Mridha Abid Soat oldin
We're over it
D Loescher
D Loescher 5 soat oldin
Strahan lost all my respect, I mean u sold yourself and values out to be on tv man, WTF happened to you..and I seen u cheering on the little boy dressed like a drag queen..u fucking disgust me Michael strahan
squeaker squeakerson
Ffs leave him alone fkn media scavengers
DroneLife RC
DroneLife RC 6 soat oldin
Really Micheal, he told you over and over he was Over It , how do you not understand that
LaTangler Tyler
LaTangler Tyler 8 soat oldin
Amen Amen. Why people don't address how people have been mistreated over and over. God will destroy all wrong doing. I agree with Mr. Hart. He apologized. Do people apologize for the wrong they have done or doing. Mr. Hart God Bless. When you made the statement as a comedian why are they so angry about it but they are not afraid of what God warn them. In the bible, the chapter of Leviticus God warns us. God never put Adam with Adam or Eve with Eve. Well, everyone doesn't believe in God, Jesus Christ nor the Holy Ghost. I don't understand why you keep going to these places unless they are giving a fee then and only than I would understand. God Bless.
alberto032973 8 soat oldin
I'm glad he hates gay people
David Edwin Roy
David Edwin Roy 8 soat oldin
Kevin... God is using you. He loves you. He is guiding you. Dont worry for wrong things if u r. Let me know if u need me to handle the ones who think they can rule or ruin. U r right. Its them. Not u. God Bless.
Brain320 10 soat oldin
It's brutal what extreme left fascists are doing to people in USA...
Chris Carroll
Chris Carroll 10 soat oldin
He needs to STOP apologizing for WORDS spoken in the past and ALL PEOPLE NEED TO GET THICKER SKIN ! CRYBABIES !
the nig pho
the nig pho 10 soat oldin
I'm racist all the time. I don't apologize. He doesn't need to either.
angeliina ramsey
angeliina ramsey 11 soat oldin
he just wants to talk abt his movie stop asking omg
BigLove101 11 soat oldin
Go Kev! I LOVE COMEDIANS! lol Mike's sock sagging @6:21 Mike says what "I'm used to catching people by the way" @7:40 and those socks @7:46 Mike's socks suck.\what's happening here/ Kevin says what @9:33
The Flow Show
The Flow Show 11 soat oldin
Wow mike ... why you drilling him for ? Oscars keep being a boring show giving awards for movies that only the Oscar want !
BigLove101 12 soat oldin
Go Kevin! The UpSide previews look pretty good . I hope They knock us off our feet.(Kev&Bryant)
Holly Fraser
Holly Fraser 12 soat oldin
👏👏👏👏👏 to you Kevin Hart!!!
Destiny Whyte
Destiny Whyte 12 soat oldin
oOOooo watch people get triggered over 'choice' oooOOOooOooooooo
Holly Fraser
Holly Fraser 12 soat oldin
There really ISN'T sucha thing as freedom of speech anymore in our current United States Of America!!! It's truly sad!!!
Eric Hinton
Eric Hinton 9 soat oldin
Holly Fraser not it is only the LGTBQ think they exempt
Destiny Whyte
Destiny Whyte 12 soat oldin
i liked the part where he said he's over it...
Destiny Whyte
Destiny Whyte 12 soat oldin
i wonder how long it'll take until its all a joke. i actually can't wait. it's getting boring now
Benedict Eduard de Pio
He deserved respect. It's over. move on people!
siennah's songs
siennah's songs 13 soat oldin
Yay Go Kevin Hart. He is done. He is so right. I support you Kevin.
chaoo1977sg 14 soat oldin
Stay true to GOD Kevin hart you will have your reward from him at the end.
chaoo1977sg 14 soat oldin
Kevin hart already apologized if u don't take his apology that's your problem,us straight people support him .
Mercedes Chaney
Mercedes Chaney 14 soat oldin
This nd r kelly stuff is a distraction from what’s really goin on like ppl have to go to work nd not get paid #staywoke
Aymo Tube
Aymo Tube 14 soat oldin
Love Kevin
Mieya Glory
Mieya Glory 14 soat oldin
Ohh my gosh, if he ask him one more time.....!!!! I can’t believe ben finish this video-
A Marcano
A Marcano 15 soat oldin
Leave him alone. "He's over it" He is an equal opportunist he makes Jokes about everyone. He's a comedian people.
Caleb Benefield
Caleb Benefield 15 soat oldin
4:53 "I tell him....stop being gay"
TheKosuko213 15 soat oldin
By the way for those of you that were offended by my comment: thank you for your reaction. Its honestly the best feeling to know that i can make a GROWN ADULT react a certain way to an immature comment ON THE INTERNET.
TheKosuko213 15 soat oldin
LGBTQ community is so gay.
Henri Jeanlamour
Henri Jeanlamour 16 soat oldin
Mr.Kevin. The Lord Jesus Christ is calling you to get out this industry. Flee from the word and come to Him for your salvation. Acts 4 : 12
Tapiwa R
Tapiwa R 17 soat oldin
What's so wrong about Kevin disliking gay people??? Those people are doing something that messes with what he believes in....how do you like that? You want him to say I wish my son would be gay??? Wtf is wrong with people...he doesn't like gay people leave him alone this is bullying now...you wana fuck him now?
Khadeer Hussain
Khadeer Hussain 18 soat oldin
Such intelligently put @KevinHart
Good Newz
Good Newz 18 soat oldin
The LGBT community fucked up the 2019 Oscar sensitive thugs they all need hugs
Chalky White
Chalky White 19 soat oldin
He looks tired. Working so hard.
Juan Ruiz
Juan Ruiz 19 soat oldin
Media wants to milk this so much, let it go!!!
Natasha Powell
Natasha Powell 19 soat oldin
these LGB what what people need to realize not everyone will and nobody is obligated to accept how they live, yes they are human and all but these people wanna force their lifestyle choice on other people which isn't ok many people believe its wrong due to religious beliefs or its how they are and that's ok, I mean like its 2019 and people still don't like people of other races and immigrants legal or not and people and they wanna be drama queens that people wont support their lifestyle choices and be an allies, I hope someone can tell them its a choice not a right to be what their are and they need to chill with the cyber bullying ,insulting and intimidation i mean isn't it enough that we have racists and these crazy vegans that throw veggies at people and those misunderstanding old testament "Christians" and those PETA people now this damn we have enough crazy angry groups in the world
mc k-no
mc k-no 19 soat oldin
FFS this is uncomfortable viewing lol wish people would move on
Stephen Yount
Stephen Yount 22 soat oldin
Go on the show so you could be badgered by Michael Strahan ? From football player to the media's favorite SJW . You've turned into a soy boy and a joke Strahan.
Sammydreddi 23 soat oldin
The only way u can be done with this is to fondle another male comedian.
R.L Jordan
R.L Jordan 23 soat oldin
Yall owe kevin an apology
Murtaza .M
Murtaza .M Kun oldin
Apology ACCEPTED love u Kevin❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕
neha doe
neha doe Kun oldin
Bwahahahaha you Liberals are destroying your own supporters..nice
ItsCourtneyHugs 23
I remember a interview that Eddie griffin did with djvald where he talked about Bill Cosby and other black stars. He said “there’s a systemic effort to destroy every black entertainer”. I know this is a different situation with hart. But honestly it still falls in the same category it seems. The media always gotta find something that happened a long time ago. This right here don’t make no sense. And clearly Eddie griffin is right about the system. Kevin hart apologized multiple times. He gets an opportunity to host the Oscars and then all of sudden the media wanna dig back to the past smh. I’m just saying!
Jonathan Martinez
y'all need to leave Kevin Hart alone you fucking idiotic dramatic fools
Just an average gamer
So you’ve said your over it, but what would you like to say about the matter? Like wtf! Give the guy a break!!
Latrice Anglin
Latrice Anglin Kun oldin
Leave Kevin alone, he apologized accept it or reject it I accept it
Marlin C
Marlin C Kun oldin
Ur apology doesn't like the way they pictured it in their head like when you said u picture the way yah kids should do shit when u tell them to do it 😂😂😂😂
Augusto Sosa Escalada
Some people are bad. And some people are gay. And some people are both. And they use their identity to push their agendas, and it makes me feel sorry for the gays because they are a minority whose radicals abuse the attention they get and they make gays look bad as a whole. The minorities are always the loudest. And the radicals are always a minority.
Nicholrudley R
Nicholrudley R Kun oldin
I wish Kevin would of got up and walk off the show move on dam
RoyalShook 2k
RoyalShook 2k Kun oldin
Would have been a great Oscar
Anthony Kun oldin
I hate anyone who is offended about people they have nothing to do with. i can't stand people who virtue signal but most of all.. I can't stand those who apologize to those leftist groups who are offended. You should NEVER apologize. All you do is empower them to do it to others.
TacticalSpray Kun oldin
This is how the modern leftists should be dealt with. Don't continue to play to their ideas and frames. Just be over it and move on etc.
MrBbjkk Kun oldin
Kev swerved the shit out of him.
Xavier Mason
Xavier Mason Kun oldin
Wow...that was a dumbass interview followed with the same answer every fkin time...no matter how he put it he still had to repeat himself...
kjm301 Kun oldin
This is such a boring interview because they just keep asking the same thing in different ways. How Kevin doesn’t reach across and smack him astounds me. 😂
Josh Cole
Josh Cole Kun oldin
Strahan is really channeling Matt Lauer in this interviewing. 'So what you're saying is I need to not accept your answer because I don't like it, then repeat the same question in a more condescending and obnoxious way?'
Darrin Germany
Darrin Germany Kun oldin
The 'Lady' doth protest too much!
ay1ism Kun oldin
Why is the host keep hammering on same question, Kevin already said he's done with it, what's the problem. If I was Kevin I would have left the stage. What's the point of forcing someone to apologies when it doesn't come from their heart.
A F Kun oldin
Its Comedy! No such thing as homophobia in comedy. THEY'RE JOKES!!! All the people complaining need to shut the FUCK UP! Don't listen. They're ok with him making fun of other people but when its about the LGTBQAIAIBDBJHDSKKJDGG community they all fucking freak out. People in this world need to stop looking for reasons to whine and cry. If it hurt their feeling, maybe they need thicker skin. Comedy always takes a shot at someone. IF everyone got upset then there would be no Comedy let. QUIT CRYING YOU FRUIT CUPS!!!
Gadget_uk Kun oldin
natangeles Kun oldin
the host was given a specific period and he's filling it out hahahaha. he must be laughing so hard inside :))) here's proof that comedians are intelligent. "I'm so good with me."
BhBraaq Kun oldin
Wow Strahan sure has gone full leftist jounalist. Sad. What a shill.
Maggie Gol
Maggie Gol Kun oldin
I love how he has to try to make Kevin Hart apologize again but a couple weeks ago he was celebrating a 12 year old crossdresser and making that person a star that is what they should apologize for not Kevin Hart but that's ridiculous there are poisoning our kids GMA Florida diss young kid Adam full drag and they're trying to make Kevin Hart apologize for something he said 10 years ago when they just did this last week GMA kiss our ass
Andre Suston
Andre Suston Kun oldin
I used to love watching GMA but got tired of all the silly cooking, fashion, shopping, and makeup segments. I switched to CBS This Morning. Just give me the news.
Juanita Smith
Juanita Smith Kun oldin
Good for you Kevin
nfcoard Kun oldin
This is how people get stuck in the past and don't grow and evolve. He made those comments 10 years ago. He's apologized and now it's time to move on.
Eric Beeler
Eric Beeler Kun oldin
As I sit here and read these comments, I am aware of how off the course to peace we as a global society are(I bet most people aren't even aware they are part of a global society). We limit our ability to think critically when we put people in boxes, and define them based on preconceptions that will never be an accurate way to understand another INDIVIDUAL and their perspective. Stop foolishly lumping people into groups, and choose instead to interact with individuals! Either that or continue to live an unnecessarily miserable life behind the walls that you CHOSE to build. The meaning of life, however you define it for yourself, is born from your connection with the people in your life, and those with whom you are connected, which is EVERYONE.
Bess Snow
Bess Snow Kun oldin
Those confused people, they don’t even give a crap about a apology or his comments. They just want the attention they soo deeply crave. Kevin Hart perfectly said his words, apologized, and now is moving forward. What more can you ask from another human being?? A sacrifice? A check? A LGBT community hotel he has to build?? Lmaoo..
LIL PABLO Kun oldin
I fucking hate this generation
Chris de Haan
Chris de Haan Kun oldin
You should have said look what they are doing to Desmond I can't back that ya'll are sick LTBGQ community they are pro pedophilia. If the gay community would denounce that and distance themselves from child abuse that would mean something but right now there are to many grey areas deliberately created within this movement to cover up for child abuse, creating a platform where innocents of loving someone of the same sex is equal to having sex with and sexualizing children.. that immoral and wrong pro pedophilia and LTBGQ go hand in hand so uuh hell no if that makes me unpopular ya'll need to check yourself cause I'm out..
Maria Syacsure
Maria Syacsure Kun oldin
They just need to leave him alone! Tell those damn trolls to get a life!
Lizzi Maffioli
Lizzi Maffioli Kun oldin
For love of God!!! The guy have apologies several times what else you want. Is pointless to apologies 1000 times to adress the problem 1000 times more. Once is enough and amend your mistakes and that’s it!!!!
Wyvanna Hood
Wyvanna Hood Kun oldin
Great response to a medium that loves to be in the thick of delivering drama for ratings. He was very clear so be done with it already. I think we need to ask ourselves as a community of people if there is an issue on whatever level do we want to solve it and move forward or do we just want or be right?
Josh Weaver
Josh Weaver Kun oldin
Luckily he’s not white, otherwise he would be banned from tv.
toscodav Kun oldin
He gets to go on TV and apologize and all is good. There is some black privilege for you. A white dude would be banished for life for the same thing.
kakarot songoku
kakarot songoku Kun oldin
Lmao the cops and george zimmerman apologized damn they still killing blacks though hummm oh kevin stop you'll still have idol worshippers
wtroupe64wt Kun oldin
I 💯 agree with Kevin
Ezequiel Gonzalez
I'm not sure he's over it.
Shawn Corey
Shawn Corey Kun oldin
Wtf! Mike can't you tell the nigga just wants to move on. "I'm over it".
Jesus First
Jesus First Kun oldin
I wish people would leave Kevin alone....how many times does this man have to apologize. He's not perfect it was jokes and he's a comedian.
Christopher Arocha
The fact this got so much attention is ridiculous LOL
onefoot7 Kun oldin
Quit being so fucking sensitive, he's a comedian, all; is fair.......
Alex Gavin
Alex Gavin Kun oldin
I'm sooo cringing, I'm sooo cringing, I'm sooo cringing, I'm sooo cringing, I'm sooo cringing, I'm sooo cringing, I'm sooo cringing, I'm sooo cringing, I'm sooo cringing, etc....
bobby jones
bobby jones Kun oldin
"LGBTQRSTFU". shut the fuck up. two genders change my mind.
Sasha Campbell
Sasha Campbell Kun oldin
The man is a comedian!!
Super Lady
Super Lady Kun oldin
NOOOO, and I was gonna watch it to, never fucking mind
Nation 0f Israel 4ever
Bro you are still in captivity and the world will not accept any apology from black people.
Gay shit is wank.am sorry gay people but gay shit is wank I wonder why western world finds it normal love from Africa
xBigKev182 [PS4]
I really hate what Michael Strahan has become. Star defensive back pro bowler for the NY Giants. To arrogant pushy mainstream news host ugh
Maria Chacin
Maria Chacin Kun oldin
He is over it !!!!! Jajajaja he is right. Why would the expectation be that he will apologize forever over and over and over.
Ryan Parto
Ryan Parto Kun oldin
#LetsTalkAboutIt #ImOverIt
LBenn302 Kun oldin
Well he’s giving it more energy by acknowledging that he’s done giving it energy.
Th3lite Kun oldin
I love everything about this. He's over it.
Taina Figueroa
Taina Figueroa Kun oldin
Man leave him alone!
Halannah Hartman
This is such a shameful interview! If someone says they’re done talking about something, the respectful thing to do is to stop bringing it up and allow them to move on.
Didi JFinder
Didi JFinder Kun oldin
Word of the day "I'M OVER IT"! LOL
Jacqueline Hofler
Excellent Kevin! When you are done, you are done PERIOD - end of story!!
Nick Williamson
Nick Williamson Kun oldin
How many times does he have to say it? He took care of this back when it actually happened which is enough. When is everybody gonna realize that these people who refuse to let this go are fringe weirdos completely out of touch with the real world and with the vast majority of the rest of people because they're too caught up with their own self-centered, narcissistic, rage high mentality. There's no difference in the ways that matter (motives, code of conduct and behavior) between these ideological victimhood activists and the ACTUAL alt right. You either have white liberals or ethnic minorities on the left who are all racists and sexists and straight or cis ists who behave literally the exact same way that white nationalists and supremacists do. The only difference is white nationalists on the right think they SHOULD be in power because of their idiocy but they know they're not and their ideology is a dying beast whereas the victimhood anti white, anti male, anti straight and (ironically and hilariously) PROVEN antisemitic people on the left think that all these people they hate ARE in charge. They're both wrong. They're both moronic. And the left needs to seriously chill the fuck out and stop poisoning everything and stop CREATING EVEN MORE RACISM AND SEXISM BECAUSE OF THEIR STUPID ANTICS!!!!!!!! That's why everyone is calling them the regressive left. They're not solving any problems. They're bringing them back into full swing rise of the Phoenix style! We've already erased much of the progress made since the sixties which brought about the end of the Jim Crow laws since 2008. And it's accelerating. STOP IT YOU IDIOTS!