Kevin Hart says he's not hosting the Oscars this year

ABC News
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The actor told "GMA" he is "over" the controversy surrounding his past homophobic comments and slurs that forced him to step down from the hosting gig.
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9-Yan, 2019



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Mathew Rasmussen
Mathew Rasmussen 12 daqiqa oldin
Good for Kevin hart.
Esoteric Jay
Esoteric Jay Kun oldin
I hate the PC age
cld 4 kun oldin
Kevin Hart is on another level
Alfred Atly
Alfred Atly 5 kun oldin
Kevin Hart is the best... He is amazing and no matter what people say, He is a good person and haters will always hate... Kevin Hart is Love...❤️
Danial Tabumi
Danial Tabumi 6 kun oldin
Britbong 9 kun oldin
When everyone can comment and you go out of your way to highlight the negativity then you are going to feel miserable. Plenty of positive comments. Stop giving people more power than they deserve. Your tweet claiming offence is not equal to an insult. Offence is taken not given. You aren't entitled to anything. Even murderers are given second chances. Fuck Twitter. Progressives poison society.
Britbong 9 kun oldin
I still love you Kevin. I haven't got time for low life people who like nothing more than to ruin someone else's day.
Cindy Kaye
Cindy Kaye 15 kun oldin
If everyone keeps making someone apologize for every little thing there is no end..i am not homophobic..love and have friends that are gay they know I love them..but I dont believe in it..I shouldnt have to explain or apologize for my beliefs..because I don't make gays apologize for being gay..why should I have to apologize for being straight..I dont want my children to be gay but it doesn't mean I would love them less if they became..everyone gets offended over every little thing get over it please..because there is no end and everyone thinks and believe different and should not have to apologize for it..I laugh at him picking fun at white folks..he also picks fun at blacks..his friends..it's jokes on sensitive things to get a laugh because to many hard asses...respect for u Kevin Hart on that..in ur line of work u will spend forever apologizing for every little things and humor won't exist without comedians
Jehovah Lucifer
Jehovah Lucifer 16 kun oldin
Sendra Kes
Sendra Kes 16 kun oldin
I applaud the OSCAR! You see Kevin, World don't work the way you want...OMFG! you're over it? Your way is you made the apology and you expect the World to give you a thumbs-up just cos you apologise??? You're a piece of work! Nope nope nope nope nope...doesn't work that way. He's even adding, if you can't forgive, that's your problem? OMFG! Keep going Kevin and no one will hire you to act. One word the World see Kevin now... "unremorseful"
Aaron Kline
Aaron Kline 17 kun oldin
I accept your apology, and to be honest I was not even offended. I am a gay man and totally understand comedy... Its not personal at all.
Sarah Winkler
Sarah Winkler 17 kun oldin
OMG how many times can you ask the same questions in different ways??? Good for Kevin dodging his questions 👍👍
kenney Ingold
kenney Ingold 17 kun oldin
I think it’s time for Hollywood to wash there hands of Kevin Hart.
Rainy Days
Rainy Days 18 kun oldin
Amber ap him
Shannon Conger
Shannon Conger 20 kun oldin
ok i understand... let me ask u the same question as many times as i can
Ellen Daly Garcia
Ellen Daly Garcia 21 kun oldin
Apologizing to the media is like giving a drop of blood to a vampire. Never enough.
an i han tan
an i han tan 23 kun oldin
Heyyy....Kevin be like Dave cheppell man... surface ones or twice, look how they will missing you
UHeardMe1stTime 24 kun oldin
Kevin Hart doesn't need the Oscars. the Oscars need Kevin Hart. Their viewership falls every year.
Mr. Proper
Mr. Proper 26 kun oldin
America has real problems...not🙈 I have no problems with gays but would also prefer to have a non gay son...where is the harm, how can someone feel attacked by this? you wouldnt want to have your son born with one arm or leg either...even of course it would not make him a worse person...and he also would not have choosen to be this way... simply to make life easier for him and maybe because you want grandkids one day. You have priests in america that pray for killing muslims and gays and burning the koran....wich seems to be okay because of the right of free speech....but a comedian who stands by his words which he also could have simply deleted is the bad guy🤣👍 on the other side why did he say it when there was no need to saying it and talks about prevention, like someone could choose who he will be loving. Simply because he thought its ok to talk about his fears on tv. Like all of these folks are bored because america has no real problems...I am not the biggest Kevin Hart fan, but he is definetly no hitler so calm down and grow or shut up if you can not look over the horizon.
SNAKEEYES44 26 kun oldin
Kevin is the man you don’t need people to prove your believes
webeskimo 28 kun oldin
fuck the lgbt "community"wtf is that? community my ass.
Raymond Mach
Raymond Mach 28 kun oldin
Yo Kevin was savage haha
K P 29 kun oldin
We were all "OVER IT"
Tsegba Daniella
@ interviewer, let it go already...why the same question in different ways?.....BTW, I Love You Kelvin...wish u meet u someday...the day I hug u ehn, trust me, I wnt bath for a month😀
curtis jones
curtis jones Oy oldin
Read my lips:' I'm Over It !!!
Kincho Wangmo
Kincho Wangmo Oy oldin
Omg I hate this interviewer.. attacking him left and right, time an again.. new ending. I guess this guy is the one who is not letting go of this situation.. if Kevin come back again he’s gonna ask the same question.🤐
Chris Wylie
Chris Wylie Oy oldin
Hart is a coward for backing down and apologizing to keep the checks coming. Andrew Dice Clay was banned from most talk shows, then his only mainstream movie got pulled after gay protests. Guy said fuck Hollywood and came right back to sell out Madison Square Garden back to back like Hart did, but did it with NO publicity, NO promotion, NO internet nor any social media to hype the concerts where he would have had to cower down like Hart(even the Arsenio crying bullshit he didn't apologize...). Came right back after that with a top ppv special called what else? NO APOLOGIES!!!!!
Chris Wylie
Chris Wylie Oy oldin
+curtis jones That would be BEAUTIFUL if he said fuck political correctness and went down a fucking legend for actually saying something that so many millions want to say but are terrified by PC LGBT bullshit. Take the culture back from these PC thugs. They are cowards. Bullies back down when confronted. Howard Stern used to do it, got fired, banned, and threatened until they realized he wasn't going to give a fuck. But Stern is mayonaisse now. It would be nice if a younger guy like Hart could fight these thugs.
curtis jones
curtis jones Oy oldin
+Chris Wylie My point is that these Oscar Hollyweird people just want to flex their muscles that's all. Would you be more happy if Kevin Hart would have to them to "go F-themselves and I am not apologizing for anythng that may have offended anyone? That would have been stupid considering how much of the media is controlled by the LGBT community. He said what he said and they know if they come at him like that again he will tell them to go F-themselves. He does not have to kiss their ass . He was just being humble.
Chris Wylie
Chris Wylie Oy oldin
+curtis jones Thats what you want from todays comics? Lenny Bruce did jail time for offending people. Theres more to life than smiling and cashing the check. Move on to what? Another obligatory "wacky black side kick" role? Maybe he could talk about how crazy white people are, then do the stock "White guy" impression. Won't offend anyone and pays great.
curtis jones
curtis jones Oy oldin
Chris Wylie- I think he should have done just what he did do. "I apologize for anything that i may have said wrong" and move on. Like he said It's never going to really end. He was man enough to not feed into the drama.
Mom kirkpatrick
Well everyone can bitch about this all they want,but god positively hates lesbians and none of them will enter the kngdom of heaven. 100% fact gay men r fine in his eyes ,but the women get every commandment wrong on purpose hateing on him,the men don't do this. Women on women aren't aloud in heaven. So they hate on god. On Earth is the only time dikes will get their freedom of speech,most will probably burn. So,I guess go ahead and give em their little time now. God does.
H SLM Oy oldin
haha, nice try Michael
Mpilo LoLo
Mpilo LoLo Oy oldin
OMG! I love you Kevin ❤❤❤ 🗣just leave him alone ...he over it!
Say Vay
Say Vay Oy oldin
Like Nick Cannon said the selective outrage and hypocrisies is real! Liam Neeson talks about actually going out to kill an African American male an innocent African-American male mind you and people want to understand. It happened years ago. But Kevin Hart stated he does not want his son his son, not these ones who are dealing with their own confusions and bad out outing coming out the closet experiences which they push on everybody, but his son. For Mike Michael to want him to speak to these fathers who are grappling with the fact that their son's may be homosexual, is out of line! He does not need to speak for the LGBT community. They need to work on themselves and their own confusion. I haven't seen one that is not confused, mixed up, and in need of serious therapy! But they choose to push their confusion and their mental being on other people in order to mafia-style make them force them to accept them when they don't have to. And the hypocrisy is they call African and American women fish, talk about our private parts while they attempt to imitate us as mere caricatures, as well as call us breeders because they cannot have children in a normal way. And unlike women who can't have children, there's is due to the fact that their lifestyle is not normal not the fact that they are going through physical issues. The hypocrisy also was highlighted by the mere fact that Liam Neeson speaking of killing murdering an African American male is understood, has never made an apology concerning his actions but attempts to excuse it wow ones continuously want Kevin Hart to apologize for how he feels about his own son being homosexual. He didn't threaten to kill someone. He didn't purposely go out and hunt down and a homosexual to murder like me Liam Neeson did. He spoke about how he felt about his son! These ones continuing to make this an issue or just showing the racism cloaked up in the ever issue driven subject of homosexuals pushing their lifestyle on other people.
philosopher IQ
Mike tyson from deffrent mother
Uchiha Ikoy
Uchiha Ikoy Oy oldin
We live in a country of freedom. Freedom of violent protest when you disagree with anything ... freedom to voice feelings instead of logic ... freedom to destroy anyone's fame as long as it helps your endeavor ... freedom to bring to light something that was socially acceptable in the past but is now "taboo" because of the sensitive culture the social media has mutated our society into.
محمد منصف
Freedom of speech is really no freedom of having your own opinion.
Renee Strazzere
can we get rid of Mike, he is as bad as the news media pushing the buttons
Tomas Mesut
Tomas Mesut Oy oldin
I wish he has
Ivo Radev
Ivo Radev Oy oldin
Kevin is friends with Ellen... That should say enough to the sensitive dumb asses in the LGBTQghffdderyujgfyu (whatever it's written today)... If Ellen can take his jokes, so should the others be able too... Gay people are OK, it's the bitches that annoy everyone...
fatkiller1000 Oy oldin
I dont know which are the worst,gays or trannies.
A N N A Oy oldin
First, I am a part of the LGBTQ community- we know people criticizing other people for being gay or trans was the norm in the past (very, very recent past, by the way-things have changed rapidly over the past 10 years alone). Most of us don’t fucking care about it, because we KNOW more people now than ever are okay with it now, and it’s not so much of an issue anymore. I have hardly seen any lash at all on Mr. Hart. Most of us realize many celebrities now think differently and completely support the LGBTQ community. But there are only VERY FEW people who actually get upset over this small shit, let alone post about it online and make a complaint about a celebrity for something they said 6 years ago. WHY do these reporters feel the need to basically say that “the WHOLE LGBTQ community is offended by what this particular celebrity had an opinion about over 6 years ago, so their career should therefore be effected.” WE DONT CARE! Why are you picking at this poor man’s brain over something that truly MOST PEOPLE DONT CARE ABOUT?! I am beginning to feel like the people in the Media like to use the “anti-LGBTQ” card on celebrities that they don’t like anymore and for some reason want to effect their careers.... this is extremely troubling.
Adrian Hook
Adrian Hook Oy oldin
If everyone dumped social media the world would be back to normal in no time.
Wayne Jamel
Wayne Jamel Oy oldin
4 minutes in and I love how kevin handled this interview. you aint gonna bully me.
lamzy Oy oldin
No I don't like lgbt because they are the biggest bullies in the world.
saints girl
saints girl Oy oldin
Rosanne Barr ? Forget about her?
So when do we start defending crackheads, bums, fat people etc #cantsayshitcampaign smh
sabizeze Oy oldin
Maybe this is one of the finest interviews Micheal ever done. It was like a boxing ring. GREAT.
Michael Urgero
He should never have apologized. He is fully entitled to raise his children how he sees fit. You don't see parents of LGBTQ children apologize for raising their children in a gender fluid or neutral setting. We should not, as a society force our personal and life beliefs on others. Period. You do you, I'll do me. You can accept and love people even if you don't necessarily agree with choices they make.
curtis jones
curtis jones Oy oldin
Michael Urgero-Kevin apologized because he did not mean any harm in his jokes and wanted the LGBTQ community not to take his remarks personal. It would have been the same way if a white commedian made jokes about black people. The white comedian would have apologized and said the his remarks were not a personal attack aganist blacks, they were just jokes. Kevin Hart did the right thing and if the LGBT community can't accept his apology then to damn bad.
ztr 245
ztr 245 Oy oldin
It seems that the bullied is now the bully which is the lgbt I give people an inch the lgbt took 3 miles smh but karma is a bitch they are going to pay for all of it
liam Oy oldin
Michael is being annoying here. I'm gay and I'm not offended..
Caleb Caleb
Caleb Caleb Oy oldin
''I say Am DONE WITH IT..''.... That was enough. MATURITY
Deirfgis Galang
This is the problem with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.
MrTomcat124 Oy oldin
shut up! he said he is over it.
Ayara 81
Ayara 81 Oy oldin
He had nothing to apologize for.
Kevin is the same same no more. His doing more movies and he really needs to. E more humble
frank enstein
frank enstein Oy oldin
I get it . Comedians have the right to make fun of other people an call em names and shit . We should not be offended by any of it , we should not be so sensitive . So what you're saying is. everybody should have the right to make fun of and call everybody else any shit they feel like ? Well that's good , we shouldn't get offended when those people snap and go into a public place and shoot other people at random then . I mean it's all for a good cause , we got a good laugh out of it right. I have to apologize, I'm an internet troll , hahahahahahahahaha
frank enstein
frank enstein Oy oldin
Feeding the internet trolls .
Adam Cuskelly
Adam Cuskelly Oy oldin
How many times you have to keep asking the same question Kevin Hart is done with it so to the people around the world leave Kevin Hart alone
Lïł Męłøđý
Wait he's not doing comedy anymore?!?!
what he should say is "I apologized, stop being such little pussies about my apology and go fuck yourself... "
Quintin Murphy
the man isn't gay he don't hold it against you he just isn't leave the man alone
Len Raby
Len Raby Oy oldin
Good for you Kevin, an apology is enough and time to move on. The past is the past give it no mind and screw the trolls.
TheChubbyd07 Oy oldin
Does Strahan have hearing issue? Or is he trying to get an analyst job at CNN?
C Henry
C Henry Oy oldin
He’s over it damn lol
Brent Gall
Brent Gall Oy oldin
And LGBT group is acting like feminists always 😡 mad and they don’t know what they want but want it now
Brent Gall
Brent Gall Oy oldin
Lol 😂 well I’ll just say what EVERY FATHER THINKS🤔 as father of a boy and girl no father hope or want his kids to be gay but ...with that being said that don’t mean You don’t or won’t love your kids because their sexuality
Clevagreen84 Oy oldin
Very good speech and he absolutely didn’t deserve to be molested in away because come on you can see what kind of person he is so just leave him alone and he is right if you still have a problem with him it’s not about him it’s about you..
Keith Wilson
Keith Wilson Oy oldin
A shit interviewer , he said I'm over it , end of story you fucking wanker
Keith Wilson
Keith Wilson Oy oldin
You Americans are so pathetic, your a divided country , you would sue your own mother for $500 , the world is laughing at you , he is a gentleman, great actor , one the funniest comedians I have seen , how about worrying about your country than one individual person, your a joke America
Ikem frank chude
Very stupid questions.. Intelligent response from Kevin.. I m proud of you bro... Move on.. Keep flying bro.. Ain't no stopping you... I m your big fan bro
Adam Mcgrath
Adam Mcgrath Oy oldin
Yes... The left wants blood. For the crime of wrongspeak. Thought crimes and opinions
Mv. Valenvox
Mv. Valenvox Oy oldin
The oscars like all the other higher top level businesses are owned gays who survived not committing suicide. There’s no need for him to apologize to further his career. Just like everybody else , he doesn’t get to be apart if that quality of wealth. Gay / homosexuals were hated throughout history and it’ll be the same in the future. They never be forgiveness. We will never get along. He doesn’t get to be apart. End of story. Moving along
Miles G
Miles G Oy oldin
What a shitty interview.. Strathan is terrible.. what is he looking for?
DewBopDaBomb Oy oldin
Gay people and normal people. Not much of a difference... except the gays are going to hell. Why? ^^^
AndroidApps Oy oldin
I'm over it! I'm over it! I'm over it! I'm over it! I'm over it!
Rahaf Oy oldin
It's so obvious that someone targeted him, someone deliberately waited until they announced he was the host of the Oscars. And searched through thousands of old Tweets. If someone hates you, they will try to find anything to destroy you. As if they are perfect and don't make any mistakes!! Damn for the 1st time I was so excited for the Oscars!!
Sean Bean
Sean Bean Oy oldin
He has all types of people going to his shows I went to his show back in November there’s all types of people there give him a break.
Sean Bean
Sean Bean Oy oldin
God I support gays and he is not homophobic at all .
R Oy oldin
poor kevin pc police stoping us all from freedom of speech you dont see straight people freaking out
R Oy oldin
leave kevin alone
care bous
care bous Oy oldin
One word “letitgo” van from Reba. Lol. But the media has to keep it going to get viewers to watch the oscars. Don’t let negativity bring you down! Love Kevin Hart!
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores Oy oldin
This man is an inspiration to short people across the globe. Leave him the fuck alone.
Daniel Cabral
Daniel Cabral Oy oldin
A comedian has to be supportive of liberal ideology or else they are crush by the system dominated by liberals. Freedom? Tolerance? This is why people like Trump have surfaced.
Joe Janolo
Joe Janolo Oy oldin
Andres Hernandez
the lgbtwhatever the fuck is the worst!!!!!!
Jay SK
Jay SK Oy oldin
Kevin is being really mature, other people being stupid.
LiL KAA Oy oldin
Why is he asking the same question and your Getting the same answer 😂😂
LiL KAA Oy oldin
Kevin is just being him let it be
Saku39fan Oy oldin
As I've mentioned on other platforms, I still don't get why he issued an apology. I haven't heard the jokes, but I don't even think it matters. He's a COMEDIAN! Anyhow, of all of the communities to issue an apology to, he gives it to the ungodly "LBGTQ" community...SMH. For "homophobic" comments, another term that really makes no sense at all. The next thing you know, this community will be expecting him to respect and embrace their destructive ideology. Well, I guess it's kind of late for that, since they seem to already expect this from everyone. All we can do is pray for these people. One can only hope for them that God will change their hearts and turn them to Him, so that their souls may be saved.
Tim Gray
Tim Gray Oy oldin
Kevin Hart is doing the right thing! Way to go Kevin! Moving away from negative & toxic people is a sign of being healthy!
Alex Vartanian
The LGBTQ Community Went From Being Bullied To Bullying, Wow Tables Have Turned! *Kevin Hart Is GREAT In My Book!* I Wish You Didn't Apologize An Also Did NO Interviews On This Topic & Just Focus On You, Your Family, Ur Friends & Ur Upcoming Projects!
Kristie Pope
Kristie Pope Oy oldin
If course the apology is accepted!! Now everyone needs to move on! That’s how God wants us to behave! End of discussion!!❤️
John Smith
John Smith Oy oldin
This generation is full of sissies.
Norm La Marche
Norm La Marche 2 oy oldin
Imagine in the year of Blakkklansmen, Black Panther, and Spike Lee and you're the Blackkkhomophobe axed to leave the building.😨
PlantbasedNurse 2 oy oldin
He said he is sorry. Stop asking him. Let him Move forward.
Sharon Barnett
Sharon Barnett 2 oy oldin
BrokenGong 2 oy oldin
In a "Me Too" era I don't understand how this type of journalistic rape is acceptable. He said "no" to the question. No means no. Michael Strahan, please no more media molestation.
fred smith
fred smith 2 oy oldin
Right on Kevin!
Richard Knorr
Richard Knorr 2 oy oldin
Can't you get the hint Strahan
Hernandez Video Services
Michael Strahan just proved Kevin Hart's point. That people can't get past it and forgive and move on because he started the interview by saying that Kevin has a new movie The upside and we'll get to it in the moment and he never got to it cuz he was just focused on trying to get Kevin to admit something.
frankly 74
frankly 74 2 oy oldin
What an ignorant inbreed creature he is...and talentless...
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