Kevin Hart Trash-Talked James Harden

Jimmy Kimmel Live
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Kevin reveals what happened when he trash-talked James Harden at a 76ers game.
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Kevin Hart Trash-Talked James Harden




2-Iyn, 2017



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Fikrlar 176
Deepak KM
Deepak KM 6 kun oldin
This man’s interviews are the most funny ever.
Daniyal Ghauri
Daniyal Ghauri 9 kun oldin
Flawless move 😂
Mohamed Ramadan
😂😂😂 my fav comedian 😂😂😂😂😂
Κώστας Αραβίδης
Maann...I love Kevin Hart
Randy H
Randy H 3 oy oldin
"At some point I was like James this is very unprofessional in your behalf"
Lars Lumer
Lars Lumer 3 oy oldin
How much celebrities did kevin piss off in his live?😂
Joshua Howard
Joshua Howard 5 oy oldin
🤣🤣 I love trash talk stories 😷😷😂😂
Armin Hashtroodi
Armin Hashtroodi 6 oy oldin
If Kevin Hart was a basketball player he would be lance Stephenson.
Not Bill Gates
Not Bill Gates 6 oy oldin
U gon cook me? Put me in the Pot, I'm ready to get cooked 😂
TIlak Sevak
TIlak Sevak 6 oy oldin
Kiz 7 oy oldin
Tell your team what you did too em 😂
SHAE KT 8 oy oldin
"Tell yo team what you did to em!" aaahhahaha
SP FromNY914
SP FromNY914 8 oy oldin
Hart funny asf😂
Ino Zapanta
Ino Zapanta 9 oy oldin
what's with kevin and pissin' of basketball players xD
Joshua Sukhnandan
Joshua Sukhnandan 10 oy oldin
This is funny
Kristoff Vidalis
Now he has pissed D. Wade off
Gin Ichimaru
Gin Ichimaru Yil oldin
Here after d wade trash talk
Danny Abifalah
Danny Abifalah Yil oldin
James Harden is such a goat 😂😂😂 “tell your team what you did to em” hahaha
Taylor Yil oldin
Thank you Kevin Hart for that amazing performance from the Beard
masheeha farah tabasum
Kevin hart made my dayyy
Hadia Azhar
Hadia Azhar Yil oldin
LMAO this is hilarious
Htown, go James! Funny story😂
Sagar Mathers
Sagar Mathers Yil oldin
Subscribed...now waiting for the good things
Not Bill Gates
Not Bill Gates Yil oldin
Tell ya team what u did to an 🤣
Bryan O.
Bryan O. Yil oldin
Kevin: "I think u got butt shots"...lol
You see what i did there
He's great I love him but with the way he talk im pretty sure he did pissed off a few mates ;)
Gamer 420_69
Gamer 420_69 Yil oldin
Who doesn’t love Kevin Hart? One of the funniest ppl alive
Ezekiel Ceri
Ezekiel Ceri Yil oldin
Kevin was drunk because they didn’t lose by 30 and he didn’t score 55 lmao it was 51 points and it was about 5 point game at the end 😂😂
Somansh S.
Somansh S. Oy oldin
All for the laughs man XD
mm. Yil oldin
😂😂😂😂😂😂 stop kev
Onoria Ezekiel
Onoria Ezekiel Yil oldin
Kevin i love you man hahahaha
Jennifer Graham
Jennifer Graham Yil oldin
" U gonna cook me? Well put me in the pot!" 😂😂😂😂
Laura Barrios
Laura Barrios Yil oldin
Jimmy ur the best
Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller Yil oldin
I think you got butt shots, lmao!
Skrt Yil oldin
"Tell your team what u did to em" lmao GOAT
Joe Slater
Joe Slater Yil oldin
"Your beard stinks" LOOOOOL
Xunel Rodriguez
Xunel Rodriguez Yil oldin
Westbrook mvp
MrAlex3132003 Yil oldin
great storyteller!
Rocky Thomas
Rocky Thomas Yil oldin
😂😂😂😂 he got tht Kobe in him
Shellyann Yil oldin
lol Philadelphia is so trash
re2dance Yil oldin
Oh my gosh always laughing until I cry when I watch Kevin Hart!!
Par Samonte
Par Samonte Yil oldin
he only dropped 51-11-13
Gibstuh Yil oldin
Your beard stinks
Isaiah Watson
Isaiah Watson Yil oldin
He had 51 points Kevin but 55 makes the story sound better lol.
emmie1995s Yil oldin
your beard stinks
hailey carter
hailey carter Yil oldin
residential kiss emotion abortion tough many.
ace escarsa
ace escarsa Yil oldin
is kevin hart and draymon green brothers?..😂😂😂
isaiahmoore14 Yil oldin
tell your team wat u did to them lmao
Prince of Persia HD
"Your beard stinks" lmao 😂😂😂
Foose on the Move
I don't think he's funny.
jad domingo
jad domingo Yil oldin
this is funny af.
K Phillips
K Phillips Yil oldin
No lie, but Kevin's hair line is hella lean
Black Raptor17
Black Raptor17 Yil oldin
"U ain't gon make that shot"😂😂😂
yeray h
yeray h Yil oldin
funny dude. stand up is average
Boul Shyte
Boul Shyte Yil oldin
"i hate your calves" lmao
Mesut Ozil10
Mesut Ozil10 Yil oldin
This guy is funny af!! 😂😂😂
Kevin Kabara
Kevin Kabara Yil oldin
Hardens career high is 53 vs the knicks though
daniel lindero
daniel lindero Yil oldin
Kevin Hart has the best stories 😂
Courage Ekhaguere
Connor Murphy
Connor Murphy Yil oldin
James Harden finished that game with 51 pts 13 assists and 13 rebounds, moral of the story is do not trash talk the Beard to his face. LOL.
Janinho897 4 oy oldin
...or to his beard, for that matter.
Ayan MUKHERJEE 10 oy oldin
Vis Santana or the refs
Vis Santana
Vis Santana 10 oy oldin
Connor Murphy unless you the warriors 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
vcarter0723 Yil oldin
1:24 it was 51 not 55 points
kiyonexus Yil oldin
1:39 what does he say right there? "you keep your mouth shut...." what does he say after that?
kiyonexus Yil oldin
+TehBraves thanks. Sounded muffled at the end.
TehBraves Yil oldin
"You keep your mouth shut, this is our business."
Andrew Goering
Andrew Goering Yil oldin
I always grew up reading Tolkien... I just love the Lord of the Rings series... but I really never knew there were black hobbits.... interesting.....
vtecsux__ Yil oldin
Hou needed you against the spurs Kev lol
T.E. V.
T.E. V. Yil oldin
Kenny the Jet Smith
Philly is such a bad team that James harden can just talk to celebrities on the side
christian m
christian m Yil oldin
Kenny the Jet Smith 7 months later......and the celtics going to the finals
Not Bill Gates
Not Bill Gates Yil oldin
I'm bout to cook ya 😂😂
Kevin Harts funny and whatnot but he gets too much exposure, his careers going to fall off the way its heading.
Juan C Lopez
Juan C Lopez Yil oldin
Is this the funniest man on planet?
Terry Smith
Terry Smith Yil oldin
Kevin know he isn't right!
An t
An t Yil oldin
Anytime he comes to a talk show, he has a story of pissing somebody off. Well namely JayZ, the Goat, then Harden.
ytRbro Yil oldin
"tell your team what ya did to them" "no this is between you and me" lol
Mathew Yil oldin
Hahaha I love Kevin Hart
LoveNevada Wms
LoveNevada Wms Yil oldin
Kevin always make me laugh!!!😅
biro24 Yil oldin
Neymar Nava
Neymar Nava Yil oldin
fear the beard
Charis Armstrong
He did the same thing to Stephen Curry and then Stephen ended up making a 3pt and Kevin saw just shaking his head saying I'm sorry
Michael Shaham
Michael Shaham Yil oldin
Nice title
Codesia James
Codesia James Yil oldin
This is hilarious
McDonalds Apple Pie
dat hairline tho
Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim Yil oldin
kevin a real fan for still support his hometown team even when they are one of the worst teams in the nba
Tom Dang
Tom Dang Yil oldin
The Rockets need to hire Kevin Hart to trash talk Harden in the crunch during the playoffs then.
Tee Carr
Tee Carr Yil oldin
K.H is so cute!, but I'm always caught with how small he is!
Chris R.
Chris R. Yil oldin
Kevin, you know what happens when you piss off an NBA player. You saw what happened to the Knicks when Spike pissed off Reggie. ;)
Emma Schmitz
Emma Schmitz Yil oldin
pals protect does anyone know bigger than this variant ? fxnny..1..
Randominga Yil oldin
i need your help plzzz
Tito Gaming
Tito Gaming Yil oldin
That's funny.
Janinho897 Yil oldin
1:04 The funny thing is, that Kevin would actually fit in a pot :D
Keyztothesoul Yil oldin
Too bad James harden can't do that when it counts in the playoffs
Keyztothesoul Yil oldin
ejayarts whenever someone says that what does that have to do with anything? He's garbage in the clutch despite how much money he's making plus you don't know my financial status billionaires comment too ;)
ejayarts Yil oldin
well he still makes gazillions more than you ever will.
Tim Dev
Tim Dev Yil oldin
Isnt James Harden that Urkel lookin' guy?
JcJem302 Yil oldin
Tim Dev No, he's the guy with the long beard
Elida White
Elida White Yil oldin
Austin Davis
Austin Davis Yil oldin
cooked me then put me in the pot lmao
Gary Turbo
Gary Turbo Yil oldin
Since when Philadelphia his city? He left to Los Angeles long ago
Angelbob77 Yil oldin
Gary Turbo Since he's a big Hollywood star now obviously hes in la now but he grew up in Philly and began his career there.
Nathaniel Seaberry
Gary Turbo he doesn't live there full time anymore but, it's still his home and he still goes back regularly. He also does a lot for the people of Philly.
Gary Turbo
Gary Turbo Yil oldin
Which cause Harden to dismantle his team
Something Seems Off
his jokes are good, not great. but god damn his delivery is amazing!
Something Seems Off
Pdx Savage - comes with free shipping and handling!
Lew Duran
Lew Duran Yil oldin
Something Seems Off he works for ups now?
loonatic42 Yil oldin
hes a great story teller
Michael Ortega
Michael Ortega Yil oldin
Love this
yeaxjustsmile20 Yil oldin
"tell your team what you did to em" lmfao
DPRX Yil oldin
Like he was his Daddy LOL
Deathbyfrzrburn 01
Isaias Guzman Vega he was saying James harden after kevin talked trash went on to dominate and put on a huge performance to lead his team to victory, and after while still mid game and dribbling harden looked at Kevin Hart and said tell your team what you did to em, saying Kevins trash talking was the motivation for him to destroy them
Isaias Guzman Vega
Wait why the comment was delete? I didnt get the Joke neither :(
sugarcraze Yil oldin
Thank you! That makes sense. Its actually funny now that understand
sugarcraze Yil oldin
What did Kevin hart do? Jinx them? I don't get it..
nahor88 Yil oldin
Maybe Kevin Hart should have come to game 6 against the Spurs?
Beyza Buse Çelik
nahor88 I wish
Les Perdants
Les Perdants Yil oldin
he needs kevin hart in the playoffs then...
Spurs_ 7 oy oldin
He needs a lot more than that in the playoffs.
StrelokSound 1-2
StrelokSound Yil oldin
50 pts in one quarter last night, harden had 22 and outscored the entirety of the wolves. You were saying?
WEALTHY 570 Yil oldin
haha Jimmy Kimmel's high pitched laugh means he finds Kevin super funny
Luke Ditton
Luke Ditton Yil oldin
I was at that game
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