Kevin Hart Trolling NBA Players

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Kevin Hart loves to mess with NBA players.
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28-Avg, 2018



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uwho22 4 soat oldin
If you enjoyed this video watch Kevin Hart Troll NFL Players: uzvid.com/video/video-SZVKDEKBa7E.html
Zarraf Rahman
Zarraf Rahman 9 soat oldin
1:40 how smol is he lmaooooo he be looking like a big midget lmaoooo
Young Savage
Young Savage 21 soat oldin
Kevin Hart is everybody’s little brother
Dawn McClinton
Dawn McClinton Kun oldin
Dawn McClinton
Dawn McClinton Kun oldin
Kevin Heart needs to keep doing what he does cuz its motivating players to do their best it's annoying them so they are proving a point to Kevin this is lol love KEVIN HEART
Andrew Widdows
Andrew Widdows Kun oldin
Annoying little fart
Ted Tates
Ted Tates 2 kun oldin
4:00 bro that's so gay.. why the media doing this to you?
Ballers In The Making
come see Kevin.
RAW Tomatoes
RAW Tomatoes 3 kun oldin
You can’t hate this guy😂
Fresh Bacon 101
Fresh Bacon 101 4 kun oldin
The pretty bout is hilarious.
Yammark Cardenas
Yammark Cardenas 4 kun oldin
Kevin Hart makes IT look like a giant
Edward Gore
Edward Gore 4 kun oldin
I like when James took Kev's drink from him & gave it to Drake....& he drank it😂😂😂😂 that was cool😎
PisaCake9 5 kun oldin
Him: Okay you can go through my phone if you beat me in basketball Her: 1:31
Prodigy Enigma
Prodigy Enigma 5 kun oldin
4:00 What got into you tonight? *Kevin Hart...*
Prodigy Enigma
Prodigy Enigma 5 kun oldin
1:40 Lebron stole Kevin's drink! lol
Peter Luckeneder
Peter Luckeneder 5 kun oldin
How SMALL can a human being be??? ;-D
Alex Castillo
Alex Castillo 5 kun oldin
5:07 made me laugh so hard 😂😂
My Dogs Best Fren
My Dogs Best Fren 5 kun oldin
omg tryna eat chips while shaq jams his toe - not gonna happen!! LOL
GFam Lareina
GFam Lareina 5 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-MiyHWTUJsqM.html 🔥🔥🔥🔥🌟💯 #2019 # Next big thing
T B 6 kun oldin
Drake drink that shit🤔
Elliot Knudsvig
Elliot Knudsvig 6 kun oldin
Hart looks so small next to the giant NBA players
Mengstab G.michael
Mengstab G.michael 6 kun oldin
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Mara Kane
Mara Kane Kun oldin
jesus bla bla bla when u think u r just on the right path and that others are lost....i'm sorry dude but don't ''impose" it. Let us feel free .we can make choices the way you do. so u don't need to try to convince us to follow your choice. Jesus is your choice not my fucking choice
ThunderGaming566 3 kun oldin
Rachel Sanders who tf you worship
Rachel Sanders
Rachel Sanders 3 kun oldin
Your god was killed by mortals. A weak god if ever there was one.
ThunderGaming566 3 kun oldin
Mengstab G.michael one thing is I respect your effort but sorry my beliefs I guess
ThunderGaming566 3 kun oldin
Mengstab G.michael and you think lvl you will change my mind by reciting he bible
Rupert Wilkes
Rupert Wilkes 6 kun oldin
Kevin Hart is like their annoying little brother
Lamitta Naddour
Lamitta Naddour 6 kun oldin
He look like an ant compared to the rest
Jayden Gonzalez
Jayden Gonzalez 6 kun oldin
If this button is gray your a t-series supporter 👇🏽
Marcos Martinez
Marcos Martinez 7 kun oldin
Kevin Heart is the spike lee of philly.
Habeeba Razvi - Ross Drive PS (1419)
The height diff is sad... just sad 😂 😂 😂 😂 (between kevin hart and james harden) no offense cause' its funny!
The one and only Gumby
That part with clay was cringe AF, Clay got cut big time
Marlon Charlesbois
Marlon Charlesbois 7 kun oldin
nice show
xThreeYearsx 8 kun oldin
Hanabi Hasegawa
Hanabi Hasegawa 8 kun oldin
Only small people think of shit like, "You have fake legs." 😂😂😂
Chris Valentin
Chris Valentin 8 kun oldin
Russel Westbrook would flip
nothing 8 kun oldin
do you love how they pushed Kev's chair back to make him look smaller next to Conan?
Kirsten Kennedy
Kirsten Kennedy 10 kun oldin
You can’t kill Kevin Hart
BHAV Huncho
BHAV Huncho 10 kun oldin
Drake was Fr thirsty
Armando Caballero
Armando Caballero 11 kun oldin
tell your team what you did to them lol 😂
Armando Caballero
Armando Caballero 11 kun oldin
people live in your beard
treyh 11 kun oldin
4:41 is everything
Define your Edge
Define your Edge 11 kun oldin
Fortine God but not really that good
The way he shows shaq fall tho made me die
Tyson Simcoe
Tyson Simcoe 12 kun oldin
The eye contact Drizzy gave Kevin after he drank his drank lmao
Cecil Fuentes
Cecil Fuentes 12 kun oldin
sooooo what im hearing is... Philly needs to ban Kevin from all games 😂😂😂😂
Groot 12 kun oldin
I am groot
Charlie Byers
Charlie Byers 12 kun oldin
James Hardens beard is taller than Kevin Hart
luca xd
luca xd 12 kun oldin
“They beat us by 30.’’ *Final: 123-118* 5 points btw
Default'as 13 kun oldin
Kevin Hart has a really funny personality.
david la rose
david la rose 13 kun oldin
You can see Kevin's waist sitting at the desk. That's how high his seat has to be, and he's still shorter than everyone else.
Kameron Jergenson
Kameron Jergenson 13 kun oldin
4:25 I’m dead 😂😂😂😂
David Diaz
David Diaz 15 kun oldin
If you smile fast enough you will bleed
Lina Saettele
Lina Saettele 15 kun oldin
5:25 looks so cute😂
CHASS FREEMAN 16 kun oldin
Drake petty 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 just gone drink his lil drink like that.
Montin Yek
Montin Yek 16 kun oldin
He's like an action figure next to them lmao
Mujahid Ali
Mujahid Ali 16 kun oldin
Is it me, or does Charles Barkley sounds like one of the muppets???
P- Star7
P- Star7 17 kun oldin
Kevin Hart play the best defensive against the warriors
52 Groovin
52 Groovin 17 kun oldin
This nigga has never been funny to me.. but to go an NBA game and tell a player that they legs are fake 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 & he said Charles Barkley built like a beanbag
Pedro M
Pedro M 17 kun oldin
5:35 almost leave him without arms hahaha
Bevena Williams
Bevena Williams 18 kun oldin
He looks like a dwarf beside the NBA player
Angel Em
Angel Em 18 kun oldin
No one is mentioning how they cut off Michael Jordan to capture Kevin Hart acting drunk? 👌
Tyrice Parkman
Tyrice Parkman 18 kun oldin
8:15 Shaq cries like that?
Rejack 19 kun oldin
Ya know what greatness feels like.... *points at Charles*.. “ima leave it at that” LMFAOOO
Joshua Tang
Joshua Tang 19 kun oldin
Kevin looks like a dwarf
JeanDylanKevin 20 kun oldin
Why u no do the oscars u mad bro ? This nigga midget ain't funny
Angel Daniella
Angel Daniella 20 kun oldin
Kevin Hart is such a dick 😂😂 I love it!
hans breukers
hans breukers 20 kun oldin
Amen Choudhury
Amen Choudhury 21 kun oldin
Why does Kevin have 2 watches on
bryan d
bryan d 22 kun oldin
"Legs are fake" im dead
DiVerse 22 kun oldin
irving was mad lol
Joseph Mill
Joseph Mill 23 kun oldin
Fake ass laughing Kevin dick
Joseph Mill
Joseph Mill 23 kun oldin
Fake ass laughing Kevin dicj
Tobi Akinlosotu
Tobi Akinlosotu 23 kun oldin
Young Mando
Young Mando 23 kun oldin
Kevin hart the only comedian who actually can dab and its kinda funny
Tom Hoy
Tom Hoy 24 kun oldin
Cynicalbeast880 24 kun oldin
8:41 anyone hear Kevin Hart say The F
Peter Paz
Peter Paz 25 kun oldin
00:24 - Anyone else catch that look of disdain white guy shot Kevin Hart ??? A shitload of pennies for HIS thoughts........
CRod Plato
CRod Plato 25 kun oldin
I was on the floor when he told Chuck he looked like a bean bag 😂😂😂
EHedges 25 kun oldin
Kevin Hart does not like Clay Thomson
Zhangster Jeff
Zhangster Jeff 26 kun oldin
If you smile fast enough your lips will bleed LOOK LOOK HE’S HAVING PROBLEMS DRINKING HIS WATER LMAO
Dennis Leavitt
Dennis Leavitt 26 kun oldin
Damn, Kevin need Earl boykins and muggsy Bouges our there with him to keep him from lookin’ like a hobbit!!
Breezy 27 kun oldin
Irfan Mirza
Irfan Mirza 27 kun oldin
Jay Sco
Jay Sco 28 kun oldin
C. Webb wanted all the smoke!!!
Ronnie West
Ronnie West 28 kun oldin
I kno harden 6’5. Kev ain’t no damn 5’6
Jay Hines
Jay Hines 27 kun oldin
He's 5'4 i think
Maximiliano Rodriguez
How does his handshakes always go well
Aeroify HD
Aeroify HD 29 kun oldin
5:08 come on 😂😂
A Roy
A Roy 29 kun oldin
RIP Craig Sager though, got a flash of his suits in the vid.
Lunatic 3:16 crew
Lunatic 3:16 crew 29 kun oldin
*He’s uncomfortably taking water*
Hank’s Dank
Hank’s Dank 29 kun oldin
A bean bag that somebody sat in 🤣
Vyse500 Oy oldin
Gimmick is old already
Kara Sot
Kara Sot Oy oldin
I like it but I don’t hahaha
Rico Hughes
Rico Hughes Oy oldin
I wonder what A.I said to D. Wade 🤔
get handles
get handles Oy oldin
Kevin hart be the main reason his team gets clapped sometimes
1v1 me I'm Xbox FaZe Xslayer64
Who else thought at 9:43 it was frozen
Lana Leanos
Lana Leanos Oy oldin
7:58 😂😭
Lana Leanos
Lana Leanos Oy oldin
“What got into you today?” *Kevin Hart.* “Kevin Hart..really?” *YUP.* 😐
jaden mayes
jaden mayes Oy oldin
He fell like a lego character
dwwhitedyl Oy oldin
Kevin roastin Kenny and his chapped lips will never get old and Shaq’s laugh is too god damn contagious
Joana Pinto
Joana Pinto Oy oldin
Ola L
Aggro Koorde
Aggro Koorde Oy oldin
Why is it so funny when Kevin’s stands by the basketball players
Mark Markem
Mark Markem Oy oldin
Murdered Charles Barkley tho
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