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Khalid - Better (Official Music Video)

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“Better” Official Video out now! smarturl.it/zBetter
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9-Noy, 2018



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Venomous Scop3zZ
Venomous Scop3zZ 34 daqiqa oldin
Hands down the best song ever
Seven DeadlyPumpkins
Seven DeadlyPumpkins 43 daqiqa oldin
Genericmusicindustry: lets put hot chicks in the mv. Khalid: no no, just cars
SunshineSkully Soat oldin
oh HAYELL NO! Get yourself into this house right now! Can't believe your playin' in the street like that. I thought I was going to die watching it! You're so talented and I love this song but those cars did me in haha ...keep the music comin'
katrina priester
katrina priester Soat oldin
So Khalid if youre reading this... When you shoot your next video hit a girl up! Would love to be in one of your videos
Harold Gubac
Harold Gubac Soat oldin
I always laugh when he dance😂
Jasmin Mrvojlak
Jasmin Mrvojlak Soat oldin
alicia harasymiw
alicia harasymiw Soat oldin
My Brother Listens to This while hes Driveing his Dirt Bike
Justin Swink
Justin Swink Soat oldin
This song is so chill but speaks volumes. One of my favorites!
kasia brittain
kasia brittain Soat oldin
Why the hell he got all these old BMW you going to get new cars in the video
SGT GAMING 2 soat oldin
don't press read more your 2019 has been blessed like to activate
Sabeena Qureshi
Sabeena Qureshi 2 soat oldin
Such good song Khalid i like that song
Darin Floyd
Darin Floyd 2 soat oldin
When you realize pewds isn't the first channel 2 100 mill
12 class creativity.
Sidhu mossewala fans .
John Doe
John Doe 2 soat oldin
He dance better than drake
Dustin Eagan
Dustin Eagan 2 soat oldin
Svetlana Goncharova bellydance
Sammy Playz
Sammy Playz 3 soat oldin
Me: throwing up *sings this song*
sunil kumar
sunil kumar 3 soat oldin
Car is super and song is also
Dirty Diana
Dirty Diana 3 soat oldin
Nervous the entire video thinking the car would somehow run his foot over 😬
Madison Stafford
Madison Stafford 4 soat oldin
I think this is your best yet I love it I cant stop listening to it
Madison Stafford
Madison Stafford 4 soat oldin
(The song btw
Vajtold Gaming
Vajtold Gaming 4 soat oldin
kaci hanslip
kaci hanslip 4 soat oldin
this is great xd
Andrea Carbajal
Andrea Carbajal 4 soat oldin
Hearing this while driving at night😩❤️
Meme Star
Meme Star 4 soat oldin
Far out, his voice is so damnnn good!!! 2019 anyone???
JSL 5 soat oldin
i watched a stripper dance to this & now i love this song
Surendra Chaupal
Surendra Chaupal 5 soat oldin
Understand this song?nope But I understand music In my blood... Edit=sorry for my bad Hindi..😅😅
Time Waister pro
Time Waister pro 5 soat oldin
I normally would lean for rap but Khalid has this special voice that takes me here every time and I love it
Bonji 13
Bonji 13 5 soat oldin
Bmw e 36 🔥🔥🔥
Hritick Sarker
Hritick Sarker 5 soat oldin
Khalid=Me in my room The cars=My feels
Antwionette Sexton
Antwionette Sexton 6 soat oldin
Tan Gh
Tan Gh 6 soat oldin
Is it Wakanda Forever ?
Cute ._.Things
Cute ._.Things 7 soat oldin
Him and the weekd look alike.,.like if they do👇🏻
Emon Sarkar
Emon Sarkar 7 soat oldin
Life is bettar
Jamarion Williams
Jamarion Williams 7 soat oldin
Do yo dance
Borzи 8 soat oldin
Calvin Biefeld
Calvin Biefeld 8 soat oldin
*I Did a COVER of this song,please check it out*
x x
x x 8 soat oldin
Khalid you sound good, good song but i sound alot better then you man
Жанара Уразгалиева
His term😘😘😍😍
Kevin Huynh
Kevin Huynh 9 soat oldin
the smoothness of his voice and his dance gives me chills.
Udai Bajwa
Udai Bajwa 9 soat oldin
Didn't know my man Samuel Umtiti made such dope music in his downtime when he wasn't playing football.
BVpinkninja 10 soat oldin
That feeling when you’re driving home after hanging out with friends/a person at like 3 am or 6am and It’s still night but maybe the sun is peaking . And you just had a good time and everything is setting in and you feel high. A natural high. That’s what this song remind me of and that’s the same feeling this video gives me.
worchin green
worchin green 10 soat oldin
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worchin green
worchin green 10 soat oldin
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Chris Reed
Chris Reed 10 soat oldin
I like fam style, real playas can ride to this n just think...
Ragoo Punch
Ragoo Punch 10 soat oldin
emma reed
emma reed 11 soat oldin
Khalid has some good ass songs
LEEZY BEATZ 11 soat oldin
Mumble pop
Avalon B
Avalon B 11 soat oldin
All the people that disliked were just so relaxed they hit the wrong button
QASIM hassan
QASIM hassan 11 soat oldin
I love this song💙💝💗💕💞
Ajeng Nurfatmalah
Ajeng Nurfatmalah 12 soat oldin
ngakak tangannya
Reynaldo Tellez
Reynaldo Tellez 12 soat oldin
Los Angeles, CA stand up
Ann Flores
Ann Flores 12 soat oldin
great song.😊
Wiyze 12 soat oldin
He got gta cheat codes
szy Tt
szy Tt 12 soat oldin
Khalid dance moves are thing!!! :D
Angelina Hunsaker
Angelina Hunsaker 12 soat oldin
A gold Angel is the most beautiful thing you can see in life 🎀🐴
Anna Rowsell
Anna Rowsell 12 soat oldin
I love Khalid. Hes beautiful and his voice is amazing. Love this song and his other ones too 👍
Sunny Daze
Sunny Daze 13 soat oldin
Ive been feeling this song forever but haven’t seen the video. Glad to see he dances just like I do to this🤩
Tommy Ings
Tommy Ings 13 soat oldin
47k people that dislike this are not feeling "Better"
Joe Vazquez
Joe Vazquez 13 soat oldin
Editer-what effects you want Khalid-I like cars
vanniah1 13 soat oldin
When you're driving, street lights up in the air everywhere, and this song comes on I feel hi on you, on everything, reach over and hold ya face and kiss ya..... everything falls in place
Matheus Silva
Matheus Silva 14 soat oldin
Melhor musicaaaa
Matheus Silva
Matheus Silva 14 soat oldin
V S O P: Visions Started Over Pain
True Bond Official Short Film Check It Out uzvid.com/video/video-Am5rq8bwoio.html
Darlene Currin
Darlene Currin 14 soat oldin
Hear this song a lot didn't know who song it this guy is a guest host coach on the voice I love this song
conner baldwin
conner baldwin 14 soat oldin
Dang he's a fan of e36 bimmers apparently 😎👌
Ira Oktavia
Ira Oktavia 14 soat oldin
Luv this song 🌷 Salam dari Indonesia 🇮🇩
BabyK Gaming
BabyK Gaming 14 soat oldin
Ya bio drifing
antwan oliver
antwan oliver 15 soat oldin
Cutest video I seen in a minute
Alewxa Martinez
Alewxa Martinez 15 soat oldin
he can not imagine how many times one has repeated this song at day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Ohh is finishing the song, repeating!!
SySy D
SySy D 15 soat oldin
As soon as I heard this song. I thought it was XXXTentacion •x•
Barack Adam
Barack Adam 15 soat oldin
This guy never makes bad songs even if he try to
Edna Joseph
Edna Joseph 15 soat oldin
Real shit nothing feels better than this
osdany martinez
osdany martinez 15 soat oldin
This nigga looks like a panda
Edna Joseph
Edna Joseph 15 soat oldin
Amazing voice i got the chills
Katelyn Pinckney
Katelyn Pinckney 15 soat oldin
I love the mson
Jahir Morales
Jahir Morales 15 soat oldin
Gracelynn Mel
Gracelynn Mel 15 soat oldin
This song made me a Khalid fan
Strawberry Jellyfish
Strawberry Jellyfish 16 soat oldin
Whats the song the plays quietly in the very end of this video?
ADRIEL MUSIC 16 soat oldin
Temota uff saludos desde Colombia bro! 🎶
W451F08 16 soat oldin
Propa old school vibes!!!
Danette Cowan
Danette Cowan 16 soat oldin
Man this song is so amazing! I wish I could press the like button over and over....❤❤❤❤❤
Siham Mohamed
Siham Mohamed 16 soat oldin
2:06 best part
Karen Carson
Karen Carson 16 soat oldin
He sings good
High Skies
High Skies 17 soat oldin
How bout DJ KHALID lmao
Amartha Abasali
Amartha Abasali 17 soat oldin
Maurice Burns
Maurice Burns 17 soat oldin
I don't know how many times I'm going to play this cause it's just a good song.
Julian Black
Julian Black 17 soat oldin
His dancing is so bad lol
Logan Matsuda
Logan Matsuda 17 soat oldin
dad: turn it off me: why dad: we have bigger speakers downstairs
Meme W
Meme W 17 soat oldin
I don't if my ears are playing up but it sure sounds like Cardi B in the beginning of the song or am I just listening to alot of her songs.
Laney Sevy
Laney Sevy 18 soat oldin
the best song ever by khalid
ru ok
ru ok 18 soat oldin
It does calm you down
Conscious Queen
Conscious Queen 18 soat oldin
This song made me so obsessed with him. 😍😩😩❤️ His voice calms me so much.
Shereen Russell-Ahmed
Shereen Russell-Ahmed 18 soat oldin
Love his voice
Pres Kid
Pres Kid 18 soat oldin
I don’t like it
Donna Guy
Donna Guy 18 soat oldin
Nothing feels better.
Masterliqliq 19 soat oldin
I have his name but replace the d with a q
Maddie A
Maddie A 19 soat oldin
Sitting On The Roof Watching The Sunset Listening To This Song, Type Of Summer Vibes😫🌠
Bekzod Ashirov
Bekzod Ashirov 19 soat oldin
Я только что узнал и это песня супер
Dalyssia Carter
Dalyssia Carter 19 soat oldin
Smoove ass 😎
Alexa Cannon
Alexa Cannon 19 soat oldin
Who else heard cardi’s voice in the beginning
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