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Kids Meet a Teen Mom | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids
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HiHo Kids



6-Dek, 2018

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Crazy Little Cupcake
Crazy Little Cupcake 31 daqiqa oldin
When she’s 20 her child would be in kindergarten or first grade dang
Danny Groening
Danny Groening 31 daqiqa oldin
I am 15 I need kid tooo Just kidding girls
Danny Groening
Danny Groening 36 daqiqa oldin
He look like 22
Kaia Rieger
Kaia Rieger 54 daqiqa oldin
Ahh Ik her!!!! The teen mom❤️❤️❤️
Joseph Bills
Joseph Bills 57 daqiqa oldin
Very nice video, but watching it felt like having a baby at such a young age is "ok". Not that they said that, of course she said it was a mistake, but prevention to teenage pregnancy wasn't addressed in a direct way that could benefit the many young kids that watch this. Hope I don't get hate for this obvious truth🙏
Killer _ 101
Killer _ 101 57 daqiqa oldin
Kids meet kids
Jesheh Shsnsb
Jesheh Shsnsb Soat oldin
Pfh.. why is she telling everybody? Dude chill... the little kids don’t care 😂
Torian Thompson
Torian Thompson Soat oldin
I hate when boys ask you to do that kind of stuff but they never stay once you're pregnant they either break up with you or they support you and stay with you.
Heaven Flores
Heaven Flores 2 soat oldin
Omg the teen mom is so pretty and the baby too🙂
wet ASMR
wet ASMR 2 soat oldin
“I had a baby when I was 14” *fbi open up*
Mike Losordo
Mike Losordo 3 soat oldin
Why is this being glorified
BestBros !
BestBros ! 3 soat oldin
wait you can do it in 8th grade? wow wonder why lot of people in 1500 had babies when they were 12
mooni moonshine
mooni moonshine 4 soat oldin
This high key makes me want to have a baby but NO I WILL NOT. NOT YET. I WILL BE GOOD AND WAIT BC I DONT WANNA BE A DEAD BODY ON THE NEWS
cum shit
cum shit 4 soat oldin
The teen mom scares me honestly ;-;
LifeStyleBeauty12 5 soat oldin
omg i would be fucking beat if i ever even THOUGHT about being pregnant at 13-14 tf
Thewannabe MsKim
Thewannabe MsKim 5 soat oldin
Luis Vargas
Luis Vargas 6 soat oldin
Maddie Lambert
Laura S
Laura S 6 soat oldin
These kids are ruuuude
Zahran Shams
Zahran Shams 6 soat oldin
I looked at the title I thought this would be a video about a mom who has teenage kids, not a teenage old mom!
Zhi Bde
Zhi Bde 6 soat oldin
5:51 Asking the right questions
Jodie O'Neill
Jodie O'Neill 6 soat oldin
she is sweet to be fair on her! xxx
datsierratho 6 soat oldin
Still this is sad and not emotionally but u got to be kidding me
Italian Wig Snatch
Italian Wig Snatch 7 soat oldin
“They dont teach that in Texas” oh so do parents not exist in Texas either?
Ur nans Favourite rapper
I love how this shows that even mums as young as 15 can be so much better than people in their 30 s or even 40s . She seems to really care for her baby
HONDA RULES 7 soat oldin
She was chill af about it not wierd like a lot of teen mom's
Fatima Osman
Fatima Osman 8 soat oldin
Did she leave her dungaree open by accident or did she leave it open cause it’s a fashion trend
Tanya Singh
Tanya Singh 8 soat oldin
Anyone from India.. Who is freaking out here😰😰😰😨😨😨😅
Z - MAN 8 soat oldin
But U look like 20
Marianne Floyd
Marianne Floyd 8 soat oldin
My parents are a lot older than me and I think it’s better to be a young parent so you can be closer to the parent. I really can’t open up to my parents because of the absolutely HUGE age gap. Depressing, I know.
Darnaa Maslov
Darnaa Maslov 9 soat oldin
Why is she constantly blaming Texas for not educating herself lol?
Scarlet O'Hara
Scarlet O'Hara 9 soat oldin
walking disaster
walking disaster 10 soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Sara Cardoso
Sara Cardoso 10 soat oldin
I'd get an abortion and I'm 22.
Park Jimin
Park Jimin 10 soat oldin
When I was in 8th grade I almost didn’t promote💀
angry cat
angry cat 10 soat oldin
15 and pregnant? where are her parents?
Mystic Mint
Mystic Mint 11 soat oldin
How about her education?
Yaynii 12 soat oldin
Talbott is a real bot
tumblr girll
tumblr girll 12 soat oldin
She has a UZvid channel! 😂
so ni
so ni 12 soat oldin
myfishmom2 12 soat oldin
I'm I. The ninth grade and didn't even have my first kiss yet
VastmayiAkrati Kulshreshtha
Oh God this girl is so strong.. i hope she will have a good life..
Nadine Aulyaa
Nadine Aulyaa 12 soat oldin
7:06 had me dying
Shereen Asmi
Shereen Asmi 13 soat oldin
Is it even legal?
Bi Tea
Bi Tea 13 soat oldin
Gummy Boi
Gummy Boi 13 soat oldin
Did the dad leave?
VxntageSoullx 14 soat oldin
Beyza Boz
Beyza Boz 14 soat oldin
How can you not know about protection. You can just go online and find out about it in seconds
Claire Nethany
Claire Nethany 14 soat oldin
Im 14. Wow um. Alright
M-Y kawaii Yuh
M-Y kawaii Yuh 14 soat oldin
She is so white not hate
_misra.ble_ neh
_misra.ble_ neh 14 soat oldin
Honestly. I'd rather be a good mom and a bad friend any day. My child would come first... this girl is a godsend 💜
It's Annabel
It's Annabel 15 soat oldin
Back ground music,,,,!!!!!! ballet dancers are shock
salim jabour
salim jabour 15 soat oldin
She a thot
Lizkebab Lok
Lizkebab Lok 16 soat oldin
what is the name of the song in the background?
minnie mouse
minnie mouse 17 soat oldin
Oh wow. She seems so lovely and mature!
kemal habul
kemal habul 18 soat oldin
I'm glad she didn't abort for her self conveniance
Yanna Boone
Yanna Boone 19 soat oldin
X I F X N E S S E 19 soat oldin
15 what Da HeLL😮
Legendary Balkan
Legendary Balkan 19 soat oldin
My mom was 37 when she got me
Aisyah The Wolf
Aisyah The Wolf 20 soat oldin
Her baby has such a happy vibe.. Just like it's mother~💓
Mui S
Mui S 21 soat oldin
My ideal kids will be Thomas & Venessa ❤️❤️ (& maybe another 2 of Thomas 😉)
Jaskaran Singh
Jaskaran Singh 21 soat oldin
I respect her decision and admire her guts
Adrianna Esquivel
Adrianna Esquivel 21 soat oldin
Hey hey hey my mom was 16 when she had my sister lol
Sheep. 22 soat oldin
"I’m pro-life for myself, I would never do an abortion but I still think that people should have that choice” ...So, you're pro-choice then?
adrienne something
adrienne something 22 soat oldin
the baby is so cute, i cant
Purrfectpal !
Purrfectpal ! 22 soat oldin
"What is that weird looking worm?" IM DEAD
Anna S
Anna S 23 soat oldin
She Seems Like A Great Mum 🥰🥰
Lol ok
Lol ok 23 soat oldin
That baby is a frikin model
0mgits AJ
0mgits AJ 23 soat oldin
I want to hug her😭💜shes amazing and so pretty
Angeline Anusya
Angeline Anusya Kun oldin
I'm deaf to all the conversation but listening to the music behind..It's more to like Indian, Arab, Malay mix music 🎶 calming myself down
Ana V
Ana V Kun oldin
Kerry Hates Everything
The girl with the gray shirt and black pants; 😂 I love her reactions.
Sandrine Côté
Sandrine Côté Kun oldin
She is so beautiful omg 💓 and kids are really interested and ask a lot of question, they hunderstand, this is cool😊
Melatone Kun oldin
I’m pretty sure when you’re a junior in high school you are underage just like her.... so what’s the difference 😂😂😂😂
kristina lenkowsky
I follow this youtubers
A’Liana Rountree
Nobody gonna talk about how cute the baby is like?😍😂❤️
Alya Ferrari
Alya Ferrari Kun oldin
I'm almost 19 but she's absolutely way more mature than me....
maribel ramirez
maribel ramirez Kun oldin
Same here with my mom
Otávio Cabral
Otávio Cabral Kun oldin
Wow, what a smart choice, I opened my legs for a boy that cum in 2 seconds
Haniffah Halima
Haniffah Halima Kun oldin
15 dressing like that, no wonder she's a teen mom.
In My Feelings
In My Feelings Kun oldin
she is 15 ... SHE LOOKS SO MUCH OLDER GOOD GOD . its crazy she looks my age . cutos to her mom though because my mom would've put me on life support :')
Ella Ward
Ella Ward Kun oldin
I’m 12 and the ppl in my grade are so careful and ppl just don’t date thank god
judd ieth
judd ieth Kun oldin
the boy in the second 0:14 'ummmm good legs' hahahaha
shany dawson
shany dawson Kun oldin
that baby is so cuteeee
Bonnie Johnson
Bonnie Johnson Kun oldin
This is a really cool video.
Roco the k9
Roco the k9 Kun oldin
KaliSue Tallent
KaliSue Tallent Kun oldin
Maddie and Eve!❤️
I'm 16 and i still play minecraft..... *help*
Josh Ennim
Josh Ennim Kun oldin
Sweet home alambama
PoopIsNotHoly Kun oldin
Maddie is really nice. People are dicks. Vanessa is really funny.
g0ld.kingjr Kun oldin
Wonder what Pop-Pop thinks about this.
A K Kun oldin
parents should be parents, not best friends.
Derin Sahin
Derin Sahin Kun oldin
Im in 8. Grade now. SHE CANT BE 1 YEAR OLDER THAN ME1!1!1!11!!1!11!1!1!
Charlotte Hanson
Mary got pregnant with Jesus at 13. You’re all good
かい消す Kun oldin
15?! wtf, american kids look so much older than they are she looks 19 or smth smh
Meilinda Rosioma
this girl is so kind. i wish her the best. my parents did such amazing job for isolating me at jhs dorm.
Shiba Sinha
Shiba Sinha Kun oldin
When I was 14 I was thinking how babies born or make but here 14yr old girl r becoming a mother what a destroying world is coming near in future
Amina Rizvanovic
„How old do you think you‘re going to be when u have ur first baby“ „37“ straight up 37
I’m Lucky
I’m Lucky Kun oldin
She has my age. Oh my godness
Iskra Potocnik
Iskra Potocnik Kun oldin
I can't believe what I just saw😳😲. Next time use a fucking protection..... 🤬😖
Wise Wright
Wise Wright Kun oldin
What’s this girls snap🤷🏻‍♂️