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Kids Try Pizza Battle! New York Thin Crust vs. Chicago Deep Dish | Kids Try | HiHo Kids
#HiHoKids #KidsTry #Kids
HiHo Kids



28-Noy, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 5 704
Summer Vibes
Summer Vibes Soat oldin
Kids try fortnite food ?
Determined Di
Determined Di 2 soat oldin
NY pizza yes! Chicago style is ok, too but that was burnt.
Malakai Fluellen
Malakai Fluellen 2 soat oldin
R.I.P the opinions about chicago
Ingrid A.
Ingrid A. 6 soat oldin
I see Cavalli I click as fast as PoSsIBle
Julyyy Gaming
Julyyy Gaming 7 soat oldin
Who.. T F D O E S N O T E A T C R U S T?
Lisa’s split turned me gay #StanBlackpink
“Cause it’s deep fish pizza” 🙄
Himal Rai
Himal Rai 11 soat oldin
"i'm sorry i didn't like your pizza but it's just not my kind" that's the kind of kids we need to raise for a better world...
Connor Rolack
Connor Rolack Kun oldin
I love crust
ChickenMan 27
ChickenMan 27 Kun oldin
That's not deep dish. The crust is burnt
Chanel Surmaj
Chanel Surmaj Kun oldin
I love the crust
James Phillips
James Phillips Kun oldin
"anything you want to say to the people in chigaco?" - "you should go to NY" LMFAO
Rwcniner 29
Rwcniner 29 Kun oldin
Tabitha parks
Tabitha parks Kun oldin
This was biased. That deep dish was burnt and had too many toppings
7chiggy Kun oldin
Aw man.. when the kids don't even like pokemon anymore something is wrong 😂
Melanie Martinez fan
Tinitottz Kun oldin
I'm from England and even I know a deep dish pizza doesn't look like that!
Melanie Martinez fan
I dont like fortnite My cousin hates fortnite and she's a teen My brother loves fortnite but slowly hating it I prefer OverWatch🙄
obscurr Kun oldin
i don't trust these kids' opinions after hearing them prefer fortnite over pokemon
ItsCookeh -
ItsCookeh - 2 kun oldin
"I'm gonna try and eat it all".. me
ImDatYDD 2 kun oldin
Mfs is lying, that does not like that around here
Jeshua Jones
Jeshua Jones 2 kun oldin
What king of dish is that
Matthew Sopprani
Matthew Sopprani 2 kun oldin
Welp we know the kids like Fortnite
mickala travis
mickala travis 2 kun oldin
For all of the people who live in IL you have to try Giordano's they have the best deep dish .
Grim Games
Grim Games 2 kun oldin
4:49 what have you done?
Makenna Boni
Makenna Boni 2 kun oldin
1:34 why does this kid always on there thumbnail for every kid video
Simply Seli
Simply Seli 2 kun oldin
AAYA MOHAMED 2 kun oldin
Not trying to be racist or any thing but the black guy is annoying
Iuvenalis Gisbert
Iuvenalis Gisbert 2 kun oldin
Is 35 too old to have kids?
Steven Chavarria
Steven Chavarria 2 kun oldin
I see Cavalli, I click
FatFluffyKitty AJ
FatFluffyKitty AJ 3 kun oldin
Big JINS 3 kun oldin
Fortnite? Half of those kids dont even play fortnite
Heyam Mohamed
Heyam Mohamed 3 kun oldin
Clara is so sweet
Ryzze 3 kun oldin
0:22 when I'm an adult and my kids say this I would actually disown them
Fong Chong Seng
Fong Chong Seng 3 kun oldin
Every pizza are my favourite
Gewpy 4 kun oldin
0:23 cannot express how much I hate those kids
Hey its Andreia
Hey its Andreia 4 kun oldin
Why is the black kid such a mood😂
Mikayla Ejeh
Mikayla Ejeh 4 kun oldin
Im eating pizza rn
Cookie Moo milk
Cookie Moo milk 4 kun oldin
“Pokémon or fortnite?” All the kids: “FORTNITE!!!” Me: POKÉMON!!!!!! .......oh.....
ninja 4 kun oldin
They should've ask *Minecraft or Fornite?*
emma giovini
emma giovini 4 kun oldin
Oddio no il formaggio sopra la pizza 🤦🏼‍♀️🤮🇮🇹🇮🇹
ail a Malik
ail a Malik 4 kun oldin
the breaking news
the breaking news 4 kun oldin
That Chicago deep dish pizza look burnt they didn't cook it right and they put too much stuff in it kids wouldn't like it like that
A & N Gacha Verse
A & N Gacha Verse 4 kun oldin
1:32 meeeee!!!!
MLG Ryder
MLG Ryder 5 kun oldin
H Hi H Please like this took me 10 seconds!
Reba Gerace
Reba Gerace 5 kun oldin
I like NY pizza and Pokemon 😋
Sumaia Akthar
Sumaia Akthar 5 kun oldin
1:32 is literally me 😂😂
Vlogs with John
Vlogs with John 6 kun oldin
Josue Ramirez
Josue Ramirez 6 kun oldin
So the bad pizza is fortnite
Bri and Ziy
Bri and Ziy 6 kun oldin
They did ya bogus with that deep dish 🥵😡
unjaded2 6 kun oldin
most all people in Chicago dont eat that kind of pizza ! most eat a thin crispy pizza. i am so tired of this MYTH ! i grew up in Chicago and never had deep dish pizza . the first time was in WI from a place called uno"s that said it was Chicago style pizza .
Papa Jo
Papa Jo 6 kun oldin
Made me hungry, pizza ordered.
WolfiBot ._.
WolfiBot ._. 6 kun oldin
Pokemon or fortnite ? fortnite fortnite fortnite Me: Minecraft
King Khari
King Khari 6 kun oldin
Nyc all day
Susan Kelly
Susan Kelly 6 kun oldin
I love Cavalli
That one girl 64
That one girl 64 6 kun oldin
1:34 to 1:40 literally me
James Stiso
James Stiso 7 kun oldin
what the heck man deep dish is not supposed to look like that u are feeding these kids lies
Kaffee Katze
Kaffee Katze 7 kun oldin
All of them saying Fortnite really broke my heart ;____;
avril raven
avril raven 7 kun oldin
Come on y'all.. That deep dish was burnt. Not even worth eating. Now. A quessadilla is where its at.
Máté Antal
Máté Antal 7 kun oldin
"Noone likes crust" This is why I bully children
Anonymousss 7 kun oldin
Clara is so well-raised
haya Farhan
haya Farhan 7 kun oldin
When we eat pizza i mean me and my faily i eat all the crust they left. Yummy!
Montana Morino
Montana Morino 7 kun oldin
I got offended when cavali ate the pizza with a fork and a knife
BrazFraz 1
BrazFraz 1 7 kun oldin
Bro no that’s not how the deep dish really looks like over here at Chicago 💀
Nick Gold
Nick Gold 7 kun oldin
why would you give them pepperoni for new york and then all that other crap for chicago? You basically set this video up for chicago to fail
melanintears 8 kun oldin
That is not Chicago pizza, y’all did us dirty 💀
gelo 5 soat oldin
melanintears Ik it’s like some house wife made it and she went to the store and forgot she was making pizza and burnt it and severs it to her family and they feel bad so they say it’s good
gino gio
gino gio 8 kun oldin
That guy was right crust is bad 😅😅
Snow Pearl
Snow Pearl 8 kun oldin
I'm born in 1997 but I've never been a pokemon fan. Too busy watching other anime like sailor moon.
Paraiso Haris
Paraiso Haris 8 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂 omg Can u tell me a bit more “What u say” 😂😂😂😂
Paraiso Haris
Paraiso Haris 8 kun oldin
“Save and DNT EAT IT” 😂
Jason Jang
Jason Jang 8 kun oldin
they should of tried lou malnati's
Happy Nappy the third
Me at school Teacher: do you want to guess?? Me: no. ;•;
Rob Lowe
Rob Lowe 9 kun oldin
For all the haters of Chicago deep dish pizza .......................FRICK YOU.
TheEeveeGirl 18
TheEeveeGirl 18 9 kun oldin
you haven't had good pizza till u tried Chicago style
SULO BOII!!!!!!!!
SULO BOII!!!!!!!! 9 kun oldin
Kids try contry finland
Veronica 9 kun oldin
Hahaha!! Chicagoan here and that's not justice to our deep dish. Why would they serve them a burnt pizza to begin with? Lmao
yoyo_the _espresso
yoyo_the _espresso 9 kun oldin
why are they all choosing fortnite pokemon is the greatest XD
Jackthepanda 10 kun oldin
Hey I live in Chicago
BladeMaster 122
BladeMaster 122 10 kun oldin
Pokemon is my time of course they would say the other game the one that shouldn't be named....
Takeoffyourblindfold 69
I love both
Wakanda Foreva!
Wakanda Foreva! 10 kun oldin
Gosh darn it!!! I have school tomorrow and it 3 frickin AM!!!!!😰
Olivia Reyes
Olivia Reyes 10 kun oldin
I don’t like deep dish even tho I live in Chicago
Sunny Potatoe
Sunny Potatoe 10 kun oldin
Deep dish= delicious
Minecraftergirl !
Minecraftergirl ! 10 kun oldin
1:33 me
Caleb Schetter
Caleb Schetter 10 kun oldin
Deep dish just isn't good. Period. NY Style is amazing.
OOM-9 Commander
OOM-9 Commander 10 kun oldin
Denver pizza is better than both of these
SpeedQueen 10 kun oldin
F Fa Far Fart Farth Farthe Father Farther d Farther do Father don Farther don't Father don't e Farther don't eat Farther don't eat m Father don't eat my Farther don't eat my p Farther don't eat my pi Farther don't eat my piz Father don't eat my pizz Farther don't eat my pizza Farther don't eat my pizz Father don't eat my piz Farther don't eat my pi Father don't eat my p I'm not gonna finish it
SpeedQueen 10 kun oldin
Lyssa Rose
Lyssa Rose 10 kun oldin
Y’all did em dirty wit that deep dish . What type of deep dish are y’all having ? 😭🚫
Ron Weasley
Ron Weasley 10 kun oldin
That kid is adorable when he eats the pizza lol 😝
Anna Meridian
Anna Meridian 10 kun oldin
Deep Dish is AMAZING!! and i live i Minnesota so we don't have good deep dish. 😢😢😢😢
Ethan Melano
Ethan Melano 10 kun oldin
You just have to get the right deep dish pizza and then you'll like it
Ourcade gaming
Ourcade gaming 10 kun oldin
Shittyest deep dish pizza ever it was but and it had like mushrooms
Jadah Peach
Jadah Peach 10 kun oldin
Her face at 3:33 😂😂😂
zzNATHANKINGzz 11 kun oldin
Why does Clara and Justin make weird faces and reactions but the still eat it
Vanessa Ternes
Vanessa Ternes 11 kun oldin
0:34 He put up his thumb 😂
baby shark
baby shark 11 kun oldin
I'm from Italy and THIS PIZZA IS RUBBISH! bye🇮🇹🍕❤️❤️
Dazai 11 kun oldin
They'd choose fortnight over Pokemon??? They're something wrong here yaII
Lily Ebanks
Lily Ebanks 11 kun oldin
I personally love deep dish pizza
Greg F.
Greg F. 11 kun oldin
The girl responding "no thanks" when asked if she wants to guess:-). Perfect answer! Oh, and Chicago Deep Dish is of course better. I grew up on Giordano's, Edwardo's, and of course, the top dog, Gino's East. New York style pizza is just regular American pizza, you can get it anywhere, there's nothing special about it. It is unfortunate that most Americans do not yet have access to Chicago Deep Dish, although there are Chicago pizzerias popping up in cities with a lot of tourists like Las Vegas. As an example, I believe there are two Giordano's on the strip now. You'll also be able to find some joints in places like Arizona and Florida, where Chicago seniors tend to go to retire. Still, Chicago Deep Dish is one of the few foods in America that you usually have to travel to another city to find.
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