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Adventurous and adorable kids give us an entree into the world’s array of foods and snacks.
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Kids Try Parents' Childhood Favorite | Kids Try | HiHo Kids
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HiHo Kids
HiHo Kids 6 oy oldin
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Mr_ ImMinseok
Mr_ ImMinseok 4 kun oldin
R. I. P Wren
fangs Matt champion
People there parents obviously control the account 😶
Catzu’s World
Catzu’s World 19 kun oldin
Oh Wren....
The Definition Of Cancer
I don't have social media except UZvid cause it came with my phone I respect cavalli but everyone else?!
Ramon Campos
Ramon Campos Oy oldin
HiHo Kids opa
David Chosenberg
David Chosenberg 38 daqiqa oldin
cavalli: “maybe sneak sum tAbAcCo in dat”
Arkey Dino
Arkey Dino Soat oldin
Lol I have the same shirt as Miko...(The Asian kid)
Cloudii Skii
Cloudii Skii Soat oldin
2:13 (we all know she's philipino or she went there cuz pandesal is a very delicious bread)
Mr. Panda
Mr. Panda Soat oldin
Him: HI CHAIR Her: what are we doing today Him: saying hi to a chair and giving them cash
PoisonCloudYT - Minecraft
I love graham crackers
damiela Buckley
damiela Buckley 3 soat oldin
Why did you eat this everyday *WE WERE BROKE*
BTS_ MinYoongi
BTS_ MinYoongi 3 soat oldin
Kid:why did you eat this everyday? Mom: wE weRe BrOkE!! Pfft why is this me 😂🤣🤧
Riana Mejia
Riana Mejia 3 soat oldin
did the other mom says PANDESAL
Shubhs 4 soat oldin
@ 4:00 Cavalli said that he’ll give his kids a little tobacco. Lmao
Rabbitlim Yt fans
Rabbitlim Yt fans 11 soat oldin
Anyone else here still put your cookies inside your milks? I do 😂
Ali Higgins
Ali Higgins 11 soat oldin
Cavalli is so cute omg my heart❤️🥰
Akeyuu chan
Akeyuu chan 14 soat oldin
Cavalli is always my favorite🤣
lawrence buco
lawrence buco 17 soat oldin
The one mom is from Philippines
xx_ice bish_xx
xx_ice bish_xx 17 soat oldin
Aww the child with the dark skin is so sweet to his mother ❤
JiminMochiMochi 18 soat oldin
Pandesal?? Are they filipino? That eats pandesal with beans?
ROMNICK Itoy 19 soat oldin
Pandesal not pandasal
Edmin Lapira
Edmin Lapira 20 soat oldin
is Miko's mom Filipino??
ItsDOGE PlaysCoFFee
ItsDOGE PlaysCoFFee 20 soat oldin
My childhood meal is a pandesal with pancit canton cuz im filipino XD
Turtles Are Epiic
Turtles Are Epiic 21 soat oldin
3:59 I know he meant tobasco but he said “Maybe we can sneak a little tobacco too”
Khushi Ramnarain
Khushi Ramnarain 9 soat oldin
I heard tomato
naomi esquiaqui esquiaqui
combia is my dna
Erma Campbell
Erma Campbell Kun oldin
The parents are reaaly disturbed by the kids😋
Christian TheAwesome
3:20 Mom: how’s it taste Miko: good Mom: imagine eating this everyday Miko: why’s u eat it everyday Mom: we were broke Wow... 😂😂😂
G_aXcHa g*U_rL
G_aXcHa g*U_rL Kun oldin
Tabascoooo *-* xD
Alex I
Alex I Kun oldin
I like instant noodles with milk
Watsupfellas Kun oldin
No one: Ethan: *sAYinG Hi TO a ChAiR And gIve IT caSh*
Naomi Mckay
Naomi Mckay Kun oldin
The sardined with the chicken in a biscuit crackers sound great with hot sauce not Tabasco or cheese wiz🤮
Gabylee Gt
Gabylee Gt Kun oldin
Its Me Kim!
Its Me Kim! Kun oldin
Pandesal talaga ang tawag😂 *#Phillipines**>3*
Raine Gulinao
Raine Gulinao Kun oldin
Uhm it's pandesal not pandasal tf?!
Crystotic Aka Troy Camillus
I like bread on cola Seriously
Jade The Smol Animator
Where da Filipinos at or Asians!
FBI Kun oldin
Phhhh, my moms food was good and I’m still eating it to this day.
White&Red 2 kun oldin
Beans and pandisal. Yummy.
Spicy Ramen Noodles
The kids should do a vid where they eat mystery foods
Ashley Proosten Tousalwa
I used to eat dorito bits in italian bread! Just eat the inside of the italian bread and put dorito bits in it
Ashley Proosten Tousalwa
0:43 Cavalli is so sweet!!!
RobloxGamer Them
RobloxGamer Them 2 kun oldin
I like pandesal but without that 🤮
Malhakai Reyes-Mariano
*give the crackers and cheese to your kids. MAYBE PUT A LITTLE TOBACCO ON IT*
D Pinoy
D Pinoy Kun oldin
Ria Alleyne Malabuyoc
Me:Any filipinos there? ...... Me:oh only me okay Pandasal are known to be filipino's favorite bread especially in the morning
Mike Auchenbach
Mike Auchenbach 2 kun oldin
I don’t eat sardines gross 🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
CeNToN zn
CeNToN zn 2 kun oldin
Wow beans and pandesal I love eating it. And milk and graham.
minecraft gaming
minecraft gaming 2 kun oldin
krishaant singh
krishaant singh 2 kun oldin
AQuah 2 kun oldin
This show make me happy 😃... I am grateful thank you 🙏❤️
My Sister Sicked My Duck
Producer: “Tell Me Something About Your Mom” Cavilli: “She’s Beautiful!” Me: Wow, my heart is joyous 🖤💞
シcringeygang 2 kun oldin
3:08-3:14 young savage
XxWolfGamer123Xx 2 kun oldin
Where’s Helena? You know why I wonder? Cause she pretty and cute!
Pati Lainez
Pati Lainez 3 kun oldin
He said tobacco and not Tabasco
Loshi_ EduChu!街の名前
BasicTinySeal 3 kun oldin
Wren's dad *KNOWS* what he's talking about, that's my absolute fAVORITE way to eat cookies, I stan Wren's dad 😤✊🍪
Sharon Koontz
Sharon Koontz 3 kun oldin
i do the gramcracker thing
Migulatte Whip cream
Beans you ate beans!?!!!!?
Peachy Dream
Peachy Dream 3 kun oldin
Ethan is a child comedian🤣👏🏻
Hektor Olsson
Hektor Olsson 3 kun oldin
Love sardins
Tangila Lee
Tangila Lee 3 kun oldin
“That I came up with.” Typical.... 😂
Tangila Lee
Tangila Lee 3 kun oldin
The black mom and her son, are just.., wow Goals ❤️🥺
Kings Slayer
Kings Slayer 3 kun oldin
3:59 Sneak a little tabaco on
Jessy Tube
Jessy Tube 3 kun oldin
Nice video 😊🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀
Tommy Pohjola
Tommy Pohjola 3 kun oldin
Im from Finland and I eat some weird stuff you know!
Squishy Mochi B5S
Squishy Mochi B5S 3 kun oldin
Is the first boy's momo a Filipina??
Lance Amiel conti
Lance Amiel conti 4 kun oldin
I think Ethan odopted
I_SuCC_aT_FoRtNiTe 4 kun oldin
“Saying hi to a chair and Give him cash 💵? -Ethan 2018
Skee_da _Whaledog_ Animations
I was so happy when i saw milk and Graham crackers. I legit used to eat that all the time and i still would. If you havnt tried it then you need too!!!!
Lara Adnan
Lara Adnan 4 kun oldin
ethans so rude and he haves a bad behavior and he thinks he is cool with those little fake jokes -_-
Kirby Brown
Kirby Brown 4 kun oldin
And I thought I was a weird kid
Novador 6565
Novador 6565 4 kun oldin
The kid said tabacoo instead of Tabasco...
AADYN SCRUPPS 4 kun oldin
I think Cavalli is my favorite 😂
ImDaPleb RainbwoahFan
I like the “you ate beans” boy And his mom And the guy who doesn’t look like his mom
Ur Mum Gay Bruh 69
Ur Mum Gay Bruh 69 4 kun oldin
“Maybe I’ll slip a little ah of tabacco on it” 😂
Christina Rivera
Christina Rivera 4 kun oldin
I hate sardines
GreenManCrafter Gaming
Hello Philippines If you hear that ... 2:06
ronick2345 4 kun oldin
1:22 realy pandasal or pandesal
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
The only one that does look somewhat gross is the nuts one... cause I hate nuts..
Libbyy Daniel
Libbyy Daniel 4 kun oldin
the gram cracker thing omg I do thaaaat
Martha Faith Atarra and Bubbles my lovely dog
Is Miko's mom is a Filipina
Lil Zaco
Lil Zaco 4 kun oldin
I love these videos
HGP Gaming
HGP Gaming 4 kun oldin
Mom: imagine eating this every day Boy: why did you eat this everyday Mom: cause we were broke Me: XD
BlackpinkGacha ;3
BlackpinkGacha ;3 5 kun oldin
Those potatoes look goooooddd
Izughbelle V
Izughbelle V 5 kun oldin
Beans and pandesal 😍😍😍ik I spelt it wrong
FoRtNiTe GaMeR
FoRtNiTe GaMeR 5 kun oldin
Chicken ‘N A Biscuit is godly...
Alulu a
Alulu a 5 kun oldin
0:35 i hate this kid
Music&Me 510
Music&Me 510 5 kun oldin
Don't do that, kiddo. Don't throw cash at the chair, you can throw it to me.
Kalin Dixon
Kalin Dixon 5 kun oldin
Why did you eat this everyday? Because we were broke😭 Me: same😂
Mio Wen
Mio Wen 5 kun oldin
"What do you think you are going to do today?" "My MOOOOOM"
Vi Sousa
Vi Sousa 5 kun oldin
Potato looks great
Saloua Oost
Saloua Oost 5 kun oldin
Hahaha cute
William // KINGZZZ Llama
I lived in Wisconsin for one year and I loved Chicken in a biscuit (everyone in Wisconsin would get it idk why)
Girl Gamer
Girl Gamer 5 kun oldin
The other people are Filipino because it say pandisal
Girl Gamer
Girl Gamer 5 kun oldin
Mega Peny
Mega Peny 5 kun oldin
GamersMark3 5 kun oldin
It's Pandisal not Pandasal 🤣🤣 Pandisal = Bread Dasal = Pray
Adam Al-Shabib
Adam Al-Shabib 5 kun oldin
I eat milk and cookies
Ruckzell 17
Ruckzell 17 5 kun oldin
Cavalli was so kind "Tell me a little about your mom" She is Beautiful😍😍
Qfwjツ 5 kun oldin
Sneak a little tobacco in it😂
That Guy
That Guy 5 kun oldin
Bish you did not come up with graham crackers and milk i ate that when I was a kid 2
Randa Anthony
Randa Anthony 5 kun oldin
It bothers me that they didnt mix the syrup in 4:10
Lava 5 kun oldin
3:57 maybe a little Tabacco on it
JoCornDotYay 5 kun oldin
3:26 Story of my life
Gacha Air TheAwesome :D
“Why did you eat this every day? We were broke then get a JOB! 3:26
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