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Adventurous and adorable kids give us an entree into the world’s array of foods and snacks.
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Kids Try Parents' Childhood Favorite | Kids Try | HiHo Kids
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HiHo Kids



29-Avg, 2018

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HiHo Kids
HiHo Kids 4 oy oldin
Follow the kids from today's video on Instagram! Cavalli - instagram.com/yaaboycavallidavis/ Miko - instagram.com/mikoangel_l/ Ethan - instagram.com/ethanstewart1289/ Wren - no instagram
Mallory Grimm
Mallory Grimm 9 kun oldin
I eat graham crackers and milk.. Im twelve!! ITS SO GOOD!! 😂😂😂
Lemony Squishy
Lemony Squishy 9 kun oldin
2:04 This woman is Filipino i knoww!!!
PhantomRageJordan •
Sarah Kenton
Sarah Kenton 17 kun oldin
They all look about 7 wth do they have Instagram?!?!
Jake Alex
Jake Alex 18 kun oldin
Miko is a sad little kid. No empathy and self-awareness. I feel bad for the parents.
Yng Monica
Yng Monica Soat oldin
0:41 aww 🥰😭💗
Monica’s Weird Channel
I have low standards for good food... Yesterday I ate Doritos and Fruity pebbles mixed together... it was delicious... I’m 10
Choslynn Dotson
Choslynn Dotson 6 soat oldin
She said she was broke
BeesoA 10 soat oldin
I eat biscuits and milk Hint: put a lot of biscuits in the milk and mix them
Myah Firdaus
Myah Firdaus 11 soat oldin
blake is a great dad
DesignbyChesa 11 soat oldin
The pandesal looks goooooddd
Vegy Rahmah Wulandari
Vegy Rahmah Wulandari 16 soat oldin
We were broke LMAOOO IM
Alexi Corrales
Alexi Corrales 17 soat oldin
4:10 The little girl's eyes 😂
Isabella Konyina
Isabella Konyina 17 soat oldin
2:46 the dad is shocked she didn’t mix the syrup
David McGahan
David McGahan 17 soat oldin
Blake is /hot/
Terry Terry
Terry Terry 18 soat oldin
4:00 Sneak a little Tabaco in there too. boiii
Definitely NOT Alex
Definitely NOT Alex 19 soat oldin
Ethan is so pure and I love him
jose bocaviche
jose bocaviche 21 soat oldin
“Beans you ate beans”😂😂😂
Alani Gavidi
Alani Gavidi 21 soat oldin
Wonderland Daphne
Wonderland Daphne 22 soat oldin
Wren's dad , Blake is HOT ngl
King Rain
King Rain 22 soat oldin
4:00 tobacco
Ysabelle Duarte
Ysabelle Duarte 23 soat oldin
ALEXToons 23 soat oldin
0:30 *YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!!!* kid *idc.*
sandra rincón
sandra rincón 23 soat oldin
What my mom ate Tacos FLautas Picadas Chicharon Masapan Paleta payaso Sopa Huevos Calabaza Flan Pastel de tres leches And more mexican delights
Kawaii Pandacorn :3
Kawaii Pandacorn :3 23 soat oldin
2:25 a whole new other wa to eat gram crackers and MAlK
Wyatt Mistak
Wyatt Mistak Kun oldin
I’ve had sardines and chicken in a biscuit
Fiona Playz
Fiona Playz Kun oldin
Miko: better than home cook meal. Me: same same
Jamila Jamila
Jamila Jamila Kun oldin
"Why did you eat this every Day" "We were broke" 😂😂😂😂😂
Lórien Simpkin
Lórien Simpkin Kun oldin
" tell me something about your mum" *kid* " she's beautiful" " What do u think your mum was like when she was younger" *other kid* "ummmm boring..." LMAO 😂😂
Sadim alrowais
Sadim alrowais Kun oldin
Mom “We have to eat this everyday Kid”why?” Mom “cuz were broke” Me :laughing so hard
XxDRIFT_GODxX Kun oldin
Yes a Columbian mom how i knew shes Columbian she said!!!! Pandisal!!!! Colombian gang where you at
Addie Malow
Addie Malow Kun oldin
i hope they survive
ckshap. Kun oldin
bahamuT omninouS
bro that kid looks like rich brian
sUpErDANIEL YT Kun oldin
Graham crackers and milk No oreo and milk and chocklate syrup
Amira Al
Amira Al Kun oldin
4:00 maybe I’ll sneak in a little if “tobacco” 😂 btw I love this kid 😂
Amira Al
Amira Al Kun oldin
Ethan is so annoying:/
miguel meyers
miguel meyers Kun oldin
I eat sardines the same way
Chloe Fulmer
Chloe Fulmer Kun oldin
Awww bless Cavalli, he's such a pure angel!! And good on the parents for raising such a respectable and sweet boy!
Aquilino Catangay
Pilipino pala yung mom ni miko kasi sabi niya pandesal
Venice Mojar
Venice Mojar Kun oldin
2:11 Filipino here!!
Venice Mojar
Venice Mojar Kun oldin
kid: Way better than cooking meals (-mom) mom: *silence* *slowly dying* Oof!! Savage!!
veenoxxplays tthegamer
pandesal is a español word but is one of you is a pilipino ?
matt mostowicz
matt mostowicz Kun oldin
I tried this with my kids a couple years ago when they bitched about not going to McDonald's for dinner. I couldn't find turkey roll at the store because under European law it isn't approved for human consumption. It isn't even allowed as animal feed here. So the next best thing popped up. My boys thought I was off my rocker when we had ketchup sandwiches for dinner. My youngest asked me why we ate that as kids. He couldn't understand the concept of an empty refrigerator and no money to go to the store. On the one hand he's never going to learn the appreciation for being able like someone who grew up poor, but on the other hand he doesn't have to suffer like that either. I consider it a win.
Reality Avery
Reality Avery Kun oldin
I used to eat vanilla wafers with butter and sprinkles and it was amazing
Max Eats ass
Max Eats ass Kun oldin
*i hope his graham crackers sink*
Lukas Andersen
Lukas Andersen 2 kun oldin
I swear cavalli's family is great
Bekky Bekk
Bekky Bekk 2 kun oldin
Me n my sister have big age gap n she tried my childhood favorite food. She nearly puked.... pickled vegetables 🤤🤤🤤
Rait Bk
Rait Bk 2 kun oldin
Nice right my mom wheny mom was a child my mom eats tortilla and ghee (purified oil ) and some sugar
LaShonda Young
LaShonda Young 2 kun oldin
I thought I was the only one that ate my Graham crackers like that 2:31
Guy Sowden
Guy Sowden 2 kun oldin
Did he just say he would give his kids cheese on crackers with tabbaco?😂
Vince Delavega
Vince Delavega 2 kun oldin
The one's that miko's mom ate is pandesal not pandasal. Pandasal has another meaning in tagalog. Pandasal literally means "For prayer/s"
Nic A
Nic A 2 kun oldin
Ethan is annoying
Melanie Schneiderman
When I was a kid, my mom made me something from HER childhood. It was toast with a liberal amount of butter, and then sprinkled with sugar. Sometimes she’d make it and then soak it in a bowl of milk so it all got soft and mushy. Either way, it was a poor thing but it was delicious.
CallMeAttax 2 kun oldin
I thought Milk and Graham crackers were weird and then I saw what the black kid and mom were eating🤮
JT Vlogs
JT Vlogs 2 kun oldin
0:24 smart alek🤣
HuntingForYou 3 kun oldin
Dam I thought it was going to be Oreo’s
ancientm0 3 kun oldin
Im 13 and do the Graham cracker thing
Rafaki Sekai
Rafaki Sekai 3 kun oldin
Blake is hot
Mario Rasic
Mario Rasic 3 kun oldin
Ah beans U ate beans?
Jaime Gonzalez
Jaime Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
Ok cavalli is the best sorry he is too nice right away mom is beautiful
J.V.R. Mama
J.V.R. Mama 3 kun oldin
Ok that Tabasco, whiz cheese and sardine thing? Nope. Never. Ever. 🤢🤮 All three are on my “avoid at all costs” list.
Sally Hansen Cablarda
I know it that one mom is a Filipino she said pandesal
#1hero 3 kun oldin
2:42 she just destroyed his childhood
Anonymous boi
Anonymous boi 3 kun oldin
Me and my family used to be broke af cuz stuff and literally all we ate was bread and water. Im grateful I had something to eat but yeah
Dynasty Mea
Dynasty Mea 3 kun oldin
Beans you eat beans 1:24
Daniel Goodrich
Daniel Goodrich 3 kun oldin
Imho sardines are the one thing that CAN'T be helped by adding hot sauce.
Daniel Goodrich
Daniel Goodrich 3 kun oldin
Being a smartass from the moment I could talk if I was asked how do you feel about this I would havevsaid scared!!!
Daniel Goodrich
Daniel Goodrich 3 kun oldin
My first sentence was a smartass remark.
Fabian Cortez
Fabian Cortez 3 kun oldin
raven ashwood
raven ashwood 4 kun oldin
lol "why'd you eat this?!" "Cause we were broke!" I've had the baked beans and bun meal before. for the exact same reason lmao.
Monster King
Monster King 4 kun oldin
2:55, did he just say "sh*t "
-Rocco -
-Rocco - 4 kun oldin
At 4:00 the kid says tobacco Lol I’m dead😂
Doctor Tiger
Doctor Tiger 4 kun oldin
One question.... Why is Cavalli’s mom different in the other episodes? Does he have 2 moms?
berm 4 kun oldin
The kid in the yellow t shirt is such a brat!
C.A Gonzalo
C.A Gonzalo 4 kun oldin
Cavalli is GREAT
April Maddie5670-0
April Maddie5670-0 4 kun oldin
3:59 “Maybe sneak in some TABACOO”
Rubina Joseph
Rubina Joseph 4 kun oldin
karamvir singh
karamvir singh 4 kun oldin
As Punjabi the food we ate in childhood we still eating n loving it🤟🏽
Jadwyn A
Jadwyn A 4 kun oldin
Wren’s eyes at 4:10 lmao
Hannah Waymon
Hannah Waymon 4 kun oldin
“Saying hi to a chair and giving it money” “YoU aRe WrOnGg”
Esau Cordero
Esau Cordero 4 kun oldin
"you ate beans" XD
Marissa Cano
Marissa Cano 4 kun oldin
Cavalli is best boy
Joey McJagger
Joey McJagger 4 kun oldin
"Why'd you eat this every day" "cause we where broke" Every student ever
Anne Trucilla
Anne Trucilla 4 kun oldin
Cavalli and his mom❤️
Paige Janney
Paige Janney 4 kun oldin
“We were broke.” Me: ME!!!!
kinky mermaid
kinky mermaid 5 kun oldin
Lovely Kitty
Lovely Kitty 5 kun oldin
Really they foods come somewhere for a person and made it homemade when you go out
Meghan Stewart
Meghan Stewart 5 kun oldin
Um yeah no. I would not eat any of that
Karma Productions
Karma Productions 5 kun oldin
Graham crackers and milk is definitely one of my favorites
Killian McGivney
Killian McGivney 5 kun oldin
3:26 we were broke
Mirr Baby
Mirr Baby 5 kun oldin
"very potatoish and nutish" 😂😂😂
Mirr Baby
Mirr Baby 5 kun oldin
miko funny asl !
Toxic Ranger
Toxic Ranger 5 kun oldin
That one white kid was defiantly adopted
Raini Rodriguez aka Skinny Legend
Toxic Ranger Hispanics can come in different skin color, I’m pale too and people always confuses me for a white guy because I also have light brown hair. My mom is pale too while my dad is brown like Ethan’s mom. Trust me you will see a lot of Hispanics parents having kids that don’t look like their own lol
ariana grande
ariana grande 5 kun oldin
Is that a filipino mom who ate pandesal with beans
Stupid Patata
Stupid Patata 5 kun oldin
Im so shookt that there was a Pinoy mom 😂
Stupid Patata
Stupid Patata 5 kun oldin
It’s Pandesal not Pandasal 😂
Comment Boy
Comment Boy 5 kun oldin
9/10 kids wont do again
X Leshens
X Leshens 5 kun oldin
To my fellow other Asians out there, Honestly I like my pandasal by itself
Jamless Boi
Jamless Boi 5 kun oldin
Crash Nation
Crash Nation 5 kun oldin
2:21 well that was 😢
ELT3 Dardino
ELT3 Dardino 5 kun oldin
Gram crackers and milk is the best like if u agree!!!
Etdgames 5 kun oldin
Actually I eat gram crackers and milk and thought I was special 😫
Tranquil 5 kun oldin
cavalli gotta be a favorite
Spaghetti Fieri
Spaghetti Fieri 5 kun oldin
Gram Crackers and milk is bomb so are the pork and beans, but the rest are nasty.