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Kids try the Eat it or Wear it Challenge!
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Kids play the Eat it or Wear it Challenge!! Watch to see their reaction!
This episode features the following Kids:
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People Vs. Food #102 - Kids Vs. Food | EAT IT OR WEAR IT CHALLENGE




30-Noy, 2017

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Jamir Hawkins
Jamir Hawkins Yil oldin
REACT you are the best
The Bellanators
The Bellanators Yil oldin
The Bellanators
The Bellanators Yil oldin
The Bellanators
The Bellanators Yil oldin
Arben Restelica
Arben Restelica Yil oldin
REACT i love ur videos
Khet Tar
Khet Tar Yil oldin
So French
ItsZed Playzz
ItsZed Playzz Yil oldin
My name is janelle too
CrypticalFire Yil oldin
4:48 How can she eat juice?
Ataraxyy Yil oldin
Aww Lucas c:
Ivan Magana
Ivan Magana Yil oldin
I like that Lucas is we’re in a Las Vegas
Jaelyn Richardson
The pickle juice id be like “ can I drink it all”
Sharon Lauritzen
Jocelyn Pacheco
Jocelyn Pacheco Yil oldin
Making slime the kids
Lammarr Vlogs
Lammarr Vlogs Yil oldin
React to its every day bro and the fall of jake Paul
Dila Sahin
Dila Sahin Yil oldin
The blond girl is so cutteee
pug lover lps
pug lover lps Yil oldin
It’s a boy....
Aesthetic Monkey
Marisol Ponce
Marisol Ponce Yil oldin
The blonde is a boy.
Sunshine Hobi 1310
I feel so sorry for who has to clean this
Maria Guerrero
Maria Guerrero Yil oldin
Try diffrent 🍔s
danielaaa Yil oldin
*disgusted face* “It’s pretty good”
Kim Seokjin
Kim Seokjin Yil oldin
lucas is so cute 😍😍😍
Kim Seokjin
Kim Seokjin Yil oldin
lucas is so cute 😍😍
Tery B
Tery B Yil oldin
This one made me really LOL!!! hahahahahahhahahaha!!! Good job kids!
Alexis_Panda 16
Alexis_Panda 16 Yil oldin
I like Tyler and Lucus
The Bellanators
The Bellanators Yil oldin
Evin the 염소
Evin the 염소 Yil oldin
she said no to Guac!!!
Donnie Aidibi
Donnie Aidibi Yil oldin
kovac kovac
kovac kovac Yil oldin
you guys shouid play guess the emoji on roblox
Tiago Philadelphia
you should do the pizza challenge
Kpop Hearteu
Kpop Hearteu Yil oldin
Truce or war. No hesitation. War 😂😂
Brently Woods
Brently Woods Yil oldin
“Be the cabbage they said, little did they know”😂
Andrea F
Andrea F Yil oldin
Adults react to dannielle bregoli
TheShady Lady
TheShady Lady Yil oldin
Lol after the show they got complains from all the parents why u made my child messy ? XD Nah jk but that would be funny xD
cookie is the best
Sharon Dahal
Sharon Dahal Yil oldin
I really like Gabe, he has such a cool personality
Sharon Dahal
Sharon Dahal Yil oldin
Noooooooo!!!! He's a boy for God's sake
Nightmarionne ‘
Umm... Gabe is a girl.
Sharon Dahal
Sharon Dahal Yil oldin
Sophie Rennel Erm...Gabe's a Boy!
Cheeki Ivan-HD
Cheeki Ivan-HD Yil oldin
The zhouse did this
Zeyad Vids
Zeyad Vids Yil oldin
Do Saudi Arabia pleaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeee
cookie is the best
Zeyad Vids I am in Saudi arabia
Nayamiyu Yil oldin
Now i want spaghettios.. I wonder what it tastes like :> I just want to know what it tastes like jeez! >:C
Jetaime Paio
Jetaime Paio Yil oldin
CrazyMario 20398
Nayamiyu Its in the super market
CrazyMario 20398
Nayamiyu Buy it
CrazyMario 20398
Nayamiyu Lol
Hanif AA
Hanif AA Yil oldin
Lucas is so cute😍😍😍
weeaboo Yil oldin
Janitor: God damn it, it's one of THOSE episodes.
Tori Palios
Tori Palios Yil oldin
😂 lol
Person of ur nightmares
How do they clean their mess...?
Thuy An Le Perfect Profile Photo 👌🤨
bluminati Yil oldin
Kawaii Kinz
Kawaii Kinz Yil oldin
14% About Gabe 76% Random 10% Let Me Be A REACT Kid Please!!
Haha No
Haha No Yil oldin
KawaiiKinz I Avery I i know.
FotosbyCarl Yil oldin
Ready nope spills all over him
Lilbitchass Hoeee
I love these kids
K-Complex 1
K-Complex 1 Yil oldin
Do Cambodian snacks
Tatiana Pereyra
Tatiana Pereyra Yil oldin
please put me on the react channel. I am 12 years old, my name is Tatiana, and I would really like it if u put me in one of the food challenge
Kawaii Kinz
Kawaii Kinz Yil oldin
They don't just choose a random commenter. I believe when they NEED a new kid they would hire someone qualified.
Wolfy Yil oldin
i hope you get on! i dont want to do it but i can!! good luck!!!!!!!
Gabe Toomey
Gabe Toomey Yil oldin
Child woth same name as me.....,WOW PARENTS HAVE GREAT TASTE IN NAMES!!! 😄
Randome Art Vids
I would love to be in teens react! (I'm 16) but I think you guys are based too far away for me.
mar ts
mar ts Yil oldin
Marry me gabe❤️
Randome Art Vids
mar ts uhh... How old are you???
Diego Arevalo
Diego Arevalo Yil oldin
Hi react I love ur vids but I wish that I was in one of ur vids
•oH sIs•
•oH sIs• Yil oldin
Lmao I'm claiming Lucas and gabe as my beans😂😂😂
•oH sIs•
•oH sIs• Yil oldin
"dO YoU LiKe YOAauer CpattaGe cHeSe haaR"
Casey Animates
Casey Animates Yil oldin
Are you ready? No *pours pickle juice on his head*
Cello Hole
Cello Hole Yil oldin
"Pretend like I’m doing brain surgery on you, you wouldn’t want to move'' this guys a genius
Pixel Treason
Pixel Treason Yil oldin
Hey REACT how do you get on to kids react? I would love to know
paul rogers
paul rogers Yil oldin
paul rogers
paul rogers Yil oldin
pause this at 5:00
Glitter Fox
Glitter Fox Yil oldin
I like gabe he’s funny🧒🏼
kittycatmsp0 Yil oldin
The last digit of your like is the candy you are: 0 - Sour patch kids1 - skittles 2- Gummy bears 3 - gummy worms 4 - bean boozled5 - sour patch kids extreme6 - war heads7 - gummy chillis8 - jolly ranchers9 - any The middle digit is your flavour 0- Strawberry 1 - Lemon 2 - Pineapple 3 - Blue raspberry 4 - banana 5 - Green apple6 - Black cherry7 - Raspberry 8 - Watermelon 9 - any The first digit is the colour 0 - pink 1- Yellow 2 - grey 3 - Blue 4 - Gold 5 - Green 6 - Black 7 - Red 8 - Orange 9 - any Comment what you got ! 😁
Glitter Fox
Glitter Fox Yil oldin
Yellow Pineapple Gummy Bear
Ginga Ninja
Ginga Ninja Yil oldin
6:20 Ms in my bank account, 21, 21, 21, 21, 21.
Arben Restelica
Arben Restelica Yil oldin
I really like gabe shes funny
mysteries solved
Gabe is a boy
Kaityn johnston
Kaityn johnston Yil oldin
Arben Restelica Gabe is a boy.👦
00:36 challenge accepted
Sophia Park
Sophia Park Yil oldin
i wonder how there moms would react
paul rogers
paul rogers Yil oldin
Kaityn johnston
Kaityn johnston Yil oldin
Casey Animates
Casey Animates Yil oldin
Sophia Park here is an example... "GET IN THE SHOWER RIGHT NOW LITTLE GIRL/BOY" There you go
The N.K.A squad Challenges
Do the pancake art challenge!!PLEASE🙏🏻🙏🏻
森本ボリス Yil oldin
00:20 lucas is fabulousssss
Aurelia Katelyn Rose
0:53 HI MY NAME IS [ DAN ]
dreamingxdorbyn x
Aurelia Katelyn Rose 🥀po
Aurelia Katelyn Rose
lucas is my child 😂😂
Thomas Raffensberger FNAF fan
Aurelia Katelyn Rose you wish
Mrs. Potato Head
I just love Lucas😂❤️
khianalou Yil oldin
Check my video out on my channel to see more of this action yuh
Lil Ching Chong Kiddo 1
Aren't they're parents gonna be mad
LittleBaby GamesReview
It is a perfect and interesting video. I am running a fun channel, so come to visit me.
_JellyJam Yil oldin
Would totally wanna try this😂😂😂
This unicorn loves Classicdancemoms
Is Gabe a girl or a boy
Kaityn johnston
Kaityn johnston Yil oldin
Hannah Elzen
Hannah Elzen Yil oldin
Seriously? You can obviously tell by his voice and name
Lil Ching Chong Kiddo 1
He a boiii
remy muah
remy muah Yil oldin
Blue Beauty idk
Coolman2 32
Coolman2 32 Yil oldin
Blue Beauty girl
Derek Sanders
Derek Sanders Yil oldin
Do the Toe of Satan, World's Spiciest Chocolate, Carolina Reaper Pepper, and Ghost Pepper Jerky from Vat19. Don't forget the World's Largest Gummy Worm ;)
K.M. Liz
K.M. Liz Yil oldin
Kids try to do the invisible box challenge
Ruben Maya
Ruben Maya Yil oldin
oniizu Yil oldin
uh canned tuna is a normal food that people eat
Galaleelee Yil oldin
i have no idea why they said "OH NO" to guacamole ! >:(
Michael Peters
Michael Peters Yil oldin
K don't get mad ya goof
Nightwolf Meow Meow
Galaleelee ikr
Manuel Colmenares
Do Mole
Benson Wu
Benson Wu Yil oldin
Bruh i’d eat everything Says the guy that hasnt watched the video yet
I would eat them too
J McCoy
J McCoy Yil oldin
Let the teens play nba 2k18
You gave them good food!
Ps Galaxy
Ps Galaxy Yil oldin
Albulena Ahmeti
Albulena Ahmeti Yil oldin
Albulena Ahmeti
Albulena Ahmeti Yil oldin
ZoLexa Yil oldin
Starru Yil oldin
*-W o a h-*
Edits. _.
Edits. _. Yil oldin
Gabes voice is so cute
Edits. _.
Edits. _. Yil oldin
Team Gamer wtf does that mean
Team Gamer
Team Gamer Yil oldin
hubert_da_besta _69 du schwule sau gabe wird von mir gebummst
Try Arabic foods!!
Spidery89 426
Spidery89 426 Yil oldin
MidnightMeowzers at Roblox! Is it cuz ur Arabic?
j450n Yil oldin
Do this with the teens next, that'd be hilarious!
Through Maya's Eyes
What ever happened with don't play with your food😂😀
Tudej Yil oldin
Every 5th like is Jake Paul
Jose Ignacio Vega
Puerto Rican foot kids
Meme Master
Meme Master Yil oldin
Kate Lechelt
Kate Lechelt Yil oldin
Please do the eat it or wear it challenge rematch!?
Christian Yil oldin
I'd like if relish touched me
kaydi X
kaydi X Yil oldin
pie face @react
xoEmilia MSP
xoEmilia MSP Yil oldin
The guacomle reminded me of Dr jeans lmao Peel the avocadoòooooo
BobTriesToDoTheInternet !
I wanna do this except you wouldn’t pour the rest in the other person
-Yo Alex-
-Yo Alex- Yil oldin
Fav kid is either Gabe or Tyler 😂
Sienna -.-
Sienna -.- Yil oldin
LMAO Tyler: I especially loved the part where all the food went on my head and made me sticky 😂
rocky rodriguez
rocky rodriguez Yil oldin
I love pickle juice
weird kitty cat
weird kitty cat Yil oldin
I love pickle juice, relish, olive juice and cottage cheese
PillowCrush Yil oldin
I love pickle juice too and pickles... theres gods jk
Nanami Animations
rocky rodriguez same I Love pickles
i deleted my YouTube account
Gabe is very handsome boy. He is very handsome although he kinda looks excactly like my sister...... That's an insult to my sister not Gabe.
i deleted my YouTube account
I love relish I love guacamole I love pickle juice I love cottage cheese, I love pie filling, I love ranch. I love chocolate syrup, i love olives, I love cabbage, I love everything here I love all food...... Im weird ok.
Millicent Brown
Millicent Brown Yil oldin
Bethany Pigster have you tried natto? I think it's really good for some reason no one I know likes it
Tae with Suga Kookies and mochi
Gabe is pretty nice
Manny Computers
Manny Computers Yil oldin
Do it gain 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃