Kimmel Konfessions -- Confess A Lie You Told Your Father

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Every kid lies to their parents, so in honor of Father's Day we went out onto Hollywood Blvd and asked people to share one lie they told their father. To make it extra fun we had their dads standing right there next to them.
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17-Iyn, 2014

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Fikrlar 2 949
Gerdolf Ranzig
Gerdolf Ranzig 3 kun oldin
Damn Alabama Boys
Thommy Turtle
Thommy Turtle 5 kun oldin
i love the giggle on 0:58 (20 times seen)
Edward Broadbent
Edward Broadbent 12 kun oldin
Connor Thicc
Connor Thicc 12 kun oldin
1:45 Sweet home Alabama
helena gutierrez
helena gutierrez 13 kun oldin
I be that boy who kissed his sister is from Alabama
Pokemon 83
Pokemon 83 15 kun oldin
Hi from Chicago
Aril Josua
Aril Josua 15 kun oldin
"we went to chicago" i mean WTF, it got me dead 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Psycghost !!!
Psycghost !!! 16 kun oldin
"The first girl I kissed was Suzie." "But she's your sister!" *"I Know"* _Sweet Home Alabama....Where the skies are so blue..."_
Samantha Kossler
Samantha Kossler 16 kun oldin
Bruh, your sister? Ya naaaaassssstyyyyy
Ayman Eltaher
Ayman Eltaher 18 kun oldin
But she is your sister The Alabama way
aangvll 19 kun oldin
Kartik Pathak
Kartik Pathak 19 kun oldin
At 1:52 "it's Alabama time"
Tommy Vlogs
Tommy Vlogs 21 kun oldin
Dood she dropped the toothbrush in the toilet thats why his teeth are black
jαmєѕ Lossing
jαmєѕ Lossing 22 kun oldin
1:44 Sweet Home Alabama 😂😂
The One The Only One
1:42 awkward
AllTimeGamer 24 kun oldin
1:35 MEME
QWERTY Utopia 25 kun oldin
1:29 that girl cute
Norhan Abdelshafie
Norhan Abdelshafie 27 kun oldin
You NEED to do a part 2
Crazy Frog
Crazy Frog 27 kun oldin
1:44 Alabama 100
Blaise Brumaghim
Blaise Brumaghim 28 kun oldin
1:50 is definitely from Alabama
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 29 kun oldin
1:00 his hairline
Life With Kayla
Life With Kayla 29 kun oldin
Ewww he kissed his sister... IN SECOND GRADE
1 0
1 0 29 kun oldin
علي شمري
علي شمري 29 kun oldin
0:56 samuel l jackson is that you
DMP5422 Oy oldin
hadia imran
hadia imran Oy oldin
Son:that I never smoked weed bit I did Dad:whatttttttt lmao his face tho
Robi Stojanovic
1:45 my biggggeeessst lie was that a didn't do my math homework....
Megan Alexandra
they r all laughing till they get home...
Aryan Oy oldin
1:46 Wait....this isn't pornhub
Sravanthi Sankar
0:52 Samuel L Jackson.. 1:40 O_O
John Doe
John Doe Oy oldin
1:43 welcome to alabama
The stage V slipped on 18
Jose is going to get his ass beat.
sevin Taghinezhad
I thought he was gonna say we had sex 😂 0:57
DMSDrummer 2 oy oldin
but she's your sister
not a single sence on this channel
1:54 sweet Home Alabama
Target 2 oy oldin
But she's your sister
classic man
classic man 2 oy oldin
I once ride my dads v12 1989 Mercedes benz
sunrocks 2 oy oldin
Wow.......poor dadsssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YouGotGnomed 2 oy oldin
The guys first kiss was his sister 😂😱😭😷
Ian Johnson
Ian Johnson 2 oy oldin
1:04 Are you kidding me
Kylie Choi
Kylie Choi 2 oy oldin
Ramirez Diego
Ramirez Diego 2 oy oldin
Sweet home Alabama
I, Always
I, Always 2 oy oldin
Wow, I'm surprised not to see any comments about the first pair... Dad looks great!!
nxn 2 oy oldin
this man kissed his sister😬😬
Jensen Smith
Jensen Smith 2 oy oldin
His reaction at 2:07 was amazing
solomon baslal
solomon baslal 2 oy oldin
1:45 they from Alabama or Florida
Spicy Calcium Boye
I loved the Mexican redneck dad at the end
U M 2 oy oldin
1:50 Alabama be like
Derply Derp
Derply Derp 2 oy oldin
When the guy said said he went to chicago, I was literally choking on my laughter at his dad's reaction
Brazyy Casandraa
Brazyy Casandraa 2 oy oldin
1:42 ok then..
Sunbell101 2 oy oldin
It’s all fun and games until they get home.
lencie wtf
lencie wtf 2 oy oldin
I think the sister is his step sister because his dad is Australian and thats probaly his child before they got marride but still that disgusting😂
The Girl gamer 1234
2:07 whaaaat?
Fredrik 2 oy oldin
01:40 what the....?
10 December
10 December 2 oy oldin
0:53 *thinking he's gonna say sex* Then what?!
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn 2 oy oldin
I died when she said, you’d like GoT WHAHAHAH
Beastboy YEET
Beastboy YEET 3 oy oldin
Never smoked weed before Ha everyone has said that one
Emmanuel Delgado
Emmanuel Delgado 3 oy oldin
Last one got me dead
Waheeda Ahmed
Waheeda Ahmed 3 oy oldin
“That I never smoked weed before” 🤣
Tini Beats
Tini Beats 3 oy oldin
ultimate gaming
ultimate gaming 3 oy oldin
The last people thoe lol
Eugene Oivuled
Eugene Oivuled 3 oy oldin
K Mk
K Mk 3 oy oldin
1:01 and that ladies and gentlemen, is what I call *a dead man*
EvilHomerSimpson 3 oy oldin
Send me 100 dollars jimmy if you want me to subscribe😈👹😈
Pearl Mesquita
Pearl Mesquita 3 oy oldin
Disgusting guy! Incest is not a joke! 1:41
Megan's Crafts and Life
Eoroizo Gaming
Eoroizo Gaming 3 oy oldin
Connor Moore
Connor Moore 3 oy oldin
Constantine Fetter
in america all every one looks as ugly as that people?
Jessica Lyngkhoi
Jessica Lyngkhoi 3 oy oldin
oh my the third one dad's tho! 😂😂😂
YOUNG SGIT 1945 3 oy oldin
Simz Ang
Simz Ang 3 oy oldin
0:58 nick fury LOL
A Human On the Internet
One Lie From Me To My Dad: *I Love You*
The Frienemy
The Frienemy 3 oy oldin
*_00:52_**_ Looks kinda like Samuel L. Jackson_*
drpenez 3 oy oldin
2:06 wtf Ronaldo is doing here
Bounce Boys
Bounce Boys 3 oy oldin
1:39 Country roads take mee homee
Fudii A
Fudii A 3 oy oldin
The Chicago guys dad, 😲 R U Kidding Me 🤣🤣
Stram Kusse
Stram Kusse 3 oy oldin
2:05 I'd love to have these as a brother and dad😂
Stram Kusse
Stram Kusse 3 oy oldin
1:01 Bruhhh😂😮
Jennifer Green
Jennifer Green 3 oy oldin
a whole entire "Chicago" 😂😂😂😂
Thomas Samuel
Thomas Samuel 3 oy oldin
Duff fhfc
hrlnd l
hrlnd l 3 oy oldin
2:03 -That i never smooked weed before. -WHAAAAAAAT.
Miami Thug
Miami Thug 3 oy oldin
Who wants to internet fight 🤜🏻🤜🏻🤜🏻🤜🏻🤜🏻🤜🏻 Btw jimmy kimmel told me to do it so
evolove 3 oy oldin
That girl who dropped the toothbrush . That's one nightmare for me having any kids.
gabrielle williams
Mane Mane
Mane Mane 3 oy oldin
"But she's your sister" "I know" LMAO
Anastar 202
Anastar 202 3 oy oldin
Hispanics r always funny
Silent Wolf
Silent Wolf 3 oy oldin
What’s the lie that you never confess to your dad? Me:I throw my bottle that has a string at my Friend which is a idiot. Dad:pats*good child.
EduarDope V.I.D
EduarDope V.I.D 3 oy oldin
1:38 sweeeet home Alabama
Floofandfloof Aj
Floofandfloof Aj 3 oy oldin
I never smoke weed. wHAt
Aydan Akbar
Aydan Akbar 3 oy oldin
One thing I lied about to my father: being okay
sixty seven
sixty seven 3 oy oldin
1:45 they gotta b from alabama..
Your Local Nobody
They’re laughing now till they get home
Oluwatamilore Faniyi
Um so we didnt hear that he kissed his sister
eat ᴘ ᴀ ɴ ᴛ
They’re all laughing until they get home. Sucks to be them.
michael talamo
michael talamo 3 oy oldin
He snuck out and went to a whole different state😂😂
Last one is my favorite 😂😂
Guinevere Faith
Guinevere Faith 3 oy oldin
But shes your sister?
Yestin R.
Yestin R. 4 oy oldin
Shout-out to the dude that came out to Chicago 😂😂😂
Sophie Rahis
Sophie Rahis 4 oy oldin
Chicago 😂
Jimmy the Pig
4 yil oldin