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Welcome to the Kindred Champion Spotlight. Check out the full video for a how to guide to League's newest twin champions, including tips on Kindred's abilities, gameplay, and suggested build, or hunt for something specific by jumping to:
0:27 Play Style and Skins
0:51 Suggested Stats and Items
1:03 Abilities
4:53 Tons of Damage Combos
6:23 Gameplay
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5-Okt, 2015



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Dexiduous The Invincible
I was really excited for this champion solely because of the looks and voices. But, I was quite disappointed in the abilities and play style. I don't play LoL but I'm thinking about it. I'm slowly watching all the spotlights and I'm 29 out of 140 champions in but I haven't found anyone I want to play yet. I know that 29 out of 140 isn't much at all but I thought I'd at least find some abilities fun and interesting. So far, I have very low hopes
m.e.l 7 kun oldin
i find kindred's ult very useful. i use it only in clutch moments and it actually gives me strength to kill a champ or two before i have to run away
Rain Pop
Rain Pop 12 kun oldin
Ethanol Chou
Ethanol Chou 18 kun oldin
0:50 kindred’s using her shadowfire skin, but the mark on scuttlecrab is the default skin icon. Strange!
Garrett 20 kun oldin
I have been an ADC main for a long time. but I got so tired of winning my lane but still losing game because of mid and top laners on my team feeding super hard. Obviously I don't win lane every game and have bad games as well, but you know what i am talking about. I decided to main swap to Jungle to have more influence on my laners doing well and decided to play Kindred, because she is very similar to the ADC playstyle, but in the jungle. I had NEVER played Kindred before, but as soon as I did I was hooked on the playstyle. I am a Kindred only player now and am not getting tired of it. very fun and satisfying champion to play.
Nicole Palmer
Nicole Palmer 20 kun oldin
This is such a cool design for a character and those voices used for lamb and wolf are amazing.
Karl Diaz
Karl Diaz 24 kun oldin
7:14 how could lee sin watch champion spotlight if he is blind?
Random Jolteon
Random Jolteon 28 kun oldin
Second main after jhin
xXRay Of FireXx
riot make a skin where they are combined as death
Tyler Jacques
Tyler Jacques Oy oldin
The first time i saw kindred i tonight it would be a nidalee thing were you switch into forms with different abilities, tbh that wouldn't be bad at all..
Garrett Oy oldin
there is already several champions who do that
Subr Subrr
Subr Subrr Oy oldin
I have played LoL from 2011 to 2014, and I am considering coming back to the game for this champion.
Oracion Oy oldin
lee sin
lee sin 2 oy oldin
*"Never one Without the other"*
Zaehlop23 2 oy oldin
Wait... The ult heals enemies!? Wut
WalrusStyle 2 oy oldin
1:40 "Another one bites the dust", i guess...
m taufiq gani putra
Yep, despite the digital voice effect, i cant unhear wolf's original voice
Nathan Balos
Nathan Balos 2 oy oldin
Ohhhhhhh lmao. I forgot Kindred and Kalista were different champions.
HidanLT 2 oy oldin
3 years ago?? Oh wow
Kitkat Incoparated
Her voice is heavenly
SOLDier 3 oy oldin
Laelaps and teumessian the eternal hunt from greek mythology true kindred
北极熊 3 oy oldin
I dont like how Kindred E scale with Crit, thats like "limited" the way you can play Kindred, and they removed the %health damage from Kindred Passive and change to Attack range, alot lesser damage.
I build full attack speed
budak baik
budak baik 3 oy oldin
Mobile legend copy this game.. lol is for pc.. mobile legend for mobile hp.. nice.. when at hone play lol.. when outside play mobile legend.. nice game ever. I just wanna create this game rpg like this for play anywhere..but so lazy.
Arya Nugraha
Arya Nugraha 3 oy oldin
Also rip english
MH Kuro
MH Kuro 3 oy oldin
The Four Man
The Four Man 3 oy oldin
Kindred is your animal spirit
Xarz 3 oy oldin
6:52 - Hero name?
Homeless Jesus
Homeless Jesus 2 oy oldin
Xarz diana
Acexand 3 oy oldin
i love kindred.. Favourite art style, Love how Wolf and Her interact with each thou.. and she can be very dangerous.
IITheExiledII 3 oy oldin
0:29 sofie dossi who? XD
Fadli Candra Zon
Fadli Candra Zon 3 oy oldin
Serbian Mapper
Serbian Mapper 4 oy oldin
so weak...
DracoNick 4 oy oldin
With every champion spotlight I watch, I am more and more convinced that Kindred got the short end of the stick.
ke nch
ke nch 4 oy oldin
I forget that there's a hero like that ha
Oopses 4 oy oldin
Such a cool design for a game i'll never play :(
WiKi Pedia
WiKi Pedia 4 oy oldin
Kindred The kindred joy
idfc bout names
idfc bout names 4 oy oldin
CJ Sweets
CJ Sweets 5 oy oldin
Kindred is honestly such a beautiful design...
French Bread
French Bread 5 oy oldin
6:12 Soraka mid boys
Melon Shake
Melon Shake 5 oy oldin
Barasingha 5 oy oldin
20 seconds in and we see Kindred standing in the center of a circle of rotting corpses
THE Berrby
THE Berrby 5 oy oldin
I like them... :)
James Lau
James Lau 5 oy oldin
just remember to buy qss
B1tch Tea
B1tch Tea 5 oy oldin
I love kindred
TheSaviorOfSouls 6 oy oldin
Hm...maybe i should play this game...
Julia Nielsen
Julia Nielsen 6 oy oldin
Fenx fo you tel mi a dat den i lakit and lam and wolf ar bjudifol :-) Julia Nielsen
Deracada Venom
Deracada Venom 6 oy oldin
Lmao "His wooly pal"
Max Williams
Max Williams 7 oy oldin
Respit!!! What happened to the 'e'! Haha.
Helloh 7 oy oldin
I need some advices. So im going to buy kindred but is this good with only dmgs or need some kinda crits tho, and i really want to know some stuff about kindred not abilitys and.. other things that only comes through gameplay. Ty in advance
PalPlays 7 oy oldin
Oh yeah, I had forgotten that Mounting Dread did max health damage. The execute, actually the entire kit, makes so much more sense now.
lily ً
lily ً 7 oy oldin
remember when people took kindred adc lmfao
Altronza 7 oy oldin
I like Kindreds concept most of all, don't think I could play them well though..
NotSoSerious Kid
NotSoSerious Kid 8 oy oldin
Who's a Kindred Main? I am.
Iago Vinícius
Iago Vinícius 8 oy oldin
Star Guardian Kindred, please Riot Games
Kate [Catto Form]
Mr. Gnar
Mr. Gnar 8 oy oldin
I love the creepy piano and violin at the beginning.
Xenexbitgaming 1222
Not gonna lie...lamb is T H I C C
DJ Traktorkerék
DJ Traktorkerék 8 oy oldin
I just got the Shadowfire Kindred skin yesterday omgg
Michel Ung
Michel Ung 9 oy oldin
Ah who could've predicted that this would be one of the worst champion in league
Melon gamer
Melon gamer 9 oy oldin
for only 6300 essence welp im know where the next 7 weeks of my life are going
Jack Frost Has had enough!
ikr? its not like you can accidentally get another champ with BE and totally waste your time... ;_;
alolid 14
alolid 14 9 oy oldin
Princess mononoki
poor boy
poor boy 11 oy oldin
plz guys give me some rp reallly im so poooor to by and i love this game but i dont have mony for rp can u help me roit and i well be so hope for that and big thx if u give me some rp
poor boy
poor boy 8 oy oldin
Penetrated Anus
Penetrated Anus 9 oy oldin
poor boy kys
poor boy
poor boy 9 oy oldin
and i know what u mean if i have 20$ i well buy some RP BUT MY LIFE NOT EZ AND THX FOR MY MOM WORK 12H IN THE DAY I CAT ASK HER FOR MONEY
poor boy
poor boy 9 oy oldin
my laptop name is hp 240 3g core I3
poor boy
poor boy 9 oy oldin
i have laptop give me 25 fps in low stting and my internet for My friend lives next to my apartment
Why dose this guy look so elegant
NoobiGaming YT
NoobiGaming YT 11 oy oldin
I wish there were still allies like this
Dante Ciasca
Dante Ciasca 11 oy oldin
Ahhh the old everything
Jasch Jahnje
Jasch Jahnje Yil oldin
Micolino9878 Yil oldin
Wolf and Lamb have a really interesting but kind of unsettling dynamic.
Jasch Jahnje
Jasch Jahnje Yil oldin
So once I was playing kindred I used my ultimate to heal myself because some enemy was attacking me. The after that I could've killed it but...because I healed the enemy too...I didn't
Shadows Step
Shadows Step Yil oldin
I just love Kindred way to much. - They are fun to play. - Their lore is far more intresting compared to many other champions. - Lamb and Wolf have beautiful voices that fit them well. What more could you ask, except for the heal on W. But still...
Kindred Yil oldin
ayy got both skins and mastery 6
hentai - kun
hentai - kun Yil oldin
Bring back this kindred i loved the old kindred😢😢
revoler5165 Yil oldin
this is why kindred can kill faster than vayne herself without using q
KusKusPL Yil oldin
I think Kindred are the only champion who can heal enemies
Dante Ciasca
Dante Ciasca 11 oy oldin
She is, ardent used to help enemies too, if you got some reason got ardent on kindred...
Oscar Corona
Oscar Corona Yil oldin
Ah the good ol days.
Jack Mitchum
Jack Mitchum Yil oldin
Make it so wolf is more part of the kit
John Constantine
I need the heal of the W, it's so hard to kill the jungle camp without get killed by an enemy team's jungle
Dante Ciasca
Dante Ciasca 11 oy oldin
Ellis Flynn fleet footwork if your desperate
BrEnNaN Yil oldin
This video is titled incorrectly, Kindred is not a champion
nazrer two
nazrer two Yil oldin
I'm pretty sure the VA for wolf is the some one who does Rehgar from heroes of the storm.... dude has a thing for wolf themed characters
Blackie Yil oldin
This Champion is the reason I started playing League in the first place :D
Neon Lights
Neon Lights Yil oldin
Concept is good, but she's so soooo BAD
Denny Jo
Denny Jo Yil oldin
Riot missed out on the opportunity to give Kindred a "Day of the Dead" skin
MelodyFox Yil oldin
The character and the music reminds me of "Ori and the Blind Forest" and I Love it.
Oto Suchomel
Oto Suchomel Yil oldin
Whoever did the character design deserves a medal because this looks amazing.
justotto Yil oldin
Kindred where are you I've been waiting for you for 65 years now
Viktor Cardoso
Viktor Cardoso Yil oldin
Miss W's heal :'(
ac pregonir
ac pregonir Yil oldin
nerfed as fucked they should just left the lifesteal passive now so shitty mained it then got butchered whats next zoe being too op gets butchered too?
魂Versatile Yil oldin
God, I love this Champ. So beutiful and wonderful created
Todd B
Todd B Yil oldin
I always die I get raped by their whole team as a kindred jungle I need to learn how to play as an all round with him
Todd B
Todd B Yil oldin
Very helpful ty
Rafael Rapes
Rafael Rapes Yil oldin
I suscribe 🐩😍🗾😁😂
AlphaWithA Yil oldin
You know riot, u could not have nerfed them to the point where they are both really underwhelming to play. I mean you could have nerfed their W and thats it. But no, you had to change their whole design. Well played riot, well played.
Raffie Mizuki Tetsuya
Kindred's Heal is gone :( Can you guys bring it back??
Froskeh Yil oldin
too bad they got nerfed, it's getting hard now ;-;
Lucian Yil oldin
*T H I C C*
shaden and crystal the stars san
u nerfed her so much she became useless
Alison Scott
Alison Scott Yil oldin
Remember when this champion existed?
taothewanderer Yil oldin
who did they use for the voice actor for the wolf? sounds like matthew mercer did it. anyone have any ideas?
Isz Novem
Isz Novem Yil oldin
It IS Matt Mercer
Chan The Man
Chan The Man Yil oldin
Who else always thought it was "Eternal Huntress"?
Krzysztof Czaban
BRING BACK OG KINDRED !!!!! I hate current kindred :(
Chad Calvert
Chad Calvert Yil oldin
Kindred: the Furry Fuckfest
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