KINGDOM HEARTS III - Big Hero 6 Trailer (Closed Captions)

Kingdom Hearts
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Originally aired before Tokyo Game Show 2018, this trailer shows Sora, Donald, and Goofy fighting alongside Big Hero 6 in San Fransokyo! But forces of Darkness are also making ominous moves.
Check out Sora’s Big Hero 6 themed Keyblade transformation abilities and new Gummi Ship footage!
KINGDOM HEARTS III is coming to Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation® 4 on January 29, 2019.
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10-Sen, 2018

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Julia Black
Julia Black 2 soat oldin
That theme song is so disappointing. Literally everything else looks golden though. Sooooon (ish), at last.
Aqse m
Aqse m 2 soat oldin
*Infinity War is the best crossover event in history*
Ventus 5 soat oldin
Devin cassar
Devin cassar 6 soat oldin
There are still floaty combos
Kaliss 7 soat oldin
This game is gonna bomb so hard, and you weebs are gonna wet your pantsu.
Vinni Ferrell
Vinni Ferrell 8 soat oldin
I gotta figure out who's sings the song for this trailer!!
Jessie Jiménez
Jessie Jiménez 10 soat oldin
cada vez que salen trailer me enamoro más del juego
1,000 Subscribers With No Videos?
I have never watched big hero but I know this is gonna be *AWESOME*
Feitan 12 soat oldin
Where do u play this game ?
little sht
little sht 14 soat oldin
Danielle Machuse
Danielle Machuse 14 soat oldin
Now it comes out Jan. 25th. Dang it! I was excited for it to come out on my birthday lol. But all is good. At least it's a little earlier.
White Emerald_
White Emerald_ 14 soat oldin
Please put all KH games on the Switch! :)
๖ۣۜMark 15 soat oldin
Y'all are too hype for that last scene it could be ventus...
ABII 15 soat oldin
if thats sephiroth then they ded
DarkhOrion 16 soat oldin
The Spazzing Porygon
The Spazzing Porygon 16 soat oldin
Love how the databugs are coming back. REally bringing back all the old heartless!
Trevor Patten
Trevor Patten 18 soat oldin
I have yet to play one of these but you can feel the love from the dev team in the trailer.
Skul Clan
Skul Clan 18 soat oldin
Speak English I can’t understand
Shao Chun
Shao Chun 18 soat oldin
Hope they add incredibles as well.
Daniel G
Daniel G 18 soat oldin
Ive never played kingdom hearts but where is the english
Chau Hien
Chau Hien 20 soat oldin
Hmm they in Japan so... They speak Japanese is right :/
FAZE GAMING 20 soat oldin
they fucked it up again, NO SOUND FX!!!!!!!!!! HOW?!!!!!!!!!
Luck Danko
Luck Danko 20 soat oldin
Sora's eyes keep changing colours and i'm concerned
BooBop1987 21 soat oldin
High FALLING_GUMBALLS 21 soat oldin
Never knew a Donald could speak Jap :|
Hadeks Marow
Hadeks Marow 21 soat oldin
Who else is revisiting this trailer just to get a better look at Mickeys new box art cover keyblade at 1:22?
Brown Dovahbear
Brown Dovahbear 23 soat oldin
lol this looks like trash, no audio besides their voicelines (and even then, they're the epitome of cringe)
Mysterious Nigga
Mysterious Nigga 21 soat oldin
Brown Dovahbear You’re a fucking moron if you think that a whole game is trash just because the audio in the trailer wasn’t right
Tobi Redwood
Tobi Redwood Kun oldin
Lets count the Norts shall we? 1.Xehanort 2.Young Xehanort (may not count due to time bullshit) 2.Xemnas 3.Ansem 4.Xigbar 5.Saix 6.Vexen 7.Demyx (lolwhytho) 8.Vanitas (may not count due to Ventus bullshit) 8.Luxord 9. Data Riku (or replica??) 10.Larxene 11.Terranort (maybe?) 12.Aqua (not including Marluxia since he has normal eyes and im not sure if that was intentional or not)
Riley Howse
Riley Howse Kun oldin
Benjamin Gonzales
you know they gonna drop kh 1 and 2 HD for ps4 after this comes out!
银Silvrz Kun oldin
There's no sound effects.
Mistress Paige
Mistress Paige Kun oldin
I just came 13 times!
ItzaHuang Kun oldin
Song? Who;s this majestic voice? UTADA??????
Ichijo Festival
Ichijo Festival Kun oldin
Damn impressive. Clearly, gaming tech has at long last caught up to the level of detail we see in movies. And, lucky Japan, they get a voice actor for Sora that sounds age-appropriate.
JayLeezus Kun oldin
Omg this song is too beautiful !!!’ 😭😭😭 utada why you disappear for so long
Douglas Henry
Douglas Henry Kun oldin
I have been waiting years to see Sora
Lulexiaa Kun oldin
whens that new trailer thooooo? 👀
Mysterious Nigga
Mysterious Nigga 21 soat oldin
Lulexiaa It’s out!
JakHeroego Kun oldin
I think I see the Red Cap on top left! 0:49!!
Vegito 09
Vegito 09 Kun oldin
I would buy this game just for its sound effects!
Jay Bee
Jay Bee Kun oldin
Vegito 09 lol
Gabriel Cannon
Gabriel Cannon Kun oldin
This game looks soooo fire 🔥🔥🔥
Firestar1992 Kun oldin
I have to admit... Young Xehanort is really cute.
Michelle Lopez
Michelle Lopez 21 soat oldin
Firestar1992 I think Young Xehanort is hot! 😅 I’m just glad to see another person who admits that he’s attractive lol
Alexander Mardis
Can someone with better zoom confirm or deny SUPER SMASH BROS game case, top right corner 0:49?
Gianmickael Loyola
The irony that here in America it will be 13 years between KH II and III.... Is that saying much?
Bryce Parris
Bryce Parris Kun oldin
Nicolò Cermenati
I trailer sono bellissimi, rovinati però da una canzone moscia e insignificante rispetto alle precedenti... peccato.
la vf !!!!!!!!!
tunderdiamant Kun oldin
y'en a pas
Yuki De Jesus
Yuki De Jesus Kun oldin
im tired of watching trailers...it makes me not wanna buy the game anymore because theres just so much spoilers.
tunderdiamant Kun oldin
there's nothing in the trailers tho xD Most of the footage is from the worlds and i'm pretty sure everyone knows their disneys lol You can't actually tell anything that's happening from the main story except the Norts... and while i'll agree with you that hope they keep some norts secret until the end i guess they're just doing that to hype people... I mean Nomura was surprised that people were shocked for Aqua because it wasn't a major reveal for him so i guess we don't know anything yet
Megamannixe Kun oldin
Nasty The villin
This dam song
Nathan Baca
Nathan Baca Kun oldin
Monsters inc and toy story too god damn I’m even more excited now. I want to see a marvel world and maybe a Death Star cameo when you’re piloting the gummy ship between worlds.
crossgatezombie Kun oldin
legit only bought a ps4 for this
Princess Allura
Princess Allura Kun oldin
"This Keyblade... Mickey Your Too Late".
please tell me that is the place were lingering will is at 1:23
NameLmao Kun oldin
0:47 Don't fuck with me I've got the power of god and anime on my side
Your friendly everyday Healer
... I’m gonna cry...
hella nightmare
hella nightmare Kun oldin
what pisses me off is the monster inc world All the little furry pedophiles are probably getting a hard on for this and start drawing it or doing some odd shit.
Doomarang3 Kun oldin
Quiet, you! 😡
rariix Kun oldin
This game and Spider-Man gonna buy the two main reasons im gonna buy a PS4 this year
Hector 2 kun oldin
It's over, Xehanort! We have technology! Fool! I have *D A R K* Technology!
Matthew Burnett
Matthew Burnett 2 kun oldin
I'm really excited to see what will happen with the big hero 6!!!
man cartwon
man cartwon 2 kun oldin
Kingdom Hearts 3 please make Korean language.
Bippity Boppity
Bippity Boppity 2 kun oldin
I've watched anime before but, *I can't handle this for some reason*
anonymous1994 Anderson
1:23 Oh, no. Aqua.
Syahazu Supian
Syahazu Supian 2 kun oldin
HEY how much longer do we need to wait? i think my ps4 is... going to die maybe
Patrick Mahoney
Patrick Mahoney Kun oldin
Skip to 1:30.
Just a regular gamer
I love this game!
Jorge Andres Flores Mora
Foxy-Gamer-509 2 kun oldin
Me gusta la voces de los grandes héroes en japonés :v
Foxy-Gamer-509 2 kun oldin
No se si soy io o baymax se escucha como light (de death note) :vvv
SSushitumare 2 kun oldin
this sound design is hurting me
Edward Garcia
Edward Garcia 2 kun oldin
Finally a trailer of Big Hero 6.
nathan buckingham
nathan buckingham 2 kun oldin
January 29th, 2019 please be true.
Zkaïopax 2 kun oldin
final game of kingdom hearts 😍😍😍😍
SD TOONS21 2 kun oldin
Once again, have Star Wars, Wander, GF, or at least fight the voodoo man.
Shazam1414 2 kun oldin
Sora looking at Hiro all :/
Fred the Fish
Fred the Fish 2 kun oldin
Can someone tell me why they didn't add any sound effects in this?
Fred the Fish
Fred the Fish Kun oldin
+Patrick Mahoney Why they did this idk
Patrick Mahoney
Patrick Mahoney Kun oldin
Every time "Don't Think Twice," the KH3 theme song by Utada Hikaru, is playing in the background in the trailers, they remove the sound effects. When it's not playing, they keep the sound effects. The E3 trailers have that too.
Cunning Smile
Cunning Smile 2 kun oldin
Monstropolis Kingdom of Corona The Caribbean Toy Box Arendelle Olympus San Fansokyo Twilight Town Realm of Darkness
Justin Arauza
Justin Arauza 2 kun oldin
Huh, see how happy Hiro is when he sees Sora? I mean, he’s REALLY REALLY happy 🤤 #SHIP
BloodNoctis 2 kun oldin
0:30 bug block from KH re coded???
chukman102 2 kun oldin
Sora fits Big Hero 6 so well from artistic stand point!
Marcus  Cheng
Marcus Cheng Kun oldin
Because Hiro resembles him and Vanitas
SplatFire et Kowz
SplatFire et Kowz 2 kun oldin
John Horton
John Horton 2 kun oldin
0:56 Look how big the MP Gauge is
Wauney 2 kun oldin
kh2 came out when i was 8...i cant wait for this to finally be released
KHBrony Tie Hogona
KHBrony Tie Hogona 2 kun oldin
MusicDoesChange 2 kun oldin
This really confirms the theory that sora is the key to kingdom hearts. I’m scared.
P P 2 kun oldin
This game is gonna suck. You guys do realize that, right? Kingdom Hearts hasn't had a good game in the series since the original and SquarEnix isn't the same company it used to be. Let go of the past...
MrAmazing79 Kun oldin
I really don't think this game will suck.
xXPandakXx Kun oldin
1985 1993
1985 1993 2 kun oldin
Just beautiful 😭
ayami FD
ayami FD 2 kun oldin
Sto c va a poner BUENOOOOO
i Yaeger
i Yaeger 2 kun oldin
I will enjoy playing this game for every passed light (players).
Otaku Soul
Otaku Soul 2 kun oldin
Am i seeing things or did i just see Sora at the Keyblade Graveyard 1:22
danny1996m 2 kun oldin
Drop this game, before you drop too many trailers into my heart and give me a heart attack
DroptopGazer 3 kun oldin
If you pause at the correct frame at 1:23 where it shows Sora, Donald and Mickey put the quality at 1080p, I’m pretty sure that in front of them shows Terra’s armor knowing that his armor lies there with his mind in control like where he was last shown in KH2FM during Lingering Will boss battle, it seems they’re showing them recruit Terra or make an attempt, pretty short of a timestamp but you gotta pay close attention to these fast shown clips like that of the Xionort reveal
Don’t do cocaine kids.
I was screaming “finally” about 10 times when I saw this.
RED RUBY121 3 kun oldin
Damn this game is looking beautiful
wut ?
wut ? 3 kun oldin
coming january 2025.
Patrick Mahoney
Patrick Mahoney 2 kun oldin
"Coming January 2019." Fixed it.
positive_ touch
positive_ touch 3 kun oldin
Did they just change rikus hairstyle??!!!! Y??!! The sasuke haircut looked good on him!!
Kalek Nelson
Kalek Nelson 3 kun oldin
Knew BIg Hero 6's world was gonna be in the game, and it's still looking nice, still holding out for that heart stopper that is a playable Kairi announcement.
Videogame349 3 kun oldin
I really want kingdom hearts to do more Pixar
Carlos Lee Velazquez
song name? xd
Patrick Mahoney
Patrick Mahoney 2 kun oldin
Don't Think Twice, but the full English version of the song isn't out yet.
Amari Causey
Amari Causey 3 kun oldin
Ima cry now
maryalame 3 kun oldin
Sora picks up the keyblade on Destiny Islands beach in his KH3 clothes... Does that mean Destiny Islands is a world we can visit any time? :o
Mad Society20294
Mad Society20294 3 kun oldin
So that kh trailer where sora picks up the master's keyblade on destiny island is cannon
Envy Homunculus
Envy Homunculus 3 kun oldin
When the game is out I hope we will also get to see Fred's dad too.
2 kun oldin