KINGDOM HEARTS III - Big Hero 6 Trailer (Closed Captions)

Kingdom Hearts
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Originally aired before Tokyo Game Show 2018, this trailer shows Sora, Donald, and Goofy fighting alongside Big Hero 6 in San Fransokyo! But forces of Darkness are also making ominous moves.
Check out Sora’s Big Hero 6 themed Keyblade transformation abilities and new Gummi Ship footage!
KINGDOM HEARTS III is coming to Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation® 4 on January 29, 2019.
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10-Sen, 2018

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Nakayla Williams
Yasssss I am hype
Jon the Misunderstood
can't Disney characters see that he(sora)can make a big sharp ass key appear in his hands Disney characters has no reactions whatsoever
metagross9092 9 kun oldin
With Big Hero 6 being in this game we can say that a Marvel property is a part of the Kingdom Hearts games
Bailey Stanich
Bailey Stanich 9 kun oldin
I think Flynn will be my favorite party member I can be him being so sarcaatic in combat
Jacob F
Jacob F 9 kun oldin
1:06 That gummy ship with the wings is Einhander from the Squaresoft game Einhander on PS1. Probably the first reference I've seen of it in another Square game. SO COOL Nomura has said some members of the team that developed Einhander are handling the Gummi Ship portion of the game, including Director Tatsuo Fujii.
ChrisPlays 10 kun oldin
The photos, will Roxas really return?
Hydra 13 kun oldin
these trailers are so poorly put together lmao
Nintendorak Yamato
Nintendorak Yamato 16 kun oldin
I'm sure there will be a Switch version in the futur. SquareEnix also want this on Switch soon
Info Chan
Info Chan 16 kun oldin
Am I the only one who care about Randall He is my favorite!!!
Cinnabar 18 kun oldin
I can't wait till I can buy that new theme song! I have the Japanese version, but I still need the English one!
2005zhane 21 kun oldin
The more I watch this video, the more I'm starting to think that Vanitas is the main villain of this saga over Xehanort. Namely because of how the last few sentences he says in this clip would seem like something Xehanort would say.
small MIGHT DG
small MIGHT DG 24 kun oldin
Alexander PVP
Alexander PVP 26 kun oldin
I love that fucking song!!!
Fandi Perdana
Fandi Perdana 26 kun oldin
Gilaaa, ini gilaaaa sih kerennya!!! 👍👍👍👍
Firstname Lastname
holy shit this is fucking kino
Sam Coley
Sam Coley Oy oldin
Who here believes Sony's gonna pay cash to make sure this game is PS4 exclusive and not ported to Switch?
Patrick Mahoney
It's already not PS4 exclusive. It's releasing for the Xbox One as well.
Shaheer Chowdhury
Anyone watch the season 1 finale for Big Hero 6?
DoDo Oy oldin
J'veux le jeuxxxx
Noah Pacheco
Noah Pacheco Oy oldin
cant wait for the muppets trailer
ImSoR Oy oldin
January 29th can’t get here fast enough
Puddi Panda
Puddi Panda Oy oldin
Oooo, wooow :o
Sakura_ Crqwn
Sakura_ Crqwn Oy oldin
0:21 m8 i would help your friend first than interact with Sora kid..
i have an anime pfp
This is not daijoubu
Free Majestic Bird
1:07 Ultros from Final Fantasy 6!
Flash Dashy Beat
cool voice awesome :)
Saltyman Oy oldin
My favourite anime.
Saltyman Oy oldin
I'm glad to see some Gummi action. And 14 health bars on that heartless on the bridge..
Curiosità Videogiochi
Guarda il nostro ultimo video "CURIOSITA' KINGDOM HEARTS PARTE 1" !!
LizzyAnnArt Oy oldin
Can the key to kingdom hearts be claimed?
kittykat 12
kittykat 12 Oy oldin
Why is it that Everytime I hear this song I get depressed?
kittykat 12
kittykat 12 Oy oldin
+Reverof Enola awww! Don't be depressed!!!
Reverof Enola
Reverof Enola Oy oldin
If it helps...I'm always depressed. Whether this song is on or not.
Turwenius HD
Turwenius HD Oy oldin
Aragatte Aragatte. Aragatta sakiniz kano kagineyote
Itz Black
Itz Black Oy oldin
I can't wait! It comes out after my 18th bday!!!
abortion survivor_PR
Aragate aragate
Julian Rodriguez
1:07 would be the first time we see something Final Fantasy related in this game for about 5 years
Julian Rodriguez
+MrInuhanyou123 I'm ok with a few Final Fantasy icons making an appearance, just as long we get to see the original gang that helped them from the start.
maybe if we go to radiant garden we'll see the gang. otherwise, nomura said the lack of FF characters now is intentional, since the OG characters are more popular and basically take the place of FF in the story for SE's part
Andy Mage
Andy Mage Oy oldin
sugoi desu
Samual Dempsey
hype overload like if same
Kaoru Pangilan
1:06 EINHANDER, YOOOOO theyre still aware that einhander is still a thing so why cant you make a hd remaster or something ;n; Square, why do you tease us so
Rix Xreci
Rix Xreci Oy oldin
Does anyone know the kanji for what Vanitas is saying at 1:15?
he sounds like KORO SENSEI
swag wolf
swag wolf Oy oldin
look everyone my idea came true i said they should have big hero 6 and they did
Jvhmal_ x
Jvhmal_ x Oy oldin
They announced BH6 all the way back in 2015 too
Austin Louis
Austin Louis Oy oldin
No sound effects
Chariot Goblin
San Fransokyo? Is this "Man in the High Castle"?
Is that deku's voice coming out of hiro's mouth?
maria socorro reambillo
0:26 You mean Heartless?
Lucia Contreras S.
Wooow i want this game NOW
Daniel Jung
Daniel Jung Oy oldin
im getting slightly worried. Why is all the cutscenes so ugly and unpolished
Daniel Jung
Daniel Jung Oy oldin
Loren Nelson damn how do you walk around with that ginormous of a cock big guy. How brave.
Loren Nelson
Loren Nelson Oy oldin
+Daniel Jung Doesn't take eighth grade English to see what you said was stupid.
Daniel Jung
Daniel Jung Oy oldin
Loren Nelson woah big guy took 8th grade english
Loren Nelson
Loren Nelson Oy oldin
If anything is ugly and unpolished it's your grammar...
Nolan Kenny
Nolan Kenny Oy oldin
Unknown Oy oldin
I have had this game pre-ordered since Black Friday of 2016... DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I'VE WAITED TO FINALLY GET A RELEASE DATE?! All these new sneak-peeks aren't helping settle my nerves, I wish 2019 were here already.
James OG364
James OG364 Oy oldin
+Unknown Oh yea for sure, I know for a fact that this'll be worth the wait this game is gonna be absolutely amazing
Unknown Oy oldin
I know. The wait is terrible, but it'll be worth it. Square Enix really outdid themselves.
James OG364
James OG364 Oy oldin
The feeling is mutual this game is legit the only reason why I have a Ps4, we just have to wait 4 more months and the curse will finally be broken
Devin Montana
Devin Montana Oy oldin
I didn't play the other 2,but this looks cool
Jvhmal_ x
Jvhmal_ x Oy oldin
You'd need to play all 9 games to understand this lmao
BatLeona Oy oldin
Damn it Square. This looks wonderful.
Ipa Kurniawati
Good !
Blinga Guchialia
Where is the sound effects man!?
Patrick Mahoney
Edited out for the song. They do it in every trailer. Whenever the song Don't Think Twice plays, the sound effects are removed.
Bluehoodiegamer 12
Tania Meza
Tania Meza Oy oldin
laki ese juego es el mas bacano del mundo
Dean S
Dean S Oy oldin
They're just going to push it back like they always do. I will believe it when I am actually playing it on my system.
Dean S
Dean S Oy oldin
+Jvhmal_ x I hope so. . .
Jvhmal_ x
Jvhmal_ x Oy oldin
Jan 29, 2019 💋
Adrian Lucas
Adrian Lucas Oy oldin
port to nintendo switch
Sour Boy
Sour Boy Oy oldin
wHy IsNt ThIs On SwItCh
Josiah Hernandez
Squidiffer Oy oldin
0:33 How did I leave in a kingdom of memes?
Squidiffer Oy oldin
I'm dying of cringe I wanted to play this in 2016 lmao
the colossal titan
The music is shit.... Can they please stop with the music...
sakura Oy oldin
ccool, another keyblade
sanicbear bear
this game really makes you feel like a disney
zachary Moralez
Why is the music ENGLISH, but the rest is in japanese.
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Oy oldin
YES BIG HERO 6!!!!!!!!
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Oy oldin
Dunkle Sans 2037
The sound effects were turned off (IN A TRAILER FOR THE 4TH TIME)
FrO mLoR
FrO mLoR 2 oy oldin
я понял одно слова арагатте арагатте
Starkyu 2 oy oldin
Finally! Omg my heart, we wait so long time for this game. Im happy af....!
PhoenixLord66 2 oy oldin
There's Randall!
Zelux 23
Zelux 23 2 oy oldin
When did Cartoon network go to Big hero 6
Aqse m
Aqse m 2 oy oldin
*Infinity War is the best crossover event in history*
Aqse m
Aqse m 2 oy oldin
KasLPKado I expected a like not a dumb comment that has no relation to this at all
KasLPKado 2 oy oldin
uhm that ain't smash lol xDD
Ventus 2 oy oldin
Kaliss 2 oy oldin
This game is gonna bomb so hard, and you weebs are gonna wet your pantsu.
Vinni Ferrell
Vinni Ferrell 2 oy oldin
I gotta figure out who's sings the song for this trailer!!
James OG364
James OG364 Oy oldin
Artist is Utada Hikaru
Jessie Jiménez
Jessie Jiménez 2 oy oldin
cada vez que salen trailer me enamoro más del juego
1,000 Subscribers With No Videos?
I have never watched big hero but I know this is gonna be *AWESOME*
Feitan 2 oy oldin
Where do u play this game ?
little sht
little sht 2 oy oldin
Danielle Machuse
Danielle Machuse 2 oy oldin
Now it comes out Jan. 25th. Dang it! I was excited for it to come out on my birthday lol. But all is good. At least it's a little earlier.
White Emerald_
White Emerald_ 2 oy oldin
Please put all KH games on the Switch! :)
Marcus  Cheng
Marcus Cheng Oy oldin
And Steam
๖ۣۜMark 2 oy oldin
Y'all are too hype for that last scene it could be ventus...
Jvhmal_ x
Jvhmal_ x Oy oldin
It's definitely Roxas. Why would Ven be wielding the Oblivion keyblade
ABII 2 oy oldin
if thats sephiroth then they ded
DarkhOrion 2 oy oldin
The Spazzing Porygon
Love how the databugs are coming back. REally bringing back all the old heartless!
Trevor Patten
Trevor Patten 2 oy oldin
I have yet to play one of these but you can feel the love from the dev team in the trailer.
Jvhmal_ x
Jvhmal_ x Oy oldin
I suggest buying the collection to learn the story. The games are extremely fun though and very plot-heavy. It's a great franchise.
Skul Clan
Skul Clan 2 oy oldin
Speak English I can’t understand
Shao Chun
Shao Chun 2 oy oldin
Hope they add incredibles as well.
Daniel G
Daniel G 2 oy oldin
Ive never played kingdom hearts but where is the english
Chau Hien
Chau Hien 2 oy oldin
Hmm they in Japan so... They speak Japanese is right :/
FAZE GAMING 2 oy oldin
they fucked it up again, NO SOUND FX!!!!!!!!!! HOW?!!!!!!!!!
Luck Danko
Luck Danko 2 oy oldin
Sora's eyes keep changing colours and i'm concerned
BooBop1987 2 oy oldin
Never knew a Donald could speak Jap :|
Hadeks Marow
Hadeks Marow 2 oy oldin
Who else is revisiting this trailer just to get a better look at Mickeys new box art cover keyblade at 1:22?
Brown Dovahbear
Brown Dovahbear 2 oy oldin
lol this looks like trash, no audio besides their voicelines (and even then, they're the epitome of cringe)
Mysterious Nigga
Mysterious Nigga 2 oy oldin
Brown Dovahbear You’re a fucking moron if you think that a whole game is trash just because the audio in the trailer wasn’t right
Tobi Redwood
Tobi Redwood 2 oy oldin
Lets count the Norts shall we? 1.Xehanort 2.Young Xehanort (may not count due to time bullshit) 2.Xemnas 3.Ansem 4.Xigbar 5.Saix 6.Vexen 7.Demyx (lolwhytho) 8.Vanitas (may not count due to Ventus bullshit) 8.Luxord 9. Data Riku (or replica??) 10.Larxene 11.Terranort (maybe?) 12.Aqua (not including Marluxia since he has normal eyes and im not sure if that was intentional or not)
Riley Howse
Riley Howse 2 oy oldin
Benjamin Gonzales
you know they gonna drop kh 1 and 2 HD for ps4 after this comes out!
Jvhmal_ x
Jvhmal_ x Oy oldin
All the games are already on PS4 LOL
Marcus  Cheng
Marcus Cheng Oy oldin
They already did last year.....