KINGDOM HEARTS III - E3 2018 Frozen Trailer

Kingdom Hearts
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"The light is gathering together
Hearts driven by one oath, one purpose."
Originally aired at the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing, this trailer reveals the next destination on Sora, Donald, and Goofy’s adventure: Frozen! Check out Sora’s new Keyblade’s transformations as he battles against the Heartless!
KINGDOM HEARTS III is coming to Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation® 4 on January 29, 2019.
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10-Iyn, 2018

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Angel Bolaños
Angel Bolaños Soat oldin
freesia 143
freesia 143 4 soat oldin
I noticed soras eyes are a crystal deep blue color now.,. Did it change? Werent they brown or something from wat i remember 15 yrs ago
freesia 143
freesia 143 4 soat oldin
Whos aqua?? I remember playing n lovin kh when i was young its been more than 10 years im 25 now and clicking on this vid brings so much memories
Swan Arima
Swan Arima 5 soat oldin
oh shit aqua.....
TheOriginalGrownB 6 soat oldin
I had a hair on my on my screen but didnt knock it if. Suddenly I realized it was a real hair and not a profile photo
Benda Demona
Benda Demona 7 soat oldin
Wickedkwwe 7 soat oldin
Im surprised there arnt many comments about the no sound effects
Chris Kokolios
Chris Kokolios 7 soat oldin
Please Square Enix we need final fantasy vii remake we live for it but make it great
Businessman Ginger
Businessman Ginger 7 soat oldin
Alex Jones: What do I do Lord? Xehanort: Destroy the child, corrupt them all!!!
Nagonahara Mio
Nagonahara Mio 8 soat oldin
Love it
Doge 347
Doge 347 8 soat oldin
What the fuck is this discusting peace of shit
Wow calm down.
Colin Eickhoff
Colin Eickhoff 8 soat oldin
oh no
Connor Mcsweeney
Connor Mcsweeney 9 soat oldin
AHHH THEY NORDED AQUA! What does that even mean
Shakeem Murray
Shakeem Murray 11 soat oldin
Bout fucking time, what took ya
ElPsyKongroo 12 soat oldin
Sora in love with elsa
Irsyad Zaidan Bilqisty
Wait, did Disney and Square Enix have a sponsorhip with Hello Neighbor as well? Oh wait, it's just Aqua... Well shit
RANI Dz 14 soat oldin
لعبة مقودة
Fara Mesi
Fara Mesi 14 soat oldin
GRand 15 soat oldin
*"I won't let her fall to darkness!"* Go Sora!
Alec Bartzman
Alec Bartzman 15 soat oldin
Sora is still a cringey bitch give me Roxas or something
Xeyyakkenn 17 soat oldin
After watching this, go back and watch the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 intro and tell me you don't feel some kind of way.
DCTV 17 soat oldin
Nero Alphoenix
Nero Alphoenix 17 soat oldin
Moana, Treasure Planet and Brave world are all I need for this game. I hope they will add it in KH3.
Daniel Espinoza
Daniel Espinoza 18 soat oldin
Ravioli ravioli Dont lewd the dragon loli
God I wish the sound effects were in there around 1:27 because it's very...very off putting. the rest of the video are scenes that were definitely supposed to have sfx, and the fact that they removed sfx just so you could hear the song kinda.. bothers me. theres a point where you don't need/shouldn't have the sfx for the scenes but, at least keep the sfx for the scenes that need them. also rip aqua. I have no clue what you did between bbs and kh3 to get norted like this but oh well. I'll miss you, sweet blueberry mom x.x
NyX Avatar77
NyX Avatar77 19 soat oldin
Oh my godddd,this game is freaking awesome
LordCrump Fan
LordCrump Fan 19 soat oldin
I think it is a safe assumption that since it seems that the Monster's INC world is following the story of the movie that Randal and Mr. Waternoose should be in the world. I don't know is going to voice Mr. Waternoose since his original voice actor died but I bet Steve Busemi will reprise his role as Randel. I also think both Mike and Sully will be voiced by the guys that have voiced them in video games before, not sure about Boo though.
God 20 soat oldin
Thicc Dogo123
Thicc Dogo123 20 soat oldin
Olaf look like shrek.
Christopher Beherns
Christopher Beherns 21 soat oldin
What a train wreck
MrAJ 21 soat oldin
Jesus confirmed
fearless bros
fearless bros 21 soat oldin
This game looks Stu pid
Jon Ang
Jon Ang 22 soat oldin
i want olaf's icy peen in me
holyfuck444 22 soat oldin
Mickey you failed Aqua man. You had so much access to WoD in KHII and after Castle Oblivion.
Adam Clark
Adam Clark 23 soat oldin
I can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 and next year!
Dalton Bertolo
Dalton Bertolo Kun oldin
I think Sora's gonna get Norted. You all know it's gonna happen.
This game is now ruined with frozen
Thiti2000 2nd Channel
Thiti2000 2nd Channel 15 soat oldin
F*ck you
Keaton Brower
Keaton Brower Kun oldin
"Mickey... You're too late." What a mic drop!
Forlegobloxian Roadto50k
Why did I Think it was Infinity 4.0?
Emma Jaegerjaquez
The Faneko
The Faneko Kun oldin
Aqua! 0.0
iambeastboydude Kun oldin
SoBe Quickscope
SoBe Quickscope Kun oldin
2:56 bro she still got some nice tits
kldeshesky Kun oldin
Who else is liking that new Kingdom Key Keyblade that Aqua picked up?
barondorado Kun oldin
Voice acting is so bad.
FoldingChairSA Kun oldin
okay this is epic
Jac2Mac Kun oldin
Why can't they have a world based on The Rescuers in Kingdom Hearts? That movie is way better than Frozen.
Mamou April
Mamou April Kun oldin
Cool video trailer. I wish to have Kairi appear in her Kingdom Hearts 3 outfit and it will also include others in the next KH3 trailer with Kairi in it (such as Sheamus, Paige, Scott Menville and Emily Blunt). And Jacobyel is still a D23 member. Whattya think?
HU$TLE MOB Kun oldin
They better do this right. For us diehards!!! I haven't played this in years
Max Savage
Max Savage Kun oldin
Renjiga Kun oldin
Im quite teary now. The fact that I played KH 1 when I was middleschooler, KH 2 in high school, and now KH 3 will come out in 2019 where Im already a parents. So happy, yet so sad to realize this.
Gwyn999 Kun oldin
You're not the only one :_)
Eren Is Turkish
Eren Is Turkish Kun oldin
I am the only one who is not in that game
Cherry Thayer
Cherry Thayer Kun oldin
I like frozen version same movie
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Kun oldin
Is this disney infinity
King Arthur
King Arthur Kun oldin
Dangit they are making this more and more of a fruity anime with Disney in it. I grew up with these games and now I still want to play it... but maybe alone when no one is watching... freaking Incredibles 2 all over again.
Tzù Nano
Tzù Nano Kun oldin
So much nostalgia, haven't played this game in years
Fallen shadow
Fallen shadow Kun oldin
I actually want to play this
Brad Evans
Brad Evans Kun oldin
Maybe ansem the wise was norted when aqua talked to him And her transferred it to her
That would really ruin his Blank Points monologue if he already has a bit of Xehanort in him.
YumiTheFox Kun oldin
Oh my gosh
Aqua has become a dweller of *DARKNESS*
yassine Farah
yassine Farah Kun oldin
May our hearts be our guiding key. you'll know... where I am Sora. ~ by Aqua
Henry The Green Engine
I wondet if we will get to see elsa in the castle witg her new dress
Taichi Beatboxer
Taichi Beatboxer 2 kun oldin
Nicky is evil
ZEus black
ZEus black 2 kun oldin
Здравствуйте Александр Владимирович
Elsa Fan
Elsa Fan 2 kun oldin
I'm not so sure it is coming soon or not
90 90
90 90 2 kun oldin
Graphic look terrible
Troy ᓇᓄᖅ
Troy ᓇᓄᖅ 2 kun oldin
Aqua is going to be the only interesting character in this game. Why? Cause you'll be _killing_ her... -Fūçķ...-
Yahdee 2 kun oldin
finally... after 13 years... remember when we all thought birth by sleep was kingdom hearts 3 around 2006?
Yahdee 2 kun oldin
ughh 2019?
SeaKing 2 kun oldin
We need fat albert to save aqua from the darkness!
ItzMikel 2 kun oldin
They still screwed up the audio lmao
Maya Davis-Goodstein
I mean it’s amazing but I give a 4/10 choice on them adding Frozen.
Thiti2000 2nd Channel
Thiti2000 2nd Channel 15 soat oldin
F*ck you
scrote guzzler
scrote guzzler 2 kun oldin
Hwy they got the sound effects right
Chin Chin57
Chin Chin57 2 kun oldin
This gay..........
Давид Аквилов
Erzagate the game
mingvideogames Is back
Where are the sound effects in this trailer?
Matthew0337 2 kun oldin
mingvideogames Is back The sound effects were taken out of the end so you can hear the theme song. Isn’t It obvious?
Twisted Shadows
Twisted Shadows 2 kun oldin
Normally everyone would be shocked of the fact that aqua lost herself to the darkness, right? Well for me, NO. Want to know why? Instead of me watching the trailer alone, my mom showed me the trailer. but instead of starting at the beginning, she started right at when aqua was on screen! So instead of being all like “no... not aqua”! What am I fighting for?!?!?!( quote from mega man x4) I was like ..........😀🔫. Plz like this comment because that was like if your parents tell you you’re adopted and start playing despacito...
MalevolentDivinity 2 kun oldin
Larxene's back! Yay! *And* she's fucking with Elsa, someone who'd be extremely vulnerable to that sort of conniving bitchery. I'm quite hyped.
kiri kirinite
kiri kirinite 2 kun oldin
I swear if they for some reason delay this game even more I gonna throw in the towel
engravedmemories11 2 kun oldin
noooo not aqua !!:(
Ibrahima Lee
Ibrahima Lee 2 kun oldin
Everything looks so good. Yet the voice acting is still shit.
Matthew0337 2 kun oldin
Ibrahima Lee Um she has it ever been shit and how is it now?
INSANE Fortnite Clips
Man I cant wait for this game to COME OUT!!! and the song is killer :D
tycoonMOBevolve 2 kun oldin
That gamecube graphics
I wanna know what universe you're living in if GameCube graphics look like this.
Matthew0337 2 kun oldin
tycoonMOBevolve maybe to you
ryanoco7 2 kun oldin
I like KH but this shit looks gay as fuck
"I don't like KH all THAT much" is what you're saying.
Matthew0337 2 kun oldin
ryanoco7 and what about it?
Lloyd Irving
Lloyd Irving 2 kun oldin
Why is no one saying anything about larxene's eye color?
Nathanael Ribar
Nathanael Ribar 2 kun oldin
Dude what happened to his old voice
Same person, Haley Joel Osment, 13 years later.
Kurtis Christensen
Kurtis Christensen 2 kun oldin
Holy s**t
Why did You fart
Why did You fart 2 kun oldin
Olaf look stoned
xsstreem2 2 kun oldin
Kingdom Hearts "Ethnic Diversity not included." One of the reasons I never cared much for this game....
maria socorro reambillo
0:48 Me: …it's because they're the main heroes
Myballsareblackandblue Ouch
Sora Voice sounds different they better not fuck it up and make it super easy
jesus sarabia
jesus sarabia 2 kun oldin
aqua te quiero¡¡¡¡
jesus sarabia
jesus sarabia 2 kun oldin
que le abra pasado a aqua¡?
Cyphrix101 2 kun oldin
I really don’t care that Frozen is going to be in KH3. I’m just glad KH3 is finally coming.
Thiti2000 2nd Channel
Thiti2000 2nd Channel 15 soat oldin
F*ck you
Avarus Surava
Avarus Surava 2 kun oldin
Urgh released on a console I don't have
Orlando Javier
Orlando Javier 2 kun oldin
What happened to aqua??!!!💔😲
Gabriela Gaibur
Gabriela Gaibur 2 kun oldin
Theres like no sound effect. 1:29 1:52 1:57 2:04 yeah you get it...
Matthew0337 2 kun oldin
Gabriela Gaibur because of the theme song playing the background. Is it not obvious?
Watboi The memest
Watboi The memest 2 kun oldin
How are they going to get terra back?
The Nameless King
The Nameless King 2 kun oldin
Aqua probably became like terra, she is controlled by darkness but not fully
mattgamer100 2 kun oldin
After finding out the release date delay. Square Enix: our those the kh fans? Us: Square........ your too late.
Devany Birkinshaw
Devany Birkinshaw 2 kun oldin
I have watered so long for thismgame to come out sents 2013 when they said it would come out first