KINGDOM HEARTS III - Opening Movie Trailer

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Longtime Kingdom Hearts contributor Hikaru Utada has teamed up with longtime Kingdom Hearts superfan Skrillex to create the amazing theme “Face My Fears”.
Watch the forces of light and darkness gather as the battle for KINGDOM HEARTS approaches! It is time for Sora and all the KINGDOM HEARTS characters to face their fears!
KINGDOM HEARTS III is coming to Sony PlayStation® 4 and Microsoft Xbox One on January 29, 2019.
Pre-order the song "Face My Fears" from Hikaru Utada and Skrillex and get instant access to “Don’t Think Twice” available at 12am EST / 9pm PST!
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9-Dek, 2018

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Sakura Haruno
Sakura Haruno 3 soat oldin
The graphic are just wow it's blowing me away!
jokebag 4 soat oldin
This isn't how the malfa works
tipology 4 soat oldin
We can finally say its almost here boys...
Naruedyoh 6 soat oldin
Since when is Utada Hikaru a Vocaloid?
MATISse CRACK 7 soat oldin
Angel León
Angel León 9 soat oldin
Brigade Leader Haruhi Suzumiya
I like the song by Skrillex, but i still prefer Hatsune Miku Vocaloid when it comes to music. Such a catchy song though. I like how they went with a different song all together for Kingdom Hearts 3.
Brigade Leader Haruhi Suzumiya
Only true Kingdom Hearts fans can enjoy this. Yah i said it! Get over yourself haters!
ChampionKevin44 9 soat oldin
I still ship Sora with Kairi. It's still sailing across the sea from today and beyond.
Echelon 10 soat oldin
I love everyone that all of a sudden loves the song now. Y’all loved to from the beginning, y’all just wanted to be in the hate bandwagon. I’m glad y’all came to your senses though.
POStheHOST 10 soat oldin
lmao penis
Millie Jean Warren
Millie Jean Warren 11 soat oldin
CHILLS. Who else has CHILLS.
cueca G4merYT
cueca G4merYT 11 soat oldin
Lionheart Mind Explosion
I remember what people hated this trailers music lol
Subliminally Multicultural
I'm back baby
Luiz Felipe
Luiz Felipe 16 soat oldin
Definitely gonna pre-order this. I'm glad Square Enix decided to move a different direction from Sanctuary and Simple and Clean for the intro. I believe Don't Think Twice sets the perfect mood for this game without knowing anything about it. But this intro kinda altered my first impressions. First listen, I wasn't a big fan of the music choice (well, I'm already biased against dubstep). I guess it sounded a bit odd because it reminded me of a generic dubstep UZvidr intro. I also thought the visuals were a bit clustered and too fast paced. But after a second, then a third, and the 20th listen, it grew on me. The visuals match perfectly. The fast pace gives it an energy, and more replay value, while also telling the whole story up to this point. And even for how much I don't care for dubstep, I found it enjoyable to listen to 👍
Nicolai Laursen
Nicolai Laursen 17 soat oldin
BloodWolf Xero
BloodWolf Xero 18 soat oldin
Wooh full song is out and I'm liking it.
Dika Muharman
Dika Muharman 19 soat oldin
I like this song
MoNoXiDe 92
MoNoXiDe 92 19 soat oldin
fuck Skrillex. This new track seems to have lost all touch with the Kingdom Hearts feel and just sounds like the same old rehashed garbage Skrillex always puts out.
Dup123 20 soat oldin
So.... Donald is not using a gun or what?
Gerel Harlan
Gerel Harlan 21 soat oldin
This game better break records in sales
Charly Ü Santamaria
Charly Ü Santamaria 22 soat oldin
Cuando Ya sales? 12:33 am?? 🤷‍♂️❤️🔥
lil-sake Kun oldin
man this opening is so good once you understand everything that's happened in the story... well, almost everything (KH3 HYPE)
Nikki Mori
Nikki Mori Kun oldin
Terrible choice by having skrillex make the beat
Jordy J
Jordy J Kun oldin
HYPE! few more days :)
Death Demon
Death Demon Kun oldin
Mean kingdom hearts
Death Demon
Death Demon Kun oldin
Going to the game comes out love it I’m a big fan of king of hearts
ZeldaFan 226
ZeldaFan 226 Kun oldin
Is kairi a playable character?.
Toni Brookston
Toni Brookston Kun oldin
Nicholas Bayer
Nicholas Bayer Kun oldin
Actually it was the real trailer my bad.
Nicholas Bayer
Nicholas Bayer Kun oldin
Was that trailer accurate cause it showed some stuff from 2 that made me think it wasn’t the real trailer. And if you seen the the kingdom hearts 2 trailer you’ll know what I mean.
Ephexia_ _
Ephexia_ _ Kun oldin
Never thought skrillex would make a song for kingdom hearts
Rolando Vellon
Rolando Vellon Kun oldin
#Terra #HyperDrive #RandomBeam
Marco Di Ciò
Marco Di Ciò Kun oldin
The first half of this song is really good. The second half is fucking shit holy
[Dr]Snegg Kun oldin
"I did my waiting, twelve years of it!"
faux Kun oldin
.... Why is it the KH2 versions of Sora Riku and Kairi facing off against Xehanort?
Aamir Alyas
Aamir Alyas Kun oldin
Still don't like this song
jonyleche 35
jonyleche 35 Kun oldin
"Darkness within darkness"
Jordan Bionicles
This game looks doodoo
Oz Kun oldin
Kevin Vang
Kevin Vang Kun oldin
Why do they keep showing one trailer of them as KH2 and then another as them looking so different
Kuu haku
Kuu haku Kun oldin
Basically This game really makes you feel like Xion Ladies and Gentlemen I give this game Scrooge McDuck/10
Lhuis Mendoza
Lhuis Mendoza 2 kun oldin
Skrillex ❤ Amazing producción
SuDzzY 2 kun oldin
I've gained 160 pounds waiting for this game to come out. I was 10.
I love your games before and now im hyped for this 2019 is gonna be a great year
Tanequa Woodson
Tanequa Woodson 2 kun oldin
I have a PS4 now and i get Kingdom hearts 3
Fernando Silvioson
Fernando Silvioson 2 kun oldin
Allen N
Allen N 2 kun oldin
I felt a tear in my eye once Roxas, Xion and Axel showed-- Roxas no--
Her First Time
Her First Time 2 kun oldin
13 days!!!
Doctor who Обзоры и игры
HEY REMEMBER THIS twitter.com/doctor17t/status/1085600193100349442
Pablo 2 kun oldin
So, Skrillex Faved this.
Zero Beyond123
Zero Beyond123 2 kun oldin
The kingdom hearts series is good but... the song is a little bit weird because the first part of the song is like sad and then it turn to dubstep its a little bit weird actually
Silenty Alpha
Silenty Alpha 2 kun oldin
Skrillex liked this trailer lmao
chresna aditya
chresna aditya 2 kun oldin
The theme song very disapointing, very average song for great game
DROPS JRPG BR 2 kun oldin
The opening is beautiful, but this song... Gee... Looks like an AMV fanmade
Queen Kitana
Queen Kitana 11 soat oldin
DROPS JRPG BR good thing the full version doesn’t look like this
EzGREEN 3 kun oldin
The music.....the scenes.......oofff the feels ;-;
Groisu 3 kun oldin
It's so close
Zero Two
Zero Two 3 kun oldin
I know I'm gonna cry like a kid while playing this. God the emotions are already happening I went from an innocent little kid playing Kingdom Hearts to a 17 yr old who is reminiscing the days of my innocence. Truly can't wait for the game any longer I need to play this masterpiece.
ramirorulez 3 kun oldin
Two weeks left to go ^-^
MattadorkGaming 3 kun oldin
ive been reading the comment section... and it seems people really like to hate on skrillex... i mean im not a fan of his either but he has a few good songs hes made and this song itself whether you like skrillex or the genre he does or not like them at all.... its a really good song that fits with the story that we are constantly told this game is gonna give us... i dont see why people hate on something for a artist they hate being in it o.o i don't like miley cyrus or some of the choices she has made but if she has a good song or participates in a good song im not gonna automatically hate that song or not give credit where its due...
coldpiecereece2011 3 kun oldin
Not too shabby
Sir Billius
Sir Billius 3 kun oldin
It's cool looking and all don't get me wrong I'm super hyped but, god God I hate the music.
Laaki 3 kun oldin
5814 heartless give thumbs down. Lets fight them
TheMakeshiftHero 3 kun oldin
Song is complete rubbish. Still getting the game but it's a shame they fucked up there now of all times.
HollywoodLego 3 kun oldin
A third game in the series that actually came out. Take notes valve......
TacoEX1 3 kun oldin
Valve seems to have trouble getting to the third of anything, heh.
N3v4toR 3 kun oldin
Omg i never knew this game but this Trailer is so *incredible epic with this music* HOLLYYYY
Leslie Yang
Leslie Yang 3 kun oldin
15 days left you guys:)
Gabriel Singh
Gabriel Singh 3 kun oldin
i saw skrilllex hit the like button
COREY M 3 kun oldin
dont think this is the whole video.. feels cut off and its not surprising if its true. i imagine they are keeping reveals to a minimum
Emily Baum
Emily Baum 3 kun oldin
Please release KH3 on Steam for PC RPG gamers!!!! I've followed the games for years but I don't play on xbox or playstation.
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar 3 kun oldin
Как ты делаешь это в Ableton Live???
zaqareemalcolm 4 kun oldin
RIP Roxas’ ice cream
Aidan Coppin
Aidan Coppin 4 kun oldin
one question: IS DOVAHKIIN IN THIS GAME!!!
Mahmoud Alkhatib
Mahmoud Alkhatib 4 kun oldin
Am I the only one that cannot wait anymore for this game to come out. Shit still got to wait 2weeks
AustinWasTaken 4 kun oldin
Honestly makes me wanna play kingdom hearts again.
Hoeman 4 kun oldin
These videos already remind me how much Nomura lives making Roxas fall into endless pits.
Tyrdiel _
Tyrdiel _ 4 kun oldin
Had me crying omg
Super_ Nerd730
Super_ Nerd730 4 kun oldin
I know one thing this game better be amazing Nd damn near never ending
GamingTeam//GT 4 kun oldin
The instrumental at the start of the song is emotional for some reason
Princess Deidra
Princess Deidra 4 kun oldin
Loved it 😩😩
Mystogan 03
Mystogan 03 4 kun oldin
The Dislikes are Australians smashing the like button
plumex 4 kun oldin
why did i laugh
Nick Mersch
Nick Mersch 4 kun oldin
Waiting for McQueen
Waht Why
Waht Why 4 kun oldin
Ha when the name of the game is the same as a mario odessey level
Kaiju 4 kun oldin
Lol the official skrillex litteraly liked this video
kitdacraze phillyphilly
Omg i am.35 yrs old and was waiting.for this stupid game so long
Himel 4 kun oldin
I honestly tear up every time I watch this. KH1 came out 8 days after I was born. I first played KH1 when I was 7 and now 10 years later, finally I get to experience KH3
DJ Giusepps
DJ Giusepps 4 kun oldin
i played kh1 when i was 2 years old with my older brother and finished kh2 when i was 5 i’ve waited about 14+ years for this amazing conclusion of a trilogy and we finally get it!!!
Madison Quinn
Madison Quinn 5 kun oldin
I am SO tempted to see a leaked full version of the opening, but my brother and I are planning a Kingdom Hearts night-so we can play the game- and he's going in blind. No trailers, no updates, just diving right in with what he knows. I am a little impatient and want to see this damn opening. Likes for yes. Dislikes for no. Should I watch the opening? I'm asking because I'm very conflicted😞😩🗝🖤🔑
DJ Giusepps
DJ Giusepps 5 kun oldin
Madison Quinn OHHHHHHHH this whole time i thought i was the only one who thought saw this trailer without the music. since it’s going to be the opening song of the game i thought it would be great to hear it when the game comes out. but still i’m sooooooo excited, i have been a little rusty about my knowledge with kh2.8 but can’t wait to see what happens with the end to this amazing trilogy
Madison Quinn
Madison Quinn 5 kun oldin
+DJ Giusepps No. I saw this trailer when it came out and it was AMAAAAZIIING. I listened to the song the other day while working on something at school. Awesomeness is born from music😏
DJ Giusepps
DJ Giusepps 5 kun oldin
Madison Quinn and flames means amazing and fantastic
DJ Giusepps
DJ Giusepps 5 kun oldin
Madison Quinn no problem dude and wait so you saw the trailer without hearing the music right?
Madison Quinn
Madison Quinn 5 kun oldin
+DJ Giusepps 1. Thanks for the answer. I appreciate it 2. "Flames"? That's a good thing, right? Because I love this trailer
Francisco Rojas Arteaga
El inicio de la canción estaba bien. Pero KH no necesitaba Dupsteb .-.)
Daniel murray
Daniel murray 5 kun oldin
Øhma PlayMaker [Beyblade Espace]
Make. A fuckin. KH MOVIE.
AlmightyHuey 5 kun oldin
💚 the world that never was 💚
BigDog123456vr Productions
1:26 though
positive_ touch
positive_ touch 5 kun oldin
They noctis the shit outa riku
positive_ touch
positive_ touch 2 kun oldin
But yeah.. Nomura made Noctis so I'm not even the least bit surprised for making riku look like Noctis lol
positive_ touch
positive_ touch 2 kun oldin
Slim Hacking Slim Hacking yeah Nomura *was* directing ffxv (previously knwn as versus 13) until he got kicked outa the project to work of kh3, the one who directed ffxv(with a new story line n all) was *hajime tabata*
Slim Hacking
Slim Hacking 2 kun oldin
I noticed that 3 days ago I got into ff15 2 weeks ago well if you play the game it said creator Nomura and that's the same dude who made kingdom hearts
Mark Perez
Mark Perez 5 kun oldin
I’m Skipping School Just To Play This Game😂😂
ReynBlackwinter 5 kun oldin
....but why the DUBSTEP?!
Matt Dymond
Matt Dymond 5 kun oldin
Saw Skrillex and expected shit. As soon as it got to 1:02, shit was exactly what we got, what a mess.
plumex 4 kun oldin
yeaaaaaah. you'll get used to it.
HolsovanUltimate 4 kun oldin
Just give him this. The guy loves this series and tried the best he could
Joey_ Breezy
Joey_ Breezy 5 kun oldin
This just proves that PS4 is Better😂 don’t @ me
Joey_ Breezy
Joey_ Breezy Kun oldin
Brendan Milburn look where KH started
Brendan Milburn
Brendan Milburn 4 kun oldin
But it's also coming to Xbox...
Whatevents 5 kun oldin
Sora, dinners ready!