KINGDOM HEARTS III - Opening Movie Trailer

Kingdom Hearts
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Longtime Kingdom Hearts contributor Hikaru Utada has teamed up with longtime Kingdom Hearts superfan Skrillex to create the amazing theme “Face My Fears”.
Watch the forces of light and darkness gather as the battle for KINGDOM HEARTS approaches! It is time for Sora and all the KINGDOM HEARTS characters to face their fears!
KINGDOM HEARTS III is coming to Sony PlayStation® 4 and Microsoft Xbox One on January 29, 2019.
Pre-order the song "Face My Fears" from Hikaru Utada and Skrillex and get instant access to “Don’t Think Twice” available at 12am EST / 9pm PST!
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9-Dek, 2018

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Donovan San Nicolas
Donovan San Nicolas 2 soat oldin
Mariel Serraty
Mariel Serraty 2 soat oldin
Gave me goosebumps.
Complex 2 soat oldin
X would be proud
The Doge
The Doge 2 soat oldin
Reeperbahn26 2 soat oldin
I like Skrillex but he didn't make this song better at all.
Plusmo 2 soat oldin
Im waiting for that Kyrie keyblade action
Iamstickman 2 soat oldin
Yo, I can't believe Kingdom Hearts is #1 on trending. It feels good, man.
TheGCRAZ 2 soat oldin
Reactions from someone who’s never played Kingdom Hearts and doesn’t know much about the story: 0:03 - Typical anime intro 0:16 - Ooooo chess but with the shit from brawl 0:18 - Wait... didn’t we just see the main character? 0:20 - “FEAR MY ALBINO HAIR” 0:26 - Where’d the glass come from? 0:32 - Oooo sinister chess 0:38 - Ok, guess he’s older now 0:42 - Wait, didn’t this same scene JUST happen? 0:49 - WHO ARE THESE GUYS? 0:54 - *distant snap* 0:55 - I have a... what is this? 1:00 - Ok that’s pretty cool 1:06 - WHO ARE YOU?? 1:14 - Ok, guess he’s older now... again 1:19 - WHY ARE DONALD AND GOOFY HERE?? 1:22 - Wait, WHY ARE YOU YOUNG AGAIN 1:23 - WHO GAVE MICKEY A WEAPON?? 1:28 - WHAT IS HAPPENING... *proceeds to hum “Face My Fears”*
Dante Walden
Dante Walden 2 soat oldin
he better be in smash from one of the 5 fighter packs
Lydia Connor
Lydia Connor 2 soat oldin
I just turn in to little girl in whole minute lol
ARCADE THEATRE 2 soat oldin
We're gonna make it, everyone. We're gonna make it.
Сэм Сэм
Сэм Сэм 2 soat oldin
Ah kingdom heartbreak back at it again with the moods
Daniel PreScott
Daniel PreScott 2 soat oldin
I dont know ...I get this blah feeling this game...like...idk
Qxvx 2 soat oldin
Oh boy
Digetter 2 soat oldin
What’s a Kingdom Hearts?
Vonn Uchiha
Vonn Uchiha 2 soat oldin
Xehanort eyes though 👀 Luxu conformed!!!
dalejmh 2 soat oldin
This must be released on switch
fred jasper
fred jasper 2 soat oldin
I hope Mickey, Donald and Pluto kick some hardcore ass
TheRealDonaldTrump 2 soat oldin
Why is it that they used a Skrillex song for this trailer? 😤
Nigga Sicario
Nigga Sicario 2 soat oldin
Todo perfecto hasta que apareció Skrillex :c
kawaii sama
kawaii sama 2 soat oldin
that music yikes
Killapietro 96
Killapietro 96 2 soat oldin
The chills, god damn.
Tamer2002 2 soat oldin
Artist of Procedure
Artist of Procedure 2 soat oldin
This is why dubstep is such a easy dying form nobody wants to hear random instruments every 5 seconds that's not music it has no rhythm.Its hard to like a song when just slap random dubstep on it.Utada could have owned this song alone or just use don't think twice it sounds way better.
Daniel Wayne
Daniel Wayne 2 soat oldin
Am I the only one who got feels from this?
CanaanNowilaty 2 soat oldin
13 years later. Worth every damn second! ❤
Tyler Hunsaker
Tyler Hunsaker 2 soat oldin
Are we all going to ignore the fact that this song is a banger??
Shaheer Khan
Shaheer Khan 2 soat oldin
That music is horrid
TMHDTV 2 soat oldin
Rip X
Setzubou 2 soat oldin
Im not crying...you are
Dick Tracy
Dick Tracy 2 soat oldin
The video is fine, but the song is fucking horrible.
Juan Diego Chavez Lastarria
I never had a smile with tears falling at the same time...
One_Man_Army919 2 soat oldin
Xemnas: *Goes zebra mode* 1:11 Old xehernort: GET BACK IN UNIFORM! Xemnas: OK ☹️ 1:20
Soviet Memes
Soviet Memes 2 soat oldin
Weird flex but ok
Leonard Washington
Leonard Washington 2 soat oldin
what? I swear you lames kill memes so fast
Bru tux
Bru tux 2 soat oldin
Next Fallout 76? Already?
Everss Games
Everss Games 2 soat oldin
i want some likes, its cool to have likes, give me likes, thank you
John Morgan Powell
John Morgan Powell 2 soat oldin
Someone comment on this in a couple years I wanna see if my phone sends me notifications
KH3_ sora
KH3_ sora 2 soat oldin
Xehanort has always being there ??
Miguel Guzman
Miguel Guzman 2 soat oldin
Uffffffff I looooovvve so much that skrillex is apart of the music! Sets the tone sooo well! I’m so hyped for January!
My Girlfriend is hotter than yours
It's been much too long
x0ras 2 soat oldin
Marc Olivares
Marc Olivares 2 soat oldin
tehSunBro 2 soat oldin
Damn totally ruined the opening, poor Hikki, she can do so much better. Fuckign Skrillex 1:00 Wat is dis shit.
12051330 2 soat oldin
anime-like character with Mickey Mouse shoes love it!!!!
Awakened Baphomet
Awakened Baphomet 2 soat oldin
Kingdom Hearts arguably the BEST game ever made.
Âdil K
Âdil K 2 soat oldin
Tears in my eyes
Jas S
Jas S 2 soat oldin
That Xemnas spin was amazing Hopefully they make his boss battle hard this time
Marisa Ramirez
Marisa Ramirez 2 soat oldin
How to explain a majority of kingdom hearts in a trailer. A shit ton of badass scenes.
difpron 2 soat oldin
Karen Berthel
Karen Berthel 2 soat oldin
I still remember seeing the orginal trailer when I was 12 and I literally jumped out of my seat in amazment. Now 28 I feel like we have all grown along side Sora and the gang. A long run but can't wait for the final conclusion. Let's face our fears TOGETHER!
phantasyryder 2 soat oldin
Should have used 21 Savage music.
zelda 07
zelda 07 2 soat oldin
Joven xehanort no tiene los ojos amarillos 😲😲😲😱
JUMABETA 2 soat oldin
Plz, dont let the haters get in...
mjvalenc94 2 soat oldin
Why do i feel that the darknesses are gona be the fortellers
Adam Abdeljaber
Adam Abdeljaber 2 soat oldin
God damn
Sound Wave
Sound Wave 2 soat oldin
Donald Duck says the n word
GachaKairi:3 2 soat oldin
GachaKairi:3 2 soat oldin
SMT Artshow
SMT Artshow 2 soat oldin
Regulus 2 soat oldin
So the opening song isn't trash! 🤩👏👏 good job guys!
Ryan Cole
Ryan Cole 2 soat oldin
Goosebumps all over. I CANNOT WAIT.
Daniel Diamond
Daniel Diamond 2 soat oldin
I just clicked I saw this
The Power of  Anime
The Power of Anime 2 soat oldin
So.. I don't understand.. Donald and Goofy are two of the seven lights? o.o
Sharkbait Hoo Ahah
Sharkbait Hoo Ahah 2 soat oldin
If only it was on the switch
Rana Sara
Rana Sara 2 soat oldin
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Gamer-Vision Studios
This is something WAIT DUBSTEP? *COUNT ME IN*
CreamyIceCreamBoi 2 soat oldin
I do hope 1:03 actually has lyrics. I don't mind the dubstep (or whatever its called) but i felt it went on for way too long
YEEGZ 2 soat oldin
donald duck alone in this video is better than youtube rewind 2018
Daddy Patrick
Daddy Patrick 2 soat oldin
Wtf This should've been #1 Trending...
Lazergate 2 soat oldin
Daddy Patrick It is in the U.S.
Le Cack
Le Cack 2 soat oldin
I thought this was a well-made prank
CoolJake300 2 soat oldin
We’ve done it Bois, number one on trending
relu419 2 soat oldin
The trailer is amazing, the music SUX!
Crystal Gamer
Crystal Gamer 2 soat oldin
So awesome, I can't wait to play this game! I've already beat kingdom hearts 1 and 2, now I gotta wait for number 3 to come!
Benjamin McLean
Benjamin McLean 2 soat oldin
It looks really cool. But what the crap is going on. There's Sora who turns into Roxas who turns into Ventus, even though Ventus and Sora/Roxas are in completely different time periods. Then we see Riku turn into Terra who turns into Riku again and then turns into some kinda Sephiroth dude who I couldn't make out and then turns into Xehanort and back into Riku. Why? I thought I was confused by this storyline before but now I am even more confused than ever. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON???
Cαrpєt 2 soat oldin
Have you ever seen a Kingdom Hearts Opening before? It's all symbolic or metaphoric or whatever.. it's not supposed to make sense.
Stan Ateez Stream Tempo
*I love it.*
Toad 2 soat oldin
Now I want a Movie or a Show.
unpolarize 2 soat oldin
I love what Skrillex did with the song.
HangGrenade01 2 soat oldin
Wasn't really feeling it at first but its growing on me.
Necruz 2006
Necruz 2006 2 soat oldin
I shit myself I fucking shit myself
Jaeden Davis
Jaeden Davis 2 soat oldin
That was phenomenal...
i thought the new game would make me feel simple and clean again 😭🎮
Koda Wolf
Koda Wolf 2 soat oldin
1:23 Kairi summoning her Keyblade 👌🏻
ShadowSonic325 2 soat oldin
Mykul22 2 soat oldin
Of course an EDM track for this 👏
Demon 777
Demon 777 2 soat oldin
you guys its finally here.....its finally real we made it!
fewwef weffefwf
fewwef weffefwf 2 soat oldin
this is postmodernist marxist degeneracy. kingdom hearts exists for the sole purpose of emasculating men. kingdom hearts was created by the jews.
Nah 2 soat oldin
okay this is epic
thailse 2 soat oldin
I need the lyrics
thailse 2 soat oldin
pretty sure it's Breath, should I take a deep? Faith, should I take a leap? Taste, what a bittersweet All my, all my life Let me face, let me face, let me face my fears x2 and the rest I just cannot understand for the love of life
Mysteryman75757 2 soat oldin
How long has it been? I’ve been waiting so long
thekeyofdestiny13 2 soat oldin
0:59 No, not again battle between Roxas and Axel! 😢 😭
silver flame
silver flame 2 soat oldin
Square I swear you better make a physica replica of that chess board to sell
ErXie 2 soat oldin
Why is everyone complaining about this song? It's really good. It's befitting for the theme more than Don't think twice, as that song sounded super depressing- despite being good. It's an inquired taste but it sounds more fitting for a opening trailer than a song that makes you think everyone might die in the end.
RJS 2 soat oldin
When you can’t show Winnie the Pooh due to China’s sensor policies.
Zero Nightshade
Zero Nightshade 2 soat oldin
The throwback to practically the main characters of the past... Damn, that hurts so good.
Kennis Smith
Kennis Smith 2 soat oldin
I could keep Smash Ultimate...but do I really need a Nintendo Switch?
Jthe Lightseeker
Jthe Lightseeker 2 soat oldin
Remember the "platforming" Tarzan's world? We've come a mighty long way.
Daniel Wells
Daniel Wells 2 soat oldin
I feel sorry for the Xbox ppl haha they have no idea unless the play the other games lol they r gonna be so confused
SourD Takedown
SourD Takedown 2 soat oldin
Wow that....was....very disappointing. past openings were creative as fuck and this felt like a lame anime recap with waaaaaay too many arms sticking out reaching for someone, super lazy. Song wasn't any good either and not just because of Skrillex(was it any surprise that his part would be bad?) Utada let me down too. Every past kingdom hearts opening made me feel something and this..was just not it chief. Not at all, Im pretty bummed haha.
Cαrpєt 2 soat oldin
This isn't the full opening.. also you're retarded <3
son Goku
son Goku 2 soat oldin
Kermit the frog confirmed?
Joshua N
Joshua N 2 soat oldin
My dad died waiting for this.
Cαrpєt 2 soat oldin
lol good one
Dyho 2 soat oldin
I don’t know what is happening because I have never played kingdom hearts but goddamn this looks cool
Connor Stace
Connor Stace 2 soat oldin
Is anybody else lurking like me in the comment section looking at everyone's reactions. But not gonna watch the video because you dont want the opening spoiled in anyway.
Hacker3423 2 soat oldin
Its not even the full Opening. Its just a tease.
tear scythe
tear scythe 2 soat oldin
no spoiler, only flash backs
French Toast
3 kun oldin