Kirsten Dunst & Rami Malek - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

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Kirsten Dunst may not have been the lovable vampire Claudia in “Interview With the Vampire” if it were not for her acting coach.
Dunst sat down with Rami Malek for Variety‘s and PBS’ fourth “Actors on Actors” series and revealed that her coach made her re-do her audition after a not-so-perfect performance.
“I was with my coach,” she recalled. “He was outside of the room. He listened on the door to hear, like, what I was doing. And he knows I didn’t nail it. And I walked out, and he was like, ‘No, you go back in there.’ He’s like, ‘Apologize to the casting director.’ He’s like, ‘She didn’t do what she can do.'”




8-Iyn, 2016

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edward rossman
edward rossman Kun oldin
this is cool because its like we get to listen in on a private conversation
William P. Buttle
Shit I thought Kristen was the older one, not saying she looks old, she’s been in the acting industry for longer than Rami
William P. Buttle
They should do a film together. They have good chemistry
J LA 2 kun oldin
Don't you just want to know what actors are the assholes types they are talking about? I can guess a few. I appreciate the down-to-earth ones like these two.
Gabrielle Martin
Gabrielle Martin 2 kun oldin
i ADORE both.Truly I do. But for fuck sakes can he visit a ENT doctor already. Like the NASAL i hear from this guy. I truly admire and bow to him as an artist, but for COCK fucking sake - put your head in a bowl of boiling water with a towel over your head and someone slap that fucking look off his face. She made those comments about him in high school. KIRSTEN doesnt lie!!! He was a grease lightning cool bruh and needs to be bitch slapped into reality. SHOW ME A character where you look fucking ugly. UGLY cry for me. THEN you get an oscar. I have the utmost respect for kirsten AND him but I am unleashing this commentary lol. ON THIS NOTE: wtf is kirsten doing? she seems like shes letting him interview her as if she's fucking the POPE aka meryl streep, and the entire time which is condescending as FAWK. She is, Kirsten, as experienced, and as tired of the whole scene, about 5 years ago was done with this fucking TRASH media / image shit, SO Rami is just THRILLED about fame and all that because hes new. SUCKLING at the teet for sure like a new born. And poor Kirsten is just. Living the quiet life of a HERMIT. I can see how eager he is to engage and I feel so bad for her b/c i can tell shes just so OVER IT and takes it as a job now; and ONLY selects projects which are creative, moving, personal enough for her to consider. YES its a blessing but. Two talented people but a FUCKING awful time watching. She seems blitzed on fuckin Oxy's from the childhood/ early adulthood trauma and he keeps staring at fuckin her like he wants to eat her like a cannibal. What a fucking ODD interview? /ENDRANT
Nea Emrys
Nea Emrys Kun oldin
What's your fucking problem LOL
VKDragonFire 2 kun oldin
April Rueda
April Rueda 3 kun oldin
I feel like after bohemian rhapsody ramis confidence lowkey grew and I can highkey sense the bde no lie
takewhataway 3 kun oldin
I feel like watching a blind date lol I hope they continued to an actual date...though now it's 2 years later and we didnt hear anything about it XD
kristinarayart 3 kun oldin
I think botox for an actress is a dead end :O
Alamda Ali
Alamda Ali 3 kun oldin
Harsha Rishi
Harsha Rishi 5 kun oldin
So Rami was not awkward after all. He was not socially awkward, ever. My life is a lie.
SK N 5 kun oldin
1st question: why such a cunt? i totally kidding. thats the second question, i skipped ahead
liv faye
liv faye 6 kun oldin
0:48 *flips hair and blushes* you were flirty in hs ;)
liv faye
liv faye 6 kun oldin
8:43 pure sex
liv faye
liv faye 6 kun oldin
I feel like rami’s voice mixed w the amount of eye contact he he uses has the power to make everyone fall in love with him. Like hes like intoxicatingly sexy
gwen h
gwen h 6 kun oldin
wait guys...it’s Freddie Mercury and Marie Antoinette... JEWELS!
Nea Emrys
Nea Emrys Kun oldin
lol nice
Joanne Adoe
Joanne Adoe 7 kun oldin
Next rami and lucy
chamundeshwari prakash
lile if he was amazing as freddy Mercury!
Ce Ha
Ce Ha 7 kun oldin
Bodylanguage is so interesting. The whole conversation. He is kind of relaxed with an open personality. She is trying so hard not to appear touchable. Trying to be cool but knowing at the same time he is looking through her mask. He keeps her talking.
Ntandoyenkosi Zungu
Samia Musse
Samia Musse 7 kun oldin
I have Trypophobia ( fear of holes) and those paintings behind them are bothering me so much .
Ksenia Kolyadina
Ksenia Kolyadina 8 kun oldin
The final monologue on dreams is very interesting. I’ll try :)
10521577A 10 kun oldin
OMG, he's older than Kirsten Dunst?? And he is 37?? I thought he was like 26. WHOA
The Keyboardess
The Keyboardess 13 kun oldin
2'00" - Cringyyyyy moment when Rami discovers Kirsten had rehearsed like a dog to give that wonderful song performance! ;-) You can feel a brick falling, and she looks busted as hell! LOL
mickavellian 15 kun oldin
Why does she look so much older than him?
Rami Malek is such a charming human being... He has kinda awkward vibe, but he's also very attractive and smart... I love his moves and his attitude, and those eyes!
Arsalan Hasan
Arsalan Hasan 19 kun oldin
Mary Jane and the Pharo.
Sieren Tokiio
Sieren Tokiio 19 kun oldin
Need this again, talking about Bohemian Rapsody
Kim Hall
Kim Hall 21 kun oldin
Rami needs to contact Keanu Reeves as he says he's not able to go out much anymore without hiding his head. Keanu is able to handle people on subways and airport and anywhere in general. He just deals with the public in his own peaceful manner.
Mariana G.
Mariana G. 21 kun oldin
Me talking to a guy I like
Jin Lee
Jin Lee 24 kun oldin
Rami is really yellow but his hands are so red???
I'm So Hoodie
I'm So Hoodie 25 kun oldin
Interview with a vampire, one of my fave movies of all time and Kirsten Dunst killed it, to do what she did at that age, amazing.
JustACuriousKid 28 kun oldin
Theyre cute together
Leondra  Felder
Leondra Felder 28 kun oldin
The swallow sounds tho
m.s 29 kun oldin
his eyes are so beautiful
purujit parashar
purujit parashar 29 kun oldin
He looks like a kid DAMN SON.
purujit parashar
purujit parashar 29 kun oldin
superlibbyanne 29 kun oldin
I love Kirkland products! Lol
gkmx3 Oy oldin
Louie Alimagno
must be the Egyptian genes coz at 37 he still looks like this, still looks so young. i thought he was around 27 to 31
Ke Mt
Ke Mt 8 kun oldin
Well there is a stereotype about Egyptians in the Middle East that they never age 😂😂 but tbf only Egyptian actors and singers seem to never age
E Balla
E Balla Oy oldin
It surprises me how difficult seems for Kristen to express herself verbally. She is not very articulated. She uses the word "like" a lot. She seems very intelligent though, and I think she's a great actress. I guess this is for lack of a formal education. Unlike, Rami who is very fluent verbally. He went to college, maybe that's the difference?
rosanna segarra
I met Kristen at an art school. She was participating in a two week drawing marathon. And I was one of the art models. I was star struck. I love for acting. For, along with serving art, I am an actor...But, that’s another story. The drawing studio was packed. The model set up was in the middle of the space. The poses are taped on the set up, The monitor timed the poses and breaks. One day, during a break, Kristen proceeded to lay down on and place the sole of her converse sneaker where my part of my face had been positioned on the set up. I saw this. And said “Kristen!” My subtext was clear.) She, immediately, got up. And the monitor placed some clean linens so that I can lay my head down and resume the pose. At some point, I asked Kristen why she did that. Was she trying to get a feel of the pose that I was performing? She said no. She was just playing around. The following day, just as we were about to start the pose. I am nude. Everyone is present. Kristen comes to me and says that she will not go near the set up again. She went on to express herself quite elaborately and eloquently. I thought to myself wow, finally, someone understands the importance of not touching the model setup...Until, I heard her say I won’t even breathe in that direction. Then, I realized she let me have it in that moment. In that monologue in front of everyone. I was speechless. Hurt. And embarrassed. And felt bad. I realized that I had embarrassed her. I should not have reacted to her placing her foot on the set up. But, I thought she would understand. Placing her foot on the set up would be like some walking into her private dressing room and standing on her chair that she sits on in between costume changes. And any set up for me is that sacred. It informs me and nurtured me just like a film or theater set up would do.) Later on, she offered me a chocolate chip cookie which I accepted. But, when I looked into her eyes, I can see she was, still, affected. Maybe, she felt bad for letting me have it. I don’t know. I, do, know that this was indeed, a learning experience. It taught me how vulnerable we can ALL be as human beings whether one is working as an art model in a small art institution or one is a world renown actor. And I am sorry. I pray to God that sharing this will open up the possibilities of seeing Kristen with new eyes. Most importantly, I pray that she will forgive me.
Jackie Kim
Jackie Kim Oy oldin
You take two accomplished stars and there's still a layer of awkwardness around someone they had a crush on in high school.
Fallon Estrello
I love her !
Rhiannon Henry
Anyone else notice how red Ramis fingers are
Lea Paulin
Lea Paulin Oy oldin
He has panic attacks... OMG I have panic attacks!
Brooke Williams
Vanessa Leduc
Vanessa Leduc Oy oldin
Kirsten has always been giddy and excitable and even a bit awkward I don’t think she’s nervous.. ? Why is everyone saying that lol
Joe Katuz
Joe Katuz Oy oldin
Trypophobia anyone?
Mariayxa La Santa
He is really humble and nice person.
Ben Oy oldin
He looks so young because of that wide eyed look
Marie Grimes
Marie Grimes Oy oldin
Great "interview." It's great seeing actors really just talking and being themselves and hearing stories about roles their perspective on different aspects of their jobs. Most talk show interviews are so short and the interviewers do the majority of the talking so this was a nice interaction. I did not know that they went to HS together; seeing both of their careers be so successful is great. You can tell from the interview that they really respect each other. I've seen other interviews with Rami and he is always very attentive and genuinely interested in listening instead of doing all of the talking - it's very rare nice to see. Doesn't hurt that he is just gorgeous and the way he bites his bottom lip is too cute!!
Mariayxa La Santa
Both are wonderful actors 👏❤.
Mel Jones
Mel Jones Oy oldin
I've never seen this show it's so cool to see all of that from an actor's perspective, they ask some really interesting questions and give each other enough time to answer (both of these things are pretty rare in most interviews) and they can interact and discuss stuff that an interviewer wouldn't really understand or relate to, it's not the questions that you hear all the time Love the concept ! and Rami's voice omg gets me everytime
Ayumi Sato
Ayumi Sato Oy oldin
wait IS SHE Mary Jane??????
tjpm Oy oldin
Is it me or is Remi a really empathetic person ? He seems to be very interested in human behavior and is not afraid to come into conclusions live. Hope someone gets what I am trying to say.
Jedi Kat
Jedi Kat Oy oldin
Kind of a weird ending to this interview....
lizlearojas Oy oldin
I love kristen so Lovely .... I really enjoyed Crazy Beautiful😘😥😊 a good movie and all of the obvious movies she's been in . And Mr. Rami is surely having the time of his life amazing as Freddie Mercury 😍🤗
Patricia Haidautu
Is it just me or are they flirting?
Emily Davenport
His eye contact is SO intense! I love it!
lelmDR.WHO? Oy oldin
I think part of why I do love Mr. Robot so much is because you can hear his inner monologue. And not in some forth wall breaking way where films will have the protagonist narrate but it's TO the viewers. It's much more personal and therefore realistic. I love it because it's almost like giving the same depth as reading a book to a tv show. In a book you can feel much closer to the characters because you know their inner thoughts and emotions without them having to be actually vocalized
Gaby Ward
Gaby Ward Oy oldin
i want rami maleks voice permanently in my ear
Bellai Sandoval
I’ve had this question for a long time: If I see someone famous that really inspires me and I care about them- should I ask them for a picture??? I mean i don’t want to bother them bc I care about them a lot and if they see me as a annoying it’ll really hurt!! What do I do??
Bellai Sandoval
Bellai Sandoval 22 kun oldin
Lizeth Quispe Perez thanks :)
Lizeth Quispe Perez
Bellai Sandoval ask them nicely, first talk to them I guess then ask. And if they say no, then don’t be hurt. At least you talked to them. But I don’t think they would say no
Kriace Ward
Kriace Ward Oy oldin
I looooooveeee his fucking voice...it's like the epitome of raspiness with sexy!!!
leez Oy oldin
he’s definitely STILL a big flirt 🤩
Sue Sue
Sue Sue Oy oldin
Kirsten spilling teaaaaa~
Extravagance BV
She looks a lot older than him...
Tarien Remlaswen
I can listen to Rami talk forever.
Jacob Leslie
Jacob Leslie Oy oldin
Rami, people don't listen to or hear their 'subconscious thoughts'. That why they're called subconscious, because we aren't aware of them. :D
Lucia santana
Lucia santana Oy oldin
these comments are making me cry
Nickypink09 Oy oldin
Lucia santana me too
Cat Lis
Cat Lis Oy oldin
I'm not the type of person to "ship" real life people together, but the way Rami leans towards her and Kirsten being so flustered, coupled by the fact that they went to high school together, make me not object to the idea of it in the least. I feel like they'd be super compatible together, too.
Julija- chan
Julija- chan Oy oldin
That quick Rami's facial expression on 1:08 expressing pride that women remember from high school because of your flirty character. XD
Azul Caldhera
Azul Caldhera Oy oldin
Rami seems like that cool hot guy in high school that I can't talk to because he makes me shy but once I do he is down to earth and sweet.
Noelle Waren
Noelle Waren 2 oy oldin
Oh my goodness, this makes me miss doing auditions. I can’t wait to get back on the horse in the Spring! This interview was so interesting. They’re both so chill.
gemstash 2 oy oldin
Why did this fabulous woman settle for that fat pleb Jesse Plemons....
Ll Kk
Ll Kk 2 oy oldin
His voice is so calming.
clang theo
clang theo 2 oy oldin
Not sure what's sexier... Rami's eye contact, his voice, or the creak of his leather jacket but I'm here for all of it.
Lane Crescent
Lane Crescent Kun oldin
Same. I'm going nowhere.
Patricia Torres
Patricia Torres 17 kun oldin
clang theo or the swallowing
Niamh Moloney
Niamh Moloney 2 oy oldin
15:52 her hand does a little shake - so relatable!
Azmi Redy Pradana
Mary Jane )))):
Ginna Beltrán
Ginna Beltrán 2 oy oldin
What an intimidating guy to be around, his eyes, his smile gosh I love him!
Angel Sutton
Angel Sutton 2 oy oldin
Anonymous 2 oy oldin
She didn't win an Oscar for that??? Wow...she was utterly brilliant in that role and for such a young actress too... Indeed, thank you Kirsten.
aynur aynur
aynur aynur 2 oy oldin
oh rami😍🥰😘
Ahmad Shahin
Ahmad Shahin 2 oy oldin
Im reliy shy
Vicky08 Vicky08
Vicky08 Vicky08 2 oy oldin
Jess 2 oy oldin
Kristen dominated that, speaking mostly of herself and never posed the question back on Rami. A lot of her questions too were shallow or specific to herself?
Alejandra Hernandez
Did people in high school not know who she had worked with?
Juan Bernardez
Juan Bernardez 2 oy oldin
I m jealous
StitchGV 2 oy oldin
He feels awkward because she’s a bigger actor than him, she feels awkward because his star is on the rise and hers is fading. This is PAINFUL. 😂
aL Quarter
aL Quarter 2 oy oldin
what how are these actors getting to same schools
Kat D
Kat D 2 oy oldin
Are we all just going to ignore the fact that rami was flirting extra hard there in the beginning? LOL
miaubella 2 oy oldin
he seems so chill and she seems nervous... but hey! I'd probably be nervous too! he is sooo cute!
Lindsay Dunn
Lindsay Dunn 2 oy oldin
The noise of rami’s leather jacket squeaking is my favorite thing about this video
Dahom yasser
Dahom yasser 2 oy oldin
Shit she looks way older than him
VixL 2 oy oldin
Idk why but when I saw her in Hidden Figures, I was blown away. She really played that character really well, even though her role was so small. I can’t believe she’s been working since she was a kid.
Ahmad Shahin
Ahmad Shahin 2 oy oldin
Kristen dunst wilcome from kurdistan in south hawler
slinky crown
slinky crown 2 oy oldin
No offence to Lucy but I feel like she should’ve played Freddie’s wife in bohemian rhapsody she looks just like her
Belles Brunette
Belles Brunette 2 oy oldin
slinky crown yeah and they already have that chemistry too. I feel like that would have been so much better
good music
good music 2 oy oldin
Thank you, I really enjoyed this relaxing chat between a two delightful and talented people.
Amaiso Nensy
Amaiso Nensy 2 oy oldin
They got their own character, a future legend actor ..
Flying Chef
Flying Chef 2 oy oldin
Define pretentious. Oh dear, the real world would be scary for these people - I like them.
Bob 2 oy oldin
Lol film companion copied this idea lol