Kitchen Nightmares US [Season 4 Episode 2] "Classic American"

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13-Dek, 2016

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Fikrlar 3 121
predatorsilver 8 oy oldin
A Million Dollars in Debt, gotta love America.
aisa zooper
aisa zooper 4 kun oldin
I understand your comment 👀😭🤦🏽‍♀️😂
Shirohana San
Shirohana San 4 kun oldin
I mean... They were stupid and didn't follow the rules, they're the ones who actually got themselves in that position in the first place. They weren't responsible... It was really not other people's fault
patrick jackson
patrick jackson 6 kun oldin
Yes I love America and millions of others do as well because you can make something of yourselves and have a successful business by working your ass off and not letting your business go to shit. Not America’s fault that people can’t run a business.
patrick jackson
patrick jackson 6 kun oldin
JustSomeGuy fuck you!
George Lucas
George Lucas 9 kun oldin
DeSanto127 The majority of America doesn’t though
Dr.   Morteza Delroba
everybody smokes ! I would never go to a place like that..
Jordan Willett
Jordan Willett Kun oldin
Who cares? It's their bodies let them put whatever they want in it its really no-one buissnes
Daryl Dixon
Daryl Dixon 2 kun oldin
Cry, cry, cry some more...😢 Both of them have no business running that restaurant! It’s like there is all waitresses and no bosses! And all the non stop crying 😭 has me asking are women emotionally stable enough to be out of the home!? Lol jk kind of...
TheYtseMan Kun oldin
I just don't get why you said that and I'm really mad at you. Assuming the show is not scripted (which sadly, it is), that woman is a super fine example of personal improving and courage. She's literraly THE ONLY ONE doing everything right and is SURROUNDED by fucking idiots (she should dump his husband).
TheYtseMan Kun oldin
You don't know anything. That thing you said is completely horrible. Maybe you should be the one unable to leave your house or even have access to the Internet.
TheMaloney 2 kun oldin
Those accents are brutal. I could listen to them goomba NY/NJ accents all day without quitting or killing myself.
A 2 kun oldin
literally 40 minutes in, a guy that couldn't care less about all this... brain kicks in 'why tf am i watching this ' ?
Derek Allen
Derek Allen 2 kun oldin
Look closely at 24:00. Was that a tiny roach that crawled across the plate?
Koonas98 3 soat oldin
Think it's grease running down the salad
AmourChinita VIDEOS
Looks like grease dripping down the lettuce
Jair Ramirez
Jair Ramirez 2 kun oldin
Derek Allen it looks like grease dripping down
Ibu Maverick
Ibu Maverick 2 kun oldin
Don is truly upper echelon of society
Shirohana San
Shirohana San 4 kun oldin
Meanwhile... I'm eating a piece of bread with cheese on top.. And I microwaved it because I'm broke LOL 😂😂😂
Shirohana San
Shirohana San Kun oldin
+Dark Assassin it's actually not That bad, especially when you're starving and you have to procrastinate food choices😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dark Assassin
Dark Assassin Kun oldin
Shirohana San Not gonna lie man, that sounds kinda good
Xx412xxbluntz 4 kun oldin
Some people are idiots.. We haven't got paid in over a year.....
Chris Hutch
Chris Hutch 5 kun oldin
I found it interesting that despite being a bit abrasive Dom had a good perspective and insightful advice. Given the right guidance he could be an amazing manager or more.
Duane Lee Russell
Duane Lee Russell 5 kun oldin
Stop the political fucking adds I swear I'LL stop viewing FUCK OFF trying to ruin this great nation you FUCKTARD commiecrats
Paolo Figueroa
Paolo Figueroa 7 kun oldin
He chucked the shit out of that soda
Omgforgetit 11 kun oldin
The son's voice sounds like the one tweaker off breaking bad.
Clinton Neal
Clinton Neal 12 kun oldin
Paid 700 grand for a failing restaurant... good God that's an obscene waste of money. They could have started a more successful food truck business from scratch for less than a seventh of that...
Derek Fees
Derek Fees 13 kun oldin
Omgforgetit Kun oldin
+Derek Fees right that was the giveaway. No homemade macaroni looks like that, esp with them skinny minis ln the bowl.
Derek Fees
Derek Fees Kun oldin
Omgforgetit right, I saw the little skinny noodles in the bowl
Derek Fees
Derek Fees Kun oldin
Jordan Willett sadly, when the cooks don’t care
Jordan Willett
Jordan Willett Kun oldin
That's what you usually get in places like this
Omgforgetit 12 kun oldin
Dead ass I was thinking the same shxt when I was watching.
Phúc Hồ
Phúc Hồ 14 kun oldin
" it what we do everyday, we think we do a pretty good job ".... you does know your restaurant is in a million debt right ?
Jay Larkin
Jay Larkin 18 kun oldin
The chef guy's pride about the food has to be a pump fake for the cameras
Jordan Willett
Jordan Willett Kun oldin
Yeah they do that alot on this show they dramatize it for t.v. the tv crew stir shit up on purpose to make for "good" tv
Michael Ledford
Michael Ledford 23 kun oldin
+The Elapid King * Remember how you claimed I was talking out of my ass ? Well Here's your credible source you demanded showing China having more billionaires than the US www.cnbc.com/2016/02/24/china-has-more-billionaires-than-us-report.html ,so the question is do you go back on the attack in a further attempt to win at the internet ? Or do you learn ?
Cellkist 8 kun oldin
I don't think this is how replies work
Julian W. Taylor
The three sliders look good! 💖
DREDD Oy oldin
24:12 to 24:17. That right there is Brittian teaching America about ''dont be like a fat pig''
DREDD 4 kun oldin
+Xx412xxbluntz Oh yeah right, forgot that.
Xx412xxbluntz 4 kun oldin
He's actually scotish
Earth in a box
I do love that Gordon ordered Mac and cheese. He may be extremely successful but he does appreciate the simple things!! 😁
kurt king
kurt king 5 kun oldin
because if you cant get something simple right you're fucked.
Calster 12 kun oldin
Mac and cheese is *always* delicious
The Elapid King
The Elapid King 24 kun oldin
That's because Mac and Cheese, when made properly, is absolutely delicious.
Akashi 1412
Akashi 1412 Oy oldin
They need people who can show them da wae
Aaron Wesley
Aaron Wesley Kun oldin
I will not lose da wae
Dark Assassin
Dark Assassin Kun oldin
Aaron Wesley U Hav Not Lost Da Wae My Bruddah
Aaron Wesley
Aaron Wesley 2 kun oldin
the meme is strong my bruduhs
CallMe Greninja
Don't....just....don't. Let that stay dead.
Kolor Oy oldin
Akashi 1412 bruh ur like a year late
V D Oy oldin
Looks like depressing sad place. With bad food.
Foster Wong
Foster Wong Oy oldin
The subtitles is suck.
Cellkist 8 kun oldin
This got out of hand
Monsour Drunkbird
Monsour Drunkbird 26 kun oldin
+S. W. r/whoosh hes fucking with you
Foster Wong
Foster Wong Oy oldin
+S. W. certainly, you asshole.
S. W.
S. W. Oy oldin
+Foster Wong yeah whatever dumbfuck
Foster Wong
Foster Wong Oy oldin
+S. W.so are you, I mean, you.
knotty1966 Oy oldin
People without qualifications doing jobs they aren't qualified to do. What could go wrong?
Earth in a box
Earth in a box 2 oy oldin
I love that the kid was intimidated by Gordon's hair and not Gordon himself 😁
showmowful 2 oy oldin
You can reaaaally feel the stress in this one
Sommy Bunny
Sommy Bunny 2 oy oldin
qttrna_11 2 oy oldin
she microwaves the mac and cheese and wonders why its not good.....
Dominic Maniscalchi
Bro that was Kraft mac and cheese he had
Jordan Willett
Jordan Willett Kun oldin
It usually is in a place like this they buy from the same stores you do they don't have secrate brands lol the fancy places may use Velveeta cheese but that's about it
Jack Neil
Jack Neil 2 oy oldin
12:45 is probably the hardest I've laughed in a while.
Cellkist 8 kun oldin
Power move
mizike !!
mizike !! Oy oldin
I cant unsee it and now I cant stop laughing
Richard Oy oldin
Notice how he held onto the smoke though...lol
Nick Xschurz
Nick Xschurz Oy oldin
He just fucking threw the drink like wtf
Tali. Aa
Tali. Aa 2 oy oldin
When he said fried calamari over Caesar salad, I thought he meant that he was going to choose the calamari instead of the Caesar salad…
brett 2 oy oldin
Place didnt have a fucccking chef to make GR's menu... how in the fuck do you expect that to work
brett 2 oy oldin
the main problem 90% of the time is that these restaurants don't have a competent chef. food talks
Fondue 17 kun oldin
Truth is they don't want to pay for a good chef.
Somebody Somewhere
The owner, Colleen, looks and sounds like an older version of Julia Robert's friend and roommate, Kit, in Pretty Woman.
mizike !!
mizike !! Oy oldin
Laura San Giacomo. I'm sad I knew that.
Nicole Marie
Nicole Marie 2 oy oldin
Somebody Somewhere that was incredibly random
D. Morris
D. Morris 2 oy oldin
Classic American closed down 3 years after Gordon made his visit. I wish them well though.. seemed like a nice group of folks.
Whatuppp Joe
Whatuppp Joe 2 oy oldin
This is all set up
5649ashleigh 18 kun oldin
Whatuppp Joe ur momma
James Ballard
James Ballard 2 oy oldin
What a moron
brett 2 oy oldin
ur dumb
Neutral Milk Motel
that mac and cheese looks like kraft mac and cheese
brett 2 oy oldin
cuz it is genius
Rosicrucian Master
sometimes i'm convinced that Italians are really (((them))) in crypto status.
Michael Ledford
Michael Ledford 2 oy oldin
+predatorsilver * it's not America's fault that 2 incompetent people are a million dollars in debt ,in what reality does being a waitress ,a brick layer and a son means these people know how to operate the #1 highest failure rate businesses in the world ?
Michael Ledford
Michael Ledford 23 kun oldin
+The Elapid King You won the internet , Grrrrr !
The Elapid King
The Elapid King 23 kun oldin
Michael Ledford Do not believe for a minute that your inability to cite a legitimate source to substantiate your claims, after I've cited three that refute them, has gone unnoticed. You are not "exchanging Information," but rather are just making things up as you yourself are "trying to win." The difference between you and I is that I am arguing from a foundation of verifiable facts while you are not. I love how you slag off the US and it's opportunities as "Generational Wealth," never mind that nearly 90% of our Billionaires are self made, in fact more than 200 added in the last decade alone. I couldn't even begin to say how many millions of new millionaires were made in that same time. You are right about one thing though, albeit the only thing you've stated in all of your inane ramblings thus far, is that I am not civil, at least not toward those I consider enemies.
Michael Ledford
Michael Ledford 23 kun oldin
+The Elapid King Wow,your not a very civil person for some reason,it looks to me as if you post on the internet to " win " and not an exchange of information ,I'm too tired to argue with internet champions after a 16 hour work day .
The Elapid King
The Elapid King 23 kun oldin
Michael Ledford No they do not, they don't even come close. I defy you to cite a legitimate source that proves otherwise. Without a legitimate source to back up your claims, you're just talking out of your ass.
Michael Ledford
Michael Ledford 23 kun oldin
+The Elapid King New billionaires is the population segment I'm talking about ,not old multi generational billionaires in the US ,china leads the world in " new " millionaires and billionaires .
Hjalmar Jönsson
Hjalmar Jönsson 2 oy oldin
We do not have enough money to print out new menus? God damit, 30 menus are less then 30 $ .. Why u lead the restourant by the way ??
Hjalmar Jönsson
Hjalmar Jönsson 2 oy oldin
Where u are doing wrong >? If u are a owner and u can't see where u are doing wrong .., then u are not competent/capable to have a restorant .. Fuck that owner if he need someone else to tell u where are doing wrong ..
Trey Kincaid
Trey Kincaid 2 oy oldin
Hjalmar Jönsson ah cool. Not sure where it originates from.
Hjalmar Jönsson
Hjalmar Jönsson 2 oy oldin
+Trey KincaidHahaha no, I'm Sweden. Im sure that Hjalmar is not German name at all. Are u German ? Kincaid is German last name, right ?
Trey Kincaid
Trey Kincaid 2 oy oldin
Hjalmar Jönsson are you German
Hjalmar Jönsson
Hjalmar Jönsson 2 oy oldin
+Trey Kincaid What ? What Germany ? I'm sorry, I can't see your question, I just see : Trey Kincaid 41 minutes ago (edited) Hjalmar Jönsson Germany 🇩🇪?
Trey Kincaid
Trey Kincaid 2 oy oldin
Hjalmar Jönsson Germany 🇩🇪?
The Clever Dragon
Nino could have cleaned those dishes and leave it spotless
The Clever Dragon
I would beat Gordon in a cook off with my instant noodles skill
SB 2 oy oldin
The Clever Dragon dead
Sarah J.I
Sarah J.I 2 oy oldin
I cry easily in every episode...
Brickboy 700
Brickboy 700 Oy oldin
+Sarah J.I Ouch! You destroyed that imbelice. You're 100% correct!
Sarah J.I
Sarah J.I 2 oy oldin
not really just reminding u no one should talk like that with a lady . ; )
BAMA TIME 2 oy oldin
+Sarah J.I bahaha..or what sarah..gonnna cry again
Sarah J.I
Sarah J.I 2 oy oldin
u better watch ur language :0
BAMA TIME 2 oy oldin
TheNagisa24 2 oy oldin
I hate the customers who come into an obvious shit restaurant and complain about having to wait and the food being shit. Have they never watched the show before
victoria k
victoria k 2 oy oldin
I think they just get word that he will be in town and come in to see him and what the place is all about. Just my guess.
Stinkline 2 oy oldin
So they should just sit back and thank them for the garbage? The people coming in don't know if Gordon has changed anything yet.
mram3610 2 oy oldin
Lmao he's always forced to do the unthinkable (closing down the restaurant or seeming to walk away). Lmao after that fat customer ate most of the food on the plate she wants to send it back as soon as the camera pans to her...so fake. Also if that woman Colleen would've hired qualified people instead of her son and booty call. Ridiculous. Not one of them seem qualified Dominick just seems like a bum. Colleen isn't the only one with her credit on the line. The blonde chick owns the restaurant as well. Seems they are focused only on Colleen
Michael Ledford
Michael Ledford 2 oy oldin
Actually Dominic is the most qualified to be in charge of this business due to his background as a brick Mason , Mason's and roofers have the 2 highest organized production processes in construction and if Dominic can work as a Mason then he's qualified to reorganize and take charge ,I have a feeling he was a shitty Mason lol
dmcgee3 2 oy oldin
mram3610 I’ve noticed casting directors on the credits. They always say word has gotten out he’s in town, pretty sure those are mostly hires for the drama and if not payed cash at least a free meal and camera time
MelonHead1848 2 oy oldin
this show is only good bc it is all there is.. why have a fine dining chef even go near fast food style joints? he thinks everything needs to be from scratch and made in house local farmers bs yada yada but his joints only serve maybe 100 wealthy snobs a night and make good money whilst these places are pushing out dinner service with very high amount of guests per night
Jacqueline Jones
Jacqueline Jones 2 oy oldin
fun fact: he did a whole thing on twitter about fast food restaurants he liked. he’s actually not so judgmental of real “fast food” because he knows what to expect.
Trey Kincaid
Trey Kincaid 2 oy oldin
MelonHead1848 yeah that’s why it’s good lol
Parazonius 2 oy oldin
00:15 ”hoping to achieve the classic american dream: fighting a losing battle every day“ ok.
Dean Baumgartner
Dean Baumgartner 2 oy oldin
You made some old guy who says he was hooking up with you, your manager. Then your son your main chef, what could go wrong????
luka mtchedlidze
luka mtchedlidze 2 oy oldin
24:16 poor kid got roasted lmfao
Mark Bigeloe
Mark Bigeloe 2 oy oldin
Oh please, in a place like that you are not going to get fresh calamari. Fastish food places live by the freezer and microwave.
dmcgee3 2 oy oldin
My work has a bigger kitchen than the whole size of most restaurants. We serve quite a few people obviously. There is one microwave in the building and that’s in the employee break room if they wanna reheat outside food. All extra food left over at night is donated to a homeless shelter. There is no excuse for a microwave in any kitchen. Your own house? Fine, charge someone money for food? Fuck no
Classic Porcupine
+Mark Bigeloe I was a line cook for 6 years. A Good business model won't serve what they can't get fresh... seafood especially
Mark Bigeloe
Mark Bigeloe 2 oy oldin
You have obviously never been in the restaurant industry.
Classic Porcupine
Then they shouldn't serve it
Angel Bulldog
Angel Bulldog 2 oy oldin
First rule of business: NEVER put your house on the line. Second rule: NEVER hire family and friends. Be friendly, but not besties. Ashleigh would be out on her ear if I were the boss. She doesn't learn.
Sr68720 2 oy oldin
The added sound effects to make the food extra disgusting. Fake
Saif Hasan
Saif Hasan 2 oy oldin
God bless Mr Ramsay....
Johanser Martinez
“Personally, I like the food. But what the fuck do I know, I was a brick liner. You know what I’m saying?” Funniest most honest line ever 😂
Hany Zaini
Hany Zaini 2 oy oldin
They lowkey served Kraft mac n' cheese to Gordon Ramsay?
Johanser Martinez
Hany Zaini yesss it looked like easy Mac
brad6844 2 oy oldin
season 3 episode 2....Get it right yo
gamer waymer
gamer waymer 2 oy oldin
I don’t think johns name is really John. Until they said the name was John I thought it was a dike lesbian
Tart :3
Tart :3 2 oy oldin
gamer waymer he probably is trans why r u such an asshole?
test channel 01
test channel 01 2 oy oldin
The son has a crazy look on his eyes...
Kendall Ozzle
Kendall Ozzle 2 oy oldin
Bet he was bouta murder them with his rusty spatula.
Michael Busitzky
Michael Busitzky 2 oy oldin
Im so happy for them it makes me wanna cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 fr
Patty Pye
Patty Pye 2 oy oldin
Wow good job Ramsey it looks awesome.
Shalem Jackson
Shalem Jackson 2 oy oldin
Their comeback on that last day was absolutely amazing... just seeing about how they were working the last 10 years. 💯
Crystal Downs
Crystal Downs 2 oy oldin
What's really unfortunate is that when you have six figure debts or million-dollar debts no matter how much Gordon Ramsay changes things around where a profit is made, it's too little too late! Then they can't get out of that hole and end up with restaurants failing despite changes.
Tim van Emmerloot
I like that guy
C Williams
C Williams 2 oy oldin
This one was the best out of all the rest
nomar manuel
nomar manuel 2 oy oldin
Lol i have low standards so what i think would taste good he would think is horse crap
Moo And Me
Moo And Me 2 oy oldin
The restaurant was eventually put up for sale a few years later.... Sad
i am me
i am me 2 oy oldin
ffs stop crying and get a grip
brandy shanee
brandy shanee 2 oy oldin
Did they really serve Ramsey Kraft mac and cheese?
Crystal Downs
Crystal Downs 2 oy oldin
Yep! But that's what the kids eat!😀😁😂😂😂😂
thomps333 2 oy oldin
There isn’t enough crying in this episode.
Jon Sanchez
Jon Sanchez 2 oy oldin
That waiter is half of their problem. She is timid and kind of rude
Kendall Ozzle
Kendall Ozzle 5 kun oldin
+HyperMask welcome
HyperMask 5 kun oldin
+Kendall Ozzle Thanks for supporting my comment
Kendall Ozzle
Kendall Ozzle 2 oy oldin
+HyperMask *stupid
HyperMask 2 oy oldin
Are you Shtupihd ? The food was clearly ass! You pay for what you get.
Jason Hart
Jason Hart 2 oy oldin
why does every slop cook think they're a chef? and why do they think they'll impress one of the best chefs on the planet?
Jeriel B
Jeriel B 2 oy oldin
"excuse me its hot" what a load of fucking crap..
Jeriel B
Jeriel B 2 oy oldin
all this sound effect and zoom ins makes this episode feels like Navy Seals siege on Bin Laden's residence in Kandahar
Nisva Huskic
Nisva Huskic 2 oy oldin
Anyone else annoyed by all that fucking crying?
PainInThePanda 2 oy oldin
If you think this episode is bad watch the Capri one with the chubby twins lmao
L.V.C 2 oy oldin
It's reality tv, happiness doesn't get as many views
L.V.C 2 oy oldin
+MURICA and your point? The men in this show throw angry tantrums, it's no better than crying
MURICA 2 oy oldin
Well it is run by two women...
Jason Bean
Jason Bean 2 oy oldin
What a dump.
Brandi Magnotta
Brandi Magnotta 16 kun oldin
T 0 K U J I N
T 0 K U J I N 2 oy oldin
We’ve all gathered here today to watch this episode
Francisco Roldan
Francisco Roldan 2 oy oldin
Get rid of that dufus brick worker. He can’t help u.
Brian Lange
Brian Lange 2 oy oldin
No offense to Ashelesheligh but she doesn't seem very bright.
Raider_Gamez 2 oy oldin
At least this family isn’t starting fights like the other crazy people in this show
davernrush 2 oy oldin
Crackosaurus 2 oy oldin
This woman cries more than anyone else on this show. This episode has more estrogen than the Cooking Network
Anisa Greene
Anisa Greene 2 oy oldin
did everyone get this recommended to them today or something???
The Clever Dragon
Anisa Greene yep even though I love Kitchen nightmares
Rachel Stumpf
Rachel Stumpf 2 oy oldin
Darren Ng
Darren Ng 2 oy oldin
Lmao I did xD
Infinity Gauge
Infinity Gauge 2 oy oldin
Bryan Sandoval
Bryan Sandoval 2 oy oldin
Look, I'm just not all that fond of Jews.
What's with all the recent comments lol
Murda Turk
Murda Turk 2 oy oldin
Yes I know right.
Big E
Big E 2 oy oldin
that blonde 1s a cutie
Tropical Dash
Tropical Dash 2 oy oldin
12:47 THIS BITCH EMPTY! YEEET! ....Whoops. o_o
Tropical Dash
Tropical Dash 2 oy oldin
7:39 I won't lie, I would still eat that Mac and Cheese.
ecwfaithful 2 oy oldin
They basically sold him easy mac.
Jeriel B
Jeriel B 2 oy oldin
not at a restaurant coz u probably paid more than the food's worth.. i would eat it at home for me, but not when i have to pay at resto rate
J M 2 oy oldin
Her son Kevin is cute
CyberPS1X 2 oy oldin
What to u need to open a restaraunt: Always crying owner Have no food to serve Have not enough menus Shitty chef Have 600 000+ bucks wasted for a garbage place No cups for Coffee No computer Blahblahblah Hope that Gordon comes and make everything for you Done!
Precious One
Precious One 2 oy oldin
2:00 Soon after buying the business she made -Son as the head chef -Boyfriend as the unofficial manager. And she still doesn't understand why its failing.
rbeck3200tb40 2 oy oldin
Ive seen it many times
Romesh Sagolsem
Romesh Sagolsem 2 oy oldin
When we are hungry every food is delicious.
Robert Edwards
Robert Edwards 2 oy oldin
Thats what ppl dont get we will like it as long as not super terrible but gordon wants michelin star quality
NoturAvg Dude
NoturAvg Dude 2 oy oldin
8:40 she looks like an extra low budget Jennifer aniston
Tilly Divine
Tilly Divine 2 oy oldin
Gordon: "You cannot give up" Also Gordon: You should never have bought this place. And also Gordon: "Close your business" lol
Cody Sray
Cody Sray 2 oy oldin
+playboisofi • that goes both ways sugar tits
playboisofi •
playboisofi • 2 oy oldin
bf: “You can’t give up on us” Also your bf: “We should never have dated” And also your bf: “I’m done with this relationship” Fucking guys 😂😂😂💀💀💀
fudge nugget
fudge nugget 2 oy oldin
Estephany De Luna
You should never go into business with family or friends.. never
David Yisrael
David Yisrael 2 oy oldin
Im glad the show gave that one ass all the air time and TV time needed to make a huge ass of himself and that will be his legacy.. LOL Its too bad Gordon didnt say it as he should have. He tried but being respectful .. UHG!! But everyone in that place should have been shown the door, ESPECIALLY that useless big mouth who should have been out tending to his brinks. Again, what a huge ass. The issue wasnt that they lost their way. They never had a way to begin with. They bought a business they should have never been sold in the first place. The owers should have been wise enough to sell the business to experienced former or current business owers who had a good track record. These clowns had zero exp. Best thing they could have done is hired a professional staff to run the place while they either worked another menial job or were able to work their as waitresses until they attained the necc exp. And last, every time I see idiots who think their food is great when it sucks, might as well just close the doors there. Shows they closed for good in 2013.
Snacks 2 oy oldin
I’m gonna be straight up that kid more brave then me if Gordon Ramsay just spoke to me like it was normal I’d choke up I wouldn’t know what to say
Elijah 2 oy oldin
I love Gorden Ramsay but i must say his face looks like that prune your uncle dropped in the couch cushions 100 years ago
Jenova Strife
Jenova Strife 12 kun oldin
10/10 would smash
Tracey Nelson
Tracey Nelson 2 oy oldin
Starry Bean
Starry Bean 2 oy oldin
His face looks great
James C
James C 2 oy oldin
Serving Gordon Ramsey Kraft microwavable mac n' cheese.
1776 Always has been great
She is so annoying. Stop crying. Be an adult and get to work
Aguas Abby
Aguas Abby 2 oy oldin
+Starry Bean yah
Totenkopf kang
Totenkopf kang 2 oy oldin
+Starry Bean at least they listened to Gordon and turned their business around
Starry Bean
Starry Bean 2 oy oldin
Give respect, she's in depth, her business is failing and she's full with stress and anxiety, adult or not things can get tough and sometimes you can't hold your feeling back
Aguas Abby
Aguas Abby 2 oy oldin
+Totenkopf kang XD True
Totenkopf kang
Totenkopf kang 2 oy oldin
It's most women's reaction to anything negative lol