Kitchen Nightmares US [Season 4 Episode 2] "Classic American"

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13-Dek, 2016



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predatorsilver 10 oy oldin
A Million Dollars in Debt, gotta love America.
Yannick Biermans
Yannick Biermans 11 soat oldin
+Hypatia4242 Forget the good intentions and you are spot on!
Yannick Biermans
Yannick Biermans 11 soat oldin
Yess well when their are more empty homes in your country then their are homeless people you know how fucked up your country is!
Craig K
Craig K Oy oldin
+DeSanto127 Justsomemoron is not american and the left wing socialist hate trump.
Ragnurhelgon Oy oldin
+The Proclaimed Da fuck? Not only did you just insult america with that statement, but you also just insulted our leader. Listen love Trump or hate him, never insult a countries leader, foreigner
Ja Curururur
Ja Curururur Oy oldin
+Solaxe S people who say "facists are right wing" know very little about politics. It's not just left and right, it's all over the place.
Semipr0 7 soat oldin
THis has to be FAKE NO ONE can survive with no customers
Ariel Princess
Ariel Princess 4 kun oldin
“We think we do a pretty good job” so hilarious for national television
Ariel Princess
Ariel Princess 4 kun oldin
Lucifer Himself
Lucifer Himself 4 kun oldin
Fox 41 WDRB... southern indiana?
Donald Esmay
Donald Esmay 5 kun oldin
9:25 I can see how people think he is picky, but this episode has a great moment where you get to see how he actually finds the quality of the food. On a loaded burger, people just stuff the whole thing in their mouths on each bite, but Ramsey actually peels back all the filler that gives the meal taste to decide if the core ingredient (burger) is prepared well enough.
Adam White
Adam White 6 kun oldin
"Enter as a stranger, start dating the owner." LMFAO! So funny!
Pee pee Gang
Pee pee Gang 7 kun oldin
They should see hotdogs and BLT there’s and that would be a true classic American diner, I would get sliders, and turkey Swiss club, wings, meatloaf, Mac n cheese bite, I’ll get everything probably tbh😂😂😂😂
Pee pee Gang
Pee pee Gang 7 kun oldin
There’s a kitchen nightmare video, “restaurant only has 13 menus but 50 tables”
Big Digg322
Big Digg322 14 kun oldin
" If that's normal, then you're *abnormal* "
Deanna Jackson
Deanna Jackson 16 kun oldin
That Kraft's macaroni and cheese, though... 🤢
Big Digg322
Big Digg322 14 kun oldin
Plus it's the crappy easy mac microwave b.s. 😱 it's edible/decent if you cook it from the box on the stove.
confused little potato
personally i like the food *but what the fuck do i know i was a bricklayer*
Nothing is ever simple.
Ok they were done before they got started all that money for a small place...they were taken but the last owner.
Emma Cole
Emma Cole 25 kun oldin
They deadass served him Kraft mac&cheese
Jxhn781 19 kun oldin
The thing is how did they mess that up
Noah Delaney
Noah Delaney 28 kun oldin
At least the manager knows his opinion is worthless
Simmie Davis and band /Timbara
No one has hair nets, or pull hair back.
Fexzz Oy oldin
How on earth do two waitresses manage to get 770k$ to buy this place in the first place? No way in hell would a bank give you a loan that size without qualifications or a clear business plan
Silke Held
Silke Held 20 kun oldin
the blond could made some money with her bodey ;)
krhub79 26 kun oldin
I wondered that too. I assumed a co-signer, like Coleen's parents or their boss they purchased the restaurant from. Even w/ a great credit score it doesn't seem feasible. That's quite a sum for 1st time business owners, who presumably made a modest salary as servers.
3Eighties Opinion
3Eighties Opinion 29 kun oldin
You can sell drugs or get a bank dumb enough to give you a loan
ezzz9 Oy oldin
Has he ever liked one thing at the start of a show or are they on the cutting room floor.
Jörg Heinrich
Jörg Heinrich 8 kun oldin
Sure he did… but he is honest to the People he´s working with… and the truth sometimes hurts... It´s unbelievable how ignorant and arrogant those bungler are who called themself a cook/Chef... In my opinion Gordon Ramsay is one of the best cooks in the world…
stgarcia1995 24 kun oldin
He liked someone's red velvet cake before and a hamburger he got a chef to prepare (using the chefs recipe, not the owners recipe)
3Eighties Opinion
3Eighties Opinion 28 kun oldin
Clam chowder at the handlebar
Aaron Gorton
Aaron Gorton Oy oldin
EVERY RESTRaunt on kitchen knighmares don't deserve a restraunt
Aaron Gorton
Aaron Gorton Oy oldin
watch the subtitles are funny LIKE MATTHEW GRAFTS
Gianna Crespo
Gianna Crespo Oy oldin
14:45 ‘Excuse me, this is hot’ *proceeds to hand back plate instead of simply waiting for it to cool down *
Wyrm 26 kun oldin
He meant chilli not temperature you nana
OllieOfOzzie Oy oldin
"Come in as a stranger and go out with the owner" HAHAHAHA
richeyrich81 Oy oldin
Does anyone ever notice they never redo the kitchen so it will be up to optimum performance
Lauren Cliver
Lauren Cliver 16 soat oldin
They have, quite a few actually.
Derek Charette
Derek Charette 20 kun oldin
+richeyrich81 The only thing that's SIMPLE here is you big boy. YOU can _simply_ FUCK OFF, because you haven't got a clue. What I'm doing right now is proving to people that you're a complete moron, and ''Nothing is ever simple.'' is absolutely correct, because this show has renovated dozens of kitchens with expensive equipment. I DARE YOU TO READ MY WHOLE COMMENT, THEN TRY AND TELL ME THAT YOU STILL THINK YOU'RE RIGHT, idiot. When a kitchen needs to be fixed and equipment needs to be replaced, THEY REPLACE THE GODDAMN EQUIPMENT YOU WOMBAT. I will defend Gordon Ramsay 100% on this show, because we in the industry KNOW that Gordon has a burning passion for food and he truly goes above and beyond to help these restaurants, and he's even gone so far as to help some of these restaurants out with money out of his own pocket. FOR EXAMPLE, on the last restaurant of Season 3, ''Sushi Ko'', Gordon installed 7 brand new Traulsen under counter refrigeration units, valued at $2,300 EACH; 2 brand new Vulcan dual deep fryers valued at $4,200; an 8-ring gas burner Vulcan range w/ dual independent ovens valued at $8.400; a brand new Blodgett salamander oven valued at $1,200, and a brand new class A Traulsen 8'x3' walk in freezer valued at $5,000, and a custom constant remote temperature monitoring integrated together through all their Traulsen units, valued at $1,300. WITH INSTALLATION, THEIR NEW KITCHEN IS WORTH $50,000 USD. *FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS* YOU FUCKING MISCREANT DUNCE! I DARE YOU TO SIT THERE AND TELL ME THEY DON'T FIX THESE KITCHENS. NOW IT'S YOUR TURN TO _JUST SIMPLY FUCK OFF_ BIG BOY.
Tony So
Tony So 22 kun oldin
+richeyrich81 Hes not wrong. Judging from your comment, you havent seen a lot of KN...
richeyrich81 23 kun oldin
+Nothing is ever simple. Just simply fuck off...
Nothing is ever simple.
Just goes to show your not a true fan of the show because they have done over many kitchens knucklehead
Amanda Harker
Amanda Harker Oy oldin
It's good to see owners that don't fight Ramsey.
Jennifer Santillana
I would love to eat at one of Chef Gordon Ramsay's restaurants!!! Reservation required right???
Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams Oy oldin
Reserve this cock!!
Nate Perello
Nate Perello Oy oldin
Is Naomi cross eyed?
Trivpyvibes \
Trivpyvibes \ 2 kun oldin
I don't believe she is. It didn't seem that way for me
Nate Perello
Nate Perello 22 kun oldin
+Tony So Well I can't because I'm not fortunate enough to have high speed internet.
Tony So
Tony So 22 kun oldin
+Nate Perello Im saying if i can see it on my tiny screen, id assume other people to do the same.
Nate Perello
Nate Perello 22 kun oldin
+Tony So You still haven't got it through your head to answer the question. So now who's the funny guy?
Mark Simeon
Mark Simeon Oy oldin
Take a shot every time Coleen cries
BapBop Oy oldin
Ramsay to the fat boy :chew it before swallowing it LOLOL 😂
John Byrd
John Byrd Oy oldin
It definitely looks like Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
Miguel the musician Torres
You never see that tiny of elbow pasta
Deja Porter
Deja Porter 14 kun oldin
+Derek Charette it tastes fake to me they should've used Velvetta lol, but to each his own😅😆
Derek Charette
Derek Charette 20 kun oldin
Yes it definitely was. I could clearly see the yellow and blue, and the typical little cutting of the slit on the top so it doesn't exploded in the mic. Haha... In all honesty though, to be fair, that Kraft Mac&Cheese product is served all over the country on kids menus, and I still eat it at the restaurants I've worked at. It's quick and simple as all hell, the kids love it, and adults order it for the nostalgia they get from it. I've seen people come up to my kitchen and ask if they could buy an entire case of it (24 packs in a case) and they didn't care what the price was. They had always been such nice and polite customers that I just gave it to them for free and just paid for the case myself out of petty cash.
Deja Porter
Deja Porter Oy oldin
AGENT PT Oy oldin
Hw is the place doing now??
AGENT PT Oy oldin
+Jonas H. Tq fr the update
Jonas H.
Jonas H. Oy oldin
They closed down the restaurant, only offer catering.
AGENT PT Oy oldin
If that is *normal* you are *abnormal* - Gordon Ramsay
Melissa Mckinney
Don't hire a friend to be the chief
Melissa Mckinney
Melissa Mckinney 24 daqiqa oldin
Ah, okay.
Trivpyvibes \
Trivpyvibes \ 2 kun oldin
It was her son
luke Gilbert
luke Gilbert Oy oldin
"Kevin if that's normal your abnormal"
I’m Kpop Trash
12:47 dude yeeted his drink
Captain bludream
Naomi is kinda cute
AGENT PT Oy oldin
+Deja Porter yup
Deja Porter
Deja Porter Oy oldin
AGENT PT Oy oldin
Eww... That's disgusting..
Dylan Haze
Dylan Haze Oy oldin
Colleen looks great for her age too
ALFeneFLA Oy oldin
Dominick is like a cartoon!!
Fabian The Dead Meme
I need to think about being a chef now
Dean McAndrew
Dean McAndrew Oy oldin
This is one of my favourites, just normal working class folks trying to get there slice of the American dream! Not greedy, not totally in the know, but still fighting it out! I like that, I’d eat there on that principal alone. Anyone who’s willing to work for nothing to try and make it happen gets my respect ✊🏼👊🏼
Please Continue
Also are we all just gonna sit here and act like that busboy isn’t 12 YEARS OLD?
Miggi so bad
Miggi so bad Oy oldin
That is cool
Orn Gorn
Orn Gorn Oy oldin
$240,000 for the "business" and another $440,000 for the property, loans of course - STUPIDITY. The dumb broads were in financial hell before they had their first customer.
Orn Gorn
Orn Gorn Oy oldin
"We need someone to show us the way." Ramsey is in the restaurant for 15 minutes and has already diagnosed the problem - SHITTY food.
Sanane Moruk
Sanane Moruk Oy oldin
39:54 he was never seen again don‘t trust him 😂
Sanane Moruk
Sanane Moruk Oy oldin
12:48 Throoow it biatch he is a fake sh*t 22:04 Thooow it again fake sh*t
June Rose
June Rose Oy oldin
I can’t get over him throwing that coffee at the poor bench ☠️⚰️
You Must Be Bored.
It looks like a fucking retirement home. Probably tastes and smells like it, too.
Svizidal : (
Svizidal : ( Oy oldin
Yeah walls don't seem to taste good
ImSkiiLLe92 FTW
This nigga just throw his drink like it was nothing 😂😂
liquid democracy
That mac and cheese looks like Kraft's hahhaha
thclungz 710
thclungz 710 Oy oldin
I'd be pressed if they brought that to me
Please Continue
nerdgal dorkski That would be because, well, it is Kraft lol
Justin Ritter
Justin Ritter Oy oldin
What people dont understand is investing in a restaurant can be financial destruction real fucking fast. Restaurants are a massive gamble you need to have extensive knowledge in cooking, prep, clientele forecasting when to hire when to fire etc it's a difficult undertaking. all the owners on these shows simply didbt understand any of this not necessarily their fault yet they needed to step back and really think about all the money they could lose
Orn Gorn
Orn Gorn Oy oldin
Restaurants have one of the lowest profit margins of any business. Those slim profits disappear real quick when the food is shit.
Thetechgenius Oy oldin
so just because the kids order it, its ok for it to be nasty and tasteless? No, if my 10 year old would taste that he wouldnt eat it. The kids need to be treated with as much respect as adults, or more. That was a bullshit excuse.
chris burks
chris burks Oy oldin
Who saw the guys driving at night with no lights on?
Megan G
Megan G Oy oldin
I found this episode more depressing than anything😕
Marshall D. Dierte
The boyfriend saying *i was a bricklayer, wtf do I know???* I feel for that guy. I love food, but knowing fine dining from slop? I might as well be a blonde trying to find her way out of a paper bag.... it’s not going to happen and everyone will laugh at me trying.
Samantha Stahl
Fair enough to that guy lol
Marshall D. Dierte
No matter how many times I watch these, the hilarity of the complete and utter failures is so laughable it’s laughable
12:47 casually yeets the drink while hugging someone.
The One
The One Oy oldin
sneak 100
Jessica Hernandez
i swear every singgle restraunt i see on this show they got a microwave heating up food . LOL
froggydojo Oy oldin
Good ol' chef Mike.
This is season 3 episode 2
living my best life
Closed in 2013, still does catering tho!!
Earth in a box
I love that of all things the kid was intimidated by Gordon's hair!! Not his height not his imposing personality, his hair!! 😂 ❤
Samantha Farmer
Samantha Farmer 2 oy oldin
We have s failing restaurant but our food is so good...smh...people will come to a crap building as long as you have good food
LiquidDIO Oy oldin
That's actually true. Last spot I worked was around 100 years old, nice wood flooring and exposed brick, but the bar and booths were a mess, along with the kitchen, the plumbing, the outside, etc. Place pulled in 100k in food, liquor and catering a month, though.
spicenug Oy oldin
Yeah there's a restaurant near my place that looks ugly as hell but they make gorgeous food.
Gabby Mouse
Gabby Mouse Oy oldin
Yes, they will. My parents had this little hole-in-the wall restaurant years ago. The decor was crap, just very basic stuff, no tables, just stools at a counter, but the food was excellent. People would literally stand in line to get a burger or hotdog with the chili my dad made. They made great fries, too, and clam chowder. It closed because of their personal problems, but you're right, all people really care about is the food.
Suzanne D.
Suzanne D. 2 oy oldin
Cue the microwaves. Finally a receptive owner.
Dr. Morteza Delroba
everybody smokes ! I would never go to a place like that..
Elle Cee
Elle Cee 13 kun oldin
+Lynnie Shaw pay close attention cancer enthusiast...the best chefs also train their palates. The point you clearly missed is that these mediocre cooks, in this particular clip, will likely have a harder time becoming better cooks because they dont already have trained or well developed palates...it will be harder to develop a palate that has been trained to taste disgusting food and has been killed by cigarettes. Thought that was pretty obvious but apparently whatever your smoking is killing more than just your tastebuds. Godspeed!
Lynnie Shaw
Lynnie Shaw 13 kun oldin
Elle Cee you’re both retarded. Some of the best chefs in the world smoke.
Elle Cee
Elle Cee 24 kun oldin
+Jordan Willett people that want to eat flavorful food care. Smoking kills tastebuds and distorts sense of smell. How do you know if the food being served is tasty when you literally cant taste the food?
Jordan Willett
Jordan Willett 2 oy oldin
Who cares? It's their bodies let them put whatever they want in it its really no-one buissnes
Daryl Dixon
Daryl Dixon 2 oy oldin
Cry, cry, cry some more...😢 Both of them have no business running that restaurant! It’s like there is all waitresses and no bosses! And all the non stop crying 😭 has me asking are women emotionally stable enough to be out of the home!? Lol jk kind of...
LiquidDIO Oy oldin
+Suzanne D. Because they don't know any better, unfortunately.
Suzanne D.
Suzanne D. 2 oy oldin
I don’t understand why inexperienced people can put so much money into owning a restaurant.
TheYtseMan 2 oy oldin
I just don't get why you said that and I'm really mad at you. Assuming the show is not scripted (which sadly, it is), that woman is a super fine example of personal improving and courage. She's literraly THE ONLY ONE doing everything right and is SURROUNDED by fucking idiots (she should dump his husband).
TheYtseMan 2 oy oldin
You don't know anything. That thing you said is completely horrible. Maybe you should be the one unable to leave your house or even have access to the Internet.
Devon Washington
Devon Washington 2 oy oldin
I was completely thinking the same thing. Too many emotions involved.
TheMaloney 2 oy oldin
Those accents are brutal. I could listen to them goomba NY/NJ accents all day without quitting or killing myself.
Marshall D. Dierte
TheMaloney *SHUTUPPAYOUFACEA* 🤣🤣🤣🤣 like maaaaayrio and weegee?
Derek Allen
Derek Allen 2 oy oldin
Look closely at 24:00. Was that a tiny roach that crawled across the plate?
Koonas98 2 oy oldin
Think it's grease running down the salad
AmourChinita VIDEOS
Looks like grease dripping down the lettuce
Jair Ramirez
Jair Ramirez 2 oy oldin
Derek Allen it looks like grease dripping down
Ibu Maverick
Ibu Maverick 2 oy oldin
Don is truly upper echelon of society
Marshall D. Dierte
Ibu Maverick you could say... he’s the *TOP GUN* ?
Shirohana San
Shirohana San 2 oy oldin
Meanwhile... I'm eating a piece of bread with cheese on top.. And I microwaved it because I'm broke LOL 😂😂😂
Shirohana San
Shirohana San 2 oy oldin
+Dark Assassin it's actually not That bad, especially when you're starving and you have to procrastinate food choices😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dark Assassin
Dark Assassin 2 oy oldin
Shirohana San Not gonna lie man, that sounds kinda good
Xx412xxbluntz 2 oy oldin
Some people are idiots.. We haven't got paid in over a year.....
I don't know what my name is
I would quit n find a new job..
Chris Hutch
Chris Hutch 2 oy oldin
I found it interesting that despite being a bit abrasive Dom had a good perspective and insightful advice. Given the right guidance he could be an amazing manager or more.
Deanna Jackson
Deanna Jackson 16 kun oldin
Definitely agree with this.
spicenug Oy oldin
I liked Dom, yeah he can come across as a bit abrasive but he seems like a good man who genuinely had Colleen's back.
Keilidh Hicks
Keilidh Hicks Oy oldin
Not just that, but he legitimately wanted Colleen to succeed and had her back. I find that they were the most adorable couple. Plus he was so willing to make the necessary changes at the end there.
Duane Lee Russell
Stop the political fucking adds I swear I'LL stop viewing FUCK OFF trying to ruin this great nation you FUCKTARD commiecrats
I don't know what my name is
Reeeeeeellllllaaaaaxxxxx... Just a damned advert.
Marshall D. Dierte
Hey man it’s goyom tube what do you expect, certainly not fair and biased content.....
Kay Thor
Kay Thor Oy oldin
Duane Lee Russell relax snowflake...it’s a commercial...no need to cry like a little bitch.
Paolo Figueroa
Paolo Figueroa 2 oy oldin
He chucked the shit out of that soda
Rams8148 Oy oldin
Held on to that cigarette though lol.
Octobersvo 6
Octobersvo 6 Oy oldin
Paolo Figueroa time stamp
Omgforgetit 2 oy oldin
The son's voice sounds like the one tweaker off breaking bad.
Clinton Neal
Clinton Neal 2 oy oldin
Paid 700 grand for a failing restaurant... good God that's an obscene waste of money. They could have started a more successful food truck business from scratch for less than a seventh of that...
Derek Fees
Derek Fees 2 oy oldin
Charles Oy oldin
Kraft macaroni and cheese is bomb. 😁👍🤗🤔
Suzanne D.
Suzanne D. 2 oy oldin
Sure is!
Omgforgetit 2 oy oldin
+Derek Fees right that was the giveaway. No homemade macaroni looks like that, esp with them skinny minis ln the bowl.
Derek Fees
Derek Fees 2 oy oldin
Omgforgetit right, I saw the little skinny noodles in the bowl
Derek Fees
Derek Fees 2 oy oldin
Jordan Willett sadly, when the cooks don’t care
Phúc Hồ
Phúc Hồ 2 oy oldin
" it what we do everyday, we think we do a pretty good job ".... you does know your restaurant is in a million debt right ?
Jay Larkin
Jay Larkin 2 oy oldin
The chef guy's pride about the food has to be a pump fake for the cameras
Jordan Willett
Jordan Willett 2 oy oldin
Yeah they do that alot on this show they dramatize it for t.v. the tv crew stir shit up on purpose to make for "good" tv
Michael Ledford
Michael Ledford 2 oy oldin
+The Elapid King * Remember how you claimed I was talking out of my ass ? Well Here's your credible source you demanded showing China having more billionaires than the US www.cnbc.com/2016/02/24/china-has-more-billionaires-than-us-report.html ,so the question is do you go back on the attack in a further attempt to win at the internet ? Or do you learn ?
Charles Oy oldin
Lol 😂
Cellkist 2 oy oldin
I don't think this is how replies work
Julian W. Taylor
Julian W. Taylor 3 oy oldin
The three sliders look good! 💖
DREDD 3 oy oldin
24:12 to 24:17. That right there is Brittian teaching America about ''dont be like a fat pig''
DREDD 2 oy oldin
+Xx412xxbluntz Oh yeah right, forgot that.
Xx412xxbluntz 2 oy oldin
He's actually scotish
Earth in a box
Earth in a box 3 oy oldin
I do love that Gordon ordered Mac and cheese. He may be extremely successful but he does appreciate the simple things!! 😁
kurt king
kurt king 2 oy oldin
because if you cant get something simple right you're fucked.
Calster 2 oy oldin
Mac and cheese is *always* delicious
The Elapid King
The Elapid King 2 oy oldin
That's because Mac and Cheese, when made properly, is absolutely delicious.
Akashi 1412
Akashi 1412 3 oy oldin
They need people who can show them da wae
Aaron Wesley
Aaron Wesley 2 oy oldin
I will not lose da wae
Dark Assassin
Dark Assassin 2 oy oldin
Aaron Wesley U Hav Not Lost Da Wae My Bruddah
Aaron Wesley
Aaron Wesley 2 oy oldin
the meme is strong my bruduhs
CallMe Greninja
CallMe Greninja 3 oy oldin
Don't....just....don't. Let that stay dead.
Kolor 3 oy oldin
Akashi 1412 bruh ur like a year late
V D 3 oy oldin
Looks like depressing sad place. With bad food.
Foster Wong
Foster Wong 3 oy oldin
The subtitles is suck.
Cellkist 2 oy oldin
This got out of hand
Monsour Drunkbird
+S. W. r/whoosh hes fucking with you
Foster Wong
Foster Wong 3 oy oldin
+S. W. certainly, you asshole.
S. W.
S. W. 3 oy oldin
+Foster Wong yeah whatever dumbfuck
knotty1966 4 oy oldin
People without qualifications doing jobs they aren't qualified to do. What could go wrong?
Earth in a box
Earth in a box 4 oy oldin
I love that the kid was intimidated by Gordon's hair and not Gordon himself 😁
showmowful 4 oy oldin
You can reaaaally feel the stress in this one
Sommy Bunny
Sommy Bunny 4 oy oldin
qttrna_11 4 oy oldin
she microwaves the mac and cheese and wonders why its not good.....
Dman Gaming
Dman Gaming 4 oy oldin
Bro that was Kraft mac and cheese he had
Jordan Willett
Jordan Willett 2 oy oldin
It usually is in a place like this they buy from the same stores you do they don't have secrate brands lol the fancy places may use Velveeta cheese but that's about it
DiamondTraquel 3 oy oldin
Jack Neil
Jack Neil 4 oy oldin
12:45 is probably the hardest I've laughed in a while.
Cellkist 2 oy oldin
Power move
Araceli Sandoval
Araceli Sandoval 3 oy oldin
I cant unsee it and now I cant stop laughing
Richard 3 oy oldin
Notice how he held onto the smoke though...lol
Nick Xschurz
Nick Xschurz 4 oy oldin
He just fucking threw the drink like wtf
Tali. Aa
Tali. Aa 4 oy oldin
When he said fried calamari over Caesar salad, I thought he meant that he was going to choose the calamari instead of the Caesar salad…
brett 4 oy oldin
Place didnt have a fucccking chef to make GR's menu... how in the fuck do you expect that to work
brett 4 oy oldin
the main problem 90% of the time is that these restaurants don't have a competent chef. food talks
Fondue Oy oldin
+Meaghan Yhalia BattleI completely agree! It's crazy how many of these restaurants were 500k-1million dollars in debt because of the building and their chefs couldn't even make meatballs. It's more telling about the owners (I could talk about this all day) but it shows they're more worried about being in "charge" of other people and status than the food or the customers.
Meaghan Yhalia Battle
+Fondue Facts, but that's crazy thinking. You're already 1 million in debt pay a good chef 60k a year to get customers in the door and recoup your losses.
Fondue 2 oy oldin
Truth is they don't want to pay for a good chef.
Somebody Somewhere
The owner, Colleen, looks and sounds like an older version of Julia Robert's friend and roommate, Kit, in Pretty Woman.
Araceli Sandoval
Araceli Sandoval 3 oy oldin
Laura San Giacomo. I'm sad I knew that.
Nicole Marie
Nicole Marie 4 oy oldin
Somebody Somewhere that was incredibly random
D. Morris
D. Morris 4 oy oldin
Classic American closed down 3 years after Gordon made his visit. I wish them well though.. seemed like a nice group of folks.
Whatuppp Joe
Whatuppp Joe 4 oy oldin
This is all set up
5649ashleigh 2 oy oldin
Whatuppp Joe ur momma
James Ballard
James Ballard 4 oy oldin
What a moron
brett 4 oy oldin
ur dumb
Neutral Milk Motel
that mac and cheese looks like kraft mac and cheese
Marshall D. Dierte
TAKE MY UPVOTE FOR SUPER HAPPY USERNAME YOU BUY NOW I miss those guys. I’d go listen but I love Gordon more, soweeee
brett 4 oy oldin
cuz it is genius
Jude Goblin
Jude Goblin 4 oy oldin
sometimes i'm convinced that Italians are really (((them))) in crypto status.
Michael Ledford
Michael Ledford 4 oy oldin
+predatorsilver * it's not America's fault that 2 incompetent people are a million dollars in debt ,in what reality does being a waitress ,a brick layer and a son means these people know how to operate the #1 highest failure rate businesses in the world ?
Marshall D. Dierte
The Elapid King why does it matter as long as we’re all anti China and pro free trade. Voltaire said *”look at who you CANT speak out against, and you’ll find your puppet masters”* Screw Russia. NATO could keep them busy if they don’t get all soyboy cucked first. China is our real threat regardless of what you twats are on about. *MAGA2020NO MORE BULLSHIT*
Michael Ledford
Michael Ledford 2 oy oldin
+The Elapid King You won the internet , Grrrrr !
The Elapid King
The Elapid King 2 oy oldin
Michael Ledford Do not believe for a minute that your inability to cite a legitimate source to substantiate your claims, after I've cited three that refute them, has gone unnoticed. You are not "exchanging Information," but rather are just making things up as you yourself are "trying to win." The difference between you and I is that I am arguing from a foundation of verifiable facts while you are not. I love how you slag off the US and it's opportunities as "Generational Wealth," never mind that nearly 90% of our Billionaires are self made, in fact more than 200 added in the last decade alone. I couldn't even begin to say how many millions of new millionaires were made in that same time. You are right about one thing though, albeit the only thing you've stated in all of your inane ramblings thus far, is that I am not civil, at least not toward those I consider enemies.
Michael Ledford
Michael Ledford 2 oy oldin
+The Elapid King Wow,your not a very civil person for some reason,it looks to me as if you post on the internet to " win " and not an exchange of information ,I'm too tired to argue with internet champions after a 16 hour work day .
The Elapid King
The Elapid King 2 oy oldin
Michael Ledford No they do not, they don't even come close. I defy you to cite a legitimate source that proves otherwise. Without a legitimate source to back up your claims, you're just talking out of your ass.
Hjalmar Jönsson
Hjalmar Jönsson 4 oy oldin
We do not have enough money to print out new menus? God damit, 30 menus are less then 30 $ .. Why u lead the restourant by the way ??
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