Kliff Kingsbury not as qualified as other candidates for Cardinals job - Stephen A. | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith lambasts the Arizona Cardinals for hiring Kliff Kingsbury, saying there are plenty of other candidates who are more qualified for the position than he is, especially those in the African-American community.
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9-Yan, 2019



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Clay Lepchenske
Clay Lepchenske 13 kun oldin
The evolution of high power offenses has made it to the NFL. Not just college anymore. Owners will gamble with more points being scored, and hope the defense will just make enough stops. I mean look at Alabama now.
Rosen TheChosen
Rosen TheChosen 20 kun oldin
Really. It’s a race thing? Fuckkk no. Cardinals hired kliff to bring in a big personality that we haven’t had since BA and try to develop Rosen and this offense that was ruined by a bad defensive minded coach.
Stavo AZ
Stavo AZ 24 kun oldin
Its always a race thing smh . Steve Wilks was a terrible head coach along with the rest of his trash staff. Mike McCoy... Dont even get me started on McCoy smh I follow my team closely all of 2018 was a huge lesson
Yellow CattleCompany
Is this CNN sports?
Patrick Flowers
Honkies...are so funny...dumb bastards....u know were smarter.. More intelligent.. Need I say more..fuck the NFL
Terrence Thomson
I personally would have given Wilks one more year to see what happens, unless the team totally quit on him. I don’t think I would have hired Cliff Dingleberry though.
abdu o
abdu o Oy oldin
White privilege at its finest. imagine getting promotion after doing a TERRIBLE JOB. sas is right on this one.black man has to be twice as good to the average man.
P.J. Nxumalo
P.J. Nxumalo Oy oldin
See Labron James proven right once again.
P.J. Nxumalo
P.J. Nxumalo Oy oldin
If your black you have to twice as good to get half as far.
Teddy Swagger
Teddy Swagger Oy oldin
Jeff Fisher had the same record or worse with the Lions but he didn't get the axe after one year no matter what team he was with. Marvin Lewis been in Cinncinatti for 15yrs and didn't do much of nothing. Much like Jason Garrett in Dallas. Lovie Smith got the axe after leading the bears to a SB. But wasn't Adam Gase part of that racist hazing down in Miami? Ijs. Romeo Crennel has shown he's HC material once again. Kris Richard as well. But to be fair, the Browns have cut coaches, black and white, in midseason. Kudos to UNC Tar Heels, Arizona State, UCF in Florida, Texas, & Penn State for getting the right HC to turn those prestigious programs around. But the NFL has just a little more power in the hiring process. Especially with the Rooney rule in affect. It seems that most NFL teams are finding "their" way around the rule by saying "oh we interviewed minorities" or "we gave him a year and it didn't work out". No ones saying give minorities the job because of the color of their skins(smirk), however like the FT panel has pointed out, just like the QB controversy, there are men of color coaches that have worked hard to be a HC in the NFL and for more than a damn year. Organizations like Arizona, Cleveland, NY Jets, Green bay, & Miami are going to take more than a year or two to turn into playoff contenders. Look how long Sean McVay took to take the LA Rams to the SB. Or Tony Dungy in Indianapolis, Harbaugh in SF and his brother in Baltimore, Andy Reid in KC, Anthony Lynn in LA, and Ron Rivera in Carolina. So if these owners care about winning and winning the big one as they put on, then they'll be a bit more realistic with their personnel hirings. Especially with the hirings of minorities.
Todd Toure
Todd Toure Oy oldin
If The Brother has The Experience and Paid His Dues (Merit) like ANYONE Regardless of Color, They Should At Least be Considered.. ( RooneyRule) I swear Politics and The National Divide of Race is Once Again Permeating The NFL..Courtesy of " Leadership " who sets the Tone..We're Going Backwards all over again.
Donny McFadden
Hmmm, why don't you explain reverse racism to Christian McCafrey. A white Running Back in the NFL has to prove himself over and over again, just to get passed over.
The Hawk
The Hawk Oy oldin
James Affleck
James Affleck Oy oldin
Don't give a white guy a job. Give it to the brother
William Littles
And Stephen A. you wanted a "winning" African - American coach in Marvin Lewis fired?
Robert Young
Robert Young Oy oldin
Fire a head coach after a year and hire this guy with a losing college record? This is amerikkka.
big çj 239 black man
Kliff kingburg pun definitely untended is mediocre at best why he's a hot commodity easy cause he's a so cslled younger" white boy" like that's means shit the Sean McVeigh effect cause look at dude overall record mediocre is understatement he's a bum period don't believe the hype great white hype bum bum bum!!!!!
Thor Ryzal
Thor Ryzal Oy oldin
"Why aint theyre no brothers on the wall!" -Do The Right Thing
The Ragenaught
Blah blah blah.....raciscm racism racism. fuck ESPN.
Lord Miraak
Lord Miraak Oy oldin
Everything has to be about race all the time even when it has literally nothing to do with it
April Sonnier
April Sonnier Oy oldin
Pathetic argument is always race victim mentality never ends
pachulihater 1
pachulihater 1 2 oy oldin
Take that race card, espn, and shove it...
Ed Neg
Ed Neg 2 oy oldin
Vinny Gonzales
Vinny Gonzales 2 oy oldin
I didn't know this was a race thing..?? I guess I'm blind. can't see colors
Kylie Davis
Kylie Davis 2 oy oldin
They said the same thing about McVay...
6.4 HemiDriver
6.4 HemiDriver 2 oy oldin
I agree with everything Damien Woody said.
channel surfer
channel surfer 2 oy oldin
If that owner wants to hire his limo driver to coach his team that's his business. There is no evidence, none, that this coaching change was racially motivated. Either make a legal case and sue the guy or shut up about it. You don't go off like those people up there unless you have decent evidence. All that is up there is speculation...total b.s.
Adam Neil
Adam Neil 2 oy oldin
Fuck the Rooney Rule and all this BS...Those black coaches didnt get the job done...No more free Cheese
Gavin Sheets
Gavin Sheets 2 oy oldin
Oh great I get to hear sas talk about racism. Wasn’t he the one that said tiger woods the greatest golfer ever wasn’t black just cause he didn’t make a mean comment about the president. All the African American coach’s that got fired this year all had terrible records. Steve wilks was the only person that got so called black balled but maybe you should put a fire under the cardinals owners ass. Not a whole race.
cooterball 513
cooterball 513 2 oy oldin
ESPN is the new CNN this is why your ratings are lower than a midgets asshole
tiDDies aTTic
tiDDies aTTic 2 oy oldin
BREAKING NEWS: Kliff Kingsbury is not of Hatian descent & people of Hatian descent do not care where he works.
tiDDies aTTic
tiDDies aTTic 2 oy oldin
BREAKING NEWS: Kliff Kingsbury is not of Mexican descent & people of Mexican descent do not care where he works.
tiDDies aTTic
tiDDies aTTic 2 oy oldin
BREAKING NEWS: Kliff Kingsbury is not of Guatemalan descent & people of Guatemalan descent do not care where he works.
tiDDies aTTic
tiDDies aTTic 2 oy oldin
BREAKING NEWS: Kliff Kingsbury is not of Asian descent & people of Asian descent do not care where he works.
tiDDies aTTic
tiDDies aTTic 2 oy oldin
PATHETIC! The same people that hired Kingsbury, hired Steve Wilks. So exactly what race are they racist towards?
MrAdmvp 2 oy oldin
Kevin Sumlin sucks ass
V Rapture V
V Rapture V 2 oy oldin
i dont really understand the whole black coaches thing, if 5 out of 32 coaches are black that means 15% of the coaches are black in a country where black people make up 12% of the population. i feel like thats normal. Now i dont know what the numbers are for all coaches in the nfl but there is no abnormal disparity in head coaches.
Timothy Stafford
Timothy Stafford 2 oy oldin
ok, valid issues BUT they gave Byron Leftwich the OC position when he is a relative noob.
cL Oracle
cL Oracle 2 oy oldin
Why are they so against a man who has yet to show his colors, he could really own up to his position, at least mention some quality attributes instead of ripping him the entire time
Hard Work1994
Hard Work1994 2 oy oldin
Lol everything is race A black person can never do anything wrong because no matter what happens it’s because he’s black
Generic Name
Generic Name 2 oy oldin
White guy gets a job = must be racism...
michael young
michael young 2 oy oldin
Why does max try to make everything about race, like ur white dude chill
MP15aug 2 oy oldin
why is the racial outrage always in one direction? No one is talking about why are there not more white, Asian or Hispanic corners and running backs and wide receiver. In a competitive environment the best rise to the top. Mike Tomlin and Bill belichick keep there job because they win. Steven A is talking out his ass.
Farquad Shmoogle
Farquad Shmoogle 2 oy oldin
BUT I BET, IF A BLACK COLLEGE COACH WAS HIRED, SAS WOULDNT HAVE MUCH OF A PROBLEM WITH IT. LIKE IF A FEW YEARS AGO KEVIN SUMLIN WAS GIVEN AN NFL COACHING JOB, SAS WOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE, IM SO PROUD. Maybe it needs to be asked, why arent there many black QB coaches? bc that is usually how it seems to work. QB coach moves up to OC, then HC. We keep seeing plenty of black collegiate QBs, if they flake out in the NFL, why dont they pursue coaching??? Seems that white QBs do, so why dont black QBs? RG3 is still trying to play in the NFL, but he ran quite a system at Baylor, learned some from Shanahan. He could be learning to become a QB coach someday soon. What these black analysts and commentators need to really push is to why not former black QBs are not trying to get into coaching???? Are they trying and not getting the opportunities, or are they just not going after them??? Look at Kingsbury and LaFleur. both tried the NFL, neither had any success. What did Kingsbury do? he went back to college, TT, and started there. LaFleur started as a QB coach, learned under Shanahan, McVay, just was an OC with TITANs.
Goat Ninetynine
Goat Ninetynine 2 oy oldin
Anything Stephan A. Smith says is always wrong and I am happy he thinks Kliff is not a good hire for my team so this mean he is going to have a good year and we going to the playoffs
Vijay Swearingen
Vijay Swearingen 2 oy oldin
The fact of the matter is NFL owners feel more comfortable hiring their white counterparts, over any racial alternative. That's their prerogative and their right because it's earned in a country that idolizes wealth & material things and is run by boardrooms. Max makes a great point about the "pipeline" not being there for black coaches being the new offensive innovators vs defensive coaching candidates. New offense playcaller/coordinators are the current flavor of the month. In time, defensive head coach hires may become a priority but likely not because Championships are won with an offensive head coach's mind meshing with a QB's mind and NFL QBs are the premier, rare athletes of today.
philliesphan312 2 oy oldin
Yes out of spite they would rather lose money than hire a black coach!
Jason Pharr
Jason Pharr 2 oy oldin
Texas Tech is a hard school to recruit to. Lincoln Riley isn’t a better coach in the big 12 than Kingsberry, he just wound up in a very favorable situation. Texas Tech is a hard place to recruit to and by comparison recruiting to OU is easy. Why did LR get the job at Oklahoma as an OC, because they were looking for the next Kliff Kingsberry.
Digonto Zahid
Digonto Zahid 2 oy oldin
This race bait bs drags on and on .....at this rate espn ratings will only go down someone plz replace max kellerman this guy is embarrassing .........the nonsense he is talking feels so disingenuous......
pappa 52
pappa 52 2 oy oldin
Leave it to espn to go full sjw
Leveraged 2 oy oldin
Somebody wake up Molly.
D Brooks
D Brooks 2 oy oldin
Guess Stephen A. has lost sight of the fact that he's not qualified to discuss the NFL.
Jarvis Smith
Jarvis Smith 2 oy oldin
Damn Stephen A you say give new coaches out side the nfl a chance to coach as soon as they do you complain that they dont enough experience pick a side.
SuntanSuperman8 2 oy oldin
I'd bet a six pack of Sam Adams that if Kingsbury was black Stephen A. would be saying this was a solid hire for the Cards
MILES WRIDER 2 oy oldin
The only solution is for Blacks to create their own league and do exactly the same thing to whites!
Mr. Placenta
Mr. Placenta 2 oy oldin
Why did this turn into a race debate?
The 5-Star Review 2018
Notice how Black Men never talk about owning shit. Even after an Arab bought the Jaguars. Just notice...African men NEVER talk or discuss owning anything! And then non-black around them participate in this sickness...knowing full well that they own teams. But that African man chooses to be victim instead of fighting the good fight. Own a football team and stop it.
The 5-Star Review 2018
Look at the Jew...talking about so-called soft racism! Black men lack the mental acuity to fight these types of battles. We have never demanded to own a team...like the Arab who owns the Jaguars. Black men have chosen to be eternal victims...victims of their own doing.
Zachary Klinger
Zachary Klinger 2 oy oldin
Stephen needs to stop pulling Africa-American's aren't respected in sports. They get paid millions of dollars to play a 3hr game. They also get paid to sit on the sideline like Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell. I understand Kapernick's situation. It's his right to sit during the national anthem. Kap doesn't have a job right now because of his views. For the people who are going to react negatively about my view on Kap. It's not only African-American people kneeling during the anthem it's white people too.
BlondeJohn's Boardshop
Mike Locksley, isn’t he black? A great OC that coached Bama, now a HC for Maryland! In sports, color of your skin is mute! Best coaches, coach at the Best schools or programs! Best kids , regardless of color go to the Best schools or Pro teams! Get rid of race cards; people are people, am I not correct?
Jimmy  Durham
Jimmy Durham 2 oy oldin
Well you look at the black quarterbacks and black head coaches I think Mike tomlin's done a hell of a job Todd Bowles is a good defensive coach Jon Gruden is known for winning a Superbowl with Tony dungy's team and Tony Dungy went and won a Superbowl with Indianapolis Patrick Mahomes is biracial probably in MVP Michael Vick the most electrifying quarterback ever Russell Wilson Super Bowl winning quarterback Dak Prescott one of the most successful quarterbacks in his first two seasons so yeah I think it's time black people get more opportunities and head coaching management positions and ownership positions is quite obvious we know what the hell we're doing
John Couture
John Couture 2 oy oldin
Only racists care about the color of someone's skin. On the espn app right now there are several articles in which black writers say they want more black head coaches. They want more people hired for no other reason than the color of their skin. I find it interesting that their idea of equal would be a league in which the majority of coaches are black and the majority of players are black. Caring about some people more than others simply because they share your skin color is the very definition of racism. Shame on you
Jorge Diaz
Jorge Diaz 2 oy oldin
The race card is the most annoying thing
Josh Jenkins
Josh Jenkins 2 oy oldin
black coaches fired : hue Jackson 1-31, Steve Wilkes first pick of draft , Todd bowles lost every year with jets , Marvin Lewis 16 years no playoff wins who Stephen Smith has been begging Bengals to fire. quit crying and race baiting. show me a white coach that would have a job after 1-31 record over two seasons . show me a white coach that would have a job after 16 years not making playoffs . if anything these black coaches except for Wilkes have got special treatment.
Cubbies34 2 oy oldin
Just another stupid reaction to get clicks and views. Congrats
Youtube Guru
Youtube Guru 2 oy oldin
I knew race would be brought up before I even hit play for this video..
Jerry Islas
Jerry Islas 2 oy oldin
Skip is motherfucker that think just about his people black shit this black shit this.Who ever thinks something about this they can suck my dick
kvmi1986 2 oy oldin
Race baiting again Espn everything is racist according to Max. To be honest Max kellerman might be the most racist man on TV.
Chris Napolion
Chris Napolion 2 oy oldin
Kingsbury has no nfl coaching experience
Courtney Chambers
When they hire one black head coach that gives them the exception to ignore 10 offensive coordinators. Watch closely
Alberto Rodriguez
Everything in the states is about color😏
Marc Belanger
Marc Belanger 2 oy oldin
I’m not 10 seconds in and I’m stopping it. Fckn race baiter.
Veach D
Veach D 2 oy oldin
MOlly quick to point out copycat job, she should look at her own job lol she is a clone replica wannabee
Márton Glasz
Márton Glasz 2 oy oldin
Poor girl cant even end a sentence
Lee Nguyen
Lee Nguyen 2 oy oldin
SAJ is such a racist PRICK!!!!
abnuridd24 2 oy oldin
Some black people's lives are so deeply indoctrinated with American culture that is makes them uncomfortable to continue to bring up the issues with race in our society. I may not agree with everything Stephen A says but Im not gonna shit on what he is saying because bringing up race is always valid. We all know that Stephen A is not the most qualified black man in America to talk about race, you know who else knows that? Disney. But we don't want to read between the lines and realize Disney is using Stephen A to divide black people further, we just want to hold Stephen A accountable for bringing up race, the producers tell them what to talk about and what angles to take. When are all of you stupid motherfuckers going to exercise some critical thinking?
Dana McArdle
Dana McArdle 2 oy oldin
Do you think Stephen A Smith will ever not be a racist ? Color shouldn't decide if someone gets a head coaching job.
john poulton
john poulton 2 oy oldin
😄 HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Hey everybody!!! Stephen a is talking about football again!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Does he realize that we watch him for comedic purposes? No i didnt think he would.
D4xoo :D
D4xoo :D 2 oy oldin
The Bucs hired a black OC. Just sayin.
Honest Rios
Honest Rios 2 oy oldin
these people only talk about racism. they need to look deep inside and let that shit go. I could have 1 gum, offer it to Molly because she's a lady. next thing you know, Max and Stephen A will call it racism or sexist. goodness
fauxbro1983 2 oy oldin
In life you just have to jump on opportunities that develope.
Chris Pedersen
Chris Pedersen 2 oy oldin
They hired Kingsbury because they were ranked dead last in offense this year, and they know he can get Josh Rosen to throw for 5,000 yards next season. Genius hire Arizona.
Aaron williams
Aaron williams 2 oy oldin
THIS is why people don't watch EPSN anymore.
Roberto Martinez
Roberto Martinez 2 oy oldin
Kliff Kingsbury unproven in the NFL. Big problem with the Cardinals 3-13 season last year. Cardinals need a seasoned and successful NFL coach.
Hector Del Moral
Hector Del Moral 2 oy oldin
Wow talk about over Reacting I really hope he proves everyone of y'all wrong
chrlwade 2 oy oldin
Dont hate the player, hate the game. It's not his fault he's being chose by the hoes.
hgonz14 2 oy oldin
This was a bad hire as the Cardinals are total dumbasses. With that said the coaches that got fired deserved it. Hue Jackson is arguably the worst head coach in NFL history, Steve Wilks and Vance Joseph had no business being head coaches in the first place. I feel Todd Bowles is good coach and deserves another shot down the road.
D.J. 2 oy oldin
SAS said Marvin Lewis should have been fired tho
Billy Spalding
Billy Spalding 2 oy oldin
Stephen A. is more racist than any white or black person out there??
Billy Spalding
Billy Spalding 2 oy oldin
What happened to Defense in NFL?
Billy Spalding
Billy Spalding 2 oy oldin
Don't understand this hire one bit. Didn't he just get fired from Texas Tech?? WTF???
NPR7771 2 oy oldin
Of course max turned it into a race thing.
truthornothing 2 oy oldin
The card's screwed up this time!
bigwaltpro 2 oy oldin
Cardinals obviously going the young offensive creative route. They following what works LA Rams. uzvid.com/video/video-JvmwiwxcgNw.html
olemissfan91 2 oy oldin
Marvin Lewis kept his job for 16 mediocre seasons.
Adeoye Yilu
Adeoye Yilu 2 oy oldin
You know only the WHITES say why we gotta talk bout race😂😂😂 knowing damn well NO WHERE in the world will you have a business with over 70% whites and all the supervisors are black. ☺
Trolley The Troll
Same to say about whites in NBA bitch.....over 80% black coaches and players in NBA....your argument is trash
dan t
dan t 2 oy oldin
Omfg now everything is about friggin race? Shit I'm no where near a conservative or anything but this is getting rediculous. Jesus Christ. Not everything is about race.
Danny Branderson
Danny Branderson 2 oy oldin
Non-Jewish white males are 30 percent of the population, yet only 4 percent of the workplace population at ESPN. WHHHYYY? I think we know why
Danny Branderson
Danny Branderson 2 oy oldin
Truth is nobody wants to hire a black coach because they don’t want to be called racist by the racist media if they don’t do a good job and have to fire them. The black head coaches that were fired had a winning percentage of 43 percent, the white head coaches fired had a winning percentage of 56 percent. The real question is WHY ARE WHITE HEAD COACHES HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD. And I already answered that, because owners and GMs really don’t want to have to fire black HC out of fear of being called racist. Now they aren’t hiring them for that same reason. How many non-Jewish white men work at ESPN ? If you were really worried about inequality maybe start there.
James Boyle
James Boyle 2 oy oldin
No one cares about Kap? Thats history.
Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez 2 oy oldin
Get a nfl team and hire who ever u want Stephen A smith
Darren Till vs Jorge Masvidal
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