Knife Expert Guesses Cheap vs. Expensive Knives | Price Points | Epicurious

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In this episode of 'Price Points', Epicurious challenges knife expert Geoff Feder to guess which knife is more expensive. Feder breaks down paring knives, chef knives, boning knives, and serrated knives. For each type, the connoisseur looks at and tests each knife before guessing which knife costs more. Once the prices are revealed, Feder explains why a specific knife costs more and dives into specifics on how each knife is made.
Thank you to federknives.com
Check out the Damascus Knife: maumasifirearts.com
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Knife Expert Guesses Cheap vs. Expensive Knives | Price Points | Epicurious

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6-Iyn, 2018

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god of flames
god of flames 2 soat oldin
Says he's a "knife expert " doesn't know the difference between a rivet and a pin -_- as a knife maker this irks me
Kalypsone 4 soat oldin
Nails 😦
Stephen Imsong
Stephen Imsong 7 soat oldin
Steel is real!
Isaac Meyer
Isaac Meyer 7 soat oldin
Better knives help you cook better? Lol
maps ola
maps ola 8 soat oldin
Why am I even watching this? Why am I even posting this knowing that no one is going to answear wtf? xD
Scott Hollander
Scott Hollander 8 soat oldin
This guy is asking to be framed for murder. Who the hell is losing knives?
UG0TT40113D 9 soat oldin
You can tell he works with knives by looking at his hands
Jan Verschueren
Jan Verschueren 10 soat oldin
First pairing: I expected B to have been under $5,-... $11,- for that piece of crap? -get out of here.
Kaptain Kid
Kaptain Kid 10 soat oldin
Come now . . . I got as far as your paring knife comparison . . . Get real. Have both. It is unfair to compare them. It's like comparing a bicycle to a Ferrari. Bottom is is, you get what you pay for and you pay for what you need. When I was in college I had no money. I bought the cheap knife. At 75 years of age, I can afford any knife I want. I still don't buy the hyped knifes. Chicago Cutlery makes decent price for a very low price. Check them out. I just bought a complete set at Walmart for about $18 bucks. And they are stainless steel, so they don't "patina". When they wear out, I'll buy another set. Go figure. Having said that, I enjoyed the video. It is informative. Bottom line is, you get what you pay for. If you are able to afford the best, definately buy the expensive knives, you will enjoy them. But you had better learn how to sharpen them . . . dull knives take lives, or at least fingers.
Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy 13 soat oldin
Most pointless drivel i ever seen the knive's should of been a £100 v £175 a £250 v £360 .
Narice 13 soat oldin
All knives were obvious. wtf
Ka0s Billz
Ka0s Billz 15 soat oldin
Im no knife expert but i could tell the cheap from the expensive
The_Ne1d0rf 16 soat oldin
Why did he not taste it?
Eliel Ehimare
Eliel Ehimare 17 soat oldin
P A R T I A L T A N G .
Robert Panther
Robert Panther 18 soat oldin
Take 2 minutes out of staring at knives all day, and wash your disgusting sweaty meat hands, they are gross.
Katzen33 12 soat oldin
Right?? It wouldn't have taken long for him to clean his hands and nails considering he's about to get close up shots of his hands that over a million people will watch. That has to be one of the most important times in his life to wash his hands.
Krine 19 soat oldin
"you don't want it to be too long, 6 inches 7 inches at most"
Patrick Diaz
Patrick Diaz 20 soat oldin
Soooo Stupid, ya let's put a plastic handle knife next to riveted resin handle and guess I was hoping for 2 knives that looked very similar that only a professional could tell apart :(👎
loriquayleio 22 soat oldin
3100... Oof, you could (and I'm not joking) buy 2 high quality swords for that price... Like 2 Albion swords or something.
William Hoskins
William Hoskins Kun oldin
Listen here . Well said my friend ! 3100 $ Is cheap at twice the price.
Skyla Waddington
This guy needs to wash his hands jfc his nails are filthy
Jupiter Eye
Jupiter Eye Kun oldin
All you need to see about this guy is his hands. His fingers are destroyed from work...
MrCactuar13 Kun oldin
I think I'll spend hours sharpening pasta instead
Quick Attack Films
If I spend $3100 on a knife, you best believe it's doing more than cutting bread. Gonna perform some sort of sacrifice with it, maybe kill the dragon that's threatening to destroy Skyrim and enslave all of Tamriel. If I spend that much on a knife, it WILL have the blood of my foes on it.
Quick Attack Films
$60 is too much to spend on a serrated knife. If you're spending $3100 on a knife, your name damn well better be Gordon Ramsay.
Sees 52100 steel. Looks at Swamp Rat Knife Works Rodent 4 and 3. "Yeah, I'm thinking that one is better"
Dustin MacGregor
It shouldn't have taken 2 minutes than 46 seconds to tell that B cost more than A.
LeftAsBlank Kun oldin
Where is gbay
ControllerDice Kun oldin
Is there ever going to be one where the experts screw up? These are getting kind of boring.
Yasiji Kun oldin
close your eyes while he’s talking. sounds like Chris Pratt don’t it?
sandman365TTi Kun oldin
should have done this Kamikoto vs Henckel vs Victorinox not cheap cosco crap
Thrak Kun oldin
I really don't care that much about knives, but this was such an interesting video to watch. Even though i don't care much about the knowledge i got from it, the fact that i get to watch someone that passionate about a subject makes it super entertaining, interesting and beautiful. love these series, love these guys.
darkt0st00 Kun oldin
That boning knife looks like a Wusthof
caius kai
caius kai Kun oldin
I think I can be a knife expert now
Blue Skull
Blue Skull Kun oldin
Literally who chose these knives, i can tell which is more expensive or not.
Lazy Plays Guitar
3k dollars for a knive, come on I'd rather get a bike for that amount 😅
Daniel J
Daniel J Kun oldin
Might as well put in a spork vs whatever and have him "guess". This was stupid. And he wasn't good at judging prices either......
kingorbit Kun oldin
Dang, I guessed wrong on every single one.
Whitney Bread
Whitney Bread Kun oldin
Knightmare Kun oldin
A 2 year old picking out the pretty one in each case would have scored 100 on that test.
Hendrik visch
Hendrik visch Kun oldin
Sooo... let me get this straight, The Cheff knife with the wooden handle and concave grind is cheaper than the plastic handle knife from the first comparison. See I knew it was a rip off. I cna get those plastic hanle knifes for like 1 to 2 EUR here. Even a pack of 3 of those knifes are cheaper than the 11 dollar one. I could be missing something ofc..
tinkles30 2 kun oldin
This guy needs to clean his scuzzy fingernails. Come on, man... You're on camera....
Hikku 2 kun oldin
So..."Made In Japan"...
Doctor Doubt
Doctor Doubt 2 kun oldin
Meanwhile, Alec Steele is watching the last comparison like: "Try me."
Grady Brown
Grady Brown 2 kun oldin
I don't believe it could have been any more obvious which was the cheaper/pricier knive. Quite poorly done.
Koehli _
Koehli _ 2 kun oldin
this guy is obvious a knife salesman
TheGodSpeed 2 kun oldin
The last kife comparison is like "Heres a normal bread knife vs a Knife with a handle made from the only bone ever found from a dragon that died two thousand years ago with a blade forged at the heart of the sun as it goes supernova, the metal was farmed from an asteroid that passes by earth every five to eight thousand years.
Lianna Johnson
Lianna Johnson 2 kun oldin
Me: How was the Girl you when out with last night? Guy: 11:29
tutus4life 2 kun oldin
I used to think the Cheese expert lady was my favorite, but this guy takes the cake. He needs to host a show or something
Hail Pusheen
Hail Pusheen 2 kun oldin
One of my teachers once told us a story about how he once nearly cut off his finger while trying to core an apple with a paring knife
Br Prez
Br Prez 2 kun oldin
I expected him to taste the knives. I’m a little dissapointed.
Xexomaru 2 kun oldin
Last one looks like a damascus blade...no wonder is expensive as F.
The Slender Wrist
The Slender Wrist 2 kun oldin
“All engine and no brakes”. This one killed me! :D
445harrmony 2 kun oldin
I've seen Damascus at gun shows for WAY less I mean 20-40$
Candice ecidnaC
Candice ecidnaC 2 kun oldin
This may sound shallow, but his hands are disgusting. His fingernails made me cringe, and his hands are filthy. Does he have a dirty hobby, like gardening or perhaps forging his own knives? Those mitts are horror shows.
VeXrA 2 kun oldin
You only need 6-7 inches for boning
mop1332020 2 kun oldin
He has nasty nails. lmaooo
Con 2 kun oldin
He reminds me of Matty Matheson.
Scar 2 kun oldin
A potato would have got most of these right. Why make it so obvious
wazzobazzo 2 kun oldin
I'm a muslim and am outraged that you don't talk about how these knifes work for cutting through kufar jugulars.
XVVvKk Tv 2 kun oldin
Are we going to just ignore his fingers?
ItsTheRealPig 2 kun oldin
Beginning to love this channel, its not like buzzfeed and other
Bass Unleashed
Bass Unleashed 3 kun oldin
"6 inches to 7 inches is all you really need in a boning knife. You want it to be a little bit stiff but looking at these they may be a little more flexible."
Albert Stichka
Albert Stichka 3 kun oldin
I don't think anyone has to be a knife expert to determine which knives are the expensive ones.
Chewietehhamster 3 kun oldin
"6 inches or 7 inches is all you really need for a boning" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Allie Dos Santos
Allie Dos Santos 3 kun oldin
This was amazing learning about knifes
Le Quasar
Le Quasar 3 kun oldin
Come on.... Don't need to be expert for the 3 comparaison
JB Gimena
JB Gimena 3 kun oldin
Didn't know Vince Vaughn was a knife expert.
JungolistMassif 3 kun oldin
well this knife has some gold on the handle... but im not sure yet if its the expensive one...
Ragna Xi
Ragna Xi 3 kun oldin
I hope they gave him the Damascus knife.
When you pull off the heist just right
I was able to guess with 100% accuracy based off visuals alone.
James Chapman
James Chapman 3 kun oldin
make them harder to discern, I would wager average people on the street would get the same results (without the justification)
LeeAnne Steers
LeeAnne Steers 3 kun oldin
How all cheap knives should be handled: facebook.com/136103676452246/videos/1806404556088808/
W.A M.P 3 kun oldin
YEAH You gotta live your Knife.
Michael Kraut
Michael Kraut 3 kun oldin
2:53 he's got cuts all over his fingers
Lunogu72 3 kun oldin
Does he take care of his nails with knifes too tho? xD
Karl trembath
Karl trembath 3 kun oldin
This one's to easy
Rock McThornberry
Rock McThornberry 3 kun oldin
I love that this guy isn't snooty about expensive knives. Like yeah 4$ is a great price for that
Biaka Khupchawng
Biaka Khupchawng 3 kun oldin
Just by the look every normal person can tell which is expensive. Haha every one can be expert/
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy 3 kun oldin
0:56 Ayyee I have that knife at home
Digs Fossils-n-Knives
4:32 "Brass tells me this is a carbon steel" he says. 11:40 missed the fact that the blade is sanmai. That told me you aint no knife expert.
thebossofbox 3 kun oldin
he should taste test them like the other experts
D For David
D For David 3 kun oldin
I’m not no chef but with just the look I could easily tell A on the first 1 was obviously mote expensive. And I say also by the looks on the second one B was more expensive
Typical Samara
Typical Samara 3 kun oldin
This was easy af. I’m not even a knife expert
Lewis Hhh
Lewis Hhh 3 kun oldin
Guys hands are disgusting tho...
DoeEyedDeer 3 kun oldin
V smart dude but in desperate need of a manicure
MrShireonfire 4 kun oldin
Turns out I'm a knife expert too!
HungQDang 4 kun oldin
the first Japanese knife is a petty knife, not a pairing knife. Petty knives are bigger than paring knives, they're like smaller chef knives and use for small stuff.
Jessica White
Jessica White 4 kun oldin
This was me the whole time 👀🤤🤗😍
paul rozehnal
paul rozehnal 4 kun oldin
dude has some ugly fingernails! other than that the production value of this vid is amazing and he's clearly knowledgeable...but dem nails dude! you knew they'd be close-ups!
Rachel Magowan
Rachel Magowan 4 kun oldin
My husband was a chef and luckily for me I inherited his knife kit when he changed careers. Cheap knives really dont compare, my knives have lasted me years with only professional sharpening every few months
Davis Cook
Davis Cook 4 kun oldin
You can tell based on appearance for each knife which is more expensive.
Max1m1l1ano# %Th3 Gr3at#
U don’t need a pro to see the knife that cost more but it’s nice to see the difference in detail.
Pogaspm 4 kun oldin
Why did you call an expert for this? My dog could've guessed all of them.
Kevin Colwell
Kevin Colwell 4 kun oldin
What's the point of having an expert when anyone who's ever gone shopping can see which one's more expensive at first glance?
Henry Pelletier
Henry Pelletier 4 kun oldin
What if instead of taste test it was stab test, and he just stabs himself with both knives and says, "oh yes, this has some real power" haha
Keegan Moore
Keegan Moore 4 kun oldin
I could’ve guessed every one of those
Evil Genius97
Evil Genius97 4 kun oldin
What i have, vs what i want.
Jermaine Tagpuno
Jermaine Tagpuno 4 kun oldin
But how about what's the perfect knife for stabbing???
Jermaine Tagpuno
Jermaine Tagpuno 4 kun oldin
I'm not an knife expert but I can tell what's cheap and expensive...!
KuLT 4 kun oldin
this is so stupid. I’m not pro or anything but most of what’s shown, it’s so obvious.