Knife Expert Guesses Cheap vs. Expensive Knives | Price Points | Epicurious

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In this episode of 'Price Points', Epicurious challenges knife expert Geoff Feder to guess which knife is more expensive. Feder breaks down paring knives, chef knives, boning knives, and serrated knives. For each type, the connoisseur looks at and tests each knife before guessing which knife costs more. Once the prices are revealed, Feder explains why a specific knife costs more and dives into specifics on how each knife is made.
Thank you to federknives.com
Check out the Damascus Knife: maumasifirearts.com
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Knife Expert Guesses Cheap vs. Expensive Knives | Price Points | Epicurious

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6-Iyn, 2018

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Crisjustcris 5 soat oldin
Is it weird i dont have to be an expert to know which ones more expensive?
retardno002 11 soat oldin
First off, you don't need to be a knife expert to guess which one is the more expensive of the obvious examples provided. Second, the man's hands tell you how much time he's spent around knives, so a guy like that probably knows the manufacturer and serial number of all the knives provided there. Perhaps a cutting / ergonomic / sharpening test for each while he's blindfolded or something would be more of a challenge.
Hana Spahia
Hana Spahia 13 soat oldin
How does one acquire the title "Knife Expert"?
Hana Spahia
Hana Spahia 13 soat oldin
Just doing research...
Kevin R
Kevin R 18 soat oldin
what type of knife is good for self defense I think a rigged edge 6 inch blade is it good
broly broly
broly broly 19 soat oldin
Boning knife.....get it
Keith Kinney
Keith Kinney 20 soat oldin
Typically if it's made in Japan it's more expensive so some of these are a dead giveaway
Soroosh A.
Soroosh A. 22 soat oldin
I disliked because it actually bothered me so much that the comparisons were so... just... no. That's not how guessing games... no. -_-
kaunas888 Kun oldin
I am surprised that the man was so hesitant is predicting which knife was more expensive. It is clearly obvious which was which by a factor of several times.
kaunas888 Kun oldin
Damascus style steel is not better than mono steel in function (mono steel is actually better), but the layered steel certainly looks nice/interesting and is more difficult to make.
kaunas888 Kun oldin
These comparisons were simply too obvious between the very expensive ones and the cheap ones.
morti271 Kun oldin
Wow, what an expert. Who else would have known that the knives with a plastic handle and no manufacturing or steel info on the blade are the cheap one?
Enternal Kun oldin
Thought he was gonna make a taste test too
Marco David Velazco Castillo
Now you know it, kids. 6 or 7 inches is all you need for boning!
DarkCodes97 Kun oldin
Only 6-7 inches for boning got it.
wzd leo
wzd leo 2 kun oldin
Does he test the knives on his hands?
spidachan1 2 kun oldin
And he said "when your boning a chicken"! Tee he.
spidachan1 2 kun oldin
Your knife bag!😂 Who carries a "bag" of knives!? I'll just reach into my bag of knives, ouch!
Praveen Pandey
Praveen Pandey 2 kun oldin
you don’t need expert to say which on is costlier any common ppl can say which one is expensive. Though it was informative but I feel you should have some different themes and title for videos like this.
Brandon Volesky
Brandon Volesky 2 kun oldin
8:09 "6-7 inches is all you really need for a boning..."
That Mead With Juniper Berries
Why does he speak so loudly?
Dankyz 3 kun oldin
8:07 listen to that with your eyes closed
nbalive2408 3 kun oldin
I guessed them all right just by looking. The first one was very obvious. Also this guy have very dirty fingernails
James Flames
James Flames 3 kun oldin
From the look of his hands I choose not to follow his advice to cut towards myself.
John Antonopoulous
John Antonopoulous 3 kun oldin
You can tell he cooks because of how he talks about the victorinox knives. They are one of the best utility knives and you can beet the crap out of them but you prefer every other knife when your not at work.
Ian Mills
Ian Mills 3 kun oldin
The chalk drawing for this episode is the best one yet in my opinion. They are all beautiful but she went above and beyond on this one :)
MMAS 3 kun oldin
We really out here guessing knives? I get it , hes a pro that's cool but I guessed everyone right immediately.
Critterkeeper 64
Critterkeeper 64 4 kun oldin
Is it me or did his “I’m alive expert” come off as a little creepy?
Edimilson Torres
Edimilson Torres 4 kun oldin
I thnk I'm a knife expert too now that I guessed everything right
FooD StamP
FooD StamP 4 kun oldin
Homeboy looks sick. Get a checkup dude. We want you to make more videos.
Carlos Diaz
Carlos Diaz 4 kun oldin
Fingernails destroyed
Gustavo XD
Gustavo XD 4 kun oldin
Is that 3100 "dollars" for that knife?...That is a TOATL, COMPLETE, UTTER RIDICULOUS..RIP OFF It's not even a pattern. It's a random pattern. There's people making bigger and better knifes than that for 5 times less price. That is just stealing money off of dumb people with too much of it.
Suzzzie 5 kun oldin
I love his enthusiasm 💯🎉
fritzorino 5 kun oldin
Going into this wondering how hes gonna taste the knives.
I'm. not. Famous.
I'm. not. Famous. 5 kun oldin
Can he guess the knives that been stabbed in me?
Richie B
Richie B 5 kun oldin
gross fingernails
i want to die
i want to die 6 kun oldin
This was pretty eazy
Benjamin Nagy
Benjamin Nagy 6 kun oldin
Was this supposed to be difficult? Lmao
Bryson Andrews
Bryson Andrews 6 kun oldin
And next week we will take a 2 liter bottle rocket and a space X falcon 9 and see if they can tell which is more expensive
Soma Varga
Soma Varga 7 kun oldin
At this point these kind of videos are just parodies of themselves. Used to be entertaining to play along but now it’s the master sword vs. a blunt stick. Great meme tho
megannell 7 kun oldin
dude needs a mani
TheGodSpeed 7 kun oldin
This is the kind of guy to make a sandwich just to cut it in half
Peter Robinson
Peter Robinson 7 kun oldin
every time he says “intregal” .......
Drew Matthews
Drew Matthews 7 kun oldin
I like how the thumbnail is the obviously awesome extremely expensive knife, vs a kids toy
Davergent 8 kun oldin
The question is will it keeeeeeell?
I don't care about my name
Wtf no taste test? I'm disappointed.
Cool Kidd
Cool Kidd 8 kun oldin
Didn't have to be an expert to guess all of these, it's pretty obvious imo
Mike 8 kun oldin
Wow Such an Expert! Thanks for showing everyone the difference between ZELDAS knife set and the KMart Line
FawkesHD 8 kun oldin
The last knife was like comparing The Ashbringer and a Copper Short Sword.
Andrew Craig
Andrew Craig 8 kun oldin
Which is more expensive: this bar of gold or this steaming pile of dog crap?
Nicole Dawn
Nicole Dawn 10 soat oldin
Andrew Craig well each one has its pros and it’s cons...
Drew w
Drew w 6 kun oldin
Andrew Craig depends on the size of the pile of dog crap I suppose!
wntrmte. 8 kun oldin
he should have eaten the knives like the other experts did with their stuff
Auri Garvel
Auri Garvel 8 kun oldin
Jeff Vader? Runs the death star?
fuq yu meen
fuq yu meen 9 kun oldin
Tienes manos de orco, jaja salu2
Gavin1130 9 kun oldin
I'm an idiot but thank god for this video because now I know I'm a genius when it comes to kitchen knives! I don't want to BRAG, but I was able to guess which knife was cheaper and why it was cheaper, in about a second after seeing them. Thank you, Epicurious, for restoring my confidence and pointing me towards my true calling in life, tomorrow I plan to quit my job, and begin a franchise(ANYONE INTERESTED, WHO'S COMING WITH ME??) that allows me to purchase kitchen knives, lookout cruel world I'm moving on up, to the east side, I'm moving on up, to the east side, to a deluxe apartment in the sky, I finally got a piece of the pIIIIIeeeeee! JK I'm STILL AN IDIOT
Ricardo Hepburn
Ricardo Hepburn 9 kun oldin
Where do they teach this kind of stuff?
Anders Hansen
Anders Hansen 10 kun oldin
Basicly the first one, he is saying the cheaper one has the functional design down. With the second, he is essentially saying the same
Daedalus Creative
Daedalus Creative 10 kun oldin
I've never seen one of these experts be wrong
Blue Coke
Blue Coke 11 kun oldin
I don't think the dislikes are for the gentleman. The knives used for comparison were horrible. All obvious...
Alex Sandvik
Alex Sandvik 11 kun oldin
My blind grandma could have guessed these knifes
Alexander Bjerkvik
Alexander Bjerkvik 11 kun oldin
Waaay too easy.
John Ohlhausen
John Ohlhausen 11 kun oldin
That 3K knife had a Burl wood handle too I think. Burl wood can be EXPENSIVE.
Asmodean Underscore
Asmodean Underscore 11 kun oldin
no taste test?
Mario Lumbanraja
Mario Lumbanraja 11 kun oldin
For a second I thought he was gonna taste the knife
Michael Knight
Michael Knight 11 kun oldin
No Cleavers ... how dare you!
Michael Knight
Michael Knight 11 kun oldin
Completely ignore the Made in China Made in Japan stamps...
Sinister Niggi
Sinister Niggi 11 kun oldin
ok first of all wash your hands
if its says made in japan its expensive you're welcome
sm0l Mane
sm0l Mane 12 kun oldin
Wtf is wrong with his fingers
Talen Davis
Talen Davis 12 kun oldin
Why would you need to be a knife expert to know the expensive one, it’s so obvious
Tom Phillips
Tom Phillips 12 kun oldin
His fingers are so dirty
Gsxr-1000 Rider
Gsxr-1000 Rider 12 kun oldin
All these knives + his hands = Freddy Krueger 😁.
Gsxr-1000 Rider
Gsxr-1000 Rider 12 kun oldin
I'm no pro, even I was able to get every one right. I could instantly spot out the better quality more expensive knives..
Joakim Kanon
Joakim Kanon 13 kun oldin
Holy moly, this comments section. 😂👌🏼
SirTrebor 13 kun oldin
When he first saw that knife he was blinded and was saying basically OMG CAN I KEEP IT PLEASE.
Karate Kid
Karate Kid 13 kun oldin
Disgusting fingers, shouldn't be on camera
thethumper088 13 kun oldin
Which knife is more expensive? "Made in Japan/Germany" Yep, that's the one.
Guilherme Sobrinho
Guilherme Sobrinho 13 kun oldin
Zack Worrell
Zack Worrell 14 kun oldin
As a professional full time and award winning knife maker, Monolith Knves,Its my opinion Geoff makes a few poor assumptions and actually is misleading in regards to details such as his description of carbon patina which actually protects the steel once it develops. I think he's trying to simplify this for a broad audience. Knives are a very personal experience and an extension of each user. What is "best" outside of craftsmanship and materials is up for the user to decide. The chef knives we make run between $700-800 . They are high performance knives which are also heirloom art.The damascus blade is made by my friend Mareko Maumasi -Mausami Fire Arts, he is an incredible knifemaker, a very kind person, and Bob Kramer's former apprentice. His knives can sell for $3000+ Kramer's hand made knives sell for $8,000-10K. People made comments about Geoff's hands, he's a knife maker. Feder Knives. If you wanna know about knives ask a knifemaker.
Shazan Husain
Shazan Husain 14 kun oldin
I just watch the videos for the chalk art in the background, the show is a bonus. Kudos to the artist🤩
sanka 14 kun oldin
a chimpanze could have identified the expensive knives, oh wait he did.
43grog 14 kun oldin
I guess I'm an expert too
Francisco Germán
Francisco Germán 14 kun oldin
C'mon, dude! I am NO expert at all and could tell the difference just seeing the kinves. On the fly. This is just plain BS.
Freddy Fox 500
Freddy Fox 500 14 kun oldin
Give the guy the knife allready
john david malabanan
I'm kinda waiting for a taste test
Dane Spencer
Dane Spencer 14 kun oldin
You put a domascus steel knife up again a normal knife. If course its more expensive. There is no guessing there.
tarun gadale
tarun gadale 14 kun oldin
Lol man....do u seriously need to be an expert to say which one is cheaper than the other...like seriously ..😂😂😂 one knife has a great design on handle, Damascus,wood,brass,rivets, etc and the other is just mould of plastic or rubber . a kid would have guessed them all right
DIGITAL THUG 14 kun oldin
bro bro got mad gross fingers tho
jb230358 14 kun oldin
Nik Murphy
Nik Murphy 14 kun oldin
This is a joke. Anyone could guess the more expensive knife here.
chuckschilling 15 kun oldin
I've never heard of your knife "expert" - he seems to have little knowledge of the metallurgical aspect of knives.
wattsmilly01 15 kun oldin
clean your nails ffs as your hands are on the screen telling the reason why each is different
gabby travis
gabby travis 15 kun oldin
please give him that knife
James Herrington
James Herrington 15 kun oldin
Great video
Cory Norell
Cory Norell 16 kun oldin
The only thing that is not completely common sense here is the fact that if you have a 'black knob' for your bolster, you will not be able to contact the cutting board with the entirety of the knife. So props for that I guess.
Adam Moore
Adam Moore 16 kun oldin
Good information, but highly misleading title. "Guesses" which knife is more expensive? Come on...
Schad Dalton
Schad Dalton 16 kun oldin
I am disappointed that he didn't go through the taste test phase with these knives. Solid dislike.
Ricardo Rodriguez
Ricardo Rodriguez 16 kun oldin
I like how he actually recommended the cheaper knives over the expensive ones. Most of the time the experts recommend the more expensive product, but he said "Actually, this cheaper one is better"
Navoda Punchihewa
Navoda Punchihewa 16 kun oldin
When is he gonna taste the knives?
Marcus Feynman
Marcus Feynman 17 kun oldin
anything else better about the damascus knife besides looking cooler?
Erlend Grünfeld
Erlend Grünfeld 17 kun oldin
There is no way the last knife costs 3100 dollars. No way
4 kun oldin