Knife Expert Guesses Cheap vs. Expensive Knives | Price Points | Epicurious

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Epicurious challenges knife expert Geoff Feder to guess which knife is more expensive. Feder breaks down paring knives, chef knives, boning knives, and serrated knives. For each type, the connoisseur looks at and tests each knife before guessing which knife costs more. Once the prices are revealed, Feder explains why a specific knife costs more and dives into specifics on how each knife is made.

Thank you to federknives.com
Check out the Damascus Knife: maumasifirearts.com
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Knife Expert Guesses Cheap vs. Expensive Knives | Price Points | Epicurious

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6-Iyn, 2018

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AXOMA Soat oldin
Don't need to be an expert for those fgs
JS Krawz
JS Krawz 2 soat oldin
Today... We are going to compare two cars and see if our expert can determine which one is more expensive... First up we have a Bugatti Chiron on the left, and on the right, we have a Ford Fiesta S... Hmmm... This is gonna be a real tough one...
ukguy 3 soat oldin
Even a monkey could tell which ones are the better knives.
Rayleaa 3 soat oldin
This is so dumb... literally any person could do this, “here is a 350$ knife and here is a 4$ which is more expensive ??” Why do you need a expert for this? Would be a lot more interesting to see small difference in price and not the top shelf compared to the bottom !
Kev Von Castlehill
Kev Von Castlehill 3 soat oldin
guessing i'm a Knife Expert?
World Peace
World Peace 5 soat oldin
You don’t need to be an expert to know for those examples.
Andrew Brockhage
Andrew Brockhage 5 soat oldin
Yup, putting an obvious Wusthof against a fibrox, no way the expert will be able to tell those apart lol...
Furness Prime
Furness Prime 6 soat oldin
11$ for a plastic paring knife? What you smokin?
Thokkerius 6 soat oldin
This guy knifes!
Rob Babcock
Rob Babcock 7 soat oldin
C'mon, this video is idiotic! A monkey could tell which ones were most expensive of these knives, no expertise needed. And a genuine expert (or even a guy that's worked at Sur La Table for a while) could probably tell who who made them all by the trade dress. Overall I've enjoyed this series (ie 'experts guess____________') but this one was kinda stupid.
Hasan Issa
Hasan Issa 7 soat oldin
Clean your fingernails with one of the knives.
Cole Hinshaw
Cole Hinshaw 8 soat oldin
As a knife guy thus guy is just slinging around terms you wouldn’t know if you weren’t a knife guy. Trying to sound smart it sounds like. Doesn’t take a knife “expert”. Probably just a guy that works for them that’s a knife guy and they probably told him just try to sound smart lol. Still watched the whole thing so I can’t complain too much.
jermyang 9 soat oldin
one thing i enjoy about these is that it's not too elitist/affected in general.
StealthAssasin 1Day
StealthAssasin 1Day 10 soat oldin
They should of made this more difficult. Good information but its night and day. Maybe he should guess the price range as well to make it more impressive.
Johhny depp
Johhny depp 10 soat oldin
I was half expecting at some point in the video; "Knife A, with a full tang, made of sturdy material, it's something everyone should have in their kitchen and Knife B... appears to be a spoon, that doubles as a fork... Knife B is in fact a spork.." This video is hilarious. It's almost like satire upon satire.
Rogelio Riojas
Rogelio Riojas 12 soat oldin
The explanations where great, but a 10 yeard old kid can tell wich is more expensive
dae3xt 13 soat oldin
I'm not a knife expert. i don't cook. I guessed them all correctly within couple of seconds by looking at them. haha
musicmaker2 14 soat oldin
Wash your hands and clean under those nails guy.
Joe M
Joe M 15 soat oldin
wow that was hard*
Tom L
Tom L 15 soat oldin
It’s more can I tell which one has a brand name on it?
HDGDL 17 soat oldin
Really subtle way to tell all your friends your next birthday wish.
Saw Saw
Saw Saw 18 soat oldin
worker hands
Vance Corsey
Vance Corsey 18 soat oldin
8:08 '6 inches , 7 inches is all you really need for boning and you wanted to be Stiff' 😂 parafrased
Spark Lawns
Spark Lawns 19 soat oldin
There's partial tang....the full tang...and of course...the sacred pootie tang....
Rennaaa 19 soat oldin
This was way too obvious, even an amateur could tell which one is more expensive.
iSigmax 19 soat oldin
Fella here probably knows a thing or two about knives. Hands are pretty typical of knifemakers. Just have y'all know, craftsmen have seemingly dirty hands not by choice. Some of these just doesn't wash off as easily as you think it does. That said, he sounds dumb because the selection of knives presented pretty much required him to state the obvious. He could have went on to talk about different steel and grades but whatever for? He's probably tasked to dumb it down for y'all sheeple. You probably don't know much about knife if you ask "what's a sheeple?"
Dan Nugent
Dan Nugent 19 soat oldin
You really didnt have to be an "expert " to tell which one was more expensive, was ez
Ditong Li
Ditong Li 20 soat oldin
It’s so obvious.....
MyAnh Le
MyAnh Le 20 soat oldin
he could have washed his hands before shooting this video good lord
lacrossegirl57 20 soat oldin
Why does he sound like Patton Oswalt
Random stuff with Michael
I don’t even know if you need to be an expert to figure out a lot of these. There are times when I see the two unveil and I just think “yeah... that thing’s worth way more.”
MrTohawk 20 soat oldin
Please do one for wine.
Sam Adams
Sam Adams 21 soat oldin
This episode sucked. It was so clear which ones were cheap vs expensive. I was going to close the video before the end but im glad i didnt. That damascus blade was beautiful.
My 0x1E
My 0x1E 21 soat oldin
The price difference was so vast because I don't think he would actually be able to tell the difference. Anyone should be able to see a difference between a £300 and £4 knife. Now put a £5 and £10, or £150 and £200 knife in front of him and lets see what happens. He clearly had no idea of what price range each knife would be. Like "I think this would be a sub £30 knife, while this should be upwards of £100". No instead you compare a £4 to £350 and then look surprised at the huge difference.
shanisman2002 21 soat oldin
The nails got me tripping !!!£
SixStringViolence 23 soat oldin
These fingernails....
vovapsix Kun oldin
This is kind of an obvious comparison, maybe its just me, but it takes at most a second to tell which is more expensive, from handle, to tang, to heel, to taper, to polish. This is a drastic comparison, even to an untrained eye... P.S. The price margin and quality is substantially different in these comparisons. It all boils down to this. Are you interested in cooking techniques, do you want your blade to last longer and cut sharper, is your budged big enough to spend on a tool that can potentially withstand a lifetime of use, are you prepared to take proper care of your knife (dry it, sharpen it etc.), then choose the more expensive one you wont regret it one bit. On the other hand if your budget is low, you dont want to take special care of your knife, you dont care much about its lifespan since its cheap, you dont use kitchen knives as often, then the cheaper knife is for you.
Lighthalzen Kun oldin
It would have been better to also have the expert give an estimated price. For example, if a knife was estimated to be $60 and it was only $15 vs nice knife he judges more expensive and estimated to be $80 but priced at $250. Being more expensive does not always mean you get the quality you pay for.
fluffy Kun oldin
I generally like these videos but this one had a bunch of no-contest comparisons, and I also wish he'd said which one would be the better one to actually get and use, since with knives it's especially the case that more $$$ isn't necessarily better.
Phar Benson
Phar Benson Kun oldin
Is it just me or could anyone tell what one was more expensive but the first look before he even said anything?
wormlotion Kun oldin
Kids, never peel potatoe by nail before making a close up video of knifes...
Rucha Kun oldin
I see all the comments saying the comparisons were obvious and I agree but I love how he explained every thing! His hands show his experience! Loved the video nonetheless!
Rucha Kun oldin
Also the art behind it amazing!
Charles Barkley
Charles Barkley Kun oldin
My guy looks like hes been washing his hands in dirt
Sanction Kun oldin
That background is very very detailed
nickysantoro314 Kun oldin
I'm just glad that he confirmed that 6-7 inches is an ideal length for boning.
Justin Switzer
Justin Switzer Kun oldin
It’s sooo obvious the whole time
Oscar Ayrton Jimenez Lara
that guy has ROUGH hands, no wonder why he's a knife expert
Taylor McFadden
Taylor McFadden Kun oldin
doesn't take an expert to know which is the cheap knife. good information though
Chalky Kun oldin
That's not a knoife.
Anyone could do this.....
Naim Shobutolibov
so dumb
Hannibal Kun oldin
Show should be called: "X Expert *explains* Cheap vs. Expensive Y". Not even one of these couldn't have been determined by an amateur by just looking at the materials..
Lukos0036 Kun oldin
Expensive knifes are show pieces. If you want something you can use every day or beat up on, you go cheap.
Joseph Flores
Joseph Flores Kun oldin
Its funny how obvious they made it to notice which one is cheap and which one is expensive
UAV marky
UAV marky Kun oldin
if your going to buy cheap buy a few, simples :)
Felix Vasin
Felix Vasin Kun oldin
that damascus knife earned my like. the expert was cool too.
Luke Nance
Luke Nance Kun oldin
Don’t think you needed the expert to figure these out.
R L Kun oldin
I'm not hating on this guy but I got all the expensive knife correct and I'm not knife expert I'm just a random 13 year old
Orange RL
Orange RL Kun oldin
I think the episodes where they were a little closer in comparison were better. I don't think we needed him to tell us which one was more expensive...
Mara Leigh
Mara Leigh Kun oldin
They should do Wine 🍷 experts comparing cheap wine to expensive wine
amjad hamatto
amjad hamatto Kun oldin
he be biting his nails too much
spiderman .p
spiderman .p Kun oldin
What the point of this like this video has no relevance what so ever
Ian L
Ian L Kun oldin
Stupid and painfully obvious
Randy Hanson
Randy Hanson Kun oldin
WOW, this guy is incredible. On a good day, I may... MAY have been able to tell which knife was more expensive.
weeb me daddy
weeb me daddy Kun oldin
Too easy -_-
Darthplagueis13 Kun oldin
To be fair: You don't really need an expert to see which of those is more expensive. I mean, it pretty much only requires a bit of common sence that a light knife with a hidden tang and a very simply plastic grip is nowhere in the same price range as a full tang knife with a heavy, ergonomical grip and a bolster, not even to speak of damaskus steel.
Hunter1998ice Kun oldin
This video seems very exccessive
Osvaldo Tempura
Osvaldo Tempura Kun oldin
Who watches forged in fire?
Turdinator05 Kun oldin
You want the boning knife to be 6-7 inches and it looks like these ones are a little more stiff
Pongze Lor
Pongze Lor Kun oldin
I wonder how he’d rate the Hmong Knife.
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman Kun oldin
Thanks captain obvious
Bradley Nikolas
Bradley Nikolas Kun oldin
Wheres karambit?
Davis Kun oldin
It's just obvious which is the more expensive one
Fatvod Kun oldin
Yea this one was real tough to guess...
Tobias Kun oldin
Expensive knives aren't worth it. Just sharpen your old inexpensive ones, and they'll work just as good. I have some expensive knives, but I'm always worried of breaking them.
MrCombatboots9 2 kun oldin
Why are his nails so gross. Was he digging for potatoes right before this?
Victoria 2 kun oldin
do a coffee expert next!
hoang pham
hoang pham 2 kun oldin
I though he was gonna eat the knifes
Wesley Anthonisz
Wesley Anthonisz 2 kun oldin
This wasn't really that hard, even I could tell which one was more and I rarely use knives
giles twiss
giles twiss 2 kun oldin
How dumb was this. At least get two knives that look the same. GG
LouMah 2 kun oldin
You want it to be 6-7 inches, a little stiff... 🙄😂
Evelyn Stephens
Evelyn Stephens 2 kun oldin
I feel like you don't need to be an expert to tell which one is more expensive
21 2 kun oldin
I feel like for the first one I could’ve done it in like 5-10s but...that’s probably cus I wouldn’t talk about the amount of “heel”
MrMeeks09 2 kun oldin
Whoops, someone's in dire need of a manicure
Juan C. De Pau
Juan C. De Pau 2 kun oldin
That fingers....
James Hansmeyer
James Hansmeyer 2 kun oldin
Man either make the knives slightly comparable or change that inaccurate title.
Steely Dan
Steely Dan 2 kun oldin
Give him the fancy knife he deserves it lets start a gofundme
Layton Lytle
Layton Lytle 2 kun oldin
like seriously my sister with down syndrome could tell which knife is more expensive. whoever selected these knives needs to get a freakin cat scan to see if they have shrapnel in their brain. jesus christ
ME YOU 2 kun oldin
Will Sessions
Will Sessions 2 kun oldin
Why show a knife expert a Damascus knife compared to a knife you’d find in a 2$ a loaf bakery..... Jesus.
Mshojat 2 kun oldin
When he was talking about paring knives (and boning knives too for that matter): "A is a little more expensive than B" is he mentally challenged, or is is definition of "a little" totally backwards? My guess was B being worth like 1-5$ and A being worth like 30-50$- That's not *_a little_* more. Also for the 4$ chef's knife, I feel like that was a hand-made knife (possibly by an amateur) and so they might have only been counting the raw materials not the work or fractional percentage of machine/tool use. It seems way too cheap to buy something like that at a store, unless said "store" was a garage sale or thrift store or something.
john handcock
john handcock 2 kun oldin
$11 for that plastic pos? lol
Misae Tate
Misae Tate 2 kun oldin
I can’t get over his hands 🤮
Justin W
Justin W 2 kun oldin
Honestly, could they have picked any easier to guess knives? Doesn’t take an expert to spot these differences
fialee8 2 kun oldin
He REALLY likes that Damascus knife!
Nathan Stockert
Nathan Stockert 2 kun oldin
This whole video is ridiculous. You would have to be a complete idiot to not know immediately which knife is more expensive.
Confused Canuck
Confused Canuck 2 kun oldin
"A little bit more expensive." Turns out it's 5 times more. "See, I told you it's more".
lyingpancake95 2 kun oldin
I learn so much through these videos.
XxTicklexX 34
XxTicklexX 34 2 kun oldin
Listen I’m not a rocket scientist but I could figure all of these out just by taking one look
joky yang
joky yang 2 kun oldin
Oh I have all my finger......